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CHURCH shooting

Dylann Storm Roof

Church shooting
June 18, 2015
- A gunman walked into a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, and opened fire during a Bible study class, killing 9 people. Police have launched a manhunt for the gunman.
Obama has generated hatred for blacks and true Christians.

Gunman Caught
June 18, 2015
- Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter has been caught.
21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof was apprehended in Shelby, North Carolina 3 hours away.
Roof is accused of killing 9 people, including the pastor.
He let one woman escape so she could tell the world what happened while a child survived by playing dead.

Is Dylann Storm Roof a queer Muslim Jihadist?

All Churches in America have Muslim spies cataloging every Jew and Christian in preparation for Jihad.

This is only the beginning

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

HARBINGER WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!


Political assassination
South Carolina Senator Clementa Pinckney was killed in that church shooting. How had he been voting? Senator Pinckney was killed was altering the political elections criteria.

Working theory
This kid is a Democrat and has some type of KKK or Anarchist connection.
A Facebook photo of Roof shows him wearing a jacket with patches that appear to be the Apartheid South Africa flag and one that resembles the pre-Independence flag of Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe. Both flags are from African countries when they were under white rule.

Suspect sought race war
June 19, 2015
-  Dylann Roof admits shooting and killing 9 people to start a race war.
Obama has already done that.  His roommate said Roof was "big into segregation."
There's a picture of him wearing a jacket with flags from apartheid-era South Africa and nearby Rhodesia.

Relatives of victims forgive Dylann.
June 20, 2015
- Grieving relatives painfully forgave the gunman, Dylann Roof, and urged him to repent and give his life to Christ during his bond hearing. Judge James Gosnell set his bond at $1 million. Roof was charged with 9 counts of murder for each victim and possession of a firearm. While under state law Roof is ineligible for bond on the murder charges, Gosnell set his bond at $1 million bond on the weapons charge.
If you wont forgive, you remain in that bondage. Forgiving is freedom from bitterness.

Charleston killer
Dylan Roof confesses to police, South Carolina Governor vows he will be executed if convicted. Dylann Roof supposedly told police that he wanted to start a race war.


Dylan the druggie

Something is amiss, I dont buy the blab. We can NOT believe ANY news media - NONE of them!
Roof killed 9 blacks - BUT - he also killed christians and a Senator. To call this a race shooting is NOT correct. He could have shot a bunch of black drug dealers in the hood. But no, he shot in a church - making church not a safe place. It may be a political assassination of that Senator.

Dylann Roof's friend 'He never said anything racist'



Arpaio to send officers to protect black churches Sunday

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to send officers and volunteer posse members to 60 churches with African-American congregations Sunday in response to a shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina where nine people were killed.

The sheriff said Thursday that he agreed to provide protection at the churches at the request of the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who explained that he's concerned about white supremacists trampling on the civil rights of black people within the county.

Arpaio's plan comes as the sheriff is facing the toughest legal battles in his 22-year tenure. The sheriff's office remains under the supervision of a federal judge who concluded two years ago that the agency had systemically racially profiled Latinos in its regular traffic and immigration patrols.

He's also scheduled to go to trial in August in a separate lawsuit that accuses his office of punishing Latino jail inmates with limited English skills for speaking Spanish and discriminating against Latinos in business raids aimed at cracking down on identity theft.

Arpaio, who vigorously denies the civil rights allegations in both cases, said providing protection at the churches is part of his duties as the county's top law enforcer.

"This is very important to me, and I'm going to do it," Arpaio said. "I am the elected sheriff of this county."

Maupin said he wasn't aware of any specific threats against churches within the county, but he added that places of worship with black congregations often get hate mail. Still, Maupin said he's concerned that the South Carolina shooting might prompt white supremacists to come forward to harm black people.

More than two years ago, Arpaio sent hundreds of posse volunteers to provide security just outside school grounds in the wake of a shooting that left 26 people dead at a Connecticut elementary school.

RELATED: Phoenix prayer vigils held for Charleston church shooting victims

Maupin said the controversy over Arpaio's now-shuttered immigration enforcement crackdowns is irrelevant to the issue of protecting the churches from white supremacists.

"Love us or hate us, we are here to make sure people can worship freely and safely," Maupin said.

2015. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Dylann Roof is really Dylan Roff from the UK Question
Dylann Roof / Dylan Roff died in 2011 - hmmmmmmmmmmm
He died in 2011. Either someone has access to his account or its fake.
Someone appears to be mocking the American public, demonstrating how gullible we are.


Church shooter
June 21, 2015
-  Church shooter Dylann Roof supposedly posted document online before killing 9 people in South Carolina which claims he had an issue with Jews is not their blood, but their identity.

Dylann said he identified with Jews, the majority of whom are white, but also wrote that their "Jewish identity" should be destroyed.
The Roof document focuses mostly on blacks, which Roof claimed have lower IQs.
The document also wrote on Hispanics, East Asians, the one ethnicity he praised as potentially "great allies" and patriotism.
SUPPOSEDLY, Roof loved the Confederate flag and raged against Blacks, Jews, and Asians.
Just as Muslims are holocaust deniers, Roof - supposedly - is a slavery denier.,7340,L-4670624,00.html

I didnt listen to BA's video, just looked at comments.
Dylann Roof / Dylan Roff died in 2011

He died in 2011. Either someone has access to his account or its fake.
Someone appears to be mocking the American public, demonstrating how gullible we are.

I post - supposed - because this is crap, scripted, we are being LIED to - AGAIN (still).
I have been suspicious of this from the start, the first day.
A wise friend of mine too.  He says its too scripted.  TRUE.
THIS is NOT a RACE shooting!
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