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HAMAS - means violence, lawlessness


Hamas chief declares: U.S. empire will fall
February 14, 2011
Hails Middle East revolution, predicts rise of China, India
The U.S. empire is in decline and will fall because of the country's "immorality," promotion of "open sexuality" and political "injustice," argued Mahmoud al-Zahar, the chief of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He also predicted the rise of China and India as new superpowers, while hailing the revolution in Egypt that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch U.S. ally.
Zahar was speaking today by cell phone from Gaza to Aaron Klein on the latter's investigative program on New York's WABC Radio. It was the Hamas chieftain's first public comments on the recent chaos in Egypt.

After claiming Americans "live like animals," Zahar told Klein the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – the most organized opposition in Cairo – is the "most moderate organization, the most democratic organization, even more than the Western people."

Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate in Egypt.

U.S. like fallen empires
"It is well known," Zahar said, predicting the decline of the U.S., "any state without morality will not survive. Morality is not only having money. Morality is having justice. You are not implementing the justice."

He claimed Hamas was a weak and besieged authority in Gaza and stated, "You are going sooner or later to suffer from the same problem when your power decreased and the power of others, for example, China, India, Japan, as your history (shows) becomes more supreme."

"You are not serving your national interests" he said.
He also compared the U.S. to former European empires.

"Look to the British empire. Look to the French empire. Look to the German power," he said. "What was the cause of their destruction? Their immoralities. So I am not here fabricating or inventing a story or a theory. This is well known."
"Where is (sic) the big powers in the history? Finished. Why finished? Because of the injustice, because of the immorality," he concluded.

Americans live like animals
Zahar slammed U.S. culture and upheld Islamic Shariah law as the template for a moral society.

"Your (American) style is very bad style, is animal style. Life like animals," he exclaimed. "You have one husband but you have 50,000 female girlfriends. And you have, the woman has one husband and has many boyfriends. This is the style? This is the animal style, this is not the human style."

Zahar lectured: "The human style has one family, one husband, or two or three [wives] according to our tradition if she has no chance to deliver or to have pregnancy, or if she is sick or so on."
Zahar pointed to Hamas' official television network, Al Aqsa TV, as espousing proper Islamic tradition and music.

"But this is not the music to see the body of the woman bare. This open sexuality is not allowed for us," he said. "That destroyed your country. That destroyed your family and your integrity."
He continued, "We produce film, we produce songs, but it's committed to our morality, not to your style."
He went on to slam the U.S. for "injustice" against minorities.

"Your history in the West is not a history of justice," he said. "The discrimination between black and white, the discrimination between Muslim and non-Muslim, this is not lasting, or a life-lasting system."

Zahar told Klein that the West can learn from Islamic law: "Ask the Christian people in Egypt and the Christian people in Gaza about the Islamic law, that is the only law that protected the minority whether they are Jews or Christian," he stated.

Klein confronted Zahar about reports of persecution of Christians in the Gaza Strip under the rule of Hamas.
"What about taking a look at Hamas in the Gaza Strip?" asked Klein. "Since you came to power, Christians in Gaza have been targeted. We've had churches firebombed, we've had Christian leaders complain they cannot celebrate the Christmas. We had the sole Bible store in Gaza firebombed, its owner murdered. We've had Christians complain of rampant persecution and intimidation in Gaza."

Klein was referring to the October 2007 murder of Rami Ayyad, who managed the only Christian bookstore in Gaza. That murder was widely blamed on Islamists in Gaza.

Zahar countered, "This is one case killed. Now how many Christians [were] killed by the hands of the Christians in America? How many bodies went to the schools and shot the students in America? These are the crimes, but it is not the Islamic tradition."

Hails Middle East revolution
Zahar hailed the recent riots in Egypt that led to the downfall last week of Mubarak.
He warned, "Any leader who will be not supported by his people" will suffer a fate similar to Mubarak's.

He continued: "Jordan, there were demonstrations there. In Yemen, there are a lot of debates between the authority and others. So it is not a secret to say the phenomenon of the change is present all over the Arab countries."
Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, Zahar claimed, "The problem in the West is they are afraid from the Muslim Brotherhood because they know nothing about them."

The Hamas chieftain upheld the Brotherhood as "the most moderate organization, the most democratic organization, even more than the Western people. Don't search for the devil."
He said the Brotherhood strategy to assume power was one of progressive democratic gains in the Egyptian parliament.

"They [the Muslim Brotherhood] are going to participate by one third of the number of the parliament," he said.
"They can achieve more than that, but now in the expected era, they are going to participate only by one third of their power," he said. "This is the first step, but they are going to participate in the local councils in order to serve the people and to reconstruct what was destroyed by the corrupt systems."

Hamas bombs Egypt-Israel gas pipeline
July  4,  2011  
Hamas blows up Sinai pipeline again, revenge for flotilla failure.
Hamas blew up the pipeline carrying Egyptian natural gas to Israel and Jordan via Sinai early Monday, July 4 for the third time since Feb.
The Palestinian terrorists were retaliating for the stoppage of the Gaza flotilla.
Hamas parked a bomb car near the pipeline and detonated it remotely, forcing Egypt to stop the flow of gas before the fire spread towards the Suez Canal.,7340,L-4090643,00.html

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Israel and Hamas near a Spring war
April 2, 2011
 After nearly two months of rising tension, Israel and Hamas have taken a step towards a full-blown military confrontation: Before dawn Saturday, April 2, an Israeli air strike killed three senior Hamas Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades gunmen in the Gaza Strip in an operation described by an Israeli army spokesman as pre-empting a major Palestinian terror-cum-kidnap campaign scheduled for Passover. A fourth Palestinian was seriously injured by the airborne missile which struck their car between Khan Younes and Deir el Balakh.
The Hamas Brigades warned Israel its "dangerous escalation" would have "consequences."

debka predicts that the war confrontation which Saturday brought closer to realization will be unlike any previous Israel-Palestinian showdowns in the sense that it will be less the product of the old Middle East order and fall more under the influence of the radical elements rising out of the current Arab unrest, especially in Cairo, amid the decline of Western influence. Hamas may also resort to jihad against  "the Israeli enemy" as a distraction from the rising disaffection of the Gazan population against its increasingly repressive methods of enforcing ever stricter Islamic decrees.

Ever since the massacre of five members of an Israeli family at Itamar on Feb. 11, Israeli government leaders have tried to sell the line that Hamas was not really seeking to raise the level of violence. They continued to play down Hamas' motives through a 50-round mortar barrage in a single day (March 19) on Israeli civilian locations abutting the Gaza Strip, several Grad missiles fired at the towns  Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba and Netivot and a bombing attack in Jerusalem on March 23, which killed a tourist and injured 65 after two relatively terror-free years.

In between major attacks, the Palestinians have maintained up until the present a steady trickle of Qassam and mortar fire against Israeli civilians.
While intensifying its attacks, Hamas picked up the convenient Israeli mantra which claimed that the terrorist-rulers of Gaza wanted nothing but a ceasefire which would also embrace all the smaller terrorist organizations taking part on the shooting as well.

The Israeli army statement after the pre-dawn air strike over Gaza Saturday abruptly broke that pose by exposing Hamas's true intentions for the first time. He admitted that the Palestinian radicals had set up a major murder-cum-kidnap campaign for striking terror across the Green Line and favorite Israeli vacationing spots in Sinai, to be launched during the eight-day Passover holiday April 18-28,
debkafile's counter-terror sources add that the three gunmen killed were only one tentacle of the network Hamas has put in place in Sinai, Jordan and on both sides of the Israel-West Bank border.

During the months that Israeli military leaders insisted that Hamas did not seek escalation, special Palestinian military wing squads were undergoing extensive training in methods of abduction so as to add more Israeli captives to Gilead Shalit, the Israeli soldier snatched in 2006 and held since in inhuman conditions.
The difference between the present and past conflicts is that Hamas is now drawing encouragement not just from Tehran but also from the new Egyptian regime. If the head of the military council Field Marshall Mohammed Tantawi wanted to, he could put a stop to Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Elarabi's active policy of rapprochement with Tehran and reconciliation with Hamas leaders in Damascus and Gaza.

It is Elaraby's ambition to transfer Hamas's political center headed by Khaled Meshaal from Damascus to Cairo, lift the Egyptian embargo against Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip for the free movement of people and goods and transform the enclave into Egypt's launching pad for an anti-Israeli policy harking back to the hostility predating the epic peace relations President Anwar Sadat forged with Israel in 1979.

The new rulers are also distancing themselves from the close alliance the deposed Hosni Mubarak maintained with Saudi Arabia. While Riyadh fights Iranian-backed insurgents in Bahrain and slams the door on further encroachments in the Arab world, Cairo is opening it wide to give the Islamic Republic a foothold both in Cairo and in Gaza. Hamas is encouraged to spread its sphere of aggression from the half million Israeli civilians within missile range to far broader regions.
When US Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited Cairo on March 24, he tried to warn the military rulers that their indulgence of Hamas was bound to end badly in an Israeli military campaign to cut short its belligerent behavior. But three days later, when he was in Israel, he had to admit to his hosts that his warning fell on deaf ears.

The CURSE of Qatar
February  10, 2012  Qatar
will allow Hamas Palestinian terrorist HQ
Hamas Terror Chief Khaled Mashaal will carry out Hamas terrorism from Qatar.
Other Hamas terrorists have relocated from Syria to Beirut, Gaza etc..
Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashaal will not return to Damascus, but will operate from Qatar, the situation in Syria is too dangerous for the lead terrorist.  
I find weird humor in that!   Laughing

Hamas is the spawn of the MB - Muslim Brotherhood.
There is NO difference between Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas and Yassir Arafat.,2506,L-4187727,00.html

QATAR rising Evil influence in MidEast

Bus explodes in Tel Aviv, Hamas celebrates, they LOVE DEATH!
Nov. 21, 2012  
 Breaking NEWS
Blast on bus in heart of Tel Aviv
Loud blast heard in heart of Tel Aviv, 28 people injured
Explosive device was planted on the bus. Police suspect there may be another explosive device in the area.
An eye witness said they heard a boom and then saw a black cloud.
A passenger on the bus said someone blew up inside.

Terrorist blows up bus in central Tel Aviv around noon Wednesday.
Police searching area for other possible explosive devices.
Suspect arrested, a female terrorist may still be at large armed with explosives.
Hamas praised the bombing, blesses the attack in Tel Aviv, but stopped short of claiming responsibility.,7340,L-4309791,00.html,7340,L-4309831,00.html

Gaza rejoices over Tel Aviv bombing,7340,L-4309836,00.html

Police raise number of bus attack injured to 23

Nov 22  5 of the 27 people who sustained injuries in the Wednesday terror attack in Tel Aviv are at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.,7340,L-4310421,00.html

The attacker is arrested.  He is an Israeli Arab.
Israel is good to Palestinians, and this is how Israel is repaid for their kindness.

Israel is too good to Palestinians, and this is how Israel is repaid for their kindness.
Nov 22  5 of the 27 people who sustained injuries in the Wednesday terror attack in Tel Aviv are at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.,7340,L-4310421,00.html

The attacker is arrested.  He is an Israeli Arab.

Palestinians, Arab-Israeli arrested for Tel Aviv bus bombing
November 23, 2012
Israel’s domestic security agency arrested several Palestinians for allegedly blowing up a bus in Tel Aviv.
The Shin Bet revealed that its agents had arrested the suspects, including an Arab Israeli, for the attack earlier this week on a bus, Israeli media reported. The security service did not say how many suspects were arrested.

The Arab Israeli suspect, a resident of Taibeh near Kfar Saba, placed the explosive device on the bus and notified his commander by phone, who set it off, Shin Bet said.
Of the 28 Israelis wounded in the bombing, five remained hospitalized on Thursday, one in serious condition.
The Israeli suspect was born in the West Bank and acquired Israeli citizenship through the family unification process, which naturalizes Palestinians married to Israelis, according to the news site Ynet.

The bomb was built in the West Bank and transported to Israel in a car belonging to the employer of the Arab Israeli suspect without the employer’s knowledge.
In preliminary interrogations, the cell’s members said they were connected to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
The Shin Bet said the interrogation was ongoing and that further arrests were expected.

Israeli-Arab indicted for bombing Tel Aviv bus
Dec 19, 2012
 Israel files indictment against Muhammad Mafarji for attempted murder in November Tel Aviv bus bomb, indictments pending against 3 Palestinian suspects.
After bombing bus, the heartless terrorist went back to work.

Mafarji left bag containing explosive device on Tel Aviv bus packed with passengers a day after his 18th birthday.
About 10 minutes after the terrorist got off the bus, the device was activated.  24 people were injured in the bombing.
The indictment charges include multiple murder attempts, aiding the enemy during wartime, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

He wanted to fight alongside Hamas so another terrorists asked him to leave a bag on a bus.
When the bus reached the corner opposite the Kirya base, the device was activated through his cell phone, causing it to explode inside the bus packed with passengers.
After the explosion, the culprit took a train to work.
Israeli security tracks down Tel Aviv bus bomber Hamas terror cell in the Ramallah area of Samaria (westbank).,7340,L-4321930,00.html

Hamas Means Violence  חמס

My Messianic friend Celeste tipped me off that Hamas means violence.
When scriptures read - violence will cover the Earth - that word is Hamas.
The bible literally tells us that Islamic terrorism will be worldwide in the Last Days.
Celeste's blog -

Many scriptures refer to a man of sin or lawless one Christians call the antiChrist.

The Days of Noah
Hamas = lawlessness
The word lawlessness in Hebrew is hamas, you may recognize the word, which can also mean violence
“The earth became corrupt before God; the earth was filled with lawlessness.  
God reviewed the earth, and beheld it to be corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways on earth.”
The corruption of justice was committed over and over again, step by step, unto ones fellow man.  
Once again we look to the Hebrew for elucidation and discover this corruption
is related to the process of making “vinegar” conveying the idea that the
decay does not come all at once, but step by step, that it turns to vinegar.

At the time of Noah this corruption resulted in an unsoulment of the population spreading across the globe withering away the vital energy of organic and moral life which has returned during these days and times.  In fact, In Genesis 6:17 says that, “from under heaven; everything on earth shall turn numb.”  With each day that passes we see or hear of dreadful atrocities and abominations while we casually go along with our day; never once looking upward, nor being grateful for things that we take for granted like our air, food, water, climate and planet.  All those are changing before eyes and yet we do not have eyes to see, nor ears to hear.

Hamas Means Violence  חמס
Hamas:  It is a familiar term we have heard in the daily news.  A group dedicated to the destruction of Israel.  I was most thrilled when I found this article by Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen below.  He stated Hamas is Hebrew word for violence.  Let’s look at a brief lexicon result for this word.

This article is to demonstrate the trust worthiness of God’s word, His promises, and His faithfulness to all that is written.  We are following the ongoing struggle with Hamas.

Hebrew (חמס) Strong’s H2554,

Transliteration; Chamac ,  Pronunciation;  khä·mäse’, Outline of Biblical Usage:  1) violence, wrong, cruelty, injustice

Blue Letter Bible – Lexicon

Let’s look at just a few examples of use in Old and New Testament.  The first mention is in Genesis 6:11-13, NKJV

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.  So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.

And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.BLB (KJV) Gen 6


Hamas is one of the most violent groups of Islamic terrorists.
VERY good article.

Hamas means violence
The Hebrew word hamas, in fact, means violence.
According to the Gesenius Hebrew lexicon, the Arabic cognate of the Hebrew word hamas means warlike valour (noun form) or to be active, brave, constant (verb form).
I assume that this is the word used by the terrorist group Hamas.

I knew that the Hebrew word hamas meant violence before all the recent anti-Israel terrorism.
What I did not know was how many times the word hamas appears in the Hebrew Bible,
and what the Bible says about the fate of those who carry out hamas/violence against the people of Israel.
I recently read through The Twelve Prophets (Hosea through Malachi) in Hebrew, and I was surprised how often I kept running across the word hamas. This piqued my curiosity enough to do a study to find out more about hamas in the Scriptures. I looked at every passage where the word hamas appears (68 times, if my count is accurate). In view of what the Bible says about hamas, I would not want to be in the shoes of a Hamas terrorist.

Before I share some of the things the Bible says about hamas, let me first state that I am not anti-Arab. I am strongly opposed to the use of terrorism by any group, Arabic or non-Arabic, but I have no prejudice against Arabic people as an ethnic group. The fact that they are physical descendants of our Father Abraham also made it easier for me to relate to them. I also felt a kinship because their culture has preserved some of the ancient Mid-East customs that were practiced in Biblical times, and I could relate to those customs.

There are many elements in the Arabic culture that I love and admire, but Hamas is not one of them. My prayer for these children of Abraham is that they be delivered from the spirit of Islam which leads them to commit acts of hamas/violence against the children of Israel. According to the Bible, those who practice hamas/violence against the children of Israel will bring the fierce wrath of God down upon themselves.

The first place the word hamas appears in the BIble is in Genesis 6:11 & 13. The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence (hamas) ... And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence (hamas) through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Here in the early chapters of the very first book of the Bible, God makes it clear that the fate of those who practice hamas is destruction. It was hamas that brought the Flood of God s judgment on the earth. Right now Israel is filled with Hamas. It is possible that the entire earth may once again become filled with hamas by the terrorism of Hamas, bringing down world-wide destruction before the Messianic age.

Some theologians believe that the anointed cherub in Ezekiel 28 is a reference to Satan. If this view is correct, then according to Ezekiel 28:16, it was hamas in the midst of this cherub that caused the Lord to cast him out of the mountain of God.

The word hamas appears in the Psalms. Prayers are lifted up for deliverance from violent men, men of hamas. The enemies of God s anointed are described in Psalms as people who breathe out hamas [cruelty] (Ps. 27:12). The habitations of hamas are called the dark places of the earth (Ps. 74:20). Psalm 11:5 plainly states that God hates those who love hamas: ...the wicked and him that loveth violence (hamas) His soul hateth.

Two passages of Scripture that should serve as warnings to today s Hamas terrorists are Obadiah 10 and Joel 3:19. These verses deal specifically with the hamas/violence perpetrated by Edom, another name for Esau, the ancestor of the Arabs, against Jacob and Judah, the ancestors of the Jewish people. According to Obadiah, the children of Edom shall be cut off forever because of their violence (hamas) against their brother Jacob. Joel says that Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence (hamas) against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.

So fierce is the wrath of God against the descendants of Esau who practice hamas that one of the commandments of the Torah says, Thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek [grandson of Esau, and another ancestor of the Arabs] from under heaven (Deut. 25:19). The Hertz Commentary makes a remark about this verse that is worth considering in view of today s Hamas terrorism against Jews in Israel: A people so devoid of natural religion as to kill non-combatants had forfeited all claim to mercy (p. 856).

Eventually Israel's prayers for deliverance from hamas will be answered. Isaiah s description of the Messianic Kingdom includes this promise: Violence (hamas) shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation and thy gates Praise (Isa. 60:1Cool. May the Lord speedily deliver Israel from the hamas of Hamas. Amen.

The Hamas Charter affirmed in 1988 it was founded to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement is the Palestinian Sunni Islamic or Islamist organization in the Palestinian territories.
Since June 2007 Hamas has governed the Gaza Strip.
Japan classifys Hamas as a terrorist organization, while Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Arab nations do not.
Based on the principles of Islamic fundamentalism, Hamas was founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

What does Hamas mean?
I have noticed that the name of this Palestinian terrorist group gone political means violence in Hebrew.
Is this what they did?  Name themselves this in Hebrew?  Or does this mean something else in Arabic?

The Hebrew words used in Psalm 140 for Violent Men is Hamasim.
(The suffix - im - is the plural of Hamas
When one looks up Violence in the R. Alcalay Complete Hebrew English Dictionary the Hebrew words Alimut, Paraetz, and Hamas are found.
When looking from the Hebrew to the English the words translate as follows:
Alimut - Violence, Terror, Terrorism
Paraetz - breach, Gap, Trouble
Hamas - to frighten, terrify, confound, stun, confuse, perplex.
All of these definitions are from modern Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew is different in subtle but important ways
from Modern Hebrew and we must be careful to check with Biblical Hebrew Scholars
when we try to make a connection between Hamas in Biblical Hebrew and the current tongue.

Wikipedia states that Hamas is an acronym of the Arabic phrase Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya or "Islamic Resistance Movement". The word formed by the acronym corresponds to an Arabic word meaning "enthusiasm, fire, ardor, fervor, zeal, fanaticism".

In Genesis 16:5 Sarai used this word when complaining to Abraham about Hagar. There is no evidence of any physical force. However, normally, it means violence, and The Expositors Bible Commentary vol.7 p.383 says it "means a defiance of the law by one too strong to be brought into account." Q: In Hab 1:13, what exactly is moral evil? A: Scripture does not give a concise definition, but gives many descriptions. Here are some analogies. Evil is like a deceitful weight Weights were important in the ancient world for measuring out grain, salt, and other items of trade. Deuteronomy 25:15 and Leviticus 19:36 allude to this when they mention a perfect and just weight. Proverbs 11:1 and Proverbs 16:11 say a just weight is the Lords delight. Proverbs 20:10,23 and Micah 6:11 condemn people who use diverse and deceitful weights. So to understand evil, we have to understand that God is good, in the sense that He, as a Holy Creator, has set the standard for measuring goodness.

FACTS about Hamas and Palestinians
First of all, Hamas are TERRORISTS

Hamas human shield tactics
Nov. 20, 2012  
 Israeli pilots often ordered to call off air strikes at last moment.
The radio message to the Israel Air Force pilot en route to bombing a Hamas rocket launcher in Gaza came in loud and clear:
Abort mission, Civilians spotted.
It was one of many occasions in which pilots were ordered to call off air strikes in the last moment,
after real-time footage of the target area revealed the presence of Palestinian non-combatants.

Hamas uses the densely populated Gaza Strip as a rocket base, often shooting the projectiles
from the tops of residential buildings, or near schools, mosques, and other public places.  
This is typical Evil Islam.  Palestinians esire death more than Jews desire life.
Hamas TV campaigns instruct the population that bombs are more precious than children.
Weapons are hidden in Gazan homes, and senior terrorists often remain in homes surrounded by civilians.

Nov 19
 Gaza rocket hits Ashkelon school.  DONT count how many killed, thats NOT valid.
Hamas started this war and Israel needs to stop it, their people cannot live in bomb shelters forever!
CNN airing video over and over of SUPPOSEDLY a dead child.  OFTEN victims of Hamas aggression
are their own children, and sometimes killed by Hamas, NOT Israel.
AND quite often after the media film the 'dead' person, the person runs off to play dead another day.

When Hamas harbors its weapons in their own homes and launches missiles at Israel from them,
and Israel fires back at the source of the missile and kills Hamas families, DONT BLAME ISRAEL!

Nov.15, 2012
Is there a limit to the number of times the news media will act as willing accomplices for Palestinian propaganda?  Apparently not.
The BBC, which has been an enemy of Israel for years, even going so far as to quote as an authority noted Israel hater Richard Falk,
who has compared Israelis to Nazis, has now been caught cutting a video showing a “victim” of the Israeli attack on Gaza being carried out, seriously wounded.
One problem. In the same video 30 seconds later, the same man is standing on his own two feet.

Islamic terrorists all do that.  They LOVE thier children killed for propaganda.
We shoot Israel and kill civilians!  But look - they shoot back and hit our children!
Hamas put one of its missile launch sites in the Gaza Strip next to a mosque and children's playground, and they surgically managed to take out the launch site with an air strike.
The launch site was set up to allow Hamas to fire long-range rockets into Israel.
Aerial photos of the launch given to KleinOnline show "a children’s playground and a mosque located about a half a block away."
In addition, two civilian factories and a gas station were also within a half-block radius of the launch site.
Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired nearly 500 rockets into Israel since fighting began anew in the Gaza Strip four days ago.

Hamas targets Jerusalem
Hamas terrorists in Gaza launched a missile on Jerusalem which landed just outside the city.

Al qaeda is Sunni Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
Hamas is the son of MB

Hamas-paid riots on Temple Mount
May 30, 2014
Shin Bet nabs Toameh, senior Hamas operative who tells interrogators about secrets of organization.

Hamas pays hundreds of youths to harass Jews at Temple Mount’
Top Hamas official Mahmoud Toameh, arrested trying to enter Israel, spills to Shin Bet about Islamic extremist group’s activities and fundraising

Terrorist reveals inner workings of Hamas
Terror attacks, riots, smuggling cash, all in a day's work for Hamas.
Toameh revealed how Hamas was using Islamic groups inside Israel to fund terror attacks and Hamas activities in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel.

Toameh from Tul Karem in Samaria has been living in Saudi Arabia for 40 years.
He joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1983.  Hamas is also MB.
Toameh said 8 Muslim Brotherhood represent world Jihad.
I wonder if Barak Hussein Obama is one of those 8.

Toameh was arrested on April 14 as he attempted to enter Israel from Jordan, via the Allenby Bridge.
Hamas pays to keep Jews off the Temple Mount

Hamasses testing missiles
October 26, 2014  
-  Hamas has been launching test rockets into Mediterranean Sea.
Such missile tests are done to check the capabilities of the Hamas arsenal.
Egypt stated Hamas was behind the car bomb in Sinai which killed troops.

Egypt - Gaza buffer zone
October 26, 2014
-  Egypt President Sisi plans to establish a buffer zone along the Sinai frontier with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
MB (Muslim Brotherhood) and probably Hamasses / ISIL to blame for Sinai terror attacks.  Qatar may have had a hand also.

Hamasses plots busted
November 21, 2014  -  Turkey, Qatar
help Hamasses plan to carry out terror in Jerusalem, several attacks already prevented.  Sure, all 3 are MB.  The terrorism was plotted against civilians in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem and IDF.

The man behind the plot is Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas boss in Turkey.  Arouri personally ordered the kidnap and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers, a major factor in triggering the current escalation in violence.

The plot included Hamas sympathizers from both Turkey and Qatar, home to Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashaal, and long-time backer of Hamas.
Obama releasing GITMO terrorists may be contributing - unknown.

Hamas delegation arrives in Iran
December 8, 2014 -  
A Hamas delegation headed by a senior member of the group's political arm, Mohammed Nasr, arrived Monday morning in Tehran for a diplomatic visit. Iranian media outlets reported that the delegation would meet senior members of Iran's government.
The visit marks "a new chapter" in relations between Iran and Hamas.,7340,L-4601143,00.html

This answers a lot of my questions - and raises more.
I have wondered about Shia-Sunni alliances and divisions.
Its been very mixed up.

Iran and Hamas back together
August, 2014  NOTE DATE - its not that old!

One result of the Gaza conflict, Iran (Shia) and Hamas (Sunni MB) are back together.
Iran and Hamas were once tightly allied, but the Syrian war drove them apart.
Now, after the Gaza conflict, the two sides are making up

IRAN (Persia) is a major sponsor of Hamas and Islamic militants battling Israel.
Iran supplies weapons to Hamas and the Lebanese Hellzballah.

However, when the Arab Spring spread into Syria in 2011, Shiite Iran’s alliance with Hamas deteriorated when Hamas supported the Sunni rebels against Syria’s Bashar Assad. (Shia-Alawite)
Hamas moved their base from Syria to Qatar, a regional rival of Iran.
In retaliation Iran, Syria and Hezbollah reportedly ended their support for Hamas in all fields, and cut off one of Hamas’ most vital lifelines.


February 1, 2015  -  Hamas, an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, rejects Egypt as mediator with Israel.
Hamas has accepted Iran, will they demand Shia Iran mediate?
Any deals are over before they begin, as the Hamasses are 110% committed to killing all Jews.

Laughing    Egypt kidnapping Hamas?
August 21, 2015
-  Ahahaa!  I'd call that - arresting terrorists!!!
Hamas accuses Egypt of kidnapping Hamas terrorist commandos in Sinai headed to Iran for training.  Hamas entered Sinai on a bus.  They were going from the Rafiah Crossing to the airport in Cairo.  (Remember, a bomb just went off in Cairo Aug 20)  Iran gave Hamas scooters, used to propel underwater divers quickly, allowing Hamas commandos to reach distant targets deep in Israel.

Iran arms new terrorist gang to annihilate Israel.  Hamas gets tons of arms from Iran.
Gen. Soleimani set up the Eastern Command of Al Qods.  These terrorists are organized according to sectors, with commands for Hizballah, the Palestinians, Syria, Iraq and the Gulf.  They are tasked to hand out weapons including missiles to Palestinian terror groups.  The plan is to take Jerusalem. The goal is the annihilation of Israel.

Hamas leader declares WAR (intifada)
October 10, 2015
-  Ham-ass chief Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza called violence in Israel an intifada (war) and urged further violence.  Muslim prayers in mosques urge violence.  Islam's god is Satan.
Hamas rules Gaza, between Egypt and Israel, and separate from the West Bank.

Gaza has been the site of 3 wars with Israel since 2008.  Israel gave Gaza to Hamas to trade for peace.  You see what giving those demons land for peace results in.

Hamas kills tunnel diggers
Nov. 1, 2015
-  Hamas executed dozens of diggers, fearing they would reveal the site locations to Israel.
They do that all the time.  The tunnelers would dig for 8-12 hours a day.  After the tunnels were completed, dozens were killed.
In 2012, 160 Palestinian children were killed while working on Hamas tunnels.
Hamas tunnel entrances, exits are inside their own homes with families.

Hamas busted in Qalqilya
Nov 10, 2015
-  A secret network of 24 Hamas terrorists rounded up in Qalqilya by the IDF.  Hamas had set it up as a regional command center for reviving terrorist attacks against Israel. Its orders and funding came from Hamas chiefs in Qatar and Gaza.  $9,000 was also seized in the raid.
Hamas intends assaulting Jerusalem
Hamas said war on Israel is begun and will not stop.
The Hamas infrastructure in Qalqilya is one of the oldest Hamas networks in the West Bank.
LOCATION this Hamas regional headquarters - NE of Tel Aviv and NW of Jerusalem, S of Haifa.  That is the HEART of Israel.,7340,L-4723402,00.html

This is pretty BIG

Nov 15, 2015
-  Hamas terrorist dies in accidental explosion in Gaza.  HALLELUJAH!!
Amir Hamad al-Zaharani killed at Hamas training camp in Khan Younis.
He blew himself up by a work accident.  3 others wounded by shrapnel.

WAR on Israel

Hamas has ordered suicide bombings
Gaza Palestinian missiles, car attacks
Dec 19, 2015
 -  Palestinians in Gaza fired rockets toward Israel Thursday.
Friday Palestinians fired mortars.  A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead Friday when he tried to run down a group of Israelis.  At Qalandia, north of Jerusalem another Palestinian terrorist tried to ram his car into a group and was shot and wounded.  - headline
Arab terrorist tries to run over soldiers, shot dead. Large knife is discovered in the vehicle.

Hamas smuggling through Israel
Dec 19, 2015
 -  As Egypt cracks down on smuggling into Gaza, a single checkpoint in Israel is a bottleneck for goods for Hamas to smuggle forbidden materials.  100% Evil Mohammed Deif is Hamas terror chief, wanted by Israel since 1992.  He has barely survived assassination attempts.

Hamas has been training its naval commandos.  They are expected to launch a simultaneous attack on several targets inside Israel all at once.  They are building up stockpiles to allow for continued rocket fire over a period of many weeks. Which they will store in UN schools and hospitals.

Hamas weapons demand raw materials and tools and materials to construct the attack
tunnels.  The Egyptians bombed most of the smuggling tunnels from the Sinai and are flooding others with water. There are only a few dozen left.  

This is a war of intelligence

Merchandise and raw materials for Hamas terrorism coming from the Ashdod port to Gaza flows thru the Kerem Shalom border crossing.  A truck carrying what was defined as paint powder got to the Kerem Shalom crossng. Someone along the way switched the powder with iron oxide, which is used for rocket propulsion.  Most of the iron oxide came from the Sinai through the Nitzana border crossing and from there made its way to Kerem Shalom.
Long artcile, detailed,7340,L-4741063,00.html

ISIS-Hamas fighting Egypt
Dec 19, 2015
 -  Hamas and ISIS are cooperating to fight Egypt.
Hamas and Islamic State in Sinai and Gaza have been cooperating in the smuggling of weapons.
For 2 years ISIS Sinai helped Hamas move weapons from Iran and Libya.
Both Hamas and Islamic State trace their origins to the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood.

NOW DO YOU SEE WHY HAMAS HAS ENGAGED TURKEY and the WORLD to allow weapons to use for war on Israel to come by sea?  -  And why Israel cant allow that!

Feb 8, 2016  Gaza
-  Hamas kills its own commander.  Hamas executed Mahmoud Eshtewi, suspected of collaborating with Israel, may have betrayed terror chief Mohammed Deif's location.  Gaza terror group kills one of own suspected of cooperating with Israel.  These freekin cowards dont know who their enemies are.  Hahaaha,7340,L-4763162,00.html

Laughing   Laughing    Hamas broke?    Laughing
April  16, 2016
-  Hamas is flat broke.  (unlikely)  Hamas cut wages.  Hamas Musa Abu Marzuk went to Iran to persuade them to renew funds and weapons to the Gaza Strip, but returned home empty-handed.  Gaza municipal services are suspended because city officials have not been paid.  Watch them blame Israel.
Iran support for Assad is absolute.  Gen. Soleimani has resurfaced.
Hysteria regarding the Hamas threat in Israel

I simply dont believe a word of this article.
Jews in Israel and the world have already begun Passover prep,
and today is Shabbat (Sabbath) so no Israel news.


Question   Hamas member defects to Israel
June 15, 2016  Trojan?
 -  Senior Hamas member Bassam Mahmoud Baraka defects to Israel.  He turned himself and his family in to Israel during the first week of June, and brought his laptop and secret maps showing tunnel infrastructure in the Strip.  Baraka was involved in building tunnel infrastructure.,7340,L-4816034,00.html

Hamas head Khaled Mashaal to step down
June 15, 2016
 -  Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashaal will not seek another term in Hamas elections.  Mashaal has led Hamas for 20 years, largely from his office in Damascus.  Elections open to members of the Shura Council, exiled leaders living elsewhere, and Palestinians serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, Mashaal's second-in-command is the most likely successor.  Muslim Brotherhood Marzouk lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Mashaal maintains strong ties with Turkey where another Hamas terrorist is based.
Considering Muslims lie we dont know whats true and whats not.

Qatar Hamas Palestinian terrorist HQ
February  10, 2012  Hamas Terror Chief Khaled Mashaal
will carry out Hamas terrorism from Qatar.
Other Hamas terrorists have relocated from Syria to Beirut, Gaza etc..
Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashaal will not return to Damascus, but will operate from Qatar, the situation in Syria is too dangerous for the lead terrorist.

Question   Hamas member defects to Israel
June 15, 2016  Trojan?
 -  Senior Hamas member Bassam Mahmoud Baraka defects to Israel.  He turned himself and his family in to Israel during the first week of June, and brought his laptop and secret maps showing tunnel infrastructure in the Strip.  Baraka was involved in building tunnel infrastructure.  

Hamas Terror Chief Khaled Mashaal retire
Mashaal has led Hamas for 20 years.  Elections open to members of the Shura Council, exiled leaders living elsewhere, and Palestinians serving sentences in Israeli prisons.   Qatar Hamas Palestinian terrorist HQ

Mashaal maintains strong ties with Turkey where another Hamas terrorist is based.
Considering Muslims lie we dont know whats true and whats not.

If Obama is going to nuke Damascus, June 2016 is a strong possibility

US allows civilian airliners sold to Iran
June 15, 2016  debka -   Iran can acquire US-made commercial aircraft due to its nuclear agreement with Washington, DC.  Boeing has agreed with Iran on most of the technical and trade-related details of the deal.

Evil or Very Mad   Obama opposes Israeli defense.
June 15, 2016
-  White House is against Congress proposal to add $455 million to the budget for Israeli missile defense.  Congress planned to increase the aid to Israel.  AIPAC responded by saying it was deeply disappointed.  Defense is critical for Israel’s SURVIVAL as a nation.  Obama may use his damned veto power if Congress passes the aid package increase.,7340,L-4816005,00.html

Obama's team ISIS / ISIL opposes Israel's survival.

BAD! *  Hamas's Haniyeh returns to Gaza
Jan 28, 2017  
-  Hamas terror chief Ismail Haniyeh returns to Gaza after 5 months abroad.
This week, the Haniyeh met in Cairo with Egyptian officials.
Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
Hamas was involved in terrorist attacks in the Sinai.

Hamas leader Haniyeh visits Egypt
Jan 28, 2017  
-  Hamas terror chief Ismail Haniyeh arrives in Cairo for talks with senior Egyptian officials. Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders arrived in Egypt from Qatar.


Question   Is the Psalm 83 war beginning?
Feb 9, 2017  
-  Rockets fired at Eilat from Sinai
Iran just launched a missile

Syrian shell(s) landed on Israeli side of the Golan
ISIS-Hamas in Sinai and Gaza have been planning this
Moscow supplying precision weapons to Syria.
ISIS said this is beginning of war on Israel.

Moscow supplying precision weapons to the Syrian military in order to boost its capabilities against ISIS.

Rockets fired at Eilat from Sinai
February 8, 2017
-  At least 3 missiles were caused by Iron Dome.  They fired from Sinai. Its not the first time.  The Red Sea resort hotels are full of thousands of tourists.

Hamas commandos join ISIS-Egypt
Feb 9, 2017  
-  THIS IS NOT GOOD!!  WAR on Israel may be beginning - seriously.
Highly-trained Hamas commandos are leaving the Gaza Strip to join forces with ISIS in Egypt.  Hamas is the Palestinian Arab offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, part of alQaeda, ISIS and the rest of the MB spawn.
ISIS declared the War on Israel has begun.
Some scholars think Psalm 83 war is the next one

Is the Psalm 83 war beginning?

Isaiah 13, 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 Gog-magog

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