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Jews, GO HOME to ISRAEL - ONLY Israel is safe


May 24, 2014
 Today, there is a strong political polarization, especially in Holland. Radicals from both sides of the political spectrum have become more extreme, and the middle ground is disappearing. I can't walk a whole day in the street without having at least one person shout the words "dirty Jew" at me, because I am visibly Jewish.

If so, one hates to think what it's like in the high-scoring countries.
The Anti-Defamation League created a stir last week by releasing the results of a global survey of antisemitism, the most comprehensive ever.
These results are considered shocking by many. Actually, for those who bother to keep up with reality, they contain no surprises.

The Middle East and North Africa come out worst, with 74 percent among population groups qualifying as antisemitic according to the poll’s 11-question index. The most antisemitic political entities in the world? The West Bank and Gaza, coming in at 93 percent. (Yes, those same Palestinians with whom Israel is always under pressure to “make peace.”)

The next worst region is Eastern Europe, with 34 percent scoring as antisemites. But not too far behind is Western Europe—the home of multiculturalism, advanced environmental awareness, bevies of human rights NGOs, and so on—at 24 percent.

The West European countries scoring highest for antisemitism were Greece with a whopping 69 percent, France at 37 percent, and Spain at 29 percent. Germany did itself proud by coming in above the West European average at 27 percent—a bit over one-quarter antisemitic seven decades after the Holocaust.
Over the weekend the European Jewish Association (EJA), along with other European Jewish organizations,
held a briefing on the survey in Brussels for EU ambassadors and officials.

European Jews worry after elections
May 27, 2014
Election results, attacks in Brussels, Paris are an ominous sign.
Nazi gains in the European Union Parliament have Jews nervous as they ponder a future in which parties they see as anti-Semitic secure increasing influence over policy.
Several parties that promote hatred had strong support.

The AJC bemoaned the fact that Jobbik is now the second largest Hungarian party in the continental legislature, while in Greece, Golden Dawn Nazis are now in the parliament for the first time.  In France the Nazis scored 25% of the vote.
Their presence in the legislature will provide a soapbox from which to propagate their hatred.

European revolt
The revolt had been a long time brewing. The rising voices of discontent, the anti-austerity protests, the steady rise of Eurosceptic parties.
Even so, the shock could not be disguised when a stridently anti-EU party topped the poll in France.
The vote is in part a protest. The Socialist government is widely despised and unemployment remains stubbornly high. The French economy is stagnating.  Marine Le Pen has cleverly tapped into the frustration with globalisation and job insecurity.

German Jews shocked at Nazi success in EU elections

Hollande calls for reform

The term - RIGHT WING - is really a false term.  
Christians are called right wing and we hate nazis!
Nazis are anti-Christian and well as anti-Jew.  
I have therefore substituted NAZI for right wing.

Hungary: Jewish graves spray-painted with swastikas

A Jewish cemetery in the city of Tatabánya in Hungary was vandalized on Thursday, as tombstones were spray-painted with swastikas and writings reading "rotten Jews" and "there was never a Holocaust, but there will be one.",7340,L-4499242,00.html

One in four adults worldwide are anti-Semitic, survey says

The survey included 102 countries representing 88 percent of the world population, and asked if 11 traditionally anti-Semitic attitudes were true or false. Those stereotypes include whether Jewish people have excessive power over international markets and the global media, whether they are about only "their own kind," and whether "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars."

One in four adults worldwide are anti-Semitic, survey says

The survey included 102 countries representing 88 percent of the world population, and asked if 11 traditionally anti-Semitic attitudes were true or false. Those stereotypes include whether Jewish people have excessive power over international markets and the global media, whether they are about only "their own kind," and whether "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars."

Kristallnacht 2014
August 6, 2014
 Israel left Gaza in 2005 with agricultural and other infrastructure in place. Aid began to pour in from around the world. Hamas showed its gratitude by destroying  the infrastructure left behind and using the supplies meant for new houses (i.e. building materials and cement) to construct an underground tunnel system for continual attacks on Israel.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, an arm of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood going back to the 3rd Reich, and its Charter calls for the destruction of Israel and all Jews.  Worldwide media have assisted this objective

In 2014 as in 1933 we see an explosion of anti-Semitism, especially in Europe, the UK and even in the U.S. and Canada. Throughout Europe (Eurabia) we see out-of-control violence against Jews and Israel using the Hamas-Israel war as an excuse for the old hatred. This is, in part, a direct result of the biased media coverage.

Anti-Israel sentiment is widespread and becoming a real danger even in the United States.
There is almost no outrage voiced by the U.S. administration or from the EU.
(The Reason is because Obama and his mafia are mostly Muslims who hate Israel and Christians.)

And now pastors like Steven Anderson are openly preaching anti-Semitism on the pulpits - this is HOW FAR it's come now!

Exodus French-Style
August 6, 2014
Jew-hatred in France, mostly among Muslims, is reaching such threatening proportions that Jews feel forced to leave to ensure their safety.
Muslims shouted anti-Semitic slogans, attacked police, burned vehicles and damaged stores.
Two synagogues and a kosher grocery store attacked.
Mob rule and barbarism won over law and order.
This climate endangers their children.

Australia Anti-Semites attack school bus, threaten Jewish girls saying, we going to cut your throats!
In Australia a group shouting Nazi slogans and threatening to murder everyone on board on Wednesday.
Why the bus driver opened the doors for these strange men and allow them on to torment the kids.

WHO is steven anderson?
“Jews to the gas!”: Islamic anti-Semitism rising in Germany, synagogues attacked
Robert Spencer Sep 16, 2014 at 7:23pm Eurabia, Germany, Islamic antisemitism 3 Comments

It has gotten so bad that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to combat it, and even the New York Times has to acknowledge it. Of course, they don’t mention its Qur’anic roots — the fact that the Qur’an calls Jews the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82), says they are under Allah’s curse (9:30) and more.

“What’s Behind Germany’s New Anti-Semitism,” by Jochen Bittner, New York Times, September 16, 2014:

   HAMBURG, Germany — Europe is living through a new wave of anti-Semitism. The president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews calls it the worst the Continent has seen since World War II. He may well be right. Attacks on synagogues are an almost weekly occurrence, and openly anti-Semitic chants are commonplace on well-attended marches from London to Rome. And yet it is here, in Germany, where the rise in anti-Semitism is most historically painful.

   On Sunday, thousands of people marched through Berlin in response, and heard both Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck denounce the resurgence in anti-Jewish hatred.

   We’ve seen this before, of course. But there’s an important difference this time. The new anti-Semitism does not originate solely with the typical white-supremacist neo-Nazi; instead, the ugly truth that many in Europe don’t want to confront is that much of the anti-Jewish animus originates with European people of Muslim background.

   Until recently, Germany has been unwilling to discuss this trend. Germans have always seen Muslim anti-Semitism as a less problematic version of the “original” version, and therefore a distraction from the well-known problem of anti-Jewish sentiment within a majority of society.

   And yet the German police have noted a disturbing rise in the number of people of Arabic and Turkish descent arrested on suspicion of anti-Semitic acts in recent years, especially over the last several months. After noticing an alarming uptick in anti-Semitic sentiment among immigrant students, the German government is considering a special fund for Holocaust education.

   Of course, anti-Semitism didn’t originate with Europe’s Muslims, nor are they its only proponents today. The traditional anti-Semitism of Europe’s far right persists. So, too, does that of the far left, as a negative byproduct of sympathy for the Palestinian liberation struggle. There’s also an anti-Semitism of the center, a subcategory of the sort of casual anti-Americanism and anticapitalism that many otherwise moderate Europeans espouse.

   But the rise of Muslim anti-Semitism is responsible for the recent change in the tone of hate in Germany. Until recently, the country’s anti-Semitism has been largely coded and anonymous. Messages might be spray-painted on walls at night; during the day, though, it would be rare to hear someone shout, as protesters did in Berlin in July, “Jews to the gas!” Another popular slogan at this and other rallies was “Jew, coward pig, come out and fight alone!” — shouted just yards from Berlin’s main Holocaust memorial. And this is the difference today: An anti-Semitism that is not only passionate, but also unaware of, or indifferent to, Germany’s special history.

   Talking to Muslim friends, I can’t help but believe that the audacity of today’s anti-Semitism is in part a result of the exploitation of a “victim status,” an underdog sentiment that too many European Muslims have embraced enthusiastically. This is not just the sort of social-science explanation we often hear for hatred, as racism from people who are themselves the victims of racism and discrimination.

   Yes, there is discrimination against and exclusion of Muslims in Europe, and many of them certainly have reason to be frustrated. But this sentiment is more complex, born not only from how someone feels about himself and his neighbors, but about himself and his country. It is twofold: Germany’s history is not my history. And: I’ll never fully belong to your nation anyway, so why should I take on its burdens as you do?

   One friend, whose parents are from Turkey, told me that when she learned about the Holocaust at her German school, she wondered what all that had to do with her biography. As someone born in 1973, though with blond hair, I could ask the same question.

   The point is, it’s not about personal involvement; it is not in our blood, but it is in our history, in the timeline of a place that migrants have become part of. For Germans, accepting responsibility for the Holocaust has to mean feeling ultimately and more than any other nations’ citizens responsible for keeping the memory of its horrors alive — simply because those crimes were ordered from our soil.

   Nothing more, but also nothing less has to be expected from every citizen of this country, no matter where her or his parents are from.

   What has become obvious this summer is that the “old” Germans have not yet managed to properly deliver this message to all the “new” Germans. Emotionally, this may have been understandable, given how many “bio-Germans,” as we call ethnic Germans, actually had Nazi family members that they still got to know, which may have made them wary of telling others what to think.

   But the lesson of the Holocaust is a lesson for mankind. And it’s every German’s job to make that clear at all times and to everyone, regardless of where you think you come from.


20 years ago I visited both Germany and Turkey - Germany has(or had) a big auto industry, and they contracted to hire alot of workers from Turkey(which is why there are alot of Turkish immigrants there). Anyhow - the sentiment and concerns in Turkey at the time was over a potential Muslim takeover in their government(which is why non-Muslims chose to take the SECULAR position, instead of choosing any kind of religion. No, I'm NOT defending them, but this was what we were told). Eventually, Islam took over their government in 2000.

Twisted Evil

Shirley MacLaine: Jews Died in Holocaust Due to Sins in Past Lives

Actress and Democratic Party supporter Shirley MacLaine is under fire for suggesting that the six million Jews slaughtered by the Nazis were paying for their past sins.

According to the Daily Mail the Oscar-winner writes in her new memoir:

   "What if most Holocaust victims were balancing their karma from ages before, when they were Roman soldiers putting Christians to death, the Crusaders who murdered millions in the name of Christianity, soldiers with Hannibal, or those who stormed across the Near East with Alexander? The energy of killing is endless and will be experienced by the killer and the killee."

MacLaine is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and left-wing activist.

An ardent abortion activist, she lobbied at the 1972 Democratic Convention for abortion rights in the party platform.

She is the Godmother of liberal icon Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

In 2013, she received the Kennedy Center award from President Barack Obama.

She has suggested an alien may have been responsible for Ronald Reagan's presidency.

And now, apparently, she thinks the Jews had it coming. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS
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