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GREAT EARTHQUAKE MAY 20, 2012 ?    Question
I cant predict quakes, I just report a few things I see.  I gave you a few links to peruse.
The snare is about to snap.  When I saw 'snare' I perked up, as that is the word used by a visionary friend of mine.
NATIONS in the balance, caught in a snare, a trap.  O sinner man, where ya gonna run to on that day.

Nostradamus - Hail will fall larger than an egg.
FACT 2012 -  baseball size hail is being reported often.

Alignment (conjunction) of the Pleiades Star System
Remember, astronomy is science, astrology is witchcraft.

Solar Eclipse May 20th is referred to as the Serpentís Eclipse.
I DO NOT put any stock in Mayan prophecy - period.
I doubt Nostradamus predicted anything for our time period.

Tectonic Plates

Ocean floor rising

Java in Indonesia is sinking


Mexico quakes, just south of Calipornia

Earthquakes follow queer legalized

Swarm of Quakes
May 1, 2012  An ongoing swarm of small earthquakes is rattling homes and nerves

April 7, 2012

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