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Iran Nuke Test in North Korea

Iran Nuke Test in North Korea

January 1, 2011  DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

North Korea may be setting up a nuclear test on Iran's behalf.
A large group of Iranian nuclear scientists and technicians has been spotted in the last few days at North Korea's nuclear center at Yongbyon.
At first they were examining the new, extra-fast centrifuges for enriching uranium North Korea had showed off to America visitors in November.
But they thought again when some Iranians visited NKorea's Punggye-ri testing site near the Chinese border.

US and South Korean suspect they plan a joint North Korea-Iranian nuclear test.
Iran brought a large sum of money with them estimated at $150 million, fee for staging a nuclear test on Tehran's behalf.

Dec. 2 France strongly urged Obama to get tough militarily with North Korea.
Tehran has engaged the world powers in talks on its nuclear program solely to play for time until North Korea's assistance kicked in.
Iran testing in North Korea would defeat the enforcement of international sanctions.

Stuxnet worm (my guess) disabled Iran's nuclear weapons capability, North Korea is the only outsider with the ability and will to help Iran.

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