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DAKOTA weather events

Large Tornado in South Dakota with Softball Size Hail 25 Jun 2012

Line of storms brings wind, hail, tornadoes to SD
June 21, 2013
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Several homes were damaged and an entire county was without power Friday after a fast-moving line of strong storms moved through northeast South Dakota, bringing several tornadoes and golf-ball-sized hail.
The National Weather Service said tornadoes touched down in Clark, Hamlin, Spink and Kingsbury counties.

Hamlin County Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck said the whole county was without power Friday evening, and the fire department was going door to door to assess the extent of damage. The county has about 6,000 residents.

Jim Scarlett, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Aberdeen, said the damage in Hamlin County appears to have been caused by a tornado, but the office was still assessing the result of the storm system.

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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NEWS and analysis you can TRUST


3 inch hail South Dakota
June 20, 2015
-  Rapid City South Dakota Supercell storm produces 3 inch hail and tornadoes.
Storm literally made a direct path towards the tower, and was the most intense as it passed nearby the NWS office.  Clearly the hailstones were very large.  Measuring near 3+ inches in diameter.

Devil's Lake Eats North Dakota Town
September 24,  2010  
  Devils Lake is in NE N.D.
Since 1993 Devils Lake, ND has risen by 27 feet, growing nearly four-fold in size, flooding 150,000 acres of land, trees, farms and buildings. Roads have been cut off and property isolated.
Devils Lake keeps getting larger because it has no natural river or stream to carry away excess rain and snowmelt. Now it has climbed within 6 feet of overflowing,
raising fears that some downstream communities could be washed away.  Neat map Forum Index -> EARTH, Quakes, Weather
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