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Dream of Hilary Clinton as one of Russia's biggest assets

I was in some kind of control room designed for war. I was in front of a monitor on the right, another man was in front of a monitor to the left, and in the middle of us sat a long-haired blonde woman. Me and the other man had been given orders to destroy our own ships. He had destroyed the one on his monitor and just after I destroyed mine I heard a voice loud and clear say that the woman sitting in the middle of us was one of Russia's biggest assets. I then realised this women had interfered with communications or some such and we had received false orders.

Interpretation: At first I thought the woman might be Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN. However, after praying with a friend, she got through that it was in fact Hilary Clinton. However, they both work together, two evil witches out to bring down America. Hilary use to have long hair which implies she has been in this role of Russian spy for some time.

The "accidental" bombing of America's own troops in Syria was no accident - it was by design, orders from Hilary with Samantha as the PR spokesman to cover it up.

We need to pray against these two evil witches and their evil plans to destroy America from within. We also need to pray against Hilary's witchcraft against Donald Trump to tongue-tie him at the debates so he can't speak out and she can technically "win".

Very accurate.  The American sheepl do not understand -
but they DO like Trump - a good thing.

I am aware Trump could be another manchurian,
but he is unknown in the political sense.

Hellary Clinton is a KNOWN EVIL.   Evil or Very Mad

WW3 has begun

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