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Dutch Sinse Earth Reports
May 2, 2015
I was just introduced to him.  I have heard of him before but have not followed him.  Today I subscribed to him.
I am a little overwhelmed with all the earth activity across USA and around the world.  Still another LARGE quake expected in Nepal.

Earthquake Volcano Report
May 2, 2015
-  Dutch Sinse
Dutch Sinse predicts quakes south of Los Angeles.
2015 earth report - this is worth listening to!
Quake hits at 22 minute mark - as he is giving  May 1, 2015 earth report

Indonesia volcano
May 2, 2015
-  Large Eruption at Mount Sinabung in Indonesia
New fissure opening

Volcano erupts off Oregon coast
Apr 30, 2015
  I've seen quake activity in that area

Dutch Sinse

USA granting rights and practices to HOMOSEXUAL SIN
results in the land itself rising up against the peoples in the nation!

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, even the land was defiled so the land vomited out its inhabitants. If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

OREGON quakes

NEVADA quakes

California and Japan Fall into the Sea, 1937 Vision

I saw the Tribulation * Ken Peters

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

Final *FINAL!* WARNINGS to America

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


TV2 aired Dutch's Oregon volcano puffs April 30

2.6 earthquake E of Spirit Lake, Idaho
May 3, 2015 -  That is too small to be felt, BUT, after that line of 'extinct' volcanoes sent up plumes May 1, eesidents in the Pacific NW we need to keep an eye out!

Mt.Bachelor Volcano Oregon

Tweets - ‏@johnseach April 25 - May 3

Sulphur dioxide plume from eruption of #Calbuco, Chile volcano crosses South Indian Ocean, covers large area of South Africa.

#Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. Lava lake overflowing summit crater. Exciting development.

#Sinabung volcano, #Sumatra. Dense ash emission and pyroclastic flows.

#Calbuco #volcano, Chile. Ash plume 10 nautical miles wide extending 60 nm SSE of volcano.

New Zealand has several volcanoes


Recent volcano and earthquake report
May 5, 2015
-  Dahboo7  -  Undersea Volcano Erupts Off Oregon.  Magma on the move.
Axial Seamount, an active undersea volcano off the Oregon Coast began a new eruption.
The seafloor dropt 8 feet.  The volcano is located along the boundary between two tectonic plates — the Pacific Plate and the Juan de Fuca plate — about 300 miles west of Oregon.

I wonder how big of a role CERN is playing, FWIW.

The pieces are really coming together now. There's just so much going on, that it's really hard to keep up with now.

Thank you for posting these news items. I'm still trying to find a decent news site, b/c Yahoo is just over-runned with cesspool worldliness now.

yahoo and all main media including all talk radio are controlled by the Beast.
You must be on th internet to find any droplet of fact
and the internet is a very weedy garden !

Large sinkhole caves in at Boone Dam in Tennessee
May 5, 2015  
Dahboo7 -  Sinkhole has sunk further, we have water coming through dam upstream of nuclear plants.  Continued flow could destabilize dam, Section caved in.
Everything below 160 feet will be affected if the Boone Dam goes.

AND west TN in new madrid fault area had a small quake - entire NMFZ been shaking - on or near - all the way from Michigan to the Gulf.  Boone Reservoir is located on the South Fork Holston River in northeast Tennessee.

Millions of dead sea creatures wash up on USA West Coast
May 4, 2015
-  Millions of creatures are washing ashore on the West Coast of the United States. Wind-sailors, a species similar to jellyfish, are washing ashore from California all the way to Washington state.

Omen of death
Since January 2011 various species have been dying en masse.

California pressure
May 8, 2015  
-  May 1 - 8 earthquakes reveals tremendous seismic pressure building in the Southwest / West coast of the United States.  Movement begins around MULTIPLE dormant volcanoes along the US West coast.
Underwater eruptions are occurring off the West coast of Oregon.
Mono Lake Supervolcano earthquakes in east central California along the Nevada border.

3.7M earthquake near Mount Baker volcano in Washington State, May 7 2015:

May 9, 2015
-  West Yellowstone dormant volcanic activity rising.
MAY 9 a 3.0 earthquake occurred at the Westernmost portion of the upper Yellowstone magma chamber.
May 8th earthquakes in California at dormant volcanic locations.
Volcanic eruptions occurring off the Oregon coast.
The magma chamber extends far West into Idaho, and North into Montana.

Hundreds flee Mount Karangetang volcano
May 9, 2015
-  Large eruption of Mount Karangetang in Sulawesi Indonesia, over 500 people evacuated.

Volcano activity in Indonesia follows announcements that Bulusan Volcano in the Philippines is showing signs of eruption  as well as Mount Hakone in Japan showing signs after being dormant for 800 years!
May 8 there were 11 eruptions in one day at Sakurajima Volcano in South Japan.
Clearly the West Pacific is on the move.


4.5 earthquake WSW of Pahala, Hawaii
May 9, 2015


Now it's come to a point where there's SO many, that some of it is going unnoticed!

Again, thank you CJ for keeping us up to date on all this - all glory to God!

May 12, 2015
dutch sinse is warning Japan and Pacific of quake-volcano serious activity

Volcanic activity worldwide during May
May 13, 2015
-  Things are getting rather active seismically in May.
New reports and video of eruptions in Japan, and Nicaragua, as well as lava lake draining occurring in Hawaii.
The past 30 days, from April 14 to May 13, 2015 clearly shows major volcanic activity taking place.
Multiple large events in a short amount of time.

      PAY ATTENTION -  May  2015

New York state bans fracking
May 16, 2015
-  This is huge news, it is a seismic threat.
New York State is set to fully ban the process of hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus shale deposit.
The ban is being set due to the threat of earthquakes, and methane plume releases.
New York state is worried about Methane plume releases, and air quality reduction caused by the fracking process.

The state of New York had a very good reason to be concerned about Methane, as we saw out in Colorado , the fracking operations can cause MAJOR air quality issues via large methane releases.

Fracking made Oklahoma more seismically active than California in 2014.
The process of hydraulic fracturing is causing major earthquake activity in several other states, including Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico, and California.

NY  quakes

Just because I am reporting this DOES NOT mean I am in full agreement!

May 15, 2015 -  4 quakes along Alaska Aleutian arc of islands
4.7 was the strongest

May 15, 2015
-  Nine injured and homes damaged in a hailstorm in southern Germany. There were reports of hailstones the size of golf balls and 75mph winds.  Augsburg had a tornado.


May  2015
-  Kilauea volcano lava lake drops out of public view as the summit of Kilauea volcano continues to deflate.  The rise – and occasional overflow – of the lava lake coincided with a steep inflation at the summit, as recorded by continuously operating electronic tiltmeters. But this weekend, that inflationary trend reversed, and the lava lake began to recede.

HAWAII Mauna Loa
May 2015
 –  Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano on planet Earth, having most recently erupted in 1984.  In recent months, the volcano has shown signs of unrest.  Seismicity at Mauna Loa remains elevated in several parts of the volcano.

4.5 Earthquake Shakes Big Island May 9

May 16, 2015 there are still earthquakes rattling Hawaii

5.4 quake Pakistan May 14, 2015

Himalayas dropped by 3 feet in Nepal quake

40 Volcanoes erupting, most around the Ring of Fire.  Thats a lot!  A lot of earthquake activity as well.  Nepal was hit in April by the worst earthquake that it had seen in 80 years, and the Himalayas actually dropped by 3 feet.  Earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are happening more frequently.

Earthquakes, volcanoes weather

Cascades Volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens 1980

This is a good video of the events and people surrounding this event.

JAPAN Mount Hakone
May 17, 201
5 -  Hakone hasnt erupted in 800 years.  Its risen 4 inches during May, a threat of eruption is growing rapidly.  Japan closed the area around Mount Hakone.  Ground swelling in the no-entry zone on Mount Hakone.  Much similarity to Mt St Helens, Oregon USA in 1980.

Cascades Volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens 1980
This is a good video of the events and people surrounding this event.
The volcano WARNED over a month before it blew - take heed

New Japan volcano island
May 17, 2015 -  Nishinoshima
, a brand new island emerging off the coast of Japan offers scientists a rare opportunity to study how life begins to colonise barren land.  An active volcano poked its head above the waves in November 2013 abiyt 620 miles south of Tokyo.
Nishinoshima is currently almost all bare rock, formed from cooling lava.
But it will one day have plant and animal life as nature moves.


Cascades volcano may pose a threat
May 17, 2015 -  Few notice Glacier Peak
in the northern Cascades in Snohomish County Washington state near the Seattle area.  Glacier has a record of violent, even extreme eruptions.
Glacier Peak lahars can reach Puget Sound by following the Skagit and Stillaguamish rivers.
There is only one seismometer on the west flank of Glacier Peak.
4 more to be placed there in 2016 to detect magma on the move.
Geologist Jim Vallance remembers the May 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.
So do I, see this 45 minute video of St Helens.

Cascades Volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens 1980
This is a good video of the events and people surrounding this event.
The volcano WARNED over a month before it blew - take heed

Fort Stockton fault
May 18, 2015
-  A noteworthy and rare 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Fort Stockton Texas at a fracking operation.
This is the THIRD noteworthy earthquake to strike Texas over the past 10 days.  Two 4.0 earthquakes, and now this 3.1.
Fort Stockton is the location of a new unexpected fault line which opened up at the SURFACE, and extends several miles South towards the border of Mexico.
Video reports, photos on webpage

Fort Stockton fault

Idaho quake tied to Yellowstone
May 19, 2015
-  The Yellowstone magma chamber is showing earthquake activity due to pressure from the Pacific Northwest.

3.0 quake Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming May 18, 2015 -  
3.2 quake Challis, Idaho

May 18 Yellowstone Supervolcano showed earthquake activity across the whole magma chamber.
Two volcanic earthquakes have struck Idaho and Wyoming over the past 12 hours, both related to the volcanic chambers below the Yellowstone Super-Volcano.

Both seismic events occurred directly along the line of the Yellowstone Magma chamber.  One of the earthquakes struck directly inside of Yellowstone national park.  Yellowstone underground magma chamber reaches West into Idaho and North into Montana.

Multiple dormant volcanoes show earthquake activity during May all along the West coast of the United States.  Glacier Peak Volcano in Washington State is now being monitored for possible eruption.
Videos and graphs





4.1 earthquake north Bay area California
May 22, 2015 -  Napa Valley
, NE of Yountville, N of Napa,  SW of Sacramento
It was enough to shake bottles under the bar of a restaurant in Yountville.

Earthquake / volcano forecast
May 22, 2015
-   Watch along the Coast of the Pacific Northwest, Washington State to BC, since it did NOT move this past week, movement should occur over the next 7 days.
Watch south of Baja California near Mexico City for a possible large earthquake.

Turkey and Greece keep watch for 6.0M+ earthquake activity.

New volcanic eruptions should pop off in Chile again and a large earthquake should strike Colombia into Panama (above 6.0M)

East coast United States now needs to be on SERIOUS watch for either a swarm of earthquakes, or a single larger event from Virginia North to South Quebec / New Brunswick. Could either be a series of smaller swarms, or a single event above 4.0M.

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas can expect the swarms to spread, Oklahoma + Kansas due for 4.0M+ earthquakes.

Kent earthquake shakes homes
May 22, 2015 -  A 4.3 earthquake E of London
,  SW of Ramsgate, UK.
A 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Kent, eipcenter near Sandwich, depth of 15km (9.5 miles).
Residents felt it in Margate, Canterbury and Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Residents said:
I heard this massive crash and then the whole house started to shake.
Plates came off the wall, doors came open - it was all very frightening.
It seemed to go on for ages but it was about 5 seconds.

May 16-22 - a 3.3 magnitude struck the English channel, and a 3.4 magnitude struck Belgium.  Now a 4.0 magnitude has struck Southern UK along the English channel.

I was in Belgium for a couple of months 20 years ago - I don't think EQs are common at all there.

Yeah, earthquakes in diverse places now!

Holy Mathew 24 batman!
May 23, 2015
-  Major seismic unrest all over the world - including USA the past 48 hours.
Multiple locations including several rare areas which don’t normally see noteworthy movement, such as the 4.0 quake in South England or the 5.4 quake near Las Vegas Nevada.  A 7.0M struck near Papua New Guinea, as well as movement across the Philippines, South Japan, and the coast of China.
This is a tremendous amount of activity to see in one 24 hour time period.

The areas which have seen movement need to be on watch for additional nearby activity, in the case of Nevada we should be watching the West coast for movement in the watch zones over the next 5-6 days.

Earthquake forecast from May 21-31

Matthew 24 and Luke 21 speak of earthquake judgments

4.0 earthquake Pratt, Kansas
May 23, 2015
-  A rare 4.7 magnitude earthquake has struck South Central Kansas at a fracking operation.  This is one of the larger earthquakes in Kansas state history.

Does fracking cause earthquakes
Billionaire oil trader Boone Pickens doesn’t think fracking causes earthquakes.
A lot of shaking has been going on in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Geologists say waste water disposal wells from fracking are largely to blame.  Pickens doesn’t buy it.  The epicenters are on the monitoring devices they’re at 25 thousand feet down.  Injection water in those wells are 4 or 5 thousand feet and your fracking at 10 thousand feet in the horizontal wells we drill.

May 24, 2015 dutchsinse
-  An earthquake in Washington State near Glacier Peak Volcano.
While small in magnitude, its a sign of greater seismic unrest across the Pacific Northwest.
The unrest is showing up at multiple dormant volcanoes across the Western United States
I made a full website post a few days ago regarding Glacier Peak having new monitoring equipment installed.

Just a few days ago, before this new volcanic earthquake movement began, we were already seeing multiple volcanic earthquakes show activity up the whole of the West coast of the United States.
This earthquake near Glacier Peak follows a series of other volcanic related earthquakes over the past week(s).

There’s an ancient (dormant) butte volcano at the location of the Las Vegas, Nevada Earthquake.  
You can make out the old undersea lava flows from the small Butte volcano there.
video, pics

May 24, 2015
-  Surrounding ground is reported to have swelled over 4 inches in just 1-2 weeks time (12 cm).  A large swelling below this long dormant volcano indicates possible near term eruption.

Yellowstone trail closed
May 24, 2015
-  Hiking trails around Yellowstone, and parts of Grand Tetons off limits to hikers.
This made international news.
These trail closures are around Yellowstone supervolcano.
Volcanoes steam plumes occurring across Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state, Oregon, and California have been erupting daily for the past several days, with earthquakes.
A large steam eruption May 23 across Idaho and Wyoming.
Videoes and pics on link

2 heavily used trails in Yellowstone and Grand Teton closed

YELLOWSTONE PARK earthquakes, Volcano

6.4 earthquake Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
May 24, 2015
-  A rare 6.4 earthquake has struck the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
This does not normally see much 6.0M+ activity.
We were watching the Canary Islands, and Azores for movement.
Watch the earthquake forecast video.

Quebec earthquake
May 24, 2015
-  dutchsinse forecast swarms of small earthquakes in South Quebec, Ontario Canada and we see South Quebec earthquake activity.  2 seismic events struck at the Quebec-USA border - a magnitude 2.3 followed by s a 2.1 magnitude.  This comes after an earthquake May 22 in Maine, for a total of 3 East coast earthquakes in the past 2 days.
The entire United States is having seismic unrest from the West coast all the way to the East coast.
There is Global earth activity currently taking place.
(Light edit)

CANADA earthquakes

Galapagos Islands, Wolf Island volcano
May 25, 2015  Ecuador
-  A large eruption at Wolf Island volcano, Isabela, in the Galapagos.
An eruption seen by passing ships has made international news.
Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.
Watching for volcanic eruptions to take place in Central America near Costa Rica, into Colombia.

Wolf has erupted for the first time since 1982, producing both lava fountains and lava flows.

The images show a fairly large volcanic plume.
The eruption is coming from a new fissure on the southeast flanks of Wolf.
Some of the settlements on Isabela may get minor ash fall from the plume.
The explosions from the start of the eruption were captured on the nearest seismometer (20 km away)

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake 14 km NE of Darwin #volcano, Galapagos Islands. @johnseach

Guatemala, Ecuador earthquakes, volcanoes

Old dormant volcanoes earthquakes in Nevada
May 27, 2015 -  Pressure is building in the Southwest United States
Over the past week a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck a dormant volcanic butte near Las Vegas Nevada.
May 26 had an earthquake swarm there.  Several long dormant volcanic buttes in the area of the epicenter.

The rocks atop these small buttes indicate an eruptive past.
The location of the larger 5.4M earthquake appears to be 2 old undersea volcanoes less than a mile away.

These dormant volcanic buttes can be seen across the landscape.  
They are showing movement after several other dormant volcanoes saw activity along the West coast over the past week (including Mount Hood, Glacier Peak, Mammoth Mountain, Mono Lake, + Salton Sea).

Three different 3.0M+ earthquakes have struck in the past hour since originally posting this at 940pm CDT May 26, 2015
Pics of buttes on link

California, Nevada Quake swarm
May 27, 2015
-  Quake swarm over the past 24 hours at multiple dormant volcanoes in California, and Nevada.
Northern California seismic activity very close to Mount Lassen volcano, with a M3.0 earthquake striking next to a chain of smaller nearby volcanic buttes.

Further South in California, just across the border in Baja Mexico (Gulf of California), another series of dormant buttes showed seismic activity in the same few hours time.

Just like the volcanoes in Northern California, these smaller buttes are part of a greater volcanic complex.  There is an old super-volcano located in Baja Mexico.

There were earthquakes at the dormant volcanoes in both California and near Las Vegas, Nevada.
This seismic unrest is related to greater movement in the region, and is a sign of something to watch as a gauge for larger earthquake unrest to possibly come in the near term.
Pics of buttes on link


YES, this nation wont repent, the wrath of GOD will worsen

Volcanoes and earthquakes world wide
have gone NUTS in May!

I am NOT saying this map of USA future is accurate,
only that it is interesting

volcano butte

Baja quake swarms
May 28, 2015
-  More earthquake swarms near the dormant Cerro Prieto volcano butte in South California / North Mexico along the Mexicali border region.  TWO dormant volcanoes in Baja Mexico struck within 24 hours.  This dormant volcanic movement in Baja California follows other activity in other dormant volcanoes up the West coast over the past few days.  Noteworthy earthquake activity occurred May 27 in Northern and Southern California near volcanic locations.

Mount Shindake blows its top
May 28, 2015
-  Japan time May 29  -  A large unexpected eruption from Mount Shindake Volcano in South Japan, with large clouds of ash, and pyroclastic flows - residents of the Island evacuating.
Shindake is an island volcano due South of Kagoshima / Sakurajima.
Videos, pics, graphs

Other news reports

Mount Hakone is only 45 miles from Downtown Tokyo and showing signs of eruption.
For years I have advised everyone in Japan to move away.

California and Japan Fall into the Sea, 1937 Vision

USGS upgraded the 6.8 to a 7.0 earthquake Alaska, NW of Chirikof Island

The last Mount Shindake eruption September 1980 - 4 months after St Helens USA blew its top.
This looks a lot like Helens!   HELLO!?  HELLO!?  Pay attention!

7.0 earthquake Alaska, NW of Chirikof Island
May 29, 2015
-  Activity along the West coast of the United States, and multiple unexpected Pacific eruptions in Japan, and Central America.  3 6.8m earthquakes struck Papua New Guinea this past week.
Unexpected volcanic blast in South Japan
Video, pics, screenshots

Japan unexpected volcanic blast

Global Earthquake Forecast
Americas, Asia, Europe = Major Unrest

May 29, 2015
 -  Over the past 7 days (up to May 29, 2015) there have been a series of noteworthy seismic events globally. Two unexpected eruptions on both sides of the Pacific, at Wolf Volcano in Central/South America, and this mornings sudden volcanic eruption at Shindake Volcano in Japan.


Mount Shasta earthquake
May 29, 2015
-  An earthquake struck Eastern California between Volcano Peak, Volcano Butte, and near Mount Shasta volcano, directly at Trinity Lake Dam.
Multiple earthquakes have struck dormant volcanoes in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state during 2015 May.

Currently Earth is restless, active, with multiple earthquakes across vast regions, and large unexpected volcanic eruptions, which means we need to be on watch for further large seismic developments in the Pacific.
Video, pics, screenshots

Large unexpected volcanic blast Japan

If a large unexpected eruption can happen to Japan, it can also happen to the United States.

California earthquake Mount Shasta
May 29, 2015
-  A noteworthy 5.1 magnitude earthquake has struck Northern California near Mount Shasta volcano, directly at Trinity Lake Dam.
The dam quake followed a 6.8M off the coast of Alaska.

The Alaska earthquake was just a few hours after a large unexpected volcanic blast from a Japan volcano.  
Japan, Alaska and this California earthquake all occurred within 12 hours.
USGS is NOT reporting this event (they are govt, dont expect accuracy)
Video, pics, screenshots

Mount Shindake Volcano Erupts on Japan's Kuchinoerabu Island; Residents Evacuated

Mount Shindake in Kagoshima Prefecture has erupted for the first eruption in 34 years, The Asahi Simbun reported.

Mount Shindake volcano located on Kuchinoerabujima island erupted at 12:24 p.m. sending plume of volcanic ash to a height of more than 800 meters.
The last such eruption of Mount Shindake took place in September 1980.
According to The Asahi Simbun, the Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the alert level from 1 to 3 on the scale of 1-5.

About 140 people live on Kuchinoerabu island in the Ryukyu archipelago, 80 kilometres southwest of the main southern island of Kyushu. Tourism and fishing are the main activities on the heavily forested, mountainous island, which is a national park.
The Japan Meterological Agency raised the volcano alert level to five, the highest on its scale. Shindake also erupted in August last year for the first time since 1980.

Date time 2015-05-29 07:05:34.9 UTC
Location 40.80 N ; 122.77 W
Depth 5 km
Distances 849 km NW of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,792,621 / local time: 00:05:34.9 2015-05-29
270 km NW of Sacramento, United States / pop: 466,488 / local time: 00:05:34.9 2015-05-29

* BA - Yeah I see you got it, I just added to it Smile

8.5 magnitude Major earthquake Japan Bonin islands  
DEPTH 660 km beneath the Pacific Ocean
May 30, 2015
-  A very large 8.5 magnitude earthquake (7.8M REVISED) struck Southeast of mainland Japan in the Bonin Islands.
This earthquake occurred at a depth of 696km / 432 miles, which falls deep into the Asthenosphere below the Pacific plate.
An earthquake forecast was issued for Japan YESTERDAY, 8.5M strikes today.

4.7 earthquake Djibouti, East Africa
May 30, 2015
-  Across gulf from Sanaa, Yemen and NE of Ethiopia
Djibouti is surrounded by Ethiopia, with Somalia on its south
Eritrea is its northern neighbor

New Madrid quake
3.4 earthquake Fairfield, ILLINOIS
May 30, 2015 -  Just as Dutch predicted yesterday
S of Chicago, SE of Springfield
Dutch forecast a 3-4m earthquake for the New Madrid Seismic Zone South Illinois towards the Indiana border over the next 7 days.
12 hours later a 3.4m earthquake hit that area - in the EXACT area warned for the exact magnitude warned.

EXACTLY as predicted several hours BEFORE it happened!

8.5 earthquake PERU
May 30, 2015  -  DELETED, called a drill, mistake.  WHAT?!
If no one felt it, it didnt happen.  WHAT?!

After a 6.8 earthquake struck in Alaska May 29, a 5.1 quake HIT Northern California near Mount Shasta.  The USGS deleted the 5.1M earthquake, and called it a “mistake”.

dutchsinse forecast an earthquake 7.0 to 8.0 mag to possibly strike near Peru / Argentina / Boliva over the next 7 days.
A few hours later, the USGS and several other services reported an 8.5 magnitude earthquake in Peru!
The they deleted the earthquake and called it a “mistake”, and a “national earthquake drill.”
The location was out to sea several hundred miles off the shores of Peru.

8.5 Earthquake Strikes Offshore Lima PERU

Peru DOES get huge earthquakes

Getting close to Jade Helm, Americans in that area are scared - already had incidents in Waco TX and Phx AZ -
I have seen 8+ mags called false in the past when they occur in remote areas.
But of course - they were false cuz - no one felt them (cough)

I literally cant keep up, earth is shakin that much!
Just had a quake at Djibouti, East Africa I'm trying to report

5.2 earthquake North Pole
June 1, 2015
-  A 5.2 earthquake hit North of Svalbard, NNE of Greenland,  N of Norway
Svalbard is where the global seed vault is.  A rare earthquake has struck near the exact NORTH POLE, listed on the USGS as North of Svalbard.

Svalbard global seed vault

5.8 earthquake offshore Oregon
June 1, 2015
-  Strong 5.8 quake on edge of Juan de Fuca plate SW of Vancouver, Canada.
This 5.8 mag. earthquake off the coast of Oregon occurred very close to the newly erupting undersea volcano along the Axial Seamount.

There were 2 West coast earthquakes in the past 24 hours which led up to this movement near the coast or Oregon.  First, a 4.1M earthquake struck near Salton Sea butte Volcanoes, and a 2nd 3.2M earthquake struck near the Markagunt Volcanic plateau in Oregon.
This area was warned for larger earthquake activity on May 29th.

LOVE TRUTH!!!  Even if you dont like it!!  HOLD to it!
You are truly My disciples if you remain faithful to My teachings.
And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
John 8:31-32  words of Jesus Christ the LORD and GOD

4.7 earthquake Dunedin New Zealand
June 2, 2015
-  Strongest earthquake in 41 years jolts New Zealand’s South Island region.
A shallow 4.7–magnitude earthquake rocked parts of Otago, the strongest experienced in the region since 1974.

June 2, 2015 -  The USGS has turned off access to their public streaming feeds - a time of heightened earthquake activity.  Peoples lives are at stake, and this service is paid for with our tax dollars, thus it should be up and running.   The USGS has been DELETING earthquakes.

2.7 earthquake Mount St Helens Washington
JUNE 4, 2015
-  After multiple days of volcanic related earthquake unrest in the Southwest United States (Arizona, Utah, California, and Oregon), a magnitude 2.7 earthquake has struck near Mount Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.
All the volcanic related seismic unrest is pointing towards building stress in the region.  The building stress is causing dormant volcanoes to show activity.

85+ Sakurajima Volcanic blasts in 1 day
June 7-8, 2015 -  Ontake
also shows activity.
Over 85 different blasts from Sakurajima Volcano in less than 24 hours.
Steaming off the back side of Sakurajima, which is Mount Ontake caldera. (a different volcano in this complex)  Ontake caldera could also erupt in a large blast if things carry on this way.

Indonesia Sinabung and Toba volcanic activity, new eruption off the coast of Japan and Shindake volcano, the new Island forming at Nishinoshima Volcano, and the coming to life of the 800 year dormant Mount Hakone Volcano.
volcano LIVE video

Washington State
June 8, 2015
-  Michael Janitch writes, over the past week(s) I found out that John Vidale, lead professor of Geology at Washington State University, was publicly disparaging me.
Vidale accused Janich of misreporting events.

Professor John Vidale said (May 7, 2015 @ 2:07pm):
“- there hasn’t been an earthquake bigger than M4.5 in Oregon or Washington since 2006, and I count 15 events over M4.5 in the previous 15 years.“

How could the lead professor of Geology at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network not know about the multiple 5.0 – 6.0 magnitude earthquakes which struck Oregon in 2011, 2012, and 2013?!  Professor John Vidale might need to reassess his own high opinion of himself.

Earth June 11, 2015
A 3.4 earthquake struck near California Nevada border.
Just as we expected, dormant volcanoes earthquake activity at fracking operations in California.  Displacement is occurring in magma chambers below drilling operations.  In one case an earthquake struck near an actual VOLCANO  which is being FRACKED.

June 11, 2015
-  Global seismic forecast outlook for the next 7 days.
After excessive earthquake activity during May, with 20 events above M6.0 the past 3 days saw a quieting.  Now June 9-10, 2015 show deep earthquakes in Fiji and unrest in South America (Chile / Argentina border) with a 6.0M event.  West Pacific showing multiple events as well, including the new large eruption threat at Sinabung Volcano, and Toba super-volcano.

Detailed text explanation of areas to watch here

See the post on the Toba Supervolcano / Sinabung Volcano here

85+ blasts at Sakurajima volcano in South Japan in just one days time:

National Park Service / US Government issues response + press release about the plume in Arizona at the Sunset Crater volcanic complex

Volcano located off the West Coast of Oregon very close to the recent 5.9 magnitude earthquake swarm

Mount Saint Helens earthquake

Midwest Fracking Earthquakes return to Kansas and Oklahoma
Check my free access website , youtube, and facebook pages throughout the week for daily updates on the areas hit vs. the areas missed.

6.3 earthquake FIJI-TONGA
June 12, 2015
-  A magnitude 6.3 earthquake Northeast of Fiji, near Tonga.

Quake Forecast

NEVADA, 3.4 earthquake near Las Vegas
June 12, 2015
-  scientist Michael Janitch

California and Nevada dormant volcanoes showed seismic activity over the past 48 hours including a M3.4 in Goldfield, NV.  A swarm of earthquakes at The Geysers, California, and near Clear Lake Volcano, CA.  On June 10 Michael forecast activity along the edge of the craton (portion of a continental plate), and along the West coast of the United States.

More earthquakes along the U.S. West coast at multiple dormant volcanoes.
New tremors Southeast Nevada near Las Vegas with a magnitude
This location in Nevada is not the only dormant volcano to show movement on the West coast over the past 2-3 days.

The Geysers, CA:

Clear Lake Volcano, CA:

West Butte, CA: 39°13’34.43″N , 121°48’58.49″W

North Idaho
had a small quake early June 13

PROGRESSION across 6,700+ Miles in  24 hours
June 13, 2015
-  scientist Michael Janitch,
There has been debate amongst Seismology 'professionals' as to whether or not earthquakes can cause other earthquakes elsewhere across a vast distance.
Govt kontrolled USGS says not likely.  USGS now proved wrong.

2 major earthquakes occurred on the same day, so they must be related.
June 12 2015 a noteworthy progression of magnitude 5.2 earthquakes occurred in the West Pacific, spanning over 6,700 miles (10,800km) in just a few hours time.

The earthquake progression began in Tonga with a M6.0 earthquake, which was then followed by 3 subsequent M5.2 earthquakes which struck a direct line from Tonga to Sumatra Indonesia (Indo-Australian Ridge).

In the graphic (on link) from Google Earth, the events are in a STRAIGHT LINE from East to West .
Strangely, the earthquakes followed a direct point to point, as opposed to along the fault zones one might expect.

Overall, today we have seen an area 6700+ miles across move on a level of magnitude 5.2 or greater.  This means the area is in serious flux, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that one shallow earthquake is related to another earthquake elsewhere.  Literally one earthquake puts pressure on the adjacent area, which causes another earthquake, like dominoes falling.
In this case, earthquakes are related over 6700 miles apart!


LQQK at the globe graphics on here.  His quake forecast tracks just as he predicted.
This is NOT prophecy, this is science.  There is really no reason legitimate scientists didnt see it decades ago!  USGS professionals are nothing but kontrolled NWO hacks who mis-inform.

IRIS also depicts this track line

June 14, 2015 -  scientist Michael Janitch
- The whole North American Craton was displaced over the past 24 hours June 13-14, 2015.  A 4.0M fracking earthquake along the NW edge of the plate in Alberta Canada, followed by earthquakes further South, 50 miles East of Mount Adams + Mount Rainier Volcanoes in Washington State, and at Clear Lake Volcano in Northern California.

MID - In addition we see a new swarm has developed at the Oklahoma fracking operations, and a more rare earthquake swarm developing along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).
4.0M earthquake at fracking operations in Oklahoma, then causing craton movement along the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

Also activity at Colorado + Oklahoma Fracking operations.


HOW LONG before all these quakes under 5.0 cause dam breaks, bridge collapse?

Do Oklahoma and Nebraska quakes predict others?
June 18, 2015
-  Michael Janitch, scientist
Over the past 24 hours, a series of earthquakes has progressed along the CENTER of the North American craton from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest USA.

Multiple 3.0 – 4.0+ magnitude earthquakes occurred across 1,500 miles in 24  hours.

These events are occurring across the stable portion of the craton, not along the edge, and the direction of displacement from East to West.
I would venture an “educated guess” that this earthquake activity will put pressure on the SOUTHWEST United States.

New Madrid and East coast USA CENTRAL CRATON (not the edge like we normally see) might need to watch out for a bit of larger movement over the next week.
Unfortunately, this includes me here in Saint Louis Missouri.
Don’t be scared, be prepared.

A craton is an old and stable part of the continental lithosphere. Having often survived cycles of merging and rifting of continents, cratons are generally found in the interiors of tectonic plates.

Earth entering extinction phase
June 20, 2015 -  We are sawing off the limb that we are sitting on.
The Earth has entered a new period of extinction. Vertebrates disappearing 114 times faster than normal.
Folks, dont take this overly seriously.  GOD wont allow mankinds extinction, but the Revelation tells us about 2/3 of all life will perish.  The article is climate change HOAX.

Super-fractures causing fracking earthquakes
FRACKING, USA Drought, food supply

Is fracking creating the sinkholes?
A swarm of quakes occurred in Okrahoma June 19-20, 2015.
A large sinkhole opened up in Tulsa.

World volcanoes
June 21, 2015 -  This is remarkable video!
Worth watching whether you are into Earth or not.
Volcanoes are one of nature’s deadliest and destructive forces, able to blow within seconds and without warning like Chile's Calbuco volcano did.  It erupted suddenly with NO warning. Caught on video.
Some volcanoes destroyed whole cities.

Here are 12 of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, which could erupt at any time, and a brief history of their explosive power.  Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands, Atlantic.  This volcano could result in a catastrophic massive tsunami which would cover the whole Atlantic Ocean.
I've followed this - which could produce a major tsunami on east coast of North America.
Amazing photos, video!

6.5 earthquake FIJI
June 22, 2015
-  by Michael Janitch
Deep 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the West Pacific, Asthenosphere movement showing yet again
After a week of relative calm in the Asthenosphere, over the past few days 2 deep earthquakes below Fiji / Tonga in the West Pacific.  The Asthenosphere is an area of semi-melted magma located below the plates / lithosphere / Earth’s crust.

As we have seen in the past, when there is deep movement in the Asthenosphere, the activity is usually followed up by SHALLOW earthquake activity in a nearby adjacent area within a few days of the deep event.

dahboo7  aka  dahboo777

DarkSkyWatcher, Spiro, Tikabu, Tikaboo Peak, Cannons1155

July 18

dahboo has been keeping an eye on Jade Helm 2015
He is LIVE evenings - if you can get it - last nite server overload

Volcanoes, earthquakes from Mexico to the Philippines
July 30, 2015
-   Mexico reports that the Popocatepetl volcano registered 80 exhalations and six explosions yesterday, releasing plumes of smoke. Authorities are urging people not to get close to the volcano and particularly to its crater. Popocatepetl is the second tallest volcano in Mexico and is in the centre of the country. –TVNZ

Volcanoes, earthquakes from Mexico to the Philippines


5.6 earthquake Australia
July 30, 2015
-  Off east coast ENE of Rainbow Beach, Queensland Australia N of Sydney.
The strongest earthquake in 80 years rocked the Queensland coast in Australia Thursday morning shaking houses and rattling windows.  The earthquake lasted between 15 seconds and 2 minutes and was measured at magnitude 5.3, but its centre was 100 kilometres offshore at a depth of 30 kilometres.  Residents reported the shaking over 447 kilometres from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and north to Bundaberg.  The earthquake was on a fault line running down the east coast of Australia and is triggered as the continent advances northward by upto 7 centimetres a year.

4.3 earth tremor in Israel
July 30, 2015
-  Israel - small earthquake of 4.4 magnitude in parts of southern Israel Thursday, epicenter  in the Dead Sea area.  The last earthquake in Israel was June 27 when a 5.2 magnitude quake was felt throughout Israel.  The epicenter was in Sinai.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake Alaska’s Redoubt Volcano, USGS reported 2 minor tremors prior to the 6.3 one.

Philippines Mt. Bulusan shaken by 8 volcanic earthquakes.

Magma intrusion in Ubinas, Peru volcano, an ascent of magma within the volcano, explosion last week resulted in the emission of large rocks (some the size of small cars).

United States Earthquake Forecast
August 21, 2015 -  Dutch Sinse Report
Major Midwest Movement, West Coast buildup

Shocked   3 hurricanes at once!
August 31, 2015
-  Never been seen before!   Ignacio, Kilo, and Jimena.
Three Category 4 hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean at the same time.  They threaten Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.  The Big Island of Hawaii is bracing for high winds, heavy rain and big ocean swells as strengthening Hurricane Ignacio approaches.

Hurricane Ignacio near Hawaii
Ignacio remains a powerful hurricane as it moves toward Hawaii, but the worst will narrowly miss.  Ignacio will pass to the north of the Hawaiian Islands.  Hilo will be the first to feel the impacts of Ignacio Monday, with Honolulu experiencing impacts closer to Tuesday as Ignacio parallels the islands.

HAWAII hurricanes, Earthquakes, volcanoes


Sept 13, 2015
-  4.0  earthquake Washington state

Sept 13, 2015 -  6.6  earthquake Mexico. Gulf of California

Sept 13, 2015 -  4.7 earthquake Turkey, WNW of Nicosia, Cyprus

California wildfire
Sept 13, 2015
-  California wildfire threatens giant Sequoia grove.

Mexico volcanoes simultaneously erupt
Sept 13, 2015
-  Mexico’s Colima and Popocatepetl volcanoes simultaneously erupt – shooting out ash, smoke.  Colima (fire) Volcano, in sw Mexico is spewing fresh smoke and ash in a series of small eruptions, and about 310 miles away, Popocatepetl volcano has also erupted. The Colima volcano has been rumbling since July.

Shemitah ends, did anything happen?

Arizona volcanoes
Sept 27, 2015
-  A rare earthquake swarm Central Arizona near the San Francisco Volcanic Field.
REMEMBER - June 2015 a VOLCANIC PLUME appeared in this area.
No doubt the steam plume was a foreshadowing of seismic stress.  For there to be a steam plume event AND earthquake swarm in 3 months is a sign of coming greater movement.

Large M7.5 earthquake strikes Afghanistan
October 26, 2015
-  After weeks with no large earthquake activity, a M7.2 earthquake struck the West Pacific, now a M7.5 earthquake strikes Afghanistan.

Afghanistan earthquakes

Major Earthquake Movement
Nov 3, 2015
-  A massive area of western USA has moved over the past 24 hours (Nov. 1-2, 2015).
Seismically speaking, the whole Western portion of the North American Craton (plate) has moved on at least a M4.0 level.

The movement began on the West coast near the Gorda Escarpment / Northern California when a M4.3 earthquake struck.   The California earthquake set the craton into motion, which resulted in TWO different back to back M4.2 + M4.0 earthquakes in Arizona.   The movement in Arizona was followed up within less than a day by a M4.2 at the fracking operations in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma earthquake occurred near a fracking operation, the weak spot in the crust where the pressure releases on its journey EASTWARD.

This Oklahoma earthquake now makes FOUR different M4.0+ events, which struck over a time period of less than 24 hours across a region spanning several thousand miles from NW California, Southward to Arizona, and East to Oklahoma.  The locations which moved quite literally define the Western edge of the North American Craton.

Southern California / Baja Mexico
California earthquake unrest is building into what appears to be a coming larger event.
After a series of M4.0+ earthquakes in California, Arizona, and Oklahoma, now we see a moderate M3.5 earthquake has struck directly below an ancient unnamed volcanic butte in Eastern California.

Quake forecast

4.2  earthquake Oregon, Nevada, California
Nov 19, 2015
-  This area has periodic quake swarms.
43 miles ESE of Lakeview, Oregon
114 miles ESE of Klamath Falls, Oregon
114 miles NNE of Susanville, California
186 miles N of Carson City, Nevada

Salton Sea active
Nov 26, 2015
-  Earthquake swarm strikes West Coast VOLCANOES, Glacier Peak, Washingotn and Salton Sea, California.  An earthquake swarm struck on the flanks of Glacier Peak volcano in Washington State, and at Salton Sea Volcanic Buttes in Southern California.  2 quake of M3.5 and M3.1 struck Glacier Peak Volcano.  One M3.0 struck Salton Sea Volcanic buttes.  Both locations which were struck reside along the West coast of the United States.

Salton Sea is another volcano which shows seismic activity BEFORE we see larger West coast earthquakes strike.  This volcano in Southern California was recently elevated to active status, and even sent of Geothermal plumes.

Earthquake forecast for Pacific Northwest

New Madrid Zone stirs
Nov 26, 2015
-  Global Seismic unrest.
New Madrid Seismic Zone struck by Earthquake Swarm in South Missouri.
Earthquakes have increased worldwide over the past 2 weeks.

As the pressure is put on Israel to commit suicide by vacating her God-given land, we see earth and mountains shaking with God's wrath.  Today news media are leaving Israel off MAPS and the UN telling Israel to get off Golan.

7.2 earthquake South Indian Ridge
Dec 5, 2015
 -  A large M7.2 earthquake struck the South Indian Ridge Southwest of Australia.
Momotombo Volcano erupted in Nicaragua (Central America) after being silent for nearly 110 years.  Mount Etna (Italy / South Europe) sent of the largest blast in the past 2 years.  Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii is showing seismic swarms, sign of possible eruption.

Several California quakes, volcanoes
Dec 27, 2015
 -  A 4.9 earthquake off california on Dec 27 2015
M4.0 to M4.9 strike volcanoes in Southern California, ANOTHER M4.9 event struck off the shores off the West coast / Baja Mexico.  This is proof that things are on the move BELOW the plate, and further movement in adjacent areas can be expected in the near term.  

Northeast California / Nevada border was struck.
Steamboat Springs volcanic field at the Central Eastern California / Nevada border

The M4.9 off the coast of Baja is also volcanic in nature.  Literally the earthquake occurred inside an undersea volcanic field.

CALIFORNIA Earthquakes

      Earthquake Warning

4.8 Earthquake, Gorda Escarpment NW California
Dec 29, 2015
 -  Earth scientist Michael Janitch details quake and volcano activity and issues warnings for the coming 7 days - December 27 thru early January.

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake has struck off the shores of Northwest California along the Gorda Escarpment.  Warnings were issued for off shores of NW California.
Warning for volcanic earthquake along the West coast in California.
Keep watch for greater possible movement in the near term.

Often when we see dormant volcanoes movement, we usually see followup larger movement within days.  There is coastal movement along NW California, a series of M4.0+ earthquakes which struck at a multiple dormant volcanoes along the Calif-Nevada border to the East.

Earthquake Warning, pressure is building.

The entire American plate is being moved from the Northwest to the Southeast.
We can expect a series of earthquakes to the Eastern USA.

Wyoming / Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Madrid / Missouri, Illinois, and several states along East coast.  Any of these states may show movement in the next few days as a result of this pressure transferring EAST from the West coast.

Heavy rain, snow, floods added pressures to these areas the last week of 2015 December.
Note vision here

This may be nothing but a few small bumps, only GOD knows.

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Colorado and Oklahoma  earthquakes
Dec 29, 2015  
-  A 4.3 magnitude quake at Oklahoma Fracking operations, and a 3.2 struck Colorado at their fracking operations.  This week's West coast activity caused the midwest activity today.


California Volcanoes activity
Dec 29, 2015
-  California Volcanoes movement a pecursor to larger activity coming?  
A series of dormant volcanoes across California has started to show excessive earthquake activity.   Most of the dormant volcanoes showing movement are along the Eastern California / Nevada border.  Steamboat Springs, Mono Lake Supervolcano, Opal Mountain / Black Mountain, Bitner Butte volcano, and offshore at undersea volcanic fields have all shown movement the past several days.

Today a swarm of quakes broke out near Coso Junction, Calif. specifically at the Coso Volcanic Field located in Central Eastern California.


4.7 quake hits near Los Angeles
A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has struck east of Los Angeles.
It said the quake, which was very shallow at only 5km below the earth, was centred 4.8km northwest of Rialto, east of Los Angeles.

4.7 Several earthquakes in greater Los Angeles
Dec 29-30, 2015
-  Southern California struck by 4.6 magnitude earthquake after Calif-Nevada dormant Volcanoes movement.  Southern California had a subsequent quake swarm.  Southern California people should be warned of the unrest brewing.  Watch for larger activity in the near term in the adjacent areas.  This puts Oregon, Washington and Southern California on alert along the Coast going into Baja Mexico.


4.9 earthquake NNE of Victoria, Canada
Dec 29-30, 2015  -  Vancouver island
-  DEPTH  31 miles
Victoria, British Columbia is about 75 miles northwest of Seattle Wash.

This earthquake in the vicinity of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is very likely to be associated with the stress on the continental plates caused by the Pacific continental plate and/or the Juan de Fuca plate. The Pacific Northwest is due for a big quake, causing mammoth levels of destruction.

There are a lot of volcanoes which haven’t erupted in a long long time and I wonder if they could be the reason for all these mini quakes in the west and mid-south.
YES - see dutchsinse articles

Washington State / Canada earthquake
Dec 30, 2015
-  Seattle / Vancouver 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck between Seattle, and Vancouver BC in Washington State.  Multiple dormant volcanoes and earthquakes along the West coast warn that we need to be on watch.  Things are in a state of flux along the West coast and Midwest United States.


Dec 29, 2015  -  ANGEL of APOCALYPSE
Video wrapup of this weeks news

Why Are Many Diseases Back, Decades After Being Wiped Out

New York, Connecticut Earthquake
Jan 14, 2016  -  Parts of the tri-state were shaken by a minor 1.0 earthquake.
Most people would have barely felt it.

Jan 30, 2016

7.2  earthquake Russia
Jan 30, 2016  -  Russian  Kamchatka Penninsula
100 miles DEEP

Large 7.2 Pacific Earthquake strikes Kamchatka Russia
by Michael Janitch - A large  deep M7.2 earthquake struck the Northwest Pacific in the Russian Kamchatka / Kuril islands North of Japan, West of Alaska.
The Pacific is in a state of flux due to deep movement below the plate.

4.8  earthquake FIJI
257 miles DEEP near Fiji
The quake in Russia occurred 3 hours after the DEEP Fiji earthquake

5.0 earthquake W of Ferndale, California
Shallow quake Eureka, WNW of Sacramento

2 Earthquakes strike offshore northern California West Coast USA
by Michael Janitch - A noteworthy series of earthquakes has struck off the West coast of the United States, along the Gorda Escarpment off the shores of Northwest California.  M4.9 + M5.0 earthquakes struck within minutes of each other along the South Juan De Fuca / Gorda trench.

Pacific ring of fire is lit up!!!  Shocked

America moving to the East
Feb 6, 2016
 -  Our continent is adrift, and/or breaking apart.
A M2.6 earthquake on the Northern flanks of Mount Rainier in Washington State near Tacoma.
Additional earthquakes seem to be following the same pattern of progression Eastward across the edge of the craton.

M4.8 Earthquakes California
Feb 16, 2016
 -  Two M4.8 earthquakes struck the dormant volcanic fields near Big Pine, California at nearly midnight. They hit the day after Mammoth Mountain Volcano quake.
The earthquakes struck very close to Crater Mountain Volcano.

2 back to back M4.8 earthquakes at a dormant volcano should raise eyebrows.
This amount of activity, occurring at multiple California dormant volcanoes, is worthy to pay attention to, a sign of building pressure in the region, of a coming larger earthquake along the coast.

Feb 15, Mammoth Mountain / Long Valley Volcanic caldera was struck by multiple earthquakes.

4.6 Earthquake Nicaragua - El Salvador
Feb 24, 2016  
-  Another earthquake has struck Nicaragua Central America.
The previous earthquake struck El Salvador earlier in the day.

4.8 Earthquake Wasco, California
Feb 24, 2016
-  The location is South Belridge oil field, and the nearest town is called Missouri Triangle, California

4.0 earthquake Yellowstone
Feb 27, 2016
 -  Yellowstone has been struck by an M4.0 earthquake.
First Yellowstone was hit, then the pressure transferred Eastward, and caused a M4.0 quake in Oklahoma.

Large CO gas release
Mar 1, 2016  
Michael Janitch  -  Large Carbon (CO) Monoxide Gas release along the West Coast — a seismic precursor in action.  A large sudden and strange Carbon Monoxide gas eruption across the West Coast of the United States.
Magma is the ONLY possible culprit capable of producing this large of a gas release.

February 25th a large release of CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas was detected along with elevated levels of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) across a vast area of the West coast of the United States.

It has spread toward the midwest United States.  February 29th, the gas reached the Northern United States, dissipating toward the East Coast.  
* This reminds me of the vision of A A Allen.

California at the Nevada border, Long Valley Caldera was struck by a M4.0 earthquake on February 15th, just 10 days prior to the gas release.  I have been watching that Nv-Cal-Ore corner have several quake swarms the last couple years.

Yellowstone was just struck by a M4.0, Salton Sea is being struck all around the location, multiple pumping operations struck in California near Coalinga + Missouri Triangle, California -- also, Utah was just struck by a M4.0 today.,38.84,1106/loc=-98.223,41.901

2 volcanoes set to blow
March 4, 2016
 -  Orange Alerts for Fuego and Tungurahua volcanoes in Central America.
Tungurahua is in Ecuador.  Fuego volcano is 30 miles from Guatemala City.
Disaster officials may have to evacuate if things worsen.
Video, photos

Gibraltar  Morocco quake swarms
Mar 12, 2016
Something is going on in Gibralter, Spain, Morocco NAfrica.
There've been a lot of earthquakes there the past year.
I have not seen any news on an undersea volcano here.
There has been undersea volcanoes in some places globally.

Japan land shift to Northeast
April  16, 2016
 -  A whole portion of South Japan moved from Southwest to Northeast during earthquakes.  New volcanic eruptions coming from the other nearby volcanoes is a real possibility over the next several days.  see video and graphics on link

Japan earthquake 29+ dead
Japan quakes kill at least 29 and 1,500 hurt, heavy rain threatens to complicate rescue.  Two powerful earthquakes a day apart shook southwestern Japan.  The area has been rocked by aftershocks.

Castle collapsed
The 7.3 magnitude earthquakes struck the southern Japanese island of Kyushu and breached the walls of Kumamoto Castle which had stood 4 centuries.  Kumamoto was one of Kyushu's icons since 1607.
Mount Aso volcano erupts after Japan earthquakes

Japan earthquakes
More updates here

Concern of large California - Nevada border Earthquake
April  20, 2016  
-  Professionals are holding a conference this week, and making public new research regarding the building threat of a large seismic event at the California / Nevada border.

After the large strong quakes in Japan and Ecuador, land movement and volcanoes, Dont ignore this.

N America plate moved West to East over 1 hour
April  21, 2016
 -  The North American Craton (plate) has been displaced from California to Oklahoma over the past hour (1.00 - 2.00 pm CT April 21, 2016).
Earthquakes struck in succession across nearly 1,000 miles area in less than an hour.

It began with a M3.2 earthquake off the coast of Northwest California, then a M3.2 struck NW California, a similar M3.4 earthquake struck Southern California near the Salton Sea. Then a M3.6 earthquake struck in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Earthquakes

Arizona Earthquake swarm
April  25, 2016
-  USGS said the area has several active faults and that its geologic features suggest there could be other faults north of here. The largest in the swarm was a magnitude 3.4 on April 8. There has been a swarm of 21 quakes along the Arizona-Nevada line south-southwest of Littlefield, AZ, close to southwestern Utah.

Arizona Earthquakes


2  large Pacific Earthquakes
April  29, 2016
 -  Two large M7.0 + M6.9 Earthquakes struck back to back across the Pacific.  A 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Central America / Mexico.  That followed a 7.0 in the West Pacific a few hours later.

The past 2 weeks, M7.0 earthquakes struck the West Pacific then the East Pacific.  Just over a week ago, Japan was struck by a 7.5 earthquake then Ecuador was struck by a 7.0 earthquake several hours later.

Earthquakes ARE related over a distance.
It is now proved that earthquake progression is occurring across vast distances in short periods of time, earthquakes are related, one earthquake can cause another similar magnitude earthquake elsewhere, sometimes very far away, and that earthquakes can indeed be forecast.

If you wonder why the USGS lies, remember, the G is for govt.

7.0 earthquake Vanuatu April  28, 2016

Vanuatu tsunami threat over after big earthquake hits islands
We really felt the shake because it was so shallow, but all we lost was a vase and some flowers.  There was just a small wave.

Vanuatu quakes

Earthquakes and magma
May 4, 2016
 Michael Janitch  -  Earthquakes caused by new UPWELLING magma from the ASTHENOSPHERE.  Earthquakes striking along interior craton plate edge up the East coast, are related to movement in the Asthenosphere - very deep in the earth.  Earthquakes related to upwelling pressure from magma below.

The interior edge of the craton (plate) is breaking off into the Asthenosphere far below.  New magma is then rising below the North American plate, and PUSHING UP to fill the void left from the broken off pieces of the plate.

CRATON - the continental plate

San Andreas Fault locked n loaded
May 5, 2016  
-   Southern California section of the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to roll,” said an earthquake scientist. The San Andreas Fault is one of California’s most dangerous, and is the state’s longest fault.  The last big earthquake to strike the southern San Andreas was in 1857.  It has been too quiet. The springs on the San Andreas system have been wound very tight, and it looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go.”

OREGON *  2.9 earthquake E of Mount Hood
May 18, 2016
 -  ENE of Salem, Oregon and SE of Portland
WSDOT worker missing in Hood Canal. -king5

Mt. Hood earthquake swarms video

However small this quake is, it occurs amid a swarm. Its an indicator.
That pre-eruption earthquakes are occurring in the Cascades makes me wonder how near we are to the invasion by China.  I know my forum thread on these visions is scattered, but I want everyone to have their hearts right with God, as Death may come very suddenly for many - and very soon.  Whether this year I dont know.

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

How Donald Trump figures with the last US President I dont know.  So far George W. Bush was the LAST U.S. President.  Barry Obama is a usurper dicktator.

The last US president  
After George W. Bush the Republic ENDS - and it did
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25

The rapture issue


Coupled with today's 6.7 Ecuador quake and all the movement of earth and magma under the earth the past year, anything may be preparing to occur.  Dont forget all the methane leaks along coastal Calipornia.

Very Happy  Mount Dutch supervolcano
May 23, 2016
 -  Supervolcano discovered at the North Pole named Mount Dutch by Michael Janitch.
An earthquake swarm near the North pole the past few days.  I found an UNNAMED supervolcano at the Northernmost portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, at the tip of the North Pole, thus it is now to be called Mount Dutch.

The supervolcano is at the far North Tip of the Mid-Atlantic ridge.
It is not just a volcanic field like the professionals have reported.

The caldera measures 110km / 68 miles long, and 48km / 30 miles wide.  This supervolcano is larger than Toba Supervolcano in Indonesia, and greater than the overall size  of Yellowstone in Wyoming.  Yellowstone and Toba Supervolcanoes are approximately 60 miles long and 25 miles wide.

Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland quakes - north and south pole

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

ICELAND Volcanoes, earthquake * Bardabunga, Hekla

7.2 earthquake South Pole
May 28, 2016
 -  DEPTH  45 miles
Visokoi Island, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands
There is volcanic activity down there

QUAKES, Antarctic, Atlantic Ocean

June 14, 2016  -  Michael Janitch, dutchsinse
A chat room is provided for your use to talk with other like-minded people interested in seismic events.

5.0 and several 4.9 earthquakes Reykjanes Ridge
June 25, 2016  -  Greenland sea, Iceland

Volcano?  Several quakes here this past week
Other recent activity Katla, and Reykjanes peninsula

Dutch volcano
dutchsinse found a new volcano in this area he called Dutch volcano cuz he discovered it.

4.7 earthquake Azores, Portugal June 25, 2016

Rumblings in the north

5.5 earthquake Reykjanes Ridge, North Sea
June 26, 2016
 -  Greenland, Iceland, NE of St. John's, Canada

Iceland's Hekla volcano
June 26, 2016
-  Hekla volcano could erupt.  Nicknamed the 'Gateway to Hell', the Hekla volcano is located in the south and has been quiet for 16 years. New data has revealed it is building up magma with its internal pressure currently higher than before its last two previous eruptions.

The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is shaken exceedingly.
The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut.
Its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again
Isaiah 24:19-20


Amos 8
The time is coming when I will send famine on the land.
People will be hungry, but not for bread.
They will be thirsty, but not for water.
They will hunger and thirst for a MESSAGE FROM THE LORD.
I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken. People will look everywhere for

Major Volcanoes blowing along the Ring of Fire
Aug 6, 2016  -  Popocatepetl
, the most dangerous volcano in Mexico erupted, and 3 major volcanoes in Indonesia all erupted within the space of just 72 hours.  Volcanoes along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean are starting to go off like firecrackers.  25 volcanoes in areas that are considered to be within the Ring of Fire have erupted recently.  Our planet appears to have entered a time of increased seismic activity.

Mt. Popocatepetl erupted and coated Mexico City with a thick layer of volcanic dust.  The volcano is considered one of the world’s most dangerous due to its proximity to the city of 9 million.   Around 25 million people live within 62 miles.


Indonesia has been rocked by 3 significant volcanic eruptions.
Mount Sinabung, Mount Rinjani and Mount Gamalama.

Of greater concern for Indonesia is the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that shook Mount Tambora on July 31st.  In 1815  Tambora affected the climate of the entire planet for years afterwards.  

Cascades, Yellowstone USA

The west coast of the United States and BC also sits along the Ring of Fire.  Mt. Rainier is a concern.  Cascades Mt. Hood and at Mt. St. Helens have shown seismic activity this year.

Yellowstone supervolcano may not be along the Ring of Fire, but it has also been exhibiting very strange behavior this year.

Isaiah 64:1
Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down,
That the mountains might quake at Your presence

Haggai 2:5-7
Once more I AM going to shake the Heavens and the Earth,
the Sea also (tsunamis) and the dry land.  I will shake all the nations,
and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts

This word is SEISMOS, and includes earthquakes, volcanoes
and the atmosphere, air, such as tornadoes, tsunami and hurricanes, typhoons.
Sea storms trigger earthquakes also, and giant rogue waves that swamp ships.

Isaiah 13:11-14
I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity.
I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud
and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless.

I will make the heavens tremble, and the Earth will be shaken
from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger

Psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go:
I will guide you with My Eye.

Psalm 22:3
You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.  


Aug 29, 2016

Iceland 4.6 quake Katla volcano
Aug 29, 2016
 -  A bunch of small quakes around Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Storms are passing, often causing quakes, AND there is an undersea volcano there.

Atlantic ridge earthquakes, volcanoes
Atlantic, Leewards, Canarys, Azores, Portugal

The Atlantic ridge had 3 quakes
Aug 29, 2016  -  A 7.1 quake
SW of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa, Atlantic ridge.  
This is near Santa Maria, an under sea volcano.

4.2 quake Azores
Aug 29, 2016 -  W of Portugal, Atlantic ridge

Shocked   WATCH THIS!!

4.6 earthquake Iceland
Earthquake activity in Katla volcano
Aug 29, 2016
-  by Jon Frimann
This it the largest earthquake in Katla volcano since at least 1955.
There are a group of volcanoes here and both Katla and Bardy are active.

Katla volcano, webcam, activity

Iceland volcanoes

4.5 - WSW of Hayfork, Eureka, California
Aug 29, 2016  -  DEEP
quake OFF COAST Gordo escarpment

Dutchsinse quake, volcano
Aug 29, 2016


I didnt know where to put this info so here
Sometimes I am unsure what has meaning - later discover it DOES

Sep 11, 2016
Something is wrong with dark matter

A warning was issued for Oklahoma to be struck by a large earthquake , AND HITS 5.8 NW OF

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Shallow 4.8 Earthquake Hits South of Yellowstone Volcano: is it a magnetic field disturbance caused by CERN,

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Louisiana Mayor Says Flooding Was Man Made

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Sept. 3, 2015

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: murdered DNC staffer was source of leaked DNC emails SOMEONE IS LYING BUT WHO!

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ALL POINTS ALERT CERN LHC: "Beyond the God Particle"

Will Large Hadron Collider destroy Earth? CERN admits experiments could create black holes ( WOW REALLY B/S )


ALL POINTS ALERT CERN LHC: The Eastward pressure transfer has now caused a M4.3 at Yellowstone.

What to Know About the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooter IT 'S A FALSE FLAG ?

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CERN – FEEDS / Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

tatoott1009 twitter

tat's revolution twitter

Sep 23, 2016  

5.6 earthquake Covasna, N of Bucharest, Romania Sep 23, 2016

5.6 Romania Earthquake caused minor damage
Sep 23, 2016
-  Earthquake struck eastern and central Romania, and was felt in neighboring Moldova.  There were reports of minor damage and injuries in the city of Iasi.  2 people suffered minor injuries there.  The quake was also felt in the capital Bucharest, Brasov, and Craiova.

4.9 earthquake Reykjanes Ridge, WSW of ICELAND
Sep 23, 2016
-  ESE of Greenland

5.8 earthquake NE of New Zealand Sep 23, 2016

6.4 earthquake Philippines
Sep 23, 2016
-  Mindanao island - It was a deep tremor, 69 km (43 miles) below the seabed

DEEP QUAKES going on around FIJI area
September 2016

4.2  FIJI  Oct 3, 2016      02:02   19.34
DEPTH  551

4.5  FIJI  Oct 3, 2016    18:28  23.62 S   179.34
DEPTH    514

4.6  FIJI  Oct 3, 2016
2016-10-03   18:28:31.8 23.74 S   179.41
DEPTH    518

4.6  FIJI  Oct 4, 2016  07:38   20.05 S   178.17
DEPTH    582

Argentina DEEP earthquakes
4.6   Oct 2, 2016  16:43  27.11 S   63.40
DEPTH   580

4.5  Oct 2, 2016  16:38  27.11 S   63.42
DEPTH   570



October, 2016  

4.7  Oct 5  Fiji  08:12   24.66 S  179.93
DEPTH   517

4.6  Oct 5  Fiji  15:02   20.35 S  177.66
DEPTH   518

4.2  Oct 6  Argentina  07:36   28.78 S  62.71
DEPTH   614

6.6 earthquake Indonesia, Java Sea
Oct 19, 2016  -  DEPTH 645 km

Location 4.92 S  108.24 E

5.9 quake Oct 18, 2016  -  SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
16:36   23.38 S   179.85 W  
DEPTH    543

Italy 6.4 quake, over 200 dead
Oct 26, 2016  BREAKING
 -  Earthquakes strike central Italy, over 200 dead.
At least 247 people were killed after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy

Large earthquake and swarm strikes Central Italy, South Europe
A large M5.5 earthquake has struck Central Italy.  This event accompanied by a swarm of aftershocks at the same location.  Damage has been reported across the region.

5.7 earthquake Vancouver Island, Canada
Jan 7, 2017  
-  Quake on top end of the Juan de Fuca plate
This is the largest quake here in the past 12 months.  It is the 4th and the strongest quake I have seen in the past 24 hours - is a bigger one coming?

Vancouver Island
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits off west coast of Vancouver Island
No tsunami warning or shaking felt after shallow earthquake under the Pacific Ocean
The earthquake took place at a depth of 10 kilometres. No shaking has been reported.
According to CBC seismologist Johanna Wagstaffe the source of the quake was the oceanic plate of the Juan de Fuca subduction zone where earthquakes are common.

Pacific NW quake swarm
Jan 6, 2017
dutchsinse -  Dutch says a HUGE volcano is erupting, so much it created a new island up in Alaska, and that caused this Vancouver quake swarm.
Mount Rainier and Mount Hood had deep quakes earlier this month.
The Vancouver swarm is near the END of this video.

Dutch Sinse quake reports

Vancouver BC Canada quakes
In 2012 a 7.7 quake hit BC Canada

Juan de Fuca plate

Image of Juan de Fuca


8.4 earthquake Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea
Jan 22, 2017  
-  NW of Australia.  DEPTH  136 km.  The earthquake was recorded at magnitude 8.4 but was later downgraded to 7.9.  Tsunami warning lifted after magnitude 7.9 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea.  The earthquake rocked the island of Bougainville at 3.30pm Sydney time.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued an alert for tsunami waves for some coastal areas of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. It was withdrawn after the tsunami threat passed on Sunday evening.  There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage, although it is a remote area.

The Scary State of Volcano Monitoring in the United States
28 Feb 2017
Adrienne LaFrance -  Thirteen days before Christmas, somewhere in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea, a massive volcano unexpectedly rumbled back to life.  Just like that, Bogoslof volcano began its first continuous eruption since 1992, belching great plumes of ash tens of thousands of feet into the cold sky over the Aleutian islands, generating volcanic lightning, and disrupting air travel—though not much else.

The volcano is on a tiny island about 60 miles west of Unalaska, which is the largest city in the Aleutians. It has a population of about 5,000 people.

Bogoslof hasn’t quieted yet. One explosion, in early January, sent ash 33,000 feet into the air. Weeks later, another eruption lasted for hours, eventually sprinkling enough ash on the nearby city to collect on car windshields and dust the snow-white ground with a sulfurous layer of gray. Over the course of two months, Bogoslof’s intermittent eruptions have caused the island to triple in size so far, as fragments of rock and ash continue to pile atop one another.

Geologists don’t know how long the eruption will last. In 1992, the activity at Bogoslof began and ended within weeks. But more than a century ago, it erupted continuously for years. In the 1880s, volcano observers in the Aleutians had little but their own senses to track what was happening. Today, scientists use satellite data and thermal imagery to watch Bogoslof—signs of elevated temperatures in satellite data indicate that lava has bubbled to the surface, for example. But monitoring efforts are nowhere near what they could be. For the relatively remote Bogoslof, the absence of ground-level sensors is inconvenient, perhaps, but not necessarily alarming. Elsewhere, the dearth of volcano sensors poses a deadly problem.

There are at least 169 active volcanoes in the United States, 55 of which are believed to pose a high or very high threat to people, according to a 2005 U.S. Geological Survey report.
The flow of lava from Kilauea as photographed by a NASA satellite in 2014. (NASA / Reuters)

About one-third of the active volcanoes in the U.S. have erupted—some of them repeatedly—within the past two centuries. Volcanoes aren’t just dangerous because of their fiery lava. In 1986, volcanic gas killed more than 1,700 people in Cameroon. And one of the latest theories about the epic eruption at Pompeii, in 79 A.D., is that many people died from head injuries they sustained when boulders rained down on them.

* BA, I moved your post

Dangerous volcanoes
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Why are giant fountains of lava suddenly pouring out of some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the entire planet, and why are so many long dormant volcanoes suddenly roaring back to life?  The spectacular eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy is making headlines, but it is not alone.  An orange air alert has been issued.

Something is pushing magma up through the crust of the Earth.
35 major volcanoes either are erupting right now or have just recently erupted, and dozens of others are stirring.  Magma is molten rock underground, and lava is molten rock that breaks through the Earth's surface.  

A constant stream of molten rock has been pouring out of Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego - Volcano of Fire - since February 25, 2017.  It erupted Feb 25, spewing lava and sending up plumes of ash that rained down on nearby communities.

And in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a firehose of lava has been pouring out of the Kilauea Volcano since December 31st.

Large volcanoes all over the world that have been dormant have started springing back to life.  Barren Islands volcano in India has suddenly started spewing lava and ash after being silent for 150 years.  Indonesia's Mount Sinabung in the southern hemisphere erupted 7times in 24 hours.
4 of Iceland's biggest volcanoes are preparing to erupt.

HELL has enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure
Isaiah 5:14


Seattle Rattle
Strong tremors under Hood Canal
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Numerous tremors recorded in the Puget Sound region over the past several days increases the risk of a major earthquake.  The tremors are spreading mostly north.  About every 14 months, the Cascadia Subduction Zone that stretches from Northern Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino, Calif., experiences slip.  The Juan de Fuca Plate moves westward and adds stress to the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Mar 4, 2017   -  California Floods could trigger a large earthquake

Five new volcanoes erupt around the world: Red alert at Bogoslof (USA), eruptions at Reventador (Ecuador), strange lights above Popocatepetl (Mexico), Sabancaya (Peru), Kilauea (USA)

ALASKA volcanoes

15 new volcanoes are erupting around the world right now

Here are the following eruptions and ash emissions as mentioned in the weekly report by GVP dated 8-14 March 2017.

Colima, Mexico: 3-9 March.

Bogoslof, Aleutian Islands: 7th and 13th March.

Bezymianny, Kamchatka Peninsula: 9th March.

Bagana, Papua New Guinea: 14th March.

Kliuchevskoi, Kamchatka Peninsula: 8th March.

Ebulobo, Indonesia: 12th March.

Nevados de Chillan, Chile: 7th and 11th March.

Kilauea, Hawaii: lava flows during 8-14 March.

Fuego, Guatemala: 9-14 March.

Ebeko, Kurile Islands: 3-10 March.

Dukono, Indonesia: 8th and 10-14 March.

Popocatepetl, Mexico: 8-11 March.

Sinabung, Indonesia: 8-14 March.

Sheveluch, Kamchatka Peninsula: 5th and 8-9 March.

Sabancaya, Peru: 8-14 March.

ICELAND Katla volcano
July 27, 2017  -  A 4,5 earthquake in Katla volcano
July 26.  Quake swarms began July 21.  Nothing yet suggests an imminent eruption, no magma signature.  55 earthquakes have happened in Katla volcano over the last 48 hours.

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