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8 injured in explosion in Istanbul Turkey
May  25,  2011
  a bomb mounted on a bicycle near a bus stop exploded during morning rush hour in Istanbul on Thursday, wounding eight people, including a police officer. The government said the attack resembled a Kurdish rebel operation.
Several ambulances rushed to the scene of the bombing on a multilane thoroughfare in a busy commercial area of Turkey's biggest city. Media reports said one woman lost a leg in the blast and another sustained severe burns to her face. Television footage showed medics moving a woman with a neck brace on a stretcher into a hospital.

Police Chief Huseyin Capkin said the bomb was not powerful, but was still designed to cause moderate destruction. Police were investigating whether the target was a police training school nearby, and whether the bomb was time- or remote-controlled.

"They will not get away with it," Capkin said of the culprits. "The people of Istanbul should feel at ease."
He said none of the wounded, including a policeman, was in life-threatening condition. Five vehicles were damaged.

CNN-Turk television said the explosion occurred as a bus passed by, shattering its rear windows and injuring passengers in the back of the vehicle. Fearing a secondary blast, police sealed off the area with yellow tape until after bomb disposal experts conducted a search.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged that an investigation was ongoing, but said the attack carried the hallmarks of Kurdish rebels, the Anatolia news agency reported.

"When we look at the style, it appears to be related to the terrorist organization," Erdogan said. Turkish authorities do not mention the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, by name in public, only referring to it as a terrorist group.

In 2007, bombs were mounted on bicycles in the mostly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir in the southeast, and the western coastal city of Izmir. Authorities blamed Kurdish rebels for those attacks, which killed one person and wounded about 20. The website of Hurriyet newspaper cited a similar bicycle bombing in 2006 in the southern coastal city of Mersin, where Kurdish militants are active.

Thursday's blast occurred amid escalating calls by Turkish Kurds for autonomy and other rights ahead of June 12 elections, as well as dark warnings from the jailed rebel chief that Turkey faces more conflict if the government does not negotiate. The guerrilla force, known as PKK, is far less potent than in the 1990s, but suspected militants from the group have periodically staged bombings in urban areas.

The guerrillas took up arms in 1984, and more than 40,000 people have died in the conflict. Much of the violence centers on the predominantly Kurdish southeast of the country, with rebels resupplying and sheltering in bases across the border in northern Iraq.

A government campaign to address the grievances of Kurds by granting more cultural rights and economic benefits has struggled for traction. The governing party is the front-runner in the election campaign, and its pledges of a new constitution and other democratic reforms after the vote are seen as a critical test of its commitment to solving the Kurdish conflict.

Turkey also has a history of attacks by Islamic and leftist extremists.
In 2003, Islamic militants tied to al-Qaida carried out suicide bombings in Istanbul, killing 58 people.
An attack blamed on al-Qaida-affiliated militants outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul in 2008 left three attackers and three policemen dead.

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First Kurdish rebels arrive in Iraq
May 13, 2013
The first group of 13 Kurdish militants to withdraw from Turkey under a peace process entered
Heror in northern Iraq and were greeted by comrades from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

KURDISTAN comprises parts of TURKEY, IRAQ and IRAN
The Kurds just want a homeland and no one wants them.
USA used them in Iraq war.  They are excellent fighters.
News bits about them in these threads.

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat


Isaiah Holy Highway

Jewish prophecy suggests Messiah coming soon
IRAN provokes an Arab king and the Arab king turns to Aram (Kurdistan) for advice

Syrian Kurdistan
Turkish Umbrella for New Syrian Kurdish State
Ankara will build and arm a Syrian peshmerga, pipe Syrian Kurdish oil and gas to Europe.
Turkey and Iraqi Kurds Join Hands to Found Syrian Kurdistan
DEBKAfile August 5, 2013

I am compiling a KURDISTAN report to be posted by this weekend

Kurdistan - a new Israeli ally?
Aug 11, 2013
 Kurds carve out an autonomous region in Syria.
Kurdistan also includes parts of Turkey, Iraq and Iran.
In July the Kurdish PYD declared self-rule in majority Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria for the duration of the Syrian civil war.
This makes Turkey nervous.  Turkey is home to the largest Kurdish population.
While Turkey, Iraq, and Iran balk at Kurdish self-rule, it would be a gift for Israel.

Kurds are deeply sympathetic to Israel and an independent Kurdistan will be beneficial to Israel.
It will create a balance of power. Right now, Israel is one country against many. But with an independent Kurdish state Israel will have a friend.

30 million Kurds are the worlds largest stateless nation
IRAQ Kurds run the autonomous KRG since 2005 thanks to USA.
The new Kurdish country will likely open full diplomatic relations with Israel. The Kurds are the only nation in the region that has not been filled with hatred toward Israel and America.

Turkey's Erdogan announces Kurdish reforms
Sept. 30, 2013
 Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has begun announcing far-reaching political reforms aimed at benefiting Kurds and other minorities.
He has proposed lowering the 10% electoral threshold, which currently prevents Kurdish and other smaller parties entering parliament.
He says towns will be allowed to take Kurdish rather than Turkish names.
He also plans to end the ban on women wearing headscarves in public service - a longstanding goal of his party.

Israel receives first oil shipment from Kurdistan
June 21, 2014  
Israel receives first ever oil shipment from Iraqi Kurdistan
The SCF Altai tanker was anchored near Ashkelon port Friday June 20, 2014.
The tanker delivered a cargo of crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistans (KRG) new pipeline for the first time, despite Baghdad threats.
The new export route to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, designed to bypass Baghdad, has created a bitter dispute over oil sale rights.
The cursed Obama does not support Kurds.

Iraq orphans in Kurdistan
June 24, 2014
 Iraq widows and orphans are afraid for their future.
People in Kurdistan believe they will survive the crisis, even with a shortage of fuel.
But the refugees think that the situation in the country will become worse.

Erbil, Kurdistan is only 60 kilometers from the terrorist state of Sunnistan (Anbar).
Businesses are still prospering, partially due to high inflow of refugees who come from all parts of Iraq.
Though the city has oil, they are running scarce of fuel due to the fighting with ISIS.

IRAQ has become 3 states 2014

Turkey forms T-KDP political party with Kurdistan
July 1, 2014  
Mehmet Emin Kardas is the founding leader of the T-KDP party.
Turkey Kurdistan Democrat Party (T-KDP) has been officially found with the permission of the Supreme Court of Appeals prosecutor’s office. The word Kurdistan has been banned in Turkey, and now is being used by a political party for the first time.
The Supreme Court decided the use of the word Kurdistan does not conflict with the Turkish Constitution.

Mehmet Emin Kardas is the founding leader of the T-KDP.
The symbol of the T-KDP is the sun rising behind Mount Ararat and the party’s colors are yellow, red and green, widely seen together in Kurdish-origin party flags.

Kurdish politics and Turkey
The Arab Spring has turned out to be a massive failure.
It brought chaos and division like in Egypt, Libya, and civil war and the decomposition of existing borders in Syria and Iraq.
It established a radical Islamic State in Iraq (ISIL).

They have raised its flag on the Iraqi side of Turkey border post and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself the new Caliph of all Muslims on June 29.

ISIL is holding at least 80 Turkish citizens, 49 of them from Turkey Mosul consulate as captives. Turkey has already asked the Iraqi, U.S. and U.K. governments not to perform air raids on ISIL around Mosul in order not to trigger a reaction that could cost the lives of the Turkish captives.

The issue is turning into a crisis for Turkey.
Turkey PM Erdogan gave an unnecessary boost to jihadis and liberated Kurdistan in northern Iraq bordering Turkey, called Rojava. The Kurds in control of Rojava are acting in line with the outlawed PKK.
Erdogan started a dialogue initiative with the PKK imprisoned leader, Abdullah Öcalan two years ago, aiming for a political settlement.

Kurds have been constructing their independence in Iraq under the federal composition called the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), under its leader Masoud Barzani.
Having captured the oil-rich city of Kirkuk after ISIL took Mosul, Barzani said he wanted to hold a referendum for independence from Iraq, and asked for U.N. help.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the Kurds deserve independence.
ISIL declared its state and Caliphate in northwestern Iraqi territory.

June 29 in Ankara the Kurdish HDP named its co-leader, Selahattin Demirtas, as its candidate for the presidential election.
PM Erdogan may not win in the first round.

Kurdistan Borders
July 3, 2014
Kurds in northern Iraq assert their claim to territory and independence.
The sand berms, trenches and roadblocks built to take in areas Kurds seized as Sunni
Muslim terrorists usurped parts of Iraq in June 2014.
Kirkuk area, the capital city of Kurdistan, is a major oil hub.
The barriers define the borders of Kurdistan, which has a mixed population of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen.

EGYPT  -  Kurdistan Catastrophic
July 7, 2014  
 Come on Sisi, lighten up!
Egypt President Sisi opposes Kurdistan Iraq, said it would lead to a catastrophic break-up.
This sounds like other Arab nations fear a caliphate rather than desire it.
Probably because they all want to be caliph - I know turkey PM Erdogan does.

Kurds have ruled themselves in relative peace since the 1990s, and have expanded their territory about 40% recently, thanks to isis.
Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu supports Kurdistan.
The Turkish government has been wafflinlg both ways.

Kurdistan oil tanker off U.S. coast
July 26, 2014
I think its great - Kurdistan!
Scheduled to dock in Galveston, Texas Sunday July 27th.
A ship carrying crude from Kurdistan is off the coast of Florida Saturday.
The United Kalavryta is operated by Unicom Management Services Ltd.
U.S. State Department said Iraq energy resources belong to all of the Iraqi people.

The United Kalavrvta tanker left the Turkish port of Ceyhan in June carrying oil delivered via a new Kurdish pipeline.

Kurdish oil tanker nears Texas
The US has pressured American companies not to buy oil directly from autonomous Kurdistan, buyer has not been identified.
A sale of Kurdish crude oil to a U.S. refinery would infuriate the Iraqi government.

Very Happy

Kurdistan oil tanker off Texas coast
July 27, 2014
Coast Guard Petty Officer Andy Kendrick said the ship is too large to enter the Galveston port, near Houston. That means it would have to offload its cargo onto smaller ships offshore before the oil is delivered to the U.S. mainland.

It could possibly start offloading the oil as soon as Sunday, after Coast Guard officials carry out routine safety inspections of the vessel.

Kurdistan oil tanker off U.S. coast
July 26, 2014
 Ship pilots for the Texas ports of Houston and Galveston said they have received no orders thus far to guide the vessel. The pilots require 4 hours notice.

Tanker carrying Kurdistan oil anchored off Texas port
July 27, 2014 Sunday
- A tanker carrying crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan was anchored near the Port of Galveston, Texas, and must undergo a routine safety inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday before it can unload its cargo.

The Coast Guard was communicating with the U.S. National Security Council, State and Homeland Security departments about the vessel.
The United Kalavrvta received the oil at Ceyhan from a new Kurdish pipeline.

The United Kalavrvta ship is too large to move through the Houston Ship Channel, which begins at Galveston, will have to offload its cargo onto smaller ships offshore before the oil is delivered to the U.S. mainland.
Trading sources in Texas, New York, London and Geneva have been unable to identify the buyer of the United Kalavrvta's cargo.

Tanker carrying Iraqi Kurdistan oil nears Texas port for likely offloading

I am still not findng anything really new - it doesnt appear to be turned away - yet.

Coast Guard clears Kalavrvta
July 28, 2014  
US Coast Guard clears Kurdistan tanker to unload crude off Texas.
A tanker carrying crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan has been cleared by the US Coast Guard to unload its cargo at sea off Texas.
Coast Guard officials went aboard the tanker United Kalavrvta on Sunday and verified ability of the ship and crew to offload the oil safely.
Obama State Department would not intervene.
Trading sources have been unable to identify the buyer of the cargo.
Sale of Kurdish crude oil to a US refinery would infuriate Baghdad.

Smile  I am very pleased to see this!  Smile

BAD NEWS for Kurds.  I pray this is resolved quickly - in Kurd favor.

Iraq fights to block Kurd oil from entering Texas
July 29, 2014
An oil tanker docked off the coast of Texas may struggle to unload 1 million barrels of controversial Kurdish crude oil destined for an unknown buyer in the United States, as Iraq's lawyers work feverishly to stop the sale process.

Iraq Gets Court Order Seizing Kurdish Crude off Texas
The Iraqi Oil Ministry persuaded a U.S. judge to issue an order for the seizure of oil in a tanker waiting off Galveston, Texas, claiming it was illegally pumped from wells in Kurdistan.
(NOTHING illegal about it.  Bagdad army fled ISIS and Kurds won fair n square.)
U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Johnson of Galveston issued an order and arrest warrant authorizing U.S. marshals to seize the cargo and have it moved ashore for safekeeping.

Kurd Crude Ship Near Houston Ship Channel
A Middle Eastern game of chicken is playing out in the Gulf of Mexico, as a tanker laden with Kurdish Crude awaits off-loading near the mouth of the Houston Ship Channel.

The United Kalavryta vessel carries the name of a village in Greece that was the site of a massacre by Nazi forces in December, 1943.  The name, Kalavryta, is synonymous with resistance against oppression.

Oil in limbo
U.S. Marshals will not be able to able to carry out order to seize Kurdistan crude oil unless the tanker carrying the cargo comes closer to the Texas shore.
The matter of who owned the oil should be decided in Iraq, not the United States.

The  tanker United Kalavryta is anchored outside the court jurisdiction.
AET Inc. company hired to transfer crude from the tanker to smaller vessels, a process called lightering, has no plans to carry out its contract.

AET Offshore Services had a contract signed with Talmay Trading to offload the crude
Its not clear if Talmay is the final buyer or acting as a middleman for another purchaser.
CNBC - Talmay Trading of the British Virgin Islands, using a London shipbroker, hired AET Offshore Services of Dallas, Texas, on July 17, 2014 to unload crude in the United Kalavytra

Did the US Marshals Just Seize Rothschild Oil?

Kurds ask U.S. court to scrap seizure order, allow crude delivery
August 04, 2014
HOUSTON (Reuters) -  Kurds expect that it will enter Texas soon.
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq asked a U.S. court to throw out an order to seize 1 million barrels of disputed crude oil and allow the cargo to be freely delivered in Texas.
The United Kalavrvta tanker has been anchored near Texas for 9 days, as the Iraqi region of Kurdistan wages a legal battle over ownership with the Bagdad government of Iraq.

U.S. refiner LyondellBasell said it had recently bought cargoes of Iraqi Kurdistan crude but said it would halt future purchases and not accept any deliveries until the dispute is settled.
The company did not explicitly say if it had agreed to buy the crude on the United Kalavrvta.

Kurds Urge for Clearance of United Kalavrvta’s Unloading
Aug 5th, 2014
Kurdistan  asked a U.S. court to dismiss seizure order of crude oil and allow the cargo to be freely delivered in Texas.

Chemicals firm LyondellBasell confirmed to had purchased a certain amount of Kurdish oil, hinting that the cargo has been caught up in a legal dispute. However, it did not specifically indicate whether this amount relates to that onboard United Kalavrvta.

Two more tankers loaded with Kurdish oil had experienced similar issues, the United Leadership, which has been anchored off Morocco for 2 months and United Emblem, which unloaded its cargo into another tanker in the South China Sea.
All three tankers are managed by Piraeus-based Marine Management Services M.C.

Another Kurdish oil tanker is heading to New Jersey
due to arrive August 11 according to shipping data.  - Bloomberg

MB jihadists seize Mosul dam, Kurds withdraw
August 9, 2014  
Mosul Dam, largest in Iraq taken by terrorists.
The hydroelectric dam on the Tigris River provides northern Iraq with power. Its failure could send a 65-foot wave across large areas of Iraq including Baghdad.
The terrorists seized control of dam, an oilfield and 3 more towns after defeating Kurds.
Kurds beg for weapons capable of fighting jihadist invaders.
The Kurd peshmerga defeat was a severe blow to the only force in Iraq that had stood firm against the Sunni Muslim terrorists.

Mosul Dam / Chambarakat Dam / Saddam Dam
The largest dam in Iraq, located on the Tigris River upstream of Mosul. The hydroelectric dam provides electricity to Mosul.  The earthen embankment dam is located on top of gypsum, a soft mineral which dissolves in contact with water. Continuous maintenance is required.

US launches 3 air strikes in Iraq
August 8, 2014
The US military began air strikes in Iraq on artillery being used against Kurdish peshmerga.
Two FA-18 jets launched from the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier in the Gulf bombed an artillery piece used to shell Kurds. Two US air strikes followed, one by a drone on a mortar position and another by a jet on a vehicle convoy near Irbil, the Kurdish capital.

Kurds Retake Mosul Dam
August 18, 2014
Kurds have retaken the Mosul dam, backed by USAF defeat Sunni terrorists.
The BBC seems to indicate the Bagdad army helped.
Kurds encountered fierce resistance.
American special forces are operating on the ground to help direct the air strikes.

Kurdish, Iraqi forces in control of Mosul dam
There are conflicting reports about whether Kurds and Iraqi troops have fully retaken Mosul dam from Sunni terrorists.
BBC has good photos.

Kurdistan Oil cargo docks in Croatia
A delivery of crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan has arrived at Croatia’s Adriatic sea port of Omisaljy.
It should be unloaded on Sunday.

“Four days ago we had an announcement about a delivery of crude oil from [Iraqi] Kurdistan. It was bought by Hungary’s [oil firm] MOL and the oil is for their refinery. All the documentation is in order, so I see nothing contentious in this shipment,” the source was quoted as saying.
“It is indeed crude oil for MOL’s refining business,” a government source said Sunday.

Iraqi Kurdistan had delivered its third major cargo of crude oil from a Turkish port and that a fourth was sailing to Croatia, showing the autonomous region is finding more buyers despite earlier shipments’ running foul of the long-running objections of Baghdad to the Kurdish Regional Government’s selling its oil independently.

MOL, which partly owns Croatia’s two refineries, has invested in oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan. The company declined to comment on the report about the oil shipment to Croatia.

Aug. 18, 2014  - Kurdish and Iraqi forces seized control of Iraq’s largest dam from Islamic State militants as the U.S. deployed air power that helped reverse some gains made by the Sunni-Muslim insurgents in the north. Willem Marx reports on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Kurdistan oil troubles

ISIS beheads American journalist
August 20, 2014  
An American photojournalist missing since being abducted in Syria was beheaded by the Sunni jihadists.  The victim was James Wright Foley, a New Hampshire native captured in Binesh, Syria on Thanksgiving Day 2012.  DEBKA

Tweet August 20, 2014  
If a British Jihadist killed James Foley, then remember that another UK Jihadist killed US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. HMG asleep. James Foley would want to be remembered as a reporter before ISIS cruelly cut short his life.

ISIS / ISIL - offshoot of MB - Muslim Brotherhood - jihadists, Satanists.

Kurds launch op to take back Jalawla
August 22, 2014  
Kurds have already retaken several positions in battle against Sunni jihadists.
Now Kurds seek to retake Jalawla.
The peshmerga advanced on Jalawla from several directions before dawn, and taken back several positions, cutting off the jihadists.
The operation is under way and already achieved some of its goals.
Jalawla is a strategic point 80 miles northeast of Baghdad and only 18 miles from Iran.
Kurd fighters are peshmerga, PUK is the Kurdistan party.

Aug. 21 - There is a large Kurd tanker of oil JUST OFF TEXAS which Obama wont allow sold in USA.
Obama wants gas price to skyrocket - or be unavailable.
There is NO EXCUSE for this nonsense!

Kurd oil
August 26, 2014
U.S. court scraps order to seize Kurd crude from tanker near Texas.
This move could allow the cargo to be delivered and end a month-long impasse.
The United Kalavrvta tanker carrying Kurdistan crude has been anchored in the Gulf of Mexico.
"Kurdistan's motion to vacate is granted," U.S. District Judge Gray Miller said in his ruling.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has claimed the right to export oil under Iraq's constitution and said it plans to deliver the oil soon. Baghdad says all oil sales outside its control are illegal.

Kurd Oil tanker disappears  
August 29, 2014  
Kurdistan oil tanker near Texas loaded with crude disappeared from satellite tracking.
The U.S. Coast Guard AIS ship tracking system showed no known position for the United Kalavrvta.
Several other tankers carrying disputed crude from Iran or Iraqi Kurdistan have unloaded cargoes after switching off their transponders, which makes their movements hard to track.
Kalavrvta might have turned off its beacon.

Kurdish oil tanker reappears off Texas coast, still full
Sept 1, 2014  
A Kurdistan tanker carrying crude oil reappeared on satellite tracking near Texas, but had not offloaded oil at sea.
Its U.S. buyer has balked at taking delivery of the cargo.
The vessel was anchored in the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area, unmoved from its previously known position.

Sad  Kurd oil tanker gave up
Sept 4, 2014
 The Kurd tanker United Kalarvta off Texas coast gave up, started its engines and is slowly leaving.

Kurds halt Sunni jihadists (isis)
Sept 22, 2014  
Syrian Kurds have halted a jihadists advance near Kobani on the border with Turkey.
 , also known in Arabic as Ayn al-Arab. More than 100,000 Syrian Kurds, driven by fear of Islamic State, have fled its advance, many crossing the border into Turkey.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence in the Syrian war, said Islamic State fighters had made no significant advance in the last 24 hours.,7340,L-4573865,00.html

Russian President Vladimir Putin may cooperate with other countries on fighting Sunni jihadists.,7340,L-4573870,00.html

Kurds are good, peaceful people
I compiled this description myself, from many links.
Kurds reject Islam.  Kurds are not Muslim and they are not Arabs.
A Muslim cannot be a Kurd, a Kurd cannot be a Muslim
The Kurds are an ethnic group in Kurdistan, which spans adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
Kurds are productive, a pastoral and agricultural people, and good fighters.

They are Persian and speak the Kurdish languages of the Indo-European languages.
The majority live in West Asia, with communities in western Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Israel, Lebanon and, in recent decades, some European countries and the United States.
The Jumblatt Druze family was originally of Kurdish origin.

Kurd Kobane under heavy fire
October 3, 2014  
Heavy fighting between Kurds and Sunnis advancing on Kobane, Syria.
Turkish parliament authorised military operations against 'militants' in Iraq and Syria who threaten Turkey's security, and for foreign troops to use Turkish bases.
Turkish tanks and armoured vehicles have been deployed along the Syrian border.
Just who Turkey will consider 'militants' is in question, same as Obama and his Arab coalition.  REMEMBER THIS.

Turkey will try to stop Kurdish border town falling to Islamic State
Turkey does not want the predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani, near its border with Syria, to fall to Islamic State insurgents and will do what it can to prevent that from happening, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said late on Thursday.
"We wouldn't want Kobani to fall. We'll do whatever we can to prevent this from happening," Davutoglu said in a discussion with journalists broadcast on the A Haber television station.

Kurds regain ground in Iraq
October 3, 2014
 Brave Kurd peshmerga fighters are defeating the Sunnis village by village.
Kurds have regained around half their territory from the Evil Sunni MB jihadists.
The Kurds retook Rabia , the Mosul (Iraq) - Syria border crossing.
Syria Kurds have lost control of hundreds of villages to Sunnis, thousands of Kurds fled to Turkey.
But Kurds lack heavy weaponry and US air support in eastern areas close to Iran.

Battle for Kobani, Syria
October 10, 2014
 Kurds appear to hold most of the town.
My job is to try to report the truth, as close as possible, not quote news sources who lie.  I do include links for those who enjoy the lies.

Sunni jihadists seized Kurd headquarters, control 40% of Kobani.
ISIS Sunni MB jihadists seize large areas of the Kurdish town of Kobani, Syria.
MB seized nearly half of Kobani as Turkish forces watched.  Sure, Turkey is also MB (Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) and usualy a Kurd enemy.

Islamic State hoisted its black flag in the town overnight and a projectile landed inside Turkey.
Ongoing, street battles, explosions rocked Kobani throughout the day.,7340,L-4579342,00.html

ISIS meets its match in Kobane, Syria
October 11, 2014   PRAY for the KURDS!!!

Syrian Kurds do not fear the Sunni jihadists reputation!
Several thousand Kurds are still in control of Kobane despite an all-out attack by a better-equipped MB army.
But the USA still abandons the Kurds who helped us during Gulf War, the world leaves them to genocide.
Second to Israelis, the Kurds are the best guys over there!

Anbar Iraq Anbar appeals for help
October 11, 2014  
Iraq appeals for military help in Anbar province.
The jihadists have been attacking Ramadi and seized army bases in the area.
Anbar is home to Iraq's Haditha dam.

PLEASE - PLEASE - somehow find a way to urge USA and other nations GO HELP the Kurds!  They are good folks!  Not Muslims!  Kurds helped USA in Gulf War!  They have been discriminated against by the nations which surround them, the world - and now by the USA!  The Kurds have protected Christians in Iraq.  Is there anyone out there with influence here?  REmember Saddam killed them en masse with WMD (he didnt have?)

PRAY for the KURDS!!!
PRAY GOD will be with them as HE is with Israel.

Turkey agrees to let US use bases
October 13, 2014
 -  THIS is NOT GOOD!!
Turkey has agreed to allow the U.S. and its Arab allies the use of air bases to launch strikes against the jihadists in Syria and Iraq.
Turkey agreed to let the US use Turkish bases and territory to train moderate Syrian opposition forces, that's the new commitment.
Details of usage are still being worked out.  US military units have long been stationed in southern Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base. At least 1,500 US airmen operate out of the base.

US-Turkey deal included a training program for moderate (cough) Syrian rebels.  They are Sunni Muslims like ISIS!
BOTH Obama and Turkey want to attack Shia Assad forces, NOT ISIS.
They'd be happy to see Kurds wiped out, I am sad to say.
Turkey shares a border with both Syria and Iraq, and that is supposed to be Kurdistan.
When my doubts are so strong on a news item, I check RT.


Abandoning Kurds and Jews
October 13, 2014
 -    Kurds and Jews shared a common history. No nation has come to their aid when they have been under attack.  Both have asked “Where is the world?”
Watching the events affecting the Kurds in Kobani, Syria, under attack from the ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists.  (Muslim Brotherhood)

Kurds have much in common with Zionists, Jews who established Israel in 1948.
Turkey’s president Recep Tyyip Erdogan dislikes Kurds and Jews with equal fervor.
The Kurds are spread out between a large enclave in northern Iraq, virtually an autonomous nation, and in northern Syria, and elements of their diaspora in other Mideast nations.

Turkey bombs Kurdistan
October 14, 2014   -  Hakkari is Kurdistan
(disputed), in the corner tip of turkey bordering Iran-Iraq.  I suspect Turkey and Obama agreed that Turkey can kill Kurds.
Turkish F-16 and F-4 warplanes have bombed Kurds in Hakkari province near the Iraqi border.
Kurds are angry at Turkey's refusal to help defend Kobane.

Kurds recapture key Kobane hill
October 14, 2014
 -  Kurds recaptured a strategically important hilltop west of Kobane on Syria's border with Turkey.

ISIS takes Iraq army camp, bombs grip Baghdad
October 13, 2014
 – ISIS takes a key military training camp in Anbar province as deadly bombings shook Baghdad Shiite neighborhoods and leaving at least 30 dead.
ISIS holds half of Kobani, Syria.

Levant WAR * Syria, Iraq, ISIL, ISIS

Iraqi Kurds capture Sinjar mountain, free hundreds
December 18, 2014
 Kurds have fought their way to Iraq's Sinjar mountain and freed hundreds of Yazidi people trapped there by ISIL Sunni Muslim terrorists.
Masrour Barzani said a vast area has been liberated, and a corridor is open and hopefully the rest of the Sinjar region will be freed from ISIL.
The Yazidi are NOT Christians as some report, they are a Kurd offshoot whose practices are Zoroastrianism which is occult.

Kurdistan PM holds talks to Turkey
December 20, 2014
-  Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu received visiting Iraq's Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in Istanbul on Friday.  The two leaders held a closed-door meeting in the Dolmabahce Palace.
Barzani later flew to Ankara and met with Turkish President Erdogan.
Kurd gas makes up 30 percent of Turkey's gas consumption.


           HALLELU YAH

Kurd flag raised on Kobane Hill
January 26, 2015  -  Kobane goes back to Kurds!

Jubilant Kurds ousted ISIS (DAESH) from the key Syria-Turkey border town of Kobani on Monday after a four-month battle.

The Kurds raised their flag on a hill that had flown the DAESH black banner.
In Kobani’s streets, gunmen fired in the air in celebration, male and female fighters embraced, and troops danced in uniform.

The Kurd flags had a sun and star on them.
Kurds said - DAESH gambled on Kobani and lost.
DAESH is not an actual word, its an Arabic acronym for ISIS.
DAESH is intended to mean trample underfoot, crush.  I like the term DAESH.
Kurds are NOT Muslim and are friendly to Christians.

ISIS-DAESH kills Kurd Commander in Kirkuk
January 30, 2015
-  ISIS-DAESH killed a senior Kurdish commander and 5 others in a major attack in Iraq's Kirkuk province. The assault southwest of Kirkuk began at around midnight.  Brigadier General Shirko Rauf was killed, 46 wounded.

ISIS attack Kurdish outposts in Iraq, kill senior commander
The Islamic State (IS) killed a senior Kurdish commander, Brigadier General Shirko Rauf, and five Kurdish peshmerga forces in a major offensive on Iraq’s northern Kirkuk province Friday. The assault on areas south and west of the city began at around midnight and involved heavy and medium weapons. Bombings elsewhere in Iraq left at least 21 people dead, Reuters reports.

ISIS-DAESH attacking Kirkuk Iraq / Kurdistan
January 30, 2015  
-  ISIS launched a major offensive to conquer the Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk. The Kurdish Peshmerga army is battling hard to defend it. A number of car bombs blew up in the town center. The hostile onslaught had instantaneous effect on international oil markets, pushing prices up to $49 the barrel.

Kurds seize 100 villages from ISIS
February 9, 2015
-  Kurds continue to make progress after liberating Kobane, 101 villages recaptured so far.  Syrian YPG Kurds have seized villages from ISIS jihadists around the town of Kobane on the Turkish border, expanding their control in the area.  In some villages, they have met little resistance, with ISIS withdrawing as they advance.

US eyes new air base in Iraq
February 14, 2015
-  Washington DC wants an air base in Kurdistan Iraq to better kill the Kurds.
Base to be in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, its expected to be a logistics hub to for warplanes of the US-led coalition against ISIS.  Watch out.  Turkey and Obama are pro-ISIS and anti-Kurd.  USAF Black Hawk helicopters have already been deployed to Erbil to ensure quick rescue operations, but Obama refuses to try to rescue anyone.

PRAY for these Kurds!
ISIS-DAESH video shows captured Kurds paraded in cages
February 15, 2015
-  ISIS posted a video showing 17 caged Kurds being paraded through the streets of Kirkuk Iraq clad in orange jumpsuits and shackled.  Individual cages holding each prisoner were carried on white pickup trucks, accompanied by an ISIS terrorist waving a black flag and carrying an AK-47 assault rifle.

The prisoners were apparently paraded through the Hawija district near Kirkuk in northwest Iraq about 150 miles north of Baghdad.  This is part of Kurdistan.  ISIS now has a strong presence in Kirkuk.

Comments posted
I would not put it past this regime, namely, Valerie Jarrett with providing them with the orange jump suits trying to incite TERROR in the USA.
How did Jarrett get there, and more worrisome, is WHY is she still there?
She is Creepy, tip toeing around the white house, all hours of the night, checking for what, the boogey man?
Our NATO ally, Turkey, has been burning and killing Kurds for over 100 years.

A tanker unloads Kurdish oil at Ashkelon
February 27, 2015
DEBKAfile -  The tanker, the United Kalavryta unloaded oil at the Israeli port of Ashkelon. The tanker had previously tried to sell the crude in Texas and was turned down.


Is Israel losing favor in Kurdistan?
March 6, 2015
-  Kurds have ancient ties with Jews, they are NOT Muslims.
Turkish money and Iranian coordination in war against ISIS pull Kurds away from relations with Israel.
Israel trained Kurds in the 1970s to fight the Iraqi government, and in 2004 PM Sharon met with Kurdish leaders Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani.

Turkey is significantly invested in Iraqi Kurdistan despite decades of conflict.
Iran is playing a massive role in Iraq against ISIS.  So Kurds are speaking with Tehran more often.
Kurdistan sells oil to Israel.

But with Iran’s influence on ISIS war and Turkey becoming economically involved with Irbil, capital of Kurdistan, are those ties going to fade away?  Kurdistan is dependent on its neighbors, Turkey and Iran.   Kurds still hold a favorable view of Israel based on its assistance in the past.

Tikrit battle

Kurds concerned over Iran Shia militias in Iraq
March 17, 2015
-  Kurdish official in Iraq voiced concern over Iran Shia Muslim militias fighting with Iraqi army against ISIS.  Iraqi Kurdistan intelligence chief Masrour Barzani said the use of such militias could create a bigger problem than ISIS itself by exacerbating tensions with Sunni Muslims.

Iraq considers Tikrit's recapture as a vital stepping stone to other IS-held territory, including Mosul - the country's second largest city.

Barzani criticised the Baghdad government for using Iran, which has eclipsed the Iraqi army.
Barzani is also furious that the Shia militias were being paid by the Iraq government while it was withholding budget funds from Kurdistan.

The Iraq government is paying Anbar, which are under the control of ISIS. Why aren't they paying their ally Kurdistan?

Syria car bombs kill Kurds
March 21, 2015
-  Suicide bombings kill dozens at Kurdish new year celebrations.
50 killed in attacks by suicide car bombers in the Kurdish crowds in northern Syria during a celebration of the Persian New Year, over 100 injured.

Iran is a Greater Danger than ISIS
March 21, 2015
-  General David Petraeus warned Iran is a greater danger than ISIS in Iraq.
Former CIA head Petraeus warns Iran is taking control in Iraq, (true, Iraq is now Iran) and is an enemy of the US and its allies.

Speaking in Kurdistan, Petraeus acknowledged that aside from Iraqi factionalism and sectarianism leading to disaster, the US had made many mistakes in Iraq.
The USA squandered so much of what we and our coalition and Iraqi partners paid such a heavy cost to achieve.

We cannot know who to trust so believe no one, nothing.
If you believe some rumors, a Petraeus coup nearly dumped Obama and made him president.

Car bomb explodes outside US consulate in Iraq
April 17, 2015  
-  Explosion outside US Consulate in Irbil, Kurdistan as a series of bombings hit several areas around Baghdad, killing 40 people.

ISIS raided Kobane from Turkey
June 26, 2015 -  ISIS Daesh
jihadists crossed from Turkey to attack Kobane Syria.
Several cars loaded of ISIS passed through the Mursitpinar border crossing in Turkey into Kobane.
Kurds accused #TerroristTurkey of assisting ISIS.  Turkey denied it but is a known liar.

ISIS attacks Kobani
June 26, 2015 -  ISIS
stalled the Syrian Kurdish YPG’s advance short of the ISIS capital of Raqqa and launched two counter-offensives to reverse a series of Kurdish successes.
ISIS wore Kurdish uniforms to storm Kobani on the Turkish border and regained parts of the town.
ISIS could not have done that without help from Turkey.

ISIS gasses Kurds in Syria, Iraq
July 18, 2015 -  ISIS
deploys poison gas against Kurds in Syria and Iraq.
ISIS used Chemical missiles in battles against Kurds in northeastern Syria in June.  None of the Kurd fighters exposed to the gas had died because they were quickly taken to hospital.
Iraqi Kurds had evidence ISIS had used chlorine against them in northern Iraq.,7340,L-4681208,00.html

Turkey Bombs the Kurds
Kurds fight ISIS, they DO NOT help them!
July 26, 2015   -  Turkey helps ISIS in Syria by bombing Kurdish Kobani.

There was no chance that Turkey would help defeat ISIS.  PM Erdogan is opposed to both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Kurd PKK.
Turkey hates Kurdish independence.  So he'll bomb the Kurds but not ISIS.
Turkey bombs Kurds again next day
Killing Kurds is OK with evil Obama
Turkey and Washington agreed on a partial no fly zone in northern Syria.
This holds back Kurd forces actually fighting ISIS.
The Kurds are losing out dramatically in the US-Turkish partnership.

Kurd leader decries Turkey safe zone in Syria
July 29, 2015
-  Damned Turks are still bombing Kurds!
Turkey and the US are creating a safe zone in Syria to stop Kurds from forming their own territory.
Turkey considers Kurds terrorists.  FACT is, Turkey is a terrorist state that supports ISIS.

Kurds are NOT Muslim, regardless what some claim.  There is enough of a tie to Jews that one book calls Kurds the 13th tribe.  Seeing how this damned obama joins Turkey against the Kurds, I'd say he knows they are Jews.

0bama sells Kurds to Turkey
July 31, 2015 -  NATO
is fully aware that the Turkish priority is Kurd genocide.
Obama / NATO are purposefully turning a blind-eye to Turkey's genocide massacre of Kurds.

Just like the Turkey genocide of Armenians.
There is NOT good Kurds and bad Kurds!  Thats a lie and Obama-NATO know it.
Obama started ISIS and has trained and armed them.  
Kurds were actually fighting and killing ISIS - Obama's buddies.
Obama-Turkey had to stop that - by Kurd genocide

Evil or Very Mad

Turks bombing civilians
August 2, 2015
- Damned Turks have killed 260 kurds in a few days.
Iraqi Kurdistan government urged the PKK to leave civilian areas amid continuing Turkish air strikes.

Iraq's Kurdistan region has urged Kurd PKK fighters to leave civilian areas amid continuing Turkish air strikes, civilians are being killed by Turkey.
Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani condemned Turkey.
This link is worth a look - it has a graph - but always realize BBC isnt usually fair.

Turkey genociding Kurds
August 11, 2015  Kurdicide!
 -  Turkish warplanes strike 17 Kurd targets in southeast.
Turks bomb the Buzul mountain and the Ikiyaka region in Hakkari province, which borders Iran and Iraq.
Fake USA outrage at genocide.  USA-Turk strikes on Kurds after Turkey allowing the U.S.A. to use Turkey’s air bases.  American military leaders feign surprise and outrage.

gassing Kurds
August 14, 2015
-  Germany confirms possible ISIS chemical attack on Kurds in Kurdistan, northern Iraq.  Western experts took samples after a Turk-ISIS attack on Kurds at Irbil, following claims that the rounds were loaded with chemicals, possibly mustard gas or chlorine.    -

Kurd officials say ISIS used mustard gas in Iraq.  Saddam killed hundreds of Kurds with mustard gas - supposedly caused U.S. to invade Iraq.

Germany's military has been training the Kurds in the area, and said some 60 Kurdish fighters had suffered breathing difficulties from the attack, a telltale sign of chemical weapons use.  But neither Germany nor the Kurds specified which type of chemical weapons may have been used.,7340,L-4690737,00.html

ISIS attack on Kurds
August 15, 2015
-  The US claims the ISIS chemical attack on Kurds was mustard gas, while the Kurds believe it was chlorine, which is more dangerous.  ISIS likely obtained the chemical agents in Syria, but may have come from Saddam Hussein’s old stockpiles in Iraq.  Mustard gas causes painful burns and blisters that have a strong immobilizing effect on those who come into contact with it. WMD were fired in the form of projectiles, possibly mortar rounds.  When chlorine is inhaled, the gas turns into hydrochloric acid in the lungs with lethal effect, as the victim drowns in the bodily fluids resulting from the burns.

Interestingly, the 4th horse of the apocalypse in Revelation chapter 6 is called 'chloros' - pale green.  
The pale horse rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.
Hades is the 5th horseman (angel).

Kurd oil
August 25, 2015
-  Israel and other nations have been buying oil from the Kurdistan. (North Iraq)
Kurds used oil revenue to buy the arms to fight Obama's creation - ISIS.

The Financial Times reported this on the day that Britain and Iran reopened their respective embassies in Tehran and London.  London seeks a slice of the oil and gas contracts in Iran and Iraq.
Will the EU now drop Israel out on the world’s energy markets.

An American warship was stalking the United Kalvyrta Kurd tanker full of crude, to prevent the oil being unloaded at any port.  The tanker carrying Kurdish crude oil disappeared from satellite tracking north of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. 2 days later, the empty vessel reappeared near Israel.  The oil had been unloaded at an Israeli port.  The ship’s route was traced from the port of Ceyhan, Turkey the oil pipeline terminal from Kirkuk, to the Israeli port of Ashkelon.
Kurd oil accounts for 77 percent of Israel’s consumption.  map on link

Smile  Very interesting.  I am very pleased at Israel dealing with Kurds!
I had wondered what became of the Kalavryta, which had also been off the Texas coast.  Today this story is completed!

U.S. Airdrop in Syria armed Kurds
October 16, 2015 -  THIS IS GREAT NEWS!  PRAISE the LORD!

U.S. dropped 50 tons of ammunition to ISIS-Syria, but Kurds got most of the weapons!
Obama has consistently refused to arm Kurds, so we KNOW he aint happy! Hahaha!
Turkey complains, they hate Kurds.
I re-wrote this, dont trust lame media.

Kurds raid ISIS prison
October 23, 2015
-  Kurds raid ISIS prison in Iraq with USA forces, free hostages.
American and Kurd commandos carried out a predawn raid on an ISIS prison in Hawija, west of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, freeing dozens of Kurd hostages and taking several ISIS captive.  After the area was hit with airstrikes, the troops swooped in on helicopters. One part of the force attacked the prison while the other part secured the roads leading to the facility in order to block any ISIS reinforcements.  One American soldier was killed.  Defense sources in Washngton declined to provide details on the operation but did not deny that it took place.

The raid was the first time American soldiers fought ISIS.  The Pentagon said the United States was trying to help a loyal ally, the Kurds.  O COME ON!  The US-Turkey has been bombing the Kurds!

US Special Forces rescue 70 Kurd hostages in northern Iraq.
One US soldier was killed during the operation.

Any time the Obama U.S. military defeats ISIS, color me suspicious.
Did our mil aid the Kurds without telling Obama?  That I could believe.

ISIS war in mideast

They are sick of Islam!
Nov 9, 2015
-  Thousands of Muslims in Northern Iraq are converting to Christianity after witnessing ISIS horror.  Kurdish Muslims living in Iraq are turning to Christ after witnessing ISIS brutality.  A ministry leader in the Kurdish Region of Iraq said they can barely keep up with the desire of refugees to learn about Christ and the Bible.

They’re just sick of Islam, and hungry to know about Christ, especially when they hear about miracles, healing, mercy and love.  After showing refugees the love of Christ by meeting their needs, aid workers later bring Bibles.  There has a been a great awakening among Muslims in northern Iraq, citing many conversion accounts.

Kurds liberate Sinjar Iraq from ISIS
Nov 12, 2015 -  GOD Almighty is with the Kurds!

About 7,500 Kurd Peshmerga freed Sinjar from ISIS with help from the Yazidi.
The main goal is control of Route 47 that connects Tal Afar Iraq with Raqqa Syria.

If Kurds succeed in taking control of a part of the route they will be able to sever the link between the two ISIS capitals, Raqqa and the Iraqi city of Mosul.
It seems unlikely that the Kurds can achieve a quick victory.  May the LORD be with the Kurds!
Kurds wants to re-take Kirkuk, the strategic oil refining city.  
Thousands of Kurds in Northern Iraq are converting to Christianity.

Sinjar (Shinar) is in Mesopotamia (IRAQ) near the Khabur River
Shinar is Babylon in Mesopotamia.  In Genesis 10:10 the beginning of Nimrod's kingdom is said to have been in the land of Shinar.  The Tower of Babel was in this area.

US drone kills Jihadi John in Raqqa - maybe
Nov 13, 2015
-  US officials 99% sure their drone attack in Raqqa, northern Syria nailed ISIS executioner, dubbed Jihad John because of his British accent.  Target identified as Mohammed Emwazi (Erwazi) was in a vehicle at the time of the strike.  Emwazi, a British citizen born in Kuwait.  He grew up in North Kensington now an ISIS hotbed trained by al-Shabab, Al Qaeda.

ISIS / ISIL WAR on the MidEast

VERY OFTEN the USA kills a terror chief - then they reappear -
over n over - or another just takes their place.

Kurdish forces enter Sinjar town from the north after cutting it off from east and west .,7340,L-4725028,00.html

Turkey ethnic cleansing Kurdistan
Nov 19, 2015 -  (Remember Armenians!)
Turkey is burning down Kurd towns.
Leave home, be shot - stay home, be bombed.  BORG kontrolled media ignore
Turkey ethnic cleansing again like with the historical Armenians.
3 Kurd neighborhoods were put under military curfew and then attacked in 2015 November. Telephone lines, water, and electricity were cut.

They were then bombarded by tanks and artillery shooting from the hills. Many houses were hit by bullets and bombs; some houses were burned. If Kurds left their homes, they would shot. If they stayed in their homes, they would be bombed.  There is a huge food shortage.

Syria - Iraq
Nov 19, 2015
-  Russia disrupts ISIS oil sales, Turkey will be angry, they export and profit from ISIS oil.
Around 500 fuel tankers transporting oil from Syria to Iraq have been destroyed.
ISIS pipeline is the one of the terrorists main sources of funding.

Turkey could cut ISIS off, why hasnt it?
Nov 19, 2015
 theguardian  -  Turkey is ISIS!  How could Isis be eliminated?  Arm and unleash the Kurds in Syria, Iraq and Turkey.  Nato member Turkey, PM Erdogan done everything he can to kill, harm Kurds.  NATO thus is supporting ISIS.  Turkey also supports Hamas. (Ham-ISIS)

Nov 22, 2015 -  Turkish warplanes pound Kurds in Kurdistan, SE Turkey

Kurdistan Iraq  ISIS-Daesh tunnels
Nov 25, 2015
-   Islamic State builds network of tunnels under northwestern Iraqi Sinjar town.
Yazidi district has underground trenches where jihadists hide from airstrikes and store weapons.  Tunnels are complete with sleeping quarters, electricity and fortified with sandbags.
Kurds found around 40 tunnels inside Sinjar.
IS had been digging tunnels in Iraq and Syria over a year ago.
Just like Hamas-Hellzballahs

Nov 28, 2015
-  With Islamic State - ISIS - ousted, life returns to Syrian town of Al-Hol in NE Syria near Iraq border.  It was a strategic Kurdish-Arab victory, and chance for locals to breathe easy again.
The town was once a key waystation for ISIS between Iraq and Syria.
Residents can breathe easy again after 2 years of ISIS hell.

I credit Russian President Vladmir Putin.
US tyrant 0bama wasnt fighting AGAINST ISIS, he supported them, as does Turkey.

Kurds must be part of talks
Of course! Russia believes that ethnic Syrian Kurds must be included in any future Syrian peace talks.  The Kurds must not be excluded.,7340,L-4740170,00.html

Turkey transits sarin gas
Dec 16, 2015
-   Islamic State jihadists used Turkey as a transit route to deliver sarin gas to Syria.  Chemical weapons were brought to Turkey by ISIS -Syria.  The chemicals were purchased from Europe.  Turkish businessmen involved in supplying ISIS with the poisonous gas sarin.

Turkey abuses refugees
Turkey mistreated scores of migrants
Dec 16, 2015  -  Amnesty intl
-  The Turkish government has been rounding up refugees / migrants and transporting them to detention centers where they are abused and mistreated. From there, many are deported back to warzones in Iraq and Syria.  Turkey has been herding hundreds to isolated detention centers where they have been held incommunicado.

Some were beaten and shackled for days before being sent back to the same countries they had fled.  EU risks being complicit by engaging Turkey as a gatekeeper for Europe.
EU money is being used to fund an unlawful detention and return program.

Turkey, Syria, Iraq, ISIS are so melted into ONE its nearly impossible to separate

Jan 21, 2016
-  The Kurds are peace-loving people that have never attacked any country, its time to help them, said Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked calling for an independent Kurdistan, and cooperation between Israel and the Kurds.  We must openly call for the establishment of Kurdistan that separates Iran from Turkey.

Russia pushes for Kurd seat at Syrian peace talks
Jan 26, 2016  debka
 -  Against Turkish objections, the Russians insist on the Kurds being seated at the Syrian political talks scheduled to open in Geneva January 29th, Friday. Russia said Syrian Kurd play an important role in fighting ISIS and is an essential part of any political settlement in Syria.

Russia pushes for Kurd seat at Syrian peace talks
Jan 26, 2016
 debka  -  Against Turkish objections, the Russians insist on the Kurds being seated at the Syrian political talks scheduled to open in Geneva January 29th, Friday. Russia said Syrian Kurd play an important role in fighting ISIS and is an essential part of any political settlement in Syria.

Feb 16, 2016
 -  Kurdistan clashed with Baghdad over the oil reserves, over the extent of self-rule, etc.  February 9, 2016 Iraqi Kurdistan suddenly took austerity measures to avert an economic collapse.  Iraqi Kurdistan is definitely not a social state. People are unhappy with the situation. They protest a lot, but it does not do them any good.

Why do you think there are no funds to pay salaries?
No money because the oil prices collapsed, and because of war with the ISIS.

Kurds feel disappointed because they get no support from the West.
They feel unsafe in their own land.  The land lies idle, there is almost no agriculture left here. It is all oil, military bases, and inactivity and apathy, fields lie idle. There is no diversification of the economy.

Kurdistan was producing food under Saddam Hussein, there was agriculture.
Kurdistan unemployment has risen to 25%.
Long article, photos

Smile  Kurds en route to independence?
Feb 17, 2016  -  MORE GOOD NEWS!  For years I have been rooting for Kurdistan!
 Despite opposition, Kurds appear on their way to autonomy aided by Russian airstrikes.  Syria's Kurds are edging towards autonomy in their heartland along Turkey's border.

Kurds seized the northern province of Aleppo.
Kurds who have gained ground mostly from ISIS now control 14% of Syrian territory and 75% of the border with Turkey.
The Kurds want a decentralized Syria, they want to link Kobane and Afrin to ensure Kurdistan has territorial continuity.
Holy Palestine Batman!

Smile   Thanks Vlad!

INVASION - where's Vlad?
Turk military cross into Syria
Feb 19, 2016
-  Dozens of Turkish military vehicles crossed into Kurdistan, Syria, and started to dig a trench near Meidan Ekbis in Aleppo province.  They began construction of a concrete wall on the Syrian border.  Turkish military has been intensely shelling Syrian Kurds
The Syrian Afrin district bordering Turkey is Syrian Kurdistan since 2013.

Turkey supports ISIS
Feb 19, 2016
-  Kurd commander Murat Karayilan has proof Turkey is supporting ISIS.
ISIS, Al-Qaeda has received weapons and Sarin gas from the Turks, Saudis and Qatar.
Turkey has been sponsoring jihadists in Syria.  So has Obama.  Karayilan also said Turkey and Saudi Arabia have stopped Kurds from being invited to Geneva for the Syria peace talks.

Karayilan points to differences in lifestyle, Syrian Kurds are more secular, as the reason Turkey hates the Kurds.  There is also a fear that if Syrian Kurds gain independence, 20 million Turkish Kurds would try to follow suit.

Turkey is ISIS, thats NOT new, and Obama is well aware.  
ISIS is his JV after all.

Kurds celebrate Shadadi capture
Feb 20, 2016  ERBIL, Iraq
 -  Kurds celebrate capture of Shadadi, key IS stronghold in Syria.
Shadadi in northeastern Hasakah province cuts off a key ISIS supply route.  The Syrian Kurds further weaken IS after taking Shadadi, cutting off a key supply route between Mosul and Raqqa.

US build Kurding airbase in Syria
Mar 8, 2016
 -  I'll believe it when / if I SEE it.
A second US airbase will be constructed on the outskirts of Kurdish controlled Kobane, on the border with Turkey.  The United States has nearly finished setting up an air base in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria and is proceeding with the construction of a second base for dual military and civilian use.

The Erbil-based news website BasNews said most of the work on a runway in the oil town of Rmeilan in Hasaka was complete while a new air base southeast of Kobani, straddling the Turkish border, was being constructed.  The Rmeilan airstrip was being used by US military helicopters for logistics and deliveries.,7340,L-4775060,00.html


Russia backs Kurdistan
Mar 18, 2016  -  Kurds declare federation in northern Syria
WONDERFUL!!  Putin is right - again!
4 days after most Russian forces exit Syria, President Vladimir Putin was redrawing the Syrian map, and planting Russian influence in its first semiautonomous region.

The new entity covers 3 Kurd enclaves, Jazira, Hassakeh and Qamishli and the two cities of Kobani and Afrin.

Some parts not Kurd controlled.
The Syrian Kurds are expected next to fight to connect the 3 enclaves into a contiguous self-ruled territory adjacent to the Turkish border, with Russian backing.

Turkish President Erdogan wont tolerate this.  Putin has assured Kurds that the Russian air force would be there to defend the new region if Turkey invaded.

debka  reported
Representatives of the 3 regions under Kurdish control in northern Syria declared the establishment of a Kurdish federation at a meeting of the representatives from Afrin, Kobani and Jazira-Hassakeh held in the northeastern city of Rmeilan.  Both Syria and Turkey declared their opposition.

USA objects - Obama spokesman John Kirby said -  We dont support self-ruled, semi-autonomous zones inside Syria.

Israel, Turkey, Kurdistan

Business is business, but
April  4, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Detente with terrorist ISIS HQ Turkey or recognition of peaceful Syrian Kurds.  Turk terror chief Erdogan wanted Jews help against peaceful Syrian Kurds wanting their own Kurdistan.  Turk terror chief Erdogan met American Jewish leaders at his request. The Jews disappointed him.  GOOD!!  The details are hard to sort out because the Turkish translator censored what Erdogan actually said.

Turkey is ISIS headquarters.  Turkey is planning invasion of Kurdistan.  Turkey supports and enables Muslim terror groups ISIS and Palestinian Hamas terrorists.  When Erdogan arrived home from Washington DC last week, he discovered Syrian Kurds dwelling peacefully near the Turkish border.

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu is reluctant to respond to Ankara’s suit for warm relations with a leader who is shunned by both Obama and Putin, Turkey is nonetheless offering to be Israel’s best client for its offshore gas.

Israel’s friendship with Kurds people goes back many years. The rise of an independent Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq would create an important new state in the heart of the Middle East.  Israel has no wish to make enemies of its friends by disowning them in favor of Turkey.  WHEW!

Terrorist attack kills 7 in Gari Spi
June 30, 2016
 -  The detonation of bombs in a truck in Syrian northern city of Gari Spi has left more than 7 people dead and 12 others injured.  The explosion  left people dead and injured in the region under the control of the pr-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).  The dead were taken to Gari Spi hospital and the injured were transferred to a hospital in Qamishli, northern Syria.

Iraqi Kurds advance in Kurdistan
Aug 15, 2016  IRBIL
 -   Iraqi Kurds (peshmerga) have retaken 5 villages east of Mosul in an operation launched early Sunday.

The operation outside Mosul is ongoing.
The U.S. coalition is supporting them with airstrikes, one of which destroyed a car bomb.
Iraqi forces have made steady progress, and Mosul is their last remaining urban stronghold in Iraq.


Syria and Kurds
Aug 20, 2016  
-  The near-clash between US and Syrian warplanes over Kurdish Hassaka in northern Syrian Friday Aug. 19 sprung out of the Obama decision Aug 18 to try and draw the line on the Russia-Iran-Turkey-Syria collaboration in Syria-Iraq.

US jets flew in protective formation over the Kurd positions the day after they were attacked by Syrian jets.

The US jets came within a mile of the Su-24 fighter jets approaching the Kurds in Hassaka, and warned them off.  Without responding the Syrian planes turned tail.

After the attack on Hassaka, US special forces were pulled out of Syria. - where they should NOT be!!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has struck a deal with Turkey President (dicktator) Erdogan.  Moscow will help Turkey block Kurds from gaining full independence in Syria or Iraq.  DARN YOU PUTIN!

Iran and Syria’s Assad fully support the Turkish goal in their own interests.  The air strike against the Kurds of Hassaka therefore set a kind of foundation stone for the new Russian-Turkish-Iranian alliance in the region.

Turkey has (SUPPOSEDLY??) hustled the US into evacuating its nuclear arsenal from Incirlik air base.  Did Obama give up some of our nukes to Turkey-Russia-ISIS?
Russians are only bombing ISIS - which Obama supports.

Syria, Russia, US situation is no joke, WW3 could blow up in a moment

Assad warplanes bombed Kurd areas of Hasaka in northeast.  The YPG makes up part of the US-backed Syria SDF, a Kurd-Arab alliance that fights ISIS in Syria.  The cause of this week's flare-up was unclear.

YPG Kurds spokesman Redur Xelil said the air strikes had hit Kurdish districts and the Asayish.  Xelil said Assad is bombarding Kurds with artillery.  The YPG controls wide areas of northeastern Syria (part of KURDISTAN.

Syrian regime jets hit Kurdish positions, even after US warning.
US coalition scrambled jets to protect its US military advisers working on the ground.
Pentagon said they need to protect coalition forces.  This is admission that U.S. troops are fighting Russia-Assad in Syria, and are in MORTAL DANGER!

2 Syrian warplanes attempted to fly to the area again on Friday, but were met by coalition aircraft.  Where's Russian famous radar protection?  US forces contacted Russia, which has been bombing parts of Syria, but Russia said the planes were Syrian.  This is very unusual.  ISIS is Assad and Kurds common enemy.

The Kurds attacked a Christian enclave.  I DO NOT believe this.  The US military advisers on the ground approved the Christian target and passed it on to the Kurds.  Sadly I'd believe THAT.

ISIS using human shields - typical Muslims
ISIS flee Manbij, near Aleppo Syria. ISIS used human shields in their escape.,7340,L-4843750,00.html

Kurdistan  (COMMENTS)
Kurdistan overlaps the political boundaries of several countries and yes, they have the right to be there.  Now if they truly are fighting ISIS then they are attacking Assad's enemies and thus this story makes no sense.  If we have SF embedded with a militia being attacked by Assad's Air Force it is possible they are helping anti Assad ISIS and thus have been set up as human shields to protect someone from being attacked by Russia and Syria.
Btw, tell me why and when US troops were authorized to fight on the ground in SYRIA?

ISIS mideast


Turkey, Greatest MidEast Threat

- kurds attacking Christians - FALSE
Kurds are NOT Muslims  (some freepers disagree)
Kurds would NOT attack Christians - but 0bama-USA would
All who claim to be christian are NOT CHRISTIAN
Muslims lie - claim to be - anything
Kurdistan is part of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria

Wedding bombing in Turkey kills 50
Aug 20, 2016
-  A suicide bomber targeted a Kurd wedding in Gaziantep, southeastern Turkey near Syria which killed 50 and wounded 94 others.
Erdogan accused his pal ISIS, but Gaziantep is mainly Kurd.,7340,L-4844110,00.html

RT reports 50 killed - this appears to be the latest report
Kurd wedding, so Turkey-ISIS is the bomber

Mahmut Togrul, a member of parliament for Gaziantep said the wedding that was attacked was a Kurd wedding. ISIS has been blamed for suicide bombings on Kurdish gatherings in the past.



Jarablus, SYRIA
Aug 24, 2016
 -  I put a lot of trust in RT - until Putin aligned with Turkey again.
Turkey military operation to retake Jarablus from ISIS.
Turkish army is backing Islamist rebels fighting ISIS.  Huh?
An anti-ISIS operation with US coalition air forces aim to clear areas around Jarablus of - 'militants.' -  who?  Kurds?

Turk military artillery fire against (ISIS?  Kurds?) in Jarabulus.
The operation is receiving air support in northern Syria.
Operation in Jarabulus aims to prevent new flows of migration, deliver aid to civilians, clear area of terrorist elements.

DesertRhino posted -
The Turkish military and the U.S.-led coalition forces
I keep hearing about a “coalition”.  The UN, the US Congress hasn’t hasn’t authorized one.  This alliance of sunni jihadis with US human shield military mixed in is more properly termed a gang.

Mr Radical posted -
“The Turks are attacking the town, to prevent the Kurds from capturing it. and hooking up with Syrian Gov, Russian forces”
The BBC is reporting Turkish ground forces have crossed the border.  Are they going to pull back once they’ve - secured the border?

Did Turkey assassinate Kurd commander?
Aug 24, 2016  -  Syria Kurds accuse Turkey of assassinating military commander.  Abdel Sattar al-Jader was gunned down hours after he warned Ankara against backing a cross-border rebel offensive on Jarablus.

Jader was killed in mysterious circumstances hours after he read out a statement warning Turkey against backing a rebel (ISIS) offensive on Jarablus, on the west bank of the Euphrates River.  Ankara has been transporting rebels (ISIS) from Aleppo and Idlib to a base in Turkey across from Jarablus.

FSA (ISIS) races Kurds to Jarablus from Turkey
While Turk-Russia prepare a safe zone inside Syria, the (FSA) plans to attack the ISIS-controlled region of Jarablus from inside Turkey to prevent any Kurdish hopes to control the area.  To me, FSA and ISIS are the SAME entity.  Kurds are always the GOOD guys.

A rebel official, who declined to be identified, told Reuters that hundreds of opposition fighters are expected to assault Jarablus from inside Turkey in the next few days.

If FSA controls Jarablus, the area would be saved from an attack by Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance with Kurds.  Turkey supports the FSA.

Operation Euphrates Shield
Aug 24, 2016
-  Turkey has sent its military en masse into Syria to destroy ISIS. NOT LIKELY - TURKEY is ISIS HQ.  The operation is pounding targets around Jarabulus.  Turkish F-16 fighter jets and coalition war planes also hit targets inside Syria while a dozen Turkish tanks cross into Syria to support the operation.

The operation is aimed at pre-empting any assault on Jarabulus by Kurds.  ISIS is blamed for an attack on a Kurdish wedding in Gaziantep that left 54 dead.

Who are called 'rebels' completely depends on who is writing the article.
I am NOT happy Putin has made his bed with Erdogan / Turkey - ISIS HQ.
Turk military launches operation in Jarablus, Syria, with US Air Support.
Turkish artillery fired on the region followed by Turkish warplanes bombing ISIS(?) targets.

The Turks are attacking the town, to prevent the Kurds from capturing it. and hooking up with Syrian Gov, Russian forces.

Kurds are always the GOOD guys.

I included links, you figure this out!

Turkey’s Jarablus invasion
Aug 25, 2016  Kurd press
 -  Turkish artillery started to pound Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) positions in and around the Syria border town of Jarablus.  Turkish Air Force jets hit ISIL depots and operation centers in the town.  Thousands FSA marched from the Turkish border into Syria.  Meanwhile, Turkish tanks and armored vehicles crossed into Syrian soil in support of the advancing FSA units.

The operation is code named Euphrates Shield.

The reason why Turkey got involved is the YPG Kurds were heading for Jarablus. The YPG were the dominant part of the SDF who took Manbij, south of Jarablus, from ISIL.  Kurds are very good fighters!

Turkey invaded Jarablus, located on the west bank of the Euphrates, where the river flows out of Turkish territory.  ISIL had fled Manbij to Jarablus.  RDX was the explosive compound used in the wedding bomb.

If Kurds took Jarablus from ISIL, they may have kept going west along the Turkish border to Afrin, ignoring Turkish warnings that they should stay east of the Euphrates and not form a Kurds corridor along the entire border.

US urges PYD to not cross Euphrates

USA abandons Kurds  
August 25, 2016  DEBKA  -  ISIS
pulls out of Jarablus.  Turkey invaded Jarablus, Syria ISIS left without a fight.  Thursday Turks took control of most of Jarablus as well as the main roads.  US VP Joe Biden said Syrian Kurds will lose US support if they don't retreat to the east bank of the Euphrates River, proving US has accepted all of Erdogan's terms regarding the Kurds and exposed them to a Turkish military attack.
This makes me sick

Turkey sends more tanks to Syria, town of Jarablus.  At least 9 Turkish tanks entered northern Syria on Thursday morning.

Syrian Kurds make their stand
Aug 26, 2016
 -  Syrian Kurds decided to stand their ground and fight it out with the Turkish army.  The first clash occurred in Jarablus.  The US indeed totally withdraw and stopped ammo supplies to Kurds.

In Iraq, there is word of a Kurdish Peshmerga mutiny against US instructors at the bases where they are training for the offensive to recapture Mosul from the ISIS.  Kurds are the sharpest sword in the coalition’s arsenal for vanquishing ISIS!


Turkey bombs Kurds
Aug 28, 2016  
-  Turkey warplanes hit Kurds.  A Turkish tank was hit, killing a Turk.  GOOD!  Turkey (Gog) wants to stop Kurds gaining control.,7340,L-4846858,00.html

Rockets hit airport in Kurdistan, SE Turkey.  
After Turkey invaded Jarablus, Syria, Kurds fired 4 rockets at a police checkpoint in Diyarbakir, a Kurd area near airport.  No casualties or disruptions. Turk F-16 jets bombed Kurds.  Passengers at Diyarbakir Airport sought shelter in a terminal building after a rocket attack.

Turk-Kurd war SERIOUS
Aug 29, 2016
 -   Barazani goes to Tehran.  The USA abandoned Kurds.  An all-out Turk-Kurd war in NE Syria since Turkey invaded Kurdistan Aug. 24 to kill Kurds.  Some villages were razed to the ground by the damned Turks tanks, 35 killed.  150 dead Kurds in 4 days.

Turkey has thrown large force into the battle against Kurds. This is a full-fledged war operation. Turks are advancing in 3 directions targeting Kurds.  The KRG’s Peshmerga are fighting with their Syrian brothers. Together, they plan to expel Americans  from Syria and northern Iraq.  (Kurdistan)
US Forces and helicopters evacuate Rmeilan air base near Hassaka. Turkey-Syria border fighting endangering US forces

Shocked    WHOA!

Kurd President Masoud Barazani expects to travel to Tehran with an SOS for help against the US and the Turks.  May give Iran permission for Irbil base in the Iraqi Kurdish republic.
Iraqi Kurd leaders have welcomed Iran to their capital.

Turks seize Kurd territory, thrust deeper into Kurdistan, Syria - appears heading for Aleppo!

This has become far worse than I realized.
Turks seem to be moving toward Aleppo.
I am really upset at Putin for aligning with Turkey!

Russia lifts ban on chartered flights to Turkey
Aug 29, 2016
-  Russia lifted the ban for chartered flights between Russia and Turkey, while advising air companies to provide additional security measures.  Bilateral ties were restored on Aug, 9, 2016 when the Russian and Turkish presidents met at St. Petersburg


SyRaq Kurds unite against Turkey
Sep 3, 2016
DEBKA Breaking News -  Syrian Kurds call Iraqi brothers to the flag against Turkey.  Salih Muslim, Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) leader, called on Iraqi Kurds to cross the border and fight with YPG Kurds against the invading Turkish army in northern Syria.  Salih issued his appeal to Irbil from Brussels.  He has evidence of links between Erdogan  and ISIS terrorists.  Russia has has Turkey-ISIS proof for many months.  Turkey has been ISIS headquarters. -debka

Warplanes bomb Hama
Assad warplanes bombed several areas in Hama in response to ISIS attacks.
Dont expect BBC to tell us who are the good guys and who are the bad.

Its likely Assad and Kurds are both fighting Turks

IRAQ-Kurd agreement
Sep 5, 2016  -  This is a very BIG deal  
Iraq - KRG to fight ISIS in Mosul, split Kirkuk Revenues 50/50. Iraq and Kurdistan export crude from the Kirkuk oil field, after they reached a revenue-sharing deal between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.

Revenues from Kirkuk’s oil trade would be split 50/50 between Iraq State and Kurdistan.  They also discussed the operation for the liberation of Mosul from ISIS.

SOMO had blacklisted tankers from using Iraqi ports because they had been working with the Kurds to export oil to markets in Turkey.  Now I guess things will export ok.  Kurds had been using Turkey ports to export oil.
Any Iraqi recognition of the Kurds as an entity is a good thing.

  Turkey invasion of Syria
Sep 11, 2016
 -  Russia expresses worry over Turkey invasion in northern Syria.  The Turks can change the sovereignty and integrity situation in Syria.  Evil Turkey does NOT want KURDISTAN to be recognized.

Kurds in France
Sep 11, 2016
 -  Kurdish independence discussed in Paris.  Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani met French President Francois Hollande in Elysee Palace and discussed independence for Kurdistan in north Iraq.  They discussed military and security related topics.  Barzani said that Baghdad is gradually coming to terms with becoming a friendly neighbor of Kurdistan.  GOOD!  No country is against Kurdistan independence.  September 12, 2014 Hollande had visited Erbil (Irbil) Iraq, the capital of Kurdistan.

Barzani asks for Paris’s support from independent Kurdish state
Sep 7, 2016
 Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani met French defense minister in Paris and asked for France’s support for the establishment of a Kurdish state in the north of Iraq.

Kurds want KURDISTAN to be recognized and put on the world map.

    IRAQ *  Kurdistan

Mosul operation
Oct 1, 2016
 -  Kurdistan operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS-DAESH to begin this week.  The Iraqi army and the Peshmerga Kurds would participate in the operation.  But Kurds will not enter Mosul.

President Barzani visited Baghdad
Oct 1, 2016  -  Massoud Barzani
, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, went to Baghdad with a Kurd delegation, on the official invitation of PM Haider al-Abadi.  The Mosul operation was the main topic.

Nawzad Rasul called the visit a positive attempt and stated that officials in Erbil are unable to pay salaries.

Iraqis already arguing over land they haven't yet freed from ISIS.  If forces in Iraq succeed in liberating Ninevah province and its capital, Mosul, its feared that conflicts are likely to ignite over disputed areas and their management.  People of many differences reside in Ninevah province.

Dividing up Ninevah province is being discussed.  Some say dividing Ninevah into 8 provinces is impractical.   Kurds have liberated northern parts of Ninevah that are close to Kurdistan.

ISIS-alqaeda are Wahabi Sunni Islam - Saudi

Very Happy  Iran to refine Kurdistan Region's crude
Sep 25, 2016
-  Tabriz Refinery will take delivery of crude from Iraqi Kurdistan to be refined in Roham Refinery. Iraqi Kurdistan Region is seeking transfer of crude to Iran's refineries.

Kurdistan Syria
Oct 4, 2016
-  At least 30 killed at Kurd wedding and many injured in a suicide bombing near Hasaka.  Some unconfirmed reports suggested that a female suicide bomber was responsible.  My guess is Turks did this.

Mosul operation

Suicide bombers, fires slow Iraqi advance on Mosul
October 18
DEBKA -  The battle for the liberation of Mosul was slowed on its first day by a series of suicide attacks, fires and the homemade bombs that littered the roads and fields in the path of the convoys. Black fumes from oil fires obscured retreating ISIS and their hideouts from air strikes. Some mingled with civilians. Kurds combed through villages street by street.

ISIS fighters may move to Syria  
Oct 18, 201
6  -  If ISIS is allowed to leave Mosul and go to Syria, Russia will get them.  Turks are involved also in the siege of Mosul.  They favor ISIS - some may even be ISIS.  5,000 American troops are also involved.

ISIS may go to Europe
Oct 18, 2016
 -  Mosul offensive may push the Muslim terrorists to return to Europe.  Why would you fear them, you've been inviting them?  Some 2,500 EU nationals are part of ISIS.

Iraqi forces gain ground around Mosul
Oct 18, 2016
-  Iraq-Kurds are pressing towards Mosul, on the border of Kurdistan.
Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have claimed significant territorial gains in the first day of the operation to retake Mosul.  The Kurd Peshmerga have taken a significant stretch of the Erbil-Mosul road. Erbil (Irbil) is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Send ISIS back to Saudi Arabia!
Evil Turk air force is bombing - NOT GOOD
They bomb Kurds, the good guys!

ISIS attacks Kirkuk
Oct 21, 2016
 -  ISIS attacked 4 police stations, Kurd offices in Kirkuk, and a power station. They also stromed residential neighborhoods.  Kurds largely regained control of the city.
ISIS said they seized half the city and the Dubiz power plant.  3 car bombs were detonated.

Kirkuk Governor Najmadin Karim said ISIS had not seized any government buildings or even enter them.  ISIS was wandering the streets dressed in police uniforms.

ISIS-SYRIA claims they downed a US warplane
Oct 21, 2016
 debka  -  ISIS-SYRIA claims they downed a US A-10 Warthog fighter near Hasakah in northeastern Syria. The Rmeilan air base, now being operated by the US military, is in a Kurdish-controlled area not far from Hasakah.

Syria will down Turk planes
Oct 21, 2016  -  GOOD!
Damascus warned the Turks bombing Kurds in northern Syria, vowing to intervene next time Ankara sends its planes over its border.  Syria accused Turkey of flagrant aggression, which targeted innocent citizens, a dangerous development that could escalate the situation.

Any attempt to once again breach Syrian airspace by Turkish war planes will be dealt with and they will be brought down by all means available.
Turkish artillery guns have been firing at innocent Kurds.


Mosul under Iraqi army fire
Nov 1, 2016
 debka  -  Iraqi forces advancing on eastern Mosul took up positions in the Gogjali Gate industrial zone to the east of the city. During the day, they advanced through uninhabited areas without meeting ISIS resistance. From there Iraqi artillery is pounding eastern Mosul, which is populated with Kurds and Sunnis.

Uh oh
Nov 1, 2016  debka -  Hundreds of Turkish tanks head towards the Iraq-Syria-Turkey border junction north of Mosul.  bad news  -

Turkey invading Iraq
Nov 3, 2016
 -  Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has warned Turkey NOT to cross the border.  I am afraid the Iraqi army is no threat to Turks.  Erdogan plans attack on Kurds in Sinjar.

Interesting post -
I have a Pastor friend who spent time with the Kurds on mission.  He became very fond of the Kurds he calls the Medes.  He wrote a book on the Kurds, Children of the Magi.

Turkey amasses tanks, troops near Iraq border
Nov 2, 2016
 -  Ankara is deploying heavy armor, including tanks to the border near Iraq.
Kurds are fighting ISIS at Jarbuah, Bashiqa near Mosul, Iraq.  Ankara and Baghdad are at odds over the Turkish military presence in Iraq.  On October 23, Turkish tanks and artillery aided the advance of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters against IS jihadists near stronghold of Mosul.

Turkey is ISIS, the BAD guys, I dont understand why Putin would align with them, they kill the Kurd GOOD guys NOT ISIS!

Big Daddy trapped in Mosul  - maybe
Nov 2, 2016
 -  ISIS terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi trapped in Mosul.  Baghdadi, wanted terrorist, has been hiding in Mosul, encircled by the Iran-Iraq army.  Kurdish commander Fuad Hussein said that Baghdadi is most likely still alive and in the city.
If Baghdadi is killed, it will mean the collapse of ISIS.  I doubt that.

Storming Mosul’s residential areas will likely result in mass casualties.  A pc war wins nothing for no one.  Blame Obama for it!

ISIS suicide bombers
Nov 4, 2016
 -  ISIS chief looses suicide bombers at western cities.
As Iraqi troops entered Mosul, ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi called on his suicide bombers all over the world to blow up against Jews, Christians, atheists, Shiites, apostates and all of the world's infidels.
ISIS may just want to disrupt America’s voting day.

Syrian Kurds to retake Raqqa
Nov 6, 2016
-  The SDF led by Kurds, has begun its operation to drive out ISIS from its stronghold in Raqqa.  They hope that damned Turkey would not interfere.  The SDF is a coalition of Kurd, Arab and Christian forces to liberate Raqqa, dubbed the Euphrates Rage.,7340,L-4875124,00.html

Iraq Christian safe area
Nov 6, 2016
 Joel Rosenberg  -  Mosul, Iraq wants to create a new province to protect Christians.
A new province in northern Iraq including the Nineveh Plain that would specifically serve as a safe haven for Iraqi Christians is a Godly goal.  There once were over a million Christians living in Iraq.

With Iraqi Christians, Yazidis and other minorities suffering, the Iraqi military seeks to crush ISIS and restore stability to northern Iraq.  Baghdad is working with Kurds backed up by U.S. to liberate Mosul.

How will order be restored? How will the Christian community begin to rebuild their lives? And how will Baghdad help, rather than harm?  (Saddam protected the Christians, so does Bashar Assad in Syria.)

Kurdistan is North Iraq, NE Syria, SE Turkey and a piece of Iran


Raqqa, Syria  *  Mosul, Iraq
Nov 7, 2016  -  
 The Raqqa Euphrates Rage is all smoke, no fire.

US troops clear buildings

Mosul, IRAQ
Stars and Stripes   -  American troops on the frontline to take Mosul alongside Kurd, Iraqi armys. The Americans wore black uniforms and drove black armored vehicles outside Gogjali.  Some of the American special operators had skull and crossed swords patches.
US military engineers wearing insignia of the 101st Airborne near Erbil, east of Mosul.

Some 30,000 troops seek to take the ISIS capital of Raqqa.
The operation, dubbed Wrath of Euphrates press assault to take both Raqqa Syria and Mosul, Iraq.  So ends the Cali-fate.

The U.S. coalition treats the Iraqi civilians in Mosul a lot worse than ISIS in Aleppo.

I dont know whats really going on, except 0bama wants our troops dead.
Evil or Very Mad

Too much for ISIS
Nov 8, 2016
 -  Simultaneous Raqqa, Mosul offensives create too many problems for ISIS.
The simultaneous operations to recapture both Mosul and Raqqa from ISIS create too many problems for ISIS.  Iraqi and Kurd forces recapture Mosul, now they plan to retake Raqqa.

Kurd hero risks life to save 70 Lives
Nov 7, 2016
PJ Media  -  After the ground offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS was launched in mid-October, Islamic State terrorists attacked Kirkuk, Iraq.  Nearly 90 civilians and Peshmerga were killed by ISIS Oct. 21.  But the death toll could have been higher if one Kurd and his armored BMW hadn't stepped in.  Ako Rahman, a member of the Kurd Peshmerga, volunteered to plunge into the fighting to save 70 people who had been wounded by ISIS, putting them in his own bulletproof car and rushing them to the hospital.  By the end of the rescue op, Rahman car had 60 bullet holes.
The Kirkuk governor, Najmaldin Karim, honored Rahman for bravery.

Kirkuk police arrest ISIS sleepers
Nov 8, 2016
Kurdistan  -  Kirkuk police arrested an ISIS sleeper cell


Obama arming - who
Nov 14, 2016
-  Truck convoys of US arms ordered by 0bama going from Bagdad to Syria Kurds.  My bet is 0bama intends ISIS to take them.  Prez Donald Trump is developing a deal with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Turk Erdogan. Damned Obama has chosen Syria as the first arena to disrupt the Trump plan.  The Trump deal wants the Turkish army, with Russian air support, to retake Raqqa from 0bama's ISIS.  Evil 0bama will do anything to ruin Trump's plans.



Mosul FAIL
Dec 6, 2016
-  The Iraqi army failed to liberate Mosul.  ISIS chiefs arrived there Dec. 4 from Raqqa, Syria.  ISIS who had quit Mosul are turning back.  The Kurds realize they will have to live with ISIS, and are establishing a strong line of defense to secure their capital Irbil, Iraq-Kurdistan.  Wicked 0basturd never intended to defeat ISIS, they are his own team.

Dec 7, 2016
 Rudaw  -  The US State Department violations in Kurdistan.
KRG reported the USA claimed the Peshmerga Kurds were systematically destroying Arab homes in towns they had liberated from ISIS.  This was FALSE.

John Kerry’s evil State Department attacks the only reliable allies other than Israel & Egypt) we have in the region — the Kurds.  Of course, 0basturd hates Israel and Egypt.
State Department is too busy to attack the Saudis Qatar who finance Islamic Jihadis throughout the Middle East.

ISIS seizes Russian air base
Dec 13, 2016
 -  ISIS assault on Palmyra entered the Russian-Syrian T-4 air base outside the town, carrying off Russian missiles and arms. Russian forces manning the base were hurriedly evacuated.

ISIS is on the offensive in the Middle East - Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc.  ISIS-Muslim Brotherhood from Raqqa hit a Cairo church.  Dimwit ISIS Imam Hussein 0bama is not making any attempt to stop them.

ISIS Palmyra distracted from Aleppo
Dec 13, 2016
-  ISIS offensive on Palmyra orchestrated to divert Syrian forces from Aleppo.  ISIS apparently launched their offensive on Palmyra from Mosul.


Russian-Kurdish deal
Mar 26, 2017  
-  Turkey plans to expand its operation in northern Syria and isolate Kurds appears to be backfiring.  Thank GOD.  Russia will set up a base in Afrin. Kurds rejected Russia's request to have Syrian regime troops at the Afrin base and to fly the Syrian flag there.

Preparing for a possible war

Zelal Ceger, a Kurd official in Afrin said the Kurds sought an agreement with the Russians because of persistent attacks on Afrin by Turkey.
Very long article

Trump Restaurant in Kurdistan
Jan 5, 2017  
-  A Syrian Kurd names his falafel restaurant in Kobane, Syria after US President Donald Trump.  Walid Shekhi opened his Trump Restaurant in Kobane last week, a city under reconstruction since the Kurds drove ISIS out 2 years ago.  Shekhi believes that the United States under Donald Trump will provide more support to the Kurds to eliminate ISIS-Daesh.

Parts of Syria-Iraq-Turkey

Druze, Kurd, Yazidi
Who are they? They are NOT Muslims


Mosul ISIS desperate
Jan 8, 2017 ERBIL, Kurdistan
-  ISIS in Mosul becoming desperate as Iraqi forces approach Tigris River.  Iraqi forces are approaching Mosul 4th bridge over the Tigris River that bisects the city.  ISIS is cut off from supply routes, and Iraqi forces are advancing on 3 sides.

SDF take Jabar citadel
Jan 8, 2017  
-  Syria citadel near Raqqa captured by US-backed Kurds.
SDF alliance took the Jabar citadel on Lake Assad near a dam on the Euphrates River.
The SDF is dominated by Kurd YPG.
An Assad chief called it a victory for the Syrian people.


Syrian army repels ISIS terrorists in Kurdistan
Jan 15, 2017  
-  ISIS leaves dozens dead in Deir Ez-Zor.  ISIS-Daesh attack on Syrian government areas of Deir Ez-Zor left dozens dead. Syrian warplanes hit back at ISIS positions. Deir Ez-Zor is SE of Raqqa near Iraq border.
Deir ez-Zor is still held by Assad forces.

Alternative Media
Jan 14, 2017  
-  Syrian President Bashar Assad: If You Want the Truth, Look to the Alternative Media.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad interview - his answers are lucid, clear, intelligent, and informative. Instead of reading what the mainstream media have to say about Bashar al-Assad, listen to what he has to say for himself.

French politics harmed the French interests.  Put Assad up against Obama, Kerry, Clinton, realize that to take him out we’ve allied ourselves with Al Qaeda and ISIS-CIA, and you have to wonder what we’re doing is Syria.


Peshmerga Kurds
Jan 17, 2017  
-  Peshmerga means those who stand in front of death.
The head of the Peshmerga is the President of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurdistan autonomous Region is located in the north of Iraq.

Often referred to as Southern Kurdistan, since the Kurds consider it to be one of the 4 parts of Greater Kurdistan. Southeastern Turkey is Northern Kurdistan, northern Syria is Rojava (as it is called in the video) or Western Kurdistan, and northwestern Iran is Eastern Kurdistan. The Peshmerga were instrumental in the capture of Saddam Hussein.  In Syria under Assad, the clothes, language, dances, songs, basically the culture of Kurdistan was forbidden to them. If you can erase a culture, it’s easier to dominate or erase a people.

There are different branches of Kurdish fighters.  Some are Pro-Western and capitalist, some more communist.  They are ALL fighting ISIS-DAESH (alqaeda).

ISIS-DAESH has decimated several Yazidi villages. Some Yazidis and Christians fled, Kurds protected them.   The Kurds have a rough row to hoe. Turkey threatens them if they perform operations near the Turkish border and the PKK is involved because Turkey blames the PKK for the phony Coup. Their weapons are outdated. The Christian militia in Syria does fight with them though in some places. Despite all this, the Kurdish fighters have been amazingly effective against isis.

Some of the units are made up of women fighters, and fight alongside their brothers. Some of the unit leaders are women.  Kurds do not kill the captured isis fighters. They go to prisons.
45 minute documentary in Hebrew, English subtitles


Jan 27, 2017  
-  Russia proposes draft Syria constitution recognising autonomy for Kurds.  If this deal can include Kurds having their Kurdistan.  Although there is no mention of a federalism in the draft constitution, it is likely that the constitution includes the suggestions of the autonomous adminstration in Rojava-Northern Syria Federation. Russian officials are thought to have held meetings recently with all the components in Rojava on their suggestions for a new constitution.

IRAQ *  Taking Mosul back
Feb 19, 2017  
-  Iraq launches operation to retake western Mosul from ISIS-Daesh.  Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said they are coming to Nineveh to liberate the western side of Mosul province.  Saturday, Iraqi aircraft dropped millions of leaflets in western Mosul, calling on residents to get ready to welcome the Iraqi troops.

Other leaflets urged ISIS to lay down their weapons and surrender. LOL!  Fat chance.  The coalition destroyed ISIS  command center in Mosul, a building in the main medical complex.

Mosul, capital of Kurdistan
Feb 19, 2017  ERBIL
-  Coalition destroys ISIS headquarters in west Mosul hospital.  
Civilians were no longer at the site before conducting the airstrike.
ISIS regularly uses hospitals, schools, to shield themselves from airstrikes.

The Caliphate is doomed.
The Kurds began their march on ISIS-Raqqa.
Jordan is fighting ISIS.
Iran is helping the Iraqis kill ISIS.
The Saudis and Turks are helping ISIS.
Russia is killing ISIS, Turks are killing Kurds


Iraqis in Mosul airport
Feb 23, 2017 Kurdistan
-  U.S. troops led Iraqis into the perimeter of Mosul Airport, taking control of the runway amid fierce exchanges of fire with ISIS hunkered down in buildings.

Lots of war footage
Too bad reporter ignorant of the 1973 war,
he thinks the Golan belongs to Syria.

Mosul, Kurdistan, Iraq
Feb 24, 2017  
-  Iraqi forces enter western Mosul, take full control of airport and a military base adjacent to the airport.  Mosul is ISIS last urban stronghold in Iraq.  ISIS continues to fight.
BBC news is as bad as CNN but they have good photos and maps.

Iraqi airstrikes inside Syria against ISIS
The Iraqi Prime Minister ordered airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria for the first time.


USAF 28 Syria sorties in one day
Feb 25, 2017  
-  ISIS losing as the US coalition steps up its efforts.
Airstrikes were conducted in Syria against ISIS on February 23 in and around Raqqa, some in KIraq in support of the Iraqi Army near Mosul.  Most of the airstrikes were conducted in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces that captured a handful of villages from ISIS on Friday.

Pentagon ditches Obama RoE
Feb 25, 2017  WTimes
-  Pentagon ditches onerous rules of engagement, gives Mosul troops quicker firepower access.  Iraqi forces and U.S. coalition troops are no longer burdened by nightmare rules of engagement.

General Mad Dog Mattis doesnt fool around.
I've been waiting to see this - Pentagon ditches Obama RoE - which favored enemy.

Eliminate the EU
Feb 25, 2017  
-  France’s Marine Le Pen wants to eliminate the EU.  I think Prez Donald Trump has given COURAGE and BOLDNESS to the whole world.  Le Pen said it is time do away with the European Union, which has become a bureaucratic monster. Beast!  She wants to build another Europe, whether Merkel wants it or not.

Syrian Kurd Peshmerga not part of FSA
Feb 25, 2017  
-  Kurdish officials said the Rojava Peshmerga are NOT part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  The Rojava Peshmergas are not part of Turkey’s or the Syrian coalition’s agendas.

The Rojava Peshmerga goal was to train the FSA to return to Syrian Kurdistan and to defend the region, but failed to reach a deal with FSA or the Syrian coalition. The Peshmergas are not part of the FSA and they will never go to areas other than Kurdistan.

The Rojava Peshmerga are Kurdish soldiers who defected from Assad’s army and who were trained in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. The force was established in March 2012.

Rojava is northern Syria which includes Kobanî and Raqqa.
Rojava (the West in Kurdish) is an autonomous region in northern Syria.


ISIS attacks Iraq-Jordan border
Feb 25, 2017 debka
-  At least 15 guards killed in ISIS attack on Iraqi-Jordanian border.
Daesh suicide car bomb and gunmen attack border guard near Trebil in Anbar, on the Iraqi border with Jordan.

Iraqi forces claim that as ISIS defenses give way in western Mosul against advancing Iraqi government and US forces, they are staging diversionary terrorist attacks in other parts of the country.

ISIS Suicide attacks in Homs, Syria
Feb 25, 2017 debka
-  Syrian army colonel Hassan Dahbul was among the 42 people killed in government-controlled Homs.   6 ISIS-Nusra blew themselves up near the state security and military headquarters.

Iraq hits ISIS in Syria
Feb 25, 2017  
-  The Iraqi air force bombed ISIS in Abu Kemal, Syria near the Iraqi border, where ISIS had moved its command centers. Iraqi Gen. Tahseen Ibrahim had coordinated the attack with Moscow, Damascus and Tehran using shared intelligence.

If President Donald Trump gave a quiet nod to the 4-way Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Iraqi military partnership for fighting ISIS, it would signify the start of US-Russian cooperation.
The Trump administration objects to Turkey's role.


SYRIA * ISIS shells Damascus
Feb 27, 2017  
-  ISIS-Nusra shells Damascus and its suburbs, as well as southern and southwestern Syria.  Daraa, Hadar, al-Qabu and al-Sheniya in Homs province all came under fire.  The terrorists poisoned the Damascus water supply

Turkey was NOT invited into either Syria or Iraq.
Feb 27, 2017  
-  Turkey intends to permanently occupy El Bab.  Erdogan intends to keep Al-Bab and territory he captured, made a deal with ISIS to leave.  Turkey is NOT a friend of America. Should Turkey suffer consequences as a result of their invasion of Syria, neither the US or any other member of NATO should come to the aid of Islamist Turkey.  Erdogan wants to annex Iraqi Kurdistan for its vast oil reserves.

Feb 27, 2017  
-  Syria President Bashar Assad told Iran-Hellzballah they can place missiles to shoot into Israel Syrian territory.  Hizballah has advanced weapons systems from Iran in the Qalamoun Mountains in Syria.  Hizballah has been tunneling from Lebanon into Israel for years.

Syrian Army liberates three villages in rural #Aleppo, fights off Turkish Army assault

Iraqi forces seize Mosul’s bridge
Feb 27, 2017
-  US-backed Iraqi forces captured Mosul’s southernmost bridge across the Tigris river. Once repaired, the bridge could help bring army reinforcements and supplies from the eastern side of the city, piling pressure on militants dug in on the western side. (Reuters)

Golan Heights


IRAQ * Mosul, Kurdistan
Mar 1, 2017
  -  Intense fighting in western Mosul.  ISIS blends with civilians fleeing humanitarian disaster in Mosul.  Iraqi forces tighten refugee screening process to prevent jihadists from escaping.
Civilians in West Mosul face acute food, water & medicine shortages.
US-Iraqi forces began to retake western Mosul.
ISIS shells and snipes residents fleeing Mosul.

Muslims are inhuman cowards!

Mar 1, 2017  
-  Erdogan threatens USA they will close Incirlik airbase if USA supports Kurds.  ONLY KURDS ACTUALLY FIGHT ISIS - and WIN!  TURKEY is EVIL, DANGEROUS, CRAZED! they MUST be thrown outta NATO!

Turkey will use the Incirlik Airbase as a bargaining chip to stop the US from backing the Kurds (YPG, SDF) leading the Raqqa operation.  The SDF is a Kurdish army with a couple Arabs.  Expansionist Erdogan plans to steal land in Syria-Iraq.

US President Donald Trump is expected to reveal detailed plans for the capture of Raqqa in the coming days.
USA should build a base in Rojava, Irbil or Kirkuk. It could be in operation within weeks.

Kurds enter Kirkuk Oil
Mar 2, 2017  Kurdistan
-  Kurds entered North Oil Company (NOC) in Kirkuk to show Baghdad that Kirkuk’s oil is for the people of Kurdistan (PUK).  Kurds deployed troops to prevent Baghdad from exporting Kirkuk’s oil to Mosul and Baghdad. Baghdad wants to export Kirkuk’s oil.  The force has controlled a pump station where extracted oil is stored from the oilfields, and its main purpose of the station is to export it to the Ceyhan port through a pipeline.

Iran Kurds
Mar 2, 2017  Kurdistan
-  Iran Kurds in Kurdistan denounce an Iraqi parliamentary motion that calls for their expulsion from Iraq.  Iran Kurds ask Kurds from all other parts of Kurdistan for their support .

Big Daddy admits defeat (maybe)
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Nineveh ( -  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader admits defeat in Mosul.  He ordered his fighters to flee urban areas in Mosul, flee and hide in mountainous areas in Iraq and Syria.

Russia denies attacking US-forces
Mar 2, 2017  Kurdistan
-  Russia denied the US accusation that Russian or Syrian fighter jets bombed US backed-Syrian Arab Coalition near al-Bab, in northern Syria.  The US provided exact coordinates of the US-backed opposition forces in the region to a Russian officer.
No air strike on the regions specified by the US was conducted by Russian or Syrian air forces.

The US commander claimed that  Russian and Syrian fighter jets carried out airstrikes against the US-backed Syrian fighters by mistake.  US advisers were within 5 kilometers from the site of the bombings.

There are Turkey FSA in the area who captured al-Bab last week.  The SDF control the city of Manbij, northeast of al-Bab.  Turkey and FSA are attacking Kurds.  USA cant stop Turkey.  Evil Turkey intends to occupy Syria and they may have done the bombing.

Rojava Peshmerga
Mar 2, 2017  Rudaw
-  Tense wait between Rojava Peshmerga and Yazidi forces.
500 Rojavan Peshmerga Kurds deployed to the Rojava, Kurdistan border to defend South Kurdistan.
The Roj-Pesh Kurds were sent to force the YBS - Sinjar Resistance - out.  Kurd KRG President Massoud Barzani visited Ankara to discuss the entrance of Roj-Pesh forces to Syria.
This article is complex and suspicious and I dont trust it.  Everything in the mideast is hyper complex.

Syrian special ops filmed advancing on Palmyra to liberate it from Islamic State terrorists.

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