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Chuck Schumer, NY SINator


New York SINator upChuck Schumer

upChuck Schumer scandals
Mar 5, 2017  -  Larry Klayman
seeks to take down chief alligator of D.C. swamp.
SINate terror chief upChuck Schumer is demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign because Demonrats make up LIES about Russia and President Donald Trump.  LOL!  

President Trump is aiming to drain the DC swamp and hired Sessions as the principal leader in that effort. Well, New York SINator upChuck Schumer is one of the chief alligators in that swamp.  Schumer is the successor to former corrupt Dirty Harry Reid.  The alligators dont want to see the swamp drained.

Klayman is a former DoJ federal prosecutor and resents the calls for Sessions to resign when there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of anything to investigate.  Sessions is an honorable man, appeasement of the left only encourages further attacks. President Trump letting Gen. Michael Flynn go was a big mistake, as it has encouraged his opponents to believe Trump can be bullied into repeating that misstep.  
DC is a war zone.

Obamaís AG Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton inside a private jet just before a decision by the DOJ on whether to indict Hillary Clinton. Yet this does not bother upChuck Schumer.   Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for illegally withholding information about Obamaís Fast and Furious scandal running guns into Mexico to drug gangs. Schumer found nothing wrong with this.

Klayman has launched Freedom Watch investigations into SINator Schumer. We will be filing FOIA requests to further uncover the criminal conduct of Sessionís accuser.  (Attorney Jay Sekulow is also fililng FOIA against several accusers!)

Schumer and Hellary BOTH have ties to President Vladimir Putin and Russia, as does Pelosi and McCain and - how many others?  Hillary Clinton sold United Statesí uranium reserves to Russia.  Schumer likely had a hand in this.

SINator upChuck Schumer is going to JAIL!
The sooner the better!

HARBINGER †WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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ACLJ counters Demonrat LIES about Jeff Sessions
Mar 3, 2017  Jay Sekulow
-  There is a ruthless, coordinated attempt to undermine President Donald J. Trump and his senior Administration officials.  This is a calculated hit job against Attorney General Jeff Sessions designed to subvert President Trumpís agenda and preserve Obamaís legacy.  (I heard RUSH Limbaugh say almost these exact words on his radio program.)

FACT - Sinator Al Franken made a statement January 10, 2017 to which Jeff Sessions replied -  Iím not aware of any of those activities. I did not have communications with the Russians, and Iím unable to comment on it. - more here.

Sessions never lied.  Demonrats are lying, and
Jay Sekulow and Larry Klayman are about to prove it.
They may take down the whole Clinton mafia!

2016 - ACLJ filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. State Department, demanding that it follow the law and provide key records shedding light on its cover-up of the Obama Administrationís Iran lie.

December 2016 - ACLJ filed FOIA against the lawless Obama State Department demanding answers about the Obama collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

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