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Great Lakes, Superior, Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Huron

2 Great Lakes hit lowest water level on record
Feb 2013 - TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Two of the Great Lakes have hit their lowest water levels ever recorded, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said, capping more than a decade of below-normal rain and snowfall and higher temperatures that boost evaporation.

Measurements taken last month show Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have reached their lowest ebb since record keeping began in 1918, and the lakes could set additional records over the next few months, the corps said. The lakes were 29 inches below their long-term average and had declined 17 inches since January 2012.

The other Great Lakes — Superior, Erie and Ontario — were also well below average.

"We're in an extreme situation," said Keith Kompoltowicz, watershed hydrology chief for the corps district office in Detroit.

The low water has caused heavy economic losses by forcing cargo ships to carry lighter loads, leaving boat docks high and dry, and damaging fish-spawning areas. And vegetation has sprung up in newly exposed shoreline bottomlands, a turnoff for hotel customers who prefer sandy beaches.

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald anniversary
Nov 11, 2016
 -  This is the 41st Aniversarry of the Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  No mayday or distress signal was given. The crew also gave no indication they were in any trouble other than taking on some water.  the radar operator at Whitefish Bay said the Edmund Fitz’s blip looked normal on one sweep, and on the next sweep ten seconds later it was gone.
Years later it was found split in half.  Helluva wave to split such a ship!
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The witch of November comes stealing.

Whitefish Bay is on the eastern end of the southern shore of Lake Superior between Michigan and Ontario.

Hillary clinton was the witch of November

U.S. President Donald Trump
Now that Trump WON, the campaign ends

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