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GSB falcons early fledge (fludge) June 17, 2013

8.15 am  Toni goes out on perch for the first time
She was the FIRST to perch and the LAST to fall
Mom Michele and 3 siblings, Mandy, Jonathon, and Stolt behind her

Peregrine Falcon nest 2013 * Mississippi River bluffs
June 17, 2013 all 4 GSB falcon chicks fell within 6 hours, driven out by gnats.
Gnats can kill a chick if they are bad and chick untreated.


June 17, 2013 GSB Falcons
the day all 4 chicks fell, page 4
As soon as the first chick fell on June 17th, Michele flew after it.

LIFE GOES ON - page 5
The box is empty but we HEAR the young falcons

GSBDweller said Jonathon is the larger male and Stolt is the smallest.
I heard Mandy call after she had fallen.
Summerfly distinctly heard 3 chicks calling on June 20
June 19 Falcon  placed in the Red Wing Grain falcon nest box.
Stolt the falcon is now being raised by his older sister a falcon named Laura, therefore his two nest mates are his nieces.

Initially RRP said they found Jonathon, but much later it was discovered it was Stolt.

TONI LEADS the CHARGE OUT of the BOX and onto the perch

Toni  on far LEFT lost her balance outside perch
Look at talon, wing - its a miracle that chick got back up on perch!
Toni was FIRST to go out of box to perch - and LAST to fall


Jonathon kaks a warning to his sisters - which went unheeded -
as Mandy seeks to join her sis and get away from the bugs

p1a - fell

Its a MIRACLE Toni was able to recover her perch!



Here comes Mandy to join Toni.  Hey sis - fewer bugs out there?
Jonathon kaks a warning - which went unheeded
p1a, p1b, p1-2

June 17, 2013  GIT OFFa my TAIL, sis!
FAR LEFT - Mandy steps on Toni's tail - RIGHT - 2 males - Jonathon, the larger one kaks
Mandy has talon on tail of Toni - left

tail, p1-2


Toni slips, far left, lost balance, almost falls 12.45 pm
Then 2nd chick follows, then a 3rd

fell - p1a and p1b

Toni and Mandy are the 2 chicks outside on far LEFT and the 2 males in right corner
Mandy slips down.  I heard her calling after she was down below.
There are 2 chicks outside on LEFT and 2 more in right corner

Seeya later Mandy
Mandy falls thru, Toni perched LEFT

Mandy was found dead at the LaCrosse Wisconsin airport July 26, 2013
, likely from an aircraft strike.
R.I.P. sweet child

She flew across the river as a new fledgling.  She left her family right away.  
She fledged, learned lessons quickly from parents Michele and Travis, and vamoosed.




TONI turns around
p2trn,  p2tail


GSB falcon chicks and Mom Michele luring them out on perch
Mandy was first to fall, 3 left, Toni, Jonathan and Stolt
p2mm - p2m


Toni hollers HALP!!  Mom watches.


Toni falcon butt
OK I aint graceful but Im back in the box!




LEMME BACK IN! Sibling appears to block chick from re-entry
Jonathan is the larger of the 2 males

p2ftail  and  p2fc



Jun17pm  and  p2fd

Maybe I can make Dad's ledge



Jonathon the larger male Falcon
Uh oh, this isnt gonna work, I'm fall - -
Jonathon falls, flapping, sibling wont let him back in
Two falcon chicks will NOT fit into one spot!
p2fall  and  p2f

STOLT, the smallest male falcon
and 3rd chick to fall.

He and Mandy may have landed very close, as they both dropped the same place .
Stolt never perch at all, just slipt straight down



Our last glimpse of Stolt, the smallest male, as he flaps to earth


June 17, 2013  Toni afraid to jump.  
6.00 pm - All her siblings have gone down - too early.  Shd not fledge for another week.
Mom tries to lure her out with food. I think Mom wants her to jumpwith the others - safer
Toni slips on the perches again and again
Toni left alone in the box



JUNE 17, 2013 at 6.00 pm
Toni loses her grip

I heard Mandy's calls after she'd gone down
I have a good idea which chick is who in the pics.
Toni was FIRST out - but she was LAST to go down
Mandy stept on Toni's tail.  
Jonathan the larger male was kakking twice.
Both Mandy and the smallest male Stolt slipt down at the same point, they may be near each other.
Summer, falcon expert, also said 2 may be near each other.  She distinctly heard 3 chicks calling from below.

GSBDweller - Shep, yes - Stolt is the smallest

The FALLS  June 17 videos
My own opinion.  The gnats (bugs) are so bad, the chicks are desparate to get away from them - and perch outside before they are ready.
Female chick Toni goes out onto perch, partly falls inbetween, peeps and flaps and gets back up and perches, #2 Mandy steps on tail

#1 - 1st falcon, Mandy, falls from box
Toni goes out, LEFT edge, slips backward, flaps n squawks, hangs more of her down than up but keeps flapping her wings, brave girl!
She rights herself - amazing!  That was one heck of a good struggle!  One of the males in right corner begins peeping.
Mandy right behind her comes and steps on Toni's tail, slips thru between box and perch, goes down flapping.
This video is very short - actually cuts off too soon.

This is the longer version of this June 17 video of Mandy's fall
9.55 Mom feeds the 4.  the action begins at 27.00
Toni slips, Jonathan kakks a warning
Mandy falls thru. Later I hear her screaming from below.  Toni is panting from all the excitement.
Chicks in box scratch and twitch poor things, bugs terrible
Mandy right behind her comes and steps on Toni's tail, slips thru between box and perch, goes down flapping.
I HEARD Mandy screaming loudly from below so I know she is OK - at least survived.

#2 - 2nd falcon falls from box - Jonathon, off left edge of box
He slipped, flew-flap left away - did he try for the ledge?

#3 -  3rd falcon falls from box
Stolt, the smallest male slips right thru between front of box and perch, never achieves perch in any form

#4 Toni out on perch extension, slips, hangs upside down, lets go

There is absolutely NO valid reason for RRP to have mis-identified the chick sent to Red Wing.  NONE.
The GSB falcons all had band numbers.  RRP had them - and the bird for 24 hours June 17-19.
Even if in the stress of June 17 the chick was ID'd wrong, Bob Anderson should have made the correction June 18th.
He had Stolt with him prior to sending it to Red Wing.  Several had Stolt in hand and could have checked the band so easily.
The FIRST thing any PROFESSIONAL would have done is record that band number.
Those people at RRP ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS!  Was it an INTENTIONAL error?

I have known things RRP did not know.  I am NOT a falcon expert!
When the band showed the chick at GSB to be Jonathon,
I wondered if he'd flown home 94 miles from Red Wing!  That seemed utterly absurd!

I dont blame Mr. GSBDweller, he does not claim to be an expert.
In his great excitement of finding a falcon who fell, he called the male by the chick he hoped it was.

End rant
July 5, 2013

July 27  UPDATE
I am very glad Bob Anderson, RRP, did NOT get the EAGLE RARE award.  He sure does NOT deserve it!

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