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FRANCE * Pensions, Strikes, Bomb scares

                    Eiffel Tower evacuated on bomb alert

September 15,  2010     PARIS
Paris' Eiffel Tower and its immediate surroundings have been evacuated amid French news reports of a bomb alert.

An AP photographer on the site saw several busloads of police officers under the famous tower.
An officer on the site says the tower and the nearby Champs de Mars park have been evacuated but has declined to give any other details. About 2,500 people were affected.

Tourists are still on the nearby sidewalks, however, and road traffic continues to circulate.
French media reported that Tuesday's evacuation followed a bomb alert. Further information was not immediately available. Paris police headquarters did not return numerous calls.

Ed Waldon had a vision of the Eiffel tower falling a few years ago.
hmmmmmmmm   Shocked

Eiffel Tower reopens

September 15,  2010     Wednesday
The Eiffel Tower has reopened a day after being evacuated because of a bomb threat from an anonymous caller.
Paris police said Wednesday that no enhanced security measures were planned at France's most visited monument, and an investigation has been handed over to the city prosecutor's office.
Explosives experts found nothing suspicious, and there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Parts of a second tourist hub — the Saint-Michel subway station near Notre Dame Cathedral — were briefly evacuated following a similar threat. An attack there in 1995 killed eight and injured scores of people.
The head of France's counterespionage agency was quoted over the weekend as saying the risk of an attack in France has never been higher.

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Terror Attack in Europe Foiled

September 29,  2010    

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has been evacuated TWICE this month due to bomb threats.

Terror plot in multiple European cities called for simultaneous attacks.
The CIA (Al Qaeda) launched drone strikes in Pakistan to help thwart the plot.  

This is how the NWO operates.  Tell the world there is a threat, then attack anywhere they want.  
This is how Obama (Al CIA Qaeda) will put in martial law across America before elections, some believe.

They planned attacks on hotels frequented by Western tourists in London, France and Germany.
They can blame anyone they choose - Muslims or Christians.

Wall Street has been manipulated for years.  Something like major attacks across America could enable the NWO to shut it down, completely, forever.
The US economy does not exist NOW - its a ghost.
Needless to say, world press will not tell you what I am telling you.

US banks and regulators 'fail' to cut money laundering
Gee whiz, look what I saw as I was posting this!
Eric Lewis says US banks are failing in their duty as the first line of defence against money laundering.
One of the US's top fraud investigators is warning that America's policing of money laundering is wide open to abuse.



Were some recent incidents in France such as Eiffel scare related?  Question

13 September 2010

French in front line fight to keep pension rights
The French have never shied from the barricades in defence of workers rights.
And according to the French unions around 2.5 million people came onto the streets last week, in protest at government plans to increase the minimum retirement age, from 60 to 62.
It is the cornerstone of the government's pension reforms, change that Jean-Francois Cope, President of the ruling UMP party in the Assembly, believes is unavoidable.

"Progressively we are going to change the debate," he said. "We are now talking about 'labour for seniors'.
"If you postpone the minimum retirement age, the dialogue between employer and employee must change.
From now on the employer talking to a 50 year old employee will not be discussing retirement, instead he will talking about the next step in the 50 year old's professional career. "
"I am worried. My generation will work far longer than those retiring today. I might not even get a job until I am 27.
I will probably have to work 10 years longer than my parents. And who can guarantee there will be a pension at the end of it."
In this country there is no tradition of privately funded pensions. The people have always depended on the state.

France hit by third national strike in a month
12 October 2010
    Paris Transport disrupted
French unions are staging a national day of strikes and demonstrations in opposition to the government's pension reforms.
Ministers want to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62, and the state pension age from 65 to 67.

Fuel to Paris reduced as French protests escalate
16 October 2010

Paris airport Charles de Gaulle running short on fuel as pension strikes in France enter fifth day.
Striking French oil refinery workers shut down a fuel pipeline supplying Paris and its airports.
Airport workers grounded some flights as protests mounted to derail an unpopular pension reform.  France's airport operator played down
worries of fuel shortages, but strikes at all of the country's 12 refineries and fuel depot blockades prompted motorists to stock up on petrol.
Truck drivers may join as momentum built for a day of street rallies on Saturday.

The widening protests have become the biggest challenge facing President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is struggling with low popularity ratings
as he tries to appease financial markets by stemming a ballooning pension shortfall.  Interesting how quickly GOD's judgments fall.

Recent incidents in France
Eiffel tower bomb scare

Air France Bomb Threat

I pulled these posts over here to FRANCE from this thread

French strikes continue, fuel shortage eases

October  17,  2010    

Concerns about the airports fuel supply have been eased.
Strikes in France against proposed pension reform plans continued on the weekend.  Fears that the Paris airports would run out of fuel eased as a pipeline reopened.
825,000 people across France took part in protest marches against government proposed pension reform.  Unions claimed protesters numbered around 3 million.
The proposed reforms would raise the minimum retirement age in France from 60 to 62 and the age for a full pension from 65 to 67.

Service stations were running low on fuel, some ran dry.
Oil companies have been given permission by the government to tap into their reserves.,,6118303,00.html


Truck drivers join French pension protests

October  18,  2010    

Forecourts are running dry despite the prime minister saying there is enough fuel in the system.
French truck drivers are the latest group of workers to join the strike movement against government plans to reform the state pension system.
They have staged several overnight protests, including a go-slow on motorways.

More than 1,000 supermarket petrol stations have run out of fuel.
There have been further blockades of fuel depots in western and southern France, and petrol stations are running out of fuel, some are dry.

Rail traffic is disrupted, Eurostar service between Paris and London is normal, there is no Eurostar service between Brussels and London due to a strike in Belgium.
Rail unions have called for new transport strikes to start on Tuesday, including the Eurotunnel services between France and England.

French police break blockades at 3 oil depots

20 October 2010

French government has authorised the use of a special intervention force to deal with protesters blocking fuel depots
The French government has used the security forces to lift blockades by strikers at three fuel depots serving the west of the country.
President Nicolas Sarkozy has authorised police to break all remaining blockades at fuel depots.

French workers are taking their rolling strike against planned pension reforms into its seventh day.
Student leaders have also called for more protests ahead of a senate vote on the retirement age later this week.

Transport workers said they would continue their protest on Wednesday but the national rail operator, the SNCF said at least half of its trains will run on Wednesday, with up to two thirds of high-speed TGV trains running on schedule.

Mr Sarkozy has insisted he will press ahead with plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and the full state pension age from 65 to 67.
Across the country, one in 3 fuel stations has run dry. All 12 refineries on the French mainland have been affected by strike action.

French interior minister Brice Hortefeux authorised use of the paramilitary police to break blockades at fuel depots. He said he respected the right to protest, but that did not include the right to block workers or to commit pillage or violence.

The BBC's Christian Fraser said this force was the equivalent of a Swat team whose normal duties include hostage rescue.
Overnight, riot police lifted the blockade at three fuel depots, in Donges, La Rochelle and Le Mans. However, strikers reimposed their blockade at Donges in the early hours of the morning.

In the south of the country, unions have blocked the fuel depot at Trapil, which supplies civilian and military airports in the region.
Our correspondent said the unions and the government were engaging in a game of cat-and-mouse over the fuel blockades.

For the second day running, cars were overturned and set alight in Lyon. There were also disturbances in Mulhouse and Montbeliard in eastern France.
Mr Hortefeux has condemned the violence in the suburbs, saying it was "unacceptable" that more than 60 police officers had been injured.

On Tuesday, unions called a sixth national day of protest since the return from the summer holidays in September.
About 1.1 million people took to the streets, the interior ministry said; the CGT union put the number at 3.5m.
The numbers were comparable with the previous week's national day of action.

Tuesday's day of action was seen as a last attempt to mobilise protesters before the Senate's final vote on the government's pension reforms later this week.
The lower house, the National Assembly has already approved the package.


       Rubbish piles up on the streets of Marseille

French pension protests worsen

21 October 2010   Thursday

Much ado about nothing

Striking oil refinery and port workers protesting French pension reform block access to Marseille airport.
Unions will step up their useless protests against pension reforms next week.

Meanwhile rolling strikes are continuing against government plans to raise the pension age from 60 to 62.

Blockades of refineries and fuel depots have led to fuel shortages.

President Sarkozy has called for an end to the disruption saying, "This disorder which is aimed at paralysing the country could have consequences for jobs by damaging the normal running of economic activity."

In Marseille, there is no public transport, trains have been delayed or cancelled and the ports blockaded, and the 9 day rubbish collectors strike means several thousand tonnes of refuse is piling up on the city streets.  There is a real danger to the safety and health of Marseille.

The unions tactics are to cause chaos, the goal of the NWO.

Strikes risk alienating the public, but will not change the govt plan.
1/4 of France's service stations had no fuel on Wednesday, and they began importing electricity as the wave of protest action took hold of energy supplies.
Some of France's reactors were shut for maintenance but the unions say production has been cut at 4 others.

French discuss the pensions fuel blockade
20 October 2010
France has begun importing electricity as protesters against pension reforms block fuel depots again.
Every morning, protesters are blocking the main line of the town's tram system. The system only has 3 lines, so it means many of my friends are having to get to work by bike.
As an English and IT teacher, I will definitely suffer financially from the strikes.
Next week, those students who have been managing to attend classes will have run out of petrol and won't be able to get here - and I will have to cancel lessons.


French police break key strike blockade near Paris

October 22

Clashes have broken out outside a major oil refinery in France after riot police moved in to clear strikers who blockaded the terminal for 10 days.
BBC reported riot police had wrestled back control of the refinery as they clashed with protesters.

Workers had been forced to help restart operations at Grandpuits under an emergency order.
Strikers formed a human chain at the entrance to the refinery in an attempt to stop the requisitioned workers going in.
Scuffles broke out as police moved in to clear the entrance and minutes later workers were seen going into the refinery.


French Senate passes pension overhaul


October  22,  2010     Friday

The French Senate voted to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, a victory for President Nicolas Sarkozy after days of street rage.  
The vote all but sealed passage of the highly unpopular measure, but it was unlikely to end the protests.
The coming days promised more work stoppages and demonstrations by those who feel this threatens a French birthright.

Sarkozy made overhauling the money-losing pension system a centerpiece of his project to modernize France.

1,500 jobs have been lost daily since the strikes began on Oct. 12.
The measure is expected to win final approval by both houses of parliament next week.
Sarkozy accused strikers of holding the French and their economy hostage.

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