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Brits declare war on Stuxnet computer worm

Brits declare war on Stuxnet computer worm
Americans say: Use it on North Korea

November 25, 2010   debka

Britain will not line up behind the United States.
They claim Stuxnet was discovered outside Iran (India?  China?)

The dangerous Stuxnet virus which has crippled Iran's nuclear program has suddenly become the object of a British MI6 Secret Service campaign to convince the British and American public that it is the enemy of the West and sold on the black market to terrorists.

Stuxnet could attack any physical target dependent on computers. An unnamed Information Technology expert was quoted as saying
We have hard evidence that the virus is in the hands of bad guys with a lot of money behind them.

Stuxnet knocks Natanz out for a week, hits Iran's air defense exercise

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