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Day of Blood Feb. 28?


Day Of Blood Feb. 28?

Michael Savage has given a couple warnings about ISIS and ranted WHY doesnt obama bomb the hell outta ISIS!  Does Obama WANT the US Marines in Iraq killed?  Yes, Michael, thats exactly what Obama wants.

There was a report I cant confirm that Michael Savage said that Feb 28th will be a Day of Blood, and beware October 28.  Michael Savage is saying Feb 28th is going to be a very bad day for Americans and Christians ( and probably Jews).  ISIS chatter is calling for a planet wide Day Of Blood.  Feb 28th is Shabbat, the Sabbath, Saturday.

I respect Michael Savage. He has been right MANY TIMES.
YES he has inside knowledge but - unlike Oduhmuh, MICHAEL KNOWS and HATES the ENEMY!  Oduhmuh is the enemy - ISIS-DC!

Listen to Michael Savage online M-F on WMAL 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm CENTRAL

Michael Savage got an Email, he doesnt give source
This is not random. Its going to get ugly.  I hope foxnews is increasing securty.
Feb. 28  BUCKLE UP.  
El Sisi And abdullah are holding the line currently.
Many know whats going on.  Muslims are fulfilling their objectives.

Islam is Religion of the Sword
Muslims will continue beheadings til Jesus slays the Antichrist and all Muslims.

ISIS is Saudi Arabia Sunni Wahabi Islam

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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
UPDATE May 2014

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


USA, UK and Canada mall attacks
February 23, 2015
-  debka reports Somali Muslim terrorists call for attacks on 3 shopping centers
The Mall of America in Minnesota, USA
Oxford St, in London, UK and
Canada’s West Edmonton Mall.

Our most dangerous enemy is Obama and his mob!
I wonder if this relates to the Feb. 28 - I dunno if thats real or not, so many warnings.

The Vision
by David Wilkerson

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