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CIA jail in Indian Ocean
April 13, 2014  
An island in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, was used as a secret detention center by the CIA.
Britain allowed the US to run a prison on Diego Garcia to secretly hold suspects without accountability.  Some high-value detainees were there.
Libyan leader Mohamed Gaddafi was arrested in Malaysia and rendered to Libya via Diego Garcia.

The recent revelations about the secret prison are troubling for the UK government as they spark questions about the UK's relationship with the US.
CIA purposely deceived the US Justice Department to attain legal justification for use of torture techniques.

The Committee and the CIA have in recent weeks gone back and forth with accusations of spying, meddling, and misrepresentation, highlighting an on-going feud between the agency and the Committee since the Senate probe began in 2009.

I dunno bout this report.

Malaysia plane isnt missing, its on Diego Garcia

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NEWS and analysis you can TRUST


6.9 earthquake Diego Garcia April 15, 2014

6.9 earthquake Diego Garcia
April 15, 2014  
-  6.9 earthquake Indian Ocean south of Africa near Diego Garcia.
This quake is during the lunar eclipse called - blood moon.  
GOD knows where the Malaysia plane and passengers are.

They are calling this quake BOUVET ISLAND REGION
I find NO website mentioning the secret island involved, but it will feel this!
USGS has hidden large quakes in the past.

Oct 14, 2016  -  Diego Garcia
-  Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than at any time in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the road. Barriers have been set up around the
aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up

I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time.
Security is nuts I had to show my id at least 8 times a day.
There were a bunch of B-52's coming in that were painted flat black. I have not seen that before.

The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.

Very REAL possibility of bombs in USA before Nov. 8
PRAY Putin holds off!

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