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Dream: A Call to Study God's Word

This is a dream I had on 3/27/11, Sunday morning.  It makes a case for reading, studying and digesting the Word.

In this dream I was in a small white house which was crowded with people of all ages, backgrounds and origins.

People came and left the house freely. However, next to the house was an attached dining hall. This room was very large in size.

I met a judge in this dream. He was a very kind and professional judge. He was a believer in Christ. There also was an elderly grandma with white silvery hair that greeted me while entering the house. Once inside people were very glad to meet me and came up to give me a hug and shake my hand.

After a good conversation with this judge a bell was sounded. Everyone that heard the sound found their way to the dining room.

The women carried out drinks and finger foods that they had prepared earlier while the men organized the seating arrangement at each of the many picnic benches within this large dining hall.

Some brought Bibles but some did not. I was instructed to sit at a certain table near the door. Assignments to tables were not to pair me with a leader but to a person that provided an identity to which I would commune with.

A prayer was given and a great Bible study ensued. However, I did not see or hear a single leader such as a pastor or preacher. In an odd sense it was somewhat quiet, but through the stillness or silence, I could hear and see the occasional question arise at a table here and there.  Someone from their table would respectfully answer their questions.   I found it a little odd that there were no leaders and so shrugged my shoulders.

I waited and waited for someone to begin the Bible study at our table while some opened their word and silently read. Some did not read but ate or drank while still others looked around the room wondering when someone was going to say something.
Frustrated, I got up and grabbed a handful of fries and said, Please forgive me, I thought this was a Bible study and then got up and left the room. When I was outside I asked God what the confusion was that I was experiencing. And this is the revelation which He shared.

“When you come alone or together to read or study you do not wait on man. Man will always wait on man but I want people to come to me right away. There is a quantitative and qualitative enumerator that is derived from reading and studying that will manifest into a valued knowledge or awareness, which I call revelation.”

I asked God to explain. He continued, “Some come to read. Some come to study and still others come to digest”.

I knew then that those that were not reading fell into one of two camps; Those that did not know what to read or those that were there to digest what they had studied earlier and were waiting on God for revelation. I then asked God, Well how much time should we read? He responded with a question, “How many times do you eat during the day?” I said, Well sometimes three times a day. He said, “Then read three times a day.”

Then I asked Him, How long should I read? He said, “Here is a way to measure how long: Drink tea while you read.” I thought that was silly until I heard the rest to which He said, “…read until you feel the need to pee.” I laughed but then He explained again. "People drink tea for the small value that it provides now but after drinking it for a long period of time within their life it provides essential blocks of value that keeps them healthy. You may not see the results now but in time it does what it does so you don’t really see or notice the benefits. It is a patient practice. As far as how long you should read just simply drink tea until you feel the need to pee. Then stop and let patients work out its course."

I thought about that, chuckled but stayed silent. He then continued on.

“I would wish that people would come to study but not all are at that maturity to do so yet. But it is what people need to strive for.” I asked Him, how long should I study to which He replied, “Study until you get something.”

With an understood look on my face and He said, “Study at least three precepts which will equate to an element of what is designed to build a concept then stop. The main thing is to get something out of my Word but then stop for a time.”

So what is the next thing? I asked. He said, “To digest what you learned and wait. Ponder and meditate on the Word throughout the day. Your body does the same thing with the physical foods you eat. Your body cleverly takes the food and breaks it down to extract the nutrients which is then carried away to be used in its various forms to the key parts of the body. It then becomes utilized, and a mechanism for: healing, creating energy and for the building of new cells. In the same manner when you think upon my Word you digest the food in your spirit so your mind can transform and manifest itself outward through your soul into the image of my Son.”

I asked Him, What is the purpose in waiting and He said, “The third part is waiting for the manifestation of revelation. It is there that the building compounds are formed to be used in the process of block (foundation) construction. As in mortar, you have to combine elements in effort to activate a solidification process for the blocks to attach and adhere to. When this happens your faith and confidence becomes cemented in place. Revelation is like having a light bulb turn on so you can see the big picture or even a small pebble that once was not there.” He continued on. “You may to call it the 1-2-3 process. In the 1-2-3 process you are building a foundation. In 1, you take in my word until you feel the need to pee. You may not see the value of reading my word now but just wait. In 2, you study to show yourself approved. Just simply read until you get something out of it. In 3, you remember what you read and think on it while praying for wisdom. This should be your favorite part because it is my favorite part in that I get to give you what you have prayed and asked for; revelation, wisdom and understanding. This is the part that requires patients and for you to be alert and watchful at all times.”

In my mind I knew where He was going with that because it was in that statement I knew that He was referring to the tests that must follow. I knew He had meant that His own Word had to be tested in each of our lives so we could clearly transform ourselves into the image of God’s Son.

After pondering this in outside the dining hall for a moment He concluded by saying, “Your responsibility is to build a tower that you can run in to. The righteous person runs into the tower where they are safe and secure. I cannot build this for you. You need to do that on your own. I have already provided the elements and tools but you need to pick them up and use them. All those people that you saw in the dining hall have come to me within their various points of maturity and are abiding in me. I will care for them as I have cared for you. Set you mind on revelation and you will not be disappointed. But my people need to read the Word for the value that it will provide, and by patients, they will see the benefits of it over time. Some people take longer than others to see but when they do… most leap forward in the process of studying. That is where things begin to happen as you have come to see. Some think the mortar is exciting, but I tell you this, that the combining of blocks of concepts which builds the foundation is the best part. It is there I get to see my people stand up without falling down in the area that they locked down, concreted or mortared. Where they were once weak they are now strong. Where they were once carried off by the wind or waves they have become immovable. This is where I want you; this is where I want my people.”

I then woke up. It was before the chickens came down from their loft. I laid there realizing that He gave me a revelation before day break as He has always done so many times before. Revelation for me comes in the last dream; in a string of dreams, so it would always be the first thing on my mind as I awake.

This clearly was a revelation to the people of God and that for me to share this would bring a form of healing and remove the anxiety of having to read as a mechanism for beating ourselves up. He does WANT for us to want to read but He is patient in any level of maturity we may find ourselves in. He wants us to know that He is kneeled down rooting us on and that if we just look to Him He will continue to honor His commitment in finishing the good work that He began in us. He is excited to work with us and wants us all to know that His most favorite part is giving us the keys to His Kingdom now through the revelation of the mysteries that He has kept hidden from those that have proclaimed themselves to be wise – The World.

Be of good cheer, and if it helps to remember, drink any form of tea when you read God’s Word. He is not a mean God or a demanding God. He is a loving God who loves us into reading His word until we feel the need to pee.

God Bless. --Greg Robinson

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