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Horse a hidden ingredient in many European foods


A stable diet? Europe's consumers find horse meat hiding in meatballs, pizzas, pies and kebabs

DUBLIN (AP) -- So hungry you could eat a horse? Chances are, if you've regularly consumed processed-meat products in Europe, you already have.

Since Ireland published surprise DNA results on Jan. 15 showing that a third of frozen "beef" burgers in Ireland contained at least a trace of horse, food scientists in more than a dozen countries have found the animal trotting into products where it was never meant to roam.

Daily revelations from an ever-increasing menu of supermarket, catering and restaurant goods have taught the world one lesson: When minced up with other meat or slathered with spices, consumers cannot tell equine from bovine in the food chain. European horse has yet to be detected in any American-sold products.


CNN just reported that the USA can produce horsemeat for the 1st time since 2006 now.
Horsemeat Scandal: Now With More Drugs!
It's bad enough when those burgers and meatballs you thought were beef actually contain horsemeat. But what about finding out they're also laced with a veterinary drug that can sometimes pose health risks for humans?

Well, that's exactly what a Portugal consumer protection group says they found in meatballs and burgers, opening a new front in the lingering horsemeat scandal that just won't end

Officials at DECO, the agency that found the drug, said there was no immediate risk to human health, since the amount of Phenylbutazone—or bute—detected was so small. But it raised new questions about the safety of food production throughtout Europe.

Since January, horsemeat DNA has been popping up in all kinds of places across Europe where it isn't supposed to be. Officials are still trying to track down the sources of the illicit horsemeat, but the entire episode has been one scary insight into what happens in our huge industrialized food chain.

European food safety and medical experts are carrying out a risk assessment on the dangers posed by consuming products tainted with bute. A final report is due April 15. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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