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Conspiracy Network TV Show for December Watch FREE Now!

Greetings CJ friends and commenters, I Wayne Morin Jr have had the blessing to be able to post my recent TV Shows on the CJ.MYFREEFORUM.ORG website. I have done TV Show with Randy Thomasson and Colin Gunn and his DVD called Indoctrination, and have done TV Shows with Dr Paul Cameron , FRI inst, Brain Camerker MassRessistance, and Dawn Hawkins MORIALITY in The Media, so 2012 was a blessed year. This show is about an interview I did with its was very intresting. In Jan I will be airing my recent TV Show with Randy Thomasson and we will here what Randy has to say about Marraige, and Prop 8 and California.

Here is Decembers TV Show Enjoy. Forum Index -> Conspiracy, Terrorism
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