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Hungary toxic chemical spill
October  7,  2010  
Hungary chemical sludge threatens Danube, a major European waterway.
They dont know how it was caused.
Now I am thinking of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig that blew up, killing life in the Gulf and changing the world weather patterns.
Emergency workers in Hungary seek to keep toxic red sludge from reaching the Raba and Danube rivers.
The sludge poured from the alumina factory containment pond and rushed through villages, killing 4 people, injuring 120.

Hungary declared a state of emergency in 3 counties.
The sludge is waste produced during bauxite refining and has a strong caustic effect and heavy metal content.
The sludge flood swept cars off roads and damaged bridges and houses, forcing the evacuation of about 500 residents.
Hungary is racing to prevent red chemical sludge from reaching the Danube river and flowing down to * Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

* I listened to a radio report on Croatia.  It has become Islamic. They are radical and fighting American troops in Afganistan and Pakistan.
Huge mosques of similar design as the Ground Zero mosque proposed in New York sit in towns where there are NO MUSLIMS as a monument that that town is Muslim land.
These mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia and training jihad warriors.

PHOTOS of sludge look like pictures from the Gulf of Mexico.  Sad
A flood of toxic sludge in Hungary (horryfying pictures)

This link is the Gulf of Mexico BP oil disaster

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Danube toxic sludge operation reaches crucial day
October  8,  2010  
Experts tackling the toxic red sludge from a spill at an industrial plant in Hungary say Friday will be crucial in preventing the spread of pollution.
The alkali sludge reached the Danube on Thursday and emergency workers are pouring huge quantities of clay and acid into streams to neutralise it.
There are now fears toxins from drying sludge could be spread through the air.
A million cubic metres (35m cu ft) of sludge spilled from a reservoir at an alumina plant in Ajka, western Hungary.
Four people were killed and about 100 injured. Three more are missing.
Countries downstream from Hungary, including Croatia, Serbia and Romania, are drawing up emergency plans.

The chief of Hungary's disaster relief services, Tibor Dobson, said it should become clear in the first half of Friday whether the alkaline solution and heavy metals, which started to reach the Danube on Thursday, had continued to rise or started to fall.

Meanwhile, Hungary has asked the EU for urgent help in dealing with the disaster.
In activating the EU Civil Protection Mechanism it is asking for three to five experts with experience in environmental damage and neutralising toxic mud, an EU statement said.
Kristalina Georgieva, EU Commissioner for Crisis Response, added: "Disasters like this do not stop at national borders and a combined European response can help deliver the most effective assistance possible."

Hungary death toll 7 from the toxic sludge
8 October 2010
The death toll following the spill of a large amount of toxic red sludge from an industrial plant in western Hungary has risen to 7.
Disaster unit chief Tibor Dobson said two bodies had been found near the town of Devecser, but were likely residents missing from Kolontar, a town nearby.
Earlier, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the River Danube was no longer under threat of widespread pollution.
Mr Orban said the situation had now been brought "under control".
Experts have been pouring large quantities of clay and acid into affected waterways in an effort to neutralise the alkaline pollutants.  VIDEO here

Hungary evacuates village near toxic sludge reservoir
9 October 2010
Rescue team spokesperson Gyorgyi Tottos said the evacuation was a preventive measure
The Hungarian village of Kolontar has been evacuated after new damage was discovered at a burst reservoir that spilled toxic sludge on Monday.
Kolontar is one of the villages most affected by the spill from the reservoir of an alumina plant in Ajka.
The authorities say the damage to the northern wall of the reservoir is minor, but 800 villagers were evacuated early Saturday as a precaution.

At least seven people have died as a result of the accident.
Officials fear that warmer and sunnier weather will create dust that could spread toxins - and possibly low-level radioactive materials - into the atmosphere.
Local people and emergency teams are being urged to wear masks.
Environment Minister Zoltan Illes confirmed that the sludge - which now covers a 41 sq km (16 sq mile) area - had a "high content of heavy metals", including carcinogens arsenic and mercury.

Hungary Toxic Sludge compared to BP Gulf Oil disaster

Hungary toxic spill boss arrested  
11 October 2010
The chief executive of the industrial plant at the centre of the toxic sludge spill in Hungary has been taken in for questioning by police.
The arrest of Zoltan Bakonyi was announced by the PM Viktor Orban.
Mr Orban also said the company would be temporarily nationalised and that those responsible for the disaster should bear the financial consequences.
Seven people have so far died from the 4 October spill near Ajka in the west of the country.

About 150 people were also injured after up to 700,000 cubic metres (24.7m cu ft) of toxic by-product from the production of alumina burst from a storage reservoir.
Alumina, used in the production of aluminium, is made from the ore bauxite.
Engineers and disaster relief workers, aided by volunteers, have been racing to finish an emergency dam to contain an expected second spill from the reservoir.
EU experts are helping the Hungarians with the emergency dam, as well as assessing the longer-term impact on the ground water and the soil of the spill.
They are also examining the potential airborne health hazard posed by the mud drying out.

Speaking to parliament, Prime Minister Orban said those affected by the spill must be compensated, jobs at the alumina plant must be preserved, those responsible for the spill should be held accountable and other potentially hazardous industrial sites must be identified.
He said those responsible for the disaster should bear the financial consequences, not the Hungarian taxpayer.
"We need to hold the company responsible for the red sludge spill under state control and its assets under state closure until all of these four tasks are handled," he said.

Mosquitos capable of spreading a potentially deadly virus have been found in Britain for the first time since 1945
Feb. 2012
The culex modestus species was found breeding in ‘significant’ numbers at several marshlands sites in Kent and Essex during 2010 and 2011.
The insects are carriers of the West Nile virus, which can cause neurological disorders and even death.
They are thought to have arrived via foreign ships but the virus has not yet been detected, say scientists.
‘It’s not clear how long this species of mosquito has been in the UK,’ said Nick Golding, of Oxford University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

Hungary opposed to EU sanctions against Russia
Mar 28, 2014
 - Hungary is against the EU imposing a round of economic sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said. “Economic sanctions are in the third round and it would be fortunate to avoid these because it is not in the interests of either Europe, or much less Hungary,” Orban was quoted as saying by the business daily Vilaggazdasag on Friday. Hungary relies on Russia for about 80 percent of its natural gas needs, and Russia is also Hungary's largest trading partner outside the EU.

Hungary suspends gas supplies to Ukraine
Sept 26, 2014  
Hungary gas pipeline FGSZ suspended delivery of gas to Ukraine indefinitely.
Ukraine has been receiving gas from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia since Russia cut off supplies to Ukraine in June over unpaid bills.

FGSZ said it cut deliveries to Ukraine to raise the flow of gas to Hungary.
With winter approaching fears are mounting that Ukraine will be unable to heat homes and power industry without Russian gas.
Hungary expects Hungarian winter demand for gas imports to increase.

UKRAINE civil war

Putin visits Hungary
February 17, 2015
 -  Vladimir Putin on state visit to Hungary, an EU state.  Energy issues are expected to top the agenda.  Putin is visiting Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest.

Russia is Hungary’s largest trade partner outside of the 28-nation EU,. Budapest is highly dependent on Russian energy, both gas and oil refined products.  Russia supplies 80% of the oil products and 70 percent of the natural gas consumed by Hungary.

Orban has been criticized in the west due to his close economic cooperation with Russia. Orban, in turn, is critical of the EU for alienating Russia.

Hungary and Russia seek closer ties
February 18, 2015
-  Russia sees Hungary as a strategic partner in energy projects.
Both Hungary and Russia need each other and are interested in reliable gas supplies and transit.  Good relations serve the interests not only of Hungary, but all Europe.
Isolation of Moscow is not practical, Europe not competitive without Russia.

Hungary makes nuclear deal with Russia
March 3, 2015
Hungary has approved legislation making secret for 30 years key details of a contract with Russia to expand its only nuclear power plant.
The government says the measure, which applies to business and technical aspects of the scheme for Russia's Rosatom to build two new reactors at the Paks power plant, is needed for national security reasons and is in line with similar guidelines in other European countries. The reactors will provide about half of Hungary's electricity.,7340,L-4632963,00.html

HUNGARY Muslim migrant-refugees
September 2, 2015
-  Czech police write numbers on arms of thousands Muslim migrant-refugees at Budapest station.  They were mostly Syrians, very possibly ISIS terrorists.  Budapest station was evacuated Sept 1 as thousands of migrants tried to reach Vienna and Munich.

Budapest, Hungary closes EU to ISIS
September 3, 2015
-  Muslims flood Budapest rail station as Hungary halts westbound trains.
ISIS wants to move deeper into the European Union.  Budapest police shut down the Keleti terminal to migrants, preventing them from boarding trains to Austria and Germany.  Nice of Hungary to provide protection!  ISIS threatened to walk the 170 kilometers (105 miles) to the Austrian border if police would not let them board trains.  The EU dont want them!  It is an OUTRAGE that media refuge to say - Muslims!

Hungary shuts down westbound rail traffic

Most refugees from the Middle East and Africa are clearly a threat to European society.
Most or all likely to be Muslims, (ISIS terrorists) but media dont tell us this.
MOST refugees are Muslims, not Christians.  The ISIS Muslims usually kill / drown the Christians.
Germany is being overrun with Muslims.

It is an OUTRAGE that media refuge to say - Muslims!
The ISIS Muslims usually kill / drown the Christians.
MOST refugees are Muslims, not Christians.
Germany is being overrun with Muslims.
Barak Obama allows only ISIS Muslims into the USA, REFUSES Christian real refugees.

Refugees aka Muslims

Hungary provided buses
September 5, 2015
-  Thousands of migrants have crossed into Austria on busses.
Face it, its easier to deal with Muslims on their own bus, not a train where they can kill others.
They are now moving on towards Vienna and Germany.

Vehicles were sent to those who had walk along a motorway.
A second group of some 1,000 migrants has now set off towards the border on foot.

Hundreds march from Budapest to western Europe.
Hundreds of refugees, mostly Syrians, have left Budapest for Vienna and Europe.

Thousands arrive at Austrian border, start boarding trains to Vienna, Salzburg.
Hungary put Muslims on 100 buses to haul them to Vienna.

walked or bussed - honestly, media care nothing about facts.
How to report when my sources arent trustworthy?
How many are ISIS?  My guess - most, maybe all

Catholic bishop in Hungary rebukes frankenpope
Sept 11, 2015 -  Catholic Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo rebukes pope Francis
You’re wrong, the Muslims are invading Europe!  Rigo correctly said,
“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion!  
They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”
frankenpope wants Europe to absorb the Islamic terrorist invasion.
frankenpope is wrong in saying that Catholics had a moral duty to help the 'refugees' streaming into Europe.

Muslim invasion on border of Hungary
Sept 16, 2015
 Serbia  -  Muslim demons attack border police shouting Alla akbar!
They are NOT refugees they are INVADING ARMY!
Muslim terrorists threw plastic water bottles and rocks at helmeted riot police and chanted demands that the border be re-opened.  Hungarian police use pepper spray at the crossing into Hungary.

Hungarian police used tear gas and water cannons on hundreds of Muslim terrorists who broke through a razor wire fence on the border with Serbia, while some ISIS went into Western Europe through Croatia.

The Germans finally tumbled that the 'refugees from Syria' are not what they claim.   Hungarian humvees with mounted guns are moving towards the Serbia border.
The Muslim invaders are chanting, “Open! Open!” and “Allah Hu Akbar.”

The words Muslim and riot are kind of interchangeable.

Budapest Jews
Nov 22, 2015  Hungary
 -  A vast trove of Holocaust-era documents thought destroyed during World War II, has been found hidden in a wall cavity by a couple renovating their Budapest apartment.  The 6,300 documents are from a 1944 census that was a precursor to the intended liquidation of the 200,000 Budapest Jews in Nazi death camps.

The yellowed papers were given to the Budapest City Archives.
They help to fill a huge gap in the history of the Holocaust in Budapest.
The forms found in the Budapest apartment contain names of each building’s inhabitants, and whether they are Jewish or not, with total numbers of Christians and Jews marked in the corners.

The May 1944 Budapest census was to identify houses to serve as holding locations for Jews before moving them to a planned walled ghetto.  2 months earlier Nazi Germany had occupied Hungary and deportations in the countryside to the gas chambers of Auschwitz began almost immediately.

Thanks to the arrival of the Russian army in January 1945 who saved the rest of the Jews, most of Budapest’s Jewish population survived.  600,000 Hungarian Jews perished in the Holocaust, most in Auschwitz.

Hungary referendum on migrant quotas
July 5, 2016
-  Hungary’s president Janes Ader said a referendum will be held on October 2 on whether to accept or reject mandatory quotas from the EU on relocating migrants (ISIS Muslim terrorists) in member states without their parliament’s approval.

Hungary takes Action against Soros
Jan 11, 2017  
-  Hungary to take legislative action against non-governmental organizations (NGO) funded by foreigners such as George Soros after President-elect Donald Trump takes office.  VP Szilard Nemeth said the European Union will sweep out NGOs funded by Soros. (Unlikely)  Since Trump will occupy the White House there is an opportunity for this, internationally.

Trump has vocalized his concern about Soros being a key part of a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.

When do we get to extradite him to Russia?
How about January 20 at 12:01? - if he hasnt flown outta here to Brussels already.

Need to get Hungary to issue a warrant for his arrest and request extradition to Hungary for war crimes. I’m sure Sessions will expedite his travel arrangements.
This link has a lot of links to Soros crimes

Ferguson was a Soros job, paid rioters - ditto Baltimore,  ditto Trump rally rioters

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban
Open Society Institute in Budapest
George Soros Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Hungary news

George Soros news

Its about time - way PAST time - this wicked old basturd is opposed!  
Russia put out an intl arrest warrant on him about a year ago!

Russia not a threat
Jan 28, 2017  
-  Russia would not attack any NATO state, said Hungarian FM.
Budapest is set on closer ties with both Moscow and Washington.  Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto said Russia should not be perceived as a threat to Hungary or any other NATO or EU state. Criticizing Western sanctions against Russia, Szijjarto said Hungary is seeking closer ties with Moscow.  Szijjarto agreed with new American President Donald Trump, saying that NATO had failed.


Hungary a hub for Persecuted Christians
Feb 1, 2017  Budapest
-  Hungary government wants to become a hub and supporter of groups who fight against persecution of Christians.  Hungary set up a government office supporting Christians suffering for their faith in Christ especially in the Middle East and other troubled regions.  Hungary was one of the first European Union countries to build razor wire fences to halt the Muslims.

Hungary welcome European Refugees
Feb 12, 2017  
-  Orban is one of the few sane leaders in Europe.
Hungary PM Viktor Orban will open its arms to west Europeans fleeing mass immigration. Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.

Orban has been a de facto leader of the central and eastern European countries which have resisted the open borders policies of the EU.  Globalists are seeking to sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of political correctness, where power is not held by elected governments.

He cited Britain’s Brexit and Donald Trump’s election in the United States as episodes in a wider popular revolt against globals.


Poland, Hungary challenge EU
Feb 27, 2017  Pexit, Hexit?
-  Poland and Hungary join together in opposition to the EU bureaucracy.  Poland’s parliament passed a law allowing the government to appoint the judges of its choosing to the highest court.
Hungary has also been harshly criticized by EU.

Hungary targeting Soros
Mar 7, 2017  
-  GOD BLESS HUNGARY!  European resistance to Soros influence grows.
The Hungarian government to restrict the way NGOs are able to operate.  Law will curb the influence of Satanist George Soros.  In December 2016, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared that 2017 would be the year of the extrusion of George Soros and the forces symbolized by him. It looks as if Orban intends to fulfill that prophecy. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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