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GOD changes the missiles paths in mid air

GOD changes the missiles paths in mid air
July 22, 2014  
Hamas complains the Israeli GOD changes the missiles paths in mid-air!  WOO HOO GOD!  Very Happy
Headlines in Israel claim miracles are protecting the Jews during the Gaza Strip ground war, with one headline proclaiming that Hamas terrorists are complaining about God changing the direction of rockets in mid-air.
But of course!  The true GOD is YHVH, the GOD of the Jews!
Satan is the god of Hamas, and Jehovah is Greater!

The Hamasses have become frustrated with Israeli miracles.
A Hamas terrorist was asked why they couldnt aim their rockets more effectively.
He replied, We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air! AMEN!

Arutz Sheva reported the importance of miracles to the Jewish people-
The Jews existence for 6 millennia is a miracle.  Miracle is an essential part of our belief, it is a source of our hope in the dark and a gift of our dreams.

Jehovah Nissi - God is my banner, flag, Protector.
God is still - GOD!

I have heard the testimonies of miracles by missionaries and other Christians.
God tells them STOP as they drive, and barely miss death, missiles have literally changed in mid air, bullets fired at close range, point blank, veer away, one single home spared tornado, earthquake, wildfire - so many other testimonies.  Daniel and lions, 3 (4) men in furnace - God is still - GOD!

Nisi literally means shiny.  Maybe like the Shekina Glory.
God declares WAR on any nation that declares war on Israel.
You best pay attention because Barak Hussein Obama is at war with Israel.
Genesis 12:3

Jehovah Nissi


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