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CYPRUS Economy - Cyprus is Greek so seriously hurt by Greek economy
Cyprus explosions kill 13
 This was likely NOT an accident
July 11, 2011  [/b] -  12 killed in Cyprus munitions explosions from Iran ship, knocked power out.
We are told this is an accident, but its weapons from an intercepted Iran ship bound for Gaza.  Terrorists dont like being interfered with.
No telling how much MORE trouble this might be.  No way to know if any were chemical weapons.  
I emailed my friend on Cyprus who replied .........

we are going very short on electricity power here.
The place where the explosions occurred was next to out main electricity power plant which was partly destroyed and cannot supply electricity now.
Many areas without power and soon with out water cause of the power cut which supply’s the water pumps with energy to flow the water.


Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas War in Mediterranean


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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Ash from Iceland volcano over Cyprus - Israel
May 10, 2010
Ash cloud to arrive in Israel Monday night.
Transportation Ministry says Meteorological Service predicts ash from Iceland volcano to pass over Cyprus Monday afternoon,
arrive in Israel in evening. Aviation Authority calls emergency meeting to prepare for flight disruptions
The Transportation Ministry warned Monday that the ash cloud responsible for halting most of Europe in its tracks is scheduled to arrive in Israel soon.

A statement issued by the ministry cited meteorological reports saying the cloud would pass over Cyprus Monday afternoon and arrive in Israel's skies late in the evening.
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz ordered his ministry to prepare for repercussions caused by the cloud, newly emitted from an active volcano in Iceland. It is currently floating 20,000 feet above sea level.
The Civil Aviation Authority has called an emergency meeting at 1 pm Monday, with the participation of the Meteorological Service and various local and foreign airline companies.

The meeting will include predictions on possible scenarios and their effect on takeoffs and landings in Israel.
Data was collected from the British meteorological service and the Euro-Control, which are assisting Israel in its preparations.
The EU's Aviation Authority announced Sunday a number of flight disruptions throughout the continent.
The volcanic ash cloud led to cancelations in Scotland, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, and threatens to cause disruptions in France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Austria.,7340,L-3887420,00.html

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Navy chief killed by blast, 62 wounded
13 Jul 2011
The shockwave destroyed the walls of two multi-storey buildings on the base, and generator buildings and fuel tanks at the nearby Vassilikos power plant.
Debris was blown as far as 3km (2 miles) from the base and hundreds of trees were flattened.
Nearly all the windows in the village of Zygi were blown out, while roof tiles were torn off and windows broken in the village of Mari.

The head of Cyprus' navy, Andreas Ioannides, was among 12 people killed when seized containers of gunpowder exploded at its main base.
The commander of the Evangelos Florakis base, Lambros Lambrou, also died.
The defence minister and military chief have resigned over the incident, which officials said occurred after a bush fire ignited the explosives.

A government spokesman has said a recent meeting concluded that safety at the site needed to be improved.
But the recommendations had not yet been implemented, he added.
The comments came after Ioannides' son said senior officials had repeatedly ignored his warnings about the condition of the containers.

More than 90 containers of gunpowder had been kept in the open at the Evangelos Florakis base since they were confiscated by the Cypriot authorities
from a ship intercepted in 2009 sailing from Iran to Syria in violation of United Nations sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
Early on Monday, firefighters were called to tackle a small fire in the storage area. At 0550 (0250 GMT), there was a massive explosion.

July 13 -  Cyprus police arrested 20 people after demonstrators angry at an explosion in which 12 people died tried to breach gates leading to the presidential palace.
Demonstrators said was official negligence in the explosion of seized gunpowder stored at a naval base.,7340,L-4094824,00.html

POWERLESS   August  1, 2011
Cyprus suffered an explosion July 11 which killed 13 people and knocked out their power plant for a year.
I have a friend there who told me this informaiton.  Cyprus is asking several other countries to help them.
People on Cyrpus will have continuous cuts until next summer.
They cant plan anything, they dont know when power is going to be cut.
This is a major problem for the businesses.
The people are ordered not to run air conditioning in this heat of 40-41C, 106F.
Cyprus has no electricity at night.


Turkey is threatening to attack Cyprus
September  9,  2011  
This information came from someone I know living on Cyprus.
Little or nothing about this is on the news media.  News are very selective in what they report.

Most of Cyprus is Greek.
Turks invaded Cyprus illegally in 1974 and captured the north by force and posses it by force since then
CYPRUS has no army to defend itself, they are depending in political support and Christians praying.
Turkish propaganda is very effective all over the world, and it is anti-Israel.

CYPRUS has been a very good friend to Israel.  Cyprus legally sold drilling rights to Israel and Israel has found gas and oil in the Mediterranean ..
now the evil muslim nations want the oil Israel found.
All Cyprus trouble is due to them being fair to Israel.

Arabs didnt care when Israel drilled ... but when their toil struck oil - Lebanon said  GIMME!
The world is headed to a universal Goverment and currency  -  666  -  the beast system of Revelation 13.


Cyprus, Israel move closer on East Med gas
Aug 26, 2011   Nicosia, Cyprus  (UPI)
The governments of Cyprus and Israel, which both have seemingly intractable problems with Turkey, are moving closer together over the increasingly thorny
issue of vast natural gas fields under the eastern Mediterranean.
The energy dispute, which already has Israel and neighboring Lebanon threatening each other, has spurred a major geopolitical realignment in the region
where oil and natural gas have long been in short supply and heightened tensions.
Over 122 trillion cubic feet of gas and around 4 billion barrels of oil lie under the continental shelf that runs south from Syria and Lebanon before curving westward to Egypt.

Israel finds huge natural gas reserve
A huge deep-water natural gas find off the coast of Israel promises to be a boon to the Israeli economy
as well as a stimulus to other developers searching for offshore oil and natural gas in the Mediterranean.

Cyprus wants Israeli support in offshore drilling spat
August, 2011
  Nicosia, Cypriot in conflict with Turkey over exploration rights,
Israeli PM responds - Jerusalem interested in cooperating in energy field

Large quantities of natural gas found off Haifa coast
January 2009    More than 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered at well off of Israel's Mediterranean coast,7340,L-3658046,00.html

CYPRUS has foiled some of the Muslim jihad flotillas to Gaza by terrorists.
Turkey is planning another war on Gaza - and Cyprus will likely be right in the middle.
jihad flotillas, many pages

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat

Sept 12, 2011
This is from chatting with a man living in Nicosia Cyprus -
He has used the nickname of vision and he is speaking with our friend using the nickname eagles.
I have edited the conversation for continuity and clarity.

History looks like repeating itself.
In the 50's the Turkish government wanted to take over the Greek Cypriots' part of the island nation.
A man living in Nicosia (Cyprus) told us about an explosive blast which set off arms in a military compound which effectively shut down nearly all of
Cyprus' electric power supply, as the main generating station is next door to the munitions storage.
The munitions were part of an Arab world shipment to Gaza from Turkey, intercepted and stored in Cyprus on behalf of the Israeli government.

Friday,  September 09, 2011

  we are being threatened by Turkey here that it is going to attack us again if we dare use our right to bring out our natural gas from our territorial waters

that is awful mate, the difficulties of the 1950s all over again
we have heard absolutely nothing about this on the news media in Australia, TV radio or papers, they are very selective in what they publish

it is eagles...and we have no army to defend ourselfs...we are depending on political support only and of course us christians praying
maybe those kind of news is not selling much there
after all it is only a tiny spot on the map Cyprus...who cares?
Turkish propaganda is very effective all over the world bro, they spend bilions to pay off media

I remember when I was a boy and your "champion" was Archbiushop Makarios

yes... we had ethics as our power then... now it is all gone
People even orthodox as they are were near God, the way they were made to understand God

actually my friend, it is to be expected if I may draw the logic together
the Islamic states, of which Turkey pretends it is not, are creating unsettled activities right around the mediterranean
I heard  last week about spain and portugal giving in to handing back to the mullahs the property and land the Moors vacated in the middle ages
it is already open fighting and unrest from Lybia, Egypt/Sudan, the Israeli lands, Lebanon
turkey adjoins lebanon and Syria, which we believe will be the next to fall

my point of view is not that those islamic countries are creating those activities but outside forces inside those countries are doing so
and i think there is one goal after all that unrest... a universal Goverment and currency

We need be aware that the Turkish regime has become very much like the Ottoman Empire.
Remember Gamal Attaturk murdered (as in genocide) the Armenians who were almost all Christians of the same flavour as most in the Holy Land.
Nobody did anything about it, and the Turks denied it happened. For regional stability the West accepted their denial.

Turks deny their historical genocide of Armenians to this very day.
I personally met a Messianic (Christian) Rabbi Armenian whose family fled this genocide.

Shocked  Evil or Very Mad     Return of Ottoman Empire in 2011 ?     Shocked  Evil or Very Mad

Shocked  Exclamation    Cyprus is threatened for being a friend to Israel.
It is caught in the middle of Turkey's jihad dominent intents

Turkish Warships Sent to Challenge Israel

September 9, 2011
There is a SERIOUS CRISIS which Turkey is perpetrating on the Mideast!
Read these!  and PRAY!   Shocked  Exclamation


Turkey asks US to base Predator drone on Turkish soil
Ah yes, come have tea with me, said the spider to the fly.
The drones would quickly be used against Israel, and Obama knows it, and loves it.

11 September 2011, Sunday
The United States is considering a request from Turkey to base a fleet of Predator drones on its soil for cross-border operations against terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq, a news report said on Sunday.

The Obama administration has not yet made a decision on the Turkish request, the report in Washington Post said. The Predators have been flying from Iraqi bases since 2007 and the US shares data from the planes' surveillance with Turkey as part of the two NATO allies' cooperation against the PKK. Now that the US forces are scheduled to withdraw from Iraq by end of the year, this cooperation may effectively come to an end unless new bases are found for the Predators.

Sept 10, 2011
See Jerry Golden reports from Jerusalem

Egypt MB attack on Israeli embassy


Turkey is salivating for WAR
Turkey is a REAL and PRESENT DANGER!
Turkish threats are real and tangible.  

Israeli-Greek defense pact invoked against Turkey
Keep praying demon Turkey will be foiled!
I'd love to see Greece fly in a bunch of Kurds.  They know how to handle the Turk devils.

September 15, 2011   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Israel and Greece PM George Papandreou have invoked the mutual defense pact they signed secretly only 12 days ago in the light of heavy Turkish sea and air movements in the eastern Mediterranean.
Israel cabinet called into session over the Turkish threat to its off-shore oil and gas rigs.

Greece concerned by the Turk observation flights suddenly increased over the Greek island of Kastelorizo
The flights are escorted by Turkish combat jets.

Athens fears a Turkish attack, and an attempt to damage or seize it.
Israel suspects that a Turkish attack on the Greek island will be the signal for Turkish military aggression against its oil and gas platforms located in the Mediterranean between Israel and Cyprus.
Papandreou said the Turks are capable of surprise attacks on additional Greek islands.
Turkey backs Lebanon's Hellzballah terrorists who are puppets of Iran.

The Israeli navy and air force are to be posted at Greek Mediterranean bases. The two intelligence agencies are sharing input.
With a presence at Greek military bases, Israel will be able to operate from the rear of Turkish forces in the event of an attack by those forces in the Mediterranean.

Turkey demands

-  Israel must allow ships to Gaza Strip
-  Israeli warships must remain inside their 12-mile territorial waters and not guard oil and gas drilling platforms which Israel owns.

US and NATO monitoring the crisis Ankara is generating with Israel, Greece and Cyprus, and wont let it degenerate into Turkish military action.  
Famous last words.  US, NATO will not act, unless NATO kicks Turkey out of NATO.  Big deal.  
Turkey wont care, they want BIG POWER.  NATO is nothing.


Hyper BAD for Israel and for peace!!!

Turkey to host missile shield radar

September 14, 2011
Turkey and the United States have concluded a deal to host an early warning radar as part of NATOs missile defense system.
It will be deployed at a military base near Malatya in eastern Turkey, and target Israel as an ENEMY, operational by the end of 2011.
Anyone who believe it will target Iran or Syria is a fool.

Turkey War to Steal Oil, gas
Israeli-Greek-Turkish air sea forces prepare for first Cypriot gas drilling
September 17, 2011  Saturday   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
Military tension is building up among Greece, Turkey and Israel as Cyprus prepares to start exploratory drilling for gas offshore Monday, Sept. 19.
All have placed their air and sea forces in a state of preparedness.

Turkish warplanes and fighters kept watch on the US Noble Energy rig as it moved from Israeli offshore field Noa opposite Ashdod to Cyprus Aphrodite field.
It was the first time since May 2010 Turkey attack on Israel that Turkish warships came less than 80 kilometers from Israeli territorial waters.
Israeli missile ships watched from afar on the Noble rig's movement.

As the rig moved into position opposite Cyprus, so too did 2 Turkish frigates.
Cyprus said Turkish warships and fighters had not entered territorial waters.
Turkey has aligned with Iran and its Hellzballah proxies in Lebanon, and want to steal the goods Israel has legally found.
Turkey warns their navy attack ships can attack.

Act of War
Turkish troop reinforcements landed in North Cyprus along with drilling equipment to start drilling in the Cypriot EEZ without reference to Nicosia.
This would mean that Turkey is preparing a wildcat breach of international law and treaties.
Greece warned Ankara against this Act of War.

Turkey's latest Act of War was against Israel in May 2010.
Sept 19 the Noble rig starts drilling in Cyprus Block 12 of the Mediterranean.
Turkey has painted itself into a corner.
If he orders an attack on the American rig, he will have to take the consequences, possibly a confrontation with the US, Israel, Greece and Cyprus.
If he does nothing, he will lose face as a leader able to back up his threats.

This is most likely to evolve into sea and air confrontatons involving Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

Comment from Israel, Email to me
'I think the NWO guys are trying to prime the pump for a global war beginning in the middle East'

Cyprus to get EU presidency in 2012

Cyprus to get EU presidency in 2012
New Cypriot hardliner President may damage Turkey’s EU accession process.
Turkey will never get in EU unless it pulls out of Cyprus.
EU-candidate Turkey would freeze relations with the European Union if Cyprus is given the rotating EU presidency in 2012.
If the EU gives its rotating presidency to southern (Greek) Cyprus, the real crisis will be between Turkey and the EU.
Turkey wrongfully occupies northern Cyprus.
The internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government is due to obtain
the six-month rotating EU presidency in July 2012.
Crazy Turkey is already in trouble with NATO.

Turkey to freeze EU ties if Cyprus gets EU presidency

New Cypriot hardliner President may damage Turkey EU accession process

Turkey will never get in EU unless it pulls out of Cyprus


German Conservatives Welcome Turkey EU Threats
The ongoing dispute over divided Cyprus may escalate problems between Turkey and the European Union
after Turkish PM Erdogan threatened to freeze EU relations when the Greek Cypriots take on the rotating presidency in 2012.  
The move only serves to further disqualify Turkey's plans to join the EU

Greek southern Cyprus, a European Union member since 2004, is set to assume the EU rotating presidency in July 2012.
But if the Greek Cypriots dont agree to a deal ending the 3 decade division from the Turkish northern part of the island,
Turkey will refuse to recognize their EU leadership, said Turkey.,1518,775490,00.html


Israel, Egypt, Turkey  shifting sands
Turkey is not only isolated, it is facing serious troubles. Its alliance with Iran and with Syria is in ruin.
The price of Turkey's lunacy, expansionism, war mongering, contempt for intl laws.
People lament the isolation of Israel but forget that this is nothing new.
Arab armies tried to destroy new Israel in 1948, successive attempts having failed as well.

Peace was achieved between Israel and Egypt, then Jordan, but this was a peace between governments, not peoples.
Incitement against Israel never stopped.
What was left were agreements fueled by transient political interests.

In 1949 Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel, and launched on the path of secular modernity.
Relations between the two countries have had their ups and downs, but trade was good, and Israelis vacationed in Turkey each year and Israel supplied Turkey with sophisticated weapons and technology.

The May 2010 Turkey attacked israel in disregard of Israel's known policies with a flotilla to Gaza.
Motivated by religious fervor and the dream of restoring the Turkish Ottoman empire, set himself on another path.
The 2002 election brought Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist party to power, and they HATE the Jews/Israel.

Satellite to crash to Earth Sep 23   hmmmm   Question

Harbingers of Doom,  UPDATED

Turkey is a REAL and PRESENT DANGER!
Turkey pirating oil, may commit an Act of War
Sept 19 and 20 have passed, today is Sept. 21 - no shooting .. yet ....
Might Turkey's bullying Cyprus for oil be the Ezekiel 38-39 catalyst?

September  19,  2011  Turkey Navy may escort oil pirate ships off Cyprus
Turkey demands the Greek Cypriot government halt gas exploration immediately[/b].,7340,L-4124192,00.html

Turkish navy to escort offshore energy search
Turkey urged Cyprus and a US energy firm not to start an exploratory drilling for oil and gas in the
eastern Mediterranean, warning otherwise it would launch a similar project protected by Turkish warships.
Turkey's Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said if Cyprus does not heed Turkish calls to halt the planned drilling,
his country would within a week send out its own research ship and the Turkish navy would "obviously" escort it.
"This work will be carried out together with the (navy) escort," he said.
"There will be no turning back on this issue." (AP),7340,L-4124250,00.html


BAD!  Turkey-Egypt alliance
We know this is against Israel.  Only a fool believes a Muslim.
Turkey wants to create a new axis of power in the Middle East at time of falling US influence in region by partnership between Turkey and Egypt,
from the north to the south, from the Black Sea down to the Nile Valley in Sudan.,7340,L-4124130,00.html

Cyprus begins oil and gas drilling

Cyprus begins oil and gas drilling

September  21,  2011   Wednesday
Cyprus and Greece really NEED oil income and energy!!
It is NOT controversial or disputed just because Turkey is trying to pirate!  

This legally belongs to Cyprus and anyone they SELL rights to, by international LAW.
The Cypriot Greek government is recognised internationally by both the United Nations and the European Union, but not by Turkey.

Cyprus says it has begun exploratory drilling for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea - risking escalating tensions with Turkey.
Solon Kassinis, director of Cyprus energy said the work began late last night.
Turkey claims they will start drilling for gas off the Cyprus coast, tho that is NOT their right.
Turk military to threaten with aircraft, frigates and torpedo boats.


TURKEY HEATS UP Mediterranean!
Muslim Ankara Turkey continuing a climate of intimidation and threats to Greek Nicosia, Cyprus.
September  22,  2011   Report to me by my Nicosia field reporter
Turkish helikopters have tried to bring problems to the (Texas USA owned) NOBLE helicopter the last hours.

Muslim Ankara Turkey continuing a climate of intimidation and threats to Greek Nicosia, Cyprus.
Yesterday in New York Erdogan and Eroglu (Dervis Eroglu is the President of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) signed an agreement to 'define their territorial waters' and will begin licensing cycle to begin investigations to detect gas in the sea area of Cyprus.

And that while both the Americans and the Russians and Europeans have communicated that they should not do move that would lead to heat stroke.
At the same time expected that Ankara will find itself in the hot seat session in the European Parliament next Tuesday (Sep 27) for the threats from Turkey over the Cyprus question and the Exclusive Economic Zone.

However, the last 48 hours the Turks tried to do show provocation by threatening the safety implications.
The climax was the appearance of helicopters of Turkish Air Force, the U.S. state registration helicopter Noble Energy from Limassol Port to the drilling platform.
The crew was Americans.  So did Turkish fighter aircraft and civil aircraft for European countries taking off from Larnaca.
Yesterday Turks repeatedly appeared in front of Cyprus Airways aircraft after takeoff.
Also mobility is at sea with the emergence of Turkish frigate, but which is discretionary.

NOBEL began drilling for oil and gas off Cyprus despite Turk warnings.
Noble Energy, based in Houston, is now smack in the middle of an escalating dispute over mineral deposits in the eastern Mediterranean, complicated by the status of Cyprus. The island has been divided since 1974 into an internationally recognized Greek Cypriot south and a breakaway Turkish Cypriot north, which is recognized only by Turkey.
In dispute is not only where any future energy revenues flow, but who has the right to what undersea riches when the status of the nearby land itself is unresolved.

Cyprus NEWS links, not very informative.  WAR is bad for tourism.

BBC and other world main press are NOT capable of being FAIR.  
they call 'controversial' what any bully disputes - and dont go by LAW

5.6 earthquake shakes eastern Turkey

September  22,  2011   Thursday
An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 shook the eastern province of Erzincan at 6 am Thursday morning, followed by aftershocks.
Several villages suffered minor damage, one road was blocked.

Cyprus promises to share gas proceeds with north
September  22,  2011   Thursday
Cyprus is willing to share the benefits of any gas find with Turkish Cypriots, in an apparent attempt to calm tensions.
Turk seismic ship heads to Mediterranean Friday.

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat, 8 pages

Turkey escalates gas feud with Cyprus, Israel
September  27,  2011  
 Gas exploration row escalates in Eastern Mediterranean as the troublesome Turkish ship Piri Reis began oil and gas exploration near Cyprus.
The Turkey military backs up their pirating with warships and warplanes.
Cyprus owns the rights to the drilling, and so does Israel, so they have a military agreement.  A USA company is also involved.  

EU Commission wants Turkey, Cyprus to show restraint.
Turkey threatens to cut EU ties over Cyprus.  No loss.
A 3 way row between Cyprus, Turkey and Israel over oil exploration in the eastern Mediterranean is set to get worse.
A Turkish vessel is drillng in disputed waters.
Cyprus and Israel have signed deals to share any oil wealth while Turkey disputes the decision.  SHORT video,7340,L-4128525,00.html,7340,L-4128271,00.html

Turkey escalates gas feud with Cyprus, Israel

Turkey Starts Building its own Warships

September 26, 2011
Turkey has begun production of its first warship, the TCG Heybeliada, a corvette class cruiser that is small, lightly armed and highly maneuverable.  
Corvettes can perform a wide range of tasks including reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, anti-aircraft defense, and patrolling and target detection.  
The Turkish program – called MILGEM - aims to produce 12 such boats and eventually export the boats to other countries.
Heybeliada was completed a few weeks ago and can carry a helicopter.  
A nearly identical boat called the Buyukada is almost ready.

Turkey is currently occupying northern Cyprus has threatened military intervention if Cyprus proceeds to drill in its own territory.


IAF warplanes scrambled over Turk pirate ship

Turkey to defend its sea interests
September  28,  2011  
 The Turkish pirate ship Piri Reis escorted by the Turkish Navy warships has arrived in one gas zone belonging to Cyprus, only 60 kilometers away from the Greek Cypriot drilling platform.
The Piri Reis entered block 13 off Cyprus where Greek Cypriots are exploring with U.S. company Noble.
Turkey terrorist PM Erdogan said Turkey would take all necessary measures to 'defend its rights over natural resources in the Mediterranean sea.'
Greek PM Papandreou called Turk terrorist Erdogan, the tension decreased.  right.

TURKEY HAS NO RIGHTS in this area!

IAF warplanes scrambled over Turk pirate ship
This story by Turkey may be a total fabrication among all Turkey's lies.

September  30,  2011  Israeli jets fly low, circling over Turkish ship pirating Cyprus-Israel gas, oil near contested Cyprus.
Israel Defense Forces jet fighters were scrambled toward a Turkish ship.
Israel F-15s faced the Turkish vessel, flying through Cyprus airspace.
The Israeli warplanes approached the Turkish ship despite warnings, Turkey launched F-16 fighters at the Israeli planes, the IAF fighter jets returned to Israeli airspace.
An IAF helicopter (may have) hovered over the Piri Reis Turk pirate ship in the Aphrodite gas field off Cyprus southern coast near Leviathan natural gas field belonging to Israel.
Low-flying Israeli warplanes and helicopters warned a Turkish ship exploring for natural gas reserves near Cyprus.,7340,L-4129242,00.html


Turkish navy unveils their own warship, Heybeliada, a 99-meter corvette class warship bigger than the largest corvette class that Israel has.

From my field reporter on CYPRUS....
NO IAF planes crossed the Cyprus air today... if they were it would have been all over our news

Turkey denies Israeli aircraft harassed Turkish ships
Idiot Turks cant even get their own stories straight.  LOL!
Turkish media reports Israeli F-15 jets and helicopter circled Turkish ship exploring for gas in disputed area of Mediterranean off Cyprus coast.
Turkish General denied reports.

Cyprus to keep drilling for offshore oil
October 1,  2011  
 Cyprus exploratory drilling for offshore oil and gas deposits will continue despite Turkey's bullying.
Greek Cyprus right to search for mineral deposits inside its exclusive economic zone is non-negotiable and any foreign meddling is unacceptable.
Cyprus was split into an internationally recognized Greek speaking south and a breakaway Turkish speaking north in 1974 when Turkey invaded after a coup by supporters of union with Greece.
The Cyprus natural resources belong to all Cypriots.,7340,L-4129449,00.html

I see no more news on the report about IAF jets scrambled.  May be false.  Unknown.

Turkish warships harass Israeli boats off Cyprus
October 2, 2011   DEBKA  Exclusive
Turkey is harassing Israeli cargo vessels.
Israel F-15 warplanes react to Turkish harassment
Increasingly assertive Turkey is setting the scene for clashes in the eastern Mediterranean.
Since Sept. 29, Turkish warships have been harassing Israeli merchant vessels in waters off Cyprus.
They come close enough to establish wireless communication and caution the Israeli vessels they are in contravention of international law and ordering them to change course.
The Israeli crews mostly ignore these orders, treating them as Turkey bullying.
But the situation is getting explosive enough to spark a major incident.

Over the weekend, Israeli Air Force planes circled near the sites of the incidents but not directly over the Turkish vessels.
At the same time Israeli missile ships sailed close to Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, where Noble is drilling.
The rig is south of Cyprus adjacent to Israeli Leviathan gas field.
Sept. 30 NATO noted tensions between Turkey and Israel but did not take sides.  Coward.

Inquiry Blames Cyprus President for Blast
My friend who lives on Cyprus brought me this news.  I am saddened about this.  
Cyprus is under threat from Turkey and lack of trust in their leader cant be good.

October   03,  2011    Nicosia, Cyprus
Cyprus President Demetris Christofias officially blamed for the July 2011  blast that killed 13 people and caused an economic crisis.
The inquiry found that  Christofias bore a serious personal responsibility, he failed to protect Cypriot citizens, despite repeated concerns expressed about the safety of the munitions, which were left in direct sunlight on the navy base.
I'd keep any explosives from Iran OFF the entire island, or blow them up in a controlled environment.
Christofias said he was never told of the risk posed by the arms cache.
UN inspectors had been denied access.

The explosion occurred when containers of seized gunpowder from Iran blew up
Cyprus defence and foreign ministers have resigned over this.
It was Cyprus worst peacetime military accident.

About 100 containers had been stacked in an open field at the navy base since 2009, when they were seized from a ship sailing from Iran to Syria.
The way decaying munitions were stored was irresponsible.
The blast and subsequent fire badly damaged the nearby Vasiliko power station, killed 13 including the head of the Cypriot navy and 6 firefighters.  Dozens of people were injured.

Polys Polyviou says Dimitris Christofias was primarily responsible for the inadequacy, negligence and carelessness that led to the blast.
The explosion also wrecked the main power station on Cyprus, leading to severe power cuts across the island.

Christofias had testified at the inquiry hearings that he was never told by subordinates just how dangerous the munitions were and denied any personal responsibility.


Turkey after Cyprus natural resources

October 9, 2011
Turkey is NOT out to protect the interests of Turkish Cypriots but to exploit the natural resources and wealth of neighbouring states.
Threats by Turkey against Cyprus are not supported by any argument of substance.
Turkey has no rights.
Turkey's real motive on Cyprus is the exploitation of Cyprus natural resources.

Norwegian Survey Ship in Cyprus Waters
Norwegian-flagged seismic research ship Bergen Surveyer is surveying for undersea gas and oil on behalf of Turkey in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
The ship is in international waters.
The Cyprus government has sovereign right over the EEZ.  Ankara disputes this right.

Turkey Claims it Doesnt Want War with Israel or Cyprus

O yes, just let us steal what doesnt belong to us, dont fight back!  
Mad   Exclamation

October 09, 2011 Back to Israel
Turkish officials were quoted as saying they do not want a war against Israel or Cyprus.
The comments come in the wake of the near-complete freeze of relations between Israel and Turkey over the Mavi Marmara incident in May 2010 in which
the Israeli Navy boarded a Turkish boat laden with weapons and terrorists that attempted to breach the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip
and ended with 9 dead Turkish terrorists who had first attacked Israelis and several wounded IDF soldiers.

The US has pushed Turkey behind closed doors to quit its antagonistic position towards Cyprus’ gas drilling projects, warning that any action would be interpreted as an attack on the United States.
Noble Energy, based in Houston, Texas, is exploring the eastern Mediterranean for gas on Cyprus’ behalf.
In addition, they have warned that if a  conflict flares up between Israel and Turkey, the US will side with Israel.

Over the last few months, the US has attempted to calm the tensions between Israel and Turkey, who were up until recently close allies that shared ties on the military, economic and diplomatic fronts.  The complete cessation of ties has many worried that a flare-up could lead to a regional war, possibly triggered by a second attempt to breach the blockage of Gaza.

Turkey and Cyprus have been at odds for over 40 years, since Turkey occupied the norther half of the island, claiming it as theirs 14 years after the island declared its independence from Britain in 1960.  While efforts have been made to bring peace to the island, the explosive rhetoric coming from Ankara, as well as Cyprus’ request for Israel and the US to protect it from Turkey, could lead to a second escalation.

The report also cited US concern for the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that he would send warships to protect the next flotilla amongst many other statements over the last few weeks of a volatile, threatening nature.  Turkey’s response was to cool its rhetoric, saying they will only react to anyone who enters their territorial waters illegally.


European Commission on Turkish threats

October   12,  2011  
Brussels exculpatory findings for Turkey stance on the Cyprus issue.
The European Commission will meet pontiopilatiki (Pontius Pilate) attitude against the Turkish threat.
Brussels will not even criticize the Turkish state leadership for war climate that has caused Eastern Mediterranean.
Instead, enlist a general and vague reference to encouraging also to avoid any kind of threat.

This is in Greek, run thru google translate which doesnt give me much I can understand.
Apparantly Turkey is free to pirate Cyprus.

Dutch Government Attacks Turkey for Belligerence

October 11, 2011
At a meeting in Croatia this week, Dutch MP Wim Kortenoeven called Turkey out over its behavior towards Cyprus and Israel, saying they need to cease the behavior immediately.

The remarks were made during a meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSEC), that was held this year in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  According to transcripts, Kortenoeven said that Turkey’s objections to Israel’s search for gas are troubling as is the government’s support for terrorist organizations.  He added that "all of the ingredients are in place for a military confrontation" and warned that Turkey "is sliding into the abyss of Islamic extremism and authoritarianism. This is visible on the inside and on the outside." Korntenoeven is widely respected Middle East expert.

OSEC is an organization made of European, Asian and North American countries that aims to prevent global conflicts as well as attempt to prevent conflicts by pointing out areas where conflict is liable to occur by diffusing whatever issues are causing the unrest.  Turkey and Israel are both members of OSEC.

Kortenoeven also addressed Turkey’s rhetoric towards Cyprus, saying that Turkey has no right to harass Cyprus over gas exploration.  He said "The Erdogan regime is turning Turkey into a predator state that also wants to seize the oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. Reserves that it does not own. Threats are being issued in the direction of Cyprus. Strong Turkish military forces have been deployed on and near Cyprus."

The Turkish delegation responded to Kortenoeven by accusing him of being opposed to peace and simultaneously accusing Israel of cold blooded murder when the IDF boarded the Mavi Marmara last year and were attacked by a Turkish Government-backed terrorist group.  The Israeli delegation did not respond to the Turkish accusations, simply saying they were watching Turkey closely. Aviv Shir-On, the head of the delegation said that it would be helpful if the Arab World would become democratic and stop preaching hate.  The UK and France predictably sided with the Turkish delegation and accused Israel of a wide litany of crimes while Germany and the US echoed Dutch sentiments.


Israel, Cyprus to hold joint military exercise

October 22, 2011   Turkish media report
Jerusalem, Nicosia to hold aerial maneuvers
Turkey believes they are sending them a message.  Bout time!
Israel said the maneuvers were a routine exercise between allies devoid of any political message.
Israeli aircraft will fly out of Greek Cyprus.  I will have my Cyprus reporter tell me if this occurs or is just Turk lies.,2506,L-4137416,00.html


Turkey to send 3rd pirate ship off Cyprus
October 23, 2011  Sunday
Turkey sends another vessel for gas and oil exploration off Cyprus
Turkey now has 3 vessels in the Mediterranean in the north, south and western parts of Cyrpus.

ISRAEL Drills off Cyprus
24 October 2011  
  Turkey attacked Israeli plans to hold a military exercise in Cyprus
Israel announced it will proceed with its plans to hold an IAF exercise in Cypriot airspace.

Israel routinely holds military exercises in the air and on land with its allies, which up until 2 years ago included Turkey.
Turkey claims Cyprus but Cyprus is Greek.  By international law, Turkey has no authority.

Cyprus and Israel signed a military defense pact and a treaty regarding gas drilling, Turkey is bullying and threatening.
United States, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Israel and other countries have sent ships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Cyprus has reported Turkey to the EU and NATO since a Turkish ship entered Cyprus maritime border and has refused to leave.

God hit Turkey with a serious earthquake October 24, the same day.
I spoke to a Greek Cypriot who said yes, warplanes are in her skies.

Israel, Italy,  military exercises
My friend on Cyprus hears planes in the skies overhead
November  2,  2011    Israel held routine exercises.
Earlier with Greece in Cypriot airspace with no political agenda.
IAF fighter jets conclude long-distance missions exercise in Italy.
IAF fighter jets have recently concluded a lengthy exercise in Sardinia, Italy
The maneuvers included several scenarios, including long-distance missions and midair fueling.,7340,L-4142862,00.html

Israel vs Turkey Round 3
November 3, 2011
 Israel signed an agreement with Italy regarding the construction of a gas line in order to prevent a shortage of natural gas amid threats from Turkey and Lebanon.
Netanyahu ordered gas drilling companies to get to work on the Leviathan and Tamar fields as soon as possible.  
Time is of the essence. Israel has a previous agreement with Cyprus to share the gas fields and send some to Europe.
The bully Turkey is pissed.

War on Iran or smoke screen?

Hasnt CYPRUS had ENUF problems already?  Its govt is Greek.

Moody’s cuts Cyprus’ credit grade by 2 notches to Baa3 over banks’ exposure to Greece

November   5,  2011  Saturday  Nicosia
International ratings agency Moody’s cut Cyprus’ credit grade by two notches to Baa3, or just above junk status,
and warned of further downgrades because its banks will likely need state support next year over their heavy exposure to Greek debt.

Moody’s said in a statement that Cypriot banks’ losses have more than doubled under last month’s new European debt deal for
Greece that would see banks write off 50% of the money the country owes them.
Those higher losses make it more likely that the government would need to step in and provide a financial backstop of around €1 billion ($1.38 billion),
raising the government debt-to-gross domestic product ratio by 5-10 percentage points.

Cyprus’ top 3 banks hold an estimated €5 billion ($6.89 billion) in Greek government bonds.
Cypriot Finance Minister Kikis Kazamias said the island’s debt currently stands at around 65.5% of GDP.

Moody’s also cited the Cypriot government’s inability to borrow from international markets which raises the possibility that
authorities will need to seek emergency funding from official sources like Europe’s bailout fund, or European Financial Stability Facility.
Rising interest rates on Cypriot bonds have made it increasingly difficult for the government to borrow from the secondary markets in order to finance the island’s debt and cover costs.

WATCH GREECE,  5 pages


Cyprus to launch new offshore oil and gas search  November  23,  2011  Wednesday
Cyprus will launch a new licensing round for more exploratory drilling for offshore oil and gas in about 6 weeks,
underscoring its right to search for energy sources which Turkey strongly disputes.
Turkey is wrong by intl law.  (ynet, AP)

Trouble with Turkey - AGAIN!   Dec. 25, 2011
Turkey warships shell water near Cyprus gas fields.
Turkey seeks to pirate gas, oil rightfully belonging to Greek Cyprus and Israel.
Turkey is a very dangerous neighborhood bully.

Cypriot President Christofias warned Turkey if they dont change gunboat diplomacy, there will be consequences.
Turkish warships began turning their guns on the strip dividing Israeli Leviathan gas field from Cyprus Zone where a large gas field was discovered.
Israel and Cyprus reinforced their naval units around the gas fields.

Jerusalem ISRAEL, Athens Greece and Nicosia Cyprus are economic and security partners in Mediterranean gas resources.
USA Noble Energy is working both fields.
The gas fields are much bigger than first believed. The 3 governments look forward to becoming major gas suppliers
to Europe, reducing their dependence on Russian and Turkish gas pipelines.

December  28,  2011  My reporter on Cyprus said the above story of Turkey shelling is not true.
I have not seen a debka retraction.
Are all these stories related?  NOT saying they are - but it made me go hmmmmm

Smile    Cyprus Field holds 8 trillion cubic feet of gas
29 December 2011    NICOSIA
Cyprus president says offshore field holds estimated 5-8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
Offshore gas find gets investor interest.
A field off Cyprus south coast where US firm Noble Energy is drilling is estimated to hold 5 trillion to 8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
The announcement was the first time the field's size has been estimated based on actual drilling results.
The result was quite sizable for a small nation such as Cyprus. Officials have said 1 trillion cubic feet could meet Cyprus' energy needs for 30 years
Also reported by cbsnews.,7340,L-4168236,00.html;date=20111228&id=14651663

Turkish Freighter Sinks in Aegean Sea, Crew Safe
December 28, 2011   ATHENS, Greece
Greece said a Turkish freighter is sinking in the eastern Aegean Sea and the crew has safely evacuated to another ship.
A defense ministry statement said the Turkish-flagged Dogu Haslaman issued a distress signal on Tuesday, in international waters between the Greek islands of Samos and Chios.
It said the 12-strong crew were picked up by another Turkish cargo ship in the area, and refused assistance from Greek authorities, saying they would wait for Turkish rescuers.

Cyprus  demonstrations - Occupy?
Cyprus  -  5 injured in demonstration against UK bases

3 January 2012
5 people have been injured during a stone throwing demonstration against the presence of British military bases in Cyprus.
Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960, although the UK maintains two big sovereign bases in the south and east of the island.

Cyprus was split in a Turkish invasion in 1974 and Turkey occupies northern Cyprus.
Cypriots should be GLAD the Brits are there - to protect them from crazy Turks!
This sounds like the evil occupy anarchists who want global Islam.

From my Cyprus reporter -
The british bases are not protecting us, they even helped the turks during invasion 1974 by submitting stolen data to Turkish forces.
And they are a place where illegal migrants use free to pass from occupied areas to free areas.
And they owe billions in rent to Cyprus that they were supposed to pay since 1960.


Cyprus intercepts weapons ship

January 12, 2012    
Damascus-bound Russian ship carrying munitions stopped off the coast of Limassol Cyprus.
Cyprus was not the destination of the cargo ship Chariot but was forced to anchor off Limassol due to rough seas.
GOD helped by stirring up the sea!!!

Cyprus authorities intercepted and checked a cargo of weaponry bound for Syria port of Latakia and Turkey.
It will be allowed to leave Cyprus after giving authorities assurances it will change its destination.  
Yeah right.  Details of the new destination are unknown.

The ship was carrying 60 tons of ammunition, 35 tons of explosives, weapons and munitions
Ship, which left the Russian port of St. Petersburg on December 9th, has been refueled and is ready to sail.
Russia is a main ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime that has been facing unprecedented protests since last March.,7340,L-4174230,00.html

January 14, 2012  
The Russian ship has reached Syria, after assuring Cyprus it would NOT sail there.
USA 'concerned.'  No its not.

January 20, 2012  
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be going to Cyprus on February 16 to increase cooperation with Cyprus in underwater drilling for natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as security cooperation in the wake of Turkey pirating and the instability of Syria.
Natural gas is strategically important and expected to inject tens of billions of dollars into both economies.
Israel and Cyprus signed a cooperation agreement relating to the protection of natural gas drilling sites, and Israel has also asked Cyprus for permission to station aircraft on Cyprus.  
EXCELLENT IDEA!  Protects Cyprus, Israel both!

Turkey threatening Israel and Cyprus  February 15 , 2012
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was on Cyprus, the first time an Israeli PM has ever visited there.
Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis said Turkey has initiated military exercises aimed at threatening both Israel and Cyprus.
This is an attempt to assert control over natural gas drilling in the Mediterranean, and Turkey is displaying criminal behavior.
Until 4 years ago Cyprus was considered among the most hostile countries to Israel in Europe.
Now Cyprus is an important regional partner for Israel, together with Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.
Israeli ties with Cyprus improved as Israel's relationship with Turkey deteriorated.

One idea on the agenda is the possibility of building a gas pipeline to Cyprus, from which the gas could then be exported elsewhere in Europe.
Turkey wants to pirate this resource which Israel discovered.
Cyprus played a key role to thwart a 2011 terrorist flotilla that wanted to sail for Gaza, consistently refusing to let those ships set sail from its ports.

I phoned Eric Jon Phelps, Author of Vatican Assassins March 6, 2012 and talked to him awhile about many issues.
One thing was he advises anyone on Cyprus to GET OFF the island.
It is going to go to Turkey.  Move to Crete or Greece.

Israel, USA, Greece joint naval drill
April 2,  2012  USA, Israel, Greece conduct joint naval drill amid ongoing tension with Turkey.
The exercise is called Noble Dina.  The meaning of the name Dina is God Has Judged.  INTERESTING
U.S. Sixth Fleet also participating in the exercise, which includes simulation of attack on offshore natural gas platforms.
Israel, the United States and Greece in a naval exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, in a message to Turkey.

      East Mediterranean Gas Politics

29 March 2012 09:23 Natural Gas for Europe  
Cyprus will have a considerable stake.
Greece could be a regional hub for SE Europe.
Foolishly, the USA is favoring Turkey.

An Investment Energy Summit was held in Athens involving officials from Noble Energy and the United States, Greece, Israel, Cyprus and other countries.
It centered around the prospects for the creation of a Third Energy Corridor into the EU.
Creation of a pipeline connecting the fields with Greece and from there on to the EU via Italy was proposed.
Creation of a high voltage cable to connect Israel-Cyprus-Greece who will consume the electricity.

America wants to convince Greece, Cyprus and Israel to include Turkey in any agreement.
That would be foolhardy!

Russian Gazprom has made certain inroads to Cyprus and Israel lately and is bidding.
Russian President Putin is due to visit Tel Aviv ISRAEL at the end of May, 2012.
The US objects to the inclusion of Russia either as an investor or as a producer source, which extends to the Eastern Mediterranean as well.
Greece, Israel and Cyprus did not sign a trilateral energy agreement on the issue of mutual cooperation for natural gas reserves in the East Mediterranean.

Greece, Israel, Cyprus eye gas exports in future
Greece, whose economy has been ravaged by a financial crisis, hopes to eventually start its own gas production and act as a transit point for supplies from Israel and Cyprus.
It has no plans, however, to abandon more advanced gas projects it is involved with in Azerbaijan and Russia.

Could Turkey and Israel Go to War?   September 10, 2011
Since 1949, Israel has always had the comfort of having Turkey as its friend. This is no longer the case. In fact, conflict seems to be looming between Turkey and Israel.
In the aftermath of the 2010 Flotilla attack on Israel promoted by Turkey, Ankara attempted to intimidate Israel by saying its warships would escort missions to Gaza.
Now Turkey is no longer a trusted friend of Israel, but it is the key regional actor opposing Israel.

Flotillas to Gaza, 12 pages of info, READ IT

Mediterranean gas inflame Lebanon relations with Israel
05 APRIL, 2012
  (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT  Mediterranean NEWS
Mediation from Cyprus could pave the way for an agreement between Lebanon and Israel, who are formally still at war, over the definition of the maritime borders.
An agreement would allow the launch of extraction from gas deposits recently discovered in the eastern Mediterranean, which contain billions of dollars worth of raw materials.

Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria and Turkey are concerned with rights for the oil underneath the eastern Mediterranean, particularly Israel's Tamar and Leviathan deposits.
This could make Israel self-sufficient in energy and even an exporter.
Israel begun explorations some time ago in an agreement with Cyprus, while the companies operating in the Tamar oilfield announced in April 2012 that
they had signed a $700 million contract to supply Israeli Paz Oil company with gas for 15 years.

Lebanon wants the spoils without the work.  So typical of Islam.
But another focal point of tension is the relationship between the Greek part of Cyprus and Turkey (north Cyprus).
Turkey began explorations off Northern Cyprus without any deal with Nicosia regarding territorial waters.

Greece Joins Israel-USA Military Exercise in Southern Mediterranean
March 30, 2012
The focus of this military drill is the oil and gas discoveries as well as the conflict between Israel and Turkey over border disputes and rights.

Turkey blocks Israeli participation in NATO summit

April 23, 2012   * REMEMBER - ITS ALL a GAME!
The USA is NATO, and Turkey CANT block Israel without the OK from Hussein 0bama.
NATO met last week in Brussels and Turkey demanded NO Israeli presence.
Turkey said it will not allow Israel, a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, to take part in the new Partnership Cooperation Menu.


5.5 earthquake Cyprus
May 11, 2012
41 miles WNW from Ramat Gan, Israel
68 miles ESE from Limassol, Cyprus
74 miles SE from NICOSIA, Cyprus

I've seen lesser ones near Cyprus lately, this is the strongest.
It's right between Israel and Cyprus, in or near the gas fields

Cyprus may need EU bailout
June 5, 2012  Eurozone member Cyprus conceded that there is a serious possibility it may need an EU bailout to save its banking system, which is heavily exposed to Greek debt.
Government spokesman Christos Christofides said
The possibility of addressing the financial stability mechanism to support the banking system, due to the problems created by excessive exposure of banks to Greece,
is a serious possibility.  Cyprus will not go to the support mechanism because it has a fiscal deficit of 2.5 or three percent - if we finally apply.
This must be crystal clear, it will be to support the banking system,” said Christofides

He said the government was looking at various ways to support the banks, which included finding a loan from elsewhere.
Cyprus has already secured a 2.5 billion euro ($3.2 billion) low-interest loan from Russia to cover its refinancing needs for this year.

The recession-hit economy is struggling with record unemployment, austerity measures and trying to rein in a deficit twice the EU accepted limit of three percent of GDP.
The government is committed to getting its bloated deficit to below 3 percent this year from 6.4 percent in 2011.
But it is reluctant to introduce deeper public cuts to drastically slash the deficit.

Israel Discovers New Giant Off-Shore Oil and Gas Field
June 3 2012
An Israel energy company announced Sunday it has discovered an off-shore energy field that may even surpass previous finds in terms of the possibilities of developing commercial grade oil.
Israel Opportunity Energy Resources LP announced that its Pelagic licenses indicate 6.7 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas and 1.4 billion barrels of oil. By comparison,  the previously announced Tamar and Leviathan off-shore fields contain an estimated 9 and 17 TCF of natural gas. The amount of commercial oil, if any, has not been finalized, but estimates of possible oil in the Leviathan field have been downsized to 600 million barrels.

Discoveries of oil and gas have made outdated the old joke that Moses took the wrong turn from Egypt, leading Israel to sand and leaving oil for the Arabs.
After being chased by Pharaoh to the edge of the “Sea of Reeds,” which often if not correctly is called the Red Sea, Moses asked Heaven to save them, and He replied to step into the sea, which then was split by winds, allowing the Jews to cross and then burying the army of Pharaoh when it followed.
Stepping into the sea now can be seen in retrospect as a sign of the treasures buried under the sea.

“The quantity of gas discovered in the licenses, and the high probabilities, make it the third largest offshore discovery to date,” according to Israel Opportunity chairman Ronny Halman, quoted by Globes.
He added, ”This quantity guarantees Israel's energy future for decades, and makes it possible to export Israeli gas, and boost the state's revenues without worrying about gas reserves for domestic consumption."

June 9, 2012
 Greek Cyprus to build natural gas processing facility.  Greek Cyprus commerce minister says his administration will go ahead with plans to build a facility
for storing and processing natural gas that has been discovered off its southern coast.
Neoklis Sylikiotis said gas US firm Noble Energy discovered in 2011 is enough to merit the construction, although there are indications of more offshore gas deposits.
There is strong foreign interest to invest in the facility, which will supply domestic power plants and liquefy the fuel for export to foreign markets.

Cyprus in line for $6.2 billion loan from Russia
13 June 2012  
Cyprus could soon get a multibillion euro loan from Russia to help clean up its troubled balance sheet.
They may also get funding from Europe.
Cyprus wants Russia to lend it 5 billion euros ($6.2 billion), which amounts to a quarter of annual gross domestic product.
They got a 2.5 billion euro loan from Russia in 2011 that helped them avoid a wider bailout.

This is bad news in every way.  Cyprus has been a friend with Israel.
They are business partners over Mediterranean gas.
Russia is an enemy of Israel and USA.
People are slaves to those they owe.

13 June 2012  Moody's lowered ratings on the Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank Ltd. one notch further into junk territory,
noting the Cypriot banks' extensive operations in Greece make them vulnerable to an increased risk of a Greek exit from the euro zone.

Cyprus will take over the presidency of the European Union in July 2012


Cyprus gets loan from Russia
July 15, 2012  
 Russia doesnt give money free, they want Cyprus gas!
Putin Bails out Greece and Cyprus for control of Energy.  (debka)
Russia figures heavily into End Time bible prophecy.
Cyprus is an island nation just to the west of Israel.
Israel in agreement with Cyprus just found a huge wealth of natural gas, oil between the 2 nations.
Many want that, including Russia.  For that, Russia will 'loan' Cyprus money they will never repay.
So Russia is actually purchasing this natural wealth which Israel discovered and drilled for.

Cyprus needs bilateral bailout from Russia for EUR5 billion ($6.2 billion)
Cyprus banks need financial life support   Cyprus will need MORE monies in 2013 and 14.
The amount is a quarter of the annual gross domestic product of Cyprus.
Cypriot economy is highly connected to Greece.
Russia pushing for a high interest rate and other concessions on that loan

Cyprus has failed to estimate how badly its banks have been exposed to bad debts from Greece.
Cyprus is legally Greek, but Turkey occupies part of the north.
Russia has been buying Cyprus towns and many Russians live on the island nation Cyprus.
2.5 billion Cyprus loan from Russia very specific -  Nov  2011

Iran connected to Hellzballah activity in Cyprus
Hellzballah planning a terrorist attack against Israelis in Cyprus.
Cyprus arrested a 24-year-old Lebanese citizen with a Swedish passport.
He was in possession of photographs of Israeli targets, and information on Israeli airlines flying back and forth from Cyprus.,7340,L-4255300,00.html

Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas War in Mediterranean


CYPRUS Resident report to ZionsCRY
July 16, 2012   Russia is not bailling us out for gas or oil.

If they gives us the loan it will be because there are trillions of USDollars belonging to Russians in Cyprus banks.
Many giant Russian enterprises function from Cyprus, they put theIr money in Cyprus banks because our corporate tax is very low.
if our banks go down those Russian bilionairs are going to lose lots of USD.
Our goverment doesnt have the right to negotiate the gas or oil rights because
our house of reps. voted for a bill that makes sure the goverment alone can not do that.
There is a commitee with goverment, house of reps, and other people for negotiation for gas.

Terrorist suspect to stand trial in Cyprus
July 28, 2012  Swedish national of Lebanese descent, who was arrested by Cypriot authorities on July 7, planned attack similar to suicide bus bombing in Bulgaria.,7340,L-4261258,00.html

S&P cuts Cyprus rating to BB on bailout concerns
2 August 2012  Standard & Poor's Ratings Services on Thursday cut its long-term rating on Cyprus to BB from BB+ and placed the rating on a negative watch on fears the country will ask for financial aid.
The ratings agency said it expects the country to negotiate a bailout package of €11 billion ($13.5 billion) to recapitalize its banking system.

"However, even with official assistance - which we view as vital if Cyprus is to avoid default - we believe the government will remain in a weak fiscal position due to a banking system that has been unable to cope without government support as a result of its exposure to Greek customers," S&P said in a press release.
S&P estimated that Cyprus net government debt burden would rise by nearly 12% of GDP on average in 2012 and 2013, peaking at over 105% of GDP in 2013.
"We estimate that Cyprus needs the equivalent of just over 60% of its GDP to recapitalize its banks, absorb further bank losses, and meet 2012-2014 borrowing requirements," the ratings agency said.

Cyprus upgrades Palestinian diplomatic status
February 9, 2013
FM Kozakou-Marcoullis informs visiting Palestinian counterpart Malki of important decision to upgrade status of
Palestinian mission to that of Embassy of the State of Palestine.
He siad Israeli construction in E1 zone would undermine ;peace' prospects.  SUCH EVIL IGNORANCE!  Such a curse on Cyprus!,2506,L-4342746,00.html

Cyprus bailout Robs Deposits
March 17, 2013  THIS is COMING TO U.S.A. - SOON!  Its already partially occuring here!

ATMs drained as bailout tax triggers panic run on bank deposits.  Banks placed withdrawal limits.
People queued to withdraw money after it was determined that part of the Greek bailout would come from the bank accounts of savers.
In a move that could set off new fears the eurozone, anxious depositors drained cash from ATMs in Cyprus, h
ours after European officials in Brussels required that part of bailout must be paid for directly from the bank accounts of savers.
Bank theft hitting wealthy depositors, mostly Russians who have put vast sums into Cyprus banks.
Cyprus creditors will be confiscating money directly from pensioners, workers and regular depositors to pay off the bailout tab.

Cyprus parliament postpones vote on savings levy
Cyprus 2 largest banks could collapse
Cyprus Popular Bank could have its emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) funding from the European Central Bank cut by March 21.
A default in Cyprus would threaten to unravel investor confidence in the euro zone that has been fostered by the European Central Bank's promise last year to do whatever it takes to shore up the currency bloc.

The bailout deal has caused shock and dismay among savers
The March 15th deal reached with the EU and IMF has provoked public anger because it would impose a levy on bank deposits of up to 10%.
Refusing the bailout would lead to bank collapse.


The Cyprus Deal Could Be The 'Trigger' We Were Waiting For In Europe
3/17/13  ANALYST:  Now, the banks have a problem on their hands.  "The Cypriot cabinet has declared Tuesday a bank holiday, for fear of capital flight, and this may even be stretched to Wednesday, as depositors are certain to withdraw huge sums from the Cypriot banks after the haircut imposed," reports Greek newspaper Kathimerini .

Many market observers are expressing concerns that the decision could have a ripple effect throughout Europe come Monday when markets open. After all, if European leaders have decided to violate the unspoken rule of bank bailouts – that deposits are sacrosanct – what's to say it can't happen in a bigger eurozone country, like Spain?

In a Sunday morning note to clients, Morgan Stanley economist Joachim Fels wrote, "I view this as  a worrying  precedent with potentially systemic consequences  if depositors in other periphery countries  fear a similar treatment in the future."
"This will probably go down as an ill-thought-out rescue plan with consequences for peripheral Europe," says Galy. "It breaks a cardinal rule — namely, public trust on which money relies."

The decision, therefore, has everyone scratching their heads. Why would European leaders play with that public trust in bank deposits?
The SocGen report last week predicting a new eurozone "shockwave" this spring summed it up concisely: " Germany, now six months into a general election, will not be keen to share further risks and tolerate policy slippage."

Hmmm... Cyprus, a little know country, but be a real sleeper in all of this...
Sometimes you have to read news items like this 2 or 3 times b/c you just can not believe, and even understand what you're reading - it's as if you feel like you're watching some mind-less Hollywood movie, but then realize you are reading a news article.

Australia shares fall as Wall St, Cyprus uncertainty hit

Gold hits 2-1/2-week high on Cyprus bailout plan

Yen firms, Asia shares fall on jitters from Cyprus deal

Seoul shares likely to be hurt by Cyprus bailout uncertainty

Euro Drops Versus Yen, Dollar as Cyprus Turmoil Roils Markets

Cyprus banks closed til Thursday

Cyprus bailout crisis
March 18, 2013
 IMF is Evil beyond imagination!
People betrayed.  Cyprus parliament to hold emergency bailout crisis session which has angered the public.
Sue runs a wedding business in Cyprus, most of the money in her business deposit account belongs to couples who are going to get married.

President Nicos Anastasiades party has 20 seats in the 56 member assembly and needs other parties support to ratify the deal.
The bailout agreed by the EU and IMF demands that all bank customers pay a levy and has led to heavy cash withdrawals.
Monday Asian stock markets fell amid the uncertainty.

If the deal is defeated in parliament, banks could be closed on Tuesday to avoid mass withdrawals.
Depositors will be compensated with the (worthless) equivalent amount in shares in their (failed) banks.
Those who kept deposits in Cypriot banks for the next 2 years would be given bonds linked to revenues from natural gas.
THAT would have value - lots of gas!

President of Cyprus could be assassinated

EUROPE braces for turmoil over Cyprus
Worrying precedent with potentially systemic consequences. The euro tumbled.


More links

Asia Stocks Hit Fresh Lows

The great EU bank robbery

Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas War in Mediterranean

Cyprus banks may not reopen
March 20, 2013  USA banks are just as bad!

Germany said major Cypriot banks are insolvent, meaning savers might lose ALL their money if no deal was reached.
Thousands of Cypriots withdrew savings over the weekend.

Cypriot banks on brink in Icelandic flashback
Like Iceland and Ireland, Cyprus is battling to prevent banking from dragging Cyprus into the ground.
Cyprus parliament rejected a proposed levy on deposits as a condition of a European bailout.
Iceland and Ireland is recovering but left the people swamped in debt.  Sounds like USA but we arent recovering.

Cyprus troubles stem from Greece.
Cyprus banks ballooned on the back of Russian money.
Cyprus is a dangerous precedent for many other nations, including USA!

Cyprus cash crisis
Cyprus holds crisis talks after bailout rejection.
Political leaders in Cyprus are meeting for emergency talks after its parliament rejected bailout.
Cyprus seeks help from Russia, which holds multi-billion dollar investments.

Stock exchange remains closed.
Banks in Cyprus have been shut until Thursday to prevent mass withdrawals.
Banks may NEVER reopen.

Cyprus people are NOT being told the TRUTH.
Russia puts their money in Cyprus banks, and they WILL NOT stand for theft of their deposits.

Why Russians Are Freaked Out About Cyprus
March 21, 2013 Thou shalt NOT PO Russia!

As the Cypriot Parliament debated tax on bank deposits, Russian President Vladimir Putin came out blasting it as unfair, unprofessional and dangerous.
Putin and others in Russia are panicking because Russians have much money in Cyprus, including illicit money.
Russia stands to lose a lot if depositors are asked to cover bailout, or if the Cyprus economy takes a nosedive.

Russians keep $19 billion in Cypriot banks, nearly as much as entire GDP of Cyprus.  Russian banks have an additional $12 billion invested and have loaned another $40 billion to Cypriot companies of Russian origin.  Many Russians live on Cyprus.
Cyprus fear is if Russian money leaves, Cyprus economy will collapse.

Euro zone call notes reveal extent of alarm over Cyprus
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone finance officials acknowledged being "in a mess" over Cyprus during a conference call on Wednesday and discussed imposing capital controls to insulate the region from a possible collapse of the Cypriot economy.
In detailed notes of the call seen by Reuters, one official described emotions as running "very high", making it difficult to come up with rational solutions, and referred to "open talk in regards of (Cyprus) leaving the euro zone".

The call was among members of the Eurogroup Working Group, which consists of deputy finance ministers or senior treasury officials from the 17 euro zone countries as well as representatives from the European Central Bank and the European Commission. The group is chaired by Austria's Thomas Wieser.
Cyprus decided not to take part in the call, a decision that several participants described as troubling and reflecting the wider confusion surrounding the island's predicament.

"The (Cypriot) parliament is obviously too emotional and will not decide on anything, if Cyprus does not even feel that they can attend the call it is a big problem for us," the French representative said, according to the notes seen by Reuters.
"We have never seen this."

Cyprus banks are insolvent
There are conflicting reports if banks are open or not.
The next few hours will determine Cyprus banks fate
Cyprus bank insolvency crisis quickly escalating; may set off EU bankageddon
March 22, 2013
 Mike Adams, Natural News
There is more to the Cyprus bank crisis story than we are told.  The shutdown of Cypriot banks has caused a large-scale financial shutdown of the Russian government which uses Cyprus banks for most transactions.
Now the EU central bank (ECB) has issued an ultimatum that threatens to revoke all financial support and crash the Cypriot banks if they can’t come up with 5.8 billion Euros by Monday.

The ECB has kept Cyprus banks operating with a liquidity lifeline.
If cut off it puts the Cypriot economy in jeopardy AND billions of euros held on the island by foreigners, notably from Russia.

Europe Weighs Closing 2 Cyprus Banks
Euro-area finance chiefs, pressuring Cyprus to shrink its banking system as the condition for a bailout, are reviving demands.
Finance ministers for the 17 euro countries are considering a plan to shutter the two biggest banks in Cyprus and freeze the assets of uninsured depositors.

Cyprus warned


UK sends financial experts fly to Cyprus to advise on bailout - @guardian

Cypriot parliament adopts law creating 'solidarity fund' to pool state assets - @Reuters

Cypriot Parliament adopts law giving government powers to impose capital control on banks - @Reuters

Greece Bailing out Cyprus
March 23, 2013  HUH!? Greece Bailing out Cyprus ??

Cyprus passes bills for EU bailout, Greece to take over bank branches.
Lawmakers in Cyprus approved 3 bills aimed at securing a bailout for its troubled banks from the European Union and averting a financial meltdown.
The legislation includes one bill that allows the government to divide the wobbling lenders into good and bad banks, that would likely to be applied first to Cyprus Popular Bank. The goal is to restructure without hurting small depositors.

A second law puts in place restrictions on financial transactions in times of crisis and a third sets up a solidarity fund.
The country is expected to adopt more legislation in an effort to raise the 5.8 billion euros Cyprus needs to get an EU bailout.
Among the other bills being brought forward is one that imposes a tax of less than 1 percent on all bank deposits.

Piraeus Bank of Greece (likely run by NWO) was chosen to take over the local branches of Cyprus troubled banks in a bid to shelter Greek customers of those institutions and help Cyprus shrink its bloated banking sector.
Piraeus was to take over the operations which involved the transfer of 17 billion euros of loans and 14 billion euros of deposits.

There was no immediate announcement about the fate of the Greek operations of Cyprus third-biggest bank, Hellenic Bank, which are much smaller than those of the top two.
Cypriot banks hold 8 percent of Greek banking deposits and 10 percent of loans. They have about 300 branches in Greece.


Crisis in tiny Cyprus creates big mess for Europe
For such a tiny country, Cyprus and its failing banks have created an awfully big economic, financial and geopolitical mess for European bankers and government officials.
The island nation – with land mass and economy smaller than Vermont – was bracing Sunday for the looming collapse of its banking system and economy, as scores of officials from Brussels to Nicosia spent the weekend scrambling to avert the crisis.
Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, en route to the European capital of Brussels on Sunday, has "a very difficult task to accomplish to save the Cypriot economy and avert a disorderly default," a government spokesman said.

Cyprus cuts bailout deal
March 25, 2013 FIERCE negotiations to resurrect a deal for the EU and the IMF to bail out Cyprus appear to have wrapped up early, President Nicos Anastasiades has indicated on Twitter.
"Efforts have culminated", read a translation from the Greek, with EU sources subsequently stating that a preliminary agreement is in place to hit Bank of Cyprus depositors with a massive 40 per cent "haircut" on deposits of more than 100,000 euros pending endorsement by Eurogroup finance ministers.

Cyprus told to take bank levy or leave euro
March 25, 2013
 President, eurozone finance ministers and bailout troika hold emergency meeting as €100 limit imposed on ATM withdrawals.
Wealthy Russians stand to lose billions of euros in Cypriot banks under draconian terms being hammered out in Brussels
to prevent the Mediterranean tax haven becoming the first country forced out of the single currency.

Negotiations got underway amid a hardening of the stance held by the Evil IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Germany,
who insisted that depositors must take the hit for bailing out the eurozone latest crisis economy.

There were signs of panic in Cyprus as a €100 (£85) limit was imposed on ATM withdrawals, with more stringent capital controls to follow if a deal is reached.
The European Central Bank has threatened to cut off funds propping up Cypriot banks, precipitating Cyprus exit from the euro if agreement was not reached.

The Europeans, with the Germans and the IMF taking a particularly hard line, demanded the winding up of Cyprus Popular Bank,
second biggest, and the restructuring of Bank of Cyprus, the biggest financial institution.

The parties considered new proposals of a levy of up to 25% on Bank of Cyprus depositors with accounts holding more than €100,000,
plus a further levy of up to 5% on similar deposits in other banks.
The numbers have not changed. If anything they got worse.
Savers with less than €100,000 would be spared.

Russians are estimated to hold more than €20bn of the €68bn deposited in Cypriot banks. Some €38bn of the total is in accounts liable for the levy, suggesting that Russians could forfeit around €3bn. If the Cypriot government balked at the bank levy, the IMF and German officials were likely to demand even stiffer terms, including a bail-in arrangement whereby account holders with more €100,000 would forfeit up to 40% of their savings in return for shares in restructured banks.

Nightmare on Cyprus

I wont pretend I understand this, but its coming to USA.


Deal calls for 40% seizure on accounts above 100,000 Euros...

Russian nationals stand to lose billions...

Furious: 'Tantamount to theft'...

Regulation, error wipe out all profits for UK banks...

Spain Brings the Pain to Bank Investors...

Mass Panic In Cyprus: The Banks Are Collapsing And ATMs Are Running Out Of Money

European officials are openly admitting that the two largest banks in Cyprus are "insolvent", and it is now being reported that Cyprus Popular Bank only has "enough liquidity to cover the next few hours".  Of course all banks in Cyprus are officially closed until Tuesday at the earliest, but there have been long lines at ATMs all over Cyprus as people scramble to get whatever money they can out of the banks.  Unfortunately, some ATMs appear to be "malfunctioning" and others appear to have already run out of cash.  You can see some photos of huge lines at one ATM in Cyprus right here.  Some businesses are now even refusing to take credit card payments.  This is creating an atmosphere of panic on the streets of Cyprus.  Meanwhile, the EU is holding a gun to the head of the Cyprus financial system.  Either Cyprus meets EU demands by Monday, or liquidity for the banks will be totally cut off and Cyprus will be forced out of the euro.  It is being reported that European officials believe that the "economy is going to tank in Cyprus no matter what", and that it would be okay to let the financial system of Cyprus crash and burn if politicians in Cyprus are not willing to do what they have been ordered to do.  Apparently European officials are very confident that the situation in Cyprus can be contained and that it will not spread to other European nations.

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Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks

If you still have money in European banks, you need to get it out.  This is particularly true if you have money in southern European banks.  As I write this, the final details of the Cyprus bailout are being worked out, but one thing has become abundantly clear: at least some depositors are going to lose a substantial amount of money.  Personally, I never dreamed that they would go after private bank accounts in Europe, but now that this precedent has been set it should be apparent to everyone that no bank account will ever be considered 100% safe ever again.  Without trust, a banking system simply cannot function, and right now there are prominent voices on both sides of the Atlantic that are loudly warning that trust in the European banking system has been shattered and that people need to get their money out of those banks as rapidly as they can.  Even if you don't end up losing a significant chunk of your money, you could still end up dealing with very serious capital controls that greatly restrict what you are able to do with your money.  Just look at what is already happening in Cyprus.  Cash withdrawals through ATMs have now been limited to 100 euros per day, and when the banks finally do reopen there will be strict limits on financial transactions in order to prevent a full-blown bank run.  And of course anyone with half a brain will be trying to get as much of their money as they can out of those banks once they do reopen.  So the truth is that the problems for Cyprus banks are just beginning.  The size of the "bailout" that will be needed to keep those banks afloat will just keep getting larger and larger the more money that is withdrawn.  Cyprus is heading for a complete and total banking meltdown, and because the economy of the island is so dependent on banking that means that the economy of the entire nation is going to collapse.  Sadly, similar scenarios will soon start playing out all over Europe.
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Cyprus central bank says all banks to remain closed until Thursday, reversing earlier decision for Tuesday opening - @Reuters

If/when this comes to America, we'll see how the modern-day churches will react - wouldn't surprise me if they're the ones panicking the most b/c with those very big budgets they've stored up(and I've seen some medium-sized ones have as much as $100K set aside for a "rainy day"), and to boot those pastors/deacons aren't grounded in the word very well...

Matthew 6:19  Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
Mat 6:20  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
Mat 6:21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

CYPRUS reaches deal
March 26, 2013
 Cyprus reaches last-minute deal on 10 billion euro bailout, but some depositors may lose everything.
Cyprus deal with lenders inflicts heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians.
Without a deal, Cyprus banking system would have collapsed.
Deposits above 100,000 euros which are not guaranteed under EU law will be frozen and used to resolve Laiki debts and recapitalize Bank of Cyprus.
Laiki will effectively be shuttered, with thousands of job losses.

Cyprus: Big depositors face cut of 40%
Banks have not been open since 15 Marc
Cyprus depositors with less than 100,000 euros in their accounts will not be hit.
But others could see 40% of their deposits converted into bank shares.
Cypriot banks will remain closed and that capital controls will be placed on the size and the amount of money people will be allowed to withdraw.
Although the economy would be badly hit by the economic crisis, Cyprus could benefit from a gas energy boom.

Get All Money out of Western Banks Now!
March 26, 2013
 Russians lost money in Cyprus, USA is next!  Obama sudden visit to Israel was to personally warn top Israelis of his plan to begin confiscating bank deposits of Americans.
Russian PM Medvedev warns, Get All Money out of Western Banks Now!
Russians begin divesting their assets from Western banks immediately as fears grow that both EU and United States are preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.
Obama master plan to steal the savings and other wealth of Americans.
Denial is comforting until you go to your ATM and see 0 balance.

USA banks can legally steal from you


Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief
Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe's single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

The new policy will alarm hundreds of thousands of British expatriates who live and have transferred their savings, proceeds from house sales and other assets to eurozone bank accounts in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.
The euro fell on global markets after Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch chairman of the eurozone, told the FT and Reuters that the heavy losses inflicted on depositors in Cyprus would be the template for future banking crises across Europe.

"If there is a risk in a bank, our first question should be 'Okay, what are you in the bank going to do about that? What can you do to recapitalise yourself?'," he said.
"If the bank can't do it, then we'll talk to the shareholders and the bondholders, we'll ask them to contribute in recapitalising the bank, and if necessary the uninsured deposit holders."

Ditching a three-year-old policy of protecting senior bondholders and large depositors, over €100,000, in banks, Mr Dijsselbloem argued that the lack of market contagion surrounding Cyprus showed that private investors could now be hit to pay for bad banking debts.

Bank of Cyprus head Yiannis Kypri ousted by central bank
27 March 2013  Wed
.  The chief executive of the biggest bank in Cyprus has been ousted by the central bank, state media has said.
Yiannis Kypri, head of Bank of Cyprus, was forced out by central bank governor Panicos Demetriades, who has himself come under fire for his handling of the country's banking crisis.
Mr Kypri's removal came on the orders of Cyprus' bailout lenders, the Cyprus News Agency reported.
The authorities are planning to reopen the country's banks on Thursday.
Bank of Cyprus is to be restructured and merged with parts of the failed number two lender, Laiki Bank.
The reasons for Mr Kypri's sudden removal were not immediately clear.

Heavy losses inflicted on depositors in Cyprus to be the template across Europe (and USA)
I have a friend on Cyprus who has a very good job.  He said he is still working but is not being paid.
Cyprus reopens its banks on Thursday while limiting withdrawals, banning cheques and curbing the use of Cypriot credit cards abroad.
Controls allow unlimited use of credit cards within Cyprus, but set a limit of 5,000 euros per month abroad.
Cypriots will not be permitted to send money overseas without documentation showing they are paying for imports.
Those travelling abroad could take a maximum of 3,000 euros on each trip.
Early withdrawals of funds deposited with banks for a fixed term would be banned.
Cypriots are expected to besiege banks.

Cypriot banks stock bank machines and ready guards for when banks reopen on Thursday.
Cypriot banks have been shut over a week.
Cypriots have been queuing to withdraw cash.

Please pray for Cyprus

Cyprus banks reopen amid tight security and tough curbs
28 March 2013

Cyprus to reopen banks, impose capital controls
Cyprus banks reopen – but stock exchange will remain closed
Small queues as bank staff turn up for work early in Nicosia and cash is delivered under heavy security
Cypriots are expected to descend in their thousands on Thursday on banks, which reopen with tight controls imposed on transactions to prevent fleeing depositors from cleaning out the vaults in a catastrophic bank run.

Anger Lingers, They have stolen our money

Bitcoin Bonanza: Cyprus Crisis Boosts Digital Dollars
They won't make a sound no matter how many of them you try to toss in a bucket, and you can't pitch them in a fountain and wish for good luck. But make no mistake, bitcoins are getting big.
The online alternative currency, previously little more than a curiosity in financial markets since its 2009 inception, has zoomed in trading value since the Cyprus banking crisis erupted two weeks ago.

With fears spreading that even insured deposits might not be safe in similar nations hit by banking crises, those looking for a haven to store their wealth have fled to the complicated world of digital cash.
"Incremental demand for bitcoin is coming from the geographic areas most affected by the Cypriot financial crisis—individuals in countries like Greece or Spain, worried that they will be next to feel the threat of deposit taxes," Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx, said in a report on the startling trend.

The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts

The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid All Of Our Bank AccountsDon't be surprised when the global elite confiscate money from your bank account one day.  They are already very clearly telling you that they are going to do it.  Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is the president of the Eurogroup - an organization of eurozone finance ministers that was instrumental in putting together the Cyprus "deal" - and he has said publicly that what has just happened in Cyprus will serve as a blueprint for future bank bailouts.  What that means is that when the chips are down, they are going to come after YOUR money.  So why should anyone put a large amount of money in the bank at this point?  Perhaps you can make one or two percent on your money if you shop around for a really good deal, but there is also a chance that 40 percent (or more) of your money will be confiscated if the bank fails.  And considering the fact that there are vast numbers of banks all over the United States and Europe that are teetering on the verge of insolvency, why would anyone want to take such a risk?  What the global elite have done is that they have messed around with the fundamental trust that people have in the banking system.  In order for any financial system to work, people must have faith in the safety and security of that financial system.  People put their money in the bank because they think that it will be safe there.  If you take away that feeling of safety, you jeopardize the entire system.
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 Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Are Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

Cyprus-Style Bank Account Confiscation Is In The New Canadian Government BudgetThe politicians of the western world are coming after your bank accounts.  In fact, Cyprus-style "bail-ins" are actually proposed in the new Canadian government budget.  When I first heard about this I was quite skeptical, so I went and looked it up for myself.  And guess what?  It is right there in black and white on pages 144 and 145 of "Economic Action Plan 2013" which the Harper government has already submitted to the House of Commons.  This new budget actually proposes "to implement a 'bail-in' regime for systemically important banks" in Canada.  "Economic Action Plan 2013" was submitted on March 21st, which means that this "bail-in regime" was likely being planned long before the crisis in Cyprus ever erupted.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?  In addition, as you will see below, it is being reported that the European Parliament will soon be voting on a law which would require that large banks be "bailed in" when they fail.  In other words, that new law would make Cyprus-style bank account confiscation the law of the land for the entire EU.  I can't even begin to describe how serious all of this is.  From now on, when major banks fail they are going to bail them out by grabbing the money that is in your bank accounts.  This is going to absolutely shatter faith in the banking system and it is actually going to make it far more likely that we will see major bank failures all over the western world.
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Big depositors in Cyprus to lose far more than feared
March 30, 2013
  NICOSIA - Big depositors in Cyprus largest bank stand to lose far more than initially feared.
Depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37% of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.
This is the end of Cyprus as a hub for offshore finance and could accelerate

Cyprus is a blueprint
Western banks coming after YOUR accounts
April 1, 2013
 Neal Boortz and others warned of this over a year ago.  I warned you.
The politicians of the western world are coming after your bank accounts.  
Cyprus-style bail-ins are actually proposed in the new Canadian government budget.
Economic Action Plan 2013 pages 144 and 145 which Harper has already submitted to the House of Commons on March 21st.
This new budget actually proposes to implement a bail-in for systemically important banks in Canada.
This was planned long before the crisis in Cyprus ever erupted.  

European Parliament will soon be voting on a law which would require that large banks be bailed in when they fail.
In other words, bank account confiscation is the law of the land for the entire EU.  
From now on, when major banks fail they are going to bail them out by grabbing the money that is in your bank accounts!

What happened in Cyprus is a blueprint for future bank failures.

BLUEPRINT - vision - when one thing happens its a pattern for more

Cyprus bailout swells to $30 billion

BRUSSELS (AP) — The cost of bailing out Cyprus has swollen to euro 23 billion ($30 billion), with the crisis-hit country having to take on the lion's share of the measures needed to avoid bankruptcy, according to a draft document by the country's international creditors.

The draft document, obtained by The Associated Press Thursday, says the country will have to find 13 billion euros ($17 billion) — an increase on the 7 billion euro contribution agreed during the country's chaotic bailout talks last month. The money will be raised by imposing heavy losses on large bank deposits, levying additional taxes, privatizations and a part-sale of the central bank's gold reserves.


Sinclair: Day Of Financial Infamy As Cyprus Depositors Flushed
Today legendary trader Jim Sinclair told King World News that today is a day of financial infamy as Cyprus depositors have now officially been flushed.  Sinclair also stated that history will show this day as being as serious as the flushing of Lehman Brothers.  Below is what Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, had to say in this remarkable interview.

Eric King:  “Jim, we now know the answer to the ‘Cyprus Solution.’”

Sinclair:  “Yes, Cyprus depositors have now been flushed.  The Bank of Cyprus, the island’s largest bank said it has converted 37.5% of deposits exceeding 100,000 euros into a Class A share, with an additional 22.5% held as a buffer for possible conversion in the future.

Another 30% will be temporarily frozen and held as a deposit.  So the amount of money that has been taken from the Cyprus depositors is in all practicality almost their entire accounts.  Major depositors funds have now been taken in grand style.

Depositors everywhere are now defined as lenders to the banks.  Today is a day of financial infamy.  History will see this event as serious as the flushing of Lehman Brothers....

“Lehman Brothers was flushed to create a flow of huge funds into the financial system.

The flushing of Cyprus was done to steal massive funds from depositors.  The major percentage of their funds taken were replaced by worthless stock in a bankrupt bank.  Up to now everything in Cyprus was speculation as no definitive action had taken place.  Now it has.

Are you a depositor in your bank?  Then know you are now lending your money to that bank with virtually no return.  So the bank earns big money and you get none of it, but assume all of the risk.  If the bank goes broke because of their criminal activities, you lose your money."

Full Story At:

Noble drills to confirm size of Cyprus gas field
June 7, 2013
Houston-based company probes new Mediterranean find.
Noble Energy began drilling to determine the size of a gas field off Cyprus southern coast.
It would take about 6 months to assess the data which will help map out the next stages of the fields development.
The field is estimated to 5-8 trillion cubic feet (140-230 billion cubic meters) of gas.
Bailed-out Cyprus is looking to its offshore gas reserves to help it pull out of its worst economic crisis in decades.
Cypriot authorities say confirmation of the fields size will help attract investors for a
planned gas processing plant that will meet domestic energy needs and export excess supply.

British Warplanes in Cyprus
Aug 27, 2013
Cyprus is likely to be a hub of the air attacks on Syria.
British airplanes and military transporters have begun arriving at an airbase in Cyprus, to prepare for Syria strike.
Cyprus is less than 100 miles from the Syrian coast.
Residents near the British airfield report activity there has been much higher than normal over the past 48 hours.
Attack likely to wait until a UN team currently in Syria has left.
Oh why wait?  Bomb the lying UN too.  They are worse than Assad.

USA set to attack Syria

British jets in Cyprus scrambled to chase after Syrian planes that crossed into international airspace.
Sept. 8, 2013
The radar picked them up flying low and fast.
Cyprus is less than 200 miles from Syria, prompting the rapid response.
The aircraft retreated before any action was taken by the two RAF Typhoons.
A pair of Turkish F-16s are also believed to have been launched from their base in Turkey.
The Syrian planes likely Russian Su-24s, a heavily-armed fighter bomber that can reach Cyprus in just 15 minutes.
Britain sent poison Sarin gas to Assad.
6 RAF Typhoon jets were sent to Cyprus as a precautionary measure.

Syrian bombers over Cyprus
Missiles for Palestinians
First Iron Dome for Jerusalem
Sept. 9, 2013
The Syrian and Hellzballah armies supplied Katyusha, Grad and Fajr-5 missiles to dozens of Palestinians
and deployed them on the Syrian and Lebanese borders facing Israel.  Palestinians intend targeting Jerusalem.
This prompted the first Iron Dome deployment in the Jerusalem region.

PBS Charlie Rose interviewed Syria President Bashar Assad, who threatened retaliation for an American attack.  Well, DUH!
In the south, Hamas in Gaza may try and join the offensive against Israel.
The Israeli government assures they are ready for all consequences.

Sept. 2 two Syrian Mig-29 fighters flew over Cyprus where American and French warplanes are waiting for the signal to go into action against Syria.
RAF Typhoons were scrambled and forced Syrian intruders to turn tail before they entered Cypriot air space.
Syria tried again Sept. 8 with Su-24 bombers.

SYRIA, opening act of WW3

BA - You KNOW the Obama devil is not going to inform Israel!

CYPRUS is part of war on Syria - PRAY FOR THEM!

Ties good between Israel and Cyprus
Feb. 19, 2014
 Israeli President Shimon Peres and Cypriot FM Ioannis Kasoulide met in Israel.
Relations between Israel and Cyprus are at an unprecedented level of cooperation and have been developing fast.
Peres said that Israel has been following Cyprus economic struggle and was impressed with the manner in which it was extricating itself.

Israel is now waiting to see whether Cyprus can now be united instead of split, noting that Cyprus had been the first island to join the European Union. A united Cyprus can play an important role in the EU.
Last week, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders decided to re-launch their peace negotiations.

Greece Cyprus NEEDS Israel
June 11, 2014  
Greeks best quit voting for Golden Dawn Jew-hating nazis.
The Greek Nazi Golden Dawn political party didnt spring up out of a vacuum.  The Greeks hate the Jews.
Israel is strategically imperative to Greek Cyprus very existence.  
If Israel inst safe and protecting Cyprus and sharing the Levant Basin natural gas reserves, Greek Cyprus is finished  

The Greek Nazis NEED Israel, or they will get wiped out by the Muslims.

Cyprus is not a NATO-protected country.  
Turkey and the Arabs want Cyprus for the wealth of natural gas in the Levant Basin between Cyprus and Israel.

Cyprus and Israel
Sept 25, 2014  
Nicos Anastasiades, President of Cyprus enthusiastic over Israel NYC exhibit entitled “Jewish Refugees in Cyprus en Route to Israel.”
President Anastasiades speech announced that “relations between our two countries have entered into their brightest stage.”

President Anastasiades was visiting New York City to attend the United Nation General Assembly this week and stopped by Park East Synagogue for the photo exhibit’s ribbon cutting and reception.
Relations between Greece, Cyprus and Israel have significantly warmed up since the discovery of oil and gas deposits in the Mediterranean Sea between Israel and Cyprus.
In September, 2011 Greece and Israel signed a “security cooperation agreement.”


Greece military exercises with Israel, Egypt
February 12, 2015  
-  Greek Cyprus, Israel and possibly Egypt would begin joint exercises aimed at improving regional security.  Multi-national cooperation comes amid Turkish provocations.  Greek ties with Israel crucial for regional security.  AMEN!

Greece plans joint military exercises with Israel, Cyprus and Egypt, amid continuing tensions between Cyprus and Turkey over oil exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.  Cyprus suspended talks with Turkey, as Ankara is a bully and pirate, trying to hamper (steal) their energy search.

Nicosia has licensed exploratory drilling in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and is unhappy that Ankara is determined to search for oil and gas in the same area.
Turkey sends a survey ship to the waters where the drilling is taking place.
Turkey is a terrorist nation and a bully and a pirate.

Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas, oil War in Mediterranean
Report: Russia to establish military bases in EU member Cyprus

A Russian publication has reported that Cyprus has agreed to allow Russia to establish air and naval bases in its territory, causing a major stir within the EU community.

The news was first reported by and went viral all across Europe and beyond. If it is true, Russia would be able to stage a dagger right in the heart of EU community in the Mediterranean.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union that has shown the least enthusiasm for sanctions against Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

The official base agreement is expected to be signed on Feb. 25, according to, one of the most popular online newspapers in Russia with close ties to the Kremlin

Cyprus insolvent
April 19, 2015
-  This is just NOT good.  Lawmakers in Cyprus passed insolvency laws designed to open the taps for more international bailout cash.  The vote makes it possible to operate foreclosure laws that international creditors have demanded as a condition for extending more loans to Cyprus.

Recession, high unemployment and declining incomes have produced defaults on private loans. The new laws should make it easier for banks to demand payment or seize assets, thereby reducing the banks' own liabilities.  The International Monetary Fund has been withholding rescue money, citing Cyprus' delay in giving banks the legal tools to deal with their load of bad debt.

A friend of mine in Cyprus told me about all the economic woes there several years ago.  Natural gas in Mediterranean Israel is getting, and has a deal with Cyprus.  It should be helping them a lot - but for the bully pirate Turkey who wants it.  The IMF is a dragon.

Muslim terrorist arrested in Cyprus
May 29, 2015
-  Cyprus arrested a Lebanese terrorist, possible Hellzballah links.
He was planning terror attacks against Israel.  2 tons of fertilizer and the explosive chemical ammonium nitrate found in his Larnaca home.
The Israeli embassy is in Nicosia.

The suspect also has Canadian citizenship.
Proceedings against the yet-unnamed man are being held behind closed doors for national security reasons, the paper added. He was sentenced to eight days in police custody Thursday by a magistrate court.,7340,L-4662735,00.html

Mossad informed Cyprus of impending attack
June 1, 2015
-  Mossad followed Lebanese-Canadian terror suspect for some time, tapped his phone and informed Cyprus authorities of possible attack.  The Hezbollah terrorist was scouting out Israeli targets and seen near the house of the Israeli ambassador to Cyprus.,7340,L-4663612,00.html

Cyrpus bomb plot
June 7, 2015
-  Second Lebanese man arrested after discovery of 5 tons of chemical fertilizer.  Israel says its a Hezbollah plot.  Ammonium nitrate, if mixed with other substances, can become a very powerful explosive. Cyprus is a popular holiday destination for Israelis, and the island is host to two British military bases.,7340,L-4665629,00.html

Russia can use Cyprus ports
July 9, 2015
-  Russian navy ships can stop off at Cyprus ports in Mediterranean as the two countries have agreed to prolong the pre-existing deal on military cooperation.

August 2, 2015  CYPRUS, Greece
–  Weather Service code yellow weather warning - potentially dangerous heat.  The entire island is baking in hot air from Asia.

IRAN is BAKING - feels like 163 Degrees
August 2, 2015
-  A strong ridge of high pressure over the Middle East through much of July resulted in the extreme heat wave.  The air felt like 163 F (73 C) in Bandar Mahshahr, Iran Friday, and no relief in sight.

Russia told Cyprus to divert aircraft
Sept 12, 2015
-  Russia has issued an alert for Cyprus to divert aircraft from normal flight paths during the military exercises, including missile fire, to be conducted off the Syrian coast next week.

Russian missile ships arrive off Syria
Sept 12, 2015
-  Five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles arrives off Syria.
Russia called for military cooperation with the United States to avert unintended incidents.

Jews - Flee to Cyprus
Jan 31, 2016  -  Any Jews wanting to flee to Israel, get to Cyprus.
From there arrangements will be made

        EgyptAir flight MS181 hijacked

Mar 29, 2016  LIVE UPDATES  -  Hijacker Ibrahim Samaha
wants to meet with his ex wife in Cyprus.

Egyptian airlines flight MS181, Airbus en route from Alexandria to Cairo, was hijacked by a passenger with a suicide belt, who forced the pilot to land in Larnaka Airport, Cyprus. There are reportedly 81 passengers and crewmembers on board the plane.
The hijacker wanted the pilot to fly to Turkey, but due to lack of fuel the aircraft was forced to land in Cyprus.

The hijacker Ibrahim Samaha is either Egyptian or a Libyan national, has asked for political asylum in Cyprus.  There conflicting reports.

Foreigners, crew held on hijacked plane after others freed.
Israeli fighter jets were scrambled as soon as the Egyptian flight was hijacked after takeoff from Alexandria to Cairo. They were stood down after the airliner landed in Cyprus.

EgyptAir plane pilot Omar Al-Gammal said he was threatened by a passenger with a suicide belt.  Egyptian media say that Ibrahim Samaha, the hijacker is an citizen of Egypt.

      ISIS goes to Europe

July 11, 2016  -  ISIS
starts sending suicide bombers to Europe via Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia.  The Islamic State has begun using new routes through Azerbaijan, the Northern Caucasus, Cyprus and Georgia to smuggle suicide bombers from Syria to Europe.  Since the Istanbul airport attack, ISIS has stopped using Turkey.

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