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GERMS ARE BEING weaponized

WHO worries latest bird flu genetic research might one day be weaponized

December 30, 2011 – GENEVA – The World Health Organization says it is worried about recent studies showing how the H5N1 virus could be adapted, making it more transmissible between animals and potentially, humans. It issued a statement Friday indicating that it is concerned about the potentially negative consequences of this type of research into avian influenza, should it be misused. On Dec. 20, the U.S government asked scientific journals and two research teams not to publish details of controversial studies on the bird flu virus over fears the data could fall into the wrong hand and have dire consequences. Scientists had mutated the H5N1 avian flu virus to the point where it became highly transmissible in ferrets and were set to publish their results. WHO concedes that this type of research, though potentially dangerous, is necessary. “WHO also notes that studies conducted under appropriate conditions must continue to take place so that critical scientific knowledge needed to reduce the risks posed by the H5N1 virus continues to increase,” it said in a release. “Such research should be done only after all important public health risks and benefits have been identified and reviewed, and it is certain that the necessary protections to minimize the potential for negative consequences are in place.” WHO also encourages scientists to abide by the rules of the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework, which, established in May 2011, aims to encourage virus sharing between countries, collaborative research and best scientific practices in pandemic research. It acknowledged that although the scientists whose research made headlines last week begun their study prior to the establishment of the framework, it hopes they will abide by its new guidelines. Independent labortaries working on the genetic sequencing of deadly viruses pose signicant security risks. In the popular 1995 sci-fi hit 12 Monkeys, a scientist working at just such a lab released a deadly virus at airports to bring about an end of the human race. -CBC

Weaponized germs are being loosed in the globalist UN plan to kill off 80% of Earth population
UN Agenda 21  -  CODEX

CALCIVIRUS weaponized

For more info see



Govt Bio-weapons in USA Heartland
Oct 2, 2013

Laboratories across the country are creating kill-switches in viruses to help track them and disable them if necessary.  The process is known as “molecular bio containment”.  The team originally published their work in the August 11th edition of Nature Biotechnology.
You may think that this is the end of genetic modification but there is more to the story!

On September 25th CEEZAD, the Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases posted an interesting tidbit on their website entitled Molecular Bio-Containment for the Flu.  The article discusses a micro-RNA based containment strategy.  
The findings represent *an elegant and clever molecular strategy, but it’s too early to know how widely the strategy can be applied.*

CEEZAD works closely with DHS and the USDA in the field of epidemiology.  They are partnering together to bring weaponized pathogens to America’s heartland in Kansas.  The University of Minnesota has teamed up with the UN to make this flu-kill switch study an international affair.  The bio-warfare experts are amalgamating.  A bio weapon release cannot be too far in the future.

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