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Gen. Michael T. Flynn

Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump VP?
July 9, 2016
†- †Donald Trump is increasingly intrigued by the idea of tapping retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn for VP. †Flynn, 57, a registered Democrat but fierce critic of resident Obama, previously ran the Defense Intelligence Agency. †Trump is telling his friends that national unrest may demand a tough and steady presence alongside him on the ticket.

America has forgotten how to win
April 18, 2016
- †THIS may be why Trump may choose Flynn.
Despite what you hear in the news from the Obama administration, we will not defeat ISIS on our current path.

Somewhere along our national journey our political leaders lost the clarity of vision, our military commanders the habits of strategic thought, and our public the determined will to achieve victory.

Put simply, we are still at war with radical Islamic groups and an ideological movement that canít be ignored nor wished away. We have to face the fact that ISIS and its army of like-minded jihadists are determined to win that war, and believe they are on the path to victory. They may well be right.

HARBINGER †WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis

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Top Spy forced out
April 30, 2014 -  Gen. Michael T. Flynn
, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is being pushed out after a series of clashes over his leadership style.  Flynn was a former intelligence adviser to retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael T. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board from July 24, 2012, to August 2, 2014.  Prior to this he served as assistant director of national intelligence.  He consistently pushed for greater information and intelligence sharing and was a leading figure in coalition and special operations intelligence operations.

2 DIA officials to retire
April 30, 2014
-  As part of a leadership shake-up, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is expected to end his tenure as DIA director this summer.  He faced pressure from James Clapper. Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere is a leading candidate to replace Flynn.

Coup Plan to Oust Obama discovered, failed

Bengazi Libya - ObamaGate

Coup to Oust Obama discovered, failed

General Stanley McChrystal
McChrystal TOLD the TRUTH and Obama FIRED HIM!

June 2010 Obama announced he accepted McChrystal's resignation and would nominate Gen. David Petraeus to replace him.

McChrystal Part of Pat Tillman Cover Up


Will General Michael Flynn be Trump's VP?

Sessions did NOT push Trump to have a general as VP
July 10, 2016  
-  When it comes to Donald Trump's thinking about his running mate, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions says he has NOT advocated for Trump to have a military general on the ticket.

Gen. Michael Flynn has been vetted for vice president, and Fox reported Sessions is encouraging Trump to perhaps choose a general.
Sessions denied this, he himself is seen as a top contender for VP.

if you want to SAVE AMERICA!

Flynn is a democrat
Sessions is republican
Donald Trump defies party!

President Donald Trump!


Flynn fired for the truth
July 10, 2016
- †General Michael Flynn, possible VP for Trump.
The military fired me for calling our enemies radical jihadis. †Michael Flynn was fired as head of the ≠DIA in 2014 after 30 years in the military.

America is not getting any closer to winning the war on terror Islam.

In 2014 Flynn was called into a meeting and told that I was being let go from DIA. †I asked Clapper if my leadership was in question and he said it was not. †I knew then it had more to do with the stand I took on radical Islam and the expansion of al Qaeda (the former ISIS).

Flynn favors killing of babies

Lt. Gen. Flynn: U.S. won't 'collapse' because of same-sex marriage, abortion

The potential Trump VP pick discusses a range of issues.


ABC tweeted Lt. Gen. Flynn had been chosen as Prez Donald Trump NSA.
In fact he is a contender for the job.

General Michael Flynn will be National Security Advisor
in Donald J. Trump admin

General Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor
General Michael Flynn defended Trump from the constant liberal media attacks. In September General Flynn said with Trump we will actually win the war with radical Islam and ISIS.

Freep post --
Iíve known Mike Flynn for over 20 years and, at one point in our careers, I was his instructor. Mikeís a good guy and a real soldierís soldier not beholden to the Pentagon bureaucracy. Like Trump himself, heís an American first and party affiliation be damned. Mikeís been a registered Democrat his entire life, but heís a Democrat in the old sense, concerned about whatís good for the country first.

I was kind of hoping heíd be selected for DNI, which would have sent shock waves through the Intelligence Community. However, as National Security Advisor, his appointment will send shock waves through BOTH DoD and the IC.

Michael Flynn, problem
General Flynn accepted a lobbying role for the government of Turkey, specifically to advocate for Erdogan and Turkish interests, and presumably never told the campaign.

Robert Kelley, the chief counsel to the Flynn Intel Group, read a statement from Flynn, promising that - if I return to government service, my relationship with my company will be severed, in accordance with the policy announced by President-elect Trump.Ě


Smile †Flynn has been a rock to Trump

TURKEY - Erdogan disillusioned with Obama  
Nov 19, 2016
 -  Obama failed to take the threats Turkey is facing seriously, including the war in Syria and resulting inflow of refugees.  FACT:  Erdogan intended ISIS terrorists to go to USA and EU - not return to Turkey.

Turkeyís relations with the US have soured over several issues, including Washington support of Kurds and refusal to extradite Fethullah Gulen, whom Erdogan accuses of masterminding Julyís phony coup in Turkey.

Michael Flynn, who is slated to lead the Pentagon under President Trump, said the US should not provide safe haven to Gulen, whom Flynn has called a radical Islamist pretending to be a moderate.


National Security Adviser Designate Flynn
Nov 19, 2016  -  Gen. Michael T. Flynn, registered Democrat, has been offered the position of National Security Adviser to Prez Donald Trump.  He believes correctly that Islam is a political ideology that veils itself as a religion.  He does not see a lot of people screaming Jesus Christ with hatchets, or guns shooting up clubs or literally axing families on a train.

As for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, Flynn said We have to deal with Russia and and figure out ways to work with them, particularly because we have more than 5,000 of our own troops there in Iraq to fight ISIS.
Islam is a political ideology, hiding behind a religion.

CAIR unhappy about Flynn
Nov 21, 2016
 CNSNews  -  Terror group CAIR unhappy with Trump pick for National Security Adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn!  GOOD!  President-elect Donald Trump national security adviser former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Gen. Michael.  Flynn served as head of the DIA from 2012 to 2014, and has been advising the Trump campaign on national security issues.

Flynn compared Islam to a cancer.  CAIR issued a statement urging Trump not to appoint him.  Flynn is an outspoken critic of radical Islam and sharia and the terrorist group CAIR.

Islam is worse than cancer!  
Cancer kills one person at a time, Muslims kill en masse - cruelly!
If CAIR is unhappy, it was a good pick.

Nov 19, 2016
 -  Germany bans Islamic organization, raids mosques, finds machetes, tasers, knives and knuckle dusters. Somehow these Muslims seem to have gotten the idea that Islam had something to do with violence. I trust that Pope Francis and John Kerry and other learned imams of that caliber are traveling



General Mike Flynn
Feb 13, 2017 †
- †The lying accusations against Flynn are a lot of whooped-up nonsense. Stop the Logan Act Nonsense. †The MSM caught LYING again about Flynn. Transcripts dont show Flynn made any promise to lift sanctions. Rather show Flynn making more general comments about relations improving. Did they have a warrant to tap Flynnís phone or was the Obama admin spying on the entire Trump team?

General Michael Flynn vs MSM
Feb 12, 2017 †
- †This is a media assassination, and they have no bullets.
The Logan Act of 1799 has suddenly become a big MSM topic.
The target is national security adviser Michael Flynn.
He was guilty of nothing but urging calmness and common sense.

If Flynn suggested that Russia exercise restraint last December, he broke no law and did no damage. In fact he may have prevented the USA from entering into war with Russia, which 0bama and McCain desparately want. †Alan Dershowitz said that the Logan Act has never been enforced and is probably unenforceable.

Flynn Apologized to Pence
Feb 13, 2017  
-  Gen. Michael Flynn apologized to VP Mike Pence for telling him that sanctions were not discussed in a pre-inauguration phone call with the Russian ambassador.  Flynn has no plans to resign or give up his security clearance.
Fox source is Jennifer Griffin, a BIG Hellary supporter.

Somebody should go to jail over this and itís not General Flynn.

Flynn resigns. Gen. Kellogg acting NSA
Feb 14, 2017 †
- †General Michael Flynn resigned as President Donald Trumpís national security adviser after it was revealed that he had misled VP Mike Pence over his conversations with Russia about US sanctions before Trumpís inauguration. †He is being replaced with Army Gen. Joseph Kellogg, a Vietnam War veteran, as acting national security adviser.

Mike Flynn was one of Donald Trumpís most vocal supporters and loyal advisers.
The National Security Council he headed is composed almost entirely of military figures whom he personally picked. His successor may decide to rebuild the key body from scratch.

Michael Flynn RESIGNS as National Security Advisor.
The Justice Department had warned the Trump administration that his links with the Kremlin had put him in a compromising position and left him open to blackmail.

Flynn resigns amid controversy over Russia contacts
CNN - White House national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned after reports surfaced that the Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month that Flynn misled administration regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador.


Obama loyalists Waged Campaign to Oust Flynn
Feb 14, 2017 †
- †Former Obama officials planted series of stories to discredit Flynn. †
The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama mafia to handicap President Donald Trump's national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran. †They planted a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.

The campaign to discredit Flynn was well underway before Inauguration Day to undermine him. †Flynn had been preparing to publicize many of the details about the nuclear deal that had been intentionally hidden by the Obama administration.


Michael Flynn crossed no lines
Feb 15, 2017 †
- †Stuff is taken off of a classified system and given to a reporter. Thatís a crime! Not a leak! †Gen. Michael Flynn said he crossed no lines in his discussion with Russiaís ambassador, but ultimately he was most concerned about the steady stream of leaks to reporters based on classified information.

Flynn was instructed not to speak to the press. His staff was not even allowed to review the transcripts of his call to the Russian ambassador. Flynn is a behind the scenes guys, but this is ridiculous. Itís so out of control.

Flynn didnt know where the leaks originated - NSA, State, Defense. †ALL gov depts were controlled by Muslim Brotherhood and infiltrated with MB spies. It was a COUP!

The Political Assassination of Mike Flynn
Feb 15, 2017 †
- †Alinsky rule #4 - Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.
If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

First its Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then Steve Bannon, then Reince Priebus.
Flynn is only the appetizer. President Trump is the entree.

Posted by weston -
No doubt in my mind who leaked.
Flynnís conversations took place during transition.
Obama was still President.
Clapper and Brennan were still top spooks. Rhodes still there.
Those are the leakers. Obama, Rhodes, Brennan, Clapper

CIA took Flynn down, MSM helped
Feb 14, 2017  
-  CIA broke the law to take out its critic General Flynn.
The CIA took out Mike Flynn, a high official of our own government.  The CIA has brought down democratically elected governments overseas, and now in domestic American politics.

Fox news Feb. 14 also mentioned Brennan, Clapper.
I agree! Jail them! †Both are Muslim Brohood!
It was a COUP

Donald Trump looks like a President who does not have his subordinates back. †That may be unfair, as there was an issue of trust - BUT - WE DO NOT KNOW exactly what occurred here. †Trust is mandatory! †It does recall the removal of Corey L.

General Mike Flynn had the lowdown secrets
on the horrific Iran deal.

TRAITORS! belong in Jail
Feb 15, 2017  
-  They are not - leakers - they are TRAITORS!
House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said Leakers of Flynn Call belong in Jail.  Those who leaked the contents of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynnís phone calls belong in jail.  Those 9 people broke the law by leaking classified information.  Nunes also wants to know how U.S. intelligence agencies were wiretapping Flynnís calls, which may also have been illegal.  Nunes said itís pretty clear that there was no warrant.

The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn
Representative Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence HAS IT RIGHT.  Nunes said this will not end well. First its Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus.

Sally Yates knew about the Flynn call and notified the White House weeks ago.
FIRST the wh checked to be sure nothing was illegal. Then Flynn's being less than open with Trump/Pence did him in.

Barack Obama was still president when Flynn made calls to Russia.

Muslim CIA dir. John Brennan left office stark, raving MAD. Investigate him - and jail him!  Jail his MB pals too!  

Investigate NSA Ben Rhodes and jail him!  
Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for Barack Obama, Advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

James Clapper,  Director of National Intelligence
2010 Ė January 20, 2017

Here are 5 of the 9 traitors (leakers) ,
Barack Obama
John Brennan
James Clapper
Sally Yates
Ben Rhodes

ZionsCRY comments on General Michael Flynn
Feb 15, 2017 †
- †Donald J. Trump always told his staff - NEVER LIE TO ME.
0bama and others still in DC govt were and are trying to start WW3 with Russia. †Sanctions on Russia for something Russia DID NOT do were intended to be the trigger. †If General Flynn told Russia President Trump would remove those sanctions on the phone in December, he sacrificed his job for his and our President and prevented WW3. †Flynn lied to Pence, knowing it would be his neck. †If this is true, Flynn is a great man and saved America. †God bless him!

The issue was NEVER if Flynn did anything illegal. †He did NOT.
The ONLY reason President Trump asked for Flynn's resignation was an issue of trust.

CIA, NSA took Flynn down, MSM helped
Feb 14, 2017 †
- †CIA broke the law to take out its critic General Mike Flynn. †The CIA took out Mike Flynn, a high official of our own government. †The CIA has brought down democratically elected governments overseas, and now in domestic American politics.

Loss of Gen. Michael Flynn
Feb 15, 2017  
-  Michael Flynnís abrupt resignation as National Security Adviser Feb. 13 was a crippling blow to Donald Trumpís foreign policy strategy.  Flynn was the architect of the presidentís plans for cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was brought down by misinforming Vice President Mike Pence on the content of the conversation he held with the Russian ambassador before Trumpís inauguration.

Former Navy SEAL Admiral Robert Harward is a strong contender for NSA.  No one but President Trump knows what Flynn may have promised the Russians.  Trump will have to decide whether to go ahead with the initiatives or put them on hold until his successor is in place.  (WAITING may be wisest!)  

Some Mideast plans had already begun.  Lebanon President Michel Aoun and Egyptian President El-Sisi were hashing out a plan for the Egyptian army and Gulf forces to go into action against Hizballah in Syria and Lebanon. (? I thot Aoun liked Hellzballah? ?)

Kremlin to explain to U.S. reasons for Crimea annexation
Feb 15, 2017  
-  The Kremlin says it will continue to patiently explain to the United States the reasons for the annexation of Crimea, NOT intending to discuss its return to Ukraine.  The Crimeans decided to seek protection from Russia and become part of the Russian Federation.  A coup took place in Kiev Ukraine, largely sponsored from abroad.
Nothing is lining up for a good relationship with Trump.


Gen. Mike Flynn

President Donald Trump White House

While new CIA Dir Mike Pompeo was overseas,
all hell broke out at home!



      Admiral Robert Harward, NSA

Feb 15, 2017  
-  National Security Advisor job offered to Robert Harward.
Harward served under Mattis while he was at U.S. Central Command.
He replaces Mike Flynn.

Judicial Watch sues CIA, DOJ for records re intel leaks Gen Flynn
Mar 7, 2017  
-  Asks FOIA Court to Order Searches and Production of Records.
National Security Agency Refuses to Confirm or Deny Existence of Records.
Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the agencies failed to respond to a January 25, 2017, FOIA request.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury regarding records related to the investigation of retired General Michel Flynnís communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Judicial Watch asks the court to order the agencies to search for all records responsive to its FOIA requests and demonstrate that they employed reasonable search methods.

Michael Flynn - Turk agent
Mar 12, 2017  
-  Trump transition knew Flynn might register as foreign agent.  Flynn lawyers told President Donald Trump's transition team before the inauguration that Flynn might need to register with the government as a foreign agent, but Trump was not aware of the possible move.

Flynn lobbying during the presidential campaign that may have benefited the government of Turkey.

Sean Spicer did not believe Trump had been told of Flynn's work as a foreign agent. VP Mike Pence was unaware of Flynn's foreign agent work.

Flynn Intel group worked for a company owned by a Turk. Flynn and his company lobbyed on behalf of a Dutch-based company owned by a Turk.

Trump did not know Flynn was representing Turkey
Apparantly Flynn is why Trump-Russia agreed to Turkey military in Syria - a very BAD decision!

Michael Flynn and Clinton Email Scandal
Mar 11, 2017  Law News
-  Michael Flynn appears to have paid consultancy fees to the same FBI agent who claimed the State Dept tried to bury an email connected to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  Flynn was a foreign agent of Turkey.
Flynn paid ex FBI official Brian McCauley who claimed quid pro quo w/State's Patrick Kennedy on Clinton email marking

Flynn paid McCauley after he'd been designated Trump NSA
The agent, Brian McCauley, told The New York Times in October that a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, asked him to classify an email connected to the 2012 attack on Benghazi, Libya. The attack left 4 Americans dead. Then Clinton LIED.  Flynn has only now revealed that he did work for a Dutch firm connected to the Turkish government, and only publicly disclosed this on the March 7 filing.

Patriots love of Flynn has reversed - to hate - now that we find out he is a shill for Turkey / ISIS.  Flynn has been dishonest about a lot.

Comey must resign
Mar 29, 2017  
-  Comey (FBI) and Rogers (NSA) failed to show up at Nunes Intel Committee invite.  Democrats want Nunes to resign because he is getting to the bottom of things, he has the goods on them and they're scared.

post 33
Tweet Jonathan Langdale@jlangdale
Retweeted Lachlan Markay #Breaking: this is confirmation that
DevinNunes source is the SecretService.

Twitter - The informant is from the CIA, documents were viewed in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) possibly the Executive Building.

Sundance seems to think that Adm Mike Rogers is a white hat.  Adm Mike Rogers met with Donald Trump in NY a couple months ago.  I suspect Rogers has been working as agent for Trump/

Comey - Rogers no show
Mar 29, 2017  
-  House Intelligence Committee classified hearing of FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Rogers was to be March 28 but they sent message they would not be available today.

They were to be questioned by Devin Nunes about the Trump Transition Team being surveilled by 0bama in November and December of 2016 and January of 2017. Names of US citizens were unmasked and widely disseminated throughout the network. The unmasking of US citizens and leaking of classified information widely disseminated is a felony and carries with it a 10 year prison term.


I wonder what it is that Comey worries will be uncovered?

post 48 (edit)
Even with carefully parsed words Comey and Robers lied and committed perjury.  Nunes has seen that they were given access to the information. That they unmasked and disseminated it.  Both will have to resign and most likely be up on charges. There is no one to pardon them.

Who should replace Comey and Ryan?
Mar 29, 2017  
-  This is developing! It is more than a rumor.  There are many reports in the last few days on the web that Comey should be fired for lying to the committee. Comey did not show for the hearing.  I sense strongly something is up.
Hopefully they fire both Comey and Paul Ryan.
Many others need to be charged with crimes.
multiple pages

Gen. Mike Flynn leak is a felony!
Mar 29, 2017  Trey Gowdy
-  House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes point is, I want to know whether or not other people have been unmasked, even though you dont know about it publicly yet.  Rep. Nunes met with a secret source on the White House grounds to review documents related to possible surveillance of Trump team members.

Gowdy criticized FBI Director James Comey for not revealing whether the bureau was investigating the Flynn leak - a felony - after Comey confirmed that agents were investigating Trump-Russia connections. Thatís the felonious dissemination of classified material.

Trey Gowdy insults Schumer
Mar 29, 2017  Trey Gowdy  -  Lying insane Demon-rat Chuck Schumer tried to get Rep. Devin Nunes replaced.  So is Shifty Adam.  Trey Gowdy said Devin is doing exactly what the chairman ought to do
. When you have a source that has information, you handle that information safely, securely, which is exactly what he did.  Too bad Schumer and other Demonrats have NO interest in truth, facts or Justice.

Trump wiretap info


General Mike Flynn testify?
Mar 31, 2017  
-  This is FAKE news!  Flynn's lawyers said Gen. Flynn never offered such a deal.
General Mike Flynn is willing to be interviewed in exchange for deal. FALSE.
There is NO direct ties proven between Trump or his campaign and Russia.
WSJ fake news

Flynn has the goods on Demonrats in high places.  I doubt they want him to testify!  FIB Comey gave the whole Clinton mafia immunity, they can sure give the good guys immunity too!

House Intel Committee said Flynn did NOT offer testimony for immunity.
The letter from Flynns lawyer


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