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DC Rally Sep 9 - Beauty and beasts

    The beauty and the beasts!

Sarah Palin will join Trump, Cruz in DC September 8, 2015
Sarah Palin and Mark Levin will join Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at the Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal rally in Washington DC on September 9th.

WHAT are we even doing negotiating with an evil regime hellbent on destruction?
Our sworn enemy proclaiming, “Allah Akbar, death to America and death to Israel” still holds American hostages, boasts of using the $150 billion dollars we just freed up for them for nefarious uses, and laughs all the way to the banks.

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Trump/Cruz 2016


LQQK at these 2 - MEN!
They look like LEADERS!    Not pansies!  

Mark Levin knows the U. S. Constitution!

Churchill was flawed.  He saved Britain!
But sometimes you just need a bulldozer to clear a path

Obama, Russia, China at WAR NOW!

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


TODAYs rally LIVE stream 1.00 pm

Sept 9, 2015 -  Live stream of Trump, Cruz, Palin Stop Iran Capitol Rally at 1.00 pm (noon central)
West Lawn of the Capitol
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Gilmore
Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck
Several Congressmen and national security experts.

Thousands rally against Iran nuclear accord in Washington DC
Sept 10, 2015
-  Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz paired up to blast the nuclear agreement with Iran that will cost countless American and Israeli lives. The two addressed several thousand people who had rallied outside the Capitol against the deal with Iran.  Congress complains they had not been fully briefed on its unpublished clauses.

Trump, Cruz on Capitol Hill DC
Sept 9, 2015
-  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz slammed Barack Obama's Iran nuclear deal.
Trump followed Cruz and said, if elected, 4 Americans being held in Iran will return to the U.S. before he takes office.

If Sinate Demoncrats decide that party loyalty matters more than national security, then the single most important issue in 2016 will be stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Trump said Cruz was one of the first to support him when he shared some of his immigration policies.
"Ted Cruz was out there and he really backed me very strongly and I always respected that. He asked me to come along and I guess he figured we'd get a big crowd and we certainly have."

Other speakers Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.
Sarah said, "You don't reward terrorism. You kill it!

Mark Levin's Full Speech at Stop Iran Nuclear Deal Rally


MOAR  DC Sep 16
Jun 27, 2017  
-  S
eptember 16th at 11 am at the national mall in Washington DC - MOAR, the Mother of all Rallies Pro Trump.  MOAR rally is being lauded as the greatest rendezvous for Trump supporters that we have seen yet.

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