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Indonesia news

Russian passenger jet crashed, All 45 feared dead
May  10,  2012
Indonesia searchers find missing Russia jet wreckage.
Rescuers find bodies at the wreckage of Russian jet which crashed in Indonesia.
A helicopter saw debris on the side of a cliff near a dormant volcano.
Russian-made passenger plane smashed into the steep side of an Indonesian volcano during a flight to impress potential buyers.

May  9,  2012   first reported missing
A Russian Sukhoi Superjet passenger plane with 44 people aboard has gone missing in Indonesia
The plane disappeared from radar screens during a flight meant to last 30 minutes.
Helicopters were dispatched to look for the jet, thought to have been flying near a mountain.
Indonesian authorities suggested the airplane may have been hijackedor crashed into a mountain in poor visibility.

Russian Plane Likely Crashed in Fog
May 10, 2012  By Jim Andrews, Senior Meteorologist accuweather
A high speed jet plane hit the cliff, exploded and tore apart.
AccuWeather showed relatively quiet weather with very little rain and few clouds over western Java, where Jakarta is located.
Topographic maps for western Java show an number of mountain tops, a few of them volcanoes, reaching between 6,000 and 10,000 feet in areas south of Jakarta.
Any one of these could have been obscured by localized clouds, as mountains are known for making their own weather.

Teams comb wreckage of Russian jetliner in Indonesia

Air Asia flight QZ8501
It crashed December 28, 2014 in Java Sea with 155 passengers and crew on board.
I personally believe the Muslim pilot killed them.  1/3 of the passengers were Christians.

Malaysia Flight MH370 went missing, never found
Did the CIA hijack it to Diego Garcia?  Why?

Indonesia Earthquakes, Singapore, Malaysia
8.1  Major earthquake Indonesia Mar 2, 2016

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Indonesia finds black box part of crashed Russia jet
16 May 2012  An Indonesian search team has found part of the black box of a Russian plane that crashed killing all 45 people on board.
The plane vanished 50 minutes after taking off from Jakarta for a brief demonstration flight on 9 May.

The voice recorder, which was badly burned and had lost its distinctive orange colour, was found about 100m from the tail of the plane.
The flight data recorder remains missing, officials say.
Earlier reports suggested that both parts were recovered.

"The thing that we found is CVR or cockpit voice recorder," Daryatmo, the head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, said during a press conference.
"I asked the controllers in the field and all rescuers, especially the rescue team from military and police to continue searching for FDR (flight data recorder)," said the official, who goes by one name.

Tatang Kurniadi, who heads the National Transportation Safety Commission, said the data from the device that was found would be analysed in Indonesia with help from Russian experts.
It will take between two to three weeks for any details to be revealed, says the BBC's Karishma Vaswani in Jakarta.

Christians STABBED on their way to prayer
September 13,  2010  Indonesia's president ordered police to arrest the assailants.
Indonesia has more Muslims than any other nation in the world. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who relies heavily on Islamic parties in parliament, has been widely criticized in the media for failing to crack down on hard-liners.
Police know the perpetrators were Muslim hard-liners.
The Christian worshippers have refused to stop worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indonesia train crash kills dozens
October  2,  2010
Problem with signals or driver error thought to have led to accident.
Dozens of people were killed and injured when 2 trains collided on Java in Indonesia.
Several carriages had overturned or were badly mangled.
The accident happened in Petarukan train station, Pemalang.  Many passengers were sleeping at the time.

The Petarukan station is where double tracks change to a single track, and the Argo train had not yet been given permission to go ahead when it hit the other train.  Al Jazeera put the death toll at 34 with 27 injured, a signal error caused the collision.
Meanwhile, another passenger train crashed elsewhere around 4 am.

Plane crashes in Indonesia
May  7,  2011
A passenger plane carrying 27 people crashed Saturday as it was about to land in Indonesia's eastern province of West Papua, killing all the passengers.
The plane exploded as it crashed into the sea in bad weather which limited visibility.

*  Combined Indonesia news, added here January 2015

Monstrous New Wasp Species Discovered in Indonesia
March 2012  
 A new insect has been discovered in Indonesia, and it looks like something you would see only in your worst nightmare. It's a new species of wasp found last year by entomologist Lynn Kimsey, a professor at the University of California at Davis. This week, Kimsey formally published her findings on the bug, dubbed "the Komodo dragon of wasps" because of its tremendous size and ferocious appearance.

Discovered in the Mekongga Mountains on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the wasp is 2 1/2 inches long and greater than three times the size of an average wasp. Its jaws are so big that when its mouth is open, its jaws are bigger than its legs. Kimsey admitted she's surprised it can even walk with those kinds of proportions.

Kimsey has named the monstrous insect "Garuda," the national symbol of Indonesia that is part human, part eagle, and known as the "king of birds." This new species of "digger wasp" is known for how the female paralyzes other insects, buries them, and then lays eggs on top of them, providing food for their offspring. It's starting to look like a real "Bug's World."

*  Combined Indonesia news, added here January 2015

Indonesia  ISIS  WMD attempted attack
March 25, 2015
-  Indonesian police say gas attack in Jakarta in February was the work of ISIS jihadists returning home from Syria.  They attempted a chlorine bomb attack in a shopping mall that failed to go off properly.  THANK GOD.
ISIS used chlorine January 23 in a car bomb attack on Kurds in Iraq and Assad forces in Syria.
Indonesia has largely dismantled the Islamic terrorist networks.


Indonesia plane crash kills 30
June 30, 2015
-  An Indonesia military transport plane crashes in a residential area.  The Hercules came down soon after take-off and crashed into two houses and a car and burst into flames.
The plane crashed into a hotel in Medan, Indonesia, killing at least 46 people.
The cause of the crash is unclear.

141 bodies recovered
July 1, 2015 -  No one survived the crash after it hit houses and a hotel before bursting into flames.
Many of the victims are thought to have been relatives of servicemen and women.
At least 19 people killed on the ground.

Why were there so many civilians on board?
The Indonesian military allows relatives of servicemen and women to hitch a ride on military aircraft. The definition of relatives could be quite loose - they often include people outside the immediate family.

Indonesian plane crash
August 16, 2015
-  ISIS pilots operate commercial flights in Indonesia.
An Indonesian plane with 54 people and $470,000 in CASH on board is missing in Papua region.
Contact was lost half hour after take-off from Sentani airport.
The weather is dark and cloudy, the area is mountainous.

Indonesia had 2 major crashes in the past year.
An Indonesia AirAsia plane crashed in the Java Sea 2014 December, killing all 192 people on board.
A military transport plane crashed in a residential area of Medan, Sumatra in 2015 July, killing 140 people including several on the ground.
Sounds like a jihad pilot to me.

Wreckage of missing plane found
August 17, 2015
-  A search plane has spotted the smoking wreckage of an Indonesian passenger plane that went missing.
The plane was carrying 54 passengers and $470,000 aboard.

Crashed Indonesian plane carried $470,000 in cash for poor families.

August 18, 2015 -  Indonesian rescuers have recovered the remains of 54 people who died.  Officials have not said whether the CASH has been located.  The aircraft was completely destroyed and partially burnt.  The black box flight data recorder has also been found.  The plane came down on Sunday in dense forest in a mountainous area, close to its destination of Oksibil. Bad weather is believed to have been a possible reason for the crash.

can you spell - T H E F T

Chinese jihadists in Indonesia
Jan 6, 2016
-  Indonesia working with China to stem a flow of Uighur Muslim terrorists.
Indonesia arrested 13 men, including a Muslim Uighur with a suicide-bomb vest.

Jakarta, Indonesia ISIS attacks
Jan 14, 2016  
-  Jakarta rocked by explosions, gunfire in ISIS Muslim suicide terror attacks.
The explosions went off in front of the Sarinah shopping mall.
About 14 Muslim terrorists arrived on motorcycles and threw grenades.,7340,L-4752805,00.html


Jakarta bombing was directed by mastermind at ISIS Raqqa HQ
Jan 16, 2016  
-  The Indonesian police said the multiple terror attack in downtown Jakarta Thursday was orchestrated and financed by a mastermind from ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria. One of the five attackers who died in the assault was named as Afif. Their mastermind, Bahrun Naim, operating out of ISIS Syrian headquarters, was described as having formed a Southeast Asian branch of ISIS named Katibah al Nusantara.  His vision is to unite all ISIS supporting elements in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

8.1  Major earthquake Indonesia
Mar 2, 2016  -  Tsunami Warning!  USGS originally put the magnitude at 8.2

Indonesia -  ISIS axes priest
Aug 28, 2016  Medan,Sumatra
 -  Axe-wielding ISIS jihadi stabs Catholic priest before trying to blow up hundreds of worshippers during Sunday Mass.  Parishioners intervened when the bomb failed to explode and the guy went after the priest with an axe.  The perpetrator was subdued.
He hollered ala akabar, an ISIS flag in his wallet.

Indonesian plane crash
Dec 3, 2016
-  Indonesian plane with 16 policemen aboard crashes in waters off Batam island.
It was headed to Batam near Singapore when it lost contact.  A seat and bag containing a cellphone and police documents was located, police uniforms and other articles of clothing also had been retrieved from the sea.  Bodies have been recovered by villagers.


0bama's mother, Geither's father
Jan 6, 2017  
-  Both Tim Geithner's dad and Barack Obama's mom worked for the CIA (aka FORD FOUNDATION ) back when the agency was in Indonesia.  Turbo Tax Timothy Geithner, tax cheat the son of Peter Geithner, Ford Foundation head of the Indonesian region's microfinance program, which formerly employed one S. Ann Sutoro, Program Director, and Mother of the Obamessiah.

Ann spent most of her time in Indonesia, where she was married to an executive with the American Mobil corp. The CIA made policy in the area.  In the 1960s 2 oil companies linked with the Rockefeller dynasty in Indonesia.  They felt threatened by President Sukarno.  To protect American business interests, the CIA engineered a coup in Indonesia around 1966, which led to mass murder.
Lolo Sotero, Barack Obama's stepfather, was a key liaison.

I've heard for along time his mammy was a CIA whore

Tim Geithner



Ford Foundation

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