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Lawmaker Steny Hoyer For Israel

Lawmaker Steny Hoyer For Israel

It did my heart good to read where one of our Lawmakers made a stand for Israel and pointed out that Hamas could stop this blockade in a instant if they would recognize Israels right t exist, renounce violence and release captured IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit.

  US House Of Representatives Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was also very critical of hose who condemed Israel for the right to self defense in their stopping the flotilla from reaching Gaza.
He also went on to point out that there was no hardship or the need of Humanitarian aid in Gaza. In other words what he is saying Hamas is using this asa ploy to gain worldwide condemntion against Israel.

   I am glad that there still men and women out there who are not afraid to stand for Israel. GOD knows Israel needs every voice She can get.
What really shocked m in this was the fact Rep Hoyer is a Democrat. I say way to go Mr. Hoyer.

May GOD bless you for your stand. It would be  greater blessing if all of Congress would stand for Israel and tell Obama to stop jerking Israel around.

The thing that gets me is this, Obama is not our President and has no right to hold that office, but cowards that be in the courts dare not bring him to justice.
Man's justice he can get away with, but he will not get away from GODS justice and I feel Obama is about to feel GODS wrath very soon!

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