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Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper
August  5, 2012   Sad
A woman where I live died in her home, alone, and no one found her for 3 weeks.
She did not associate with her neighbors so no one missed her til August 1 when the rent was due and the manager didnt get the rent check, so checked on her and found her.
Investigation showed the caretaker had last seen her 3 weeks ago.  It seems odd the mailman didnt notice mail piling up in her box.
Her daughter disowned her so she had no family.
Why am I telling you this?  If you know someone who lives alone, call them, visit them.
Death is normal, but not missed after 3 weeks is tragic!

Many years ago I had a professor in a similar situation - no immediate family, and pretty much the only people he was close with were his colleagues in the department, but that was it.

When he died, it was during the school semester, and noone had any idea his wherabouts for days(and he was on crutches to boot, and cell phones didn't exist at the time, so it was likely harder for him to get access to a phone in that condition).

Eventually, after days of concern, they were able to get into his house and find him. But again, he was a life-long single man who had no immediate family. I don't know if he was saved, but nonetheless his death could have been prevented if he had a little bit of immediate family and more close friends. Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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