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Israel is hungry for GOD in Ashdod

Israel is hungry for GOD in Ashdod

Ashdod and Ashkelon are just north of the terrorist-ruled Gaza strip on the Mediterranean.

Bibles and testimony books distributed in Ashdod

March 21, 2010

Shalom dear saints in the Lord

Yesterday Linda and I were in Ashdod for a walk along the beach and met up with a dear friend in the Lord. Almost weekly he has been on the boardwalk in Ashdod sharing the Good News of Yeshua and distributing testimony books and bibles in both Russian and Hebrew. I had the opportunity of spending some time with Simcha (translated Joy) praying and observing the tremendous hunger I saw in many people. I was with him for about an hour and many people stopped to obtain a bible or a testimonial book and to hear the Good News of our Awesome King Yeshua. One man even stopped and began singing some traditional religious Jewish songs with great joy.

I see it more and more. The Lord is stirring a hunger for spiritual truth in people all over the world, and very much so in Israel. It has been twelve years since Linda and I made Aliyah (coming up to Jerusalem) and in the past few years I have seen a continuous increase in hunger to know spiritual truth. And also see that if there is no one of faith out there to feed this hunger the enemy is very quick to come and fill the void with religion or deception. I even had the opportunity yesterday to share with two young Jewish ladies visiting from America and their hearts were visibly absorbing the simple truth of the Love of God which is in Messiah Yeshua.

Please continue to pray that this hunger the for spiritual truth would grow here in Israel.

- Pray that the Lord would send labourers into the harvest, for it surely is ripe.

- Pray for the many in the body of Messiah here in Israel to have a heart change and become labourers. Many have been bound in fear (please take a look at these scriptures Jhn 7:13 , Jhn 19:38 , Jhn 20:19 ) and also take a look at an article I wrote back in 2005. It looks at a very real lie that has become a stronghold in the body of Messiah here in Israel.


PRAY that many would have ears to hear, and eyes to see. The prophet Isaiah spoke a word over rebellious Israel many years ago but I believe we have come into the time and season where this judgement over Israel is to be removed Mat 13:14 .

- pray for spiritually open ears and eyes in Israel. For our leadership to hear and obey the word of the Lord. Just a few days ago Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son won the bible quiz at the national level and will soon be Israel's representative at the international bible quiz. The national bible quiz he just won was all based on the land of Israel and in particular Jerusalem our eternal capital.

Israel's call is to be a light to the nations. The word of God makes it clear that ultimately this light is Yeshua (Jesus). There is no other true light to shine but His. And all of you reading this are a part of this Family/Kingdom of God, at times referred to as the Commonwealth of Israel, in another place called the Olive tree of Israel. You have been adopted and grafted in, please pray with us and for us that in this season the Lord would begin to pour out His spirit "of Grace and Supplication" upon His people Israel.

Shalom may His Shalom be in your home
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