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Horse deaths baffle vets in WA’s south-west


April 11, 2012 – AUSTRALIA - Veterinarians say they are baffled as to what caused the death of four horses on a property in WA’s south-west. The horses died unexpectedly over a six-day period in Margaret River last week. Samples of hay, mineral mixers and other food sources which the horses had access to are being tested. Vet surgeon, Rupert Mothersole, says two of the horses were found dead and another had to be euthanized hours after becoming ill. “We’re looking for horses which are either found dead or horses which are showing profound depression, sweating, respiratory distress, muscles tremors, and things like that,” Dr Mothersole said. “Some of those signs are quite consistent with a snake bite so they’re the type of signs that a horse owner would be making contact with their vet very rapidly anyway.” –ABC News Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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