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DSM-5 2013 "medicalizes" normal human processes

Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5

The new, upcoming DSM-5 “psychiatry bible,” expected to be released in a few months, has transformed itself from a medical reference manual to a testament to the insanity of the industry itself.

What Effect Will Changes To The DSM-5 Have On People With (And Without) Mental Health Issues?

The changes, which have been on the table for many months, have stirred up a lot of debate, and protest by certain organizations, like the American Psychological Association, which has argued that some of the changes have unnecessarily “medicalized” normal human mental processes. This may well be true, but this is only part of the picture, since the revision may leave others without a diagnosis for their psychological symptoms or behaviors that could (or should?) have a label.] Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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