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IRS * Internal Revenue Service

IRS  *  Internal Revenue Service

Dozens of pastors challenge IRS rules
Sept. 2009  
-  80 preachers are taking part in Pulpit Freedom Sunday this weekend.
We need the government to get out of the pulpit!  Pastors will preach Sunday sermons related to biblical perspectives on the positions of electoral candidates or current government officials, exercising their constitutional right to freedom of religion.  It is every pastors job to tell what sin is!  Among them - HOMOsex is SIN and ABORTION is MURDER!

Dozens of pastors around the nation are challenging an Internal Revenue Service rule that anti-Christian activists often invoke when they want to silence the message of churches.  They will do so despite an IRS rule that activists use when they want to silence the message of Christians. This nation no longer wishes to hear GOD's call to REPENT from SIN.

FORCED COLLECTION of 15 New Taxes from DEMONcrats
March 22, 2010
 -  15 New Taxes from DEMONcrats
The House of Representatives DEMONcrats passed a bill from HELL they falsely called 'health care reform'
to be signed into LAW March 23, 2010.  The bill is littered with tax increases in order to fund the expansion of health coverage for Americans, and the Reconciliation Act, now in the Senate, has similar increases.  


Many doctors will quit and many hospitals close.


SOME BABIES LIVE thru abortions

Collecting taxes
March 28, 2010
By Jerome Corsi
Obamacare cops to force new tax compliance and they will carry GUNS!
Collecting taxes under the Demoncrats' newly passed health-care plan will cost the federal government
more than $1 billion a year in salaries alone, Republicans in Congress estimate.

The legislation will require the IRS to hire as many as 16,500 additional auditors, agents and other employees to investigate and collect billions in new taxes imposed on Americans, according to a House Committee on Ways and Means Committee Republican report prepared March 18 for ranking members Reps. Dave Camp, R-Mich., and Charles Boustany, R-La.

In March 2009, the federal government's average annual salary was $42,035 for tax examiners, $91,507 for internal revenue agents and $63,547 for tax specialists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics "Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition."
Averaging the three pay grade averages yields an estimated $65,696 per IRS worker hired, assuming an equal number of tax examiners, internal revenue agents and tax specialists.

The Cash starved IRS will Not be giving your tax returns ontime.
February 2011   washingtonpost

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


IRS: Identity theft prosecutions doubled in 2013
January, 2014
The Internal Revenue Service is seeing a big jump in thieves stealing Social Security numbers to fraudulently claim tax refunds.

The IRS launched 1,492 criminal investigations into identity theft last year, a 66% increase from the year before. Prosecutions and indictments more than doubled. The numbers dwarf those from just two years ago.
In all, the IRS said it has flagged 14.6 million suspicious tax returns since 2011, blocking more than $50 billion in fraudulent refunds.

New IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters this week that stopping identity theft was a top priority for the agency.

In a common scam, thieves use stolen Social Security numbers to file tax returns early in the filing season so they can claim refunds before legitimate taxpayers file their returns. The IRS, which prides itself on issuing quick refunds, often sends out refunds before it receives documents verifying wages and other income from employers and financial institutions.

Koskinen said waiting for such documents could delay refunds for months. This year, the IRS boasts on its website that it expects to issue "more than nine out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days."

A recent inspector general's report said the IRS is stepping up efforts to fight identity theft but thieves are getting more aggressive.

The IRS issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds in 2012 to people using stolen identities, according to the inspector general's report released in November. The IRS sent a total of 655 tax refunds to a single address in Lithuania, and 343 refunds went to a lone address in Shanghai, the report said.

The agency said it has since improved its computer filters to flag suspicious refunds, including cases in which many refunds go to the same address. On Tuesday, the IRS said more than 3,000 agents were working to fight identity theft.

The agency said a coast-to-coast sweep in January 2013 led to 109 arrests and 189 indictments.

The issue has exploded in just a few years. In the 2011 budget year, the IRS recommended 218 cases of suspected identity theft for prosecution, a number that grew to 1,257 last year. The number of indictments grew from 165 to 1,050 in the same period.
Last year, 438 people were sentenced in identity theft cases, the IRS said. Sentences ranged from two months in prison to more than 26 years.

OBAMACARE was never about healthcare!
Gruber info

IRS in Contempt of Court
July 29, 2015
-  Federal Judge threatens to Hold IRS Commissioner, DOJ Lawyers in Contempt of Court.
Judicial Watch announced that U.S District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department attorneys in contempt of court after the IRS failed to produce status reports and newly recovered emails of Lois Lerner, former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS, as he had ordered on July 1, 2015.

During the a status hearing today, Sullivan warned that the failure to follow his order was serious and the IRS and Justice Department’s excuses for not following his July 1 order were “indefensible, ridiculous, and absurd.”  He asked the IRS’ Justice Department lawyer Geoffrey Klimas, “Why didn’t the IRS comply” with his court order and “why shouldn’t the Court hold the Commissioner of the IRS in contempt.”  Judge Sullivan reminded the Justice Department attorney he had the ability to detain him for contempt.  Warning he would tolerate no further disregard of his orders, Judge Sullivan said, “I will haul into court the IRS Commissioner to hold him personally into contempt.”
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Al Sharpton may go to Prison
Jan 16, 2017  
-  YES YES YES!!!  Al Sharpton got some very bad news recently when he learned his passport might be revoked.  H.R. 22 moves to strip passports from anyone who owes $50,000 in back taxes.  Not paying your taxes is ILLEGAL!

Clean house at IRS
Mar 12, 2017  
-  Trump gets urgent warning to clean house at IRS as quickly as possible.  IRS cooperated completely in targeting conservatives. Judicial Watch filed the suit against the IRS in 2015 to determine how the agency selected individuals and organizations for audits after they requested nonprofit tax status.

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