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Christianity in Israel

Christianity in Israel

NES AMMIM, Galilee Christian Village
May 10, 2013
 Nes Ammim village was founded by European Christians 50 years ago in Galilee Israel.
The name Nes Ammim is a reference to Isaiah 11:12 and Gods promise to raise a banner to the nations.
The prophet Isaiah speaks of Israel itself, but these Christians have their own banner to plant.
The goal of those who founded Nes Ammim was to start a fresh chapter in Jewish-Christian relations by standing in solidarity with the young state of Israel.
Pleus Blom left a banking career in the Netherlands to pursue this work.

Also among the founders was Shlomo (Solomon, Shalom, Peace) Bezeq, an Israeli pioneer of the kibbutz movement who saw the value in planting a Christian village dedicated to reconciliation in the heart of the young Jewish state. But there were many Jews who resisted the idea.

I just LOVE this article!  REJOICE!  Smile
May Adonai, the Almighty GOD of Israel bless and protect Nes Ammim!
I think Israel Today is Messianic.  I know its founder.  Good magazine.

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