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Excedrin Return Still Months Away
June  2012  Full production will be slower than expected.
Novartis hopes to gradually restart production at its Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing plant as early as May, and resume shipping some products at mid-year.
But a return to full production will probably not happen until 2013.

Novartis suspended production at its Lincoln facility on January 8, 2012 and recalled Excedrin and other OTC medications after a FDA inspection revealed
flagrant and long-standing deficiencies in the company’s quality assurance and consumer complaint procedures.
The shutdown of the Lincoln plant also has affected availability of a number of veterinary products,
including Interceptor, a popular medication for preventing heartworm in dogs and cats.
( O goodie!  At least I know I dont have heartworm!  Just headaches!)

Nevertheless, the delay will result in additional headaches for consumers, pharmacists, doctors, and veterinarians as the product shortages continue.
Very funny.

Blogger claims generics do NOT relieve her headaches.
My pharmacist told me the ingredients are identical.

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