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Jewish Bride insulted by her videographer

Jewish Bride Was in for a Shocking Surprise When She Sat Down to Watch Her Wedding Video
10/11/13  Claudia Gocman had more reason than one to be angry over her wedding video. She had to wait nine months to receive it and she felt that it was truly poor quality ó but the bride also observed something much more sinister that left her absolutely fuming.
Rather than focusing on capturing the beauty of the day, the cameraman can be heard throughout the footage making a series of offensive and anti-Semitic remarks ó statements he failed to edit out before sending the tainted wedding memories to Gocman.

The comments were apparently uttered while videographer Anthony Aurelius was speaking with his assistant. At the time, he likely didnít know the camera was still rolling, so what he thought were private comments have now been made public, leading to some unpalatable publicity. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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