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Ebola is a HOAX! * Is Ebola a hoax?


Ebola is a HOAX!  *  Is Ebola a hoax?

I make NO claim for this thread - either way.
Read, discern for yourself.

Internet censorship
October 13, 2014
 Mainstream stories are being removed from the internet.
Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October.
What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg. Ebola virus will cripple EMS and hospitals.  Be prepared to self quarantine yourselves if you experience flu like symptoms. Do not venture out as EMS & hospitals will be overwhelmed.
There is speculation that this DallasEbola case is not Ebola. DART teams were told months ago they would be activated in October.
*  I include conspiracy with my main EBOLA thread or I will lose track of it.
I just dont know where to put it all.  Several sources saying Ebola is a HOAX!


EBOLA virus information, threatens U.S.A. and the world


Internet censorship, many pages

Question  Question     Idea     Question  Question

Star Trek GREEN technology!
Xenex UV light Germ-Zapping Robot

UV light robot kills Ebola in two minutes
October 13, 2014
NaturalNews -   Why doesn't every hospital have one of these?
This equipment to neutralize / kill the virus has existed since 2010.
There's already a technology available that can kill Ebola in just two minutes in hospitals, quarantine centers, commercial offices and even public schools.

It's called the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot, and it was invented by a team of Texas doctors whose company is based on San Antonio.

Xenex  uses pulsed xenon-generated UV light to achieve advanced environmental cleaning of healthcare facilities.  Because ultraviolet light destroys the integrity of the RNA that viruses are made of, it renders viruses "dead."
Xenex destroys Ebola on surfaces in just two minutes, zapping them with a specific wavelength of UV light at concentrations that are 25,000 times higher than natural sunlight.
Kill Ebola with electricity and UV light, no toxic chemicals needed

Ebola like most other viruses are quickly destroyed by UV light.
That's why Ebola likes to spread in dark places where sun dont shine.
Ebola is a vampire virus that feeds off human blood but shuns sunlight.

Xenex leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and requires no chemical manufacturing plant to manufacture. This is truly "light medicine" because it disinfects using specific frequencies of light.

Studies touted by the manufacturer appear to show extraordinary disinfection results spanning both bacterial superbugs and viral strains:

- 57% reduction in MRSA at Moses Cone
- 53% reduction in C.diff infections at Cooley Dickenson
- 50% reduction in bacterial contamination at Cambridge Health Alliance
- 30% reduction in C.diff at the MD Anderson Cancer Center
- 62% reduction in microbial load at the St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Already in 250 hospitals and growing.
The Xenex UV robot is already being used in about 250 hospitals. That number is likely to increase dramatically due to the current global Ebola outbreak.
The base price of the Xenex unit is around $100,000, and the unit pays for itself very quickly by preventing expensive infections. It can disinfect a typical hospital room in about 10 minutes, and it comes with organization and scheduling software that allows hospital staff to keep track of which rooms have been treated.

I lightly edited.  I am seeing and hearing Ebola may be a HOAX.
I know enough not to mock, but I am checking.  I wanted to post this quickly.
Some of you out there probly have hospital contacts.
This is the FIRST article I have posted here. would NOT allow me to post there.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
October 13, 2014  
-   They know more than they are telling us!
Dallas Ebola News Conference, read between the words!
The stupid Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins, entered the home of Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan UNPROTECTED.
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins escorted Duncan's family out of the apartment Friday October 3, 2014 personally, while wearing no protective gear.  WHY isnt he in quarantine?
( )

Jenkins and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings know MUCH MORE about this 'Ebola outbreak' in Texas then they’re telling us.  By the end of this video, the doctor speaking is nearly pulled off of the stage - WHY? - for speaking too much truth?


“Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross is spreading it with vaccines

Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who got shots from the red cross.
Ebola allows access to an entire area simultaneously.

Nana Kwame wrote:
People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa.

“Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”.
The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is
EBOLA is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross.
That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth.

Reason 1
This vaccine implemented sickness being called Ebola was introduced into West Africa for the end goal of getting troops on the ground in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

America was just trying to get into Nigeria for Boko Haram, but here ARE NO GIRLS MISSING.  
So a new reason was needed to get troops into Nigeria and steal the new oil reserves they have discovered.

Reason 2
Sierra Leone is the World’s Largest Supplier of Diamonds.
The West will not pay a fair wage so miners have been on strike.
A reason was also needed to get U.S. troops on the ground in Sierra Leone to force an end to the diamond miners strikes.

Reason 3
Africans are refusing to visit the Red Cross.
U.S. troops have been sent in to FORCE vaccinations onto those Africans who are not foolish enough to take them willingly.
3000 troops are being sent in to make sure that this “poison” continues to spread, because again it is only spread through vaccination.
Troops will force these vaccinations.

Reason 4
The Ebola vaccine is the pandemic, not a virus.

EBOLA is a psyop,  a Hoax
11 August 2014  
Before  you dismiss this, LOOK at the pictures and read their captions.
The West African Ebola outbreak which has made it to the Western world is a fake and a hoax. The photographic evidence does not support the existence of a real outbreak and, rather, demonstrates the degree of the fraud.
What is surely fraudulent is the claim of there are active cases of Ebola in the Western world. This is entirely fake; there are no US cases nor any cases in Europe, whether Eastern or Western.
There is no doubt about it this is a psyop. The Spanish patient is non-existent. That same is true of the US patients. It’s a complete fake. The evidence from Spain proves it. Fake beyond belief, the whole claim of cases of Ebola being transported to Western countries is a terminal lie.
These are military men. There is no way this could be the case in a real epidemic; there is no need for such a military escort for a mere epidemic case.
Oddest photo is hazmat suit saluting an ambulance.

The RAPE of Africa

Truth and Deceptions
Some alternative news sites hate Jews, Israel.  Read them skepticly but read them.  Truth and lies are so intermixed they are nearly inseparable.  Over time the Lord will sort it all out.  

Ebola in the United States: The Probability of Fraud
October 28, 2014
-  The U.S. government is lying about certain core aspects of the current Ebola outbreak.  One core aspect consists in the idea that the current, never-before encountered strain of Ebola we are now dealing with is more likely to be aerosolized than has been acknowledged by the U.S. government.  Another core aspect consists in the proposition that the current outbreak is attributable to U.S. sponsored bioterror.

Ebola 2014 is U.S. sponsored bioterror, is aerosolized fraud?
U.S. Ebola cases is unlikely to be true, fraud is in play.

Dr, Kent Brantly shares the same blood type with 3 U.S. citizens purportedly stricken with Ebola, Nick Sacra, NBC Mukpo, and nurse Nina Pham.  Dr. Angela Hewitt remarked, “it’s not a likely scenario that he would again have the same blood type.”

There is very little reason to believe that Nina Pham ever contracted Ebola.  (or the dog or nurse Vinson.)

The CDC asserts that Nina Pham was infected due to a breach of protocol.  
however, there is very little reason to believe that Pham was infected.
The only evidence we have been given that Pham was infected with Ebola is that a positive test result was returned.  A false positive is a probability.

This is very good, very long.  I pulled excerpts.  I myself have had multiple questions from the start.


Ebola hoax
The Ebola virus is a genetically modified organism and was developed in US bio-warfare laboratories in West Africa.
Ebola hoax created to justify imposing martial law in US.
Ebola is being used to justify sending troops to Africa.

Professor James Henry Fetzer said, The situation with Ebola is very strange, because there are multiple indications that it’s some kind of fraud or hoax or scam being perpetrated on the American people.

Kaci Hickox, a nurse who just returned from Sierra Leone has condemned the US government for a 21-day mandatory quarantine.  She is exposed as an Obama supporter - and a CDC officer.

Zombie Apocalypse
October 28, 2014
 DO NOT get vaccinated!!
A nanobot bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines, which will eat your cells.
Nanobot inserts DNA into your cells which instructs your own cells to produce more copies of itself and THAT is how it replicates.

The globalists may use a phony Ebola outbreak to scare the people into accepting shots laced with T4 nanobots, with everyone receiving the shot within a short period of time.

Its unfair to compare EBOLA to any other virus - for a list of reasons.  That said, I too am tired of ALL media hype, lies, and deceptions.  There is doubt 'ebola victims' are who we think they are.  That squawking Hickok nurse is an Obamite and CDC officer.  The entire ebola scene is staged, we are unpaid actors in their play.

666 Mark of the beast, Ken Peters vision
In his videos it seems he saw this ebola hoax


           October 28, 2014 commentary, analysis

If I call the entire EBOLA hype a hoax, false, phony, unreal, people will think me nuts!  Yet, so many things have given me pause since Brantly, the first 'ebola victim' appeared in USA.

Why did he climb out of the ambulance himself and walk into the hospital?
Why did Nina Pham look so good after supposedly having something as serious as ebola?
So many whys, so much does not make sense.  I too thot about blood types.  I too thot Duncan's family would have become ill.  I have had many more questions than this during the past few months.


Nanno / NANO technology
What does 'TAGGED' mean?
Does this mean they put a tiny tracking sticker on your coat and it relays where you are to them?
Can we or they take it out?  NO

That testimony from a man who claims he escaped from an illuminati family is interesting.

Ephesians 2:2  Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

Is Ebola a Hoax?

Hi, Is this true? Ebola is a Hoax? If it is not true and then they are just scaring other people for not being truthful about Ebola information. Anyway, whatever it is, Ebola rumors stopped for awhile because of an outbreak disease in the Middle East which is so called "MERS"

I don't think ebola is a hoax, no - it's b/c the NWO-controlled MSM has been instructed to keep a low profile on reporting it. Forum Index -> Misc
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