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The new Lebanon battlefield
Israelis dont fully realize scope of military threat posed by Hezbollah
HELLZballah  -  The party of satan - from hell.  The devil is the god of Islam.
May 14, 2010
When a war breaks out in th north, it will not be like the war that took place there in 2006.
Hezbollah is growing stronger every day, in terms of the number of fighters, quantity of missiles, and capabilities.
And what’s even more significant: The way this military power will be utilized will be vitally different.

Every few weeks, another piece of information finds its way to the media and hints to the new face of the confrontation taking shape in Lebanon.
Both sides prepare for the next round in full force, yet the lay citizen doesn’t understand much of it.
Well, another rocket was smuggled to Hezbollah, but it already has 40,000 anyway, so what’s the difference, people say.
All the rockets are the same, the average Israeli thinks.

Time examines Hezbollah's war preparations

American weekly's journalist visits south Lebanon to find Shiite group ready and waiting for next conflict with Israel.
'Next war is coming, 100%, but we don't know when', one fighter says

Meanwhile, our defense establishment does not bother to inform the public about the kind of confrontation it should be preparing for.
Israeli citizens had already been stunned by the scope of the damage that the other side can cause and rightfully asked:
How come we didn’t know? How come we didn’t prepare?
And who’s responsible for this failure? Yet this is precisely what’s happening now too.

Defense officials and academic experts see a very clear picture of the new battlefield in Lebanon,
but the average citizen, who will be a full party to the fighting in the next war, has no idea.
Nobody tells him anything.

Coincidently, a foreign professional newspaper recently published an item about the M-600 missiles supplied by Syria to Hezbollah.
Yet someone in Israel finds it convenient to hide this information, just like the transfer of Scud missiles to Lebanon was a secret in Israel,
until it was uncovered by an Arab newspaper.
Here and there, someone hints something about tensions on the northern border.
Occasionally, Arab media report about unusual Air Force over-flights. Yet for the average Israeli all this activity is out of bounds, on the order of authorities.

So why didn’t Israel prevent the transfer of missiles and rockets into Lebanon? That’s a good question. We may get the answer for it in the history books to be written in the future.

Terrorizing civilians

It’s important that we understand that M-600 missiles in Hezbollah’s possession are not just another item in its arsenal.
That’s the DNA; the code that exposes the new pattern of the group’s preparation for the next confrontation.

Let’s start from the fact that the M-600 is not a rocket, but rather, a much more accurate and effective weapon with strategic capabilities in Mideastern terms.
Theoretically, Hezbollah would be able to hit the IDF headquarters in central Tel Aviv in the next war should it wish to do so. In 2006, it did not possess this ability.

Does it mean that what we saw in the Second Lebanon War – hundreds of short and medium range rockets fired at northern Israel every day – will not repeat? Not at all.
Most of Hezbollah’s 40,000 rockets are still of this type, and next time it will again use them in an effort to sow destruction in northern communities and hit IDF troops before they enter Lebanon.

Based on the last war’s experience, these rockets are a “statistical weapon”:
The fire is inaccurate, most rockets land in unpopulated areas, and the number of casualties and extent of damage isn’t great.
However, in the next war, and in addition to the barrages we know, Hezbollah will have the option of firing dozens of accurate missiles simultaneously from dozens of launch sites across Lebanon –
while directing them at one specific target.

Not only will the damage caused by these missiles be much more accurate and graver, it’s much more complicated to spot and destroy dozens of single missiles that will appear simultaneously at different sites.

The accurate missiles possessed by Hezbollah are meant to destroy strategic targets in central Israel.
Such missiles are already deployed in southern Lebanon, with Hezbollah apparently intending to fire dozens of missiles daily for many days.
At the same time, the group plans to fire thousands of other rockets, and through this combined attack destroy national infrastructure and various facilities.

The objective of the thousands of long-range missiles accumulated by Hezbollah would be to sow pure terror among civilians and undermine our willingness to fight.
However, at this time, according to Hezbollah too, the group still does not possess enough accurate missiles in order to put this doctrine into action.
This is precisely the junction that calls for much more intensive international and Israeli activity, in order to curb the flow of accurate arms into Lebanon, before it’s too late.

Part 1 of article,7340,L-3889542,00.html

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Syria, Hizballah building wall in Bekaa, Lebanon

Syria, Hizballah are building a massive wall in eastern Lebanon Bekka Valley
May 15, 2010
 Syria deepens its footprint in Lebanon
Hizballah and Syria are building a massive fortified wall, running from Rashaya Al-Wadi on the western, Lebanese slopes of Mt. Hermon
(85 kilometers southeast of Beirut) in the south, to the Lebanese Beqaa Valley town of Aita el-Foukhar, in the north.

The structure, 22 kilometers long in parallel to the Lebanese-Syrian border promises to be one of the biggest fortified structures in the Middle East.
It is designed as an obstacle against any Israeli tank forces heading through Lebanon toward the Syrian capital, Damascus.
When it is finished, the barrier will isolate a key Lebanese border region - 14 kilometers wide and 22 kilometers long -
from the rest of the country and place it under Hizballah-Syrian military control.

This region is inhabited most by Druzes and Christians.
The project became possible in the last year, after Lebanon's Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt,
turned away from his pro-Western allegiance and threw in his lot with the pro-Syrian camp,
lining up with Syrian president Bashar Assad and Hizballah's secretary Hassan Nasrallah and buying into the military alliance headed by Iran.

Behind the rising wall, Hizballah and Syria can freely smuggle weapons across concealed from outside surveillance, while deepening Syria's footprint in Lebanon.

In any case, they pulled off their subterfuge for getting the Scuds across by stationing two Hizballah brigades on the Syrian side of the border for training in the new missiles.
When Israeli failed to make good on its threat to strike those missiles if they reached Hizballah hands,
Damascus and Hizballah felt free to go forward with Part Two of their plan for Lebanon's militarization -
first the Hizballah militia's transformation into a modern army with sophisticated weapons, and now the raising of a fortified wall and creating a Syrian-controlled buffer region inside Lebanon,
55 kilometers east of Beirut and 35 kilometers north of South Lebanon and the Israeli border.

According to our military sources, Syria intends to keep that region off-limits to Lebanese military access -except for Hizballah.
Syrian troops, officers and arms stores are to be based there and maintained in a state of war readiness.

Syria stands to gain another prime strategic asset with its control of Rashaya Al-Wadi, at the southernmost point of the new wall:
This scenic village commands the Taim valley, whence flow a number of water courses that feed the River Jordan and the Sea of Galilee;
for the first time in many years, Damascus will be placing a hand on one of Israel's primary water sources.

Satisfied that the Netanyahu government will continue to sit on its hands, Syria and Hizballah are not hiding the massive barrier project's progress.
Long convoys of trucks crossing in from Syria can be seen converging on the site, loaded with cement and other building materials.
Our Middle East sources report that the project is so immense and the work so intensive, that shops in Damascus have run out of cement, forcing many other construction works in Syria to a standstill.

Getting ready for Hezballah

The new Lebanon battlefield
May 15, 2010  
 Alex Fishman  Israel Opinion
IDF to head into next Lebanon war with more firepower, upgraded capabilities.
The Scud missiles which Hezbollah reportedly received from Syria are meant for a specific objective.
Should it indeed turn out that the missiles smuggled in are of the Scud D type, this is apparently a threat on Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona.

As far as is known, Nasrallah's group does not have plans to take over areas in the Galilee.
It may have the ability to raid a community, in order to produce drama, yet its war will focus on firing rockets and missiles deep into Israel, over time.
For that reason, most of its fortifications aim to protect and feed its strategic arm.

This protection is premised on roughly 160 military compounds established in southern Lebanon, in villages and in their vicinity, including in Christian enclaves.
For that reason, when the IDF held drills it referred to the communities as military compounds in every way.
For a change, the army will head into the next war in Lebanon with a plan that had already been practiced.

Hezbollah started the process of drawing lessons in the wake of the Second Lebanon War, and updated them following Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.
The operation in the south in 2008-9 demonstrated to an even greater extent than in 2006 the grave results of the IDF's so-called "Dahiya Doctrine" –
Nasrallah realizes that today the IDF is in a whole new place, both in terms of maneuvering and firepower.
For this reason, Hezbollah (as well as Hamas) is rapidly digging up fortifications underground – bunkers, headquarters, control centers, and passage ways from one sector to another.

In order to direct coordinated fire at the same target, one needs a much more advanced command and control system than the one possessed by Hezbollah thus far.
Here, in fact, lies its vulnerability. On the one hand, it's hard to cope with a terror group that conducts itself like an army.
On the other hand, Hezbollah is already suffering all the problems of an institutionalized military organization; problems which small and secretive guerilla cells are not afflicted with.

In the Second Lebanon War, the Air Force destroyed Hezbollah's long-range missiles within 35 minutes.
Meanwhile, 50% of the rockets fired from industrialized short and mid range rocket launchers were destroyed before they were used, while the rest were destroyed immediately after the first attack.
We can assume that the Israeli Air Force's and ground forces' abilities in terms of accurate weaponry and hitting such targets have improved since then, by several notches.

Hezbollah's dream is to maintain an army of at least 40,000 men, Today it has less than half of that, and the increase it aspires for requires compromise on manpower quality.
Moreover, advanced weapons systems require strict maintenance and high technological capabilities. This is no longer a case of fighting with your Kalashnikov or RPG.

In the next war, USELESS UNIFIL will not be in south Lebanon. Its members will leave when the war breaks out, even if they're not saying this right now.
UNIFIL does not have the mandate to interfere in the fighting, and it certainly has an interest in safeguarding its soldiers' lives.

On another front, the 15,000 troops of the Lebanese Army deployed south of the Litani River do not constitute a target for the IDF at this time.
However, this army is expected to put up a fight once a war breaks out. Based on this logic, the IDF will be addressing this army as a hostile force.
In other words, any clash that includes IDF ground movement in Lebanon will have to push aside and neutralize these 15,000 troops as quickly as possible.

Nasrallah is apparently unconvinced that his group has reached the optimal point to embark on war. He possesses endless amounts of rockets, yet not many accurate and long-range missiles.
We can assume that once he accumulates a sufficient arsenal, the countdown shall begin. The fire will only be a matter of time.
And this is precisely the place to ask what Israel's government is doing so that these balance-violating weapons won't continue to pour into Hezbollah's hands,
and whether the convoys that cross the Syria-Lebanon border should continue to enjoy impunity under UN Resolution 1701.,7340,L-3889774,00.html

IRAN plans pre-emptive attack on Israel, likely Chemical  

A red horse rider was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another and a great sword was given to him.  Revelation 6

Turning-Point 4 - Large-scale Israel Defense Forces exercises begin Sunday, May 23, 2010
May 21, 2010  
   General Paul Vallely interview on
Summer of 2010 will change the world.  This situation is very serious.  Iran is NOT bluffing.
Soviet Sub flying Iranian flag docked at Beirut port.  
Russians unloaded stuff in Lebanon port wearing hazmat suits, probably chemicals for Hellzballah missiles placed in homes and orchards.
Tunnels between Lebanon and Israel for HELLzballa to sneak inside Israel.
General Paul Vallely reveals how Iranian submarines are now equipping Israel's enemies with Scud missiles armed warheads filled with chemical weapons.
Well worth listening to this video

If Arabs laid down their weapons, there'd be peace today.
If Israel laid down their weapons there'd be no Israel

WAR Over Israel’s Gas and Oil Fields

Hizballah threatens to sink Israel-bound ships

Wednesday, May 26, 2010   Israel Today Staff
In a threat reminiscent of Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare during the two world wars, Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday
threatened to sink any ships entering Israeli waters in the event of another war with the Jewish state.

Speaking to to supporters marking the perceived "victory" over Israel in 2000 when Israeli forces withdrew from their southern Lebanon security zone,
Nasrallah said that if war broke out and Israel again imposed a naval blockade on Lebanon, Hizballah missiles would target Israeli and non-Israeli ships in the area.

The Israeli navy patrolled the Lebanese coast during the 2006 Second Lebanon War to prevent additional illicit arms from reaching the terror group.
But Nasrallah characterized it as an attempt to choke Lebanon into submission, and said that next time around he would respond by
convincing people to stay away from Israel by killing anyone who got close to its shores.

WAR Over Israel’s Gas and Oil Fields    June 17, 2010
Hizbullah has laid claim to a huge oil and gas field that Israel discovered off its northeastern Mediterranean Coast -- and which Lebanon already has claimed as well.
The terrorist organization warned that it will not allow Israel to take possession of the offshore fields, which could make the Jewish State energy self-sufficient for the first time in history.

The As-Safir Lebanese newspaper told its readers that the gas field “was located between Israeli and Cypriot territorial waters and stretches toward the Lebanese coast.
”Lebanese newspapers also reported that previous Israeli gas finds “were either taking place in areas stretching to Lebanese territorial waters or other spots far away from the Israeli coast.”

Hizbullah’s claims were stated by the party’s executive council chief Hashem Safieddine, who was quoted by the Tehran Times as saying it would not allow Israel to “loot” Lebanese gas resources.
Lebanese parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri previously said, “Israel is racing to make the case a fait accompli and was quick to present itself as an oil emirate,
ignoring the fact that, according to the maps, the deposit extends into Lebanese waters. Exploring our options in this field is our best bet to pay off Lebanon's debts.”

The Israeli government immediately responded to the Lebanese claims, saying they are totally unfounded and that all of the gas and oil fields are off the coast of Israel and not Lebanon.
Dr. Yaakov Mimran, director of energy exploration for the National Infrastructures Ministry, called the claims "nonsense.” He added, "These noises occur when they smell gas.
Until then they sit quietly and let the other side spend the money.”

Marine law expert Amir Cohen-Dor told the Globes business news service that the
Dalit and Tamar gas fields are within Israel's contiguous economic zone, and that United Nations regulations clearly state that Israel can develop them.

Lebanon Hellzballah flotilla to Gaza Sunday

Lebanon Hellzballah flotilla to Gaza Sunday
June 18, 2010
Lebanon aid ship Miriam to set sail to Gaza Sunday, Israel's ambassador to the UN says ships linked to Hezbollah, Israel reserves the right to defend itself.
Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev sent a letter on Friday to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN Security Council warning that a Lebanese Gaza-bound flotilla which is scheduled to set sail on Sunday could "affect the peace and security of the region.  Israel reserves its right under international law to use all necessary means to prevent these ships from violating the existing naval blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

It appears that a small number of ships plan to depart from Lebanon and sail to the Gaza Strip which is under the control of the Hamas terrorist regime, while those who organize this action claim that they wish to break the blockade on Gaza and to bring humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, the true nature of the actions remains dubious."
"The organizers of these boats have made repeated assertions to the media that they wish to be Shahids (martyrs). There exists a possible link between the organizers of the ships in question and the terrorist group Hezbollah."

Earlier Friday the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah said that it would not take part in Gaza-bound aid missions so as not to give a pretext for Israel to attack Lebanon.
Some 50 Christian* and Muslim Lebanese women as well as foreigners are preparing to leave Lebanon on Sunday on board of the Miriam.
The group of women, who announced that they do not belong to any political group, will sail from the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli to Cyprus and then to Gaza, between June 23 and 25.

The ship which will be loaded with medical supplies for cancer patients, would be the latest bid to break Israel's four-year blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory.
DM Ehud Barak warned the Lebanese government that it would be held responsible for ships sailing from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported.
Samar al-Hajj, who is organizing the Miriam voyage to Gaza, thanked Israel "for its threats which only strengthened these women's willpower to make the trip. I tell the Israelis we are not afraid and we are going on with our plans."

* Not true Christians.  These are Israel-hating Maronite Catholics that call themselves christian.

HELLzballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border

HELLzballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border
July  11, 2010     |    29 Tammuz, 5770       within the 3 weeks

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu keeps on vowing that Iran will not be allowed to establish an outpost on Israel's borders, but he has not lifted a finger to stop this menace ensconcing itself in the north.
He cannot realistically expect feeble UN reprimands and the puny French contingent of UNIFIL to blow away the 20,000 Hizballah troops dug in in 160 new positions in South Lebanon, backed by a vast rocket arsenal - even though this is a gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701.

Iran's proxy has therefore won the first round of its drive to recover the forward positions lost in the 2006 war and stands ready for the next. Israel has reinforced its border defenses against this massed Hizballah strength just a few hundreds meters away.

How could Jerusalem let this to happen?
The answer is by a misguided policy of misdirected reliance on international players and diplomacy, as though the military menace existed only in documentary form, instead of real armies led by single-minded terrorists with utter contempt for the rules of international diplomacy.
The guns Israel invoked for dealing with the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza - President Barack Obama and the European Union - were too big for their target and the Middle East Quartet's envoy former British premier Tony Blair had to be roped in.
The guns Israel relied on to deal with Hizballah - the UN and France - are too small and ineffective for the job.

Following a French complaint, the UN Security Council convened Friday, July 9 and passed a resolution "strongly deploring the recent incidents involving UNIFIL peacekeepers which took place in southern Lebanon on June 29, July 3 and July 4."
All parties in Lebanon were urged "to respect the safety of UNIFIL and United Nations personnel."
The UN was not even asked to address Hizballah's illegal redeployment in new positions in the South - only the harassment of peacekeepers - nor did it do so. In one instance last week, French troops on patrol were pulled out of their armed vehicles, their weapons snatched and they were beaten with sticks, rocks and eggs.

This was no spontaneous outburst.  debkafile's military sources report that the "villagers" were instructed by Iran's new Iranian commander in Lebanon, Hossein Mahadavi, to hit on the French contingent to punish Paris for supporting the UN Security Council's expanded sanctions for its nuclear violations, while at the same time blocking the peacekeeper's access to the "closed areas" where the new Hizballah bases have been set up.

Tehran nominated a high-ranking officer to Lebanon - Mahadavi's former job was commander of Iran's Overseas Division - indicating the importance it attaches to this volatile borderland. Indeed, if Hizballah gets away with its new deployment in the South and is allowed to make it permanent, the UN force will have lost even this scrappy foothold and Hizballah will be free to carry on its preparations for war without the slightest hindrance.
So much for Netanyahu's pledge, reiterated during his talks and interviews in the United States last week, that in negotiations with Arabs, especially the Palestinians, Israel will never accept any accommodation that permits Iran to set up military and rocket bases on its borders.

The fact is that since he entered the prime minister's office, he and defense minister Ehud Barak have done nothing to hold back the stream of armed Hizballah militiamen flooding South Lebanon, although they are now actively endangering the one-and-a-half million Israelis living just across the border.

If they imagined that UN peacekeepers would suddenly stand up and start repelling this southward tide of men and war materiel, they need only to take note of the tepid UN reprimand last Friday to understand that the Elysee Palace had no intention of letting French troops pick up the Hizballah ball and chase the Shiite terrorists back to their former positions.
Tehran and Hizballah therefore felt they could safely issue a new spate of threats: Israelis traveling anywhere in the world faced kidnap or death  in response to a series of hits attributed to their clandestine agencies, such as the  assassination of a key Hizballah commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus in 2008, the deaths of the Iranian nuclear physicist Prof. Massoud Ali Mohammmadi in the middle of Tehran in January of this year, and the Hamas operative responsible for Iranian money transfers to the Gaza Strip Mohammed al-Mabhouh in Dubai nine days later.

Israel responded to the verbal escalation on July 7, by doing something it has never done before: Col. Ronen Marli, chief of the northern border's Western Brigade - the unit which will have to hold off the enemy in the early hours of attack from Lebanon - exhibited to the public aerial photos and intelligence maps recording the new spread of Hizballah forces: He reported 20,000 armed men scattered through 160 village and towns - only in the South, where its presence is prohibited by the UN-mediated ceasefire of 2006. The images did not include the substantial strength Hizballah maintains in central Lebanon and the Beqaa Valley to the east, or its estimated 40,000 rockets and missiles.

The Israeli colonel was of the opinion that an "event (a military attack or terrorist operation) could erupt today or in a year." He admitted it could be a surprise. Adding: "But we are working in different ways to thwart any event and if happens, we'll know how to handle it."
The IDF backed him up with an announcement that Israel is beefing up its strength along the Lebanese border and, the next day, July 8, the Jerusalem center for terrorist threats, published a warning to Israelis abroad, including the United States, to beware of abductions and murderous attacks.
Saturday, a Hizballah spokesman responded: "All three (UN, France, Israel) are preparing something, but we are ready," it said. "Our forces in the South are on the highest level of war preparedness."
The next conflagration may be just a single lighted match away. It could be ignited by some local incident, a terrorist event outside the Middle East or an order from Tehran.

HELLzballah has target list ready

HELLzballah has target list ready
July  11, 2010  
  |    29 Tammuz, 5770       within 'the 3 weeks'
Hellzballah says has list of targets in Israel
Sheikh Nabil Kaouk responds to IDF release of maps and aerial photographs of weapons depots and command centers in southern Lebanon, says Shiite group has bank of military targets inside Israel to hit in any future war
Hezbollah has a list of military targets inside Israel to hit in any future war.
Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, made his comments Sunday in response to this week's release by Israel's military of maps and aerial photographs of what it described as a network of Hezbollah weapons depots and command centers in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli material included detailed maps and 3-D simulations showing individual buildings that the military said were rocket storehouses.
Some were said to be located close to schools and hospitals.
Though the border has remained quiet for the last 4 years, Israel and Hezbollah have exchanged threats in recent months.
Hezbollah has increased its prewar arms stockpile to more than 40,000 rockets, the range now includes Israel main population center in and around Tel Aviv.
Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said the group now can hit anywhere in Israel.,7340,L-3918195,00.html

Hezbollah warns Israel they have list of IDF targets

HELLzballah has target list ready

War council in Lebanon  -  IRAN is Feeling the Heat!
President Ahmadinejad to visit to Beirut, Lebanon
July  12, 2010  
  |     1  Av,  5770     DEBKAfile Exclusive
IRAN is realizing that the US embargo on gasoline and other refined oil products are for real.
Iranian, Syrian, Qatari and Lebanese leaders will hold a war conference.
They have already decided to attack Israel in September or October.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit Beirut, Lebanon for the first time near the end of July or early August,
as a confrontational exercise to warn the US and Israel that full implementation of the tough new
UN, US and European sanctions will provoke war on Israel from both Iran and Lebanon.  (And Syria and Gaza)
US banking system and markets closing to Iranian firms and the UAE consented to close its ports to Iranian traffic.

Rosh HaShanah, GOD's New Year, begins September 9th.
Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews, begins September 18th.
Sukkot begins September 23 and continues for 7 days until the 29th.
This time period from Av 1 to Av 9 is a historical tragic time for Jews

HELLZballah * Lebanon * Israel

HELLZballah is Attacking UN Troops

Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin. Isaiah 17:1  

I KNOW UN troops are worthless, but this is serious!
In 2006 the Hellzballahs completely controlled UN stations - even flying their flag OVER the UN flag.

July  12, 2010     |     1  Av,  5770    BREAKING  NEWS

Rosh HaShanah, GOD's New Year, begins September 9th.
Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews, begins September 18th.
Sukkot begins September 23 and continues for 7 days until the 29th.
This time period from Av 1 to Av 9 is a historical tragic time for Jews

God We Need Your Help!
by Jerry Golden reporting from Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Reports coming out of southern Lebanon tells us that UN Troops are under attack by Hezbollah and
Lebanese civilians who are not being allowed into villages along the border with Israel.  
Air and other surveillance has shown that a huge amount of weaponry, including missiles, is being moved closer to Israel's border.
Our news agencies here in Israel are telling us that Hezbollah is preparing for war and have escalated their movements as if they plan on being in a war very soon.
One thing is very certain, the threat of war is growing by the minute.  The IDF is on HIGH alert and soldiers are being advised to stay close to their units.

To ensure Hezbollah is fully aware that we know what they are doing in the villages near our borders, the IDF has been broadcasting aerial surveillance videos on TV showing that
HELLZBALLAH TERRORISTS are placing missiles and other weapons near Schools, Mosques, and Hospitals
in order to assure a victory [at least in the national news media] for Israel will have no choice but to go after them.  

They are getting ready to fight two wars, the first one on the ground and the second for international opinion (propaganda).
This time around the Lebanese Government has brought Hezbollah into their government, making all of Lebanon open for Israel to attack.
Syria has supplied Hezbollah with scud missiles capable of reaching all of Israel. Syria has been told that should Hezbollah use one of the scuds in an attack on Israel that she will pay a very heavy price.  Isaiah 17:1

What the IDF knows about the new weapons Hamas has in Gaza, and how efficient they are, remains to be seen.  
However, one thing is certain, things will be much different this time and both of Iran's terrorist groups (Hezbollah and Hamas) could be planning a pre-emption and distraction for an Iranian attack.

The Saudis are also uptight over the Iranian threat.  Not only have they opened their air space for an Israeli fly-over,
but have even allowed Israel to use a couple of their airfields for refuelling.  This brings to mind the Arab saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Speaking of distractions, Libya is sending another aid ship to crash the Gaza blockade.  
This of course means diverting a lot of our naval resources to intercept this vessel, when they could be better used patrolling the Lebanese coast.  

Once again I catch myself, like many others, shouting wolf, wolf!  Well folks, the wolf is here and the question is, is he crazy or brave enough to attack?  
Talking with a few friends today in Jerusalem [who are all ex military officers], they believe we are about to go into some very hard days and they are very concerned.

As for this Ministry we are moving forward and we know we must keep our eyes on the things God has set before us.  
As for survival, we can only do so much and then the rest is in God's Hands - yet I am sure He expects us to do so much.

All of this at a time when America has been taken over by Hussein Obama and the corrupted ones he has gathered around him to finish off the United States.  
I have never been able to understand how he was elected, and what is even harder too understand is how he is still sitting in the White House?  
My only answer is that a people get the government they deserve?  Don't get mad at me - just look around your country and be honest.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, Jerry Golden

Hassan Nasrallah threatens war

July 27, 2010

Just like a disturbed neighborhood thug, Hassan Nasrallah threatens that should the global policeman arrive and punish him, he will ignite everything, not only Beirut and its environs, but the whole of Lebanon. As far as he's concerned, they can call him crazy.

Over the weekend, Nasrallah convened a delusional press conference.
He hid behind a screen and his carefully chosen fans were invited to present questions that would prompt him to issue threats.
Along the way, he attempted to entangle Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who Nasrallah said leaked the findings of the probe into Rafik Hariri's assassination 5 years ago.
How I wish I could be a fly on the wall of Nasrallah's hideout when Hariri Jr. found himself facing his father's murderer, who insists on being a full partner in running Lebanon.

Lebanon - Nasrallah ties Hariri murder probe to Mossad.  He's nuts.
Hellzballah chief says upcoming indictments against members of his group degrade resistance

According to Nasrallah, the findings of the UN probe had been gathering dust in locked drawers for two years now. Nobody dares utilize the extradition requests until they can guarantee that Lebanon won't erupt as a result. How can anyone blame Hezbollah (and clear Syria of wrongdoing) when Nasrallah is certain he's been betrayed and threatens to go wild?

Behind his back we see the emergence of a magnificent alliance between the presidential palace in Damascus and Lebanese leaders. Bashar and Hariri, along with the Turks and Saudis, are seeking a way to pull the matches away from Nasrallah's fingers. Meanwhile, Nasrallah made a cheeky proposal: Burying the incriminating report. He also made clear that nobody should think he would allow his people to be detained or order them to lay down their arms. The opposite is true: Nasrallah used his press conference to declare the approaching civil war.

Of course, Nasrallah accuses Hariri Jr. and members of the assassination inquiry of working on Israel's behalf. How does he know this? According to Nasrallah, the Mossad took over Lebanon's phone network, dozens of "traitors" have tapped into the lines, and the material flows between Tel Aviv and Washington, at his expense.

Yet Nasrallah's panic paints a fascinating snapshot on the peace front: The Saudi king, the Lebanese government's patron, will be heading for a first official visit in Beirut on the weekend. The elderly Abdullah would not bother himself had he not been convinced there's someone to talk to and something to talk about. The fresh alliance between the rulers of Syria and Lebanon constitutes good potential to shake up the axis of evil, and Saudi Arabia would not spare any effort to spoil things for the Ayatollahs.

Yet this is also a royal signal for Prime Minister Netanyahu: We'll create new order among the "bad guys," on condition that Israel finally responds to the Arab peace initiative, which was born in Saudi Arabia and was given a sweeping endorsement at the Arab Summit in Beirut. We should note that for eight years now, Israel had been keeping its eyes wide shut.

The Saudi peace initiative contains a formula for resolving all the burning issues: Direct negotiations with Abbas, on condition that Israel commits to an independent Palestinian state; full peace and normalized ties with 45 Arab and Muslim states, on condition that Israel pledges to withdraw to the 1967 borders; a peace treaty with Syria will follow automatically. Yet there are no free rides: Jerusalem's division is on the agenda as well as "solutions agreed to by all parties" in respect to the right of return.

For Israel, it's always convenient to see others do the dirty work, yet if all parties adhere to the plan being formulated at this time, and Syria manages to free itself of the Iranian bear hug, our turn shall come. The Saudi king is also heading to Damascus to support Bashar Assad, whom the Ayatollah's are getting fed up with.

Should they be able to burn Hezbollah at the stake without igniting Lebanon, the road shall be paved for renewing negotiations with Damascus. The price tag is known in advance. Assad has no intention of giving up even one inch.,7340,L-3925431,00.html


Lebanon - Israel Fighting
August 3,  2010
- 2 Lebanese soldiers killed in clashes with IDF on border
Israeli, Lebanese forces exchange heavy fire on northern border, 2 or 3 Lebanese soldiers killed
My guess is Hellzballah fired some sort of missile into Israel and Israel responded.  IF anyone was killed, it is likely a terrorist.
The expected WAR may have begun, Israel fired on from the south yesterday and now the north today.

Massive explosions reported on Israel's northern border as IDF troops exchange fire with Lebanese forces.
Mortar shell lands in northern Galilee region.
A day after rockets were fired at Eilat, loud explosions were reported on the northern border as Israeli and Lebanese forces engaged in massive exchanges of fire.

The fire erupted after IDF soldiers performing routine operations in a border-area enclave within Israeli territory came under fire.
Northern residents have reportedly been ordered to enter secured rooms and bomb shelters. Many locals heard loud explosions, saw a cloud of smoke, then planes flying toward Lebanon.

Initial Israeli reports had said the soldiers were on a routine patrol, operating past the border fence, but within Israeli territory, since the fence does not always exactly parallel the border.
Another northern resident said he heard at least 15 explosions.

3 Lebanese soldiers were killed and 4 wounded after the IDF struck a post near the southern Lebanese border village of Adaisseh.
An Israeli helicopter fired two missiles at a Lebanese army post near Adaisseh, destroying an armoured personnel carrier,7340,L-3929503,00.html,7340,L-3929584,00.html

This looks like the break out of the war I have expected, yet - God only knows.

After Assad ditches Hizballah, Lebanese and Israeli troops exchange fire

August 3, 2010     DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Lebanese troops opened mortar-RPG fire on Israeli troops Tuesday, Aug. 3. Israeli tanks returned the fire. Lebanese and Israeli helicopters then took to the skies as the border tensions of recent weeks exploded into action. Lebanon reported two people injured and two houses set on fire in Adaissa village by Israeli shells.

Israeli military sources are checking to see if the Lebanese soldiers were in fact Hizballah gunmen in Lebanese army uniform, the first response to a decision by Syrian president Bashar Assad, reported by debkafile, to jilt Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah and switch his support to the Sunni Prime Minister Saad Hariri. With Assad it is hard to tell if this is a real change of direction or a temporary gambit, but its impact is already far-reaching.
debkafile reported earlier:

It enables Hariri to stand fast against Nasrallah's brutal harassment to force him to withdraw Beirut's endorsement of the international tribunal investigating the five-year old assassination of the prime minster's father, Rafiq Hariri.

After the court indicted senior Hizballah operatives in the murder last month, its leader warned Hariri that his refusal to dismantle the tribunal would plunge Lebanon into another civil war and/or military showdown with Israel.

While still backing Hizballah verbally, the Syrian ruler has made it clear that, in practice, the Lebanese Shiite terrorists no longer enjoy his support - without, however, indicating where he would stand in another Hizballah conflict with Israel. Assad most certainly breathed a deep sigh of relief when the finger of guilt for the Hariri assassination turned away from his regime to Hizballah.

debkafile's Iranian sources report that Tehran has not so far questioned its Syrian ally's decision to pull the carpet from under its most important proxy - partly to see if it is a lasting policy shift or a temporary maneuver, but also because if, proven irreversible, it would confront Iranian leaders with a major strategic headache.

To salvage their own prestige, they would have to bolster Hassan Nasrallah against the loss of face and standing both of himself and his movement, after being ditched by Assad and deprived of Syria's political and military support. Hizballah would also have lost its contiguous land link to its bosses in Tehran.

Assad's apparent change of heart, dating as recently as Friday, July 30 - when he and Saudi King Abdullah cemented it by visiting Beirut hand in hand - has got Israel worried. Driven into a corner by the loss of Syrian backing, on the one hand, and the court subpoenas on the way to top Hizballah operatives accused of complicity in the Hariri murder, he is desperate for options to extricate himself.

One would be to inflame the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Washington, Jerusalem and other Middle East capital were therefore agog for Hizballah leader Nasrallah's next peroration scheduled for Tuesday night Aug. 3 to see which way the wind is blowing from that direction.

He may opt for putting his best face on Assad's turnabout for the moment, while gradually eroding it by craft or, alternatively, take up arms and fight back.

For military action, he would need a green light from Tehran.
Our Washington sources report that King Abdullah's stratagem for prying the Syrian ruler away from the Lebanese Shiite group was approved by President Barack Obama when they meet at the White House on June 29. It was one brick in a comprehensive policy edifice also encompassing joint US-Saudi initiatives for Iran, Iraq and the Palestinian issue.


2 IDF soldiers gravely hurt in border clash

August 3,  2010     UPDATE

Northern command chief says two IDF commanders sustain grave wounds in Lebanon border skirmish Tuesday between Israeli and Lebanese forces on the northern border.
Israeli troops encountered a planned ambush by Lebanese forces.
IDF gave UNIFIL notice of plans to cross fence for maintenance work.
IDF forces were in routine operations in a border-area inside Israeli territory. The troops were clearing bushes along the border fence in coordination with the Lebanese army.

Around 10:30 am Tuesday, an IDF force comprising 10-15 soldiers approached the Lebanon border fence, where it encountered Lebanese soldiers who ordered the Israeli troops to turn back.
Several minutes later, Lebanese troops opened fire at the IDF force, which fired back.  3 Lebanese soldiers and a local journalist were apparently killed at that point.

The IDF later directed artillery fire at Lebanon Army outposts and also dispatched gunships to strike the posts, which hold a dominating position and could have risked the Israeli troops on the ground. The Air Force also struck a Lebanese army headquarters in a nearby village.
Several Lebanese military vehicles were destroyed in the strike. IDF soldiers also spotted an RPG rocket fired at an IDF tank which missed.,7340,L-3929729,00.html,7340,L-3929624,00.html


Israeli commander killed by Lebanese snipers

August 3, 2010    DEBKAfile Special Report

The border tensions brewing for weeks on the Lebanese-Israel border boiled over Tuesday, Aug. 3 into a heavy exchange of cross-border fire.
Lt. Col. Dov Harari, 45, from Netanya, brigade commander of the eastern Lebanese sector was killed in a surprise Lebanese cross-border attack.  
He was killed by what Maj. Gen. Gady Eisencott, OC Northern Command, later called one of two, well-planned, unprovoked "sniper ambushes" set by the Lebanese army -
one against a group of Israeli officers standing behind the border fence and the second an RPG attack on an Israeli tank. An Israeli major was seriously injured. Doctors are fighting for his life.
Lebanon reported three soldiers and one civilian killed in Israel's heavy retaliation for the attack.

Israel has complained to the UN.

Maj. Gen. Eisencott described the incident, the most serious since the end of the 2006 war with Hizballah, as follows:  
At around noon Tuesday, Israeli forces were cutting down small trees near Kibbutz Misgav Am on our side of the border.
"Their officers were watching the work from a forward command post 200-300 meters behind the border when all of a sudden Lebanese forces suddenly started shooting without any sort of provocation."

Israel decided on all-out retaliation because the attack was so completely unprovoked, he said, referring to the tank, artillery and helicopter fire the IDF launched against Lebanese army positions.
When the Lebanese commanders asked for a ceasefire to evacuate their wounded, "We acceded to their request but then too they shelled one of our tanks. The tank gun fired on the shooters."

The incident flared when Lebanese troops ordered Israeli soldiers to stop clearing trees and installing a surveillance camera on the border fence near Kibbutz Misgav-Am opposite the Lebanese village of Adeisseh.
They accused the Israeli soldiers of encroaching on Lebanese territory.
When the Israelis replied they had kept to their own side of the border and refused to back down, the Lebanese started shooting, using mortars and RPGs.

The possibility that the Lebanese soldiers who opened fire were Hizballah gunmen disguised in military uniform is still under investigation.

All Lebanese units in the south went on full alert when President Michel Suleiman, at two p.m. called on the Lebanese people to be prepared to
lay down their lives to defend their country and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which terminated the 2006 war with Israel.

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu urgently consulted with security chiefs on Israel's response to the Lebanese attack.  
The Israeli complaint to the United Nations holds the Lebanese government responsible for attacking Israeli troops whose work on the Israeli side of the border was coordinated with UN peacekeepers.

According to debkafile's military sources, the clash was staged deliberately by the Lebanese side to divert attention from the radical change in the balance of power in Beirut as a result of President Bashar Assad's abrupt switch of patronage from Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah to Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri.  
To read debkafile's earlier article on the events leading up to this outbreak, click here.

It coincided with a 'major speech' expected later Tuesday by Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Iranian-backed Hizballah, and came a day after six missiles were fired towards the Jordanian port of Aqaba and Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat, killing one Jordanian.


Lebanese army, Israel's new foe  

August 4, 2010

By launching a cross-border sniper attack on Israeli forces Tuesday, Aug. 3, and provoking a major clash, the 9th Brigade of the Lebanese Army laid down a new fact of life in the Middle East:
The next war against Israel will be fought - not by the Hizballah militia, but by the Lebanese army, whose mission is henceforth merged into the radical objectives of the Iran-backed terrorist group.

By taking on Israeli forces, the Lebanese Army assumed responsibility for the volatile Lebanese-Israeli border and showed it was prepared to take the consequences of aggression.
Never seen as capable of anything more than substandard police work and inclined to run from combat, this army has astonished military observers by its performance against the IDF.

1.  Its commanders proved capable of catching the Israeli military unawares, in exactly the same way as Hizballah did when it
kidnapped and murdered three Israeli soldiers in 2000 and, again, when it snatched another two Israeli officers in a cross-border raid in 2006.

In both cases, the terrorists stole across the border into Israel.
Tuesday, the Lebanese army showed itself to be not only an apt pupil of Hizballah's tactics, but capable of going "one better."
Its snipers shot Lt. Col. (Res.) Dov Harari, 45, from Netanya, in cold blood as he stood well inside the Israeli border, and
seriously injured Capt. Ezer Lakiya from Kfar Harif. Doctors are fighting to save his life by removing a piece of shrapnel from his heart.
Both were watching Israeli troops carrying out routine tasks on the Israeli side of the border fence.

2.  The Lebanese army was able to hoodwink Israeli military intelligence border scouts and keep its plan of attack dark. The fact that Hizballah was also out of the picture would have been cold comfort for the Israeli high command.

3.   Its commanders were not deterred by Israeli retaliation and rather than backing down raised the pitch of violence.

4.   Israel commanders judged that, by exacting a painful price, they could silence the enemy's guns. They therefore bombed the Lebanese Army's regional command center at Taybeh, torched an APC and left three soldiers dead. The enemy kept on shooting.

5.   The day's combat ended with the Lebanese army's 9th Brigade established as a new threat to the Israel Defense Forces from positions abutting the border.
Its presence in South Lebanon is moreover legitimate, unlike Hizballah, which moved men and weapons into the south although prohibited from doing so by the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 of 2006.

6.  The Lebanese army may decide to follow up on its attack, using one flimsy pretext or another. After all, the UN peacekeepers stood by idly when the snipers opened fire into Israel under the world body's flag.

7.  The IDF's response was disproportionately mild given the loss of two high commanders in an act of unprovoked aggression. But it was enough to allow Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah to pose as Lebanon's great national unifier.

In the speech he delivered Tuesday night, he capitalized on the incident by saying he had ordered his militiamen not to interfere in the clash with Israeli forces, commended the Lebanese Army for its bravery in taking on the Zionist foe and let it be understood that his rockets and missiles would be made available for the next round of fighting with Israel.


Lebanese fire unwarranted, said UNIFIL

The Lebanese army has welcomed the Hellzballah terrorists into it, and they are VERY EAGER for war on Israel.

Single Lebanese officer behind border shooting

August 4,  2010    

UNIFIL forces touring site of Tuesday's deadly border skirmish determined that Lebanese soldiers had no reason to open fire on troops performing routine activity. 'Enemy following our every step,' officer says
UNIFIL forces who toured the site of Tuesday's deadly exchanges of fire on the northern border said the IDF's activity did not warrant the attack launched by Lebanese Army soldiers.

IDF soldiers were performing routine operations in a border-area enclave within Israeli territory when they were ambushed by Lebanese troops.
During the incident, which took place mid-day Tuesday, Lebanese soldiers ambushed an Israeli Engineering Corps force operating on the Israeli side of the border.
The Israeli soldiers were clearing bushes along the border fence. According to the army, such activity has become routine since the conclusion of the Second Lebanon War.

Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari, 45, who commanded the IDF force, was killed in the skirmish, and 30-year-old reservist Captain Ezra Lakia was seriously injured.
Two Lebanese soldiers and a local reporter were also killed.,7340,L-3929835,00.html

Lebanese army confirms they fired first

Lebanese army admits its troops opened fire at Israeli forces Tuesday.
IDF officer: Lebanon has much to lose should it maintain belligerent attitude.
Army says it will continue to cut down shrubbery on border in coming days

The Lebanon army's spokesman has confirmed Israel's claims that Lebanese forces fired first during Tuesday's deadly border skirmish.

In a statement issued to AFP and quoted by Lebanese daily al-Nahar Wednesday, the spokesman said that
"the Lebanese Army opened fire first at Israeli soldiers who entered Lebanese territory…this constituted defense of our sovereignty and is an absolute right."

Lebanon has much to lose should it maintain a belligerent attitude and cooperate with Hezbollah.,7340,L-3929928,00.html


IDF Fires Warning Shots at Lebanese Vessel

August 8,  2010    

This is the second Lebanese-Israeli Gunfire incident in a week

A Lebanese fishing vessel entered a restricted Israeli maritime zone Saturday, prompting the IDF to fire warning shots.
The Lebanese vessel entered the restricted waters and ignored orders by the navy to turn back to its own territory.
No damage was caused.
Lebanon Complaints of IAF Flyovers Preceded Incident.  Since Hellzballah terrorists are dug in and stockpiled for war against Israel, these flyovers are mandatory to Israel's existence.


IRAN Guarding Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan
August 9, 2010  
Tehran threw all its weight behind Hellzballah terrorist leader Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah, by declaring that Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan are Iran security belt.
Iran gave Syrian president Bashar Assad a piece of his mind over the deal Assad concluded with Saudi king Abdullah to pull away from relations with Hizballah.
Ayatollah Khamenei has taken charge of the Lebanese situation. He is maintaining control through 2 officials in Beirut and Damascus.
Nasty is threatening a civil war in Lebanon and/or an attack on Israel.
All armies on alert.
Lebanese army snipers killed an Israeli officer Aug. 5
Aug. 6th Iranian officers toured the Lebanon-Israel border and studied Israeli positions.

Israeli military exercise
August 10, 2010
  Lunatic LIAR Hellzballah leader Hassan Nasty Nasrallah accused Israel of plotting to murder all of Lebanon's political and military leaders.
Iran supported his lies.  No surprise.
His speech poured oil on the Israel-Lebanese, Israel-Syrian borders and all but lit the match.

Israel is to move large tank, armored infantry and artillery up north as an extra warning to Tehran, Damascus and Beirut.
Israel warned citizens they would have to put up with heavy military traffic, that is unusual.
They were advised to avoid northern roads.

Lebanon will reject conditioinal U.S. military aid

O COME ON!    MUSLIMS LIE!   Exclamation
Islamic nations say one thing, do another!  Turkey promised NOT to use drones against Kurds, but did!

PLEASE NOTE south Lebanon has the HIGH ground advantage over the northern Israel border.  
THIS is why Israel went into Lebanon in 1982 when I was in Israel.

Lebanon: We'll reject U.S. military aid if weapons can't be used against Israel

August 12,  2010    

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said he would reject any American military assistance to the Lebanese army if it comes with conditions that the weapons not be used against Israel.
Murr was commenting on the decision by a US congressman to suspend $100 million of military aid to Lebanon over concerns the weapons could be turned on Israel and that Hezballah may have influence over the Lebanese army.

DUH!  HELLZballah are part of the army, and in the government!

Those who want to help the Lebanese army but place conditions on how their funds or weapons are used, should keep the money.  
Murr also said a Lebanese soldier who opened fire across the border with Israel August 3 was acting on orders. The clash killed two Lebanese soldiers, a Lebanese journalist and an Israel Defense Forces officer.

The Lebanese Army is seen as woefully under-equipped compared to Hellzballah.,7340,L-3934632,00.html

Kurds massacred by Turkey's drones from Israel



August 23,  2010  
Light 3.1 earthquake felt by residents in Galilee, northern Israel, epicenter near Kibbutz Yiron.
The residents suspect the earthquake damaged the electricity network in south Lebanon, everything was dark.,7340,L-3942090,00.html

Hmmmmm ... could it have weakened or damaged the network of tunnels Hellzballah terrorists have dug from Lebanon into Israel?

A 3.1 quake is barely strong enuf for a few people to feel, and rarely would do any damage.
I ONLY post this because it is ISRAEL.

General Paul Vallely reveals Tunnels between Lebanon and Israel for HELLzballa to sneak inside Israel.


France to sell 100 HOT missiles to Lebanon

August 27,  2010    
Israel and the US want to prevent a French-Lebanese arms deal that could lead to increased Israeli casualties in a war.
France offered to sell Lebanon 100 HOT anti-tank missiles to be armed on the Gazelle helicopters already in use by Lebanese Army.,7340,L-3944647,00.html


Israel ready to destroy Lebanese Army in 4 hours

August 27,  2010    

Lebanese paper claims US envoy told LAF chief that if border incident occurred again IDF would enact plan to destroy Lebanese military within four hours.
The US warned Lebanon  that if it did not prevent any recurrence of the border-fire incident that occurred earlier this month,
the IDF would destroy the Lebanese Armed Forces within four hours, Israel Radio cited a report by Lebanese newspaper A-Liwaa on Friday.

According to the report, Frederick Hoff, assistant to US Middle East Peace Envoy George Mitchell, told Lebanese Army chief of staff Jean Kahwaji that Israel
was ready to implement a plan to destroy within four hours all Lebanese military infrastructure, including army bases and offices, should a similar confrontation occur in the future.

IDF Lt.-Col. (res.) Dov Harari, 45, was killed and Capt. (res.) Ezra Lakia was seriously wounded, as well three LAF soldiers and one Lebanese journalist killed, when both sides exchanged fire after IDF soldiers attempted to cut down a tree on the Israeli side of the border.

The IDF had informed the UNIFIL peacekeeping force along the border ahead of time of the intended tree-clearing operation.
UNIFIL later confirmed that the IDF troops were on the Israeli side of the border when the incident occurred, contradicting LAF claims that Lebanese sniper fire directed at the Israeli troops had been justified by an incursion upon Lebanese territory.,7340,L-3944714,00.html


Israel using espionage balloons

Laughing   Hot air balloons equipped with cameras, self-destruction mechanisms, being used by Israel to collect intelligence on Lebanon.

August 29,  2010     Claims of Arab media, could be true, but do not trust
The Lebanese army is claiming that Israel is using hot air balloons equipped with cameras to collect intelligence.
Firing back would reveal location of weapons.,7340,L-3945165,00.html


Blasts at Hellzballah arms cache

HALLELUJAH!!!!    Very Happy

September  4,  2010    
Explosion at a Hellzballah weapons depot in the village of Shehabiyeh.
Several explosions caused a large fire in a southern village.
5 people were injured.
This proves Hellzballah is holding weapons in heart of civilian population, endangering southern Lebanon residents.

There was more than one explosion at a house, multiple explosions mean it is ammunition detonating.
The Hellzballah weapons depot was in a 3 storey home.,7340,L-3948971,00.html


HELLZzballah strikes IRAQ

September 6, 2010          DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Hizballah strikes US troops in Iraq, clears way for anti-Israel Eastern Front
Why did Nasrallah devote his pro-Palestinian speech to Iraq?

Hizballah actions terrorize, subvert and destabilize Iraq.
Hizballah is striking US targets in Iraq as sub-contractor for Iran and Syria.
Iran in Kabul is paying $1,000 to Taliban for every American soldier they kill in Afghanistan.

There is a wave of anti-US terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, without Israel lifting a finger.
Hizballah are working directly with 2 Iraqi Shiite affiliates in IRAQ to terrorize, subvert and destabilize Iraq on behalf of Syria and Iran.


HELLzballah Beirut Coup Plot

September 20, 2010      DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Ahmadinejad stopped in Damascus Sept. 18th on his way to New York to finalize plans with Syria to back Hizballah coup against the Hariri government in Beirut.
Ahmadinejad and Assad of one mind.  DUH!
Hizballah mobilized troops and had 5,000 armed men deployed in Beirut, ready to make good on its threat to seize power.  Hizballah took over the Beirut airport to shield a criminal from being arrested.


An Imminent Coup by Hellzbollah in Lebanon

18 Sept,  2010

A Saudi advice has delayed the return of Lebanon's PM, Saad Al Hariri, from Saudi Arabia to Beirut. Meanwhile, 3500 Hezbollah militiamen are secretly deployed in the Eastern Christian region according to a report that was published yesterday by the "Beirut Observer" web site. Hezbollah has reached its final logistic preparations to execute an armed coup to take over all of Lebanon by force. The web site attributed its information to well-informed sources in the Saudi media. Below is a summary of the report with other related information:

Well-informed Saudi sources have confirmed to the "Beirut Observer" that the delay of Lebanon's PM return to Beirut came in response to advice by Saudi officials. The Saudis are extremely concerned in regards to information became available to them indicating that an imminent Hezbollah coup is in on the horizon. The Saudis are fearful that Hezbollah’s threats are not mere political rhetoric this time. The Iranian-armed militia has set all the needed logistic preparations for the coup and is only waiting for the zero hour.

According to the report, Hezbollah's planned coup will take a camouflaged cover of civilian protection this time. But the reality on the ground is that it will not be different from Hezbollah's bloody and cruel invasion of Western Sunni Beirut and Druze Mount Lebanon in May 2008. The coup will be initiated by putting government officials under house arrest.  This will include Lebanon's PM, Saad Al Hariri, General prosecutor Said Mirza, Internal Security Forces General Director General Ashraf Rifi as well as many other officials and politicians. Sources said that Information Branch President Colonel Wesam Hassan will be spared from house arrest in the early hours of the coup.

The report went on to conclude that at the present time the centre of attention is a scheduled visit by a Saudi envoy to Damascus today and on the results of his talks with Syrian officials. The Saudi mission to Syria will focus on the current volatile situation in Lebanon, the avoidance of bloodshed, strife and and the repetition of what happened on May 2008. The Saudis fear that the impact of any military coup executed by Hezbollah in Lebanon will spread chaos over the entire region.

Private sources from Beirut unveiled that Hezbollah has deployed 3500 of its armed militia men along the Mediterranean coast in the Christian region from Beirut northwards through the cities of Junieh, Tabarja and Batroun. These bearded Hezbollah men are residing in chalets and apartments located in Christian areas and on standby alert status in case of any political development or security emergency that may require their armed intervention.

According to the report, a decision was taken by Hezbollah's leadership to invade Christian regions loyal to the March 14 Coalition, and subdue them by military force. Hezbollah's Leadership aim from such an invasion is to deliver a bloody intimidation message to all Lebanese who oppose its hegemony over the country.  They want to prove on the ground that they have the upper hand, the sole power and the authority all over the country.

The report attributed to the same sources that Hezbollah has bought real estate in the Christian area of Muarab through Christians intermediaries loyal to General Michel Aoun, and in the Christian town of Bikfaya through Syrian Socialist National Party loyalists. In anticipation of potential fights with parties, possession of this real estate allows Hezbollah militia to surround the head of the Christian Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. Samir Geagea, and the Head of the Kataeb Christian Party, Amin Gemayel.

Yesterday, Hezbollah issued a statement saying that  Lebanon's Attorney General Judge Said Mirza’s request to summon former General Security chief Jamil as-Sayyed on Thursday was political par excellence: "We were surprised by the judiciary’s decision which is political and oppressive to those who declare the truth,” the statement said.  It is worth mentioning that Hezbollah invaded West Beirut and Mount Lebanon in May 2008 because the Lebanese Government decided to transfer the Beirut airport security chief, a Hezbollah loyalist. The Lebanese are fearful a replication of the same defiance scenario is imminent.

Hezbollah's statement comes after Sayyed said on Sunday that “[Prime Minister Saad Hariri] should take a lie detector test to prove he did not support or fund false witnesses in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL),” in investigating the 2005 assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri, and vowed to take his right “with his own hands.”  Sayyed was detained from 2005 to 2009 on suspicion of involvement in the Rafik Hariri murder. In April 2009, the STL ordered his release without charges due to lack of evidence.

Hezbollah has called for revoking the judiciary's decision to summon Sayyed for questioning, adding that it should have summoned “those who were bragging that they collaborated with Israel at a certain period of time.” Hezbollah and its two evil of axis masters, Syria and Iran with all their Lebanese mercenary armed allies are ratcheting up pressure aiming to discredit a UN-backed tribunal expected to implicate Hezbollah and most likely Syria in the murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri.


               LEBANON  *  Hellzballah Coup of Beirut planned
Declaration of war on Lebanon

October 5, 2010      DEBKAfile Special Report

Iran and Syria agreed to support a Hizballah coup in Lebanon, including Beirut, right after Ahmadinejad leaves October 14.
Ahmadinejad and Assad also decided to continue to harass Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri by de-legitimization of his government, intimidation and humiliation to force him to dissolve the Special Tribunal for Lebanon-STL which has brought charges against Hizballlah officials for the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in 2005.
Hizballah could set up a transitional administration together with it allies, the Druze leader Walid Jumblatt and the Christian ex-general Michel Aoun.
I DONT LIKE TO SEE CATHOLIC-DRUZE SUPPORT HELLZballah terrorists!  What debka calls 'christian' is Maronite catholic.

Syrian President Assad released a list of 33 people in the UN probe of the Hariri murder o be handed to Interpol.
This defiance of a UN court is unprecedented and tantamount to a declaration of war on Lebanon.

This document was published in Damascus to scare Persian Gulf and Saudi rulers from coming to the aid of the Lebanese prime minister or interfere with the coup.
Israel has good reason to be deeply apprehensive of the civil war and violent carving up of Lebanon.



Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin. Isaiah 17:1

October 7, 2010      DEBKAfile  Exclusive Report  
Lebanon prepares for Ahmadinejad visit Oct.13-14th, 5,000 HELLzballah commando fighters under Iran command.
Beirut and South Lebanon up to the Israeli border have been taken over.  It is now a virtual Ahmadinejad-land controlled by an estimated 2,500 members of the IRAN Revolutionary Guards in LEBANON!

Buses carried them to Beirut from Damascus, SYRIA, then dispersed them across the Lebanese capital and the South.
Even UN 'peacekeeper' posts already plastered with Iranian flags.  The UN has no desire for peace.

Lebanese citizens arm themselves, fear civil war  

October  11,  2010     Monday

Ahmadinejad visit tomorrow could set off an explosion.

Lebanon is a frightened country; the Lebanese are terrified about the prospect of a slide toward civil war.
Several reports speculate that Beirut residents are arming themselves in expectation of a flare-up of violence between the two main antagonists in Lebanon today:
Hezbollah and its allies on the one hand, and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his supporters on the other.

The investigation of the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, the father of the current premier, could turn out to be the spark that sets off the tinderbox.

A Lebanon-based website has in recent days posted an interview with an arms dealer who lives in Beirut and reports that there has been a rise in the sale of light firearms. He says the sales have spiked as a result of a clash in a Beirut neighborhood, Burj Abu Haidar, between an extremist pro-Syria Sunni group and Hezbollah militants; four people were killed in the skirmish (one was a Hezbollah commander, who died at the start of the fighting ).

In the meantime, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Lebanon this week has opponents of Hezbollah worried. The visit, perceived as a blunt statement about Iran's influence over Lebanon, has stirred concerns over how incendiary Ahmadinejad might be when he visits the southern part of the country and tours sites near Israel's border.

According to Beirut residents, the Hariri assassination casts a long, ominous shadow over daily life in Lebanon's capital, and has come in recent weeks to dominate public discussions. The release of the next report on the Hariri assassination, prepared by a special international prosecutor, has been deferred, by probably another two months at least.

Lebanon is rife with speculation that the report will lead to indictments against several top Hezbollah figures; many believe that the prosecutor has postponed the document's release as a way of getting more time to build an irrefutable case against these figures. As tensions in the country rise, well-placed Lebanese sources describe the country's mood as "gloomy." Though its scope is difficult to determine, the sources point to a trend that the country has already seen in its war-torn past: Lebanese residents are reportedly leaving the country.

Should the international criminal tribunal hearing the Hariri case cite the names of those implicated in the assassination, it is doubtful that the Lebanese government will arrest them. However, under international law, the UN court is authorized to try defendants in absentia, and in that case, court proceedings against the accused would be broadcast daily on Lebanese television, at least those that aren't controlled by Syria or Hezbollah.

Such trials are likely to exert a tremendous influence over public opinion. Worried about the disclosure of its apparent involvement in the killing, Hezbollah will take steps to undermine any such trial process. At this stage, Hezbollah insists that the special prosecutor is relying on false testimony, and it is also trying to put an end to Lebanon's funding of the court investigation (it is underwriting 49 percent of the costs ). Ten government ministers back Hezbollah's efforts to cut off the money supply; all it needs to bring an end to the funding is the support of one more minister.

Presumably, the possibility of a widely covered prosecution of accused Hezbollah operatives has the organization's leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, nervous. This weekend Nasrallah presided over a ceremony marking the end of a project to plant 1 million trees across the country; Nasrallah's participation was seen as an effort to reinforce his credibility as a "Lebanese" patriot.

Since assuming control of Hezbollah in 1992, Nasrallah has pressured the organization to be less isolationist and more Lebanese. He realizes that if Hezbollah operatives are convicted for involvement in the Hariri killing, that would damage the efforts to brand Hezbollah as a patriotic Lebanese movement. Should the damage seem irreparable, Nasrallah's strategy of attaining power in the country by means of the ballot box would be rendered futile.

Syria has been working with Hezbollah to oppose the international investigation of the Hariri assassination. Last week, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem harshly denounced the special investigation, a position that generated tension when Mualem later met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Overall, it appears that Syria has increased its influence in Lebanon over the past six months; the Syrians have been filling in gaps that were left after they were forced to withdraw their troops from Lebanon five years ago, due to pressure that mounted after Hariri's death.

Given that backdrop, experts have been closely monitoring the relationship between Damascus and Tehran; the Syrians are clearly worried about an Iranian attempt to strengthen Tehran's grip over Lebanese affairs. The prime minister's office in Beirut is not the only place where Ahmadinejad's visit is generating tension. The Syrians will also be worriedly watching the Iranian leader's visit, knowing that their dreams of a Greater Syria could be slipping though their fingers once again, this time thanks to the Iranians.


Lebanon does not want Ahmadinejad

October 11, 2010   Laughing

Al CIA Qaeda threatens Ahmadinejad's Lebanon visit, US citizens urged to be vigilant.
I read this as a lot of nonsense.  BUT, that doesnt lessen the danger.
Perhaps the CIA (Al Qaeda) will get rid of the Ajad problem.

Al Qaeda said, "The whole of Lebanon will tremble if Ahmadinejad sets foot in Lebanon."

The embassy in Beirut has warned Americans in Lebanon "to be vigilant, monitor news reports, avoid large gatherings of people, and carefully consider their safety and security before choosing to visit popular gathering spots or places where large numbers of people are commonly found."
Even peaceful gatherings can turn violent and spread over neighborhoods with little or no warning.

Hizballah has taken control of Beirut international airport, public transport and popular eating places.

As Lebanese citizens snapped up every weapon on sale, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri suddenly fled Lebanon for Cairo Egypt.

In his absence, Nasrallah's deputy Sheik Naim Qassem declared the Ahmadinejad visit was a success even before his arrival. That view is not shared by other Lebanese.
A Sunni Islamist group in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli posted large banners and pictures of the Iranian president with large crosses and the slogan:
"You are not welcome in Lebanon."


Will be watching.
We have an intercessors meeting at 2 pm.

If things blow, the believers are ready. Wink


All your posts are appreciated, as you are living in the heart of bible prophecy!
O what a powerful time you Believers will have - as will we all as calamity breaks world wide.

The 2 witnesses could appear in Jerusalem any day.
I have heard many nutcases claiming to be one of them have been arriving.


Iran President Ajad in Lebanon

October  13,  2010     Wednesday

A-jad plans to throw a rock into Israel - symbolic of someone throwing out the first baseball at a game.
MEANING - PLAY BALL!! The symbolic opening of a long planned attack on Israel.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad begins first state visit to Lebanon, proving Iran support to the HELLzballah terrorists.
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman met with Ajad in the presidential palace.  (I'd love to have been there!)
Among the participants in Ahmadinejad's reception ceremony were Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and
Lebanese Army leader Samir Geagea who is known for his anti-Hezbollah and anti-Iran sentiments.

Thousands of Lebanese Hezballah backers lined the highway welcoming the Persian Hitler.
Ajad is expected to tour Beirut and attend a rally with Hezbollah leader Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah.
Thursday he will tour south Lebanon, but its unclear how close he will come to the border with Israel.

An Israel said,  "History would have been different if in 1939 some Jewish soldier would have succeeded in taking Hitler out.
If Ahmadinejad will be in the crosshairs of an IDF rifle when he comes to throw rocks at us, he must not return home alive."

About an hour before Ahmadinejad landed, a carbomb exploded, but there were no reports of injury.,7340,L-3968649,00.html,7340,L-3968787,00.html

Dozens protest against Ahmadinejad visit
100 people are demonstrating near the Good Fence in Metula in protest of Ahamdinejad visit in Lebanon.
Metula is in Northern Israel bordering Lebanon and Golan.

Among the demonstrators is Knesset Member Ayoob Kara (Likud) who called the Lebanese people to prevent an Iranian takeover of their country.
"Instead of being the Middle East's Paris, Lebanon could turn into a primitive country and an Iranian army base on Ahmadinejad's way to rebuilding the Persian empire," Kara said.,7340,L-3968769,00.html


October  14,  2010     Thursday

Ahmadinejad visited the Lebanese University where he received an honorary doctorate.
Lebanon sovereignty is at risk, if not non-existent.

Israel permits Iran's annexation of Lebanon By its inaction

October 14, 2010      DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

After conquering Lebanon, Israel is next
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and all of Israel's leaders chose silence in the face of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his all-conquering visit to Lebanon.
On his first day in Beirut, Wednesday, Oct. 13, he walked off with four major accomplishments:

1. He demonstrated that Tehran calls the shots in Beirut - not the lawful Lebanese government which is crumbling under Iranian pressure,
not the divided Christian or Sunni Muslim communities and not even Syria.
Every last Lebanese leader, including those who made a show of protesting his visit, paid homage to Ahmadinejad in Beirut and praised his "moderation."

2.  The Iranian president's tour Thursday plants an Iranian flag on Israel's northern border with Lebanon and that's just for starters.
The flag, already present in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, is heading for the West Bank and eventually Jerusalem.
Addressing tens of thousands of cheering Lebanese Shiites in the Hizballah stronghold of Dahya in Beirut Wednesday night,
Ahmadinejad and his puppet, Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah, pledged to make Israel "disappear" and declared nothing and no one can stop this happening.


3.  He also announced the formation of a new Islamic bloc, a revival of the old Eastern Front, composed of Iran, Syria, Turkey, the Palestinians, Lebanon and Iraq.
It would be dedicated to fighting not only Israel but also America.

For the Iranian ruler, Israel is small change compared with the task of destroying America's Middle East presence and usurping its big power role.
Iraqi PM Maliki came to Syrian president Bashar Assad cap in hand to beg for him to intercede with his Iranian ally for support.

4.  Ahmadinejad gave the entire Arab Middle East an object lesson in how much ground the Islamic Republic and its president are capable of swallowing up, even without a nuclear weapon.
They were warned by the way Lebanon fell at his feet that they stood no chance against their new hegemon as a nuclear power.
In every country's life, there comes a moment for decisive action as the only sensible course for self-preservation.
This moment has come for Israel and it finds its leaders gripped by extreme paralysis - lethargic instead of proactive.
They would impress a stranger as being mesmerized by the phenomenon at large on  northern border.

In fact, Netanyahu and Barak are bound hand and foot by their (unpublished) pledge to US President Barack Obama to refrain from attacking Iran for a year.
Not only have they been struck dumb in the face of the most brutal  threat of extinction Israel has ever faced, they are squandering national energies on
courting a failed Palestinian leader and a divisive argument over whether or not to extend the freeze on settlement construction for a few more weeks.

The Israeli government would have been fully entitled to stand up and warn Ahmadinejad that the morning after he and his puppet,
Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah, made a public oath to make Israel "disappear" forever, they had better not show their faces on the Lebanese border.
Checking out their prey at close quarters could be dangerously premature for them both and lead to serious repercussions.

Instead, they sent the defense ministry's political coordinator Amos Gilead, an expert in shilly-shallying, to deliver a noncommittal remark or two in a radio interview.
He explained there was no need for Israel to take any action for now, but to trust the "forces of anti-Iranian resistance" in Lebanon.  oy vey .  . groan.
He seemed to have forgotten that even the Obama administration no longer believes these forces are capable of standing up to the peril besetting their country.

debka finds a strong, unfortunate analogy between Israeli passivity today and British appeasement on the even of World War II,
the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain went down in history for signing away the Sudeteland region of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany at Munich in 1938,
opening the door to Germany's conquest of Europe and the war, and the Netanyahu government's silence as power-hungry Iran annexes Lebanon on its doorstep.


From Lebanon Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah call for Israel's destruction

October  14,  2010     Thursday
The President of Iran's Lebanon visit is like that of a commander reviewing his troops.
High military alerts in Israel as Ajad tours the Lebanese-Israeli border.
The IDF, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL raised their war alert further when cowardly Nasrallah relayed his speech by videotape from his hideyhole.
Nasty was not seen with Ajad but its reported they did meet secretly, presuming Nasty is in the Beirut area.  blah blah blah

October  14,  2010     Thursday

Ahmadinejad left Lebanon after meeting with HELLzballah terror chief Nasty Nasrallah at the
Iranian embassy in Beirut and received a gift from him, the personal weapon of an IDF soldier seized during the Second Lebanon War.
Ahmadinejad visited the Lebanese University where he received an honorary doctorate.
Lebanon sovereignty is at risk, if not non-existent.  Israel permits Iran's annexation of Lebanon By its inaction.
Ajad visited Qana in south Lebanon.

If Arabs laid down their weapons, there'd be peace today.
If Israel laid down their weapons there'd be no Israel.
NOTHING  ISRAEL could do would ever be 'enough' to pacify Evil Islam

IDF Prepares for Possible Hamas Revenge

IDF Prepares for Possible Hamas Revenge  

October  15,  2010     Friday

The IDF’s Judea and Samaria Area Division is preparing for possible terror attacks by Hamas in an attempt to avenge the assassination of two terrorists responsible for a deadly attack which killed four Israelis on August 31.

Hamas terrorists Mamoun Natsha and Nashet Naim Carmi were killed last Friday morning in Hevron. The two refused to comply with IDF soldiers who came to arrest them, and were shot while resisting arrest, witnesses said.

The two were behind the attack on August 31 at the Bani Na’im junction south of Hevron. Beit Haggai residents Yitzchak and Talya Imas, Kochava Even-Chaim, and Avishai Shindler were killed after being shot from close range.
The Fatah-led PA carried out dozens of arrests in the Hevron region in the days following the murders. However, some accused the PA of using the opportunity to go after its political opponents in Hamas, and not to truly target the killers.
None of those detained by the PA were named as suspects in the shooting.

The latest issue of the IDF’s weekly magazine, Bamahane, quotes the chief intelligence officer of Central Command, Col. Ronen, who said:
“In southern Judea there are still places in which weapons and terrorist cells are hiding. In the near future they will try to carry out terror attacks similar to ones we’ve recently seen.
The latest assassination will not deter terror squads from carrying out further attacks.”

Ronen added that the terrorists’ hiding place was not chosen accidentally. He said that they hid in the H-2 area, a part of Hevron which is under Israeli control. The reason for this, explained Ronen, is that PA security services do not operate in this area and the terrorists felt relatively safe there, under the impression that the PA was in charge of the search..

“They thought we wouldn’t find them, but we got them and came full circle,” concluded Col. Ronen.

Iran 'Predicts' Clash between Lebanon, Israel

Iran 'Predicts' Clash between Lebanon, Israel

by Maayana Miskin
There will soon be a “large-scale security incident” involving Lebanon and Israel, according to the Iranian weekly paper Sobh-e Sadeq, which is affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guards. The “prediction” was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Iran funds, arms and trains the Hizbullah terrorist group based in southern Lebanon. Hizbullah would be unlikely to provoke a “security incident” without Iran's approval.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is currently visiting Lebanon. Hizbullah has led the Iranian president on a tour of southern Lebanon. There he met with residents of the area and praised them for attacking Israel, saying, “You fought at the front line against the aggressors and Zionist occupiers... the Zionists will go back to the place they came from.”

Sobh-e Sadeq also warned the Lebanese government against continuing to implicate Hizbullah in the assassination of Rafiq Al-Hariri. Accusing Hizbullah of involvement in the slaying “will make it impossible for the Lebanese government to operate,” the paper stated.

Blasts hit secret Iranian missile launching-pad for US, Isra

Blasts hit secret Iranian missile launching-pad for US, Israeli targets

October 15, 2010   debka

A top-secret Iranian military installation was struck by a triple blast Tues. Oct. 12 the day before Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Lebanon.
debkafile's military and intelligence sources report the site held most of the Shehab-3 medium-range missile launchers Iran had stocked for striking US forces in Iraq and Israel in the event of war - some set to deliver triple warheads (tri-conic nose cones).

The 18 soldiers officially reported killed in the blasts and 14 injured belonged to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) main missile arm, the Al-Hadid Brigades.
The Imam Ali Base where the explosion occurred is situated in lofty Zagros mountain country near the town of Khorramabad in the western Iranian province of Lorestan.
This site was selected for an altitude which eases precise targeting and the difficulty of reaching it for air or ground attack.
It lies 400 kilometers from Baghdad and primary American bases in central Iraq and 1,250 kilometers from Tel Aviv and central Israel.
Both are well within the Shehab-3 missile's 1,800-2,500-kilometer operational range.

Our Iranian sources report that Tehran spent hundreds of millions to build one of the largest subterranean missile launching facilities of its kind in the Middle East or Europe. Burrowed under the Imam Ali Base is a whole network of wide tunnels deep underground. Somehow, a mysterious hand rigged three blasts in quick succession deep inside those tunnels, destroying a large number of launchers and causing enough damage to render the facility unfit for use.
In its official statement on the incident, Tehran denied it was the result of "a terrorist attack" and claimed the explosion "was caused by a nearby fire that spread to the munitions storage area of the base." In the same way, the regime went to great lengths to cover up the ravages wrought to their nuclear and military control systems by the Stuxnet virus - which is still at work.
In actual fact, debkafile's military sources report, Iran's missile arsenal and the Revolutionary Guards have also suffered a devastating blow. Worst of all, all their experts are a loss to account for the assailants' ability to penetrate one of Iran's most closely guarded bases and reach deep underground to blow up the missile launchers.

The number of casualties is believed to be greater than the figure given out by Tehran.

The soldiers' funerals took place Thursday, Oct. 14, as the same time as Ahmadinejad declared in South Lebanon that Israel was destined to "disappear." A few later, he ended his contentious two-day visit to Lebanon.

This week, Aviation Week discovered that the new intermediate-range BM-25 Musudan ballistic missile exhibited at the North Korean military parade Sunday Oct. 10 - at which Kim Jong-un also paraded his son and heir - bore a strong resemblance to the Iranian Shehab-3.

It is therefore possible that the explosions at the IRGC base in Lorestan Tuesday also sabotaged secret models of the Iran's latest road-mobile, liquid-fuel version of the Shehab-3 ballistic missile.

CJ - ZionsCRY reported this Oct 12 as 18 Iranian guards killed, no details.

        Terror chief Nasrallah gives Ahmadinejad rifle he says belonged to IDF

Lebanon wont join axis

October  16,  2010    

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri told Iran President Ahmadinejad he would not join the regional axis.
Confronting Israel requires high-level economic capabilities.
The regional alliance currently consists of only Iran and Syria.  (Not really true - HELLZballah totally controls south Lebanon on Israel's northern border, and Iran controlls them completely.  Also Turkey and now China have joined Iran.)

During Ahmadinejad's 2 day visit to Lebanon, Hariri told him that the Lebanese coexistence formula does not allow Lebanon to join a regional axis and that such steps require consultations among the Lebanese parties.

Hariri denied that Ahmadinejad had suggested a political initiative regarding the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, noting that bilateral talks focused on the priority of preserving stability in Lebanon through calm dialogue among the Lebanese and through searching for solutions.,2506,L-3969992,00.html


Lebanese leaders made sure Ahmadinejad-Hizballah failed

October  18,  2010     DEBKAfile Exclusive Report   Laughing

Despite Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's efforts to ham up his groundbreaking visit to Lebanon last week, debka sums it up as a dud and a shambles.
Lebanese leaders clamped down on his performance in the South Oct. 10, and spoiled his plan for a grand display of hostile power opposite Israel.

After receiving a University of Beirut honorary doctorate, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and chief of staff Gen. Jean Qahwaji demanded that A-jad rearrange his South Lebanon itinerary.

The original plan was for Ahmadinejad, with Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah beside him, to drive down the coast to the south past cheering and waving crowds.
The Hizballah leader was to be the co-star of the event and their cavalcade's security escort entrusted to
armed Hizballah men and Iranian Revolutionary Guards instead of Lebanese military soldiers.

Suleiman insisted on cutting Hizballah out of any security tasks and the national army be exclusively responsible for his safety throughout the visit.
This decision set off furious arguments, with Nasrallah threatening to torpedo the entire event if he was not permitted to accompany Ahmadinejad on his tour of the Lebanese-Israel border.

A-jad finally bowed to the Lebanese demand.  Ahmadiinejad's coastal drive was called off and he was carried to Bin Jbeil in S. Lebanon, some two kilometers from the Israeli border, by a Lebanese army helicopter.
The troops refused to let Nasrallah climb aboard the chopper and he was left behind.

Ahmadinejad had to give up his ultimate provocation of reviewing the battlefields of the 2006 Israel-Hizballah war within the sight of Israel.   Laughing
But the Lebanese president kept A-jad away from the border with Israel.

SYRIAN THREAT to Lebanon  *  Time to replace Hariri

October  20,  2010    

Damascus believes ties with Beirut are not as strong as expected, pointing finger at Lebanese prime minister Hariri
Lebanon PM woefully under-qualified for job, may end up like murdered father.

Is Syria working to replace Lebanon prime minister Hariri?  A Damascus official said they must make a deep change in Lebanon.
PM Saad Hariri is the only obstacle to reconciliation between the Syrian and Lebanese people.
Syria is disappointed with Hariri's performance, particularly after a series of meetings with Syrian President Bashar Assad over the past year after the two reconciled.

Damascus officials believe the relations with Lebanon are not as strong as expected, pointing a finger at Hariri.
2 years ago, Damascus thought that if it would open a new page with Hariri – trust would be built between the two people, so it decided to reconcile with him without any other practical alternative.

Damascus took the path of reconciliation with Hariri, without settling any scores and without any return, although he was the one who took part in the international scheme to bring down the Syrian regime. He knows Damascus has forgiven him without any return.
But now, according to the official, Syria is disappointed with the Lebanese prime minister, saying that it's time to replace Hariri.
He added that a series of meetings and consultations have been held in Damascus recently to discuss alternatives.
The report comes on the backdrop of an explosive situation in Lebanon, with Hellzballah expected to be accused of murdering Hariri's father,
former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, by a special United Nations tribunal.

Syria has expressed its objection to the expected conclusions.
LEBANON is NOT Greater Syria!  At least it should not be, yet both are arms of IRAN.,7340,L-3972272,00.html


Hariri Tribunal reconstructs murder blast at French base

October 19, 2010

The massive explosion which killed former prime minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut 5 years ago was reconstructed.
The experiment was set up to identify and prosecute those responsible for the attack.

French President Sarkozy had it postponed for 2 months fearing it would trigger an even bigger explosion in Lebanon for real.
Hizballah has threatened it would use military force to prevent Lebanese police arresting its security officials or inflame the Lebanese-Israeli border.
The suspects are expected to be summoned to appear before the tribunal before the end of the year.

However, after US, French and Lebanese governments saw Ahmadinejad's visit to Lebanon fall flat and Hizballah's Nasrallah humiliated, Sarkozy decided to let the reconstruction and tribunal go forward.
The controlled explosion was designed to determine how Hellzballah rigged the explosives and caused them to detonate.

Lebanon near abyss

October 25, 2010
Saudis push Lebanese PM Saad Hariri to quit
The Saudis urged Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down without delay and make way for a Syria-Hellzballah administration.
King Abdullah sees no other way of saving Lebanon from civil strife.
A new Lebanese government would annulling the tribunal convicting Hizballah of assassination.

HELLzballah exercise for toppling Beirut government and war on Israel

November 1, 2010    DEBKAfile Special Report
Hizballah can deploy in 2 hours
Hizballah conducted exercises in all parts of Lebanon to test its readiness for zero hour, asserting its grip on Lebanon and Prime Minister Saad Hariri.
Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech interpreted as a declaration of war on Lebanon government.
Hezballah claimed that in 2 hours they were able to maintain a security and military grip of large areas of Lebanon.

Barack Obama has his hands full with elections to Congress.

All top HELLzballah commanders face indictment in Hariri murder

November 10, 2010     DEBKA
Hizballah 4 top commanders face indictment by the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon for the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in West Beirut.
Special prosecutor Daniel Bellemare named Mustafa Badr al-Din, Hizballah #2 after Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah plus 3 more leading terrorists to stand trial for planning and executing the Hariri assassination.  They may be extradited to The Hague for trial.
Hizballah threatens to overthrow the Lebanese government and so preempt the indictments and extraditions.

6 Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon
Lebanon troops fire on them

Whenever I dig news out of mideast sources, I cant tell which day the event occurred.
The trouble is that UN rules are only applied to Israel, not to the enemy.

November 10, 2010     Wednesday

6 Israeli warplanes fly over southern and central Lebanon on a recon mission, as the HELLZballah terrorists threaten a coup in Lebanon and to attack Israel
Lebanese soldiers opened fire on the Israeli warplanes which were in southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley in central Lebanon.
The Lebanese army said that its units used anti-aircraft fire Sunday to force the Israeli warplanes out of Lebanese airspace.

Israeli warplanes frequently fly over Lebanese airspace on reconnaissance missions. The overflights have been a constant source of tension between the two countries.
The army used information gleaned from aerial photography in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, in which Israel fought the Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah.
Israeli officials have said that if Hezbollah installs advanced anti-aircraft batteries in Lebanon, the Israel Air Force will have to alter its overflights of Lebanon significantly.

Syrian President Bashar Assad recently said that Israel was pushing the Middle East towards a new war and if Lebanon were attacked, Syria would defend it.
Israel responded that any war would end with the Assad regime out of power.


6 Israeli warplanes have penetrated the Lebanese airspace again and flew over parts of the country.
The Israeli aircrafts crossed into Lebanese airspace over the southern border village of Kfar Kila at 9:30 a.m. local time (0630 GMT) on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanon's airspace and patrolled the skies above several areas in southern Lebanon, including the village of al-Naqoura and West Bekaa region, located 73 km (45 miles) from Beitrut.
Global Research, November 10, 2010

Israel ready for war with Lebanon
November 10, 2010  
An unnamed French official said Israel is now ready to engage in war against Lebanon.
Israel also finalized infrastructure and shelters in its territory, specifically the ones close to the borders with Lebanon.

Iran, Hizballah Prepare WAR

November 13, 2010    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah has quietly placed Hashim Safi Al-Din, his cousin and heir apparent, in command of southern Lebanon and its border with Israel,
further upgrading Iran-backed preparations for an armed clash, debkafile's exclusive military sources report.
This week, Safi Al-din was recalled from his post in Tehran as head of Hizballah's Liaison Office and immediately assumed the reins from Sheikh Nabil Quouk, the 2006 War commander.

Our intelligence sources say this appointment is the most ominous sign to date of the seriousness Iran and Hizballah attach to their plans for an early war with Israel. Three further developments point in this direction:

1. Tehran, Damascus and Nasrallah are tensely watching the clock ticking for the UN Special Tribunal on Lebanon -
STL to deliver indictments against top Hizballah officials before the end of this year or early January. Hizballah has threatened to block their extradition by seizing Lebanon's government and strategic centers.

This action that could quickly ignite the inflammable Lebanese-Israeli border, an interconnection Hizballah's leader eagerly embraced in his latest speech of Thursday, Nov. 11.

Shouting at the top of his voice, Nasrallah threatened to "chop off the hand that dared to accuse or detain members of the 'Hizballah gendarmerie.'" He went on to yell:
"We await the day the indictments will be released." And in the same breath ranted, "We are ready for any Israeli war on Lebanon and will again be victorious, Inshallah.
Whoever thinks that threatening us with another Israel war will scare us is mistaken. On the contrary, whoever speaks of another war is bearing good news not threatening us."

2.  Tehran views the newly appointed South Lebanon commander, Hashim Safi Al-Din,
is its most stalwart partisan in the Lebanese Shiite Hizballah leadership since Imad Moughnieh passed away two years ago in an exploding car in Damascus.
Safi Al-Din is therefore trusted most of all Hizballah's leaders to do as he is told by Iran in a direct confrontation with Israel.

Iran did not get this sort of obedience in the 2006 War: Nasrallah went his own way regardless of strategic and military instructions from Tehran.
For instance, he ordered Israeli towns and villages blasted by his rockets at the rate of 500 a day whereas Iranian experts wanted the rocket fire concentrated on the Israeli troops driving into Lebanon.
To appease his Iranian sponsors, Nasrallah then appointed Mughniyeh war commander in the middle of combat.

But Tehran is taking no chances of any more insubordination from its proxy. Nasrallah will be kept in line by Iran's obedient loyalist in the key command position in
South Lebanon and Iran will stay in control of a future confrontation with Israel from the word go.

3.  At the same time, the appointment of his cousin confirms Hassan Nasrallah as the Hizballah strongman capable of bringing to fruition the ambition Tehran and Damascus cherish of establishing their man in Beirut as boss of Lebanon.

Hashim Safi Al-Din also enjoys Nasrallah trust. They also look remarkably alike. debkafile revealed in an exclusive report in 2007 that Nasrallah was using his
cousin as his look-alike to throw would-be assassins off the scent. Their resemblance was close enough even to fool fellow members of Hizballah.

With Safi Al-Din's appointment to the South Lebanese command, Tehran has deployed a troika for running the next war with Israel on its behalf: Nasrallah, his cousin and their direct controller, Iran's own Al Qods Brigades officer Gen. Hossein Mahadavi.

Hariri Suicide trip to IRAN

November 27, 2010  debka

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri begins a suicidal trip to Iran.
Finding the US, Israel and the Arab world unwilling to rescue him from Syria and Iran Hariri decided to take them with him when he is crushed by Hellzballah.
Hariri will give Tehran more ground, but he has no illusions he can save himself.
Nothing Hariri can do now will stop Hizballah seizing control of Lebanon.

Turkish PM Erdogan explicitly committed Turkey's armed forces in a war against Israel.
Obama is letting things slide in Lebanon because it cannot cope.
Israel is too caught up in corruption scandals in high places to pay attention to much else.
Saudi Arabia King is having surgery, no help there.,7340,L-3990339,00.html

Lebanon in crisis

Lebanon in crisis
HELLzballah quits government ( thats a GOOD thing! )

January 12, 2011   DEBKAfile Exclusive

USS Enterprise heads for Lebanese shores to buttress the U.S. Sixth Fleet.
With backing from Tehran, Hizballah and Michel Aoun, their ally, abruptly quit the Lebanese unity government, which could pave the way for their seizure of power in Beirut.

Hizballah is committed to defying indictments naming Hizballah officials in the 2005 Rafiq Hariri assassination
Obama, Saudi King Abdullah, French President Sarkozy and Lebanese PM Saad Hariri spoke of a united front.  (Saad has been less than pro-West lately.)

But Hizballah got its move in first, resigning from the Hariri government.
My comment - There is nothing surprising here.  Some of this is nothing but show.

Lebanese Government Collapses

January 12, 2011  

Lebanon's year-old unity government collapsed Wednesday after Hezbollah ministers and their allies resigned over tensions stemming from a U.N.-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
The walkout ushers in the country's worst political crisis since 2008 in one of the most volatile corners of the Middle East.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the son of the slain leader, cut short a visit to Washington after meeting with President Barack Obama. He was heading to Paris where he will meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday, his office in Beirut said.

Hariri planned to hold consultations on his government's collapse while in France, then would return to Beirut, according to an official in Hariri's delegation.
Hariri made no public comment after meeting Obama, but the official said Obama offered U.S. support. The official discussed the matter on condition of anonymity due to security and diplomatic concerns.

Iran's Role in Collapse of Lebanese Government May Serve as Warning for Iraqis

January 12, 2011    By Jennifer Griffin

Even as observers blame Iranian influence for the collapse of Lebanon’s coalition government Wednesday, the mullahs in Tehran seem to be extending their reach into the fledgling government in Iraq.
When Moqtada Al Sadr landed in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf last week after three years of self-imposed exile, he was greeted with adulation and cheers by his followers. His anti-American rhetoric remained apparent at his first public rally this weekend.

The Shiite Muslim cleric who had led a violent insurgency against U.S. forces and the one-time public enemy number one for the U.S. military was given a hero’s welcome after playing a key role in helping Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki form a government
last month.

Question  Some members of the U.S. military worked for more than a year to get Sadr back from Iran.
“Although his rhetoric is disruptive, it is better he is in Iraq than Iran,” a senior military commander told FOX News. “From Iran he is controlled and used by Iran.”
Sadr ties to Iran’s regime are still cause for concern for many.
Sadr’s political party won 40 out of 325 seats in recent parliamentary elections, and his political allies have been given eight seats in Maliki’s cabinet.
The Sadrite militia, the Mahdi Army, called a ceasefire with the Iraqi Army in 2008, and there are signs that it has splintered and Sadr’s followers have moved on.

“I think he recognized that after three years in Iran, he was out of the game. The movement was proceeding without him,” said former U.S. Ambassador
to Iraq Ryan Crocker in an interview. “They've made some decisions that obviously he would have been involved in. The most important one being to behave like a political party rather than a gang of thugs. I would expect some tension within the movement because of his return, you may even see some splits, and that, of course, from the U.S. perspective would be no bad thing.”

The cleric, still in his 30s, fled to Iran just months after the “surge” began in 2007 to avoid arrest or assassination. It was also seen as a bid to bolster his religious bona fides by going to the city of Qom to study with some of the same clerics who reportedly serve as spiritual advisers to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran’s embrace of Sadr and its former use of the Mahdi Army as proxy fighters against U.S. troops and the Iraqi government of Nouri al Maliki is similar to its use of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah, like the Mahdi Army, eventually entered politics. But Hezbollah was allowed to keep a well-financed armed wing as part of a power-sharing agreement..

Hezbollah used its political clout to bring down the government of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri today as he met with President Obama at the White House. The move is likely tied to the expected release of a U.N. report linking Hezbollah leaders, and in turn its Iranian and Syrian benefactors, to the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, father of the current prime minister.

Middle East experts worry that through Sadr, Iran has could have the same power over al Maliki’s new government in Iraq. Maliki travelled to Qom in October and was photographed embracing Sadr before convincing Sadr’s party to help him form a government. Some argue Sadr has played the role of kingmaker in the current government and could topple the fragile coalition if his demands aren’t met.

One looming point of conflict is the scheduled withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of this year. Sadr is unlikely to tolerateany extension, even a temporary one, if the security situation won’t allow a full withdrawal.
“My prediction is that there will be some U.S. force level remaining in Iraq under some auspices,” Crocker told FOX News. “That is my prediction.”

That may not be good enough for Sadr, who along with his Iranian benefactors, wants all U.S. troops to leave on time. Iran’s rising role and influence in Iraq was seen this week as the Iranian foreign minister visited Maliki in Baghdad.
But there is some disagreement about just how much influence Iran will have over the fledgling Maliki government.


             Saad Hariri to be PM in transitional Lebanese government

HELLzballah will not allow Hariri to be PM again
IDF on high alert in North

January 13, 2011  
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman asked PM Saad Hariri to remain in their positions in a transitional government.
The arrogant Hizballah told Suleiman they will not allow Hariri to continue as prime minister.
Israeli northern troops on high alert near Lebanon border over worries of violence.
Things could slip out of the hands of decision-makers in such a volatile and delicate situation, where everyone has a lot of weapons, a lot of resentment, a lot of frustration.

Obama proposes trial for Hizballah  in abstentia

January 13, 2011   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hellary Clinton are determined to bring Hizballah to justice for killing former Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri.  yeah right.
They plan to try Hizballah in absentia
For fear of violence, members of Saad Hariri's close circle started to send their families out of the country in the last week of December.
Bodyguards were hurriedly hired.

Lebanon Appears in Hellzballah-Iran Control

January 16, 2011   debka

Hizballah races to form an anti-West government to beat STL indictments.
Syria and Israel have refrained from showing their hand in Lebanon.
We know Israel would not trust Hellzballah!  But trusting Hariri is unwise.

Lebanon's ex-prime minister Saad Hariri returned home to Beirut Friday, Jan. 14, two days after Hizballah toppled his government.
Hizballah leader Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah was negotiating an alternative government to the Hariri pro-West regime in order to fend off indictments against his top officials for murder.

Suspense is high in Beirut where the prosecutor Bellemare is expected to hand his findings to the pre-trial judge.
Nasrallah believes he can beat the rap by a bloodless coup through parliament.

57 seats are anti-West
54 follow Hariri
17 seats are up for grabs including 11 Druze. The Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt, will go with Hellzballah, after being threatened.
If Nasrallah succeeds gains control in Beirut, his henchmen will NOT be brought to justice, and hand Tehran control of Lebanon.

A Hizballah-dominated cabinet in Beirut would hit Israel with the force of an earthquake. Its archenemy would sit at point blank range. Iran would add another front besides Baghdad.
The Lebanese constitution assigns the post of prime minister to a Sunni Muslim.
Hizballah leader has tagged pro-Syria candidates.  Nasrallah expects to whip the Druzes in line.
Jumblat asked Syria for guarantees against another Hizballah attack on his villages.
Good luck with that.

MidEast Shakeup

Israeli govt had a shakeup overnite
January 17, 2011   Monday

LEBANON  *  SYRIA foolishly backs HELLZballah
January 16, 2011    debka

Leadership changes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia as their kings are dying,
and Lebanon coup this month, and now Israel has a change.
Following I have tried to make early sense of what has occurred in Israel overnite, and the mideast this month.

Hariri indictment important for Lebanon

January 18, 2011   Tuesday  Netherlands

Canadian prosecutor Daniel Bellemare said he has made good on a promise to the people of Lebanon to do everything humanly and legally possible to bring the assassins to justice.  He filed his first indictment in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and hailed it as a landmark in efforts to end impunity for political slayings in Lebanon.
Bellemare said the confidential indictment at the UN was an important moment for the people of Lebanon, the international community and for those who believe in international justice.

He handed the indictment to judge Daniel Fransen.  Hellzballah expected to be identified.
The statement appeared aimed at cooling tensions in Lebanon, where many people fear the charges could lead to fresh violence.

The contents may not become public for weeks.  This has been a 6 year investigation.
The Netherlands-based court has faced a barrage of criticism from opponents in Lebanon.


Lebanon  * There will be a war, and it will be soon
January 22, 2011,7340,L-4017117,00.html

Iran rounds off grab for Lebanon with figurehead prime minister

January 25, 2011   DEBKAfile Special Report

Najib Mikati, Iranian-Syrian appointee as Lebanese PM
The two days Iran's new foreign minister Ali Salehi spent in Damascus from Saturday night, Jan. 22, were enough to keep Syrian president Bashar Assad in place for Tehran's final steps in its grab for Lebanon: the installation of a puppet government in Beirut.

Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah's performance Sunday, Jan. 23, was a crucial piece of misdirection.
He stepped out of character to call in dulcet tones for a unity government in Beirut.
This sounded as though he was following Assad's orders to go for a broad coalition which left the prime minister he toppled Saad Hariri out in the cold
and strengthened Syrian influence in Beirut.  But meanwhile, a parliamentary majority had been put together to install as prime minister Najib Mikati, a 55-year old Lebanese tycoon, who was willing to pledge in advance to cut Beirut's ties with the UN tribunal – STL – investigating the 2005 assassination of Rafiq Hariri and declare its summonses and rulings null and void.

Mikati has built a business empire in Europe, Africa and the Middle East through his personal connections with the Syrian president and Hizballah leader and the use of their intelligence facilities to promote his interests. He was awarded the premiership in return for a commitment to disqualify the STL as his first order of business, thereby saving Iran, Damascus and Hizballah the embarrassment of a head-on clash with the international court over its summonses – not only for the extradition of Hizballah's top security officials, but also against Iranian and Syrian regime officials suspected of complicity in the Hariri assassination.

By having the duly appointed Lebanese prime minister delegitimize the tribunal, all three can insist they are obliged to disobey court decrees against the will of the Lebanese government and its people and barred from following the orders of a body declared illegitimate and operating at the behest of Washington and Tel Aviv.

By a single stroke, therefore, Tehran has checked one of President Barack Obama's most critical Middle East policy moves, one which hinged on support for the Hariri tribunal and the strengthening of a pro-West administration in Beirut. Instead, Washington wakes up to find an Iranian puppet ruling Lebanon. Tehran accomplished this two days after fatally stalling the world powers' attempt to bring Iran around to a diplomatic resolution of its drive toward a nuclear bomb. In two days of talks with six powers in Istanbul, ending Friday, Jan. 21, the Iranian delegation refused to budge an inch.

A day later, Iran's foreign minister was already ensconsed in Damascus tying up the ends of its grab for Lebanon.

Monday night, realizing the Mikati appointment was in the bag, supporters of the ousted prime minister Saad Hariri and his March 14 alliance, were out in the streets, burning tires, firing off shots and trying to block the highways from Beirut to the north, south and east to Damascus. They declared Tuesday, Jan. 25, a day of anger and called for mass rallies in support of their pro-Western leader, accusing the Hizballah of  "a coup to put  the office of prime minister under the control of Wilayat al Fakih (Iranian clerical authority).

But there is not much they can do beyond this for three reasons:

1. The Sunnis and Christians having been thrust into opposition to a Shiite-dominated government will be loath to go all the way and ignite another civil war of which Lebanon has had more than its fill – especially when the national army will obey the pro-Iranian government.

2.  Although the Obama administration pledged its support for Saad Hariri in his struggle against Hizballah, Tehran and Damascus, and Friday, Jan. 21, the USS Strike Force with 6,000 marines and sailors aboard moved into place opposite Lebanese shores, not a single marine has landed in Beirut to save the day.

Tehran was not impressed by the American show of strength. Two days later, the Islamic Republic dared the US, Israel and Egypt to do their worst by provocatively announcing the dispatch of an Iranian war fleet to the Red Sea, Suez Canal and Mediterranean.

3.  The Netanyahu government, though aware of the tectonic strategic change which is making its northern neighbor an Iranian vassal, refrained from even a demonstrative step that might have made Iran and Syria hesitate before going through with the total subjection of Lebanon.
Saudi Arabia and Egypt likewise, though heading the moderate Arab Sunni bloc of nations committed to curbing radical Iran's domination of the Middle East, have held silent and not lifted a finger to help their Arab ally survive the pro-Shiite tide swamping Lebanon.


Lebanese rally against HELLzballah in day of rage

January 25, 2011   Beirut
Thousands of Sunnis waved flags, burned tires and torched a van belonging to Al-Jazeera during a day of rage to protest gains by Hezballah, which is on the brink of controlling Lebanon's next government.
The largest gathering was in predominantly Sunni Tripoli where thousands of people converged at a major square.
The protests come one day after the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists secured support in parliament to name its own candidate, former premier Najib Mikati, for the next prime minister.

Israeli gas fields to cause conflict, claims Lebanon

March 7, 2011  

This was just a matter of time .. didnt take long!
Energy Minister Jibran Bassil slams Israeli aggression over gas issue, warns of instability ahead. Lebanon has Russia, Iran and Syria behind them.
Bassil discussed the discovery of gas in the Middle East, saying that Lebanon faced 3 major challenges when it comes to energy, with Israel being the main issue.
Bassil declared that every time Israel wanted to harm Lebanon it attacked.  FALSE!

Israel legally received permission to drill for gas and oil resources.  Now that the Israelis have found it, Lebanon wants it.  Damned Muslims are always the same everywhere - they want what others have worked for.
So Lebanon is essentially telling the world if Israel doesnt give them what Israel worked for and paid for, Lebanon et al will attack Israel, which it will do either way.,7340,L-4038002,00.html

Plans to invade Israel prepared - 'Tactically, it is very much possible and even in a very short period of time
HELLzballah terrorists have devised military plans to occupy Galilee, northern Israel.
HELLz General Nasrallah said they are prepared to occupy the region within a matter of hours.
Israel knows HELLzballah has many tunnels dug into Israel from Lebanon.

Hellzballah indicted in Hariri assassination

June  28, 2011   Tuesday  

Tension is currently rising in Lebanon.
Special Tribunal for Lebanon is expected to begin releasing indictments for Rafik Hariri assassination in the next few days.
5 high ranking Hezballah officials are expected to be indicted in the next few days by the United Nations special tribunal
investigating the assassination of Rafik Hariri.  Once the indictments are released, the identities of the accused will be kept
secret for a short period in order to allow the Lebanese government to investigate and arrest them

Lebanon receives Hariri indictment

Lebanon receives Hariri indictment

This would be a prime moment for HELLzballah terrorists to attack Israel to overshadow this action.
Jihad flotilla ships lurk, jihad on Israel by sea could said any day

June  30, 2011   Thursday  
UN Special Tribunal issues indictments in Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri killing.
Tribunal issued indictments for 4 HELLzballah terrorists in the assassination of former PM Hariri, which include perpetrators on the ground.
Hariri and 22 others were killed in 2005 when a bomb went off as his motorcade passed by.,7340,L-4089350,00.html

Key Hezbollah ally slams Hariri indictments

July  1,  2011   Friday  
A key Hellzballah ally is warning there could be civil strife in Lebanon now that an international tribunal has accused Hezbollah members of killing former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Druse leader Walid Jumblatt said that stability is more important than justice.
Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel officially confirmed the names of 4 suspects involved in the 2005 assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Indictments detail political motives behind Hariri murder.

Hariri Tribunal heads for Damascus
Another ticking bomb for Assad, SYRIA

Damascus may also be handed warrants against Syrian officials suspected of controlling the Hizballah hit-team.

Top Hizballahs Sami Issa, Salim Ayyash and Mustafa Badreddine have been named as assassins.
The fourth is unknown.  Lebanon is now to extradite them to Holland.

Syrian officials most often mentioned as wanted by the tribunal are Gen. Asif Showqat, Assad brother-in-law, and Rostom Ghazale.

Are these indictments MEANINGLESS?
July  2, 2011     Saturday
UN, US, and an international court urged Lebanon government to act on arrest warrants in the Hariri murder.
Lebanon prosecutor he is taking steps to comply, but it seemed unlikely the men would be handed over soon, if ever.  Their whereabouts is unknown and Hassan Nasrallah has vowed not to hand over any of the terror groups members.  The tribunal has taken into account that the government may not serve the warrants or make arrests.
They noted that if no arrests have been made within 30 days, it can advertise the warrants itself in the media.


HELLzballah gets stronger in Lebanon

July  16,  2011    

Abbas Ibrahim appointed to General Security Director, replacing a Maronite Christian.
This puts Hizballah terrorists in charge domestic surveillance, espionage, and all of Lebanon's clandestine branches.
People will tell you the PM of Lebanon is 'a christian' but he has no power.  All power is held by Godless terrorists.
Hezballah means the party of satan.


Lebanese, Israeli Troops Exchange Fire on Border

August 01, 2011
UNIFIL admits IDF troops did NOT cross border, Lebanese fire on IDF troops was uncalled for.
UN force said Lebanese army fired on Israeli troops patrolling border.
Lebanon Hellzballah terrorists WANT a WAR with Israel, and seek to provoke it.
Lebanese soldiers shot at IDF on the border, prompting them to return fire.  Israel DID NOT cross the border.
Israel is not looking to inflame the border, the IDF soldiers defended themselves as they are supposed to.

Israeli troops traded fire Monday with forces from Lebanon's army in the Mount Dov region on the border between the two countries.
This skirmish occurred during a military drill beyond the border fence in an enclave under Israeli sovereignty.
UNIFIL reported no injuries.,7340,L-4102681,00.html

LEBANON  *  Blast rocks Hellzballah warehouse

November  23,  2011  Wednesday
The blast in southern coastal city of Tyre occurred at Hellzballah arms cache.
So soon after 2 huge explosions in Iran military bases which killed dozens, I'd say suspicious, tho there are a lot of .. um ... work accidents. (smile)
Lebanese security forces were prevented from investigating.  And THAT happened both times.  Harder to blame Israel when FACTS are uncovered.

A massive explosion rocked a Hezbollah stronghold near Siddiqin near Tyre, Lebanon, no reports of injuries.
The blast occurred in an area that is under UN control. According to UN Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War,
Hezbollah is forbidden from storing arms in this region. A UNIFIL team is expected to launch an investigation into the explosion.

FACT  -   The UN UNIFIL is also a terrorist group, and Hellzballa is part of them.  UNIFIL outposts fly both the UN and Hellzballah flags.
About a year ago a number of explosions shook Hezbollah weapons caches in Lebanon due to faulty maintenance.,7340,L-4152023,00.html,7340,L-4152016,00.html


Hellzballah mysterious explosions

November  24,  2011  Thursday
Several Hezbollah arms depots were hit by mysterious explosions the last 2 years.  The Nov 23 explosion at Hezbollah arms depot is yet another mishap.
U N Resolution 1701 said Hezbollah must not deploy armed forces or set up military equipment warehouses in the south of the country.  
Too bad Hellzballah never kept it.

Hezbollah considering military coup to seize parts of Beirut if Assad falls.
Hellzballah puts arms depots in urban areas, under the noses of UNIFIL and with the backing of the Lebanese army.
Israel sees this and is infuriated.  Israeli aircraft hover across Lebanon recording the Hezbollah military buildup, but unlike Hellzballah, Israel adheres to the ceasefire.
UNIFIL turns a blind eye to weapons shipments into Lebanon.,7340,L-4152706,00.html

Americans advised to leave Syria immediately
Embassy advises all Americans to leave Syria while commercial flights still operating.
The number of airlines operating in Syria has dropped considerably since the summer.
Syria is descending into a civil war and foreigners are therefore in danger.,7340,L-4152596,00.html

4 triggers for CIA spy scares in Iran, Hellzballah

November 25, 2011   DEBKA Analysis with my own comments
Hellzballah claimed the unmasking of a CIA network in Lebanon.
IRAN claimed the capture of 12 CIA spies

Tehran needed to erase the bad impression left by the explosion which wiped out Iran entire missile command
Iran's buddy Syrian President Bashar Assad cant put down the uprising against his rule,

The Siddiqin explosion was a shock to Tehran, Damascus and Beirut.  It was a well-protected Hizballah stronghold.
Laughing   The unexplained explosion at the illegal Lebanon Hellzballah arms dump was caused by Syrian rebels.
Graffiti left at the scene of the blast said it was revenge for Hizballah aide to Assad.  Hahahaa!
Blind UNIFIL has proven WORTHLESS, as they allow Hellzballah terrorists to violate UN agreements and stockpile weapons.

Syrian rebels can identify Hizballah rocket hideouts and launching pads, in which Iran has invested, and may sabotage them before they can be fired against Israel.
Both Iran and Hizballah leader Hassan 'Nasty" Nasrallah are gearing up for war.  
Nasty has been inspecting his units, warning them that war with Israel and perhaps others, is very near.


Rockets fired from Lebanon land in northern Israel
28 November 2011  ynet and BBC
2 buildings were damaged.  Kfar Vradim northern Israel residents heard explosions shortly after midnight.
IDF fired on Lebanon in response to barrage of rockets fired.  (Ynet)
4 rockets fired from Lebanon landed in Israel western Galilee.

Lebanese army found 2 rocket launchers, a battery and stopwatch between towns.
The rockets fell in the Western Galilee region and the Israeli army returned fire into Lebanon.
Israel considers it a serious incident and it is the responsibility of Lebanon government and army to avoid these attacks.

One rocket landed in Biranit, Israel 700 metres from the Lebanese border.
2 rockets landed in the town of Netua, causing minor damage.
SYRAN - Syria and Iran have armed Hellzballah and some rockets have chemical warheads.

IDF turned off Galilee rocket warning system
As explosions were heard Monday night across the western Galilee and smoke filled the skyline, one thing remained missing – an air raid siren.,7340,L-4154684,00.html

Rocket fire on Israel was Syrian warning
November 30, 2011
The 4 rockets from Lebanon which hit Galilee in northern Israel was Hellzballah on behalf of Damascus.
Hizballah controls south Lebanon.

IDF reads the attack as Assads last warning.
NATO - Gulf intervention in Syria would trigger a massive assault on Israel.  
Syria claims there is a foreign conspiracy targeting Syria.  That is absolutely correct.  They targeted Tunesia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya.
They intend to establish shariah law all across the mideast, then the world, even USA.

Hellzballah chief makes rare public appearance    December  6  2011  Tuesday
Heavily guarded, Hellzballah terror chief Hassan Nasty Nasrallah makes public appearance in Beirut.
Once Nasrallah left, a pre-recorded address was shown to the cheering crowds.  
He told his fans to warn against the Jews taking over east Jerusalem.
He hasnt been seen in public since 2008.,7340,L-4157740,00.html

Financial Collapse and War
Maurice Sklar prophecy

IAF planes drop object in Lebanon

January 10, 2012
Israeli fighter jets dropped an unidentified object in a ravine running between the towns of Houla and Tallouse in Lebanon.
The Lebanese army was unable to inspect the object because the area was littered with unexploded cluster bombs.,7340,L-4173992,00.html,7340,L-4173937,00.html


Domino effect: unrest spreads to Lebanon
February 11, 2012  

At least two people have been killed in the Lebanese city of Tripoli in clashes between supporters and opponents of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, security officials say. At least 12 people were injured, as the two sides fired guns and rocket-propelled grenades at each other. The violence erupted after Friday prayers and continued overnight. Tensions in the northern port city have mounted since the beginning of the uprising in Syria last March. Residents said the RPGs were fired from the Sunni Muslim district of Bab al-Tabbana towards the Alawite district of Jabal Muhsin on Friday. Footage by Reuters TV also showed gunmen taking cover on street corners and firing volleys of automatic gunfire. Lebanese troops were later deployed in both districts, the army said in a statement. It added that several soldiers were among the injured. Tripoli is dominated by Sunni Muslims, who support the anti-Assad uprising in Syria. Mr Assad is an Alawite, and members of the minority sect – an offshoot of Shia Islam – occupy key positions in the Syrian government and security forces

Syrian army uses human shields on tanks    February 12, 2012
Syrian government forces are using detained civilians as human shields, placing them on tanks in the besieged city of Homs to prevent the opposition Free Syrian Army from fighting back, an opposition activist said.
The latest tactic came as shelling rained on city's Baba Amr neighborhood once again Sunday, residents say, marking at least the eighth straight day President Bashar al-Assad's troops have pummeled Homs in an attempt to wipe out the opposition.
"My house is dancing. I am almost dead because of the siege," said the opposition activist, named Omar.
Three civilians were killed in Sunday's shelling on Baba Amr, according the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition activist group. A fourth civilian was killed by gunfire near the town of Bab Houweid, the group said.

Armed Assad supporters and opponents clash in Lebanon
There has been heavy gunfire in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, as supporters and opponents of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad took to the streets.
Rocket-propelled grenades were also fired and a bystander was injured by a stray round, officials said.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati told the army to "take necessary measures to halt" the events in the northern port.
The violence erupted after hundreds of people attended an anti-Assad demonstration after Friday prayers.

Residents said the RPGs were fired from the Sunni Muslim district of Bab al-Tabbana towards the Alawite district of Jabal Muhsin.
People from the two areas clash frequently, but tensions have mounted since the beginning of the uprising in Syria in March.
Assad is an Alawite and members of the minority Shia sect occupy key positions in the Syrian government and security forces.
Syria's majority Sunni community has been at the forefront of the revolt against the president and borne the brunt of the state's crackdown, which human rights groups say has left more than 7,000 people dead.


March 8, 2012 – BEIRUIT – Residents of the Lebanese southern city of Tyre and its suburbs at around 10:47 a.m. on Wednesday felt the ground shake, the National News Agency reported. A small quake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale jolted cities in southern Lebanon on Wednesday, without causing any injuries or damage, the Bhannes Center for Seismic and Scientific Research announced, adding “There is nothing to worry about.” Residents of the southern city of Tyre and its suburbs felt the earthquake at around 10:47 am, the National News Agency said. Residents also felt the tremor in Nabatiyeh, the agency added. –Ya Libnan


Lebanon intercepts Syria-bound smuggling ship
Beirut discovered rocket-propelled grenades, rifles in ship that was sailing in the Mediterranean from Libya via Egypt.
Weapons to supply Syrian rebels.  The Lutfallah was on its way to Tripoli when it was intercepted.
Assad has said weapons are being smuggled from neighboring countries, including Lebanon, to arm jihadists.

The mideast has become a hell
The hardcore jihad Muslim terrorists in Libya are supplying the hardcore jihadists fighting against Assad.
Since Egypt is also hardcore jihadists now, they did not stop it.
Last week, the Israel Navy intercepted the HS Beethoven ship off Israeli coast,7340,L-4221538,00.html

Lebanon holds weapons ship
April 29, 2012  The Lebanese navy is holding Lutfallah ship and says it confiscated a large consignment of arms and ammunition it was carrying.
Lebanon said there was light, medium and heavy weapons aboard, some Libyan, destined for the jihad rebels in Syria.
The ship was due to unload in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, a hotbed of support for the Syrian opposition.
Russia has accused Libya of supporting the Syrian rebels and providing them with weapons.
Libya has been very active in Sinai and Gaza also.


HELLzballah rushes arms to Syria, Iran sets up security cameras in Damascus
May 11, 2012  DEBKAfile Exclusive
Iran's Lebanese proxy Hellzballah sent weapons and military equipment across the border to Syria after the Damascus explosions.
No one in Lebanon will stop this.

HELLzballah has long-range surface-to-air missiles to strike ALL of Israel,7340,L-4227903,00.html


Syrian civil war spreads to Lebanon
May 15,  2012   Muslim against Muslim
Tripoli is in north Lebanon not too far from Homs Syria

Syrian ruler Bashar Assad is issuing direct instructions to the Lebanese army in suppressing the Syrian uprising.
The immediate result was a flare-up in Tripoli.
The local Alawites who side with Assad and the Lebanese Army on one side, Sunni groups led by Saad Hariri on the other.
Assad agents assassinated Hariri's father in 2005.
Muslim Brotherhood command Salafist militias
Medical supplies are running short.

Assad warned the Syrian army will enter Lebanon to cut off supplies to rebels.
I suspect this has already happened, and I suspect some troops, weapons are Russian.


Beirut clashes over Syria
21 May 2012  At least two people have been killed and 18 injured in clashes overnight in Beirut Lebanon.
The clashes between Muslim factions followed the shooting of 2 anti-Syrian sheikhs.
The Lebanese are divided over the Syrian crisis.

Will Israel attack Hellzballah Scuds?
June 3, 2012   DEBKA Exclusive
Lebanese Hellzballah is getting ready to bring its missiles and other weapons out of secret storage in Syria to Lebanon.
Two years ago, Israel had warned that the Scuds would be destroyed if they were moved over to Lebanon.
Hellzballah kept its most advanced hardware stashed near Damascus.
Now Iran-Hellzballah want them in Lebanon without exposing them to Israeli attack.
One plan is for Hellzballah and Palestinian Muslim terrorists in Gaza to both attack Israel.

Turkey, Russia both now support Assad
Turkey told the Free Syrian Army they have withdrawn permission for them to launch operations against the Assad regime from Turkish soil.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (IRAN), Bashar Assad (SYRIA) and Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah (Lebanon)
confront the United States and Israel with the deployment of Scuds aimed at Israel from Lebanon.
This is serious to Israeli defense!


Hezballah may move Syrian arms to Lebanon
June 13, 2012  I thought they already did that, despite Israeli warning not to.
Assad may be losing control over military assets, including air defense base.
Israel worried Hezbollah will try to move sophisticated weaponry from Syria to Lebanon to protect them in the event of Syrian President Bashar Assad downfall.

Hezbollah might try to move the missiles into Lebanon to prevent them from being captured by rebels.
If this happens, Israel will have to decide if it should attack and intercept the transfer or ignore it to prevent such a strike from escalating into an all-out war with Hezbollah and Syria.  In which case Gaza and Turkey would join in.


IAF strikes Hezbollah target in Lebanon
July 2, 2012   Israeli aircraft struck a wiretapping device in south Lebanon.
IAF fighter jets bombarded its listening device they'd planted after Hezbollah had discovered it.,7340,L-4250333,00.html

Border shelling hits Lebanon
7 July 2012  At least 3 people have been killed and 9 injured in northern Lebanon in shelling from across the Syrian border.
The attacks took place in the Wadi Khaled region, where both Syrian armed rebels and civilians have taken refuge from the violence at home.
There have recently been clashes between armed men on the Lebanese side and the Syrian military.
There are fears the Syrian conflict will spread to neighbouring countries.
The first artillery shells from across the border landed on farm buildings early on Saturday, killing one woman, local residents say.
Two more people were killed in the second strike just hours later.

IDF concerned Lebanon planning water diversion
July 9, 2012  Israel is deliberating responses to the possibility that Lebanon will divert water from the Hatzbani River, which supplies 25% of the Jordan River waters.
That move is viewed as a justification for war.
Israel’s concern stems from the construction of a large tourism center on the Lebanese side of the river, not far from Metulla Israel, near the borders.

Hellzballah holds massive military drill
August 23, 2012  
Hezbollah holds massive military drill to simulate raids into northern Israel, border clashes10,000 gunmen participate in war games
reportedly supervised by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard; 2,000 Hezbollah fighters said to be undergoing training in Iran.

3 Hellzballah killed    Very Happy
October 4, 2012  
Lebanese HELLzballah terrorists admit explosions that hit arms stockpile killed 3 fighters, 4 Syrians wounded.
A series of blasts killed 9 and wounded 7 in the Hezballah-controlled Beqaa Valley of eastern Lebanon.
They blame Israel as usual, but more likely a 'work accident.'  They did it to themselves.
Hezballah can no longer deny aiding the Assad regime in Syria
A senior member was killed Homs.,2506,L-4288188,00.html

October 6, 2012  Israeli jets scrambled to intercept a  surveillance drone launched from Lebanon that crossed into Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea.
Hellzballah terrorists claim drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace belongs to them.
They claim the UAV started its mission in Lebanon, most likely to gather intelligence and check IDF reaction

October 7, 2012
 We can fly over YOUR skies too!
Israeli warplanes swooped low over Lebanese villages Sunday in a menacing show of force apparently
aimed at the Hezbollah guerrilla group after a mysterious raid by an unmanned aircraft that was shot out of Israeli skies over the weekend.,7340,L-4289339,00.html

Exclamation    This is WORSE than I realized a week ago!  Terrorists can destroy Israeli oil rigs and target troops!
October 13, 2012  
Lebanon launched UAV drone over Israel
Saturday, Oct 6[/b]th, Israel sent planes over Lebanon Sunday, Oct. 7th.  Hellzballah admits sending the UAV drone.
Hellzballah released simulation showing it passed by radars and Iron Dome, flew over oil rigs and IAF bases.

Hezbollah releases simulation of drone flight
Al Manar TV airs video simulating flight of drone aircraft which took off from Lebanon and
entered Israeli airspace, passed by radars and Iron Dome, flew over oil rigs and IAF bases
Hellzballah terror chief Nasty Nasrallah claimed responsibility for launching the drone manufactured by Iran.
It seems Iran (and Russia) took secrets from the USA stealth drone they stole in July 2011.
The UAV camera TOOK photos of various locations it flew over.

The first missile fired by the F-16 jet missed the drone. The second advanced Panther missile hit it.
UAV flew undetected over the radars of Israeli, US and Western ships, and over Israeli oil rigs that are located in the Mediterranean.
It penetrated Israeli airspace, and passed by the Iron Dome radar undetected, and over IDF bases.
When the drone reached Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona, it was detected and shot down.,7340,L-4291378,00.html

Exclamation   IDF on guard for Iranian-Hizballah drones from Palestinian Gaza

Hezballah drone made in Germany
Drone's equipment purchased from German companies.
Hezbollah owns many similar drones which can carry 3 kg of explosives

GERMANY playing BOTH SIDES!!  Germany has sold ISRAEL several subs!

8 Dead in Beirut bomb blast
October 19, 2012
A huge car bomb exploded in central Beirut during rush hour Friday, killing 8 and wounding about 80.
It ripped through a mostly Christian area.
Several cars were destroyed and the front of a multi-storey building was badly damaged.

Anti-Syrian official killed by Beirut car bomb
October 19, 2012  
Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, a top Lebanese intelligence official known for his anti-Syrian stance was targeted and killed Friday in a massive blast that shattered a normally calm neighborhood in Beirut Lebanon.
Hours after the attack, there were reports of unrest across Lebanon, including gunfire in Tripoli. Enraged citizens in Beirut blocked roads and fired guns to protest the killing.
Hassan was aligned with a political movement that opposes Assad. He was also leading an investigation into a Lebanese politician accused of working with two Syrian officials to plan attacks inside Lebanon.

The assassination of Wassam in Beirut was a major blow for US intelligence.

Bombing outrage in Beirut
October 20, 2012  
Syria, Iran, Hizballah attack while US and Israel play computerized war games
The assassination of the anti-Syrian Head of Lebanon Internal Security Friday sparked a bloodbath and the threat of its spread toward Israel.
Obama reined in Turkish PM Erdogan from expanding cross-border clashes with Syria.

B Hussein Obama / USA has the appearance of controlling all world governments, but beware conclusions, they arent real.
Russia and Iran/Persia and China are powers too.
Bashar Assad is the legitimate ruler of Syria, and he is fighting an invading army.
If he goes, Syria will be MUCH WORSE OFF, just like Egypt and Libya.

Syria blamed for Lebanon car bomb
October 20, 2012  

Anti-Syrian politicians in Lebanon have accused Damascus of being behind a car bomb in Beirut that killed Lebanon's head of internal intelligence.
Opposition leader Saad Hariri and Druze leader Walid Jumblatt say Syria Bashar Assad was behind the blast. A Syrian minister has condemned it.
Hariri coalition called on the government to resign, ahead of an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday.
Hariri supporters have held tyre-burning protests against the attack.
They have set up roadblocks around Beirut, while denouncing the Syrian president and his Lebanese allies.

        HELLzballah hosts Iran war-room in Beirut

October 22, 2012  
Iran secret cyber war-room is located at Hizballah secret internal security headquarters in the Shiite Dahya district of South Beirut.
HOLY WOW Batman, thanks for the secrut!  O Lord, the LIES of WAR could almost be funny.
The hackers attacking American banks and Saudi oil sites and which guided an Iranian stealth drone into Israeli airspace Oct. 6, operate from here.
Wafiq Safa is head of security, deputy of Iranian Hossein Mahadavi, and his son is married to Hizballah terror chief Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallahs sister.
Holy family terror biz Batman!
Tehran uses Lebanon to disguise the source and keep Iran clear of blame, and the Hizballah facility is protected by exceptionally efficient firewalls.
Perhaps Stuxnet worm did not affect Lebanon as it did Iran.

Firewalls were strong enough to puzzle Israel, they had to shoot the drone down.
Israel got many secrets about Iran UAV technology, but little about the Beirut facility.
The Americans encountered the same difficulty when they tried to locate the hackers who disabled 10 major US bank websites,
attacked Aramco websites with Shamoon virus, and invaded the computers of Qatar’s gas industry.

Stuxnet worm

Lebanon army deploys in Beirut and Tripoli
October 24, 2012  
The Lebanese army is trusted and respected, and it is hoped its presence will calm people.
They deployed on the streets of Beirut and Tripoli in a bid to calm deadly tensions.

Hellzballah Remains Wary amid Israeli Operations in Gaza
November 17, 2012
Stratfor intel, subscription

   Hezbollah's Contingency Planning
   Hamas' Rocket Strategy
   The Relevance of Israel and Gaza

While Hamas is preparing for an Israeli ground assault into Gaza, Hezbollah's movements on Israel's northern frontier bear close watching. Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Nov. 17 called on the Muslim world to retaliate against Israeli actions in Gaza. Naturally, many are looking in the direction of Lebanon, where Hezbollah, Iran's most capable militant proxy, could open a second front against Israel.

Though Iran would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the spectrum of its militant proxy strength, especially after supplying Hamas with the long-range Fajr-5 rockets that have been targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Hezbollah will likely be extremely cautious in deciding whether to participate in this war. The group's fate is linked to that of the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad; should Syria fracture along sectarian lines, Lebanon is likely to descend into civil war, and Hezbollah will have to conserve its strength and resources for a battle at home against its sectarian rivals. Indeed, Hezbollah has already been preparing for such a scenario by seizing control of villages along the Orontes River Basin in order to maintain connectivity with Syria's Alawite community.

At the same time, if Hamas is able to bog down Israeli ground forces by drawing them into a war of attrition in densely populated Gaza City, Hezbollah may see a political opportunity to burnish its credentials as the region's leading "resistance" movement. In this case, Hezbollah would likely monitor the situation until it could be assured that Israeli forces are sufficiently constrained on the Gaza front before it begins attacks on the northern front. Hezbollah is not looking for a major confrontation with Israel, and the tens of thousands of additional Israeli reservists called up compared to Operation Cast Lead suggest that Israel is already preparing for a two-front contingency. If Hezbollah does decide to participate in the war, it would be carefully timed to drive an already embattled Israel toward a cease-fire so that Hezbollah could claim a largely symbolic victory at relatively little cost.

With Hezbollah uncertain how the Israeli-Hamas battle will play out, the group appears to be taking a cautious approach. Stratfor has received indication that Hezbollah has prevented radical Palestinian groups in southern Lebanese refugee camps from firing rockets into northern Israel. In addition to an increase in the number of patrols by the Lebanese army and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Hezbollah has been deploying numerous operatives in plainclothes along the border to monitor the situation. Hezbollah has also installed cameras around the Ain al Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon to monitor traffic from the camp to its outside environs. Whereas Hezbollah completely controls movement into and out of Palestinian refugee camps in the deep south, Ain al Hilweh lies completely within a Sunni neighborhood. For this reason, Hezbollah has rented a number of apartments around the camp, especially in al Ta'mir area, to keep a close watch there.

For now, Hezbollah appears intent on not allowing the battle in Gaza to spill into southern Lebanon. It remains to be seen whether that calculus would shift should Hamas succeed in wearing down Israeli ground forces.

November 25, 2012
HELLzballah terror chief Nasty Nasrallah urges Arab governments to send weapons, money to Gaza
War talk from the insanely evil terrorist in Beirut Lebanon.,7340,L-4311329,00.html

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
Gaza war on Israel

Explosion in Hellzballah weapons depot
Dec 17, 2012  
Mysterious blast in Tair Harfa, Lebanon near Israel border.
Hellzballah blamed Israel, as usual.
Lebanon reported a large explosion in the south near the border with Israel. The blast hit a Hezbollah weapons cache.
3 Hezbollah terrorists killed.  UNIFIL investigating.
South Lebanon is a stronghold for the Hezballah terrorists supported by Iran.,7340,L-4320836,00.html

IAF cause explosion in Tyre, Lebanon
Feb 4, 2013
 Lebanese media reported Israel Air Force caused an explosion in southern Lebanon.
The source of the blast was the result of a stun grenade, according to Lebanese media.
Tyre explosion meant to destroy Israeli recon device planted by Israel in eastern Tyre, after learning it was uncovered by Hezballah.,7340,L-4340723,00.html,7340,L-4340605,00.html,7340,L-4340616,00.html

Tyre Explosion Reported,  Very good link

Israel Air Force imposes no-fly zone over Syria-Lebanon border
February 4, 2013
DEBKAfile Exclusive
Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered weapons transfers to the Lebanese Hizballah terrorists.  Iran agreed.
Syria and Iran plot how to do this without exposing the arms to Israeli attack.
Israel has thrown a round-the-clock blanket over the border area, constantly monitoring the traffic moving across and is ready to prevent any arms traffic.
Israel has thus effectively imposed a no-fly regime over a buffer zone straddling the Syrian-Lebanese border and placed it under the control of its air force.
Transfers of weapons from Syria to Hellzballah terrorists were expressly prohibited under UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which ended the Israeli-Hizballah war in 2006.



Iran General killed leaving Syria
Feb 14, 2013
 Israel blamed for death of Iranian general Hassan Shateri based in Lebanon.
Shateri led Guard forces in Lebanon, aiding Hellzballah both financially and by training.
Hossam Khosh Newes, a second senior Iranian official was killed in an attack on his car after he crossed from Syria into Lebanon.
Unclear if the two incidents were related.
Khoshnevis was killed on the road to Beirut, Lebanon as he returned from Damascus.

Shateri was shot dead by a Syrian MB rebel sniper.
He had just  arrived in Damascus on a flight from Tehran and set out for Beirut when his car was stopped by an ambush.
They assume that Syrian rebels had been tipped off on the vehicle in which he was traveling.  -debka

Israeli subs spotted off Lebanese coast
Feb 19, 2013
Israeli submarines spotted cruising off the coast of Lebanon between Sidon and Nakura.
Israel Air Force jets regularly patrol the skies of Lebanon as a deterrence against weapons transports from Syria to the Hizballah terrorists.
U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) which were to oversee the peace is utterly blind and worse than useless.

Arms from Bosnia, Kosovo in Syria
Feb 19, 2013
The Syrian war comes to Lebanon. It is basicly a sectarian war between extremist Sunnis and radical Shiites.
Hellzballah has transferred fighters to Homs Syria to defend the Shiite villages loyal to Bashar Assad.  (This is good)
Syrian rebels have Kornet and Fagot anti-tank missiles from Bosnia and Kosovo, and have pushed across the border into Lebanon, and are harassing Hizballah in the Beqaa Valley.,2506,L-4346099,00.html


March 20, 2013 DEBKA headline
Israeli jets drop flares along coast of Tyre Lebanon for reconnaissance purposes.
Since Lebanon is controlled by Hellzballah terrorists, Israel must watch constantly.
Watch especially critical now with Barak Obama in Israel.

Fierce clashes in Tripoli Lebanon
Mar 24, 2013
Lebanese prime minister Najib Mikati stepped down over political infighting.
Army entered Tripoli after heavy battles between pro- and anti-Assad fighters, day after prime minister brings down government
Lebanese army readied to quash spillover violence from Syria.
The army will enter the Alawite neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen to restore order.
Clashes between the violent Sunni town Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen which supports Assad.
Mikati is caretaker prime minister until a new government can be elected.

Lebanese PM resignation, fighting
Lebanese PM Makati resigns over dispute with Hellzballah, violence continues in Tripoli.
The GOOD news is that Hassan Nasty Nasrallah, Hellzballah terror chief, has cancer.
Hellzballah who have over shadowed the Lebanese political landscape in recent years.
The timing is problematic, as Lebanon is still 3 months away from upcoming Parliamentary elections.
Lebanon is a country that is in danger of falling into turmoil as it attempts to cope with the ongoing violence occurring in neighboring Syria,
which has resulted in border clashes and an influx of refugees. These issues have contributed to Lebanon growing budget deficit and decrease in its economies success.

IAF activity over Lebanon increases
March 26, 2013
 10 days ago, in particularly unusual incident,
25 Israeli jets flew missions along Lebanon areas March 14th.
Israeli aircraft have routinely overflown southern Lebanon since 2000, but recently increased activity.

Syria jet fires missile on Lebanon
April 3, 2013
 A Syrian jet flew 12 miles into Lebanon and fired a missile of the border town of Arsal.
Syria threatened air strikes in Lebanon if it sheltered Obama MB terrorists.

New Lebanon PM stop Syrian war spillover
April 7, 2013
 President Michel Suleiman asks Sunni Muslim Tammam Salam to form a new cabinet.
DARN!  The Sunni are the terrorists, and HATE the Shia, which Hellzballah are.
This ensures civil war in Lebanon exactly like Syria.
Salam faces the challenge of holding Lebanon together amid rising sectarian tensions resulting from the civil war next door in Syria.
Moderate MP Tamam Salam wins overwhelming support as new Lebanese Prime Minister
Backed by Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, the Sunni politician won.  Hizballah and its allies jumped aboard.
I am not buying this.

Lets see what Christian bloggers have to say about this guy

Syrian rockets hit Lebanon
Apr 24, 2013
 BEIRUT - Latest volley slams into construction site hours after Lebanese Sunni clerics call for jihad in Syria.
2 Syrian rockets struck Lebanon, causing damage and heightening tensions between Lebanese Shiite and Sunnis.
2 leading Lebanese Sunni Muslim clerics rallied followers for jihad holy war in Syria.
The calls appealed on fighters to go to protect Sunnis in villages under attack by Assad (Shiite).

White House tells Congress Assad used WMD
April 25, 2013
 WH LIES, I dont believe this report.
Chuck Hagel said the US believes the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people.
Hagel is Evil.  If Assad is using WMD on his enemies, the Obama MB jihad rebels, he is NOT using them on his own people!

Israeli jets down Hellzballah drone
Israel Air Force F-16 warplanes downed a Hizballah drone 8 kilometers out at sea from the big port of Haifa.
It flew south from Lebanon. Witnesses on Mt. Carmel watched the smoke trails of the Israeli jets and heard exploding rockets.
Israeli Navy ships are out searching for debris in the Mediterranean Sea.
The UAV was identified flying from the north past the coast of southern Lebanon and continuing south.
It was tracked continuously until it was downed by Israeli fighter planes and attack helicopters.

Israel is watching Syria and Lebanon with extreme concern.
Syria is breaking up and Lebanon is unstable. Both pose peril to Israel.
The drone was launched from Sidon Lebanon toward the Israeli coast.
It was the first move in a larger Evil plan. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS Page 1, 2, 3  Next
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