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Calcivirus hemorrhagic fever, Biological warfare

Calcivirus hemorrhagic fever

I know this is disjointed, but I am just posting it for those interested to research on their own.
I DO NOT recommend vaccines!

Biological warfare
Dec 29, 2011
From the Wilderness - Celeste

Email 1
I am doing research as usual and noticed two things:  

There is a new Calcivirus

Location: Ruminant Diseases and Immunology Research Unit

Title: Calciviruses
Author   NEILL, JOHN

Submitted to: Book Chapter
Publication Type: Book/Chapter
Publication Acceptance Date: August 22, 2011
Publication Date: November 15, 2011
Citation: Neill, J.D. 2011. Caliciviruses. In: eLS. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Available: DOI:10.1002/9780470015902.a0001013.pub3.
Technical Abstract: The Caliciviridae is a family of small, nonenveloped viruses containing a single-stranded, plus-sense genomic ribonucleic acid (RNA) that is polyadenylated at its 3"-end.
Most, but not all, caliciviruses have distinctive cup-shaped depressions (L. calix, cup) on their surface, giving them their characteristic `Star of David"
(I am sure is is some crystal structure) appearance by negative stain electron microscopy.
The calicivirus nonstructural proteins are encoded in the 5" end of the genomic RNA and the structural proteins in the 3" end.
The identity of several of the nonstructural proteins was made based on amino acid sequence similarities with other virus families.
The caliciviruses encode a single capsid protein that forms the outer shell of the virus particle.
These viruses have a large and diverse host range and cause diseases of both human and veterinary importance.

Hemorrhagic Virus Update
The other is that they will be kicking off an initiative to deal with hemorrhagic virus's in a new way and the USDA will have no accountability and
will not have to go through the traditional regulatory process.  That has been eliminated.  

Clostridium Update
Watch an increase of clostridium in our food (scientist claim the new virulent resistant clostridium, they do not have a clue where it came from, ha!)


My Email to her  -  I Emailed her to ask .............
What is clostridium
As to calcivirus and the star of David Please put in simple English what you believe
A new bird flu openly a biolab product threatens.  I'll take my chance with that - not a vaccine!


Email 2

Biological warfare
Dec 29, 2011
From the Wilderness

Clostridium botulism
Clostridium is botulism, caused paralysis and death.  Clostridium botulism is also a crystal.
The Chinese did the kick off in 2006 with the introduction of Clostidium into pet food, then human formula.

As to the Calcivirus I have never heard of it before today when I was going through USDA research papers.  
Many, many people (mostly with kidney and liver problems), do not have infections, but they are being internally crystallizing due to what I believe is a frequency manipulation.

This is just speculation but given I go to the primary documents think it may be on track:  
people eat compromise food which resonates with frequency manipulations such as Haarp but could also ping from wireless devices, cell phones, etc.
These crystals can be eliminated with use of formaldehyde.

Calcivirus began in cats, first reported in 1998 in Northern California (can you say weaponized?) and then jumped species to human.  
(that is why One Health is being introduced and this whole VS2015 garbage).  
It is loosely associated with hemorrhagic fever (ebola), herpes (chickenpox), attacks the respiratory system,
changes the RNA of cells so a person will not get over it (it may go latent for a while but comes back).  
The kicker is that it changes your immune system to deposit your immune fighters and debris into organs and veins causing organ failure.
There is no treatment except to treat secondary bacterial infections (except possibly formaldehyde).  The only vaccine causes vaccine-induced sarcoma.  

Comment with the image see attachment

I am not sure if this calicvirus is the signature of that frequency manipulation by the perpetrators, or if it is race-targeted, targeting those of Hebrew ancestry.
I am going to have to research it further but I have articles to do on 150 of regulations that go into effect on Jan. 9 that kicks off everything I have been talking about for sometime.
It would be interesting to know the frequency of this Calcivirus then we would have a clue as to its unusual image.

I agree the bird flu recombination is weaponized.  


My thoughts from various past posts.
This is related to rabbit fever and perhaps  to the Hantavirus

Here are links I found by googling

Hemorrhagic Calicivirus
A new and deadly strain of Calicivirus has been reported in a humane shelter in Springfield  Missouri.
If you board your cat or if he/she is exposed to large groups of cats KAH recommends bring them in for the new strain of Calicvirus vaccine.
Two doses are required 3 weeks apart

Signs of hemorrhagic calicivirus

It was suggested by someone some weeks ago that the mark of the beast - 666 - when accepted would literally CHANGE a PERSONs DNA.
It seemed absurd at the time.  Now I wonder.
This is the page I put that on but unfortunately I didnt record where I heard it or who said it.

Celeste suggested this url

I got an Email December 29, 2011 from someone I respect.
I have done a search engine search for a couple back up links / stories

Celeste website keeps an eye on our nasty evil government


January  15, 2012
Crystallized Costco Kirkland Olive Oil
I noticed crystals at the bottom of olive oil.  The olive oils smells funny, not rancid, but different.
I have never seen crystallized olive oil.
Back in 1998 a new virus came out known as the Calivirus.
I have been researching that virus which has a unique crystalline structure in the form of a signature of a Star of David.
It began in cats but has since jumped the species.  (Its in rabbits too.)
It has the signature of a weaponized “bug” either the creator of this virus or who it will target.

Received this Email from Celeste (nonais) ........
I am getting hits from around the world on it so it appears not to be an isolated or local issue, even from China which surprised me.  

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Is H5N1 flu actually EBOLA?
A nurse told me ebola is not caught quickly because people think its flu.

EBOLA and related
EBOLA is the worst of the various hemorrhagic fevers which include marburg, dengue and some say hanta
*  See this link for replies, more details between flu and ebola.
I had to create a new thread for all the updates - DO check it

March 23, 2014 I emailed several people, hope they reply.

Is H5N1 flu actually EBOLA?
March 24 update - Apparantly from replies so far, H5N1 flu is NOT ebola
A nurse told me ebola is not caught quickly because people think its flu. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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