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Sweden moves towards closer ties with NATO
April 12, 2015 - †Moves by Finland and Sweden toward closer ties with NATO
†were of concern to Russia. †Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland said Northern Europe must prepare for possible crises or incidents because of Russia. †Finland, which borders Russia, and Sweden are not members of NATO, the joint declaration has been among their strongest responses to Russia's aggression.,7340,L-4646248,00.html


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Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France all call for referendums to leave EU.  The Dutch would like to be in charge again of their own budget, their national borders and their immigration policy. We should have a referendum about a 'Nexit' [Netherlands exit] as soon as possible.

Russia to respond if Finland joins NATO
July 2, 2016
 -  Stay away from Russian borders or keep transponders on.
Russia will respond accordingly if neighboring Finland joins NATO, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.  However, Moscow will try to begin a dialogue with NATO despite its expansion towards Russiaís borders.  Putin will try to begin the dialogue with NATO at the summit in Brussels.

Putin and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto agreed to develop a set of security measures to control flights over the Baltic Sea. Finlandís president said military flights should avoid turning off their identification devices in the region, which is frequented by both Russian and NATO planes.  

Niinisto said, We all know the risk with these flights and I have suggested that we should agree that transponders are used on all flights in the Baltic Sea region.  Putin noted that NATO planes conduct flights over the Baltics with their transponders off twice as often as Russian planes. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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