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Egypt, Lebanon want a nuclear plant


Egypt, Lebanon want a nuclear plant

August 25, 2010
Egypt: 1st nuclear plant site announced
Mubarak orders construction of nuclear plant on Mediterranean coast

CAIRO Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has instructed the government to start building the country's first nuclear power plant at a site on the Mediterranean coast, ending a year of controversy.
Mubarak's decision puts an end to attempts by business tycoons with strong ties to the ruling family to build sea resorts on the el-Dabaa site. The whole coast is known for its attractive beaches.

Presidential spokesman Suleiman Awwad said in a Wednesday statement that Mubarak reached the decision after discussions with members of the Supreme Council of Nuclear Energy.
Mubarak first announced plans to launch a number of nuclear power plants in 2007. He pledged to work closely with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency and said Egypt was not seeking to develop nuclear weapons.,7340,L-3943903,00.html

Dont trust UN / UNIFIL to protect Israel.  They are terrorists.
This photo is the Hellzballah terrorists flag flying next to the UN flag -
AT THE UN HEADQUARTERS in southern Lebanon!


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