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Hurva, Tiferet Israel synagogues

Potential for Violence in Jerusalem
March 14th, 2010
†Why there is great fear amongst the Muslims?
They are concerned there will be an attempt by the Jewish people to reclaim the Temple Mount and lay a cornerstone for a third Temple.

On February 8 2010 I sent out a article which revealed an ancient prophecy from a Jewish Sage back in 1217 AD concerning the Hurva Synagogue's third reconstruction. If you would like me to resend that write back to me. Here is a link to a recent video of the Synagogue which is about to be rededicated tomorrow March 15th for the third time click here †>>> † . The plan of the Temple Institute is to take a large contingent of people onto the Mount early morning March 16th to lay a cornerstone to a third Temple.

Please hold this potentially very volatile situation in prayer over the coming days as it could easily fare into a bloody event.
Simantov Allalouf - †

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Arab teens riot when prevented access to Temple Mount,
Palestinians throw firebomb at checkpoint

Potential for flare-up in Jerusalem. Police reject rightists' request to hold cornerstone ceremony at Temple Mount. Fatah official in charge of Jerusalem portfolio urges Muslims to flock to al-Aqsa Mosque, barricade themselves there for fear of invasion

The Palestinian Authority is joining the Islamic Movement in its calls for Muslims to flock to the al-Aqsa Mosque in response to extremist Jews' plans to lay a cornerstone at the Temple Mount.

Hatem Abdel Kader, the Fatah official in charge of the Jerusalem portfolio, on Sunday urged Palestinians in Jerusalem and Israel to declare their plans to travel to the mosque and barricade themselves there starting Monday.

Meanwhile, police have declared they will not allow the Israeli rightists to go through with their plans to lay a cornerstone at the site.

No Peace


Arabs riot in West Bank, Jerusalem

Arab teens riot when prevented access to Temple Mount,
Palestinians throw firebomb at checkpoint

March 14, 2010

A few dozen Arab teens rioted Saturday near Nablus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City due to a police decision to limit prayer at Temple Mount. Police quelled the riots, and the teens agreed to pray at a nearby spot.

In another incident Saturday, a few dozen Palestinians tried to break through the Qalandia checkpoint in the West Bank, probably due to a closure imposed by Israel on the Palestinian territories.

One of the rioters threw a Molotov cocktail, which sparked a fire, but no one was injured. Border Guard officers arrested four participants.

On Friday police deployed 3,000 officers in east Jerusalem in order to prevent rioting. A number of riots took place at checkpoints and various locations throughout the city before Friday's prayer, but only one officer was injured lightly and not many arrests were made.

Young Palestinians who were blocked from entering the Temple Mount complex tried to break through a police barrier in Ras al-Amud in order to reach the prayer area. Officers at the barrier stopped them, and they threw stones.

In another incident, a young Arab man attacked a police officer near Chain Gate after he was not allowed to enter the Temple Mount because of his age. The officer was not wounded. The young man was arrested.,7340,L-3861928,00.html


Police said they have rejected requests from both Palestinians and rightists to hold a march in the area. "We will prevent, with a firm hand, any attempt by extremist from either side to disrupt order and security at the Temple Mount and in the east of the city," a statement by the Jerusalem District Police said.

Jerusalem Police Commander Aharon Franco said at a situation evaluation meeting that police forces were prepared and deployed around the compound and in the alleys of the Old City.

The Palestinian Authority urged Palestinians and Muslims to demonstrate vigilance in Jerusalem, following the opening of a synagogue in the Old City. Abdel Kader said, "We are facing the most dangerous three days since 1967."

According to the Fatah official, Israel is taking the utmost precautions as part of a broad and dangerous action plan meant to cause a dramatic change in the status quo. Abdel Kader urged Palestinians and Muslims to be prepared to stay in the mosque for fear of it being raided by Jewish extremist.

He accused Israel of distracting the world with the settlement issue in order to move forward with its plans to judaize Jerusalem, including the al-Aqsa Mosque. According to Abdel Kader, the full closure that was imposed on the West Bank, and the age restrictions for worshippers entering the site are part of this scheme.

He said that Fatah is slated to hold a meeting with the Islamic Movement on later Sunday to discuss joint action the parties can take to prevent any attempt to invade the mosques.

Earlier, some 50 Palestinians gathered in Beit Jala and threw stones at security forces in the area. The soldiers responded with teargas. The Rabbis for Human Rights organization said that the Palestinians had gathered in the area to hold a peaceful protest against the construction of the separation fence, and attempted to plant olive trees.

Saturday night Defense Minister Ehud Barak ruled that the full closure on the West Bank is to be extended until midnight Tuesday, amid concerns of possible riots in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In a rare move, police decided to impose a full closure on the West Bank Friday, following intelligence obtained by police of Palestinian youths' plans to riot in the capital. A number of clashes between Palestinians and security forces took place on Saturday.,7340,L-3862403,00.html


Hurva Synagogue Re-opened

Hurva Synagogue Re-opened

The history of the Hurva ("ruined") Synagogue goes back many centuries. Here is its history, for those interested:

It has been destroyed a couple of time and is now rebuilt and dedicated on March 15, 2010.

This is another flash point in Jerusalem. It is also what J. R. Church was referring to in his U-Tube video posted earlier in regard to animal sacrifices. I don't know if they will offer sacrifices on Passover this year at the synagogue, or if they feel they have to wait until they can do it on the Temple Mount itself. The synagogue is a few hundred yards away.




Ritual sacrifice attempt

Federman detained with goat in car
March 29, 2010
 Pessah / Pesache - PASSOVER
Passover is when Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of GOD, was crucified

Right wing activist tells police he intended to slaughter animal in Jerusalem Old City.
Jerusalem District police officers detained extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman Monday afternoon, after he was caught driving his vehicle with a kid, a young, male goat, in his car.
Federman is suspected of intending to ritually slaughter the animal in the recently renovated Hurva Synagogue located near the Temple Mount in the Old City.

Police said right wing activists threatened repeatedly this week to come up to the Temple Mount and conduct ritual slaughter there during the Pessah holiday. They also suspect Federman was planning to slaughter the animal on the Temple Mount proper, and not in the synagogue.

Federman was taken in for interrogation and the innocent animal was transferred to the Agricultural Development Unit in the Agriculture Ministry.
Jews have ceased conducting livestock slaughter rituals almost two thousand ago when the Second Temple was sacked and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

Federmanís initiative to resuscitate the tradition, claimed by some religious Jews to be forbidden so long as the Messiah did not arrive,
comes amidst several weeks of riots in Jerusalem by Palestinians who claimed the renovation of the Hurva is a Jewish conspiracy to overtake the Temple Mount.

Police deployed in large forces ahead of the holiday, especially in the Western Wall area, east Jerusalem and malls and public parks.
The Jewish holiday coincides with the Christian Easter, which culminates in the Sabbath of Light celebrated in the Holy Sepulchre next Saturday.
The military also imposed a curfew on the West Bank and will keep the territory quarantined until next Tuesday. Only urgent humanitarian and medical cases will be exempted, pending approval by the Civil Administration.

Jerusalem Hurva Synagogue to be Rebuilt
May 30, 2014
At a ceremony in Jerusalem, Israeli officials laid the cornerstone for the rebuilding of the Tiferet Israel Synagogue.  The cornerstone used in the ceremony was taken from the actual remains of the destroyed Tiferet Israel Synagogue.
Founded in 1872, the Tiferet Israel Synagogue was, along with the nearby Hurva Synagogue, destroyed by the Jordanians during the Israeli-Arab war in 1948.

The Hurva Synagogue was beautifully rebuilt and rededicated in 2010.
Israel conducted an archeological survey of the land where Tiferet Israel sits and found artifacts dating to the First and Second Temple periods.
Tiferet Israel Synagogue will sit higher than the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Muslim terrorists aint happy. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS
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