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Epitaph for an Eagle

The bald eagle is the symbol of America.  I have often said America has died

Epitaph for an Eagle
Bald eagle killed by plane, mate carries on -  April  26,  2011
Male eagle feeds chicks after death of female.
The eagle was part of a nesting pair that has been at the nearby Norfolk Botanical Garden, Virginia since 2003, and was watched by about 16,000 on the Eagle Cam.
Biologist Reese Lukei said the will watch this nest very closely over the coming days to see if male is able to provide regular feeding for the chicks.

Indeed, I am deeply saddened along with the others.  I have watched this nest for about 2 months. I watched the eggs hatch.

April 19 issue of ZionsCRY I told you the 3 eaglets would be banded, they were.
The three NBG eaglets are now identified as follows

Purple band NV – #0679-01293 – youngest chick – male – weighed 2633 grams = 5.81 lbs
Purple band NX – #0679-01294 – middle chick – female – weighed 3100 grams = 6.84 lbs
Purple band NZ – #0679-01295 – oldest chick – female – weighed 3405 grams = 7.52 lbs

One WVEC news report said the pair were feeding on the runway.  The plane was landing and only the male escaped.
When the male finally returned to the nest with a fish for the babies, he was panting.
While it is normal for eagles to pant to keep cool, he looked upset and frazzled.  Poor pappa.
However am I gonna provide for my babies and still watch over them!?

As I watched the nest blog reactions of people who have watched this nest, many school kids, people posted they were crying.
Eagles mate for life.  The male will likely seek another mate in the fall.

Banding day

NEWS reports on eagle death

Past photos of NBG nesting pair

A tribute to an American Bald Eagle killed in Norfolk, VA

2011 NBG NEST in photos
The mating, the eggs, the hatchlings, grow, death of female.
Here is a beautiful link from Rhoda, God bless her, of the 2011 NBG year.
Keep hitting the arrow key when your done with the video to see the others

Bald eagles Azalea, Camellia and Buddy are siblings, but hatched in different years to the Norfolk eagle pair, of which the female died in 2011.
Buddy hatched in 2008
Azalea hatched in 2009
Camellia hatched in 2010
Nixy  (NX officially banded)  2011

THANKS to WVEC TV station for the many thousands of dollars they spent giving us live cam on eagles!
PHOTOs thanks to WVEC, NBG and Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Norfolk Botanical Garden  (NBG), birth place of these 3 eaglets
Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro raised them
WVEC TV station for live streaming eaglecam to thousands around the world
WVEC TV July 20 video

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Norfolk Botanical Garden WVEC eaglecam

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Sad and difficult decision day for many

DGIF biologists decided that it is in the best interest of the eaglets to remove them from the nest and relocate them to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

The male eagle brought the babies a fish and fed them Tuesday evening and Wednesday early morning.  
Mid-morning he brought a fish and left it, and the eaglets ate it by themselves.
The female's first mate was killed by a plane in 2002 and she took this male as her second mate.

Norfolk Botanical Garden explains removal of babies - 10:00 am April 27, 2011
One option discussed was to leave them and see if the father could continue to raise them alone.
It is possible he could, but it is also very possible he could not continue to provide enough food as they grow and need a higher calorie count.
There was a concern it would reach a point of no return and it would be difficult to remove the eaglets.
It would present the problem of being too late to remove them for their survival. There is a reason it takes two parents to raise the eaglets.

Another option would be to try to foster them out to other nests. That would require finding three nests with eaglets at the exact right age.
There is also the concern the foster parents may reject these eaglets.
DGIF has the legal responsibility for the welfare of these eaglets and has made the decision to remove them, deeming this is in the best interest of the eaglets

The three eaglets will be raised together at WCV. The intention is to release them (they are in good health) so human contact will be minimal.

A tree climber took eaglets gently from the nest, put them safely in a bag, and lowered them to the ground.
Just like the banding day April 21.

Buddy, NBG nest eaglet
The Wildlife Center of Virginia is in Waynesborough Virginia. The 2008 eaglet with Avian Pox "Buddy" was taken there.
They are very good about sharing information about the progress of Buddy and I expect we will get frequent updates about them.

Buddy got a new large lovely home September 2011

Bald eagles Azalea, Camellia and Buddy are siblings, but hatched in different years to the Norfolk eagle pair,
of which the female died in 2011
Buddy hatched in 2008
Azalea hatched in 2009
Camellia hatched in 2010
Nixy  (NX officially banded)  2011

The 3 eaglets are safetly at their new home
You can click links here to the eaglets arrival, photos, and some facts

Ed Clark is co-owner of the wildlife center.  
I have asked if he draws a salary and never been answered, so my guess is that he is a very wealthy man doing this.


Legacy Lady
May 1, 2011
One of the moderators has created this beautiful tribute to the mother eagle who was killed.
They are calling her Legacy Lady.   She left 20 babies to carry on her DNA.  Smile

Eagles eagles eagles

This man does BEAUTIFUL photography!

This is a photo by NBG photog Duane

Last video of the adult female eagle at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Eagle tribute
Virginia indians did a lovely tribute to the female eagle killed.
As he played the little flute, an eagle flew overhead.  Hard not to get tears.


May 27 and 28, 2011  Memorial Day weekend - 2 of the 3 eaglets 'fledged.'
The experts assure me they consider flying from the nest perch a couple feet to a side perch is 'fledging.'
I would not consider this fledging myself, but the experts do.  I am NOT an expert.
The birds are in the wildlife center cage, not their natural habitat.

The male was first.  He was the last hatched.  The oldest female was next.  The middle bird has not flown outside the nest as of morning May 29th.
One of them - probably the oldest female - flew to the lower step, then to the floor, then back to the nest.  Pretty good!
The nest is about 4 feet off the floor, not 80 feet up a tree.

The 3 eaglets are at
The Wildlife Center of Virginia, a hospital for native wildlife
Waynesboro VA

Their webpage for the eaglets

The mod experts on the webcam blog are calling them fledglings

WVEC has a chatroom for the Botanical Garden and the Eaglecam.
Some in the chatroom are very nasty, but some are very nice

The Wildlife Center of Virginia appears to lean Democrat.  They use facebook.  I DO NOT like facebook and will not use it.
They are very into saving wildlife that might be better off not saved.  They do wonderful work tho.
I enjoy their critter cam and blog

Facebook fascists shut down dissenters

Decorah Iowa Eagles live cam


June 8, 2011  NV and NX
They are very happy in their new flight pen!  They LOVE the water and are fun to watch.
NZ the oldest chipped her leg and is in a cage to rest and heal

EAGLES killed by wind turbines, wildfire report - unrelated to this thread



2011 NBG Eaglets FAQ’s
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2011 Norfolk Botanical Garden eaglets

Here are several photos that were taken at the June 7 weigh-in

Norfolk Eaglets  Wildlife Center of Virginia  
NBG Eaglets videos

Male NV is already exploring!   Jun 7, 2011

Male NV takes his 1st bath!   Jun 7, 2011

Male NV flees as food is delivered   Jun 7, 2011
Suzy delivers dinner and NV says... I'm outta here and off he goes. LOL!

They broke the perch!   Jun 9

When there were 3
May 30 ,2011 Eaglets Memorial Day activity

WCV photo - Time to catch them to weigh them!   Laughing
NV is in front, wings spread.  He is the male and the youngest and the first to fly.
NX is the middle female, fat n lazy.  I have not seen her truly fly but others claim they have.
NV flies beautifully!  Like a real eagle.  Wait .. HE IS a REAL EAGLE!  Smile

NZ the oldest female injured her leg and has been in a flight cage to rest.  She is healing very well and expected to return with her siblings next week.


video of the mid-air capture of NX by Dr. Miranda
birds exercising the staff  Laughing
also on video - returning NZ to her siblings - with KS from an unknown nest

June 14, 2011   -  This is NX caught to weight in.
impressive mid-air capture of NX by Dr. Miranda!  
Their sister NZ is back today - with KS a new eaglet not a sibling

Their swing perch broke! June 15, 2011



June 15, 2011
All 4 on swing perch at the back of the pen.
rat on A perch, half eaten
leaf saying hi to the eaglets - That leaf was the subject of a lot of silly chat.
Rub a dub dub, eagle in new large bathtub, water pan

KS bathes allllllllllll by herself.
But she had a bit of a fight to get one of NBG eaglets outta the tub first.
After she was out of the tub she sat on the near Aperch and I could see the lack of tail so know it was KS


BEST viewing times are about dawn eastern time, then evening.
The dark at the far end is a net so the flying birds wont hurt themselves over-flying a high perch back there.
The black background is too dark to see the 4 birds perching together on it.

KS eaglet

Videos of the NBG eaglets
A Tub Meeting & Food Swiping  Jun 13, 2011

NV in tub  Jun 9, 2011  -  my own

station for live streaming eaglecam to thousands around the world.
Norfolk Botanical Garden, birth place of these 3 eaglets
Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro raised them
WVEC TV July 20 video

    ---------------  OTHER EAGLES 2011    ------------------------

If you are here, you love eagles.  This is a different story than the NBG eaglets.
This is an incredibly beautiful picture story

First Eagle, a female, apparently hit a powerline. Her wing is permanently damaged and she is unable to fly.
She is a breeding female from a pair that have nested on the refuge near our house.
Almost 2 months later we get a second Eagle, a male, from the same refuge.
He has been in a fight with something and has a partial wing amputation. Same wing as the female.
We believe this male eagle may be the mate to the female.  Here they are introduced for the first time in the flight pen of the eagle hospital.

Eagles Wings

Fledging eaglets from high nest, beautifully narrated


Decorah Iowa eaglets - NO relevance to NBG eaglets
Decorah bald eaglets fledged in July
2 of the three eaglets have begun taking short flights to and from nearby branches.


Norfolk Botanical Garden Bald Eaglets

Swing Squabbles     July  2, 2011     Saturday
Our 3 birds practice flying back n forth .. trying NOT to bonk themself on the ceiling
Cam is courtesy of DGIF, NBG, WVEC and WCV

Beautiful tribute to this NBG eagle family - from mating to eggs to hatching at NBG, to flying in pen at WCV.

The 3 Norfolk Botanical Garden Bald Eagles will be released
Wednesday, July 27 at 11:00 a.m.

at Berkeley Plantation, a historic plantation on the James River.
This is FREE and open to the public.
Berkeley Planation is located on the James River in Charles City, Virginia.

This photo was taken July  18,  2011  as one of the eaglets flew in their pen at WCV



Watch Norfolk eaglets return to the wild online or in person
3 young eagles will be returned to the wild later this month and you can join wildlife officials to say goodbye and good luck.

The three were removed from their nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden in late April after their mother was killed by a plane landing at Norfolk International Airport.

They've been cared for at The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro and people around the world have watched their progress on the Eaglecam.

"Today the three are healthy, can fly, and are ready to go back into the wild – free and on their own," said President Ed Clark.

The release will occur Wednesday, July 27 at 11:00 a.m. at historic Berkeley Plantation on the James River between Williamsburg and Richmond.

Officials say the plantation provides eagle-friendly habitat and is just across the river from the James River National Wildlife Refuge – 4,200 acres of protected land that hosts one of the largest Bald Eagle roosts on the East Coast.

The event is free and open to the public, but officials ask that your RSVP so they know how many people to expect.

"Based on the RSVPs we’ve received to date, we’re expecting folks from 24 states and Canada to be attending the eagle release," Center spokesman Randy Huwa told

Officials stress you should be prepared for hot weather by dressing in light clothes, wear a hat, sunscreen and bring something to drink, like water.

One of the eaglets will be released just after 12 noon. That will be shown live on 13News @ Noon with reporter/anchor Joe Flanagan reporting live. is planning to stream the release of all three eaglets beginning at 11:00 a.m.

WCV to Attach Transmitter to one of these 3 Bald Eaglets
The Wildlife Center of Virginia will be attaching a transmitter  to one of the three Bald Eagles being released on July 27th.
The transmitter will allow VDGIF eagle biologists, Wildlife Center staff, and visitors to the Wildlife Center’s website to track the eagle’s travels for up to two years.

They plan to put the transmitter on the 2nd hatched female NX, the quietest of the 3.

July  20,  2011   Wednesday  dawn
This is a GREAT and encouraging sight!  

WCV put live trout in the 2 bath tubs in the pen last nite.
This morning, Not only does NX get the fish out, she keeps it from her thieving little brother!  She WILL survive!  She is the one WCV will put a tranmitter tracker on.
Eagles in the wild 'mantle'  -  hunch their wings over their food to guard it and threaten others away.
I have NOT seen these 3 do this mantling until this morning

NBG Eaglets, Tuesday July 19
WCV gave eaglets 8 live fish, 4 in each tub.  The eaglets will get the general idea of where fish come from and how they should catch them.
The WCV typically provides live prey testing for all raptors prior to release.
The most difficult part of “fish school” is finding ones large enough for the eagles to hunt – while keeping the fish alive!  
Fortunately, eagles eat a lot of carrion as well – which doesn’t require any hunting skills.

WCV to Attach Transmitter to Bald Eagle
Q and A here

July  20,  2011   Wednesday weigh-in, blood and feather check
Preparing our 3 friends for release into the wild.
NX did NOT want Dr. Miranda to catch her!  
She has realized high on her perch swing, she cant be reached!  
Very funny to watch Miranda jump to make her fly, and finally grabbing the rope to un-perch NX.

WHSV TV video

NX caught the first fish put in tub in their pen
NX found out how to resist capture
NX is the one who will be fitted with a transmiter July 27

NX resisting arrest - Screen cap from the WHSV TV video

5 eagles to be released July 27  instead of 3

Quintuple Eagle Release

For the first time in its nearly 30-year history, the Wildlife Center of Virginia will be releasing five Bald Eagles at a single event.  
All of these eagles hatched earlier this year.
Most friends of the Wildlife Center were already anticpating a triple eagle release on July 27 – the three young eagles from Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
These eagles have been at the Wildlife Center since April 27.  
More details here


July  27,  2011   Wednesday

NV, the male and the youngest NBG bird released last, what a beautiful flight! Photo is him

NZ is the oldest in the NBG nest, the first hatched

NX is the middle child of the NBG nest

Unknown eagles released by Ed Clark at Berkeley
The first two eagles released were individual rescue cases
One WCV called Hampton Eagle, another the King and Queen county Eagle


The LIVE stream was awful.  I was so frustrated and disappointed.
WVEC had these videos on their website later in the day.

Video of area Berkeley prior to release
Berkeley is beautiful, perfect for eagles - and humans!  They have tours.

Video of NX released

Botanical Garden eagles released at Berkeley Plantation
1,200 guests from 22 states and Ontario, Canada had RSVP'd to be at Berkeley Plantation for their release.
Just before they were released NX -  one of the eagles was outfitted with a transmitter so researchers can track her for two years.

One eaglet failed to launch

NX, the eagle fitted with a transmitter, is being returned to the WCV for a little extra preparation time.
NX is not injured and flying mechanics were good, but she wasn't gaining enough altitude on two flight attempts.  She was hot and tired.

On the blog in the evening, Ed Clark and Amanda, WCV staff, said NX was crabby.  
She'd spent too long in the van, was handled too much, was too angry ( angry birds! ), and when Ed was asked who she bit, he replied - she bit everyone she could!  Laughing
The transmitter is NOT the problem, but all the handling involved and her bad temper exhausted her.
She should be fine to release after a few days rest back in her familiar cage.

WCV bald eagle patients 2011 listed



August  29,  2011

Nixy's Travels, Tracking an eagle called NX
The last of the 3 NBG eagles will be released tomorrow Aug. 30th.
She has a transmitter and will be tracked.

Hurricane Irene plowed thru Norfolk, Virginia the past week, downing trees.
Hurricane Irene roared through Norfolk Botanical Garden destroying over a dozen large, mature trees, many smaller trees and leaving behind lots of debris.  
Here are some photos that give a small indication of the damage that occurred during the hurricane.


2012  EAGLE NESTING SEASON begins at Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA

Now I will have to start a NBG 2012 nest thread!

September  24,  2011   Saturday
NBG photographer Duane saw 'Dad' in the 2008 nest tree
Some other photogs also think they have seen Dad with another eagle the past couple weeks.
I suspect Dad will NOT build in the 2011 nest.  MOST likely because it needs a year to become free of parasites.
2012  NESTING SEASON may soon begin at Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA

Tracking Nixy / NX the 2011 nest hatchling
NX was struck by a car in December and taken back to WCV


December  22,  2011
Photographer Mike Inman got photos of NV, the male.
Mike takes beautiful photos, and several confirmed its nv.

2013  HK, Son of NBG, older brother of NX

2012 NX (Nixy) NBG female has a transmitter.  
She was removed from nest when her mom died and raised at WVC
NX is the kid sister of HK

2011  Epitaph for an Eagle
NBG nest and the death of that female which resulted in no more NBG nests permitted  Sad

2012  Richmond Va nest

2013 Lucy One Foot at the Blair Wisconsin nest, Eagles4kids

2012 Bald Eagle Nesting Season, several nests


Norfolk Botanical Gardens and area local photographers
Photographers sites are fantastic for aging bald eagles.  They show NBG offspring at each age.
Colorings and markings vary a great deal.

Bob Mislan - ShutterBugBob

Pam Monahan!i=2355541956&k=PfBmNHs

Mike Inman - Mike

Bill Bauer - Bill

Cary Lynch - Lawtonlyle

Chris7 - (video)

Dana Lusher - Eaglelover

Duane Noblick - Duane

Hank - hank

Henry Lapo - Falcon64

Jim Roth - Jim

Jim - Juggler Jim

Merrilyn "Pete" Prucha - VA_RDH

Reese Lukei


Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA
March 11, 2013  UPDATE

Norfolk Gardens new release
they took down 5 nests already and the eagles continue to build H

This is a huge loss to NBG - they are not pleased
it hurts us - hurts NBG - hurts town of Norfolk
people are not donating like they used to to NBG
Dont punish NBG for this.  Its NOT their fault!

Eagle Cam fans to flock to Norfolk council meeting February 4, 2013
people have signed up to speak out against the imminent move of three eagle nests at Norfolk Botanical Garden.


August 2013 I emailed NBG to ask if donations are off.
People should NOT punish the beautiful gardens for what the airport did to our eagles.
They replied -

Thank you so much for your interest in the Garden.
We are sure there are a number of eagle fans that have decided to not renew their membership and we are no longer receiving major donations for the eagle cam.  However, we still do have many eagle fans that visit the Garden for a hope of a glimpse of DAD eagle who we do site periodically.  
The eagle cam was a wonderful education program that is missed by many including NBG staff and
we appreciate the time we had with the eagle family.  

Thanks again for your support of our beautiful garden.  Cathy

Cathy Fitzgerald, Director of Donor Relations
(757) 441-5830 ext. 319

NBG Bald Eagles offspring - HK, HE
2015  Dad Norfolk is mated with his daughter HE

NX / Nixy is still living wild and WCV is tracking her.
December   2014

Bald eagles misc

2012 Bald Eagle Nesting Season, several nests

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