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Denver airport bad weather, Tornado - and WHY

Radar shows tornado touched down at Denver airport
June 18, 2013
 Radar indicated a tornado briefly touched down Tuesday over the east runways of Denver International Airport, where thousands of people took shelter in bathrooms, stairwells and other safe spots until the dangerous weather passed, officials said.
Airport spokeswoman Laura Coale reported no damage. Nine flights were diverted elsewhere during a tornado warning that lasted about 40 minutes, she said.

A 97 mph wind gust was measured at the airport before communication with instruments there was briefly knocked out, said National Weather Service meteorologist Kyle Fredin.
Chris Polk, a construction foreman, was working on a renovation project just outside the airport's main concourse when he got the tornado warning at 2:15 p.m., looked up and saw a funnel cloud. He and his crew ran inside and took shelter with some 100 people, including luggage-toting passengers, inside a basement break room as tornado sirens sounded.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary

HARBINGER  WARNINGS and Isaiah 9 prophecy


Denver Airport, FBI HQ
NWO Begins at the Denver Airport, NWO manifesto

Obama has a stone in the wall here
Denver hammered by tornadoes, hail
Super cell thunderstorm spawned at least four tornadoes that touched down in Denver, as well as a large amount of hail.

DENVER, May 21 (UPI) --A super cell thunderstorm dropped large amounts of hail and produced several tornadoes that swept through the Denver area Wednesday, weather officials said.

The National Weather Service reported four tornado touchdowns in Watkins, East Denver and Aurora, Colo.

"This thing is spinning up multiple tornadoes," witness Jeff Piotrowski told CNN. "There were tornadoes on the outer ring of the circulation, ... and then there's the main tornado vortex closer to the storm."

The storm system also dropped significant amounts of hail all over the Denver metro area, causing streets and yards to look like they'd been pummeled with a winter storm.

The tornado warnings prompted the closure of Denver International Airport for about an hour and a half. At least 38 flights were diverted and the airport expected delays throughout the rest of the day.

HAIL on Denver runways!   Shocked
I'd say GOD is attacking the evil globalists who own/kontrol this airport
More storms, tornadoes possible in Colorado

DENVER (AP) — More spring thunderstorms are expected Thursday along the Front Range and eastern Colorado, a day after six tornadoes touched down east of Denver.

No significant damage was reported from the twisters, and the latest round of storms isn't expected to be as extreme or as widespread as that seen Wednesday.

Three of the tornadoes touched down in and around Aurora, while the others hit north and east of Denver, including one about 13 miles from Denver International Airport.

There weren't any tornadoes in Lafayette, north of Boulder, but some residents probably got a scare when tornado sirens mistakenly sounded around 3 a.m. Thursday. Engineers are investigating whether a software error was to blame.

Hail covered roads and grass in some parts of the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, with snow plows called out to clear runways and the access road to the airport. Golf ball-sized hail piled up 4 inches near Strasburg on the plains 40 miles east of Denver, the National Weather Service said.

The storms temporarily grounded flights at the airport and forced 40 flights to be diverted Wednesday. Frontier Airlines canceled some flights after six of its planes were damaged by hail. It is waiving change fees for passengers who need to rebook their flights through Thursday.

A microburst is blamed for ripping a section of metal sheeting off the roof of Castle Rock's town pool.

Lower-level winds aren't forecast to be as strong Thursday, which means any tornadoes that form will likely be more short-lived, National Weather Service meteorologist Kari Bowen said.

The chance for afternoon thunderstorms to develop will continue through Memorial Day weekend. Besides the risk of tornadoes, heavy rain could also cause flooding if the cells hit some of the areas burned by recent wildfires.

Colorado Lashed by Hail, Reported Tornadoes, 111MPH Winds

Colorado was recovering Thursday from a powerful overnight storm that brought at least two reported tornadoes and pounded some areas with heavy rain and hail up to two inches in diameter.

Wind gusts of up to 111 mph were reported, bringing down trees and power lines near the town of Hugo in eastern Colorado, police said.

The wild weather was part of a dense pattern of severe thunderstorms that has seen destructive winds and tornado alerts right across the Plains, Midwest and Ohio Valley this week.

Scattered severe thunderstorms were forecast Thursday across a huge area stretching from the Colorado all the way to the Carolinas, the Weather Channel said.


Denver Beats LA And New York For Being Gay-Friendly

Denver is one of the friendliest cities in which to be gay, even more so than New York City and Los Angeles, according to a new survey released by a finance website called NerdWallet.

The survey was released to coincide with June’s designation as LGBT Pride Month and measured such things as the number of same-sex households and the number of crimes against gay people per 100,000 residents.

Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta took the top three spots; Denver came in at No. 12.

The ranking comes just days after the state’s Civil Rights Commission ordered an Aurora baker to continue making wedding cakes for same-sex couples, even though he’s opposed to homosexuality on religious grounds.

Last Friday, the commission upheld an earlier administrative ruling that Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to sell them a cake.

“Any person doing business in Colorado has to recognize that they have to do business in an ethical and law abiding way and the law says you cannot discriminate,” vice chairman Raju Jairam said.  (RELATED: Bakery Will Be Forced To Sell Cakes To Same-Sex Couples)

Denver’s ranking as being gay-friendly comes despite a constitutional amendment that prohibits gay marriage. Last year, the state legislature passed a law allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, which are largely identical to marriages between men and women.

Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriages could change soon. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, located in Denver, is weighing cases in which similar bans on gay marriage were struck down in Utah and Oklahoma. Its decision could affect Colorado’s gay-marriage ban, although the federal appeals court could stay its decision until the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in.

Since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last summer, a string of 13 cases challenging state-level bans on same sex marriages have been successful, according to the Wichita Eagle in Kansas.

Even conservative Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage, said last week that it’s inevitable that gay couples will be allowed to legally marry anywhere in the United States.

“Let’s face it: anybody who does not believe that gay marriage is going to be the law of the land just hasn’t been observing what’s going on,” Hatch said on a Utah radio show last Wednesday. Forum Index -> EARTH, Quakes, Weather
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