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March 15, 2011 
 Hamas is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood
Israeli navy intercepts vessel carrying arms delivered by Iranian warships

Gaza-bound anti-ship missiles found on seized ship proves Egypt is now a dangerous enemy to Israel
Navy deputy commander says the anti-ship missiles were smuggled from Iran to Gaza terrorists, which could have been used to strike ships off Gaza coast.
Israel Navy forces found the missiles on board the German ship 'Victoria'
Weapons were smuggled from Iran to Syria where the ship collected them on its way to Turkey and then sailed to Egypt.
IDF commandos seized the Victoria without a struggle 200 nautical miles off Israeli coast, and towed it to the port in Ashdod.

The Israeli Navy intercepted the ship on its way from Turkey to Egypt.
The Liberian-flagged vessel was carrying a large consignment of weapons including C-704 shore-to-ship missiles etc bound for the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza.
The weapons were picked up at the Latakia Syria port after being offloaded there by the 2 Iran warships which transited the Suez Canal February 22.

Iranian navy ships entered the Mediterranean, US and Israeli warships and spy planes kept their movements under close surveillance:
Around Feb. 25-26, the Kharg was seen offloading a large batch of containers at Syrian Navy ordnance depots in Latakia port.  
The Victoria docked there and was seen loading the containers delivered by the Iran warships at Latakia.
It now appears that the ship was instructed to detour to the Turkish port and wait there for a couple of days to disguise that Egypt was its real destination.

Takeover of Victoria ship, IDF Video,7340,L-4042891,00.html

BBC coverage - they clearly hate Israel. sad

December 2013 Egypt lists MB as terrorists


ISIS downs Russian airliner  over Sinai EGYPT
EGYPT 224 killed, bomb was aboard plane.
Aircraft took off from Sharm el-Sheikh, no security there
Hire Jews, not Muslim Brotherhood!

Isaiah 19 Highway of Holiness, Holy Highway

#2 canal opens August 2015

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NEWS and analysis you can TRUST


Iran exploiting Israel-Egypt situation
March 16, 2011   IRAN taking advantage of recent upheaval in Egypt to send weapons, terrorists to Sinai unchecked.
Missiles found on Victoria vessel could have threatened ships docking in Ashkelon, gas reservoir.
The Victoria is docked in the Ashdod Port after Navy commandos seized it, finding 50 tons of Gaza-bound weapons.
Israeli officials estimate Victoria was not the first ship trying to smuggle weapons from Syria to Egypt via Turkey.
In the past, Iran was known to initiate smugglings on a southern route via Yemen and Sudan.,7340,L-4042977,00.html

Egypt seizes vehicles carrying arms to Gaza
March 16, 2011  Egyptian armed forces have seized 5 vehicles carrying weapons from Sudan headed for Gaza.
They were intercepted inside Egypt near the border with Sudan.
They were headed to Hamas through smuggling tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border.
Sudan is a major route for Hamas weapons.,7340,L-4042946,00.html

Turkey stops Iranian cargo plane en route to Syria.
Turkish government denies earlier reports that plane was stopped because it carried weapons meant for Syria.
Thats a joke.  There is no difference between Turkey and Iran and Syria!

Saif al-Islam named al Qaeda's command and revenge chief
May 18, 2011
 Circles associated with al Qaeda report the Egyptian Saif el Adal (Sword of Justice) has been named chief.
If Osama bin Laden was a ficticious name, made up - so is this guy.  PLEASE take this seriously.
There is no Al Qaeda - it was created by the CIA.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza
June 13, 2011
Egypt allowed Muslim Brotherhood to Gaza, and made false accusations against Israel.
Israeli leaders were shocked.  WHY?
It has been abundantly clear BEFORE Mubarak left power, that his replacement would be eager for WAR against Israel.
That's been the entire point of the mideast Arab revolt - JIHAD!
Italy is strongly against Jews and Israel - so is the Vatican.
The Coptic catholic christians of Egypt are in fear of their lives.


The toppling of President Mubarak in Egypt is now turning up the heat on Cairo's gas supply deal with Israel. Egyptian officials are probing allegations the agreement was a scam, orchestrated by the Mubarak family. Cairo's reportedly considering raising gas export prices to Israel - or even suspending supplies altogether.

Mubarak is OUT of power - dying
Egypt wants to cancel Camp David Accords with Israel immediately
June 16, 2011

Egyptian helicopter invades Israel airspace
November  3,  2011  
Oct. 30th an Egyptian helicopter entered Israeli airspace without authorization and refused to leave for 25 minutes.  It crossed the Israeli-Egypt border near Eilat and continued to fly surveillance at low speed over the Negev.  Four Israeli F-16 fighter jets were scrambled and attempted to contact the Egyptian pilot over the radio, but to no avail.  Only after the IAF jets fired warning shots did it return to Egypt.
Israel considers it serious.  SO DO I.  Arab nations are all testing Israel prior to attack I suspect is imminent.,7340,L-4143452,00.html

USA, Israel, Egypt on collision course
14 November 2011
I dont call this NEWS.  I knew from Day 1 toppling Mubarak was bad.

Muslim Brotherhood growing influence triggered the Egypt riots in the spring of 2011.
Knesset Member Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a close friend of deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, warned that Israel will soon find itself in a head-on confrontation with Egypt.  Israel should start preparing for a conflict with Egypt.
Islamization is taking the place of nationalism.    That is happening worldwide, even in USA.,7340,L-4148461,00.html

Suez Canal Closed to USA
The United States could be shut out of the Suez Canal if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the Egyptian government and the U.S. Congress cuts off military aid to Egypt.
Muslim Brotherhood is total Satanism.


Obama Admin Training Egyptian Islamists for Elections

If you want proof that U.S. policy towards the Arab Spring is fatally flawed, look no further than William Taylor, the State Department’s Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions and long associate of Muslim Brotherhood apologists. Taylor officially took charge on September 16 and oversees U.S. aid to countries affected by the Arab Spring, specifically Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Taylor’s office has been giving Egyptian Islamists training to prepare for the election contests that begin on November 28. He justified it by saying that the assistance is open to all parties and the U.S. wouldn’t pick sides. “Sometimes, Islamist parties show up, sometimes they don’t,” he said nonchalantly.

When asked how the U.S. would feel if the Muslim Brotherhood won Egypt’s elections, he said, “I think we will be satisfied, if it is a free and fair election. What we need to do is judge people and parties and movements on what they do, not what they’re called.” The answer seemed to infer that critics of the Brotherhood are needlessly alarmed by the name of the group.

It gets worse. Taylor compared the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, as if that is a positive example to follow. “As long as parties, entities do not espouse or conduct violence, we’ll work with them.” He said there is undue fear of the Islamists. “This is something that we are used to, and should not be afraid of. We should deal with them.”
It is hard to imagine a statement more frightening and naïve coming from a senior official.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian affiliate is Hamas, which the Brotherhood still stands by and has never condemned. It says that Israel’s prisoner exchange deal that led to the release of Gilad Shalit proved that Hamas’ methods, which included kidnappings and targeting of civilians, were right. The senior Brotherhood theologian, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, preaches the destruction of Israel, killing Jews and vocally supports terrorism, including suicide bombings. The leader of the Ennahda Party, Rachid Ghannouchi, likewise supports Hamas, terrorism and the killing of Israeli children. This certainly qualifies as espousing violence, to use the words of Taylor.

A look at Taylor’s background shows he is a long associate of individuals tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and apologists of the Islamist group. Before taking his State Department post, he was the vice president of the U.S. Institute for Peace (UIP). It has a close working relationship with John Esposito, arguably the most prominent non-Muslim apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood, foreign and domestic.

Esposito defends the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Sami al-Arian. He served as an expert witness for the defense in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation, which was found guilty of being a front for Hamas set up by the Brotherhood. He also upholds Sheikh al-Qaradawi as a moderate who promotes a “reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights.”

Esposito is the vice chair of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), the board of which has strong associations with the International Institute for Islamic Thought, another Brotherhood front. On April 28, 2010, Taylor’s UIP sponsored a CSID conference that the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report calls “perhaps the largest public gathering of global Muslim Brotherhood leaders and U.S. government officials to date.” Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the original founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was there, as was Brotherhood members from Bahrain and Jordan. In May 2011, CSID held an event with a senior leader of Ennahda.

Taylor joins several other Obama administration officials who take a benign view of the Muslim Brotherhood or are linked to its American fronts. The best example is the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who displayed a remarkable level of ignorance during testimony to Congress in February, saying that the “term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has described Al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.”

There’s Rashad Hussain, the envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, who attended the aforementioned CSID event featuring Brotherhood leaders. Then there’s Dalia Mogahed, one of the members of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership. She is a close associate of John Esposito and is said to have been the “most influential person” advising President Obama on his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo.

Mogahed is also a defender of CAIR and ISNA. She accused the government of trying to oppress the Muslim community when the groups were labeled as “unindicted co-conspirators” in the Holy Land trial. She said “there is a concerted effort to silence, you know, institution-building among Muslims. And the way to do it is [to] malign these groups. And it’s kind of a witchhunt.”

The State Department has teamed up with CAIR to host an event with the Syrian opposition. In January 2010, members of ISNA, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Muslim American Society, all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, were given briefings by the Department of Homeland Security including Secretary Janet Napolitano. A member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council, Mohamed Elibiary, has Brotherhood associations and is a defender of the Holy Land Foundation. He is being accused of leaking sensitive information to the press to damage presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Obama’s chief terrorism advisor, John Brennan, speaks alongside the president of ISNA. Another senior advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett, was the keynote speaker at ISNA’s 2009 convention. It has been reported that the Justice Department even blocked the prosecutions of at least two Brotherhood figures tied to Hamas. Meanwhile, the administration blocked the nomination of Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim opponent of the Brotherhood, to an important State Department post.

Their influence on President Obama is clear. There appears to be no efforts to undermine the Brotherhood or its ideology. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, the most Obama would concede is that there are “strains of their ideology that are anti-U.S.” Based on the stances of his advisors, Obama likely believes these “strains” are because of U.S. foreign policy errors, than because of the Islamist ideology itself.

It is simply shocking that the U.S. official overseeing the transition assistance in the Middle East doesn’t worry about the Muslim Brotherhood and even uses taxpayer money to help the Islamists. Members of Congress and presidential candidates should demand the immediate removal of William Taylor from his post.

Egypt police clash with protesters ahead of vote

Nov/19/11   CAIRO (AP)
Egyptian riot police firing tear gas and rubber bullets stormed into Cairo's Tahrir Square Saturday to dismantle a protest tent camp, setting off clashes that killed two protesters, injured hundreds and raised tensions days before the first elections since Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

The scenes of protesters fighting with black-clad police forces were reminiscent of the 18-day uprising that forced an end to Mubarak's rule in February. Hundreds of protesters fought back, hurling stones and setting an armored police vehicle ablaze.

The violence raised fears of new unrest surrounding the parliamentary elections that are due to begin on Nov. 28. Public anger has risen over the slow pace of reforms and apparent attempts by Egypt's ruling generals to retain power over a future civilian government.

Witnesses said the clashes began when riot police dismantled a small tent camp set up to commemorate the hundreds of protesters killed in the uprising and attacked around 200 peaceful demonstrators who had camped in the square overnight in an attempt to restart a long-term sit-in there.

"Violence breeds violence," said Sahar Abdel-Mohsen, an engineer who joined in the protest after a call went out on Twitter urging people to come to Tahrir to defend against the police attacks. "We are tired of this and we are not leaving the square."
Police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and beat protesters with batons, clearing the square at one point and pushing the fighting into surrounding side streets of downtown Cairo.

A 23-year-old protester died from a gunshot, said Health Ministry official Mohammed el-Sherbeni. At least 676 people were injured, he said. At least one other protester was killed in Alexandria, where demonstrations and clashes also took place, said a security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to journalists.
Crowds swarmed an armored police truck, rocking it back and forth and setting it ablaze.

After nightfall, protesters swarmed back into the square in the thousands, setting tires ablaze in the street and filling the area with an acrid, black smoke screen. Police appeared to retreat to surrounding areas, leaving protesters free to retake and barricade themselves inside the square. The air was still thick with stinging tear gas.
Shortly before midnight, police pushed back toward the square, firing more tear gas and drawing a barrage of stones from the protesters holding the site.

The government urged protesters to clear the square.
A member of the military council, Gen. Mohsen el-Fangari, dismissed the protesters and said their calls for change ahead of the election were a threat to the state.

"What is the point of being in Tahrir?" he said, speaking by phone to the popular Al-Hayat TV channel. "What is the point of this strike, of the million marches? Aren't there legal channels to pursue demands in a way that won't impact Egypt ... internationally?"

"The aim of what is going on is to shake the backbone of the state, which is the armed forces."
In a warning, he said, "If security is not applied, we will implement the rule of law. Anyone who does wrong will pay for it."

Saturday's confrontation was one of the few since the uprising to involve police forces, which have largely stayed in the background while the military takes charge of security. There was no military presence in and around the square on Saturday.
The black-clad police were a hated symbol of Mubarak's regime.

"The people want to topple the regime," shouted enraged crowds, reviving the chant from the early days of the uprising. Crowds also screamed: "Riot police are thugs and thieves" and "Down with the Marshal," referring to Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egypt's military ruler.

Some of the wounded had blood streaming down their faces and many had to be carried out of the square by fellow protesters to waiting ambulances.
Human rights activists accused police of using excessive force.
One prominent activist, Malek Mostafa, lost his right eye from a rubber bullet, said Ghada Shahbender, a member of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

At least four protesters were injured in the eyes as a result of what Shahbender said were orders to target protesters' heads.
"It is a crime," she said. "They were shooting rubber bullets directly at the heads. ... I heard an officer ordering his soldiers to aim for the head."
A videojournalist for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm, Ahmed Abdel-Fatah, was also hit in the eye by a rubber bullet and was undergoing surgery.

Police arrested 18 people, state TV reported, describing the protesters as rioters.
Protests were also held Saturday in the Red Sea port city of Suez, where a crowd of thousands attacked a police station, with some hurling firebombs at the building, said protester Ahmed Khafagi. They were met with tear gas and gunfire.

In Alexandria, hundreds of people threw stones at the main security headquarters, said protester Ahmed Abdel-Qader. He said it felt like the revolution was starting all over again.
"We only managed to bring down the head of the regime. The rest of the tree is still standing," he said.

A day earlier, tens of thousands of Islamists and young activists had massed in Tahrir Square to protest Egypt's ruling military council, which took control of the country after Mubarak's ouster and has been harshly criticized for its oversight of the bumpy transition period.

Friday's crowd, the largest in months, was mobilized by the Muslim Brotherhood and focused its anger on a document drafted by the military that spells out guiding principles for a new constitution.

Under those guidelines, the military and its budget would be shielded from civilian oversight. An early version of it also said the military would appoint 80 members of the 100-person constitutional committee — a move that would vastly diminish the new parliament's role.

Groups across the political spectrum rejected the document, calling it an attempt by the military to perpetuate its rule past the post-Mubarak transition. Back in February, the military had promised it would return to the country to civilian rule within six months. Now, there is deep uncertainty over the timeline, and presidential elections might not be held until 2013.

El-Fangary said if the plan in place is followed, the military will be out of power by the end of 2012.
Friday's demonstration dispersed peacefully, but several hundred people remained in the square overnight in an attempt to re-establish a semi-permanent presence in the square to pressure the military council.
Violence began Saturday morning, as police moved in to clear them.

The Interior Ministry, which runs the country's police forces, accused people of trying to escalate tensions ahead of the parliamentary elections, which will be held in stages that continue through March.
Activists say they just want to guard the outcome of their revolution.

Unemployed graduate student Nasser Ezzat said he traveled from southern Egypt to Tahrir because he wanted to help finish the revolution that people died for. He came to the square on Friday, leaving behind his a pregnant wife in the city of Sohag.
"I dream of a fairer Egypt for my unborn daughter, one without police harassment and corruption," he said on Saturday.

I dont have any pity for the new rioters in Egypt.
They hollered til Mubarak left - they can suffer with what replaces him.

S&P cuts Egypt rating, sees pressure on reserves
24 November 2011  Dow Jones - MarketWatch

--Rating downgraded one notch to B+ as political, economic profile deteriorates
--S&P sees reserves continuing on a downward trend
--Expects any new government to continue running high deficits

Ratings firm Standard & Poor's downgraded Egypt's sovereign credit rating by one notch to B+ due to a deterioration in its political and economic profile, and said it expects further pressure on the Arab country's already dwindling foreign reserves.

Thousands rally in Egypt on last chance Friday       11/25/11   CAIRO (Reuters)
Tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to military rule converged on Cairo's Tahrir square on Friday in what activists say will be the biggest day yet in a week of demonstrations in which 41 people have been killed.

The military men who took over after people power toppled President Hosni Mubarak on February 11 are themselves under fire from protesters who accuse them of clinging to power, leading to street battles that look like a replay of February's unrest.

The ruling army council named Kamal Ganzouri, 78, who served as prime minister under Mubarak from 1996 to 1999, to head a national salvation government. Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's cabinet had resigned this week amid the protests.

The United States, long a bedrock supporter of Egypt's military, called on the generals to step aside "as soon as possible" and give real power to the new cabinet "immediately."
The military rulers say they are working on a transition of power, including parliamentary elections set for Monday, which could be overshadowed if violence continues. Some protesters say the army cannot be trusted to hold a clean vote.

New Egypt PM      November  26,  2011  Saturday
Newly appointed Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri called on the protested in Tahrir Square to give him a chance to meet their demands.
Ganzouri vowed to include as many of the activists representatives as possible.
More than 40 people have been killed in 8 days of protests demanding the end of military rule.
Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi vowed to transfer power to the Egyptian government as soon as such a government was elected in July of 2012.
Throughout the speech, the masses in Tahrir Square called for Tantawi to step down immediately.,7340,L-4153266,00.html

2 explosions in Egypt pipeline to Jordan, Israel
November  28,  2011  Monday   Saboteurs blew up Egypt gas pipeline west of el-Arish to Jordan and Israel, hours before Egypt elections.,7340,L-4153929,00.html

Cairo, EGYPT Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to kill all Jews

November  29,  2011  Tuesday
A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo on Friday pledged to one day kill all Jews.  This has ALWAYS been the Muslim goal.
Rioters chanted,
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Judgment Day has come!  One day we shall kill all the Jews.
Why is the US losing in Afghanistan?
Because (Muslims) are willing and want to die. We have a different mentality than that of the Americans and Jews

Islamists expect gains as Egypt counts votes

November  29,  2011  Tuesday   CAIRO (Reuters)
Egyptians have voted in a parliamentary election that could bring Islamists closer to power, though the army generals who took over from President Hosni Mubarak have yet to step aside.

The Muslim Brotherhood, expected to do well in the marathon vote whose first stage drew millions to the polls, said the new parliament should form a government, setting it at odds with the military council which has only just named a new prime minister.
The election for the lower house is due to be held over three phases, concluding in early January. Early election results were expected to trickle out on Wednesday.

State television broadcast live footage of the vote count across Egypt, which has not seen an election this free since army officers overthrew the monarchy in 1952.
Though the Brotherhood went into the polls stronger than nascent secular parties, analysts say it is hard to predict the outcome given that most of the electorate are casting their ballots for the first time.

ISLAMIST is a made up word.
Islam is the satanic cult.
Muslim is the person.
MB - Muslim Brotherhood - is Islam, satanic, jihadist, violent, murderous.
Dont use the word 'Islamist.'


Egypt 1st-round vote result delayed to Thursday: report
Nov 30, 2011
CAIRO (Reuters) - The result of a first-round vote in Egypt's first parliamentary election since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak will be announced on Thursday, state television said, a day later than planned.
The High Elections Commission is still unable to draw up a final tally because votes were still being counted in some areas, an official at the commission told Reuters.
"There is some delay as we have not been able to finish counting in some areas, including Cairo," said the official, who asked not to be named. "We also still lack the results from Egyptians living in Kuwait."

Muslim Brotherhood's machine helps in Egypt vote
Nov 30, 2011
 CAIRO (AP) — First-time voter Hassan Abdel-Hamid had no idea who to vote for in Egypt's first parliamentary elections since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, so he followed the guidance of the friendly activist from the Muslim Brotherhood who handed him a flyer outside the polling station.
The fundamentalist Brotherhood was emerging as the biggest winner in partial results Wednesday from the first voting this week in Egypt's landmark election in which voters turned out in unexpected droves.

That strength is not necessarily testimony to widespread Egyptian support for its Islamist ideology. More crucial were two other major factors: the Brotherhood's history of helping the poor and a highly disciplined organization of activists, who on the two days of voting seemed to be everywhere.
Outside polling stations around the country, Brotherhood activists were set up with laptop computers in booths, helping voters find their district and voter numbers — which they wrote on cards advertising the party's candidates. Elsewhere, they posted activists outside to wave banners, pass out flyers or simply chat up voters waiting in line.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood wants to form govt
Partial results Wednesday showed the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the biggest winner in Egypt's landmark parliamentary elections, and leaders of the once-banned Islamic group demanded to form the next government, setting the stage for a possible confrontation with the ruling military.
The generals who took power after the February fall of Hosni Mubarak have said they will name the government and the parliament would have no right to dissolve it. They have also sought to wrest from the new parliament the more long-reaching and crucial role of running the process for writing the new constitution.

But the Brotherhood's confidence was riding high after the unexpectedly large turnout this week for two days of voting.
Millions lined up at the polls for the first of multiple rounds of balloting in their country's first free election in living memory.
Even before polls closed on Tuesday, Mohammed Mursi, head of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party,
told reporters outside a polling center in Cairo that the majority in parliament must put together the government, which he said should be a coalition of the main parties.

Ultraconservative Islamists (Muslim jihadists) make gains in Egypt

Egypt's ultraconservative Islamist party said Friday it plans to push for a stricter religious code in Egypt after claiming surprisingly strong gains in this week's initial round of voting for parliament, the first elections since Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

Egypt's election commission announced only a trickle of results Friday and said 62 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the highest turnout in Egypt's modern history. Abdel-Mooaez Ibrahim, the head of High Election Commission, jokingly described it as "the highest since the time of pharaohs."

Preliminary counts leaked by judges and individual political groups indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm took the largest share of votes. Following closely behind, was the ultraconservative Islamist Nour Party and a coalition of liberal parties called the Egyptian bloc, according to those unofficial counts.

That trend — if confirmed and if extended over more rounds of voting — would give the religious parties a popular mandate in the struggle to win control from the ruling military that took over from Mubarak and ultimately reshape a key U.S. ally.

Muslims win Egypt Election  (DUH)
Power Struggle with the Military Begins
December  2,  2011  
The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's political mainstream, and its most significant challengers are the more extreme Islamists of the Salafi movement rather than the secular liberal forces that dominate the Tahrir Square protest movement. That appears to be the not-exactly-surprising verdict of the electorate, according to reports from the first two days of voting in Egypt's protracted parliamentary election.

The official announcement of results from the nine (out of a total of 27) provinces has been delayed until Friday or Saturday, but the New York Times reports that the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party looks to have garnered some 40% of the vote, while a further 25% could go to the even more conservative Salafist al-Nour party. Despite the apparent Islamist majority, Brotherhood leaders hastened to reassure Egyptians Thursday that they have no intention of seeking a coalition with the Salafists, seeing secular parties as the more natural ally for their vision of a democratic Egypt. If anything, the Islamists' share of the vote is more likely to grow than shrink, considering that the electoral districts that voted this week were the most urban, middle class and liberal.

So, despite the fury and drama of recent events on Tahrir Square, the election looks set to demonstrate that the liberal and socialist activists who have driven the protest movement remain a minority element on the wider Egyptian political landscape. And the results of that democratic test of the relative strength of Egypt's various political currents could significantly alter the terms of the post-Mubarak power struggle in the months ahead.

Muslim Brotherhood claims Egypt elections
Islamist bloc says won first round of Cairo elections despite no official announcement. Egypt's Military Council said to be vexed by Islamists' victory.
The Muslim Brotherhood claimed the first round in the Egyptian parliamentary elections Saturday, after polls said it has won 40% of the votes. The official results of the elections are still pending.
The elections – Egypt's first free vote in six decades – have seen a record turnout. According to Egyptian media, the Muslim Brotherhood has so far won 40% of the votes, the radical Salafi al-Nour party has won 20% of the votes, the liberal bloc has 15% of the votes, and the rest of the votes were split between the smaller Left-wing parties.,7340,L-4156376,00.html

Hard-line Islamist gains surprise in Egypt vote
CAIRO (AP) — With little political experience but a huge religious following, Egypt's ultraconservative Salafi movement has pulled off the biggest surprise yet of Egypt's first-round parliamentary elections by taking a quarter of the vote.
The Salafis, who plan to use their newfound clout to push for Islamization of Egypt, are flush with cash and are using their control of satellite TV stations and mosques across the country to sell themselves not only as an alternative to the corrupt old regime, but as a purer alternative to other Islamist parties.
Their newfound power has raised concerns at home and abroad that they'll drag Egypt in a more fundamentalist direction that could limit personal freedom, harm tourism and alter foreign policy.
"Their impact is huge and dominating," said Tharwat al-Kharabawi, an Egyptian expert on Islamist movements. "For the poor who live in hardship, Salafis give them hope without necessarily providing alternative or practical solutions."


Hamas sets up rocket production line in Sinai
December  11,  2011
Egypt is no longer an ally of the USA or Israel
By establishing facilities in Egypt, group aims to protect its assets as it believes Israel wont strike targets inside Egypt.
Hamas has established forward bases and rocket production facilities in the Sinai Peninsula in an effort to protect them from Israeli air strikes.

Egypt Islamists sweep second round of election
December  24,  2011
Egypt's main Islamist parties won 65 percent of votes for party lists in the second round of a historic election for a new parliament after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, the electoral committee said Saturday.

The Freedom and Justice Party won 36.5 percent of the vote for party lists, with 4,058,498 out of 11,173,818 votes, according to figures provided by the electoral committee for the second round which was held on December 14.
Al-Nur won 28.78 percent, with 3,216,430 votes.

In Egypt's complex electoral system, voters cast ballots for party list candidates who will make up two thirds of parliament, and direct votes for individual candidates for the remaining third.
The elections were scheduled over three rounds, with run-offs for individual candidates after each round.

At a news conference on Saturday, electoral chief Abdel Moez Ibrahim announced the winners for the individual vote, but not their affiliations. The official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that the FJP won 40 seats and Al-Nur 13.

Egypt may need up to $15 bln from IMF to avoid crunch
Egypt has little choice but to return to the IMF to help it find up to $15 billion to stave off a full-blown financial crisis, but the ruling army seems to be stalling to avoid blame for approaching a foreign institution for cash on its watch.

The $3 billion facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that Egypt negotiated then rejected in June may no longer be enough to manage an orderly currency devaluation and get a growing budget deficit under control, economists say.

Adding to woes of an economy hammered by months of turmoil and violence, credit rating agency Moody's downgraded Egypt by a notch this week and warned a further cut could be on the way because of political uncertainty.
"It's not enough, because when the $3 billion was negotiated in June, the situation was very different," said Said Hirsh, an economist with Capital Economics.

Egypt sells more 91-day T-bills than offered

December  25,  2011  CAIRO  
Egypt's central bank sold more 91-day treasury bills than originally offered at an auction on Sunday but trimmed the amount 266-day T-bills sold, the Finance Ministry said.
The bank sold 3 billion Egyptian pounds of 91-day bills compared to the 2 billion it offered, with the average yield remaining steady from last week at 13.95 percent.

It sold only 1 billion pounds of 266-day T-bills, short of the 3.5 billion pounds it had offered, with the average yield rising to 15.26 percent from 15.144 percent at the last issue on Dec 13.
The bank sells T-bills on behalf of the Finance Ministry.

Egypt's military rulers study plan to speed up vote
Egypt's military rulers are studying a proposal from their own advisers to bring forward parliamentary elections by two weeks after demands from protesters and politicians to speed up transition to civilian rule, an advisory council member said Sunday.

Many Egyptians believe the army is no longer fit to manage security on the ground and carry out difficult reforms at a time of political and economic crisis.
Friday, thousands rallied in Cairo and other cities to demand the army give up power and to vent anger after 17 people were killed in recent protests
where troops beat and clubbed women and men even as they lay on the ground.

Voting for the upper house, or Shura Assembly, is due to be held in three rounds beginning on January 29 and ending on March 5. It follows a similarly protracted vote for the lower house that began in November and is due to end in mid-January.


Southern Egypt rattled by first major tremor
Divers places

December 27, 2011 – EGYPT – An earthquake measuring 4.2 has occurred in southern Egypt.
According to the National Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research, tremors were reported on Monday evening near Lake Nasser, south of Aswan.
The population of the High Dam city barely noticed the earthquake; however, the tremors were felt by people in the desert regions, several tens of kilometers south of Aswan.
According to scientists, the epicenter was located at a depth of two kilometers.
This area was once considered a seismically hazardous area, but over the last few decades there had not been a single tremor. –


IMF says expects January talks with Egypt
December 28, 2011  
 CAIRO (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday it planned to meet with Egyptian authorities to discuss the country's economic problems but added that any funding would have to be based on benchmarks that had broad political support.
Egypt, whose economy has been hammered by the uprising that unseated Hosni Mubarak in February, turned down a $3 billion IMF facility in June, but ministers have indicated the country may now be prepared to return to the negotiating table.

"The IMF team is looking forward to discussions in January with the authorities on their economic programme to address Egypt's difficult economic and financial situation," an IMF representative said in an emailed statement. It said it was too early to discuss specific measures.
Economists say Egypt is heading for a currency crisis if it does not swiftly stabilise an economy battered by the political turmoil, which has prompted an exodus of investors and tourists.

ElBaradei Exposes Secret U.S.-Egypt Talks on Israel
Mohamed ElBaradei reveals that the U.S. has been hold secret talks with Egypt to maintain the peace treaty with Israel.

Mohamed ElBaradei, a prominent Egyptian political figure and a possible candidate for the presidency, said on Tuesday that the United States is doing whatever it can within to stop Egypt from annulling the 1979 peace agreement with Israel.
In an interview with the Iranian-based Fars news agency, ElBaradei revealed that the future of the Camp David Accord has been the focus of recent meetings between Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and Washington.

“The negotiations were completely secret and confidential,” ElBaradei told the news agency, adding, “What the supreme military council said was that the talks were about bilateral and mutual relations, but I believe that Americans wanted to ensure that the deals signed between Egypt and Israel will remain intact if Islamists ascend to power.”
The two Islamist parties affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi movement have won the majority of votes in the first two rounds of elections in the country.
The ultra-conservative Salafist Al-Nour party said last week it is willing to hold talks with Israel.


Egypt forces storm offices of pro-democracy groups
January 2012
CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian security forces stormed the offices of 10 human rights and pro-democracy groups on Thursday, including several based in the U.S., accused by the country's military rulers of destabilizing security by fomenting protests with the help of foreign funding.
The raids on 17 offices throughout Egypt are part of the ruling generals' attempt to blame "foreign hands" for the unrest that continues to roil Egypt since the 18-day revolt that ousted longtime leader Hosni Mubarak in February, but that activists say failed to topple his regime.

Among the offices ransacked were the U.S.-headquartered National Democratic Institute, Freedom House and the International Republican Institute, which is observing Egypt's staggered parliamentary elections.
The Obama administration demanded Egyptian authorities immediately halt the raids on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying they are "inconsistent" with long-standing U.S-Egypt cooperation.

Muslim Brotherhood Plans to Cancel Peace Pact with Israel
The Muslim Brotherhood comes up with a neat trick to break the peace treaty with Israel without formally doing so. Egypt’s next likely ruling party says it simply will hold a plebiscite and let the people do it.
Rashad Bayoumi, deputy Supreme Leader of the Brotherhood, told the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat on Sunday it respects international treaties and will leave the issue of the peace treaty in the hands of the people. The pact was signed by then-Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, but a "cold peace" has set in over the past several years.

“People will express their opinions on it. All parties can reconsider the treaty and Egyptians haven't yet had their say,” he explained. “We won't violate the treaty. We can put it for referendum among people or parliament,” Bayoumi said.
The ploy would ostensibly take the onus off the radical Muslim party, which Jeffrey Feltman, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, has said will respect the treaty.

Muslim Brotherhood Plans to Cancel Peace Pact with Israel

In final leg of vote, Egypt's Islamists eye majority
January 4, 2012
 CAIRO (Reuters) - The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood looks set for a dominant role in Egypt's first free parliament in decades and is promising rivals a role in writing a new constitution as military generals face growing pressure to hand power to civilians.
Egyptians voted for a second day on Wednesday in the final stage of the lower-house election, the first free legislative vote since army officers overthrew the monarchy in 1952.

The staggered election is part of the military's plan to hand power to civilians before July, ending its turbulent interregnum that began with the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in February last year in a popular uprising.
Welcomed then as heroes who helped nudge the autocratic leader from office, the generals now face anger over their handling of protests that have left 59 dead since mid-November and an economic crisis that is worsening the plight of the poor.;_ylv=3

Egypt Islamists claim 62% in latest voting
Egypt's two main Islamist parties claimed on Saturday to have together taken 62.2 percent of the vote in the final stage of a general election, maintaining their lead in the overall contest.
The Freedom and Justice Party of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood said on its website that it had garnered 35.2 percent of the party list vote in the polling in the final nine governorates on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Al-Nur party of the even more conservative Salafists, said it received 27 percent.
The two parties chalked up 65 percent in the first two phases of Egypt's first general election since the February ouster of president Hosni Mubarak.;_ylv=3


US reaches out to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

A once reluctant United States is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood in a nod to Egypt's new political reality, but concerns linger about the group's attitude toward minorities, women and the peace treaty with Israel.

In the wake of president Hosni Mubarak's ouster last February, the Freedom and Justice Party, the Brotherhood's political arm, has claimed the lead in the final stage of parliamentary elections after leading throughout.

Liberal and secular opposition parties have fared poorly.

"It's clear that they (the Brotherhood) are now the only game in town," and US officials must talk to them, said Marina Ottaway, who heads the Middle East program in Washington for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

read more

Egypt tells Israel: Pilgrimage to tomb of Jewish holy man 'impossible' this year
January 11, 2012
Egyptian activists have rallied against the pilgrimage every year for most of the last decade. Egypt's daily Al-Ahram newspaper reported Tuesday that 31 parties and groups had joined this year's campaign.
Egypt's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday it had told Israel that it would not be "appropriate" for Israeli pilgrims to make an annual visit to the tomb of a 19th-century Jewish holy man in the Nile Delta, as activists mobilized to block the pilgrimage route.
Ceremonies at the tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abu Hatzira have triggered yearly political sparring in Egypt throughout most of the last decade, with Islamists, nationalists, and others claiming that the government by allowing the pilgrimage is pursuing an unpopular policy of normalization with the country's former enemy.

Top U.S. official meets with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
January 11, 2012
 Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Bill Burns holds talks in Cairo with head of Muslim Brotherhood, but does not meet with hardline Salafist group.
The number two official in the U.S. State Department met with a leader of Egypt's Muslim
Brotherhood on Wednesday but chose not to see a more hardline Islamist group that has also fared well in Egypt's first free legislative vote in decades.
Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns met Mohamed Morsi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), in Washington's highest level outreach to the Islamist group as part of a series of meetings with Egyptian political figures in Cairo, the State Department said.

"From our perspective it was an opportunity to hear from them and to reinforce our expectation that all the major parties will support human rights, tolerance, rights of women and will also uphold Egypt's existing international obligations," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

Burns, the principal deputy to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is the highest-level U.S. official to meet with Muslim Brotherhood officials since Washington tweaked a long-standing ban on formal contacts with the Islamist group earlier this year.
Islamists including the Muslim Brotherhood hope to cement control over Egypt's lower house of parliament as a final phase of voting began on Tuesday.

Egypt's ElBaradei ends presidential bid in protest
1/14/12    CAIRO (AP)
Egypt's reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei has withdrawn from the presidential race, saying a fair election is impossible under the military's grip nearly a year after Hosni Mubarak's ouster. Many fear that the ruling generals will push through a candidate of their own to preserve their power.

The Nobel Peace laureate's pullout is a slap to the military and the credibility of its plans for Egypt's transition. He was seen as the most pro-revolution of the candidates and the strongest advocate of deep change in a country long under autocratic rule. His participation, therefore, gave a degree of legitimacy to the military-run election process.

But in a statement Saturday, ElBaradei made clear that he saw no hope that the presidential election due by the end of June would bring a real end to the military's rule, and he added a sharp criticism that the military has behaved as if Mubarak's regime never fell.
"I had said from the start that my conscience will not allow me to run for president or any official position unless there is a real democratic framework, that upholds the essence of democracy and not only its form," he said.

Radioactive material stolen from Egypt plant
01/19/2012  CAIRO
Radioactive material has been stolen from a nuclear power station on Egypt's Mediterranean coast that was the site of violent protests last week, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported.
A safe containing radioactive material at the Dabaa nuclear power plant was seized while another safe containing radioactive material was broken open and part of its contents taken.

Islamists secure top spot in new Egypt parliament
January 21, 2012   CAIRO (Reuters)
The Muslim Brotherhood won by far the biggest share of seats allocated to party lists in Egypt's first freely-elected parliament in decades, final results confirmed, and it named one of its top officials to lead the assembly.

Banned under former leader Hosni Mubarak and his predecessors, the Brotherhood has emerged as the winner from his overthrow. Islamists of various stripes have taken about two thirds of seats in the assembly, broadly in line with their own forecasts.

The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has promised that all Egyptians will have a voice in the new parliament, but Islamists are now set to wield major influence over a new constitution to be drafted by a 100-strong body that parliament will help pick.

According to final results of the staggered election issued by the High Elections Committee on Saturday, the Brotherhood's electoral alliance took a 38 percent share of the seats allocated to lists.
The hardline Islamist Al-Nour Party won 29 percent of list seats. The liberal New Wafd and Egyptian Bloc coalition came third and fourth respectively.

Egypt's Islamists win 75 percent of parliament
Final results showed that Islamist parties won nearly three-quarters of the seats in parliament in Egypt's first elections since the ouster of authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak, according to election officials and political groups.

The Islamist domination of Egypt's parliament has worried liberals and even some conservatives about the religious tone of the new legislature, which will be tasked with forming a committee to write a new constitution. It remains unclear whether the constitution will be written while the generals who took power after Mubarak's fall are still in charge, or rather after presidential elections this summer.

In the vote for the lower house of parliament, a coalition led by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood won 47 percent, or 235 seats in the 498-seat parliament. The ultraconservative Al-Nour Party was second with 25 percent, or 125 seats.

The Salafi Al-Nour, which was initially the biggest surprise of the vote, wants to impose strict Islamic law in Egypt, while the more moderate Brotherhood, the country's best-known and organized party, has said publicly that it does not seek to force its views about an appropriate Islamic lifestyle on Egyptians.

The two parties are unlikely to join forces because of ideological differences, but both have a long history of charity work in Egypt's vast poverty-stricken neighborhoods and villages, giving them a degree of legitimacy and popularity across the country in areas where newer liberal parties have yet to get a foothold.;_ylv=3


EGYPT Falls to Muslim Brotherhood
January 21, 2012
  Muslim Brotherhood wins sweeping victory in Egyptian elections.

I saw a horse whose color was pale green. Its rider was named Death, and his companion was
(Hell, Hades, Sheol, the Grave).  These two were given authority over 1/4  of the earth, to
kill with the sword and famine and disease and wild animals.
Revelation 6:8  NLT  pale = chloros, yellowish-green

4th Horseman (death) Egyptian riots


After the LORD has punished Egypt, the people will turn to Him.
Then he will answer their prayers, and the Egyptians will be healed.
At that time a Holy Highway will run from Egypt to Assyria.

Isaiah 19

The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.  Isaiah 2:3

God's prophetic word is being fufilled in our day, in the midst of the terrible Arab Spring.
Mass gatherings to worship the Holy One of Israel in Egypt.  
We can put our confidence in He who watches over Israel, the same I Am that I Am reigns and rules over all the earth, even when all else seems dark.
Yeshua (Jesus) is the Saviour of all the earth
The Day is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua Ha Masshiach (Jesus Christ) is The Lord.

Holy Highway


1st session for new Islamist-led Egypt parliament
January 23, 2012  
CAIRO (AP) — With Islamists comprising the overwhelming majority of its lawmakers, the parliament elected in Egypt's first legislative vote after Hosni Mubarak's ouster nearly a year ago held its inaugural session on Monday.
The convening of the new parliament is a significant benchmark in the timetable provided by the generals who took over from Mubarak for the handover of power to a civilian administration.

It is also a step forward for Islamist groups on the road to becoming the strongest political force in the nations that experienced Arab Spring revolts. Islamists dominated elections first in Tunisia and then in Egypt, and Libya's Islamists are also expected to do well in parliamentary voting later this year.
The Egyptian chamber's top priority is to elect a 100-member panel to draft a new constitution, which will have to be put to a vote in a referendum.;_ylv=3

A year after uprising, Egyptians celebrate and protest
Thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak with some seeking a new revolt against army rule and others celebrating the changes already achieved.
It is a year since protesters inspired by an uprising in Tunisia took to the streets in Egypt and the January 25 anniversary has exposed divisions in the Arab world's most populous country over the pace of democratic evolution.

Concerned that generals are blocking reform to protect their interests, activists behind the "January 25 revolution" planned marches to Tahrir to demand that the army council which replaced Mubarak hand power to civilians immediately.
"Down with military rule" and "Revolution until victory, revolution in all of Egypt's streets" were chanted by one group of mainly youths in an area of Tahrir near a street where protesters clashed in November and December with police and the army.

Jan. 30th Several American citizens have taken refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo amid a sharpening dispute between Washington and Egypt's military-led authorities over U.S.-funded pro-democracy groups in the country.
A handful of U.S. citizens have opted to stay in the embassy compound in Cairo while waiting for permission to depart Egypt.
The unusual step of offering U.S. citizens diplomatic refuge follows Cairo's crackdown on non-governmental organizations, including several funded by the U.S. government, which saw travel bans imposed on six American staffers including a son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.
Egyptian police first raided the groups in late December as part of an investigation into foreign funding of 17 pro-democracy and human rights groups, part of what civil society groups say has been a broader crackdown on critics of the army's heavy-handed tactics in dealing with street unrest.

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake felt in Egypt; no reports of injuries so far - European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Jan. 30, 2012

At least 73 dead after mass pitch invasion at Egyptian match
February 1, 2012
 A massive pitch invasion in Port Said, Egypt, following a match between defending champions Al Ahly and fourth-place Al Masry has, according to state television, led to at least 73 deaths and more than 1,000 injured in one of the most horrific and large-scale instances of football stadium violence in recent memory. The violence appears to have far more to do with politics and the country's recent revolution than it does with the sporting event that preceded it, though.
Outnumbered riot police and members of the military appeared to do little as thousands of Al Masry fans poured out of the stands after their side won the match 3-1. They then chased Al Ahly's players and fans into a corner of the stadium before throwing rocks and bottles at them. Others were beaten with sticks and stabbed.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Hamas same entity
February 1, 2012  DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
The claim that chief terrorist Khaled Meshaal has turned moderate has no foundation in fact.
Hamas is NOT breaking ties with Iran or Syria, but MB ordered the leadership to flee.
Hamas operations center is in Qatar, lesser staff hold down the Hamas fort in Damascus.

Palestinian Hamas terror chiefs maintain ties with the Assad regime, the Iranian Guards and Hizballah operating in Damascus and Beirut.
Ismail Haniyeh is in Tehran to the delight of the Egyptian MB.
Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt ordered Meshaal and 2 other terror chiefs to relocate.
Hamas is MB and the plan is to seize control of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah as part of the MB strategy for attaining rule in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and soon Syria.


S&P cuts Egypt rating further into junk territory
10 February 2012

Egypt convicts top Arab actor for 'defaming Islam'
The Arab world's most famous actor, Adel Imam, has been sentenced to three months in jail for "defaming Islam" in several roles on stage and screen, the Egyptian comic said on Thursday.
A Cairo court sentenced Imam, a UN goodwill ambassador described as the Arab world's Charlie Chaplin, in absentia to three months in jail with hard labour, after being sued by Asran Mansur, a lawyer with Islamist ties.
"I will appeal the ruling," Imam told AFP.
"Some people seeking fame filed a suit against me over works I have done which they consider insulting to Islam, and this is of course not true," he said.

EGYPT - Do NOT believe any news out of Egypt
Feb 29, 2012  LIE - Senior Al Qaeda chief Saif al-Adel arrested in Cairo.
A man arrested on Wednesday at Cairo Airport is an Egyptian Islamist militant, but not the senior al-Qaeda operative Seif al-Adel as it was previously suspected, security officials said.
"He is wanted because of his links with the (Islamic) Jihad. He is not Seif al-Adel," an Egyptian national security source revealed.,7340,L-4196699,00.html

Egypt parliament to reject govt in vote: Brotherhood
March 8, 2012
The Egyptian parliament is likely to declare it has lost confidence in the government of Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri via a formal vote, Muslim Brotherhood leaders said on Thursday, a move that will add to pressure on the ruling military council to appoint a cabinet led by the group.
Emboldened by its success in parliamentary elections, the once-banned Brotherhood has become more critical of the Ganzouri cabinet which is set to govern until the end of June according to a timetable drawn up by the ruling generals.

A successful vote of no confidence in the government would have no legal force as parliament does not have the power to dismiss a prime minister under Egypt's existing system of government. But it would carry significant political weight.
It could also complicate negotiations with the International Monetary Fund over a $3.2 billion loan the Ganzouri government is seeking to stave off a looming financial crisis after more than a year of political and economic turmoil.

Islamists are majority on Egypt constitution panel
Egypt's Islamists have won a sizable majority on a 100-member panel tasked with drafting a new constitution, according to a list of names published Sunday by the country's official news agency. The list reinforces fears by secular and liberal Egyptians that the Islamists dominating parliament will pack the panel with supporters and ignore concerns of other groups.
The new constitution will determine the balance of power between Egypt's previously all-powerful president and parliament, and define the country's future identity, including the role of religion and minority rights.
The constitutional committee will have nearly 60 Islamists in all, including 37 legislators selected Saturday by parliament's two chambers. Half the panel will comprise public figures, also selected by members of parliament.
A handful of Christians and women were selected and there were only a few names from the revolutionary movement behind last year's ouster of longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak.;_ylv=3

Egypt's Brotherhood fields presidential candidate
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, in control of almost half the seats in parliament, announced on Saturday it was fielding its own presidential candidate. It was a reversal of an earlier decision to stay out of the race and could put the group on a collision course with the nation's ruling generals.
The Brotherhood nominated chief strategist and deputy leader Khayrat el-Shater, a multimillionaire businessman considered one of the key leaders guiding the group through the tumultuous transition since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.
If he wins, it would make the formerly outlawed group the dominant force shaping the post-Mubarak era. But going head-to-head with the military is a major gamble for a formerly outlawed movement whose strategy for decades seemed to be to patiently bide its time.
The movement's decision to nominate one of its own is likely to antagonize Egypt's military rulers, who are accused of seeking to preserve the army's privileges and are likely not to want too much power concentrated in the hands of a single group.

Egypt Brotherhood under fire over president bid
The Muslim Brotherhood's surprise decision to field a presidential candidate is stirring fears that the two biggest powers to emerge from the ouster of Hosni Mubarak — the Islamists and the military — are maneuvering to put in place a new rule in Egypt not much different from the old, authoritarian one.
If they succeed in divvying up the most important positions in government, the new leadership could be a blow to the hopes for an inclusive democracy that drove last year's uprising against Mubarak. Opponents of the Brotherhood and military warn that the maneuvering could lead to a repeat of the Mubarak-era domination by a single party of all executive and legislative powers — only now with an Islamist tinge.

The Brotherhood controls nearly 50 percent of parliament and dominates the constituent assembly that is in charge of writing Egypt's new constitution. Given its electoral strength, its candidate — Khairat el-Shater, the Brotherhood's deputy head but in reality its strongest figure — instantly leaps to front-runner status for the presidency in the May 23-24 election.
"We didn't have a revolution to end up with a dictatorship of the one party," said the head of the liberal Free Egyptians Party, Ahmed Said. "If el-Shater is president, will he rule in the name of the people or according to the orders of the Brotherhood?"

The Muslim Brotherhood comes to America
April 3, 2012
Sondos Asem has butterflies, formulating answers to questions she expects to be asked and practicing her diction with the devotion of a high school debate champion. The gentle 24-year-old graduate student at the American University in Cairo is in a hotel room in downtown New York, figuring out what to wear on national television. ("This blazer would look good, right?" "Should I wear more color?")

Like many young Egyptians, she's been tweeting the fallout after the 2011 uprising that brought down former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The stakes are higher than 140-character dispatches might suggest. Asem has emerged as an unlikely unofficial spokeswoman for the Muslim Brotherhood, helping to run its English-language Twitter feed, @Ikhwanweb, and in turn revamp the group's image in the West.

In no more than three lines, often using abbreviations and hyperlinks, she hashes out the views of the Brotherhood, the 83-year-old fountainhead of political Islam in the region and one of the most powerful organizations in Egypt. The Brotherhood's newly established political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, has won just under half of the seats in the country's new parliament -- more than any other group -- and will have a major hand in rewriting the country's constitution.

This week, Asem and five members of the Brotherhood are in New York as part of the group's first delegation in the United States, the face the Brotherhood thinks perhaps would be well received in the West. Asem is part of a worldly, urban generation. She shops at Egypt's flashy mega-malls. She brushes her eyelids with a modest dash of sparkly eye shadow and wears designer head-scarves. She has an affinity for cosmopolitan cities and uses American teen parlance like "You rock" and "Yeaaah, girl." She seems very unlike the kind of person who has historically been loyal to the Brotherhood.

Founded in Egypt in 1928, the group is the oldest and largest Islamist movement in the world. It has affiliates and branches throughout the region and adherents in Europe and the United States. Mostly made up of middle-class doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, the Brotherhood has sought a more traditional Islamic society by building extensive networks and social services across the country, often filling in gaps left by the neglect of sclerotic, corrupt regimes.

TERRORISM from SINAI ... 2011-12
TERROR from SINAI * Israel should re-occupy Sinai

Rocket fired from Egypt hits Israeli city of Eilat
April 5, 2012

Terror groups increasing use of Sinai peninsula border with Israel as rocket launching pad for terrorists.
They are firing rockets on Eilat, south Israel.,2506,L-4212959,00.html


Egypt Brotherhood candidate says sharia is main goal
Apr 5, 2012
 The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for the Egyptian presidency, Khairat al-Shater, declared that introducing sharia law would be his "first and final" objective if he wins elections in May and June.
Making his first reported statements since the Brotherhood's surprise decision to field him in the elections, Shater also promised to reform the Interior Ministry which long played a leading role in suppressing dissent.
However, he denied he had struck a deal with the military on his candidacy, announced last Saturday, even though it may help candidates close to the old order of ousted President Hosni Mubarak by splintering the Islamist vote.

"Sharia was and will always be my first and final project and objective," Shater was quoted on Wednesday as telling a meeting of the Religious Association for Rights and Reform - a group of which he is a member, along with figures who belong to the hard-line Salafi school of Islam.;_ylv=3

Egyptian protesters rally to keep Islamist in race
Thousands rallied in Cairo on Friday in support of an ultraconservative Islamist presidential hopeful who may be disqualified from the race after it was announced that his mother was an American citizen.
The protesters carried photos and campaign posters of Hazem Abu Ismail, a 50-year-old lawyer-turned-preacher who in recent months vaulted to become one of the strongest contenders for president, with widespread backing from ultraconservative Muslims known as Salafis.

The showdown between Abu Ismail's supporters and the government has shaken-up a race that includes former regime officials and Islamists competing against one another in the first presidential election since last year's ouster or Hosni Mubarak. The balloting is slated for the end of May.
Abu Ismail's face— smiling, with a long, conservative beard — has become ubiquitous in Cairo and other cities because of a startlingly aggressive postering campaign that plastered walls and lampposts with his picture.

Israel's Key Energy Provider, Egypt, Cuts Off All Natural Gas Supplies
22 April 2012 Egypt just announced that it is cutting off its natural gas supplies to Israel, which just so happens relies on Egypt for 40% of its energy needs. -Egypt cancels gas deal with Israel

22 April 2012, by Ari Rabinovitch - Jerusalem (Reuters)
* Israel relies on Egypt for 40 percent of gas supply
* Egyptian denies decision is political

Some suspect the Camp David Accords are the Daniel 9:27 covenant to be 'confirmed'

Egyptians terminate gas flow to Israel
April 23, 2012 Monday 1 Iyyar 5772
Hopefully Israeli Gas out of the Mediterranean will be available soon!
Egypt - Israeli peace treaty is OVER.

Egypt terminated a long-term gas deal with Israel.
Terminating the gas deal with Israel has diplomatic and economic aspects.
Ties between the two countries are at their lowest since the peace treaty was signed.
The USA was the guarantor of the Camp David Accords.
Egypt once supplied about 40% of Israel's natural gas.
Israel may be at risk of facing summer power outages due to energy shortages. Electricity prices in Israel have risen 20%.

The 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty stipulates that normal economic relations between the two countries will include the normal commercial sale of oil, later changed to natural gas, from Egypt to Israel.
A natural gas deal was not signed until 2005.
That agreement has long been condemned by Egyptians.

Egypt Sinai turning into Wild West
Sinai is more worrying than Iran!

April  24,  2012  Sinai Peninsula has turned into a kind of Wild West, which terrorist organizations use to smuggle weapons and attack Israel.
The open desert border between Israel and Egypt has been relatively quiet since the 1979 peace treaty.
But since the fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Cairo stopped controling Sinai.
Earlier this month, a rocket fired from Sinai hit Eilat Israel. Last August Sinai terrorists killed 8 Israelis.

Egyptian tanks in Sinai
April 25, 2012   Egypt live fire exercise in Sinai
A military clash between Egypt and Israel on the brink.
Palestinians want to blow up the 1979 Egyptian-Israel peace accords.  So do most Egyptians.
The border with Egypt is no longer a frontier of peace but of menace.  Worse threat to Israel than Iran!


Egypt's Brotherhood says army plans cabinet reshuffle
Apr 30, 2012   CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said on Sunday the ruling generals planned to reshuffle the government in an apparent attempt to defuse a political feud overshadowing a presidential election campaign that gets under way on Monday.
The Brotherhood has pushed for more say in the government for months since sweeping to a dominant role in parliament in an election marathon that ended in February this year.

Essam el-Erian, a senior Brotherhood lawmaker, told Reuters the generals would initiate talks over the reshuffle but army officials did not immediately confirm any plans to do so.
Reports that the head of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, would revamp the government were also splashed across the Brotherhood's website late on Sunday.

Clash between Egypt's Islamists, military grows
CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament said Sunday it was suspending sessions for a week to protest the ruling military's failure to heed repeated calls for the dismissal of the government.

Anger against the country's military rulers also spilled into the streets where a protester was killed late Saturday in a demonstration outside the Ministry of Defense. Protesters clashed for three hours with unidentified assailants supporting the military, throwing rocks, firebombs and glass bottles.

The parliament seated three months ago has been demanding it be allowed to form a Cabinet to replace the one appointed by the country's military rulers late last year. That Cabinet is headed by Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri, a holdover from the era of authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak who was ousted in a popular uprising 14 months ago.

Parliament Speaker Saad el-Katatni of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood announced the suspension after lawmakers spoke in a televised session against el-Ganzouri's government and the ruling generals.

Will Israel re-take Sinai
May  5,  2012  Israel activated reservists to the border with Egypt facing the Sinai Peninsula.
Both security and energy prompts this move.
Hamas and imported terrorists are using the Sinai to launch attacks into Israel.
Oil, natural gas fields ripe for takeover that also would undermine terror attacks.
Some troops will be positioned along the border with Syria.
Egypt was to keep order in Sinai, but since they have turned hostile to Israel they are allowing terrorists freedom.
Israel had Sinai since the 1967 war, but foolishly withdrew in 1982.
Just as with Gaza, giving place to an enemy does NOT give Israel peace.

Muslim Brotherhood Rally Egypt:
We'll March on Jerusalem!
May 2012
A good indicator of where Egyptian foreign policy is headed....30 years ago the Camp David Accords were signed by Egypt and Israel, and at the time were popular in Egypt.
The understanding of the accords was that after Egyptian/Israeli peace was achieved a just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict would be achieved imminently...that never happened...and now we're here

The Battle for Jerusalem

Egypt to pick Islamist or military man as president
May 26,  2012
The Muslim Brotherhood said on Friday its candidate in Egypt's first free presidential vote would fight a run-off next month with ex-air force chief Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak.
This week's first-round vote has polarised Egyptians between those determined to avoid handing the presidency back to a man from Mubarak's era and those fearing an Islamist monopoly of ruling institutions. The run-off will be held on June 16 and 17.

The election marks a crucial step in a messy and often bloody transition to democracy, overseen by a military council that has pledged to hand power to a new president by July 1.
The second round threatens further turbulence. Opponents of Shafiq have vowed to take to the streets if he is elected.

Egypt's Brotherhood calls for national dialogue
CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is callling on losing presidential candidates and political groups to take part in a dialogue aimed at
"salvaging the nation" ahead of a tight presidential runoff between the group's candidate and a former regime official.
Preliminary results indicate Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi will face off against Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, in a June 16-17 runoff vote.

Senior Brotherhood official Essam el-Erian said Friday that Morsi is calling on other presidential candidates, national personalities and
groups that supported last year's uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak to consult on how to "save the nation and the revolution."
The call is an attempt by the Brotherhood to broaden their support ahead of what is expected to be a difficult runoff against Shafiq.

Ex-Mubarak PM praises 'glorious' Egyptian uprising
CAIRO (AP) — The two surviving candidates in Egypt's presidential election appealed Saturday for support from voters who rejected them as polarizing extremists in the first round even as they faced a new challenge from the third runner-up who contested the preliminary results.

Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq vowed he won't revive the old authoritarian regime as he sought to cast off his image as an anti-revolution figure, while the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Mohammed Morsi reached out to those fearful of hardline Islamic rule and the rise of a religious state.
Many votes are up for grab, but the two candidates will have a tough battle wooing the middle ground voters amid calls from activists for a boycott of the divisive vote.

Adding to the uncertainty, Hamdeen Sabahi called for a partial vote recount, citing violations that he claimed could change the outcome, a prospect that may further enflame an already explosive race. Sabahi, a socialist and a champion of the poor, came in third by a margin of some 700,000 votes, leaving him out of the next round to be held on June 16-17.

Violence flares after Egypt election results
A mob set fire late Monday to the campaign headquarters of one of the two Egyptian presidential politicians facing each other in a runoff that will decide a new leader after last year's popular uprising, the first sign of unrest after the voting yielded divisive candidates.
The attack on Ahmed Shafiq's office came just hours after the country's election commission announced that he would face the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohammed Morsi, in a June 16-17 runoff.

The second round pitting Shafiq, who was ousted President Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, against Morsi, backed by the country's most powerful Islamist movement, is a nightmare scenario for the thousands of Egyptians who took to the streets last year to demand regime change, freedom and social equality.
Many of the so-called revolutionaries say they want neither a return to the old regime nor religious rule.

Mubarak sentenced to life in prison
June 2, 2012  Far WORSE than Mubarak has taken over Egypt now.  Sad
Ousted former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who was sentenced to life in prison,
was transferred to Tora Prison in Cairo, where his sons were held during the trial.  al Arabiya

Mubarak has arrived to the courtroom and was wheeled in while lying on a stretcher.
Mubarak wife Susan fainted after his sentencing.
Mubarak was found guilty of complicity in the killings of protesters and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Any good ruler would kill those rioting and burning in the town street!
We really cant believe the press, Arab - or any other media.

Mubarak asked before his verdict hearing: "What are they going to try me for? I ruled as president for 30 years.
They are trying me for a villa in Sharem al Sheikh which I paid for."

Egypt's Mubarak is healthy, lives in comfort - (Reuters)
Hosni Mubarak has appeared in court lying on a stretcher during his trial,
but he is living in a comfortable hospital where he is free to see relatives, walk in the garden and exercise.,7340,L-4237119,00.html


Egyptian security officials say Mubarak's health deteriorates further, defibrillator used
Egyptian security officials say the health of ousted President Hosni Mubarak has deteriorated further, with doctors having to use a defibrillator twice and feed him liquids intravenously.
The officials said Mubarak's two sons, one-time heir apparent Gamal and wealthy businessman Alaa, were by his side at the intensive care ward of Torah prison hospital south of Cairo where the 84-year-old former president is serving a life sentence.
The officials, who are at Torah, did not say whether the defibrillator was used because Mubarak's heart stopped or to remedy irregular heartbeats. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Egypt Islamists draft code to boost Islamic banks
June 11, 2012  CAIRO (Reuters) - The political party of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which has the biggest bloc in parliament, is proposing changes to the banking law with the goal of boosting the market share of Islamic banks to 35 percent in five years from 5 percent now, a party member said.
Ahmed al-Najjar, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party's economic committee, told Reuters that the proposals envisaged a new Islamic banking section being added to the law, which now has no specific regulations covering Islamic banks.

Draft amendments to the law have been presented to parliament but no date has been set to discuss them, he said.
Bankers say last year's revolt which toppled President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime neglected or discouraged Islamic finance for ideological reasons, has cleared the way for growth of Islamic finance in the Arab world's most populous nation.

Egypt, enemy of Israel
June 14, 2012  Egypt, the most populous Arab country, to be ruled by the evil Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Morsi.
The 30 year peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is now worthless.
News articles have so much double speak I just put the facts in plain words.

Some cry coup
Egypt parliament to be dissolved after ruling- court official

Thu Jun 14, 2012
CAIRO, June 14 (Reuters) - A constitutional court ruling on Thursday means that the whole of the lower house of Egypt's parliament will be dissolved and a new election will have to be held, the court's head Farouk Soltan told Reuters by telephone after the ruling was issued.

"The ruling regarding parliament includes the dissolution of the lower house of parliament in its entirety because the law upon which the elections were held is contrary to rules of the constitution," he said, speaking two days before another election to pick a new president.
Soltan said the ruling was binding on all institutions of state, adding that it would be up to the executive to call for the new election that he said would take place.

Egypt's highest court declares parliament invalid
Egypt's highest court on Thursday declared the parliament invalid, and the country's interim military rulers declared full legislative authority,
triggering a new level of chaos and confusion in the country's leadership.
The Supreme Constitutional Court also ruled that a former member of President Hosni Mubarak's regime may run in a presidential election runoff this weekend.

The ruling on parliament means that it must be dissolved, state TV reported. An Egyptian constitutional law expert told CNN that following the court's decision, a political decision will be made about what steps to take next.
Parliament had been in session for just over four months.
The court found that all articles making up the law that regulated parliamentary elections are invalid, said Showee Elsayed, a constitutional lawyer.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, in control of the country since Mubarak's ouster, announced that it now has full legislative power and will announce a 100-person assembly that will write the country's new constitution. The court's rulings come a day after Egypt's military-led government imposed a de facto martial law, extending the arrest powers of security forces.

In blow to Islamists, ruling includes green light for Muslim Brotherhood rival candidate Shafiq to continue presidential bid.

Election 6 months ago was unconstitutional, new elections must be held.,7340,L-4242625,00.html


Egypt elections: After court ruling, the real concern is not the Muslim Brotherhood
6/15/12  Egypt’s presidential runoff election was supposed to be democratic. But that’s in doubt now that the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court, comprised of judges appointed by ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, pulled a soft coup on Thursday.
The court dissolved the newly elected parliament, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, placing power solely in the hands of interim military rulers who appear to be paving the way for a return to the pre-revolution days of the old guard.

The military leaders obviously fear the ascendency of Islamist politics and their own demise. But their latest move, including the introduction of marital law in advance of the court’s ruling, has exposed to democracy-hungry Egyptians where the greater concern should lie – with a win this weekend for Ahmed Shafiq, the former prime minister under Mr. Mubarak.

In two days of voting this weekend, Mr. Shafiq, a former leader of Egypt’s air force, faces off against Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, an engineer by training who once worked for NASA in the United States. Both Shafiq and Mr. Morsi won roughly 25 percent of the vote in the first round of elections in May.

Since then, though, fear factories have spun out of control claiming that the “painful” second-round choice would hardly bear the fruit of last year’s revolution. Many believe the election is between two extremes: a throwback to the era of Mubarak or a drastic shift in the direction of a strictly religious state.

Now, with this latest political ruse on the part of military loyalists, one of those scenarios looks certain: A vote for Shafiq is a vote for the strong-arm politics that have longed plagued Cairo’s halls of power and typified the rule of its imprisoned former leader. Certainly Shafiq owes a political debt to his military colleagues in power and to the court, which also upheld the legality of his candidacy in its ruling.

Muslim Brotherhood Morsi claims Egyptian presidency
June 18, 2012   0bama backs Morsi's evil jihadist MB.
Islamist claims victory.  Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammad Mursi did not wait for the ballots to be counted before proclaiming himself President of Egypt.
MB is the opposite of democratic.
Barack Obama's goal was to get the satanic wicked terror group Muslim Brotherhood installed in government.
MB, al Qaeda, jihadists terrorists are all one and the same entity to which 0bama belongs himself.
The MB are totally commited to destruction of Israel, as is their child, Hamas.
Hosni Mubarak kept MB in check.

Turkey PM Erdogan is a jihad evil Muslim.
I like to count on debka, but its as full of support for the NWO as all the others.
Islamist is the irrational pc term for Muslim terrorist.,7340,L-4243715,00.html

Egypt's ruling military has issued a declaration granting itself sweeping powers, as the country awaits results of presidential elections.

Egypt becoming hotbed of terrorism

Muslim terrorists cross into Israel from Egypt, 1 killed


Muslim Brotherhood to march against Egypt military
19 June 2012   Muslim Brotherhood will take part in protests across Egypt to demonstrate against sweeping new powers taken by the ruling military council.
Over the weekend, the generals issued two decrees dissolving the Islamist-dominated parliament and claiming all legislative power for themselves.
MPs are also expected to try to enter the parliament building on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, with counting in the presidential election run-off complete, both candidates are claiming victory.
Mohammed Mursi, the head of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said on Monday that he had won 52% of the vote.

Laughing   NO freedom or justice in Egypt now!

Egypt's military grants itself sweeping powers

The storm clouds are gathering over Egypt

AND SYRIA is heating up

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is clinically dead, according to reports. He was 84.
"Former president Hosni Mubarak has clinically died following his arrival at Maadi military hospital on Tuesday evening,"
Egyptian news agency MENA said, quoting medical sources.
"Mubarak's heart stopped beating and was subjected to a defibrillator several times but did not respond."

Mubarak ruled Egypt for nearly 30 years, steering the nation through the turmoil that swept a Middle East buffeted by wars, terrorism and religious extremism. But the war hero and savior of his country died as a criminal convicted for his role in the deaths of those fighting to oust him.
Mubarak's health had been failing since he was sentenced to life in prison on June 2, after he was convicted of failing to prevent the killing of protesters in a February 2011 uprising against his rule.

Mubarak clinically dead
Egypt media says Mubarak clinically dead following heart attack and stroke.
Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for 30 years until he was overthrown by a revolution in the 2011 Arab Spring, was declared clinically dead by his doctors.
Mubarak was 84 and had been sentenced to life in prison earlier this month.
Plugged in tho dead, like Ariel Sharon.,7340,L-4244760,00.html

Security officials say Hosni Mubarak is in a coma but off of life support and his heart and other vital organs are functioning.,7340,L-4245042,00.html

Ariel Sharon, former Israeli PM, WORSE that DEAD

EGYPT  Mohamed Morsy wins presidential election
24 June 2012  Sunday  Satanic MB 666 demands power

Democracy is NOT what you believe it is - its BONDAGE, EVIL.

Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Morsi winner,7340,L-4246529,00.html

Morsi narrow 'win' will face resistance,7340,L-4246662,00.html

Egyptians are awaiting the delayed results of the presidential run-off election held last weekend.
The results are due in the coming hours, after the election commission heard appeals by the two candidates.

Security is intense, with tanks deployed around the commission's headquarters in the capital, Cairo.
Mohammed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq have both claimed victory and vowed to form unity governments.
Thousands of their supporters spent the night in the centre of Cairo amid increasing political polarisation.

Correspondents say the atmosphere has been peaceful, but tense.
Many people are still apprehensive about the intentions of the ruling generals, who gave themselves sweeping new powers last week after the Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that the Islamist-dominated parliament should be dissolved.

Shops are closing early and people are hurrying to their homes to watch the decisive news conference from the commission, which is expected to announce the result at 15:00 local time (13:00 GMT) on Sunday.
Government employees were also advised to leave early, in another signal of the security precautions being taken, the BBC's Dina Demrdash in Cairo says.

Islamist victory spoken of by many, but not certain; tension high in Cairo, fears of violence.


Jerusalem to Be the Capital of - EGYPT!?
If Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president Mohammed Mursi (right) wins, Egypt’s capital moves from Cairo to Jerusalem. So stated a leading Islamic leader, Safwat Hagazy, during a recent campaign rally as Mursi and MB head honcho Mohammed Badei looked on.

Outrageous? Fantastic? Not in Muslimworld. As crack Islamic law expert Stephen Coughlin pointed out to me today, the 2008 charter of the Organization of the Islamic conference similarly calls for OIC’s “permanent headquarters” to be moved to Jerusalem after the city’s “liberation.”

EGYPT Mohammed Morsi goes from prisoner to president

Morsi's victory is historic. But questions remain over the extent of his power, as the military maintains a strong hold on the state.
In a reversal of fortunes unthinkable a year and a half ago, an Islamist jailed by Hosni Mubarak has succeeded him as president of the biggest Arab nation in a victory at the ballot box which has historic consequences for Egypt and the Middle East.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi will not enjoy the extent of modern, pharaonic powers exercised by Mubarak:
those have been curtailed by a military establishment which will decide just how much he will be able to do in government.

Still, the U.S.-trained engineer's victory in the country's first free presidential election breaks a tradition of domination by men from the armed forces, which have provided every Egyptian leader since the overthrow of the monarchy 60 years ago, and installs in office a group that drew on 84 years of grassroots activism to catapult Morsi into the presidency.

Psalm 83 WAR on ISRAEL


Muslim Brotherhood's bait-and-switch
June 26, 2012/ 6 Tamuz, 5772  By Frank Gaffney
Egypt's newly elected president, Mohammed Morsi, says he will be a "leader for all Egyptians."
That sounds a lot like the sorts of lies his fellow Muslim Brothers have been telling for months, only to renege on them when they can.
We ignore the true character and ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood — in Egypt, elsewhere in the Mideast, in the wider world and here — at our extreme peril.

In fact, the MB bait and switch gambits are standard operating procedure for their secretive organization.   After all, from the Brotherhood's inception in Egypt in 1928,
it has been a revolutionary organization committed to the imposition worldwide of a totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine they call Shariah.
The unattractiveness of that brutally repressive agenda to non—Muslims, and even many Muslims, has forced the group to operate largely in the shadows. It wages a stealthy, pre—violent "civilization jihad" to advance its goals until circumstances are ripe for conquest via violent jihad.

MB  utilized myriad subterfuges. In previous rounds of elections, the Brotherhood promised that it would not seek a parliamentary majority. Then, it did.
It promised not to run a candidate for president. Then, it actually ran two of them.
PLEASE click and read this article!  Its very good!

Israel braces for Morsi to insert changes into peace accords
June 26, 2012  Senior officials in Jerusalem say Muslim Brotherhood (666) Mohamed Morsi win marks new reality in Middle East and could bring change to Israel-Egypt peace treaty.
I'd re-word that.  The peace treaty ENDED a year ago.  The full intent is WAR on Israel.

Read Isaiah 19   Source - Jerusalem Connection
The Muslim Brotherhood in charge in Egypt does not bode well for the region, including Egypt and Israel.
Things are going to get a lot worse.
The MB (Muslim Brotherhood Islamist terrorists) is the most successful social organization in the Arab world.
Its leaders are politically skillful, economically literate and strategically patient.  Its beliefs resonate with poor, rich and middle class alike.
And it can always use the army as a scapegoat should the economy fail to improve.
The MB is NOT democratic, it has its own evil rules.
Israeli DM Ehud Barak said Israel will not tolerate continuing terrorist attacks from Sinai or Gaza.

New Egypt president Mohammed Morsi received his doctorate in engineering at the University of Southern California. Two of his five children are U.S. citizens.

Egypt's Sex-Slave Marriage
July 5, 2012  Egypt's "first sex-slave marriage" took place mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammad Morsi was made president.
Last Monday, on the Egyptian TV show Al Haqiqa ("the Truth"), journalist Wael al-Ibrashi showed a video-clip of a man, Abd al-Rauf Awn, "marrying" his slave. Before making the woman, who has a non-Egyptian accent, repeat after him the Koran's Surat al-Ikhlas, instead of saying the usual "I marry myself to you," the woman said "I enslave myself to you," kissing him in front of an applauding audience.
Then, even though she was wearing a hijab, her owner-husband declared that she is forbidden from such trappings and commanded her to be stripped of them, so as "not to break Allah's laws." She took her veil and abaya off, revealing, by Muslim standards, a seductive red dress (all the other women present were veiled). The man claps for her and the video-clip (which can be seen here) ends.

Egypt arrests 68 migrants trying to reach Israel
July 8, 2012  
Egyptian border guards arrested 68 African migrants trying to illegally cross into Israel from Sina,7340,L-4252618,00.html

Egypt will end Gaza blockade, Morsi wont allow siege on Gaza
July 14, 2012  
Israel peace treaty with Egypt ended.  Mursi will end Gaza 'blockade'.
Hamas Gaza confident Egypts new president Mohamed Mursi would shield the Palestinian terrorists from Israeli attack and fully open its borders to end a trade blockade.
There is no blockade of goods now, there never was - only of weapons - which Hamas smuggles in thru tunnels.
Mursi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, father of Hamas.
Mahmoud Abbas is identical to Hamas, Yassir Arafat (died of AIDS).  He is NOT a 'moderate.'
My job is to report THE TRUTH, so I have to edit most articles.

HELLary Clinton in Mideast
Egypt Christians snub HELLary in Cairo
July  16, 2012
 Prominent Christian Egyptians snubbed Hellary Clinton because the U.S. favors Islamists over Christians.

Egypt Muslims ignore Hellary demands
Egypt military took a tough line on the Muslim Brotherhood, hours after Hillary urged him to work with Egypt’s elected Islamist leaders.
Muslim Brotherhood chanting against the U.S. threw tomatoes and shoes at Hellary motorcade as she left.

Israel President Shimon Peres (divide) is as evil as 0bama-Clinton.,2506,L-4255890,00.html

Israel President Shimon Peres name means divide

The harbingers, warnings

Egypt Declared 'Islamic State' in New Constitution; Christians and Jews Protected?
Critics Point to Ultra-Orthodox Islamists' Aggressive Push to Implement Sharia Laws

7/13/12  The Constituent Assembly committee tasked with drafting Egypt's new constitution has revealed articles of the document, which declares that "Islam is the religion of the state" informed by Islamic Sharia principles. However, those statements seem to contradict an included provision for Christians and Jews to be governed by their own religion, according to observers.

The draft for Article 1 reads, according to Egyptian newspaper Ahram: "The Arab Republic of Egypt is democratic, consultative, constitutional and modernized; based on the separation of powers and the principle of citizenship. Egypt is part of the Arab and Islamic nation, with strong ties to the African Continent."
Article 2's draft reads: "Islam is the religion of the state; Arabic is the official religion of the state; and principles of Islamic Sharia are the major source of legislation. Al-Azhar is the major reference on interpreting the principles of Islamic Sharia and that non-Muslims, especially the followers of Christianity and Judaism, should refer to their religions on personal matters, religious affairs, and the selection of their religious leaders."
The proposal for Article 3 reportedly reads: "Sovereignty is for the people alone and they are the source of authority. The people shall exercise and protect this sovereignty, and safeguard national unity in the manner specified in the Constitution."

Muslim attacks on Egypt - Israel - Sinai
Impossible to pick the bones on this chicken!
August 6, 2012  
Muslim terrorists stormed an Egyptian commando post in Sinai with bombs, grenades and sidearms, killing 16 Egyptian soldiers, wounding more and taking hostages.
Egypt said the gunmen infiltrated Sinai from Gaza through the smuggling tunnels disguised as Sinai Bedouin.
Bedouins are involved in smuggling drugs and weapons.
There is some merit in reading this debka link but dont draw many conclusions.

Egyptian and Israeli accounts of the attacks in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed and the Israeli border crashed Sunday night, Aug. 5, don’t match up.
Egypt points the finger at Hamas Gaza, Israel at Sinai Salafits.
DEBKAfile postulates Iran arranged it.
I say no one tells the truth.  I am so sick and tired of Muslim terrorists being called anything else!
Libyan MB Muslim terrorists have been in Sinai a long time, and smuggling weapons to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Palestinians are trying for a state - again - and these devils DO NOT want peace.  They are born trouble-makers and liars.
Iran, lebanon Hellzballah, Syria, Palestinians, Libyan terrorists are all involved.  The attack on Israel looms.
Impossible to pick the bones on this chicken!

SINAI WAR Zone, Muslim attacks on Egypt, Israel


Egypt bombs 20 suspected terrorists in Sinai
August 8, 2012   Egypt is FINALLY acting to exert control over Sinai.

Egypt launched air strikes in the Sinai region close to the border with Israel on Wednesday, killing more than 20 suspected Islamic terrorists and marking the largest Egyptian military operation in the Sinai since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

The air strikes on positions in the town of Sheikh Zouaid followed the deaths of 16 border guards last Sunday in an attack blamed partly on Palestinian terrorists.
Witnesses in Sheikh Zouaid, about 10 km (six miles) from Gaza, said they saw two military jets and heard sounds of explosions. Other witnesses in a nearby area said they saw three cars hit.
The strikes followed clashes between armed men and security forces at several security checkpoints in the Sinai region.
Armed men opened fire on several checkpoints in el-Arish and in the nearby town of Rafah on the border with Israel, according to a Reuters reporter and state media.


August 11, 2012  Believe NO BORG news sources.  I edit to be a little more clear.
Egypt military in Sinai is a violation of the 30 year old Egypt-Israel peace treaty.
Morsi's anti-terror ploy to root out pro-US influence in Cairo, cut Israel from Sinai.

Israel foolishly allowed Egypt to deploy fighter planes and armored troop carriers in Sinai, which was ruled a demilitarized buffer zone under their 1979 peace treaty.
Egypt President Mohamed Morsi was to go in on a counter-terror offensive against lawless Muslim bands.
But soon Israel realized their error.  They should be worried about what the Muslim Brotherhood president is really up to.

Morsi sacked key military officials who are pro-western, and replaced with Muslim Brotherhood, the worst of the worst.
I knew Egypt had no intention to clean up the terrorist networks in Sinai.
They are Hamas lifeblood, and Hamas is also MB.

Israel allowed Egyptian assault helicopters to Sinai, stupidly trusting Obama.
I just cant believe Israel would be THAT DUMB!  There is a missing piece, or Bibi is also a NWO puppet.
Too much of the debka reports try to be politicly correct interspersed with pieces of partial truth.

Israel gives Egypt green light to deploy attack helicopters in Sinai
August 10, 2012  For more than 30 years, Egyptian soldiers with heavy weapons
were virtually banned from much of Sinai to create a buffer between the longtime enemies. Now, Israel has green-lighted the surge in hopes militants on its doorstep will be defeated.


August 13, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood coup in Cairo, Egyptian tanks move to Israeli border.
The MB is now in control of the largest army in the Arab world.
And Morsi wants to make Jerusalem the capital of Egypt.
Egypt President Mursi sacked all key people who were for peace.

Morsy cleans house

Civilian coup as Morsi boots top brass in radical shake-up

Morsi fires Tantawi, expands presidential powers.
Egypt's new president sacks man who served as Mubarak's defense minister for over two decades, issues new decree granting him full legislative, executive authority.,7340,L-4267633,00.html

Egypt President Mursi explains

Morsi wants to prove he's in charge
Israel is carefully watching the developments in Egypt, after President Mohammed Morsi on Sunday dismissed his defense minster and other top military commanders.
It is a very significant development, said a Jerusalem source, who admitted he did not expect such a move so suddenly.,7340,L-4267725,00.html

US not concerned
Of course not, thats the evil plan.  Barak Hussein Obama has been doing this in the USA for 3 years, and many cant see it.,7340,L-4267778,00.html

Egypt president Morsi to visit Iran
August 19, 2012   Egypt President Mohammed Morsi will attend a summit in Iran Aug. 30 on his way back from China.
This is the first such trip for an Egyptian leader in decades.
Hellzballah leader, Nasty Nasrallah in Lebanon, has also been threatening Israel from the north.
Hamas is eternally threatening and attacking Israel from the south.  Israel stupidly gave Gaza to Palestinians in 2005.

Arab nations are forming a plan to attack Israel.  Yes, its one of those eternal threats, but it appears the day is approaching.
My guess they will again attack during Jewish Holy Days late September as they did in 1973.
Sept 25 is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews.

Psalm 83 says nations will rage against Israel.  They are!  But will they attack?  Yes!  But when?

No Israeli strike now if Obama pledged a spring attack?  I dont believe it.

Jewish Fall Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot

Your enemies make an uproar, and those who hate You have exalted themselves.
They make shrewd plans against Your people.
They have said, Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.
For they have conspired together with one mind.

Egypts Christians organizing first protest against Muslim Brotherhood leadership.
August 23, 2012   Coptic Christians are oppressed and humiliated
The August 24 demonstration will call for Egypt to remain a civil state and demand the separation of Islamic influences from state institutions.
It is the first large protest against the new Morsi MB government.
There is an attempt by the MB to take control of state institutions.
The civil character of Egypt is under threat.
CLUE -  Civil Egypt was gone with Mubarak.
Muslims in Egypt enjoy privileges which Christians do not.
Coming to AmeriKa.  Fast.

Christians targeted by Muslims in EGYPT
They are CRUCIFYING Christians in Egypt!

Islamists Installed in Egypt State Institutions
9/4/12  Egypt's Islamist leadership took a new move Tuesday to put its stamp on the country's government, appointing members of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood as provincial governors and installing ultraconservatives and other Islamists in the state's top human rights body and a powerful media council.
The shake-up was the latest step by President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood to reshape state institutions that were long the monopoly of ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak, his ruling party and the military that backed him.
Supporters have praised the moves as part of a drive to cleanse the system of Mubarak loyalists after Morsi was inaugurated in late June as the country's first freely elected president. But the heavy infusion of Islamists into government institutions has raised fears of Brotherhood domination monopolizing power as much as Mubarak did and moving Egypt into a more religious rule.
The governorships of Egypt's 27 provinces have long been prime posts for solidifying the president's power. The governors are appointed by the president and generally implement his policies. Under Mubarak, the positions went to retired military generals or ruling party loyalists.

Attacks on USA diplomatic compounds in Egypt and Libya
12 September 2012

US official dies in Libya consulate attack in Benghazi.
Damned Muslims. are offended at everything.
An American staff member of the US consulate in Benghazi has died, several hurt following fierce clashes at the compound.
An armed mob attacked and set fire to the building in a protest against a film deemed offensive to Muhammad, after similar protests in Cairo, Egypt.

Just hours earlier, thousands of Egyptian demonstrators apparently angry over the same video produced by Egypt Coptic community in the US,
tore down the USA flag at the US embassy in Cairo and replaced it with a black Islamic jihad WAR flag.

The two incidents came on the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US.

Egypt-Iran  -  new MidEast terror axis
U.S. intelligence monitored a meeting between Egypt and Iran spy that is raising fears the
Muslim Brotherhood government in Cairo could begin covertly supporting global terrorism.
DUH!  OF COURSE!  MB is behind Arab spring jihad, displacing bad leaders with worse ones!  Bill Gertz

MB Muslim terrorists turn violent outside U.S. Embassies in Egypt, Yemen
LIBYA ATTACK WAS an ACT of WAR!  It had NOTHING to do with MUHAMMED the murderer.
These are attacks by hardcore Jihad MB Muslims.

Riot police fired warning shots and tear gas outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo EGYPT to keep hundreds of terrorists away,
while more terrorists in Yemen attempted to storm the American mission there.
Some terrorists  reached the main gate and attempted to break windows of the security room.



Thanks Obama - The Terrorists You Used To Topple Regimes In Egypt And Libya Are Now Attacking Our Embassies
Many of us tried to warn Barack Obama that using militants from al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to overthrow governments in the Middle East would not end well.  The Obama administration has been so determined to get rid of some of these dictators in the Middle East that they have not even really stopped to think about who would be replacing them.  Our leaders assured us that those opposed to Mubarak and Gaddafi were "freedom fighters" that just wanted "liberty" and "democracy" in those countries.  Well, of course it turns out that the folks that took control of both Egypt and Libya bear no resemblance to George Washington whatsoever.  They have simply replaced one form of tyranny with an even worse form of tyranny.  Sadly, the last couple of days have been a huge wake up call for all of us.  Radical Islamic militants stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt and replaced the American flag with the al-Qaeda flag.  In Benghazi, Libya the U.S. consulate was attacked by a crowd equipped with guns, homemade bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.  They torched the consulate, looted it, and killed the U.S. ambassador and three other U.S. officials.  Apparently they are not as grateful for our help in "liberating" their homelands as the Obama administration thought they would be.  Unfortunately, our politicians fundamentally misunderstand what is going on in the Middle East, and this is going to continue to lead to more policy errors.

For years, our politicians told us that "al-Qaeda" was the big enemy in the "War on Terror".
But then during the "Arab Spring" the U.S. government was openly working with "al-Qaeda" and a bunch of other similar organizations all over the Middle East to overthrow established governments.
To say that our approach to the Middle East has been "inconsistent" would be a massive understatement.

After the protesters stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, they made it very clear who they are aligned with.  They tore down the U.S. flag and desecrated it, and they put up a black Islamic flag in its place.

So what did the black flag have on it?  The following is how CNN described the flag....
   The black flag, which hangs atop a ladder inside the compound, is adorned with white characters that read, "There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger," an emblem often used in al Qaeda propaganda.

This is very reminiscent of what happened in Libya in the days after the toppling of Gaddafi.  At the time, the Daily Mail and other international media organizations posted pictures of the black al-Qaeda flag flying high and proud over the courthouse in Benghazi....

   The black flag of Al Qaeda was hoisted in Libya yesterday as Nato formally ended its military campaign.
   The standard fluttered from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.
Today, the new government in Egypt is completely dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  They hold 47 percent of the seats in parliament and the new president of Egypt belongs to the organization.
So how are they responding to this incident?

Well, they have issued a half-hearted condemnation of the attacks in English, and they have also announced that new protests against the anti-Islam film that originally sparked the violence will be held in Tahrir Square on Friday.

I'm sure that a new round of mass protests will definitely calm everyone down.
Or not.
Hopefully the U.S. embassy in Egypt will have significantly strengthened security by Friday.

In Libya, the U.S. consulate has been essentially destroyed.
You can see pictures of what the U.S. consulate in Benghazi looks like after the attack right here.
Looters took off with whatever they were able to carry.  Reporters saw some people carrying desks, chairs and even washing machines away from the consulate.

The U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens, was killed along with three other U.S. officials.
You can see a photo of an unconscious Stevens being carried through the streets after the attack right here.

So who was responsible for the attack?
Once again, it appears to have been Islamic radicals associated with al-Qaeda.  The following is from a Reuters article about this incident....
   The attack was believed to have been carried out by Ansar al-Sharia, an al Qaeda-style Sunni Islamist group that has been active in Benghazi, a Libyan security official said. Witnesses said the mob also included tribesmen, militia and other gunmen.

   Ansar al-Sharia cars arrived at the start of the protest but left once fighting started, Hamam said. "The protesters were running around the compound just looking for Americans, they just wanted to find an American so they could catch one."

Most Americans thought that it was a good idea for the Obama administration to back "the rebels" that were fighting to overthrow Gaddafi, but perhaps more people should have been asking what those "rebels" actually stand for.

The following is what former CIA officer Bruce Riedel once said about the composition of the fighters that were attempting to overthrow Gaddafi....
   "There is no question that al-Qaida’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Gadhafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. What is unclear is how much of the opposition is al-Qaida/Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – 2 percent or 80 percent."

The leader of the Libyan rebel forces even admitted that some of the very same militants that were shooting at U.S. troops in Iraq were among those that were seeking to "liberate" Libya.  The following is from a 2011 article in the Telegraph....

   Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.
You can find much more on the link between al-Qaeda and the rebel forces in Libya right here.

So we were shooting at them in Iraq but we supplied them with weapons and gave them air support in Libya?
What kind of nonsense is that?
The truth is that the U.S. government has absolutely no idea what it is doing in the Middle East.

And it looks like more trouble is ahead.
There were other anti-U.S. protests in Sudan, the Gaza Strip and Tunisia on Wednesday.
Sadly, even the top officials in our own government fail to grasp why these militants hate us.  In response to the torching of the consulate in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton asked the following question....
   "Today, many Americans are asking, indeed I ask myself ... How could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction?"

And of course foreign policy has never been a point of emphasis for Barack Obama.
In fact, it has been reported that he skips more than half of his daily intelligence meetings.
So the blind are leading the blind and we continue to make mistake after mistake in the Middle East.
When will we ever learn?

They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  
Psalm 83:4

The Battle for Jerusalem
September 13, 2012  Islamic Caliphate forming
It is shocking how soon it happened. Morsi was just installed as president of Egypt in late June 2012. He just gained control of the army and now this attack!
The Muslim Brotherhood is energized and ready to advance the Islamic caliphate. They are bringing the war to us. Their target is Israel and taking Jerusalem.
They want Jerusalem as the capital of their caliphate. This is the Psalm 83/Obadiah war. It is here now.
Mursi openly said Jerusalem will become Egypt’s capital.


Mideast WAR


Black Islamic jihad - WAR - flags hang above the US embassy in Cairo
Carefully planned, orchestrated Muslim riots are spreading through Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and Bangladesh.
Egypt MB Morsi has been invited to the White House, but Obama rejected Israeli PM Netanyahu.

The anti-US ferment in Arab capitals may just be starting.
It is.  The Battle for Jerusalem has begun.
Israel prepares to celebrate GODs New Year.
Happy New Year, GOD!

Israel on alert for Palestinian riots
September 14, 2012  Friday, the Eve of Rosh HaShannah, GODs New Year.
Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and both plan terrorism Friday.
Israel has posted additional security in the West Bank, opposite Gaza and among Israeli Arab communities following
information received that they are preparing to stage big anti-American protests Friday.
Israeli Arab jihadists rioted outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday.

Egypt-Israel Peace deal is empty
The Camp David peace accords signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979 have eroded.
Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi is simply not interested in normalization.

Wake up and smell the global jihad war

Misplaced Blame for the Embassy Attacks
Are we really ready to throw out the First Amendment to appease lynch mobs?  By Jonah Goldberg

This is The Battle for Jerusalem

The Video Didn’t Do it!

September 16, 2012  Sunday
SYRIA BLINDED as Russian Early Warning Stations shut down
Israeli airline, El Al, is suspending all flights to Cairo indefinitely

Turkey and Egypt seek alliance
September 21, 2012  

The Ottoman empire ruled the Middle East and beyond.
Egypt and Turkey want that again.  Each wants to speak for the Middle East.                  
For now they are working together.
Turkey is relatively stable and prosperous.  Their PM Erdogan has tried to start war on Israel for 2 years, so he is a jihadist, terrorist, like the MB of Egypt.
Both want Syrian President Bashar Assad to quit.
Yes, because Assad is moderate compared to Egypt-Turkey.
Turkey split with former ally Israel and sparred with traditional rival Iran.

Obama to release Blind Shekh
September 17, 2012  Obama to apologize to Muslim terrorists - again - by freeing Blind Sheikh who bombed World Trade Center in 1993.
The U.S. State Department is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh.
The negotiations are part of the ongoing discussions with Egypt to resolve the Middle East current crisis.
His release is one of the top priorities of the new Islamist Morsi govt in Egypt.
Glenn Beck revealed the news.

29 June 2012  Mohamed Morsi vows to free blind sheikh.

Egypt President Warns Obama USA Must Change
22 September, 2012
 Translation: submit and covert to Islam or die by the sword!
Morsi demands a Palestinian state inside Israel. OUTRAGE!
SINCE WHEN do other countries dictate to the United States?
The Obama administration acts like the USA holds Islam above all other interests.

If Egypt is to keep its Camp David commitments to Israel, America should also make good on its commitments from 1978.
Morsi essentially told Obama to stop supporting Israel, but Obama has already abandoned Israel.
Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world,
showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state.
USA DOES need to fundamentally change our approach to dealing with Arab nations!
FIRST we need to cut off all aid to them!


Egypt Pres. Morsy falling behind on his 100-day plan
22 September, 2012  After 85 days in office, Morsi has fulfilled only 4 pre-election pledges.
An Egyptian website is monitoring Morsi.
Unlike the USA, Muslims demand their leaders deliver on their promises.

No chance Israel will amend Camp David Accords
September 23, 2012

Israeli FM Avigdor Liberman responds to Cairo saying Egypt should not delude itself.
Cairo seeks changes to the security annex of the Camp David agreement, and there is no chance that Israel will agree.
Israel is concerned about heavy military equipment Egypt sent to Sinai.
Disorder has spread in Sinai since Hosni Mubarak was ousted.
Egypt new Muslim Brotherhood terror-loving president, Mohamed Morsy, has vowed to restore order.

USA / Obama CONTROLLED by EGYPT?! Blind Sheik

America, Israel's New Enemy

Mideast shakeup began in 2011


Obama to give OUR ENEMY Egypt $450 Million
Egypt  *  US Embassy issues terror warning
September 29, 2012
 The US Embassy in Cairo issued a terrorist threat warning on Friday for American citizens living in Egypt.
They have credible information suggesting terrorist interest in targeting US female missionaries in Egypt.
The embassy urged US citizens to havepersonal security.
The House of Representatives claims they will block $450 million in US assistance to Egypt.

September 24, 2012  Egypt court sentences 14 Islamists to death for the 2011 attacks on security forces in Sinai Peninsula.
MEANINGLESS!  WHY?  Because when an Islamic nation 'arrests' Muslims for what the west considers 'crimes,'
they are treated like royalty in often unlocked jail cells and released when the heat is off.

U.S. Taxpayers Paying to Burn Churches and Build Mosques

Read more:

The United States government continues to funnel billions of dollars into Muslim countries like Egypt.  Egypt and other so-called friendly Islamic nations are more than happy to receive our money while at the same time hating our guts and laughing at President Obama’s foolish gestures of peace.

These so-called friendly Islamic nations seem to be collectively on a mission to drive out every Christian in their lands.  Nearly every day another Christian church burns to the ground.  Pastors are tortured, beaten, imprisoned or killed.  Others Christians suffer the same fate except few of them are being imprisoned; rather they are just being beaten, tortured, raped and killed.

Egypt’s President Morsi has already announced that everyone in his country will have to convert to Islam, pay an exorbitant tax or leave the country if they are not Muslim.  With police and government forces participating in the persecution of Christians in Egypt, it seems highly unlikely that any will be allowed to survive to pay the tax.

Consequently, the billions of dollars the U.S. keeps throwing at Egypt and other Muslim countries are partially going to the people responsible for the all of the Christian persecution.

But wait, there’s more.  Besides helping to pay them to burn down churches and murder Christians, we are still in the business of rebuilding their mosques and minarets.  The U.S. Agency for International Development, operating under the U.S. State Department, is spending millions of taxpayer dollars for the Mosque Restoration Program.  The program is busy rebuilding and restoring mosques and minarets in 27 different Islamic countries.

Even though all of us are funding the mosque restoration, the State Department is not telling us how much the entire program is costing.  One project, the restoration of a 1,300 year old mosque is part of a $770 million program that also includes rebuilding Cairo’s sewer system.

That’s right, we are also paying to repair Cairo’s sewer system when there are many communities here in the U.S. that need their own sewer systems repaired and can’t afford it.  There are also many churches in the United States that are in need of repair and restoration, especially those that have been the targets of arsonists and vandalism, but we can’t afford to help them because we’re spending all our money rebuilding 1,300 year old mosques for people that hate us and want to destroy us.

If these aren’t the acts of a Muslim White House and Muslim driven State Department, I don’t know what is.  A president who allows these things to happen cannot be a Christian as he claims.  If so, I would place him in the same category as Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus in the garden, only I believe that Obama is receiving far more than 30 pieces of silver for his betrayal.

Six Things the $450 Million Aid to Egypt Will Pay For

Tue, October 2, 2012

The U.S. government is about to add $450 million to its $16 trillion debt for the sake of Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt.

According to the New York Times, the emergency cash transfer is part of a $1 billion aid package pledged in May. The original plan was to provide $190 million as soon as possible, but the declining economic conditions of Egypt convinced the Obama Administration to more than double that amount.  Another $260 million will be delivered once Egypt secures a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Times reports:

“In addition to the $1 billion in assistance, the administration is working with Egypt to provide $375 million in financing and loan guarantees for American financiers who invest in Egypt and a $60 million investment fund for Egyptian businesses. All of that comes on top of $1.3 billion in military aid that the United States provides Egypt each year (emphasis mine).”

Here are six things that American taxpayers’ money will pay for once it arrives in Egypt:

1. The Unraveling of the Peace Treaty With Israel.

The pledge by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi to honor the peace treaty with Israel means nothing. The Brotherhood’s line has always been that Israel is the one violating, and therefore nullifying, the treaty.

After a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said, “Mr. President [Morsi] has repeatedly reaffirmed, on all occasions, that Egypt continues to respect all treaties signed as long as the other party to the treaty respects the treaty itself.”

He then implied that Israel was in violation of the treaty. “…Egypt’s understanding of peace is that it should be comprehensive, exactly as stipulated in the treaty itself. And this also includes the Palestinians, of course, and its right to – their right have their own state on the land that was – the pre June 4, 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Secure America Now’s excellent new pamphlet about Morsi quotes him as saying on April 24, 2004 hat a parliamentary committee is needed “to draft a popular political program to restructure Egyptian-American relations and set a timetable to dispose the so-called peace agreement with the Zionist entity.”

There is no reason to believe that his opinion has changed, especially when the Brotherhood openly states its objective as the destruction of Israel. The Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badie, said on June 14 that Muslims are required to perform “jihad of self and money” for the sake of “imposing Muslim rule throughout beloved Palestine.”

2. Supporting Hamas.

The charter of the Hamas terrorist group states it is “one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine.” In December 2011, Hamas even changed its name to “The Islamic Resistance Movement—a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood-Palestine.” The Brotherhood has never condemned Hamas. On the contrary, it has endorsed the terrorist group at every turn and preached to the Muslim world that it is the “resistance” to Israel.

In June 2007, Morsi said, “Muslim Brotherhood support of Hamas is a support of the Palestinian resistance.” In 2011, he told CNN, “We do not use violence against anyone. What’s going on [in] the Palestinian land is resistance.”

At one of Morsi’s campaign stops, a musician performed a song with lyrics that included “brandish your weapons, say your prayers” and “Come on, you lovers of martyrdom, banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews. Come on, you lovers of martyrdom, you are all Hamas. Indeed, all the lovers of martyrdom are Hamas.”

Hamas, with good reason, believes Egypt will end cooperation with Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. Hamas chief Khaled Meshal praised the “new era” in the Egyptian-Palestinian relationship after he met with Morsi in June. The next month, Morsi told Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh that “Egypt and Palestine are one entity.”

3.  Sharia Law.

Don’t be fooled by the Brotherhood’s adoption of popular terms like “democracy.” Its senior cleric, Sheikh Yousef Qaradawi, explains that their version of “democracy” is different than that in the West. To them, democracy means the level of freedom permitted within the confines of Sharia Law.

Consider the Muslim Brotherhood’s official motto: “Allah is our objective/The Prophet is our leader/The Quran is our law/Jihad is our way/Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

On April 21, Morsi pledged his commitment to “instituting the religion of Allah” because “every aspect of life is to be Islamicized.” He even promised the radical Salafists, who are even more radical than the Brotherhood, that he’d appoint a clerical council to review all legislation to make it is in compliance with Islam as they see it. Of the 27 members of the National Council for Human Rights, 9 are Islamists, including two Salafists and the Secretary-General of the Brotherhood.

On May 13, Morsi recited the Brotherhood pledge to an adoring audience.

“The Sharia, then the Sharia and finally, the Sharia…I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution]…Allah willing, the text will truly reflect [Sharia], as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people, by the Islamic scholars, and by legal and constitutional experts,” he said.

Morsi’s government has arrested a Coptic Christian for allegedly posting the anti-Islam “Innocence of Muslims” film online. Another was sentenced to six years in prison for posting cartoons of Mohammed on Facebook. This is only the beginning. The Brotherhood follows a doctrine of "gradualism" where Sharia Law is implemented in stages. For example, Sheikh Qaradawi advised Egypt to wait five years before cutting off the hands of robbers.

On September 30, a Brotherhood preacher named Wagdy Ghoneim (who used to be an imam in California until he was arrested in 2004) called for prosecution secularists for apostasy. “If anyone tells you that he is a liberal, tell him directly that he is an infidel,” he said.

4. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism

The Brotherhood views the U.S. and Israel essentially as one unit. To them, the U.S. is secretly controlled by the anti-Muslim Zionists. In July 2004, Morsi talked about the “crisis of the Zionist and American enemy.” In 2010, Brotherhood Supreme Guide Badi preached that “resistance is the only solution against the Zio-American arrogance and tyranny.” The context of the statement clearly referred to violent jihad. He opined, “The U.S. is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise.”

Morsi has insinuated that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” on numerous occasions, claiming in 2007 that the U.S. “never presented any evidences on the identity of those who committed that incident.” This conspiracy theory almost invariably holds that “Zionist” elements within the U.S. government collaborated with Israel to carry them out.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s former Supreme Guide, Mohammed Akef, came to Ahmadinejad's defense in 2005 about “the myth of the Holocaust.” Strangely, Ahmadinejad caused a furor in the U.S. and around the world when he said the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” and denied the Holocaust but not a word is said when the Brotherhood says the exact same things.

The Brotherhood’s anti-Semitism is just as vulgar as anything that has come from Ahmadinejad’s mouth. In November 2004, Morsi said the “Quran established that the Jews are the ones with the highest degree of enmity towards Muslims” and “there is no peace with the descendants of the apes and pigs.” In July 2007, he talked about the “way to free the land from the filth of the Jews.”

The charter of Hamas is explicit in its anti-Semitism, quoting an Islamic verse that reads, “The time will not come until Muslims fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind the rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

5. Building the Caliphate

This isn’t an exaggeration. The Brotherhood and its allies won the elections in Egypt, Tunisia and Somalia. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. In Yemen, the Brotherhood’s Islah affiliate is the strongest party as the country undergoes a transition. The Brotherhood is a major force behind the rebels in Syria and the Brotherhood is gearing up to destabilize Jordan. The Sudanese regime says it is instituting full-blown Sharia Law and if it doesn’t, the Muslim Brotherhood’s affiliate may overthrow it. The Brotherhood suffered a major setback in Libya’s elections, but it remains a potent force in that country.

Resurrecting the Caliphate sounds like a fantasy but the Brotherhood is certain that it is destiny and, if you look around the region, it’s easy to see why they are confident that it will happen soon. At one of Morsi’s campaign rallies, a cleric proclaimed, “We are seeing the dream of the Islamic Caliphate come true at the hands of Mohammed Morsi” and “the capital of the Caliphate and the United Arab States is Jerusalem.” Morsi nodded.

6. Keeping the Brotherhood in Power

If American money helps the Egyptian economy succeed, it helps the Brotherhood succeed. It’s as simple as that. If Morsi succeeds in improving the economy, even if it’s because of international assistance, he gets the credit.

At the same time, Morsi is doing whatever he can to preserve the Brotherhood’s hold on power. There was an argument to be made in favor of U.S. financial assistance when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces were the real power-brokers and served as a check on the Brotherhood’s power. That is no longer the case. Morsi was able to depose the top leaders and replace them with Brotherhood supporters.

At the same time, Morsi is issuing administrative orders to shut down independent television stations. About 50 editors of state newspapers have been replaced with his allies. The state television is giving him positive coverage. The individual who was arrested for posting “Innocence of Muslims” online was also charged with insulting the President and a newspaper that criticized Morsi was confiscated, the best examples attacks on free speech you could ever ask for.

This is what Americans are paying $450 million for. And there’s no money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied.

5.0 earthquake in Mediterranean Sea felt in Israel and Egypt
October 19, 2012
Moderate earthquake rattles Egypt, felt in Israel
5.0-magnitude quake comes two days ahead of Israel’s large-scale preparedness drill.
A moderate earthquake rattled Egypt early Friday morning and was felt as far as Israel, two days before a scheduled nationwide earthquake-preparedness drill here.

The tremor, measuring a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale, occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. local time. It did not cause any injuries or damage, according to initial reports.
The epicenter of the quake was approximately 95 miles (150 kilometers) north of the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.

Egyptian TV shows president in fervent prayer as cleric delivers anti-Semitic address


Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi participated in prayers over the weekend in which the preacher urged Allah to “destroy the Jews and their supporters.”

In footage of the service from Matrouh governorate’s el-Tenaim Mosque screened on Egyptian state television on Friday, Morsi was shown in fervent prayer as cleric Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour, the local head of religious endowment, declared, “Oh Allah, absolve us of our sins, strengthen us, and grant us victory over the infidels. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate Your might and greatness upon them. Show us Your omnipotence, oh Lord.”

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Morsi could be seen mouthing “amen” to these sentiments.


Nov. 01, 2012
 Israel Today tends to have the most accurate reporting
The Muslim Brotherhood seized power in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia following the Arab Spring, and plan to do the same in Syria and Jordan.
They are the Muslim Brotherhood, the world's most influential modern Islamist organization.
What threats do they pose to Israel and Europe?

The MB was founded in Egypt in 1928 and turned into a powerful political tool, promoting the establishment of states based on Sharia Law.
Muslim Brotherhood has established branches in nearly every Arab and Muslim country, and the west.  
In Egypt and some other Arab states, the Brotherhood was viewed as a threat, so they set up in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK etc.
In U.S.A. its called CAIR.
MB organized and grew.
MB networks span Europe and North America to become the most powerful Muslim organization.
They are funded from Gulf states like Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Osama bin Laden was Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi, and called al qaeda.  al qaeda never existed.

EGYPT Sinai Harbors Terrorists
November 3, 2012  
Pay NO attention to what Muslim terror groups call themselves, its all Islam.
The Sinai peninsula is increasingly lawless. Israeli security is critically threatened.
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood demanded that Egypt regain control of security in Sinai.
Islam, al-Qaida, MB - all the SAME entity.
Its laughable to see the news break Islam down to group names.
The increased jihadi activity in Sinai is no threat to Egypt, its supported by Egypt!

President Mohammad Morsi INTENDS to amend the Camp David peace accords with Israel, probably cancel it.
Morsi is MB who are sworn to destroy Israel.
Is this the Daniel 9:27 treaty?  (He will confirm a covenant / treaty)  I dont know.

U.S. weapons are smuggled thru Libya from Sudan to jihadi groups In Sinai and Syria.
This is what the Bengazi Libya US ambassador Stevens was doing - gun running.

Mohamed Zawahiri reawakens Egyptian Islamic Jihad, said he will help mediate an end to the conflict between jihadists and the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula.
Again, this is laughable!  He was released from jail when Morsi took Egypt presidency.
Tell news guys we make peace!  Yes yes!  Tell them this - they believe anyting!
The goal of both is to implement EVIL Islamic Sharia law.  This is happening in Gaza too.

Egyptian military forces entered the Sinai October 29th.  They are NOT going after their Muslim brothers!
As the Sinai connects Egypt to both Israel and the Gaza Strip, its location is of strategic value for terrorist attacks against Israel.
A major natural gas pipeline running through the Sinai has been bombed several times.

REMEMBER - the MB plans to overrun JORDAN too.
Turkish PM Erdogan plans to visit Gaza.  This is BAD.  The Holy Bible speaks of all nations coming against Israel.
Turkey turned against Israel a couple years ago.  They became a mideast bully, leader of jihads.

Israel has no top-level contact with Morsi government
Muslim Brotherhood rise in Egypt upset bilateral relations with Israel and resulted in an effective downgrade.
Morsi cant even utter the word Israel.

Egypt's Morsi pardons all political prisoners Oct 8


Troubles Continue for Christians in Egypt as MB Majority Gov't Drafts Sharia Law


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood majority government continues to debate the phrasing used while drafting its new constitution that will more than likely have Islamic Sharia law as its foundation. A religious persecution watchdog group says the implementation of such a constitution is expected and can only mean deepening trouble for Christians in the country.

"It is hardly a surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood is now pushing Sharia as the law of the land in Egypt," said Jerry Dykstra, director of communications at Open Doors USA. "Strict Islamic law has always been its main agenda for Egypt. President Morsi attempted to disguise this before the election, saying his government would be moderate. Now the true face of extreme Islam is being unveiled to the world. The high hopes of the revolution and overthrow of Mubarak have now been replaced by the reality of another form of extremist government – an Islamist one."

Since last year's removal of longtime President Hosni Mubarak, Islamists have dominated every election and the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi is the president. However, the Brotherhood is being pressured by ultraconservatives known as Salafis to make sure Sharia is followed nearly to the letter if not entirely.

On Wednesday, The Associated Press reported that the Brotherhood was "committed to enshrining Islamic Sharia law as the main source of a new constitution."

"The principles of Sharia" are the basis of law in Egypt according to the old constitution. The Salafis want the phrasing of the new constitution to read "the rulings of Sharia." This would mean that Egypt's laws would have to mirror Islamic law as outlined by the clerics, according to AP.


November 14, 2012  
Egypt MB President Mohammed Morsi announced that Egypt would get involved if Israel continued to kill terrorists in the Gaza Strip.
This is a HUGE threat to Israel, just what Israel has feared.

Morsi said Egypt will not allow the Palestinians to be subjected to Israeli aggression, as in the past.
Israel is NOT the aggressor!!
Obama is unlikely to prevent Egypt from intervention on behalf of Hamas.
Both Obama and Morsi are MB.

Obama has been shamefully silent as dozens of rockets are fired at Israel.
Obama continues to praise the Evil Arab Spring instead of condemning it as the rise in jihad terrorism that it is.
No wonder Israels Arab neighbors are getting aggressive. They have a Muslim terrorist friend in the White House.

It is very possible, highly likely, that Egypt will entirely cancel the Israel-Egypt peace treaty - Oslo accords.

Egypt PM to visit Gaza in support of Hamas against Israel
Nov 15, 2012
 Egypt's prime minister prepared to visit the Gaza Strip on Friday in an unprecedented display of solidarity with Hamas militants embroiled in a new escalation of conflict with Israel that risks spiraling into all-out war.
Two rockets from Gaza crashed near Tel Aviv in the first such attack on Israel's commercial capital in 20 years. One fell into the Mediterranean Sea and the other in an uninhabited part of one of the Tel Aviv suburbs south of the city.

Two days of Israeli air strikes have killed 19 Palestinians, including seven militants and 12 civilians, among them six children and a pregnant woman. A Hamas rocket killed three Israelis in the town of Kiryat Malachi on Thursday morning.
The latest upsurge in the long-running conflict came on Wednesday when Israel killed Hamas' military mastermind, Ahmed Al-Jaabari, in a precision air strike on his car. Israel then began shelling the coastal enclave from land, air and sea.

Egypt takes more aggressive, and less neutral, approach to Gaza
Nov. 16, 2012
Egyptians rallied in cities across the country Friday to show solidarity with Palestinians and to support or criticize Egypt’s new Islamist government, which has enlivened the Arab world with its diplomatic maneuvers and condemnation of Israel.
President Mohamed Morsi has not stopped the fighting between Hamas and Israel, but he has emerged as a more aggressive and less neutral player than his predecessor Hosni Mubarak, who was toppled in last year’s uprising. Morsi’s engagement is a testament to the rising profile of Islamists in the region’s political realignment.

“Morsi has made it clear that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are unacceptable. He used harsher terms than Mubarak,” said Mohamed Shahin, a writer and engineer. But, with an accustomed air of resignation, he added: “I believe Morsi did all he can do at this point. Not much will change in the long run.”

Morsi has withdrawn Egypt’s ambassador from Israel, urged the U.S. to intervene to stop the bloodshed and on Friday sent his prime minister to Gaza to try to broker a cease-fire. But Morsi, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader, was quickly schooled on Egypt’s limitations and the volatile risks it faces when Hamas and Israel traded fire shortly after Prime Minister Hesham Kandil met with Gazan officials.

While many Egyptians have backed Morsi’s stance thus far, others were critical that the government has not taken sharper steps, such as threatening to cut trade with Israel. They suggest Morsi’s approach has been too measured at a time when Israel, through its military action against Hamas, may also be testing Egypt’s resolve.

“We need to exert more pressure on Israel to end this war,” said Ahmed Hassan, a small-business owner. “Sending the prime minister for a couple of hours is not enough. This is not helping the people of Gaza. The airstrikes are resuming. Egypt needs to deal with Gaza like it’s an internal affair. This is a matter of national security.”,0,3063039.story

President Morsi presents Egypt as Arab champion of Palestinians
Nov. 16, 2012
Egypt's Islamist president delivered his fiercest condemnation yet of Israel's offensive in Gaza on Friday, warning that the blood Israel sheds will be a "curse upon it" and presenting post-revolution Egypt as the new Arab champion for the Palestinians.
Mohammed Morsi spoke in a speech at a mosque after weekly Friday prayers, dramatically stepping up his rhetoric against Israel hours after his prime minister visited Gaza in a show of support for its Hamas rulers. After Friday prayers, thousands marched in Cairo in support of Palestinians.

Morsi, a veteran of the Muslim Brotherhood group that opposes Israel, has been trying to walk a middle path amid the first major crisis with Israel since he took office in late June. Many in Egypt demand that the country's first elected president take a tougher line with Israel than ousted leader Hosni Mubarak did. At the same time, Morsi feels pressure not to go too far and risk straining ties with Israel's ally, the United States.

At the same time, Morsi appears to be trying to turn the crisis to his advantage, by depicting Egypt as the Arab world's main protector of the Palestinians, after years under Mubarak, who was closely tied to Israel and opposed to the Hamas militant group.

Thousands protest in Egypt against Israeli attacks on Gaza
Nov. 17, 2012
Thousands of people protested in Egyptian cities on Friday against Israeli air strikes on Gaza and Egypt's president pledged to support the Palestinian enclave's population in the face of "blatant aggression".
Western governments are watching Egypt's response to the Gaza conflagration for signs of a more assertive stance towards Israel since an Islamist came to power in the Arab world's most populous nation.

President Mohamed Mursi is mindful of anti-Israeli sentiment among Egyptians emboldened by last year's Arab Spring uprising but needs to show Western allies his new government is no threat to Middle East peace.
His prime minister, Hisham Kandil, visited Gaza on Friday in a demonstration of solidarity after two days of strikes by Israeli warplanes targeting Gaza militants, who had stepped up rocket fire into Israel in recent weeks.

Egypt president vows to stand by Gaza
Nov. 17, 2012
 Egypt's Islamist president says his country will stand by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and demanded Israel stop its latest offensive on the Hamas-ruled territory.
Mohammed Morsi says Egypt "will not leave Gaza on its own" and warned the "aggressor to stop the bloodshed or face the wrath" of Egypt's new leadership and institutions.
Morsi spoke on Friday at a mosque near his house on the outskirts of Cairo. The sermon was his harshest condemnation yet of the Israeli offensive.
Morsi said he dispatched his prime minister to Gaza to send a clear message that Egypt supports the people there and will not tolerate the killing of civilians.
Hamas is an offshoot of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood terror group in Egypt. The Brotherhood led protests across the country on Friday against Israel.

Israel bombards Gaza Strip, shoots down rocket
Nov. 17, 2012
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel destroyed the headquarters of Hamas' prime minister and blasted a sprawling network of smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, broadening a blistering four-day-old offensive against the Islamic militant group even as diplomatic efforts to broker a cease-fire appeared to be gaining steam.

Hamas officials said a building used by Hamas for broadcasts was bombed and three people were injured. The injured were from Al Quds TV, a Lebanon-based television channel. The building is also used by foreign news outlets including Germany's ARD, Kuwait TV and the Italian RAI and others.
The Israeli military spokesman was not immediately aware of the strikes but said they were investigating.
In neighboring Egypt, President Mohammed Morsi hosted leaders from Hamas and two key allies, Qatar and Turkey, to seek a way to end the fighting.

Sinai, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and (cough) truce
Nov. 18, 2012  
 Israel launches fresh, major air-sea attack on Gaza after Hamas spurns ceasefire.
Egypt and Turkey mediate and Gaza.  Thats a joke.
Day 5 of IDF Gaza operation after daylong bargaining Saturday among Washington, Jerusalem, Cairo and Gaza failed to produce an Israel-Hamas truce.
WHY does Israel bother with any 'truce' with Muslims, the Muslims dont keep them.  Israel cant be that dumb!

Egypt and Turkey 'ceasefire' only pushed Hamas unacceptable terms.
Egypt smuggled Hamas terror chief Haniyeh out of Gaza and over to Sinai.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi decided that Haniyeh must be continuously available by phone to lead the Hamas side in the ceasefire negotiations.
This was not possible so long as the Hamas prime minister remained in Gaza.
All of Hamas leaders are hiding for fear of targeted assassination by Israel.
They have switched off their phones and electronic communications to avoid giving away their locations to Israeli surveillance.
Haniyeh was even afraid to communicate with Cairo through the Egyptian military mission in Gaza.
Moving Haniyeh to Sinai put a Hamas negotiator in place to lead a truce.

Turkey is a Hamas terror base since Obama began war in Syria.
Israel insists that a ceasefire be signed between the US, Egypt, Turkey and Israel, and exclude Hamas, which would be bound by a separate agreement with Cairo.
Israel wants the United States to act as guarantor for a ceasefire. Erdogan has invited Russian President Putin.
Hamas has rejected all of Israel's terms.  Surprise, surprise.

Israeli objectives - eliminating Hamas war arsenals and restoring peace to the population of Israel.
The ground operation will not go forward so long as there is a chance of a ceasefire unless there is escalation from Hamas or a strike that caused significant casualties.

49 Egyptian school children killed in train collision
Nov. 17, 2012
 A speeding train crashed into a bus carrying children to their kindergarten in southern Egypt on Saturday, killing at least 49, officials said. Distraught families searched for signs of their loved ones along the tracks in the aftermath of the latest disaster to hit the country's railway system.

The bus was carrying more than 50 children between 4 and 6 years old when it was hit near al-Mandara village in Manfaloot district in the province of Assiut, a security official said, adding that it appears that the railroad crossing was not closed as the train sped toward it.

If EGYPT wants to attack ISRAEL, GOD will kill its children.

Arab ministers back Egypt truce efforts for Gaza
Nov 17, 2012
CAIRO (Reuters) - Arab ministers gave their backing on Saturday to Egyptian efforts to secure a truce that would end Israel's offensive on Gaza, they said in a statement after an Arab League meeting in Cairo.
Arab foreign ministers also agreed to form a delegation to travel to the Palestinian enclave in a show of support. League chief Nabil Elaraby told reporters he would lead the team and that the trip was expected to take place in "one or two days".

Ministers meeting at the Cairo-based headquarters had said Arab states had to take practical steps to support Palestinians in Gaza.
Israel launched a massive air campaign on Wednesday with the declared goal of deterring Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip, from launching rockets that have plagued its southern communities for years.

Reuters Report Nov 17, 2012
Hamas official Ayman Taha says Israel, Gaza militants agree to Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, to go into effect at 2200 GMT

Israeli government spokesman tells CNN that truce deal with Gaza militants is not finalized, says 'ball still in play'
Senior Hamas official says no cease-fire deal with Israel, but agreement is close - @AP
Rocket strikes building in Rishon Lezion, Israel; 1 reported lightly hurt - @Jerusalem_Post

Egyptian president Morsi dials Iran on cease-fire
Nov. 21, 2012  
To get a cease-fire, Egyptian president Morsi calls Ahmadinejad, but IRAN DOES NOT want any ceasefire in Gaza!
Hamas is making demands that even the Egyptians do not agree with.
Israili PM Bibi Netanyahu said Israel is not afraid of a ground assault and are prepared for it.
It wont be a picnic.

Egypt claims most of the truce solutions had been agreed by both sides. But Israel wants the agreement implemented in two stages: a cease-fire within 24 hours, followed by negotiations for the easing of Israeli restrictions on Gaza. Hamas demands an immediate cease-fire and Israel must lift its restrictions on Gaza and end its targeted assassinations. BAD DEAL for ISRAEL!

Hellary Clinton arrives in J'lem as Gaza truce is postponed
Following reports of an imminent cease-fire, Hamas official says Egyptian efforts to broker a truce held up because the Israeli government has yet to respond to proposals.
Egypt has no plans to announce truce yet.
Cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas delayed by at least one day.  (OP - or a week or a month or a year or)

Hellary Clinton meets with Abbas, Netanyahu
Clinton discussed ceasefire agreement with Hamas and Israel.


Day after president brokered Gaza truce, Egypt's Brotherhood leader slams peace with Israel

CAIRO - The leader and top cleric of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has denounced peace efforts with Israel, urging holy war to liberate Palestinian territories.

Mohammed Badei's call Thursday comes just a day after Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who also hails from the Brotherhood, succeeded in brokering a truce to end eight days of Israel-Hamas fighting.

Under the deal, Gaza's ruling Hamas is to stop rocket fire into Israel while Israel is to cease airstrikes and allow the opening of the strip's long-blockaded borders.

Badei says "jihad is obligatory" for Muslims and that peace deals with Israel are a "game of grand deception." He says there's been enough negotiations, the "enemy knows nothing but language of force."

The Brotherhood and its members don't recognize Israel and refuse to hold direct talks with Israelis.

Gaza deal seals major role for Egypt president Morsi
November 22. 2012
 The Gaza cease-fire deal reached Wednesday marks a startling trajectory for Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi: an Islamist leader who refuses to talk to Israelis or even say the country's name mediated for it and finally turned himself into Israel's de facto protector.

The accord inserts Egypt to an unprecedented degree into the conflict between Israel and Hamas, establishing it as the arbiter ensuring that militant rocket fire into Israel stops and that Israel allows the opening of the long-blockaded Gaza Strip and stops its own attacks against Hamas.

In return, Morsi emerged as a major regional player. He won the trust of the United States and Israel, which once worried over the rise of an Islamist leader in Egypt but throughout the week-long Gaza crisis saw him as the figure most able to deliver a deal with Gaza's Hamas rulers.

"I want to thank President Morsi for his personal leadership to de-escalate the situation in Gaza and end the violence," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who met Morsi on Wednesday, said at a Cairo press conference with Egypt's foreign minister announcing the accord.
Morsi and his aides sided openly with Hamas, accusing Israel of starting the assault and condemning its bombardment.

Egypt's President Mursi assumes sweeping powers
Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi has issued a declaration banning challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions.
The declaration also says no court can dissolve the constituent assembly, which is drawing up a new constitution.

Nov. 14 debka headline (without link) reported
America Will Build a Virtual Security Radar Fence to Secure the Suez Canal

Isaiah Chapter 19 is a very interesting read.  EXCERPTS
Behold, the LORD rides upon a swift cloud, and shall come into Egypt.  God says -
I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians and they shall fight every one against his brother. And the spirit
of Egypt shall fail. And I will give the Egyptians over into the hand of a cruel lord and a fierce king shall rule over them.

Egypt Mursi being called pharaoh

Rallies for and against Morsi
Nov. 23, 2012
 Demonstrators for and against sweeping new powers assumed by Egypt's Islamist president are gathering in different parts of Cairo, a clear show of the deep polarization plaguing the country.
President Mohammed Morsi's decree puts himself above the judiciary and also exempts the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly writing Egypt's new constitution from judicial review. Liberal and secular members earlier walked out of the body, charging it would impose strict Islamic practices.
Other articles give Morsi power to take measures to protect the revolution. Rights groups say these are like new emergency laws.
Protests following Friday midday prayers are set to be led by prominent pro-democracy figures, like Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the U.N.'s nuclear agency.
Muslim Brotherhood backers were gathering in front of the presidential palace northern Cairo to support Morsi.

EGYPT - Israel Truce November 22, 2012
Warnings that peace deals with Egypt and Jordan could collapse led Israel to end Hamas assault with no ground offensive.
The MB are in power in Egypt and Gaza, seek power in Syria with backing from Obama, and are going after Jordan.  Jordan King Abdullah is under MB threat and has been for some months.  Therefore Israel has ALREADY LOST BOTH EGYPT and JORDAN.
If I know that, Israel knows it too, so why didnt they go into Gaza on the ground?
The TRUTH lies deeper than this.

Israeli Mossad chief received worrying messages from US and Egypt which played a central role in decision to agree to a ceasefire.
Egyptian president Morsi refused US request to speak to Netanyahu during negotiations with Hamas.

Israel received warnings from Washington and Cairo that its peace treaties with both Egypt and Jordan would be endangered if it sent ground forces into Gaza to confront Hamas.
SOURCE:  Times

Muslim Brotherhood doesnt recognize Israel
Egypt and Hamas Muslim Brotherhood do not recognize Israel.
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader denounced peace efforts with Israel and urged holy war to 'liberate Palestinian territories.'
FACT - The land of Israel belongs to JEWS, not Arab pests.  There are no 'palestinians' - Yassir Arafat made that name up.
The Brotherhood sometimes delivers conflicting messages, depending on its audience.

Morsi's arrogance is disgusting
Poll - Half of Israelis think government should have continued Gaza operation.
Egypt claims ground op into Gaza by Israel would end Oslo peace accord.
But that ended when Mubarak was removed

Egypt warned ground op would endanger peace treaty
Prior to cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, Egypt threatened that an IDF ground operation into Gaza would endanger the peace treaty between Jerusalem and Cairo.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi refused to speak directly with Israeli representatives during the cease-fire negotiations, despite the US urging him to do so.
The Hamas / MB charter forbids speaking to Israel, they say it does not exist.

January  2011  The people miss the pharaohs

Protests after pharaoh Mursi assumes powers in Egypt
Nov. 23, 2012  

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi's decision to assume sweeping powers caused fury amongst his opponents and prompted violent clashes in central Cairo and other cities on Friday.
Police fired tear gas near Cairo's Tahrir Square, heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, where thousands demanded Mursi quit and accused him of launching a "coup". There were violent protests in Alexandria, Port Said and Suez.
Opponents accused Mursi, who has issued a decree that puts his decisions above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected, of being the new Mubarak and hijacking the revolution.

Mursi's aides said the presidential decree was intended to speed up a protracted transition that has been hindered by legal obstacles but Mursi's rivals condemned him as an autocratic pharaoh who wanted to impose his Islamist vision on Egypt.

Nov. 24,  2012  
GOOD, burn it down!  Judgment!  Praise today, curse tomorrow
Egyptians clash over Morsi presidential power grab.
Thousands clash in the streets of Cairo and other cities in largest protests since 2011 revolution.
Thousands of opponents of Egypt Islamist president burned several offices of the Muslim Brotherhood, sparked by his move to grant himself sweeping powers.

Critics of Morsi accused him of seizing dictatorial powers with his decrees a day earlier that make him immune to judicial oversight and give him authority to take any steps against threats to the revolution.
(I see Barak Obama doing the same thing in the USA.)

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for mass protests in Cairo on Tuesday in support of President Morsi's decisions - statement via @Reuters


Egypt top judges blast Morsi
Nov. 25, 2012  
Sunday  (I combined various TV and online info)
Egypt calls for massive demonstration on Tuesday (Nov. 27), those in support and those against Morsi to converge in Tahrir Square.
Egypt's highest body of judges has called President Morsi's decrees an unprecedented assault on the independence of the judiciary and its rulings.
The Supreme Judicial Council says they regret the declarations President Mohammed Morsi issued (Nov. 22) Thursday.

The council is packed with judges appointed by former President Hosni Mubarak. It regulates judicial promotions and is chaired by the head of the Court of Cassation.
The judges released their statement following an emergency meeting Saturday, a day after tens of thousands of Egyptians demonstrated to denounce Morsi's decision. The primary court in Alexandria and the judges club there announced Saturday they and public prosecutors have suspended all work until the declaration is withdrawn.

The edicts give Morsi near-absolute power and immunity from appeals in courts for any decisions or laws he declares until a new constitution and parliament is in place.
Morsi’s political opponents, members of leftist, liberal, socialist parties and others, called on their supporters to march en masse to Tahrir Square on Tuesday
(Mubarak outlawed the MB as terrorists, and now they are in power.) Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  Next
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