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Islamic March to Jerusalem Israel

Islamic March to Jerusalem is an attack on Israel
March 23,  2012

The march is organized by those who hate Israel.
Iran is recruiting Muslim terrorists worldwide to march on Jerusalem.
Iranian Jews forced to join anti-Israel March, up front, as human shields.  Damned Muslim cowards!

This is intended to prevent Israeli soldiers from firing on the trespassers for fear of killing the Jews.

Iran also ordered Jews to march with Muslim terrorists in Lebanon.
March 30 they will mass on the Lebanese and Jordanian borders with Israel and Gaza checkpoints.

Iranian Jews have been living in fear of reprisals should Israel or the United States attack Iran.
Muslims are pure Evil.

Now Jews face murder and abduction by Hellzballah and Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon.
Jewish leaders were obliged to sign a declaration of solidarity with the Global March and condemnation of Israel.
Tehran is the leader of the Global March against Israel, with support from 5 continents.
Iran's motive has NOTHING to do with Palestinians, they are merely an excuse.,2506,L-4206949,00.html

Dont march to Jerusalem!
Israel warned Palestinians not to approach Israeli borders during Jerusalem march March 30th[/b]

Arab terrorists prepare for Jerusalem March, Hundreds of thousands expected,2506,L-4209532,00.html

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Israel ready for Muslim March to Jerusalem
March 26,  2012
Attacks on Israel borders to mark 36th anniversary of Land 'Nakba' Day, marking Muslim hatred of Israel's existence.
Iran pressuring its Jews to take part.
Israel is prepared to handle this attack
Ya think? Question

Always DOUBT when a Muslim says they are planning 'peaceful' marches on the Israeli border in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and at Israeli checkpoints.
This march is based on the usual Islamic and world media lies.

This happened on a smaller scale in May 2011 when Muslims tried (and some succeeded) to breach the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Israel on
Nakba Day when Palestinian Muslims mourn Israel's creation in 1948.

Palestinians, Damascus join attack Friday
The religion of peace eh?  Is this how Armageddon begins?

March 27,  2012  Tuesday
The PA is joining the mass anti-Israel disturbances in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel.
They plan to smash through Israeli border checkpoints and fences.
Syria is lining up busloads to storm Israel.

The insane claim is PA is too broke to buy medicines.
Only a fool believes that.  They spend all the money on guns, weapons, bombs and not the people.
Giving Palestinians cash is hate money for terrorism.
Syrian Palestinians are instructed to rush the Israeli border and knock over its Israeli guards.


2 million set for March on Jerusalem Friday
March 27, 2012
Israel has urged neighboring states not to let participants reach its borders
2 million Arab terrorists will march toward the borders of Israel and take part in activities designed to highlight Jerusalem’s Arab character on Friday, the event organizer claims.

Ribhi Haloum, general coordinator of the “Global March to Jerusalem,” said in a press statement that volunteers from 80 countries will take part in the march. Jordan and Lebanon will send protesters to the border, whereas Egypt will organize a solidarity marathon from Cairo University to the pyramids in Giza and a large rally at Al-Azhar University.

The organizers emphasized the peaceful nature of the march, which will coincide with Land Day, an annual day of commemoration marked by Arab citizens of Israel to protest land confiscation.
But judging by the event’s Facebook page, at least some supporters are demanding concrete action on Jerusalem.
“What will you do after the march? Liberate it!” wrote commentator Muhammad Malkawi. Other talkbackers asked about solidarity activities in Sudan or Iraq.

Iran flies thousands of pro-Palestinian terrorists to Syria
March 28, 2012  Wednesday
Israel boosted its Syrian and Lebanese border units as special flights carrying thousands of pro-Palestinian activists from Tehran touched down in Damascus Tuesday, March 27 for the international Global March to Jerusalem Friday, March 30. Before taking off, they were split into small groups and tutored by Iranian Al Qods Brigades officers in tactics for breaching Israeli border barriers, bursting through and challenging the Israeli military forces defending the border.

On arrival in Damascus, one group of activists was sent by special bus to Lebanon, where Hizballah officers stood by to lead them to villages close to the Israeli frontier; a second is assigned to face Israeli lines on the Golan.
These anti-Israeli activists from several countries are being planted at strategic points to carry out the plan hatched together by Iran, Syria and Hizballah to ignite Israel’s two northern borders in solidarity with the annual Israeli-Arab Earth Day next Friday.

Earlier reports from Damascus that the demonstrators would keep the Quneitra sector of the Golan and the Lebanese Beaufort were meant to put the Israeli command off its stroke by disguising the real scope of their plans and their objective:  a mass assault on Israeli borders. They are programmed to coincide with the outbreaks the Palestinian Authority is preparing for Jerusalem and the West Bank and Israeli-Arab disturbances inside Israel – all on the same day, as DEBKAfile reported earlier Tuesday.
The Palestinian extremists of the Gaza Strip will certainly not stand aloof.

Christ at the Checkpoint, Bethlehem, Israel


Friday, Nakba, (Land) Day March 30,  2012  
Some of the march was in other nations all week.
There have been ongoing attacks in Israel all week.

Israel braces for Arab protests on Friday
IDF imposes full closure on West Bank, deploys along borders with Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan ahead of attack.

NOON Friday
Israel directed their forces to be alert and act advisedly to ensure the sovereignty of Israel.
IDF announces closure on the West Bank, limit access to Temple Mount, block access to Lebanese border.

Bethlehem procession begins

Clashes break out in Samaria (westbank) Friday
Palestinian devils throw stones at IDF checkpoint near Bethlehem.
IDF, Palestinians clash at Qalandiya checkpoint Friday

Lebanon on high alert Friday
Lebanese army boosts security in south to prevent repetition of 2011 border clashes.
Lebanon sending 120 buses
Lebanon marchers have begun to make their way towards the Beaufort post, just NW of the Golan Heights, as part of the Nakba, Land Day events. ynet

Jordan - 8,000 gather to begin Jerusalem march
Muslim Protesters in Amman Jordan burn Israeli, American flags.

Firebombs hurled at Jerusalem bus
3 mortars hit Negev; Israeli aircraft open fire in Gaza Thursday,7340,L-4210084,00.html,7340,L-4210157,00.html,7340,L-4210059,00.html,7340,L-4210074,00.html,7340,L-4210176,00.html

The USS Enterprise was expected in the Persian Gulf now.  
Instead, its in the Mediterranean, passing thru the Straight of Gibralter into the Atlantic Ocean.3 pages

Israel is dumb to give citizenship to Arab terrorists.
Galilee - Thousands of Arab Israelis are taking part in march
Thousands of Arab Israelis attend Land Day rallie
Arab Knesset members were among the protesters, Ahmad Tibi said Arabs have a right to Israel's land.,7340,L-4210263,00.html

Arabs clash with IDF in West Bank, Gaza

IDF troops fire at Palestinians trying to breach Gaza border fence.
Palestinians hurl Molotov cocktails at IDF troops.

At least 14 Palestinians were hurt attempting to breach the border fence near Erez Crossing.
Hamas used clubs on protestors.,7340,L-4210176,00.html

Palestinian killed approaching the Israel-Gaza border
Israeli troops fired warning shots first

Overall, no dramatic incidents took place,7340,L-4210306,00.html


IDF and Hamas battle Jihad snipers trying to provoke Gaza warfare
March 31, 2012  It may not be over yet
The most violent event of Nakba Day Friday, March 30 was a battle around the Gaza-Israeli Erez crossing between Israel and Iran marksmen
laying down fire to cover a mass Palestinian rush on the Israeli border to force Israeli soldiers to shoot into the crowd.
A Palestinian man may have been killed by bullets from either side.
(Hamas is the 'child' of Egypt.)

At the end of the day, Israeli borders remained intact and Palestinian mobs were prevented from breaking through.
HOWEVER, the turmoil may not be over.  
IDF military will remain in place around borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian areas another couple weeks.

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