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France's far-right candidate pushes exit from euro
November 19, 2011  
The head of a French far-right party who is running for president has unveiled her vision for the country, including an exit from the euro and a tightening of border controls.
As she spoke to hundreds of cheering supporters in Paris on Saturday, Marine Le Pen remained vague on the details of her plan, trotting out instead the traditional promises of her Front National party: a preservation of family values, the fight against immigration and a rejection of globalization.

She was particularly vague about her economic policies — saying only that she would reveal her "plan for vigor" in January.
Le Pen, who inherited the leadership of the Front National from her father, has said she wants to broaden appeal for her party, known for its anti-immigration, anti-Islam views.

French rating at risk if crisis worsens
23 November 2011  London (MarketWatch)
Fitch Ratings said on Wednesday that France's triple-A credit rating would be at risk if a further intensification of the euro-zone crisis resulted in a much sharper economic downturn in France and a material increase in the risk of contingent liabilities.

The ratings company also said that additional consolidation measures are likely to be necessary for France to achieve its 3% of gross domestic product deficit target by 2013, with Fitch projecting the deficit in 2013 to be around 4% of GDP.

On the positive side, Fitch said that France's triple-A status is "underpinned by a high-value added and diverse economy, broad and stable tax base and its commitment to deficit reduction and stabilising, and eventually reducing, public debt."

English Channel Earthquakes

Eurostar Chunnel
Paris-London-Brussels train tunnel

FRANCE Earthquakes

Germanwings Airbus crashs in French Alps
150 perished March 2015

FRANCE * Pensions, Strikes, Bomb scares
September 2010 - topic old, locked

ISIS attacks in Paris Nov 13, 2015

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Rating agencies prepare groundwork for new series of cuts

24 November 2011  London (ShareCast)
On wednesday, ratings agency Fitch reiterated its triple-A rating for France with a stable outlook.
However, it warned that ratings were at risk of a downgrade in France as well as the Eurozone in general.
The ratings agency explained that France absorbed most of the margin available to withstand adverse market situations without risking a rating downgrade.

Similarly, Fitch's rival, Standard & Poor's (S&P), warned that sovereign debt ratings in the region could be at risk if large parts of the currency bloc moved back into recession, something the market is beginning to discount.
"The financial dynamics unleashed by the ongoing confidence crisis, in Standard & Poor's view, have heightened the risk of renewed recession in a
growing number of eurozone members that potentially could put additional downward pressure on (the) euro area's sovereign ratings," S&P stated.

Standard & Poor's maintains that with so much at stake, one would expect "some accommodation can be found between eurozone monetary authorities and national policy makers that balances substantive government policy actions with more aggressive steps by the ECB to counter a renewed economic downturn." S.C.

France and Germany to propose changing EU treaties

November 24, 2011   STRASBOURG, France (AP)
President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared to temper his calls for the European Central Bank to play a bigger role in solving Europe's debt crisis as he agreed to a German effort to unite the troubled 17-nation eurozone more closely.
Speaking after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Premier Mario Monti on Thursday, Sarkozy said "propositions for the modification of treaties" would be presented in the coming days.

He wouldn't elaborate on what these changes may be but said they would be ready in time for the next EU leaders summit on December 9. Treaty changes are a notoriously laborious endeavor, requiring the agreement of all 27 EU nations, including non-euro countries such as Britain and Poland.

Merkel said the treaty changes would "make clear that we must take steps toward a fiscal union to express the conviction that we know policies must be more closely coordinated if you have a common, stable currency."
"It is political confidence in Europe that has been lost — we can only win it back politically," Merkel said.

This was the first meeting of the three leaders since Monti took over last week following mounting market concerns over Italy's huge debt, which
stand at euro1.9 trillion ($2.6 trillion), or a huge 120 percent of economic output.
Europe's current anti-crisis measures are too not big enough to deal with Italy's debt mountain.
Sarkozy said the three leaders had agreed to meet again "very soon" in Rome at Monti's invitation to continue their three-way dialogue.

Sarkozy: Austerity alone will lead to recession
1 December 2011, by Christopher Noble - San Francisco (MarketWatch)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that using austerity alone to solve the economic crisis afflicting France and the rest of
Europe would lead to recession and possibly even depression

He said such an approach would make the French people pay nearly the whole cost of trying to recover from the crisis.
"It would end in recession or depression," Sarkozy said in a speech in the southern French city of Toulon.
Sarkozy said that cuts and economic reform were necessary but were only part of what were needed to help Europe emerge from its sovereign debt crisis.

Economists see France losing AAA in 3 months
December  6,  2011   PARIS (Reuters)
France will lose its AAA credit rating early next year regardless of last-ditch efforts by President Nicolas Sarkozy to resolve the euro zone crisis at an EU summit this week, a Reuters poll of economists showed on Wednesday.
The snap survey of 13 economists found that 11 of them think France will be downgraded by one of the major ratings agencies within the next three months.

The only question, following this week's blanket euro zone credit warning by Standard & Poor's, is whether France will be cut by one notch to AA+ or by two to a straight AA.
"If you apply Standard and Poor's methodology based on quantitative factors, France should already have a AA rating, as should the U.S. and Britain," said Jean-Christophe Caffet, economist at investment bank Natixis.

Fitch Revises French Outlook To Negative
16 December 2011  Zero Hedge
We spoke to soon: it appears suicide is painless after all, as Fitch just changed the French outlook to negative.
The punchline: "The Negative Outlook indicates a slightly greater than 50% chance of a downgrade over a two-year horizon."
As for the line that will finally shut up France in its diplomatic spat with the UK:
"Relative to other 'AAA' Euro Area Member States, France is in Fitch's judgement the most exposed to a further intensification of the crisis."
And now, the market shifts its attention to non-French rating agencies, who will downgrade France in a "slightly" shorter timeframe... more like 2 hours according to some rumors.

French expect S&P credit downgrade may create panic in the financial markets
December  19,  2011

France seen slipping into recession in 2012 - Analysts expect the country’s credit rating will be cut
16 December 2011  London (MarketWatch)
France’s economy will likely slip into recession in 2012, as falling confidence and political uncertainty plague the euro-zone nation, according to its statistics institute.

France revises down third quarter GDP growth
23 December 2011, by Louise Armitstead (The Telegraph)

The turmoil of the eurozone crisis hit the French economy harder than first thought forcing a revision of the country’s third quarter growth figures down to 0.3% from 0.4%.

USA Stocks Tumble on France Downgrade Report January 13, 2012
Stocks extended their losses Friday following a report that S&P downgraded France's credit rating.
And more euro zone countries may be on the downgrade list.
France Downgraded by S&P, Losing AAA Status
Standard & Poor's ratings agency has downgraded France's credit rating

Eurozone nations set for S&P downgrade
January 13, 2012  Eurozone governments are bracing for new debt-crisis turbulence after ratings agency Standard & Poor’s told them it would downgrade two of the eurozone’s six triple A nations.
France and Austria are set to be downgraded.
This leaves Germany as the only large triple-A country.
The move comes after S&P warned the six triple A nations and nine others in the eurozone that it had put their creditworthiness on review as a result of the debt crisis and the worsening economic outlook.

France urges Europe to battle 'unprecedented' crisis
1/16/12  Europe faces an "unprecedented" crisis and must rediscover growth, French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned Monday, even as markets shrugged off a credit-rating blow to much of the region.
European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi also warned the eurozone was "in a very grave state of affairs" and urged reducing reliance on ratings agencies.

Sarkozy, the first foreign leader to meet with Spain's new conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, said the eurozone must improve competitiveness to boost growth as well as simply slashing spending.
"We are confronted by an unprecedented crisis that forces us to cut spending, lower our deficits but also to find the path to new growth by resolving our competitiveness problems," Sarkozy said.

Moody's: France triple-A rating under pressure
16 January 2012 Madrid (MarketWatch)
The stability of France's triple-A debt rating is under growing risk from levels of debt and problems elsewhere in the euro zone, said Moody's Investors Service in a statement on Monday.
France was downgraded by Standard & Poor's last Friday, losing its triple-A rating.

Reiterating its stance on France, Moody's said: "The deterioration in debt metrics and the potential for further contingent liabilities to emerge are exerting pressure on the stable outlook of the French government's Aaa debt rating.

The French government now has less room for maneuver in terms of stretching its balance sheet than it had in 2008."
It added that on the external side, the fiscal consolidation process across its trading partners is also a potential drag on growth.
Moody's said that as it indicated in October, France's rating remains under review and it will update the market during the first quarter of 2012.

The Republic’s collision course with Islam: Is France headed for another revolution?


April 7, 2012 – PARIS, FR – Islamist groups in France want to avenge the death of a Muslim radical who was killed by police, prompting France to exercise vigilance, the country’s interior minister said Friday. Claude Gueant said French authorities have noticed a “renewed enthusiasm” and “a desire to avenge” the death of Mohammed Merah. He said some radical Muslims may follow in Merah’s footsteps and “become a martyr.” Merah, a French citizen of Algerian origin, was suspected of killing seven people before he himself died last month in a 32-hour siege of his apartment in the southwestern city of Toulouse. “We have to be vigilant,” Gueant said on French radio Europe 1. Gueant’s comments come amid a widening security crackdown in the aftermath of the horrific shooting spree. Ten suspected Islamists were arrested in fresh raids across France on Wednesday, and 13 alleged radicals arrested a week ago were placed under formal investigation for “criminal conspiracy in connection with a terrorist enterprise” and possession and transportation of weapons, officials said. Nine of the 13 have been jailed, including Mohamed Achamlane, leader of the Islamist group Forsane Alizza, reportedly linked to Merah. French prosecutor Francois Molins said the detained radical Muslims were preparing for holy war. Forsane Alizza and Achamlane were “calling for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in France and calling for the implementation of Sharia law and inciting Muslims in France to unite for the preparation of a civil war,” a Paris prosecutor said. The Interior Ministry announced Monday it had deported two Muslims and plans to expel three more. -CNN

Sarkozy lost French election due to economy
23 April 2012  Hollande takes lead into second round.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces an uphill struggle in the second round of the presidential election, after coming second in Sunday's first vote.
He won 27.1% of the vote, while his Socialist rival Francois Hollande took 28.6%, the first time a sitting president has lost in the first round.

The two men will face each other in a second round of voting on 6 May.
Third-place Marine Le Pen took the largest share of the vote her far-right National Front has ever won, with 18%.
The BBC's Christian Fraser in Paris says Mr Hollande's narrow victory in this round gives him crucial momentum ahead of the run-off in two weeks' time.

Analysts suggest Mr Sarkozy, leader of the ruling centre-right UMP, will now need to woo the far-right voters who backed Ms Le Pen if he is to hold on to the presidency.
But Mr Hollande remains the front runner.
Around one in 5 people voted for the National Front candidate, including many young and working class voters, putting her ahead of seven other candidates.

France on verge of 1st Socialist leader in 20 years
May 5,  2012
 - Overseas voters cast early ballots on the eve of an election expected to make Francois Hollande France's first Socialist leader in two decades, despite polls showing President Nicolas Sarkozy clawing back some ground.
Sunday's election, which coincides with parliamentary polls in Greece, may prove decisive for Europe as Hollande has pledged to temper a German-led austerity drive and reorient the recession-stricken euro zone towards growth.
A limited number of voters cast ballots in advance of Sunday in places far from the French mainland, including Brazil, Canada and North America in addition to the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Sarkozy, who became the first sitting president of modern times to finish second in a presidential first-round vote, must overcome high disapproval rates of his abrasive style.

Goodbye Nicolas Sarkozy
France elects Francois Hollande

Sarkozy joins fallen leaders amid Europe crisis
May  7,  2012  Nicolas Sarkozy, defeated Sunday in France's presidential runoff by Socialist challenger Francois Hollande, joins a series of European leaders booted from office because of public anger over government spending cuts and economic crisis. Almost every crisis-hit European country that has held an election since disaster struck in 2009 has thrown out its leader.

And this is all by design - no Sarkozy in the EU means no "continuity" b/w him, Markel, and the other EU leaders to "work through this economic crisis" means imminent collapse of the euro.
Will this mean the euro will collapse soon? I don't know - it could happen next year, or even the year after that, but on the other hand, it could very well happen any day now when we wake up one morning, and see the big headline news.
Jesus says "Watch".

93% of French nationals in Israel voted Sarkozy
Hollande victory BAD for French Jews, economic situation dire in France.
Sarkozy loss puts the Jewish community there in an uncomfortable situation, because the vast majority of French Jews, including those who live in Israel, support the Right.
He was the first pro-Israel French leader to understand and support Israel.,7340,L-4225663,00.html

DNA proves Jews are a race

Hollande wants to end dollar era, will clash with US
7 May 2012  Francois Hollande has defeated Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential runoff, making him the latest EU leader to be swept aside by the crippling debt crisis. Among the first steps the President-elect is planning, is to push back against German-led austerity measures. Chancellor Angela Merkel has already invited Hollande to Berlin for talks.
Asia Times roving correspondent, Pepe Escobar, says clashes over Hollande's foreign policy are expected both in Europe and overseas.

Will New French President Challenge Germany?

Mark Kesselman: The big question is whether Mr. Hollande will be a lion or the mouse that roared
S&P: No immediate election impact on France rating
7 May 2012, by William L. Watts - Frankfurt (MarketWatch)

Francois Hollande to be sworn in as France president
May 15,  2012  Francois Hollande sworn in as French president, before travelling to Berlin to discuss the future of the eurozone with Germany's chancellor.
He will be the first Socialist leader since 1995 to occupy the Elysee Palace.
Hollande will try to "find a compromise" with Angela Merkel over the German-led focus on austerity as the way out of Europe's economic crisis.

On Monday, the value of stock markets and the euro fell amid continuing political uncertainty in Greece.
The chairman of the eurozone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Juncker, insisted on Monday night that they would do "everything possible" to keep Greece in the euro.

Mr Juncker said he looked forward to the swift formation of a new Greek government, nine days after the general election.
But he also warned that Greece had to continue the "significant efforts" already made to restructure its economy despite these policies having been rejected by a majority of voters.


Lightning hits French president's plane, none hurt
5/15/12  PARIS –  Socialist Francois Hollande took over as France's president Tuesday and jetted off to Berlin hours later for talks on Europe's debt crisis — only to have his plane struck by lightning. No one was hurt.
It was a startling beginning for a man who promised to be a more "normal" president, and less flashy than his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, who was ousted by voters after a single term for his handling of a stagnant economy plagued by joblessness.

After a succession of rain-drenched and pomp-filled ceremonial inauguration events, Hollande took off in a Falcon 7X aircraft for Berlin. The plane was hit by lightning shortly afterward, and returned to the Villacoublay air base outside Paris as a precaution for inspection, Defense Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet said.
Defense officials say the president and his entourage were transferred to another aircraft, a Falcon 900, and left shortly thereafter. That made Hollande about an hour and a half late for his first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Couldnt have been GOD, He wouldnt miss ..............

France to lower retirement age for some workers
7 June 2012 PARIS (AP) — France's new Socialist government moved Wednesday to lower the retirement age from 62 to 60 years old for certain workers, bucking the trend in developed countries in a gesture to unions that critics say is a costly mistake.
Governments from North America to Europe have been pushing retirement ages higher and higher in recent decades, as people are living longer and spending more years on state-sponsored pension checks.

Raising France's general retirement age from 60 to 62 years old was a key reform of conservative former President Nicolas Sarkozy. The 2010 measure was aimed at reducing heavy government debts as Europe sunk into a continent-wide debt crisis — and many economists said it didn't push the retirement age high enough.
New President Francois Hollande, who unseated Sarkozy last month after riding a wave of voter anger at austerity measures, pledged during his campaign to reconsider the retirement reform.

French Unemployment Rate Climbs as Hollande Grapples With Cuts
France’s unemployment rate rose in the first quarter as companies eliminated jobs in the face of faltering economic growth, posing a challenge to newly elected President Francois Hollande.
About 10.0% of the population was unemployed, up from 9.8% in the previous three months, according to International Labour Organization standards, national statistics office Insee in Paris said today.
Excluding France’s overseas territories, the rate was 9.6%, compared with a median forecast of 9.5% in a Bloomberg News survey of five economists.

Egan Jones Cuts France To BBB+, Outlook Negative
14 June 2012
 Zero Hedge
The next Egan Who target is France, which was just cut from A- to BBB+.
EURUSD tumbles, unlike what happens when Moody's or S&P downgrades.
Synopsis: For the most part, over the past 18 months France has been exempted from the rise in funding costs.
However, as the crisis evolves, we expect that France will be pressured.
The deterioration in France's credit metrics combined with the needed supported for France's banks are likely to pressure the country.
A major catalyst is likely to be charges for the weakened periphery countries.
Hollande will be under pressure to keep campaign promises which will ultimately hurt credit quality.

Polls: Socialists win French parliament race
Socialists win strong majority in French parliamentary vote, pollsters say

PARIS (AP) - French President Francois Hollande's Socialist Party won a solid majority in parliamentary elections Sunday, polling agencies projected, fortifying Hollande in his push for governments to spend money — not cut budgets — to tackle Europe's economic crisis.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservatives, who dominated the outgoing National Assembly, suffered a stinging loss, according to all estimations. Meanwhile, the far-right National Front party was on track to win a small but symbolically important presence in parliament for the first time in years.
"This new, solid and large majority will allow us now to pass laws for change, and gives us great responsibilities in France and in Europe," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on France-2 television as the results started coming in.

July 9, 2012  France joined a handful of euro-zone countries Monday in selling short-term debt at negative interest rates as investors seek alternatives to expensive German and Dutch debt.
Earlier in the day, Germany's six-month borrowing costs again turned negative at an auction, after the European Central Bank slashed its key policy and deposit rates to unprecedented levels last week.
The negative yield at Monday's German auction, the lowest on record in this maturity segment, means that investors effectively pay

September 15, 2012  Saturday
 Police in Paris detained around 100 people Saturday for taking part in a riot near the U.S. embassy.
France has the largest Muslim community in Europe.

France to close embassies in fear of cartoon backlash
September 19, 2012
 France to close 20 embassies after French magazine published cartoons of Mohammed naked.

Explosion at kosher store
September 19, 2012  

4 people were injured when a small package bomb exploded inside a kosher grocery store in a Paris suburb.
It was set off by two hooded people dressed in black who entered the store around midday and put a package inside.
The two fled after throwing a rock through the shop's window shortly before the explosion.


FRANCE taxes 75%
September 28, 2012  
 To the dismay of business leaders who fear an exodus of top talent, the government confirmed a temporary 75 percent super-tax rate for earnings over one million euros and a new 45 percent band for revenues over 150,000 euros.
President Francois Hollande's Socialist government unveiled sharp tax hikes on business and the rich on Friday in a 2013 budget aimed at showing France has the fiscal rigor to remain at the core of the euro zone.

The package will recoup 30 billion euros ($39 billion) for the public purse with a goal of narrowing the deficit to 3.0 percent of national output next year from 4.5 percent this year - France's toughest single belt-tightening in 30 years.
But with record unemployment and a barrage of data pointing to economic stagnation, there are fears the deficit target will slip as France falls short of the modest 0.8 percent economic growth rate on which it is banking for next year.

France to cover 100 percent of abortion costs
10/1/12  France on Monday unveiled a package of reforms designed to increase access to abortion, including 100 percent reimbursement of medical costs by the state social security system.
At present French women are only able to claim back between 70 and 80 percent of the costs, which average between 200 and 450 euros depending on whether the abortion is induced by medication taken at home or carried out by surgical procedure in a clinic.

The change to full reimbursement was included in the 2013 social security budget unveiled on Monday. In a statement the government said the move was "necessary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion."
The move follows a long campaign by pro-choice organisations and was a manifesto promise by Socialist President Francois Hollande ahead of his election victory in June.

The government also announced that it would increase the amounts clinics are allowed to charge for carrying out abortions to bring them closer into line with their real costs and to facilitate better support for patients.
The total cost of the measures was estimated at 31.7 million euros in the first year of application. A total of 225,000 abortions were carried out in France in 2010, the last year for which figures are available.

As well as promising to ensure the costs of abortion are fully covered, Hollande's election manifesto included a pledge to ensure terminations were available at every major hospital across the country.
Abortion is available on request in France up to the 12th week of a pregnancy under legislation that was introduced in 1975 and enjoys widespread support across the political spectrum.

Anti-austerity marches turn violent across southern Europe
11/14/12  MADRID/LISBON (Reuters) - Demonstrations turned violent in Spain and Portugal after millions took part in a mostly peaceful general strike on Wednesday in organized labor's biggest Europe-wide challenge to austerity policies since the debt crisis began three years ago.
In Lisbon, marches ended with a level of violence not seen since the crisis began, with police charging demonstrators who hurled stones and bottles, leaving nearly 50 people hurt.

Protesters in Madrid burned rubbish bins, filling the central boulevard with smoke, while in Barcelona demonstrators burned police cars.
Riot police fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters in both cities, where more than 140 people were arrested, including two said by police to be carrying material to make explosives, while more than 70 were reported injured.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled, schools were shut, factories were at a standstill and trains barely ran in Spain and Portugal where unions held their first joint general strike. Stoppages in Belgium interrupted international rail services.
Workers also protested in Greece and France against austerity policies that have taken a heavy economic toll and aggravated mass unemployment.

Moody's downgrade is reason to pursue reforms: France
11/19/12  PARIS (Reuters) - Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said a downgrade of France's debt rating by Moody's was motivation to pursue structural reforms and added France remained committed to meeting a goal to cut its public deficit to 3 percent of output next year.
Moscovici said the one-notch downgrade to Aa1 from triple-A by Moody's Investors Service late on Monday was a reflection of the country's economic management of past years and said French sovereign debt remained among the most liquid in the euro zone.
"Moodys is now giving France the same rating as Standard & Poor's, which has allowed us to live with low interest rates for many months," Moscovici told Reuters.

Moody's strips France of its triple-A rating
19 November 2012 Moody's Investors Service on Monday lowered France's sovereign rating by one notch to Aa1, stripping the country of its coveted triple-A rating.
"France's long-term economic growth outlook is negatively affected by multiple structural challenges, including its gradual, sustained loss of competitiveness and the long-standing rigidities of its labor, goods and service markets," said Moody's in a statement.
The ratings agency also expressed concern over France's uncertain fiscal outlook and noted that its resilience to future euro-shock is becoming more difficult to predict.
The rating outlook remains negative.

Axa Downgraded by S&P on Investments, European Economy
18 December 2012
Axa SA, France’s largest insurer, was downgraded by Standard & Poor’s as the economic slump in Europe weighs on results.
The insurer’s credit rating was cut to A- from A as “unfavorable investment market conditions and weak economic prospects are likely to dampen AXA group’s earnings growth,” the ratings firm said yesterday in a statement on the Paris- based company.
European nations have been forced to impose tax increases and spending cuts as they grapple with their debt, pressuring economic growth.
Falling yields on bonds have hurt insurers’ investment income.
The long-term ratings on Axa’s core insurance operating units were cut to A+ from AA-.

France's 75% 'supertax' thrown out as unfair and unconstitutional
12/29/12 France's constitutional council has dealt a blow to beleaguered Socialist president François Hollande by rejecting the new 75% rate of income tax due to come into effect on Tuesday.

The Islamization of France in 2012
1/2/13  Muslim immigrants and their supporters have been using a combination of lawsuits, verbal and physical harassment - and even murder -- to silence debate about the rise of Islam.
Opinion surveys show that to voters in France -- home to an estimated 6.5 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in the European Union -- Islam and the question of Muslim immigration have emerged in 2012 as a top-ranked public concern. The French, it seems, are increasingly worried about the establishment of a parallel Muslim society there.

But government efforts this year to push back against the Islamization of France were halting and half-hearted and could be described as "one step forward, two steps back."
A chronological review of some of the main stories involving the rise of Islam in France during 2012 includes:

Muslim immigrants, as of January, began to find it more difficult to obtain French citizenship. New citizenship rules that entered into effect on January 1, 2012 now require all applicants to pass exams on French culture and history and also to prove that their French language skills are equivalent to those of a 15-year-old native speaker. Moreover, candidates seeking French citizenship will be required to pledge allegiance to "French values."

Muslim applicants make up the majority of the 100,000 people naturalized as French citizens each year, and the new citizenship requirements form part of a larger effort to promote Muslim integration into French society.
In February, the Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar announced plans to invest €50 million ($65 million) in French suburbs, home to more than one million disgruntled Muslim immigrants.

Qatar said its investment was intended to support small businesses in disadvantaged Muslim neighborhoods. But as Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, subscribes to the ultra-conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam, critics say the emirate's real objective is to peddle its religious ideology among Muslims in France and other parts of Europe.

Shortly before Qatar announced its plans to invest in France, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who has long cultivated an image as a pro-Western reformist and modernizer, vowed to "spare no effort" to spread the fundamentalist teachings of Wahhabi Islam across "the whole world."
The promotion of Islamic extremist ideologies -- particularly Wahhabism, which not only discourages Muslim integration in the West, but actively encourages jihad against non-Muslims -- threatens to further radicalize Muslim immigrants in France.

Spain, France to miss debt goals as euro zone stays in recession
Feb. 22, 2013  BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The euro zone will not return to growth until 2014 and struggling Spain and France will be among those who miss debt-cutting targets as a result, the European Commission said on Friday.
Paris and Lisbon said they would seek more time from Brussels to reach their deficit goals. Madrid has already indicated the same.
The EU's executive said the euro zone economy, which generates nearly a fifth of global output, would shrink 0.3 percent in 2013 after a 0.6 percent fall last year, blaming a lack of bank lending and record joblessness for delaying the recovery.
That represented a marked downgrade of the Commission's prediction from November that the euro zone would grow this year. The euro slipped on the back of the forecasts.

Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat March 31, 2013

glorying in their shame...

France's first gay marriage is broadcast to nation

MONTPELLIER, France (AP) — In a historic ceremony broadcast live on French television, the first gay couple to marry in France said "oui," then sealed the deal with a lengthy and very public kiss.

Hundreds of invited guests including a government minister gathered for the moving ceremony Wednesday inside city hall in southern French city of Montpellier. Hundreds more flocked to the square outside the building as Vincent Autin, 40, and his 30-year-old partner, Bruno Boileau, were wed.

The politically charged ceremony was held under tight police surveillance — a stark reminder of the months of bruising opposition to the new gay marriage law that French lawmakers passed earlier this month.

Although the marriage itself went undisrupted, outside the city hall it was not trouble-free. A plainclothes policeman dragged back one protester on Wednesday who shouted threats and tried to approach the couple as they were being escorted into the building, before the ceremony. Police also used tear gas to push back a small group of demonstrators who gathered behind the city hall.


Fitch strips France of AAA rating
12 July 2013, (The Telegraph)

Ratings agency Fitch downgraded France from the top AAA credit rating, citing a heavier government debt load and poor prospects for growth.

In slashing France's rating to AA+, Fitch became the last of the big three credit raters to knock France off the top perch.

Last year Standard & Poor's and Moody's downgraded France from the AAA club.

France struggles to separate Islam and the state

TRAPPES, France (AP) — Riots broke out over a full-face Islamic veil. A woman may have lost her unborn baby in another confrontation over her face covering. Tensions flared over a supermarket chain's ad for the end-of-day feast for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

France's enforcement of its prized secularism is inscribed in law, most recently in a ban on wearing full-face veils in public. Meant to ensure that all faiths live in harmony, the policy instead may be fueling a rising tide of Islamophobia and driving a wedge between some Muslims and the rest of the population.

Yet ardent defenders of secularism, the product of France's separation of church and state, say the country hasn't gone far enough. They want more teeth to further the cause that Voltaire helped inspire and Victor Hugo championed, this time with a law targeting headscarves in the work place.

A new generation of French Muslims — which at some 5 million, or about eight percent of the population, is the largest in Western Europe — is finding a growing voice in a nation not always ready to accommodate mosques, halal food and Muslim religious dress. Political pressure from a resurgent far-right has increased the tension.


Netanyahu to France: Dont waver on Iran
Nov. 16, 2013
 PM Benjamin Netanyahu compelled France to remain firm in its pressure on Iran ahead of Nov. 20 talks in Geneva.
French President Francois Hollande is to visit Israel next week.
Israel stands behind France and called on Hollande not to waver on its objections to an interim nuclear deal with Iran.
Hollande has opposed lifting sanctions on Iran until it can provide further guarantees.

FRANCE has been standing against Iran with Israel.  God bless them.

Saudi, Israel, France vs Iran

Israel welcomes French President Francois Hollande
Nov. 17, 2013
Israel is working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan
Riyadh gave Jerusalem the okay to use Saudi airspace and to cooperate on other tactical support.
Israel is coordinating plans with Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis are so furious with Obama that they are willing to give Israel all the help it needs.
Netanyahu urged France to remain firm.
After meeting Hollande, Netanyahu will head to Moscow.
Iran directly threatens the future of Israel.  (So does Obama!)

French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran
French President Hollande and Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu consider forming a joint French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran.
French President Francois Holland and FM Fabius arrive in Jerusalem today.
They are likely to determine how France, Israel and Saudi Arabia respond to the Obama Middle East moves.
Geneva pointless talks Nov. 20 between 6 world powers and Iran.

France will be given the option of aligning with the Middle East powers - Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE - which challenge Barack Obama and John Kerry on Tehran.

The next decision will be whether they are willing to consider military action on Iran.
France torpedoed the original US proposal in Geneva conference,
Paris, Riyadh and Jerusalem feel they were driven into a corner by Obama policy against their interests.

Hollande is confronted at home with anger over soaring prices and an unpopular French president.
Yet France is willing to stick its neck out and challenge Obama.

Hollande felt the need to talk to Netanyahu before deciding whether or not to pursue an independent French path against  Obama.
Netanyahu meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Nov. 20.
He will see how far Russia is willing to go to fill the strategic void left by America.

The decisions reached by the French president and Israeli prime minister are therefore of critical import to the next round of nuclear negotiations with Iran Nov. 20.

Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran
Saudis furious over Iran nuclear deal on table and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs on military option.

Europe, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates and Israel have bonded together against Obama

Riyadh has given its consent for Israel to use Saudi airspace to attack Iran.
The Saudis are willing to assist in an Israeli attack by cooperation on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.
Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table, say the Saudis.   Sunday Times

Israel to provide Arabian Gulf with defense shield
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates have asked Israel to provide them with a military shield.

Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran
Saudis furious over Iran nuclear deal on table and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs on military option.

Riyadh has given its consent for Israel to use Saudi airspace to attack Iran.
The Saudis are willing to assist in an Israeli attack by cooperation on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.
Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table, say the Saudis.   Sunday Times

Israel NEWS

I actually heard Saudi Arabia had given Israel a north Arabian airfield to attack Iran - over a year ago


French Riviera floods
Jan 23, 2014
 French Riviera floods kill 2 and prompt evacuations.
Unusually heavy rains have flooded the French Riviera, leaving two people dead and thousands without electricity or access to roads.
Residents urged others to stay indoors until the waters recede.
Up to 20 centimeters (8 inches) of rain were registered over the weekend at some points, and rivers and streams that feed the Mediterranean flowed into residential areas.

Small bomb explodes in Rome near French church
Jan 25, 2014
The explosion came just hours before French President Francois Hollande was scheduled to meet with Pope Francis.
A small makeshift explosive device blew up in a street in central Rome Friday, causing slight damage to a building belonging to a French religious establishment.

France alerts doctors for any signs of Ebola from West Africa
Apr 3, 2014
French health authorities on Thursday put doctors and hospitals on alert to report any signs that an Ebola virus outbreak affecting West Africa had infected patients in France, though no symptoms had yet been detected.
France maintains close relations with several former colonies in the region, with immigrants and the employees of French multinational firms travelling frequently back and forth.

An outbreak of the disease - which has a fatality rate of up to 90 percent - originated in Guinea two months ago and has spread to neighbouring Libera and Sierra Leone, while Gambia has placed two people in quarantine. [ID:nL5N0MU54S]
"We have put doctors in France on alert so that they will think of this disease if they come across certain symptoms," Health Minister Marisol Touraine told i>Tele television.

The move was preventative and not been prompted by the detection of any symptoms, she added.
France's DGS public health authority placed hospitals and emergency services on alert, a spokeswoman said.
Further instructions were sent to health authorities in the larger Paris region regarding passengers arriving at the Charles de Gaulle international airport, though no measures had yet been taken to restrict travel.;_ylt=AwrBJSB4jT1TEi4AhXXQtDMD


France shuts down nuclear plant
April 20, 2014
Oldest nuclear plant in France shuts down after incident.
France’s oldest nuclear plant, Fessenheim, was shut down following an incident away from the reactor.
The incident occurred when a valve in control of the steam supply to the turbine generator accidentally closed. Fessenheim's reactor 2 automatically shut down following the malfunction. No danger was posed.  Reactor 1 of the plant has been out of operation since April 9, following a leak in a water supply pipe.

War between France and its Arabs
April 30, 2014  EVIL Islam
causes trouble everywhere it is!
A tinderbox relationship between France and its large Arab minority.  The regular flare-ups of violence in many Arab-inhabited areas around major French cities are only the latest chapter in a 200 year conflict between France and Africans - Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
There is a running guerrilla war between Muslim Arab youths and the police.

French Jews mull leaving France
May 20, 2014  Wake up, God is calling you home - to ISRAEL
Nearly 75% of French Jews are considering emigrating, citing anti-Semitism.
A fourth want to preserve their Judaism, still others cited economic considerations.
Jews have no future in France.  Absolutely true!
93% said France had no means for countering pro-Palestinian propaganda.
Jews concerned by the attack on circumcision, GODs command to Moses.


4.5 Moderate earthquake Near South Coast Of France May 31, 2014

That is strong for this area

D-Day Remembered

Jews flee France, Ukraine
June 21, 2014  
6,000 Jewish immigrants move to Israel, most from Western Europe.
Immigration to Israel increased by 50% mainly due to arrivals from France and Ukraine.
Immigration from North America increased 18%.

FRANCE CURSES ISRAEL - thus curses itself
June 26, 2014  
France advises its citizens against doing business with Israel.
Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK also warned not to trade with Israel.

The God of Israel will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:9

Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all people.  Zechariah 12:3

The Lord had said to Abram, Go to the land I will show you.
I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you.
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.
Genesis 12  Supporting Palestinians is cursing Israel.

Protests in Paris
July 23, 2014  
Paris braces for fresh pro-Gaza protest after violence.  Weekend rallies descended into chaos.
Germany and other nations are also seeing anti-Israel sentiment, rioting.
Paris France protests against Israeli self defense raising concerns in the Jewish community, fears of pogroms.

Exodus French-Style
August 6, 2014
Jew-hatred in France, mostly among Muslims, is reaching such threatening proportions that Jews feel forced to leave to ensure their safety.
Muslims shouted anti-Semitic slogans, attacked police, burned vehicles and damaged stores.
Two synagogues and a kosher grocery store attacked.
Mob rule and barbarism won over law and order.
This climate endangers their children.

Anti-semitism in Germany too - and elsewhere.

Jews better go home to Israel while they can!
REMEMBER HITLER!  Dont wait til too late!

Ebola Virus Has Arrived in France
August 13, 2014
Since ebola began in French Guinea, it would not be surprising if the virus is in France.
Patrick Balkany claims that the Ebola virus has hit France, but  denied by the health authorities.
According to reliable medical sources, several cases have been reported in the French territory, but given the medical secret, I can not reveal my source.

NRC said there are no confirmed cases of infection with Ebola virus in France.
If the Ebola virus were to arrive in Europe, France would be one of the likeliest destinations given the large number of immigrants from African countries.

As we reported yesterday, former FDA official Scott Gottlieb, M.D. warned that if the virus was to hit the United States, the CDC would enact emergency procedures which could lead to healthy Americans who show no symptoms of the diseased being forcibly detained for an indefinite period of time.

I have NO idea if this is true, but I wont be surprised.

Saudi prince motorcade attacked, robbed in Paris
August 19, 2014  
Robbers wielding Kalashnikovs attacked the motorcade of a Saudi prince on its way from the Saudi embassy to Le Bourget airport, making off with 250,000 euros in cash and sensitive diplomatic documents.

Did they want money or documents?  Probably document and probably ISIS, the Iraq Sunni jihadists who have plenty of money.
Eight gunmen in 2 unmarked BMWs seized the Mercedes carrying the money and documents, later releasing the driver. No shots were fired.
JT - A gang of thieves hijacked the first of 10 vehicles in the convoy, driving off with the three occupants before letting them go, police said.

Its quite an unusual attack. They were obviously well-informed.
It lasted just a few seconds, suggesting a very organised and especially informed commando unit, who had information and accomplices.
The burned shell of the stolen Mercedes and an abandoned car later discovered nearby.

Notes, documents in Arabic and some medical drugs were later discovered near the abandoned cars.
A manhunt has now been launched across France in a bid to track down the thieves.

The Saudi embassy in Paris put out a statement saying that the vehicle was hired by a Saudi citizen and was not an embassy car.  However, the embassy said it had helped the citizen until he left Paris.


French government dissolves
August  2014
The French government was dissolved amid turmoil among top ministers.
France has allowed Muslims to rule their streets for years.  Muslims only cause chaos.
The USA allowed Muslims in our whitehouse and live now under tyranny.

President Francois Hollande asked PM Manuel Valls to form a new government.
French public called for a major reorientation of economic policy, growth has stalled and unemployment remains high.
Hollande has the worst approval ratings of any French President on record.
Valls has been in the post of Prime Minister since March 31, replacing Jean-Marc Ayrault. Hollande has held the presidency since 2012, when he defeated his predecessor, the center-right leader Nicolas Sarkozy.

French government resigns after leftists call for U-turn
French President Francois Hollande asked his prime minister to form a new government, looking to impose his will on the cabinet after rebel leftist ministers had called for an economic policy U-turn.
The surprise move came the day after outspoken Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg had condemned what he called fiscal austerity and attacked euro zone powerhouse Germany's "obsession" with budgetary rigour.

France has lagged other euro zone economies in emerging from a recent slowdown, fuelling frustration over Hollande's leadership, both within his Socialist party and further afield.

French PM Manuel Valls cabinet falls amid economy row

Wolf makes a comeback in France
2,000 sheep in 2011 were killed by wolves.
So farmers are angry, saying NO to the wolf.
The wolf was hunted almost to extinction in France in the 1930s but, protected as an endangered species, it is making a surprising comeback.
Some 200 wolves, 20 packs have colonised southern France, crossed from Italy.
They are killing farmers sheep, a huge financial loss.  At night the wolf will circle the pens until the sheep are spooked into jumping the electric fences.

I saw this September 2011 article and find it interesting.

Horseman #4
The rider on the pale (ashen, a sickly green) horse was named Death,    
and his companion was Hell. (the Grave)  These two were given authority    
over 1/4 of the earth, to kill with the sword and famine, disease and wild animals.


International summit in Paris
Sept 15, 2014
International summit in Paris aimed at combating the Sunni Muslim jihadists.
About 40 countries, including 10 Arab states, have signed up to a coalition.
SoS John worthless Kerry attending.

U.S. coalition in SYRAQ - Syria, Iraq and Levant

Air France pilots begin strike Sept 15, 2014

France flights over SYRAQ
ISILstan, SYRAQ is Levant, Levant is everywhere they want.
France to begin reconnaissance flights over Iraq
French aircraft will begin reconnaissance flights over Iraq.
30 nations discuss how to cooperate in the fight against Sunni Islam in SYRAQ.

Bibi said Israel may strike Iran.  I wondered why he said that AGAIN.  Oh, the talks in Paris is probly the reason.  Bibi tried to reach Kerry.  Lotsaluck.
SYRAQ, Syria-Iraq ISILstan is Levant, Levant is everywhere they want to strike.  Some even claim it includes Israel.  You KNOW there is a reason Barak Osama says ISIL.

France launches first airstrike in Iraq
Sept 19, 2014
France conducted its first airstrike in Iraq and had destroyed a logistics depot held by the Islamic Sunni jihadists referred to as isis.  The Rafale fighter jets struck the depot in northeastern Iraq and the target was entirely destroyed.
France wont go beyond airstrikes or attack targets in Syria.

U.S. coalition in SYRAQ
Syria, Iraq and Levant, ISIL ISIS

Sept 22, 2014
A French MSF (Doctors Without Borders) health worker in Liberia contracted EBOLA.  She was flown to France on 18 September. She is being treated at a military hospital.  The nurse will receive an experimental drug
This is the first time an international MSF worker has contracted Ebola.

Sept 27, 2014  PARIS. France - A French nurse who contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia 10 days ago is in a stable condition, but isn't out of danger after receiving experimental drugs in a hospital in a Paris suburb for a week.
This is from a private source  - no link.

Ebola patient French nurse in 'stable' condition:
Sep 23, 2014  MSF UPDATE
-  Ebola patient flown from WAfrica receiving experimental treatments in a Paris hospital.
I have had a LOT of trouble finding ANY information on her condition!

France Ebola patient
October 3, 2014  
Japanese drug Favipiravir appears effective in French Ebola patient.
A French female nurse infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia is recovering after being given the Japanese anti-influenza drug Favipiravir.

The drug, marketed as Avigan Tablet and developed by Toyama Chemical Co., a group firm of Fujifilm Corp., was approved as a flu treatment drug in Japan in March but has yet to be approved for treating Ebola patients.
In response to a request from France, Fujifilm provided the drug after consulting with the Japanese government, and the French nurse began taking Avigan at a hospital in France on Sept. 19.
No Ebola patient had received the drug before.

CJ wrote:
France Ebola patient
October 3, 2014  
Japanese drug Favipiravir appears effective in French Ebola patient.
A French female nurse infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia is recovering after being given the Japanese anti-influenza drug Favipiravir.

The drug, marketed as Avigan Tablet and developed by Toyama Chemical Co., a group firm of Fujifilm Corp., was approved as a flu treatment drug in Japan in March but has yet to be approved for treating Ebola patients.
In response to a request from France, Fujifilm provided the drug after consulting with the Japanese government, and the French nurse began taking Avigan at a hospital in France on Sept. 19.
No Ebola patient had received the drug before.

And we shall see what the results will be in the LONG run...

Ebola could reach France and UK by end-October.
October 6, 2014  
Thats been the Beast 666 Plan for decades.
75 percent chance the virus could be imported to France by October 24, and a 50 percent chance it could hit Britain by that date.
Assuming an 80 percent reduction in travel to reflect that many airlines are halting flights to affected regions, France's risk is still 25 percent, and Britain's is 15 percent.
Britain's Heathrow airport is one of the world's biggest travel hubs.
France and Britain have each treated one national who was brought home with EBOLA and then cured.

France probes suspected Ebola case near Paris
October 9, 2014  
A building was cordoned off on the outskirts of Paris after a suspected case of Ebola was reported to authorities. Around 60 people have been effectively quarantined.
It has been reported the sick person is from Guinea.

FRANCE imports EBOLA Sept 22, 2014 -  A French MSF (Doctors Without Borders) health worker in Liberia contracted EBOLA.  She was flown to France on 18 September.

France's credit outlook cut to negative by S&P
October 11, 2014  
Credit rating agency Standard and Poor's has cut France's credit outlook to 'negative', due to concerns about the country's struggling economic recovery.
However, it affirmed France's AA/A-1+ rating, the third-highest rating.

France's finance minister, Michel Sapin, said the country's debt was "one of the surest in the world.  We will pursue the needed reforms, to boost our medium term growth prospects.
French debt is one of the surest and most liquid in the world, with debt levels very much contained."

Official figures from the Bank of France showed that the French economy did not grow at all in the second quarter, and for the third quarter it is forecasting growth of 0.2%.

"We believe that...a recovery of the French economy could prove elusive and that France's public finances might deteriorate beyond 2014," the ratings firm said.
It added that it expected France's budget deficit will average 4.1% of GDP between 2014 and 2017, an increase from earlier projections of 3.2%.

Spanish nurse cleared of Ebola
October 20, 2014  
A Spanish nurse who had Ebola no longer has the virus.
Teresa Romero was hospitalised on October 6 in Madrid, has tested negative for the deadly virus.  She will be given another test to confirm the results.
France calls for international Israeli-Palestinian peace conference
President Francois Hollande says Paris has role to play in renewing stalled talks


French President Francois Hollande said Thursday that France has a role to play in renewing stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and was seeking to organize an international peace conference for the purpose.

“France must take the initiative to find a diplomatic solution” to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict “that has been going on for decades,” the French president said in a joint interview to France 24, TV5 Monde and RFI.

Hollande indicated that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius would make the announcement Friday during a parliamentary debate on a vote to recognize a Palestinian state set for Tuesday.

Hollande did not mention a potential date for said conference or list the participants.

The French president said that a solution must be found of the basis of the two-state model, a Palestinian state neighboring an Israeli state with security guarantees.

France’s expected vote follows Britain, Spain and Ireland, whose lawmakers have largely opted to recognize a Palestinian state, albeit symbolically.

On October 30, Sweden’s government became the first Western European nation in the EU to officially recognize Palestinian statehood.

On Wednesday, the EU Parliament debated whether to issue recognition and is set to vote sometime in December.

In the debate, European Parliament members appeared sharply divided on what policy to endorse. One lawmaker branded Israel “a state of child killers and land robbers,” while another likened a Palestinian state to the Islamic State terrorist group.

Brokered by the US, Israeli-Palestinian peace talks restarted in July 2013 but collapsed in April, with tensions and violence mounting again dramatically in recent weeks.

There has been international alarm over a spate of deadly terror attacks carried out by Palestinians inside Israel along with rioting in East Jerusalem and the deadlock over peace talks that are fueling fear of another flareup after the Israel-Hamas war earlier this year.

Nicolas Sarkozy is back
November 30, 2014  
-  Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been elected leader of the oppositional UMP party, marking his return to politics and beginning his bid for French presidency in 2017.  Sarkozy past haunts him.  He was heavily criticized for education reforms, raising the retirement age, deporting Roma people, and dragging France into the Libyan conflict.

Supporting a Palestinian state in Israel is a curse on France.

FRANCE VOTES to recognize 'Palestine' as a state
December  3, 2014
-  French lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing 'Palestine' as a state, following similar moves in Britain and Spain as European countries try to restart the stalled Middle East peace process.
The highly symbolic vote is not binding on French government policy but sparked criticism from Israeli PM Netanyahu.  Israel laments symbolic vote, which sees lawmakers urge government to recognize Palestine.  Israel believes the vote in will only distance the chances of reaching an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  It will only make the Palestinian positions more extreme and sends the wrong message.

According to Genesis 12:3  -  France just cursed themselves

Anti-Semitic incidents on rise in France, says minister

Anti-Semitic threats and incidents have more than doubled so far this year in France, said the interior minister at a rally on Sunday to protest a violent attack on a young Jewish couple.

Three men were detained by police and appeared before an investigative judge on Wednesday in relation to the day-time home invasion in the Paris suburb of Creteil in which a 19-year-old woman was raped.

Her 21-year-old boyfriend, who was tied up during the robbery, said the men targeted the apartment because they knew the residents were Jewish and believed there would be money and valuables inside.

Speaking to a crowd of several hundred protesters, France's Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the government would defend the Jewish community with "all its force".

"We must make the fight against racism and anti-Semitism a national cause," he said.

France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, having grown by nearly half since World War Two to total some 550,000 Jews, according to the community's umbrella group CRIF.

But violent incidents like the murders of three Jewish children and a rabbi by Islamist militant gunman Mohamed Merah in 2012, and clashes at pro-Palestinian rallies in Paris in July have disturbed some in the Jewish community.

In the first three months of 2014 more Jews left France for Israel than at any other time since the Jewish state was created in 1948, citing economic hardships in France's stagnating economy but also rising anti-Semitism as a factor.

Roger Cukierman, the head of Crif, called on the government to do more to address the problem.

"We feel that something has changed: it's no longer just graffiti or minor incidents, these are death threats [against the Jewish community]," he told BFM TV.

"It cannot go on like this."

Europe anxious to get rid of Israel  
December 12, 2014  
There is something shameful in the speed with which Europe, which expelled all the Jews and almost choked off its holy seed, now turns against Israel.

In Ireland, taking the name of Israel means becoming a war criminal. A popular Dublin restaurant no longer stocks Israeli goods. The leading Irish supermarket chain SuperValu removed the Israeli carrots from its shelves.  It is the same everywhere in Europe: Israel is disappearing from European shelves.

Meanwhile, Jews are raped in Europe’s houses and on its streets. A French Jewish girl was raped last week by an Arab gang in Créteil, where one fourth of the population is Jewish. It was the latest terror attack on the world’s third largest Jewish community by French Muslims. But the French authorities are playing with rhetoric and grand words.

Anti-Semitism is driving the Jews away from France.  And Jews belong in Eretz Israel, not in Paris.
In Europe today there is a kind of anxiety focused on how to get rid of Israel.

The Lord had said to Abram, Go to the land I will show you.
I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you.
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.
Genesis 12  Supporting Palestinians is cursing Israel.

Video: French Muslims are encouraged by Islamic state to ‘Poison the infidels food and water; run them over with your cars’

Three French ISIS jihadis burn their passports and urge others to ‘poison non-believers food and run over them with your cars’ in chilling new propaganda video

   They urge Muslims to slay non-believers at home if they can’t travel to Iraq
   The men claim ISIS has weapons and cars in France – and a list of targets
   They call on French Muslims to attack ‘the enemies of Allah’ with poison
   The video also said pregnant women were moving to Syria and Iraq
   One of the fighters is seen holding a US-made assault rifle  

Three French jihadis urge their fellow countrymen to kill the enemies of Allah, ‘spit in their faces and run over them with your cars’, in the latest propaganda video from ISIS militants.

In the seven-minute long video, the men symbolically burn their French passports. They appear bearded and without masks, clutching assault rifles and long-bladed knives.

Addressing the camera in French, one of the jihadis exhorts French Muslims to fight unbelievers at home in France if they are unable to travel to Iraq or Syria, saying they have ‘cars and weapons available’. The video says it is also possible to kill using poison in either water or food.

rest: http://themuslimissue.wordpress.c...ter-run-them-over-with-your-cars/

Russia sanctions must be lifted - now
January  5, 2015
-  French President Francois Hollande is wary of the impact economic crisis in Russia might have on Europe. He has called for sanctions imposed against Moscow to be lifted as soon as there’s progress in peace talks over Ukraine.  He said

If Russia has a crisis, it is not necessarily good for Europe. I'm not for the policy of attaining goals by making things worse, I think that sanctions must stop now.

12 DEAD INCLUDING TWO POLICE in Paris shooting
January  7, 2015  BREAKING
 -  Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper in Paris.
French President Francois Hollande is on his way to the scene and has called an emergency cabinet meeting.
Masked terrorists stormed the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, according to prosecutors.;_ylt=A0LEVr_VG61UuI0A4G4PxQt;_ylt=A0LEVr_VG61UuI0A4W4PxQt

One journalist is dead and three people have been wounded in a shooting at a French satirical newspaper in Paris.
Luc Poignard, the union official, said the attackers escaped in two vehicles.
Witnesses spoke of sustained gunfire at the Charlie Hebdo office as the attackers opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Might this entire scenario be a hoax?  false flag?

Paper Mocked Mohammed
I KNEW IT!  A tweet fingers ISIS.
Officials confirmed 11 fatalities
The Muslim terrorists were reportedly firing Kalashnikov semi-automatic assault rifles, and now on the run after a shootout with policemen.  The attackers had escaped in two vehicles.
The terrorists shouted 'the Prophet has been avenged.'

Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed in 2012.
The offices of Charlie Hebdo were also burned down on November 2, 2011.,7340,L-4612454,00.html

12 dead after gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs storm offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo after Prophet Mohammed cartoon storm
Gunmen storm office in Paris with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades
Attackers were reportedly heard shouting: 'the Prophet has been avenged'
'Stalked office asking people's names before killing editor and cartoonist'
Killers have fled in stolen car after a 'mass shoot-out' with police officers
Paper previously firebombed for publishing cartoon of Prophet Mohammed


NO doubt in my mind the terrorists are Muslim and most probably Sunni ISIS aka Muslim Brotherhood.

Evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.
2 Timothy 3:13

A Car Exploded in front of a French Synagogue
January  7, 2015
-  There's been a car explosion in front of a synagogue in Sarcelles, a city near Paris where two were two gunmen attacked the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo just hours earlier.
It is not clear whether the two events are connected. The Paris version of Metro reports that this event was an incident unrelated with the attack at the magazine.

Paris shootings
January  7, 2015  -  It was a military style attack, very well planned.
French media have named the suspects

Frenchmen Said Kouachi
Cherif Kouachi
Hamyd Mourad

One of the officials said they were linked to a Yemeni terrorist network.

Cartoonist Corinne Rey, said the hooded gunmen entered the building after forcing her to enter the code to open the door.  "They said they belonged to al-Qaeda," she said, and they had spoken in fluent French.

Eyewitnesses said they heard as many as 50 shots fired by the attackers both inside the Charlie Hebdo office and on the streets outside.
They were heard shouting "we have avenged the Prophet Muhammad" and "God is Great" in Arabic ("Allahu Akbar").

France on highest alert in wake of Paris shootings,7340,L-4612649,00.html

100,000 people gathered in cities around France to pay tribute to the 12 people gunned down in the attack.,7340,L-4612698,00.html

Who trained the Paris terrorists?
January  8, 2015  
-  Who trained the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo?
They knew who they were looking for when they broke into the building.  They confronted the staff, they asked for their targets by name.
Employee Coco said she was forced to let the attackers into the building. She arriving at the door and 2 hooded and armed men threatened her.  She said they spoke French perfectly and claimed to be Al-Qaida.

The Muslim terrorists carried out the operation in a very calm, controlled way.
They appear to have fire discipline, not spraying bullets everywhere. They were people who did not look like they were wild, on some kind of spree, but who were accomplishing a military operation.
The attackers likely had conducted extensive reconnaissance on their target in order to have struck so effectively and manage to escape, all without appearing to panic.

Who trained the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo?
Posted January 7, 2015 by Allahpundit

Paris terrorists well trained say experts

France begins day of mourning
January  8, 2015
-  Manhunt for suspects continues, one suspect turns himself in to police.
Cherif Kouachi, one of the suspects had served time on terrorism charges and had a history of funneling jihadi fighters to Iraq.,7340,L-4612756,00.html

Danish paper to print Charlie Hebdo cartoons
January  8, 2015
 -   The Danish newspaper Berlingske has republished cartoons on Islamic themes from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, as part of its coverage of the attack which killed 12 people in Paris.  Berlingske showed several, one depicted Mohammad and another sharia law.

Hebdo magazine massacre arrests
January  8, 2015
Police in France have made 7 arrests as they hunt for two named suspects over the deadly attack in Paris on staff at a satirical magazine.
A minute's silence will be observed at midday across the country and the bells of Notre Dame in the capital will toll.

Arrest warrants were issued for Cherif and Said Kouachi, said to be "armed and dangerous". A third suspect has surrendered.  Cherif Kouachi was sentenced in 2008 to three years in prison for belonging to a Paris-based group sending jihadist fighters to Iraq.

Manhunt in Paris
A major manhunt has been launched.  President Francois Hollande called it a "cowardly murder" and declared a day of national mourning on Thursday.
Security has been stepped up across France in the wake of the attack, with Paris placed on the highest alert.

Another suspect, Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in to police after seeing his name circulating on social media. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Cops n copters corner terrorists
January  9, 2015
-  French police convoy, choppers rush to scene of Charlie Hebdo arrest raid about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of Paris.,7340,L-4613201,00.html

Charlie Hebdo suspects cornered (maybe),7340,L-4613227,00.html

Paris airport closes 2 runways to arrivals amid nearby standoff,7340,L-4613223,00.html

The Paris terror suspects are holed up at an industrial building near Charles de Gaulle airport
with a hostage, and have told police they are ready to "die as martyrs".

Local residents are being told to stay at home, switch off the lights, and stay away from their windows. Hundreds of people are sealed inside some local office buildings.
There have been reports that two people have been killed, but Paris prosecutors insist there have been no deaths.

Might this entire scenario be a hoax?  false flag?
Does it seem news media are treating this as a joke, or - is that just me?
This is no joke!  (if it happened - remembering the Sandy Hook HOAX)
Cops in France DO NOT carry guns, they arrived on Hebdo scene on bicycles.

Paris Terror Attack: The Proof It Was Staged

Explosions, Gunfire Heard At Both French Hostage Locations
January  9, 2015
 -  Terrorists linked to each other seized hostages at two locations around Paris, city shuts down a  Jewish neighborhood.

Explosions and gunfire heard at both locations, authorities going into the kosher market. At least five explosions were heard at the market location.
AFP reports that the suspects behind the Charlie Hebdo attack have been killed.

Trocadero Square Evacuated Near EIFFEL TOWER
January  9, 2015  -   Reports of Armed Incident  
Police are swarming in the area near the Eiffel Tower.
OMG!  Cop has a  - -  GUN!  -  and .. he is . ..  pointing it!  GASP!
I cant stop wondering whats happening the globalists are distracting us from.

Jew leave Paris
January  10, 2015  -  dailymail  -  France's Chief Rabbi has said Jews murdered and targeted specifically because they were Jewish.  Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France.
The Charlie Hebdo magazine attack will force more French Jews to flee.
Many are moving to Britain or to Israel, according to a report published in the newspaper last year. An Islamic terrorist took six people hostage and held them captive in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.  (Probably Jewish hostages.)

The police ordered all shops in a famous Jewish neighborhood in central Paris to close.
Hours before the Jewish Sabbath, the street is usually crowded with French Jews and tourists alike.

French Jews fleeing in record numbers
France tops the list of countries from which migrants move to Israel.

French losing control over their country
1/9/15  Op-ed: France is paying the price for failing to act against a large minority taking advantage of authorities' helpless.

French President Francois Hollande, the man who only several days ago instructed France's representative at the United Nations Security Council to vote in favor of the establishment of a Palestinian state, outdid himself when he declared that the massacre at the office of weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo was "a terrorist attack."

What a quick, on-the-mark and accurate observation by the president, whose approval rate in this high-ranking position has hit an all-time low.
It was a "terrorist attack," as opposed to three other attacks carried out by Muslims (which also resulted in casualties) in the past two weeks in different cities in France, which the authorities referred to as "acts of mentally ill people."

Add that to dozens of attacks carried out in recent years by Muslims, not necessarily against Jews, but also – and mainly – against Christians, without any serious – and mainly consistent – reactions against the large Muslim minority (more than 10%), which is of course taking advantage of the French authorities' helplessness.

Why it's clear that a country which fails to take serious steps against a population that closes off different quarters inside Paris with barriers and fences throughout the month of Ramadan in order to allow worshippers to pray on the streets and on the pavements, and forcibly prevents non-Muslim residents from reaching their homes during prayer hours, will eventually pay the price. And France is indeed paying the price.

Allow me to predict that the massacre against the satirical weekly (which also mocks Jews, by the way) is only the beginning. Because if the French authorities, led by the anemic president, who mostly excels in juicy love affairs, will fail to act immediately and with all their might, they will lose control over their country.

And if that happens, Marine Le Pen and her far right party will be seen by many French people as an excellent alternative. She will likely succeed in curbing the Muslims, but who knows what will remain of France.,7340,L-4612960,00.html


ISIS in France
January  10, 2015
-  Muslim terrorist in Kosher market belonged to ISIS.
He said he had coordinated with the Hebdo jihadists.
He and the two Kouachi brothers were killed by police after taking Jewish hostages.

French kosher mart 4 killed, 15 rescued
French President Francois Hollande informed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that 4 hostages were killed in the kosher supermarket attack in Paris, while 15 were rescued safely.  Netanyahu asked the French president to maintain the heightened security on Jewish institutions in France - even after matters settle down.,7340,L-4613370,00.html

WHY does the world care when its France, but doesnt care when its Israel?
These damned Muslims are murderers waiting to kill - in EVERYONE's backyard!
Closing your eyes wont save your LIFE.
ISIS is normal Islam, it is Hamas, CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Choudary: Obama Is 'Lying' About The True Nature Of Islam
January  10, 2015
“He’s only inventing Islam according to what his own foreign policy is.”
On the Ben Shapiro Show Thursday, Imam Anjem Choudary said the President Obama is “inventing” his own version of Islam to forward his foreign policy agenda and that the “radical” form Choudary espouses simply aligns with the principles of the Koran and Sharia Law.

Shapiro led into the segment by quoting from Choudary’s USA Today Jan. 8 opinion piece titled “People Know the Consequences,” which blamed the French government for allowing publications to “provoke Muslims” and argued that Muslims do not in fact believe in the freedom of expression:

   Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people's desires.

Shapiro then asked Choudary to discuss the Muslim view on the freedom of expression, specifically with regard to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Choudary explained that Muslim scripture made clear that those who insult the Prophet, like journalists at Charlie Hebdo, must be punished: “Those who would insult the Prophet, kill them.” Sharia Law he said, clearly requires any who would insult those Muslims deem “prophets,” including Moses and Jesus, be tried in court and punished. This a system, he added, that Muslims are willing to “fight for and even die for.”

When Shapiro asked him if he believed that Western governments should ban the blasphemy of Mohammed, Choudary said he wanted Sharia Law in its entirety to be imposed on Western governments because it was a “better” system. However, if that were not possible, laws should be put in place against “provoking Muslims.” As he stressed in his article, Choudary said that killings like those Wednesday are “the consequence of insulting the Prophet.”

Pointing to the incompatibility of the Western and Sharia systems, Shapiro asked Choudary why the West should allow people like him to live in their boundaries. Choudary said he was born in England so he had the right to live there, and that “people always change” and “change is good,” so he believed that it was time for the West to change.

   Choudary: The difference between divine law and man-made law—in other words liberal democracy and [inaudible] moralities and liberties—is that divine law can’t be changed. We can’t change the Koran, we can’t change the sayings of the Prophet, which include insulting the Prophet and the consequences. But you can change your laws…

If the West’s laws are not change, he warned, we’ll have a “blood bath.”

Choudary argued that what we’re witnessing is a “clash of two civilizations,” with al-Baghdadi leading on one side and Barack Obama leading on the other, leading Shapiro to ask about Obama’s portrayal of Islam:

   Shapiro: President Obama has repeatedly attempted to what he has characterized as “defend” Islam, saying that ISIS is not Islamic. He has said that “the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” […] But the way he characterizes Islam is not the way you characterize Islam […] How many people do you represent versus how many people does President Obama represent when it comes to Islam? Are you in fact representative of a “tiny minority” within Islam or are you representative of something larger?

President Obama, Choudary said, is "lying" about Islam, along with other Western leaders. The Koran itself shows that “Barack Obama is a liar” about the religion's true nature:

   Choudary: Islam for them is whatever they think Islam is in terms of their own interests. Islam is in accordance to the Koran, of the sayings and actions of the Prophet. That’s it. […] I say to you, look at the Koran, look at the sayings of the Prophet, and check for yourself. Is Barack Obama a liar or am I lying? I think that you will find that he’s a liar. He’s only inventing Islam according to what his own foreign policy is.

Shapiro asked Choudary if he took offense to being called a “radical” by the Western media, to which he responded that in Scripture “every prophet of Islam was demonized,” adding that he simply teaches Sharia Law as it truly is.

'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris'
Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital
   Stephen Pollard says terror attack on Kosher store in Paris is no 'fluke'
   'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave', he said
   Experts believe that more than 100,000 French Jews have left since 2013  
   France's Chief Rabbi has said after a number of attacks on Jews in the past year: 'Jews murdered were targeted specifically because they were Jewish'
   Policing stepped up across British Jewish areas, community body says
   Mayor's office has announced closure of shops in famous Jewish area

Stop the Insanity!

Paris anti-terror march Sunday
January 11, 2015
-  Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu said French Jews are welcome in Israel.
France, foreign leaders to march together in show of solidarity after Paris attacks.
Security forces will be on the highest alert for the event, which will be attended by about 40 heads of state and government.

World leaders in Paris for a unity march after 3 days of terror left 17 killed.
About 2,000 police officers and 1,350 soldiers are being deployed in Paris to protect more than a million marchers.  Marches across France on Saturday saw 700,000 people take to the streets.

Participants at the Paris rally include French President Francois Hollande, Germany's Angela Merkel, Britain's David Cameron and Italy's Renzi, Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, Jordan King Abdullah and the Queen, Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas, Arab League representatives and some Muslim African leaders as well as Turkish PM Davutoglu and U.S. AG Eric Holder (himself a terrorist).
Israeli PM Netanyahu offered any assistance that France needs after the murderous terror attacks.,7340,L-4613605,00.html,7340,L-4613632,00.html

FACT -  Jordan is the real Palestinian state designated in 1948.

Smile    World leaders gather for Mega Rally in Paris
Paris is Charlie on Arc de Triomphe.  Very nice
Millions of citizens, dozens of world leaders expected to march through Paris Sunday in a historic display of global defiance against terrorism, despite ongoing threats from terror groups.

In an unprecedented show of (phony) unity, the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority will both be among the world leaders attending the rally to honor the victims of 3 days of bloodshed.


French Jewish terror victims may be buried in Israel
France will protect Jews - with Army if necessary.
French Jewish leaders tell President Francois Hollande to use military to protect synagogues, schools.
Jewish schools and synagogues.  Hollande will visit the Grand Synagogue of Paris after the march.

Paris victim was son of Chief Rabbi
Yoav Hattab, one of the 4 Jews killed in Paris kosher supermarket, was the son of Tunisia's Chief Rabbi.  Yoav was at the market to buy food for Shabbat.  He had moved to Paris to study marketing and international trade.  He worked as a small business sales manager in France.

French Aliyah will double in 2015
Paris Synagogue Rabbi Moshe Sabag estimates that 15,000 French Jews will immigrate to Israel as a result of recent terror attacks.  Sabag discussed the worsening situation and the frustration French Jews are feeling over their lack of security.  There is a very strong feeling they need to leave!  AMEN!  While they CAN!  Attacks are growing worse.  Aliyah from France is already on the rise.

Terrorist wife lives on welfare in the UK  
January 11, 2015  
-  Sylvie Beghal, wife of Djamel Beghal, who recruited Cherid Kouachi, one of the Charlie Hebdo killers, moved to Leicester because she found France too strict against Muslims.  She lives in a four bed-room house with her children on state benefits in a “more Islamic environment.”   Beghal, a former lieutenant of the notorious Abu Hamza, recruited Cherif 10 years ago when both were serving prison sentences for terror offenses, and considers him his disciple.

Exclamation    French police hunt for Boumediene rigged?  
The case of Hayat Boumeddiene, the 26-year old wife of the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who murdered 4 Jews at the kosher supermarket.  After police assault on the store, she supposedly escaped with a stream of rescued hostages and reached Syria via Spain and Istanbul.  
In fact, she never was in the Paris store.  Hayat had skipped France for Syria Jan. 1, a week before the Paris attacks.

WHY did French security authorities plant a cock-and-bull story?
Was it really ISIS which set up the Paris attacks?  Said and Cherif Kouachi said that they belonged to Yemen ISIS-Al Qaeda.  They may have collaborated for the first time to hit France. They are preparing to follow up the Paris operations with a major campaign of terror in Europe. (and the world.  GLOBAL JIHAD has been declared.)

ISIS spent months undiscovered setting up the attacks.
Boumediene in Syria appears to part of a plan for setting up a command and control center for this campaign.
French security rushing around chasing the female terrorist may have helped reassure a frightened population, but they were on a fool’s errand.
Jihadis had safe exit routes for leaving France.

Terrorist wife lives on welfare in the UK  
January 11, 2015  
-  Sylvie Beghal, wife of Djamel Beghal, who recruited Cherid Kouachi, one of the Charlie Hebdo killers, moved to Leicester because she found France too strict against Muslims.  She lives in a four bed-room house with her children on state benefits in a “more Islamic environment.”   Beghal, a former lieutenant of the notorious Abu Hamza, recruited Cherif 10 years ago when both were serving prison sentences for terror offenses, and considers him his disciple.

Exclamation    French police hunt for Boumediene rigged?  
The case of Hayat Boumeddiene, the 26-year old wife of the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who murdered 4 Jews at the kosher supermarket.  After police assault on the store, she supposedly escaped with a stream of rescued hostages and reached Syria via Spain and Istanbul.  
In fact, she never was in the Paris store.  Hayat had skipped France for Syria Jan. 1, a week before the Paris attacks.

WHY did French security authorities plant a cock-and-bull story?
Was it really ISIS which set up the Paris attacks?  Said and Cherif Kouachi said that they belonged to Yemen ISIS-Al Qaeda.  They may have collaborated for the first time to hit France. They are preparing to follow up the Paris operations with a major campaign of terror in Europe. (and the world.  GLOBAL JIHAD has been declared.)

ISIS spent months undiscovered setting up the attacks.
Boumediene in Syria appears to part of a plan for setting up a command and control center for this campaign.
French security rushing around chasing the female terrorist may have helped reassure a frightened population, but they were on a fool’s errand.
Jihadis had safe exit routes for leaving France.

France has 751 No-Go Zones. The Police cannot and will not go into them – they are mini states inside France, set up and established under Sharia Law with the blessing of the French Government.  These No-Go Zones have millions of Muslims and it is too late for France to reverse it.

Sweden and France and GONE, with the rest of Europe not far behind.  More French Jews left France for Israel in 2014 than ever before, and many more are getting ready to leave now.  Today they are able to leave freely but that door will close in the very near future.  

Thousands of ISIS fighters cross into Iraq via Turkey everyday with Turkey’s blessing hoping that the French Muslims will kill the Kurds.

London has many No-Go Zones as well and the threat is growing very fast.  Europe is finished.  
Muslim terrorists who love death more than you love life are training in terrorist camps all over the Middle East and even in the USA.

Did you know that the US now have a Muslim government?  (Yes I know)
There are at least 35 terrorist training camps across the USA - No-Go Zones in America.
Most are in rural areas but there are some in places like Dearborn Michigan and other cities such as Detroit.  The FBI and the CIA know who and where they are.  But as long as a Muslim sits in the White House nothing will be done.

The US Government will go after Christians with tanks and armed soldiers but will do nothing to stop the Muslims.  Do you understand why Obama refuses to say the words “radical Islam.”

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim himself and many staffers are Muslims.
John Brennan, head of the CIA converted to Islam.
Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran.
Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose family are involved in Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Homeland Security Advisor, Mohammed Elibiary and Arif Aikhan are Muslims.

It’s questionable if Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he was Sworn in. He didn’t repeat the oath properly, and he was supposedly given the oath again in private.  On Koran?  We dont know.
CIA director John Brennan took his oath on an old copy of the Constitution, not a Bible.
Congressman, Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Quran.
Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his minions are systematically destroying the US, supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening the southern border, and turning a blind eye to the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East.
The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he’s become!
The United States has been infiltrated by people who want to destroy it.
It can only get worse!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Shalom, jerry golden, January 11, 2015

FYI - the only world leaders that didn't attend this "protest" are Pope Francis and Obama (but Eric Holder did)!
Please read this carefully - they are really pushing the OWR with this!

'We are Charlie'
January 11, 2015
Across France, 4 million march to honor victims of terrorist attacks, including 40 world leaders.
They are marching throughout France in a rally of national unity to honor the 17 victims of a 3 day Paris terror spree.

The rally for unity against terrorism is the largest demonstration in France's history, more than the numbers who took to Paris streets when the Allies liberated the city from the Nazis in World War II.
Oveer a million marched the Paris streets. But it said a precise account is impossible given the enormity of the turnout in the capital.

The aftermath of the attacks remained raw, with video emerging of one of the gunmen killed during police raids pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group and detailing how the attacks were going to unfold. Also, a new shooting was linked to that gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, who was killed Friday along with the brothers behind a massacre at satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in nearly simultaneous raids by security forces.

"Today, Paris is the capital of the world," said French President Francois Hollande. "Our entire country will rise up toward something better."

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were among the leaders attending, as were top representatives of Russia and Ukraine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron were alongside Hollande at the front of the crowd, estimated to be around one million people, Sky News reports.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is in Paris this week to attend a meeting on fighting terrorism, but did not participate in the march.
Before the march began, a moment of silence was observed for the 17 who died in the violence.

As the march progressed through Paris Sunday, small groups sang the French national anthem while giant letters spelling out the word “Why?” were attached to a statue in the Place de la Republique, Sky News reports.

Idriss Nouar, 41, told the Guardian that people took to the streets to seek “closure.”

“For three days we have been glued to our television screens, we cried, we lit candles- we didn’t know what to do or how to explain how we felt,” he said. “Today, here, with the chants, the clapping, the slow walking, it’s a way of expressing our distress and it’s some kind of closure.”

Southeast of Paris, in Saint-Etienne, around 60,000 people joined a march from the city’s rail station to its town hall.

Rallies were also planned in London, Madrid and New York -- all attacked by Al Qaeda-linked extremists -- as well as Cairo, Sydney, Stockholm, Tokyo and elsewhere.

"We are all Charlie, we are all police, we are all Jews of France," Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Saturday, referring to the victims of the attacks that included employees at Charlie Hebdo, shoppers at a kosher grocery and three police officers.

Valls also declared Saturday that France was at war with radical Islam, according to the New York Times.

“It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity,” he said at a speech in Évry, south of Paris.

Leaders from France’s Jewish community said after a meeting with Hollande Sunday that the French leader had told them new security measures would be in place at all Jewish institutions over the next two days.

"We have decided to live our Judaism and we will continue to live normally, as we can't give in to violence", said Roger Cukierman, President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions, according to the BBC.

The three days of terror began Wednesday when brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi stormed the newsroom of Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people. Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen said it directed the attack by the masked gunmen to avenge the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, a frequent target of the weekly's satire. On Thursday, police said Coulibaly killed a policewoman on the outskirts of Paris and on Friday, the attackers converged.

While the Kouachi brothers holed up in a printing plant near Charles de Gaulle airport, Coulibaly seized hostages inside a kosher market. It all ended at dusk Friday with near-simultaneous raids at the printing plant and the market that left all three gunmen dead. Four hostages at the market were also killed.

The bodies of the four French Jews killed at the grocery store will be buried in Israel, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.
Netanyahu said he had "acceded to the request of the families of the victims of the murderous terror attack" and directed "all the relevant government bodies" to assist in bringing the bodies to Israel. A funeral is tentatively set for Tuesday.

Five people who were held in connection with the attacks were freed late Saturday, leaving no one in custody, according to the Paris prosecutor's office. The widow of the man who attacked the kosher market is still being sought and was last traced near the Turkey-Syrian border.

Early Sunday, police in Germany detained two men suspected of an arson attack against a newspaper that republished the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. No one was injured in that attack.

"The terrorists want two things: they want to scare us and they want to divide us. We must do the opposite. We must stand up and we must stay united," French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told French TV channel iTele on Sunday.

It was France's deadliest terrorist attack in decades, and the country remains on high alert while investigators determine whether the attackers were part of a larger extremist network. More than 5,500 police and soldiers were being deployed on Sunday across France, about half of them to protect the march. The others were guarding synagogues, mosques, schools and other sites around France.

"I hope that we will again be able to say we are happy to be Jews in France," said Haim Korsia, the chief rabbi in France, who planned to attend the rally.

"I hope that at the end of the day everyone is united. Everyone, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists," added Zakaria Moumni, who was at Republique early Sunday. "We are humans first of all. And nobody deserves to be murdered like that. Nobody."

At an international conference in India, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the world stood with the people of France "not just in anger and in outrage, but in solidarity and commitment to the cause of confronting extremism and in the cause that extremists fear so much and that has always united our countries: freedom."

Posthumous video emerged Sunday of Coulibaly, who prosecutors said was newly linked by ballistics tests to a third shooting -- the Wednesday attack on a jogger in a Paris suburb that left the 32-year-old man gravely injured. In the video, Coulibaly speaks fluent French and broken Arabic, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group and detailing the terror operation he said was about to unfold.
The Kouachi brothers claimed the attacks were planned and financed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.

FRANCE *  Netanyahu and Abbas at rally
January 12, 2015
-  Hamas calls terror chief Mahmoud Abbas a hypocrite for attending Paris rally.
Hamas official Mahmoud a-Zahar slammed Abbas for participating in the anti-terror rally in Paris Sunday.  Zahar said, “Abbas wants to show that he can fight terror, but he does not even know the meaning of terror.”  LOL!!  Abbas is a Holocaust denier.  Islam and Nazism are much alike.,7340,L-4613835,00.html

Did Abbas come to nonor the victims or the terrorists?
Op-Ed   -  A million people assembled in Place de la Republique in a march of support for free speech. This was no place for Abbas. He has a different act.  Mahmoud Abbas showed up and ruined it for anyone who believed in the sanctity of the occasion. Abbas arrival was brazen hypocrisy.  He names schools and squares after murderers, so did he come to honor the fallen victims or the fallen terrorists?
Abbas is no dignitary, he is a warlord, a mobster of his gangland turf in Israel.
He did not belong in Paris.

Paris Jews love Bibi
Bibi!  We love you!  Help us!
shouted the Jews in Paris
3 videos of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris.

In the first video, Bibi Netanyahu is met with shouts of “Bibi! Bibi!” at the Grande Synagogue, and “help us!” in Hebrew.

Video 2 shows Bibi and his security detail made to wait for a bus to transport them to the March, which left them exposed for several minutes in a potentially hostile environment.

Video 3 shows Bibi Netanyahu in the march in the second row of heads of state. He moves into the first row.  Israeli chutzpah.

Netanyahu in Paris
In Paris synagogue speech PM Netanyahu calls on French Jews to make aliyah to Israel.
PM Netanyahu appreciated the very firm position taken by French leaders against terrorism in France.
Netanyahu said, "Israel is today at Europe's side, but I would like Europe to be on Israel's side too."
Those who massacred Jews in a synagogue recently in Israel ( ) and those who killed Jews and journalists in Paris are part of the same global (Muslim jihad) terror movement.

Israel is attacked “because of its very existence.
Israel is the only place in mideast where Christians, women and minorities are truly safe, the only place which respects human rights in general.

Rallies with France in Jerusalem, and worldwide
From Jerusalem to London crowds waved French flags and sang the French anthem.

Solidarity Rally with the Jews of France
(This video has English interp.)  Dozens of French immigrants and public officials gathered in Tel Aviv to show support for the French Jews killed in Paris terror attack.  Many of the participants were French immigrants to Israel.  The message to all Jews in Europe is - leave.

Paris - mother of all rallies
Op-ed:  About 2 million people took part in the march in Paris against jihadist terror.
The march which captured Paris on Sunday was truly a unique .,7340,L-4614145,00.html

Millions rally for unity in Paris France

Obama had no US presence at French Rally
January 12, 2015
-  As more than 40 heads of state locked arms and marched through the streets of Paris on Sunday, the United States was noticeably absent.  Obama took heat from political foes and was even criticized by the mainstream media.  CNN's Jake Tapper said he was "disappointed."  

Obama stayed home, as did VP Joe Biden.  AG Evil Eric Holder and Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas were in Paris for a terrorism summit, but neither appeared at the rally. U.S. Ambassador to France Jane Hartley attended.

Obama and Biden both had open schedules.
No high-level administration official attended a smaller rally in Washington, D.C., just blocks from the White House.

* Obama is a Muslim terrorist.  Why would he stand against his own beliefs?


ISRAELI State funeral for Paris victims
January 12, 2015  
-  Thousands turned out to the Jerusalem state funeral of the 4 victims of the terror attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris.  The funeral of Yoav Hattab was in Bnei Brak, the coffin transported to Jerusalem for a state funeral at the Givat Shaul Cemetery.  Yohan Cohen, Francois-Michel Saada and Phillipe Braham were the other 3 victims

Yoav Hattab was Tunisian.  His aunt, who he had never met, was killed in Tunisia when she was 14 years old.  Yoav's grandmother, lives in southern Israel.  Yoav's father, Rabbi Benjamin Hattab, described the moments of horror he experienced as he learned that his son was in fact inside the kosher supermarket that had been taken over by a terrorist.  "I knew that my son worked in the area and I called his phone but he didn't answer. I knew he was there. At 6:30 pm they called and said he was okay.  At 10 pm, they told us he had died.",7340,L-4614530,00.html,7340,L-4614568,00.html

Bodies of Paris Victims Arrive in Israel for Burial
Four terror victims to be buried ASAP in Jerusalem; ceremony to be held at noon with dignitaries present.

Jewish victims of Paris terror attacks laid to rest in Israel
The bodies of the victims Hattab, Yohan Cohen, 20, Philippe Braham, 40, Francois-Michel Saada, 64, arrived in Israel on a pre-dawn flight from France.
Rabbi Meir Mazuz, the spiritual leader of the Tunisian community in Israel and the rosh yeshiva, eulogized the men killed in the attack.

The families of the victims - Philippe Braham, 40; Yohan Cohen, 22; Yoav Hattab, 21; and Francois-Michel Saada, in his 60s - were brought to Jewish state, along with the bodies, on an El-Al flight Tuesday morning.

Netanyahu would have been an easy Target
Security arrangements for Prime Minister Netanyahu in Paris were irresponsible.

PM Netanyahu visits Paris kosher supermarket targeted in terror attack.,7340,L-4614302,00.html

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people:
all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces,
though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.  Zechariah 12:3

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against  Jerusalem.  Zechariah 12:9

Rothschilds own Charlie Hebdo
Rothchilds purchased Charlie Hebdo in December 2014.  hmmmmm
The following are excerpts I pulled off blogs.

French President Hollande said the Hebdo massacre is the work of the Illuminati.
Before you give that too much significance, many think Jews are the illuminati and France hates Jews.
Jesus Himself said some calling themselves 'jews' were not jews at all, but of the SINagog of Satan. ( Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 )

Once you know its fake, what more is there to look into?

Did a Rothchild defector blow the details of the Paris psy op?
The entire Charlie Hebodo scam was launched just as a major story broke about British royalty and pedophilia.
Muslims had nothing to do with the carnage that took place in Paris.


Laughing    LOL!  The infidel rebellion!  LOL!   Laughing

Egypt warns Hebdo: Don't publish Mohammed pic
January 14, 2015
-  Egypt's Grand Mufti warns French satirical newspaper against publishing a new caricature of Mohammed.  Mufti claims its a provocation and said it would incite hatred and upset Muslims around the world.

Hebdo mag sells out before dawn, with Muhammad on cover
January 14, 2015  -  PARIS
- Charlie Hebdo's new issue sold out before dawn around Paris, and still people are lining up at kiosks in case of a spare copy of the paper with Muhammad on cover. The staff put out the issue working out of borrowed offices, with a print run of 3 million, more than 50 times the usual circulation.,7340,L-4614929,00.html

Hebdo survivors issue

Act of war
New Charlie Hebdo edition triggers Muslims anger, threats

Yemen bomb was 17 minutes from exploding
Nov 2010
PARIS — One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to explode.
Brice Hortefeux provided no other details in an interview on the state-run France-2 television channel and did not say where he got the information about the timing.
"One of the packages was defused only 17 minutes before the moment that it was set to explode," he said. Hortefeux said that French police arrested two people on suspicion of links to terrorist groups.

France threatened in 2010 too
I found this OLD NEWS on another thread and put it here.

France unrepentant on 'palestine' recognition
January 16, 2015
-  France Palestine recognition unchanged, blindly claims attacks on Jews in France unrelated to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
France has no intention of walking back its evil support for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.
Support for Palestinian statehood is to curse Israel.

The Lord had said to Abram, Go to the land I will show you.
I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you.
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.
Genesis 12  Supporting Palestinians is cursing Israel.
EU seeks Muslim anti-terror help after Paris attacks

Brussels (AFP) - EU foreign ministers called Monday for an alliance with Muslim countries to fight the growing Islamist militant threat as anger over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons fed fresh protests and violence.

Foreign policy head Federica Mogherini met Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi to urge better cooperation in the wake of last week's deadly Paris attacks and anti-terrorism raids in Belgium.

On the other side of a widening divide, hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Russia's Chechnya while dozens of churches were torched in Niger during protests over the publication of the Prophet Mohammed caricatures.

In jittery Brussels, where Belgian troops guarded the EU headquarters and other sensitive buildings, ministers were discussing how to prevent battle-hardened jihadis returning home from the Syria and Iraq.

"Terrorism and terrorist attacks are targeting most of all Muslims in the world so we need an alliance," Mogherini told reporters.

"We need to strengthen our way of cooperating together, first of all with Arab countries but also internally. The threat is not only the one we faced in Paris but also spreading in many other parts of the world."

Al-Arabi, the Arab League secretary general, added that "every country in the world is suffering from terrorism."

"It is not just a military or security issue, it covers the intellectual, cultural, media and religious spheres and that is what we are trying to get," he said.

Europe is on high alert after three French gunmen killed 17 people at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and a Jewish supermarket in Paris earlier this month, claiming they were acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group. Two suspected militants were also killed in a police raid in Belgium on Thursday.

Many of the ministers will meet again on Thursday in London when US Secretary of State John Kerry co-hosts talks with some 20 countries, including Arab states.

The EU meeting Monday was to prepare for a special European summit on February 12 dedicated to fighting terrorism.

But so far many EU states have been reluctant to open up their intelligence networks to anyone except their most trusted allies for fear of harmful leaks, let alone with the Arab world.

Efforts to push through a system for exchanging air passenger information which many states say would help track suspected militants have also been held up by a sceptical European Parliament.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said however in Brussels that the Paris attacks had "changed Europe and the world", calling for "possibly increased exchanges with Muslim countries."

His British counterpart Philip Hammond made the same point and pressed the need for progress on the passenger data system.

In London, however, the government found itself embroiled in a damaging spat over a letter sent to British imams with its call for community leaders to do more to root out extremism.

Belgian authorities meanwhile were still hunting for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, considered the brains behind an Islamist cell plotting to kill Belgian police that was broken up last week.

Greek prosecutors will consider Monday a Beglian extradition request for a suspect arrested in Athens on Saturday who could be linked to the cell.

In Germany, police banned a rally by the anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement in the eastern city of Dresden after a reported threat from IS on the movement's leader Lutz Bachmann.

Denmark was due on Monday to host its first march by PEGIDA, whose rallies have spread rapidly since they started in October.

But in the Muslim world anger still raged at the publication of a new Prophet Mohammed cartoon on the front of Charlie Hebdo's comeback issue last week.

Russia's interior ministry claimed 800,000 people had flooded into Grozny, the capital of the Muslim province of Chechnya -- three-quarters of the republic's population -- to demonstrate.

"We say firmly that we will never allow anyone to go unpunished for insulting the name of the Prophet and our religion," strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov told the crowd.

In Niger, 45 churches were torched over the weekend and five people killed in protests against the cartoons.

EU calls for anti-terror alliance with Arab countries
1/19/15 BRUSSELS  — The European Union on Monday called for an anti-terror alliance with Arab countries to boost cooperation and information-sharing in the wake of deadly attacks and arrests across Europe.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Monday that "we need an alliance. We need to strengthen our way of cooperating together."
Mogherini later met with Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby. She also attended a meeting of the EU foreign ministers who are preparing for a summit of EU leaders in February focused on terrorism.

Some ministers emphasized the importance of working with Muslim countries, rather than blaming them for the problem.
"They will continue to be in the front line, and we have to work closely with them to protect both those countries and the European Union countries," British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said the police raids launched in his country last week to break up a suspected network of foreign fighters demonstrate that information-sharing is the key to success.

"We have to exchange information in Europe and outside Europe to really follow what is going on and to prevent any acts that could be launched on our territory," he said.

Belgium deployed the military over the weekend to guard public buildings. As the ministers met, soldiers walked the perimeter of the European Council building, where internal security has also been beefed up in recent days.

Many ministers said no quick solution to the challenge of foreign fighters is likely, and that the real answer is to help end the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.
"That is what long-term will provide stability and security in this region, and to address the root causes of terrorism and radicalization as well," said Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstroem.

Analyzing The Cop Shooting Footage

* Hebdo was a huge Rothchild psyop
France anti-terror plan calls for hiring more intel agents

PARIS (AP) — Reeling from the Paris terror attacks, France announced broad new measures to fight homegrown terrorism like giving police better equipment and hiring more intelligence agents, as European officials sought to strike the right balance between rushing through tough counterterrorism laws and protecting treasured democratic rights.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls laid out the counterterrorism initiatives just as the Paris prosecutor announced preliminary charges against four men for allegedly providing logistical support to one of the attackers behind a three-day spree of violence this month that killed 17 people before the three gunmen were shot dead by police.

France plans to spend 425 million euros ($490 million) over the next three years for the new measures. They include leaning on Internet companies and social media to help in the fight, creating an improved database of suspected extremists, and increasing intelligence-gathering on jihadis and other radicals — in part by making it easier to tap phones. About 2,600 counter-terrorism officers will be hired, 1,100 of them specifically for intelligence services.

Meanwhile, at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, new efforts are being made to overcome privacy objections and make the sharing of air passenger information easier. But continental leaders warned also about going too far, at the risk of undermining individual rights that are a cornerstone of the European way of life.

"The last thing" is for Europeans "to change the nature of our open societies as a reaction to this threat. Because then, we would play into the hands of these terrorists," EU Vice President Frans Timmermans said.

Some calls have emerged for a European equivalent of the U.S. Patriot Act, which was passed within weeks of the Sept. 11 attacks, to strengthen the hand of authorities to prevent terrorism. Some of its components were controversial — like the unprecedented authority to search, seize, detain or eavesdrop in pursuit of suspected terrorists.

"That is not the way to go," Sophie In't Veld, a leading Liberal civil rights lawmaker at the European Parliament, told The Associated Press. "We should use more than two weeks to think about this, instead of rushing things through."


France most dangerous nation for Jews
January 25, 2015  
-  2014 Anti-Semitism Report will be presented today, as well as a questionnaire conducted among Diaspora Jews.  The report contains an overview of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide in 2014.
2014 saw a significant increase in anti-Semitic incidents, and local governments are not doing enough to prevent it.
When Israel defends their people, anti-Semitic incidents increase.
Holocaust denial, Hate speech and anti-Semitism online is worsening.

France ranks as the most dangerous country for Jews.
Anti-Semitic incidents rose 100% in France with half directed against Jews.

Anti-Semitic violence is up in Great Britain and the Netherlands as well.
In Germany anti-Semitic incidents doubled in 2014.
In Belgium 30% of citizens hold anti-Semitic views.
Anti-Semitism is also a huge problem in South America.

GOD wants His people the Jews to GO HOME to ISRAEL - NOW.

France: Guards protecting Jews threatened
February 3, 2015 -  Seriously, Jews need to flee to Israel NOW - while they still can!

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to Jewish schools around France to protect Jews from additional attacks. The security found itself subject to anti-Semitic attacks and abuse, including being cursed, spat on, have had weapons pointed at them.  Two weeks ago there was an attempted attack on a guard who was stationed at the Jewish school in the Paris suburb of Varanasi.

Egypt Rafale deal with France
February 13, 2015
-  Cairo purchases 24 Rafale fighter jets
France Rafale deal for fighter jets with Egypt.  The deal is worth more than 5 billion euros ($5.7 billion) for the fighter jets, a naval frigate and missiles.
Egypt will become the first foreign buyer of Rafale fighter jets.  This will strengthen Cairo's military might in the region. The Rafale has been used in combat missions over places like Mali, Libya and Iraq.,7340,L-4626167,00.html

Jewish cemetery vandalized in eastern France amid tensions

PARIS (AP) — Hundreds of graves have been vandalized at a Jewish cemetery in eastern France, in what the president called an "odious and barbaric" anti-Semitic act against French values.

The vandalism comes at a time of growing insecurity among French Jews and amid general religious tensions in Europe, after Islamic radicals attacked a kosher market and a satirical newspaper in Paris last month and similar attacks hit Denmark this weekend.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement Sunday that a criminal investigation team is at the damaged cemetery in Sarre-Union, near the German border, and authorities will do "everything" to pursue the vandals.

Jewish and Muslim gravesites and places of worship in France see sporadic but frequent vandalism. The incident this weekend was of an unusually large scale, and hit a cemetery that has been vandalized in the past. Local media reported that about 200 grave stones were knocked down, and a monument to Holocaust victims was damaged.

French President Francois Hollande said in a statement that "France is determined to fight relentlessly against anti-Semitism and those who want to attack the nation's values."

Hollande visited the Danish Embassy in Paris on Sunday, and a crowd waving candles gathered to show solidarity with the victims of the Copenhagen attacks.

"We need stand together in Europe and in all the world wherever jihadis try to threaten democracy," said Sacha Reingewirtz, president of the Union of Jewish Students of France.

Many French Jews feel increasingly worried about anti-Semitism, particularly coming from young Muslims who embrace radical ideology propagated online.

France has Europe's largest Jewish population, about half a million. More than 7,000 emigrated to Israel last year.

France's leading Muslim groups denounced the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, and are frustrated that Islam is often associated with terrorism.
Hollande: French Muslims have both rights, responsibilities

PARIS (AP) — President Francois Hollande says France's millions of Muslims should be protected and respected and in turn they should also respect the nation's strict secular policies.

Hollande spoke Thursday after three radical Muslim gunmen killed 17 people last week in France's worst attacks in decades. Two of the attackers claimed allegiances to al-Qaida in Yemen and another to the Islamic State group.

The terror attacks have prompted scattered retaliatory attacks on Muslim sites around France and have put many French Muslims on the defensive.

Hollande said that "anti-Muslim acts, like anti-Semitism, should not just be denounced but severely punished."

Drones over Paris
February 24, 2015
-  5 drones were sighted near the US embassy in Paris and over the Eiffel Tower between midnight and 6 am Tuesday. French police are investigating the flyovers.

Al Jazeera arrested for drones
February 26, 2015
-  Al Jazeera journalists arrested in Paris for flying drones.
DEBKA -  3 Al-Jazeera TV journalists were arrested in Paris after flying a drone from a park on the edge of the city. The first was piloting the drone, the second was filming and the third was watching.

Drones are spotted flying above Paris landmarks including Eiffel Tower and the US embassy and tourist hotspots.  Civilian drones are banned in Paris.
They are used to access security levels of a target before a terror attack

Al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for illegally flying a drone in Paris

Paris drones
March 4, 2015
-  Ten more drones spotted flying over Paris and police are searching for 4 men.
Police chased the drone in their car but lost track of it because of traffic.
The latest drones were seen hovering near the Eiffel Tower and home of President Francois Hollande.
60 drones have been sighted since October, some over nuclear installations and central Paris.
The authorities have been unable to establish who is behind the drones.

Mysterious drone spotted over Jewish school
March 10, 2015
-  An unauthorized drone was spotted flying over Ozar Hatorah, the Jewish school in Toulouse that was attacked in 2012.  Soldiers observed the drone on Sunday.
The drone flew over Ozar Hatorah middle school and high school buildings.
The incident occurred the day after a man was spotted placing a bag containing Stars of David mixed with rags in front of a Toulouse synagogue.

Since Al Jazeera were caught flying drones,
and they are Muslim Brotherhood terrorists,
this is imminent DANGER to Jews.

High-rise fire in Paris
March 18, 2015
-  Did a drone cause this?  Dubai just had a fire too.
A "minor" fire on the top floor of a Paris skyscraper has been put out. The Coeur Defense office complex was on fire for around an hour, with smoke bellowing out from the roof. The fire began in the ventilation system.

French supertide
March 22, 2015
-  Thousands flock to French abbey for rare supertide on the French island of Mont Saint-Michel off the coast of Normandy.  The unusually high spring tide is caused by solar eclipse and the supermoon, when the moon comes closer to Earth than usual.  The supertide also at the Bay of Fundy on Canada’s Atlantic coast.  Great photos!

Passenger Plane crash French Alps
March 24, 2015 -  No Survivors.  Airbus with 150 passengers
has crashed in the Alps region.
The Germanwings flight was traveling from Barcelona to Dusseldorf when it crashed between Digne et Barcelonnette.

Germanwings Airbus crashs in French Alps

France sacrifices Jerusalem to 'Palestine'
April 1, 2015
-  France preparing draft for UN resolution on Palestine, would designate Jerusalem as shared capital.  The UN Security Council voted DOWN a resolution on Palestinian statehood 2014 December.  France sees a window of opportunity to and is preparing a draft UN Security Council resolution.

The draft would define the pre-1967 (indefensible 1948 borders) frontier as a reference point for border talks but allow room for exchanges of territory, designate Jerusalem as capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state and call for a fair solution for Palestinian refugees.
That'd be the END of Israel - which is the intent.
France hopes to avoid a US veto at the UN this time because of Obama's irrational hatred of Netanyahu.

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