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cell device help us out of trouble

We could see people use cell phone everywhere. Cell phones bring us
convenient lives, but also trouble at the same time. When we want to
enjoy a meal or coffee and quietly read, someone near us will start to
talk to his cell phone loudly. It will happen in many public places.

For example in the movie theaters, tt's almost impossible to catch a
movie without having the experience interrupted by the sound of a cell
phone ringing.  The situation is getting worse when more and more
people use cell phone. To get back to our peaceful lives, a backlash
against the cellular nuisance has already begun. One of the ways is to
install a cell phone jammer.  In fact, many governments across the world are now
considering imposing etiquette on mobile gabbers in public spaces by
legalizing technology that blocks cellular signals.

Cell phone jammers, most of which cost less than USD1000, have been
around since 1998. It can block signals in a room about the size of a
movie theater. The mobile phone jammer sends out a low-power, encoded radio signal or modulated radio wave.  Jammers work in one of two ways. Some devices set their signal to the same frequency as pagers and mobile phones, cutting off communication between handsets and base stations. Others work as electronic filters that fool mobile phones into thinking there are no frequencies available to make or receive calls.

Manufacturers of the devices say the jamming only affects the
designated area (most radii are a couple dozen to several hundred feet) and works only on cellular transmissions.

Sounds like the perfect solution to pesky phones, right? The problem is, cell phone blocker remain illegal in many countries.  The tide, however, may be changing. This past spring, both Hong Kong and Canada announced they would consider legalizing jammers in an effort to curb bad phone behavior in public.

Around the same time, the leaders of India's parliament revealed they had already installed the devices to avoid interruptions during sessions.

Here is a great cell phone signal jammer, the 4 Band 20 Meters Portable GPS Cell Phone Signal Jammer, model number S805047. This product can be used in any place where mobile phones and GPS are prohibited to be used!
Cover interface standards: Cell phone signal (CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G), GPS

Total output power: 4W
Effective range: Radius Up to 20 Meters.
Work time: 90 minutes, this jammer can continue to work when charging,
Support being powered by charger or car cigarette charger.
Every band frequency can select output power.
All the TX frequencies cover downlink only.

Product Notes
The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The  actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use  location and if full charges, etc

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