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Carribean EBOLA Ship docks in Texas


Ship docked Galveston Texas Sonday, October 19 at 6 am

Belize says NO to Death Ship
October 16, 2014
 (OK, death ship is a gross exaggeration but I cant resist.)
Dallas Ebolawatch person on Carnival cruise ship
Two passengers with Ebola symptoms on Carnival Magic cruise ship anchored off Belize City.  The ship (a floating petrie dish) departed from Galveston Texas October 12.  This individual has been confirmed to be a Dallas health care worker who handled lab specimens from U.S. Ebola index patient Thomas Duncan.

The ship is currently leaving Belizean waters. No one came off the ship. The ship is currently 30 minutes away from English caye and heading out.  The pressure came from very senior members of the Obama Administration beside the US Embassy.

US government says the nurse volunteered quarantine and had zero symptoms
Belize says she and her husband were on a tender and were refused entry to docks and refused entry back on the ship. Coast guard was deployed to enforce its decision.
What is up with these selfish, feckless health care workers?  (They know its all a hoax?)

A ship is a perfect way to spread disease.  
Its a floating petrie dish

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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Belize and Mexico say NO to Death Ship so its returning to Texas
October 17, 2014
 Ebola Scare Creates Panic on Caribbean Cruise Ship - cant dock in Belize or Mexico, heading back to Texas - @CBSDFW

Pages 2, 6 and 7

6 pm - listening to foxnews -
the passenger DID NOT have signs of ebola.  this morning they said she did
Panic for nothing

Fear God, and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment is come
and worship Him Who made heaven, earth, sea, and the fountains of waters!
Revelation 14:7

Carnival Magic cruise ship quarantines worker over Ebola fears
October 18, 2014   The vessel is heading back to Galveston, Texas.

All day long talk radio was ranting about this.

SYMPTOMS or not?
October 18, 2014   WH
Y would foxnews report Oct. 17th that the passenger showed NO symptoms?  Because fox is as complicit as other BORG news in the govt Evil plot.  Carnival Magic ship is so high I'd think it'd be in jeopardy of turning over in a storm. Here are the links which report - symptoms.  As of dawn Oct. 18 that terminology has not been scrubbed by Obamafia - yet.
CDC and govt proven liars, Carnival has an interest in lying, we just do not know.  If no symptoms, how did this information get out?  I believe she is symptomatic - but with what?

At least one passenger on board the cruise ship, Carnival Magic, showing symptoms similar to that of the Ebola virus.
Dallas healthcare worker who did lab work for Patient Zero, Thomas Duncan, is on board, exhibiting Ebola symptoms and quarantined.

Mexico and Belize close ports to cruise ship
The female passenger works at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas

Carnival CEO said the woman "has no symptoms whatsoever." Even so, she was isolated on the ship.
The CDC said the passenger is extremely low risk, but CDC has lied so often and appeared such a fool, so inept, so ignorant, other nations and thinking Americans dont believe them.

CNN Wolf Blitzer is Evil and an unimaginable idiot!  What he says means other nations should be as stupid as the USA and allow possible Ebola into their nation too!

The babbling idiot in the State Dept sounded like a tape recording.  Since no name was released, she could have said whether or not the passenger is symptomatic.

Dallas health care worker quarantined on cruise ship, other passengers stranded aboard.
For thousands of passengers, a seven-day cruise around the Caribbean has turned into floating nightmare.
Other passengers were allowed to disembark in Belize but not Mexico.
State Dept liar Jen Psaki said passenger showed NO symptoms.

Carnival Magic cruise ship docking HERE, Galveston, Texas
October 19, 2014  SONday 6 am

Carnival Magic cruise ship returning to dock in Texas
October 19, 2014  SON
day  -   The Carnival Magic cruise ship is back in the United States, docking at 6 am dock 3 in Galveston, Texas.  Both Mexico and Belize refused to allow the ship to dock in their ports over Ebola concerns.

Coast Guard picks up blood sample from cruise ship
October 19, 2014  SON
day -  A blood sample taken from a Dallas health care worker who is aboard a cruise ship and being monitored for signs of Ebola was retrieved by the Coast Guard,

TOLblog is tracking this in detail, 9 pages so far

Oct. 19, 2014 US cruise ship carrying health care worker returns

Gangplank went down at 6.10 am - Oct 19
Rotating camera view from atop the Harbor House on Pier 19 in Galveston, TX.

Oct. 19  According to CNN at 7.00 am, the
Dallas hospital employee was allowed to disembark at Galveston WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.

Samples from Dallas lab tech on board tested negative for #Ebola. #abc13
Carnival Cruise Lines tells passengers self-quarantined woman's Ebola was negative
If no one can check your facts, then your opinion/report doesn't matter.

EBOLA incubation period
21 days is not the maximum according to WHO.
95% average in the range of 1 to 21 days, 98% falls within the 1 to 42 day interval.
3%  up to 42 days
2%  who knows ?

Two blood tests - not merely one - 48 hours apart is only why to test properly.

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