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Royal wedding April 29, 2011  

Kate Middleton and her immediate family will spend the night before the wedding at Hotel Belgravia in London.
Kate Middleton will marry Prince William on 29 April at at Westminster Abbey.
Kate Middleton coat of arms unveiled
Kate has a soft pink rose named for her - the CATHRINE

Wedding Friday April 29, 2011
Military rehearsal
27 April 2011  

It will be green

Wedding day

Kate Middleton, a coal miner's daughter, marries Prince William
April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

They should have had Loretta Lynn perform Coal Miner's Daughter

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Hi Author,
Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of Royal Wedding.
Thanks that nothing went unusual or threating in Royal wedding as most of people were expecting.

Prince William turns 30, inherits half of Diana's estate
June 21st, 2012   Prince William has had a busy year.
The Duke of Cambridge celebrated his first anniversary with Catherine Middleton and toasted Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. And on Thursday, he adds another milestone to his list: his 30th birthday.
He's now also legally entitled to half of his mother's inheritance, which was left to him after Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in 1997. His half of the inheritance, according to The Daily Telegraph, would likely be around $15.5 million, with the current currency exchange rate. (What William can buy with that chunk of change)

William has been in the spotlight as the eventual heir to the British throne since early childhood. He's endured his parents' breakup, his mother's death and his own big royal wedding all while the world watched along with him.
The Duke of Cambridge has recently said he and his wife are excited about the prospect of bringing a child into the world.
“I’m just very keen to have a family, and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future

Prince William reveals wish for two children
12 September 2012
Prince William said he wants 2 children during the second day of their tour to Singapore.

The Duchess of Cambridge has given her first official speech abroad, while visiting a hospice in Malaysia.
She described the support provided for terminally ill children, by the centre in Kuala Lumpur, as life-changing.
The duchess and her husband travelled to Malaysia from Singapore, where they had begun their nine-day tour of South East Asia to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Kate and William angered by invasion of privacy


For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them,
as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape.  1 Thess 5:3  

Queen to make historic UN address and appeal for world peace
June 30, 2010  
 She is expected to appeal for world unity and world peace when she addresses the 192-member General Assembly of the United Nations for the first time in more than half a century at the end of her summer tour of Canada.

According to senior royal sources, the Queen, who arrives in Canada tomorrow, is hopeful that her speech of
6 July will be remembered as one of the high-points of her reign.
The Queen, who will be accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh for her visits to Canada and New York, last addressed the UN General Assembly five years after acceding to the throne following the death of her father, George VI.

The Queen was 31 years old when she delivered that speech on October 21, 1957.
On that occasion, she said: "This Assembly was born of the endeavours of countless men and women from different nations who, over the centuries, have pursued the aims of the preservation of peace between nations, equality of justice for all before the law and the right of the peoples of the world to live their lives in freedom and security.

"The Charter of the United Nations was framed with a view to giving expression to these great purposes and so forming a fitting memorial to the men and women whose toil and sacrifices turned those ideas into articles of faith for the nations of today..."

The United Nations General Assembly was set by a charter in 1945, at the end of the Second World War. It is the chief deliberative, policy-making and representative body of the United Nations.

The Queen's speech will follow a nine-day tour of Canada. She will address the United Nations in her capacity as head of state of 16 UN member states.
The summer tour will be the Queen's 24th official visit to Canada. She and Prince Philip last visited Canada in 2005.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper said: "It is always a high honour to host a royal visit. This visit by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be a celebration of our shared heritage and values, which are enduring sources of pride for millions of Canadians."

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, and Ali Treki, the UN's President of the General Assembly, have welcomed the Queen's visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York.
A spokesperson for the Secretary-General said he "looks forward to receiving Her Majesty personally on this historic occasion".
"The President of the General Assembly is very happy for this visit," his spokesperson Jean-Victor Nkolo said.

"The President of the General Assembly hopes the Queen will throw her weight and support behind the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals] and other important issues on the agenda of the General Assembly."
The Queen acceded to the throne in 1952 and in 2012 she will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee with a series of nationwdie events, including a major concert.

Prince Charles running out of time
Nov. 25, 2012  
 The Prince of Wales has spoken for the first time of feeling that he is “running out of time”.
Prince Charles hinted that he feared his legacy as king would be cut short.
During a visit to Dumfries House, the stately home in East Ayrshire which the Prince helped save for the nation, he joked about his reputation for pursuing projects with notorious vigour but made a poignant reference to his mortality.
He said: “Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes of course I am.” He added: “I’ll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I’m not careful.”
The comments, which were recorded for a film on the Clarence House website about the Prince’s involvement with Dumfries House, will fuel ongoing speculation that Prince Charles, 64, is more eager than ever to take the throne after 60 years of waiting.

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee in London
June 2012


Rolling Eyes   Follow Islam
June 2010
 Prince Charles urges environmentalists to follow the Islamic way to save the world.  Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic 'spiritual principles' in order to save the environment.  In a high-profile speech, the heir to the throne argued that man's destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions - but particularly that of the Islamic faith.

He said the current 'division' between Man and Nature had been caused not just by industrialisation, technological development and the relentless pursuit of economic growth, but also by our attitude to our relationship with Nature - which goes against the grain of  'sacred traditions'.

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant
3 December 2012
 The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby, St James's Palace has announced.
Members of the royal family and the duchess's family, the Middletons, are said to be delighted.
A spokesman said the duchess has been admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in central London with very acute morning sickness and is expected to stay for several days.
Catherine and William were married at Westminster Abbey in April 2011.

Prince William and wife Kate expecting a baby
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting a baby, destined to be the country's future monarch, although the mother-to-be is in hospital with a type of very acute morning sickness that sometimes indicates twins.
"Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby," the prince's office said in a statement on Monday, adding that Queen Elizabeth and the royal family were delighted.

The couple, officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, married in April last year, amid a global media frenzy and there has been much speculation, particularly in U.S. gossip magazines, about a possible pregnancy.
"It's only been a matter of time. Everyone has been waiting for Kate to announce that she was pregnant," Claudia Joseph, who has written a biography of the duchess, told Reuters.

A spokeswoman for the couple said 30-year-old Catherine, widely known as Kate, was in the King Edward VII Hospital in central London suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, an acute morning sickness which causes severe nausea and vomiting and requires supplementary hydration and nutrients.
Professor Tim Draycott, a consultant obstetrician at the University of Bristol, said the condition was common in the early weeks of pregnancy but did not put the baby at any increased risk, although in extreme cases it can lead to the baby being born with a slightly low birth weight.
Draycott told Reuters it may also indicate more than one royal baby may be in the offing.

William, Queen Elizabeth's 30-year-old grandson, is second in line to the British throne, and their first child will become the third in succession when he or she is born.
Last year Britain and other Commonwealth countries which have the queen as their monarch agreed to change the rules of royal succession so that males would no longer have precedence as heir, regardless of age.

Kate Middleton portrait unveiled January 2013
She reminds me of Mona Lisa painting

The first official painting of the Duchess of Cambridge has been unveiled to mixed reviews from critics.
Paul Emsley's work took several months using a technique of building thin layers of oil and glazes on canvas.
The artist had two sittings with the duchess and also worked from a series of photographs he took.
The portrait is now on display at London's National Portrait Gallery, which commissioned the work. The duchess is the gallery's patron.,0,7245395.story

Princess Catherine names cruise ship
June 13, 2013
Sporting a growing baby bump, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, named a cruise ship on England's south coast, in what is expected to be her last solo public engagement before her child is due next month.
Wearing a stylish black and white animal print coat, she cut a cord to send the traditional bottle of champagne smashing against the hull of the Royal Princess.
The ceremony in the city of Southampton also included a blessing by the Bishop of Winchester, the Right Rev. Tim Dakin, a performance by British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield and music from military bands.
Catherine was then to be given a brief tour of the cruise liner, as its "godmother."
The ship, owned by Princess Cruises and with room for 3,600 passengers, will embark on its maiden voyage Sunday.
The Royal Princess will then sail Mediterranean cruises through the summer and Eastern Caribbean cruises in the fall. According to Princess Cruises, the huge ship houses the largest pastry store to be found at sea.
The Royal Princess was built for Princess Cruises, a part of Carnival Corp

Kate Middleton and Prince William's parenting style to be different
Kate Middleton and Prince William will raise their royal baby in a different way than what Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana did, it has been revealed.
Former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady told Us Magazine that the first-time mom may initially try her hand at cooking for the baby, something that neither the Queen nor Diana ever did.

McGrady said that once the baby comes along, Kate and Williams will be expected to start taking on royal engagements again, so any sort of free time they get they'll want to be spending having quality time with the baby.
McGrady, who previously worked full-time with Princess Diana for four years in the '90s, and cooked for Queen Elizabeth II for 11 years, said that the baby's royal treatment will also likely be balanced out with visits with Middleton's parents Michael and Carole.

He said that another way the royal family has evolved to be "more normal" over the years is the amount of hands-on involvement the new parents have with their little son and daughter.
McGrady also predicted that the Duchess, 31, will get much more time with the baby as they're becoming more and more normal as the years go on.

Kate Middleton is en route to London
19 JULY 2013
Pregnant Kate Middleton may have left her parents' Berkshire home to return to Kensington Palace ahead of the birth of royal baby.

Royal baby

Kate in labour as world waits
22 July 2013
The Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, as the world's media gathers outside the hospital awaiting news of the latest addition to the Royal family.

Pregnant Kate taken to hospital in labour
Prince William's wife, Kate, is in the early stages of labor in a private wing of a central London hospital.
The duchess's due date had never been officially announced
The Duchess of Cambridge has been taken to hospital in the early stages of labour, Kensington Palace has said.
She travelled by car from the palace to St Mary's in Paddington, west London, with her husband the Duke of Cambridge.
The couple do not know the sex of their first child, who will be third in line to the throne.

Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital at around 5.30am and arrived in car with Prince William
Royal sources tell MailOnline: 'Kate went into labour naturally and things are progressing well'
The 31-year-old is planning to give birth to the royal baby naturally and she was not induced into labour
Future king or queen will be born at Paddington hospital where Princess Diana had Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William is also by his wife's side at the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in London because he's on leave
He will take two weeks' paternity leave when the baby is born and accept the full entitlement of £136.78 per week
The Queen is heading to Buckingham Palace and has asked to be kept informed of Kate's condition
Prince Charles is on two-day trip to Yorkshire and told crowds there was 'no news yet' from hospital ward
The royal couple do not know the sex of the baby who will replace Harry as third in line to throne
Kate's mother Carole and her younger sister Pippa will likely be with 31-year-old during labour, but are yet to arrive
Miguel Head, William's private secretary and Duchess's private secretary Rebecca Deacon supporting them at hospital
Royal couple helped to St Mary's by protection officer who went with Prince Harry on infamous Vegas trip last year
Birth will be announced on document placed on an easel to be displayed by the gates of Buckingham Palace


Prince William, Kate Middleton welcome baby boy
July 2013
 The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, Kensington Palace has announced.
The baby was delivered at 16:24 BST, weighing a Royal 8 pounds, 6 ounces.
The baby's name may be announced when the family leaves the hospital. Prince William's name was announced a few days later.

Prince William and Catherine leave hospital with son
23 July 2013
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left hospital with their son, one day after he was born.
Prince William and Catherine emerged from St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London at 19:13 BST, giving the waiting media and the world their first glimpse of the future king.
Addressing crowds outside, Prince William said his son had his wife's looks and "a good pair of lungs".

Kate and William visited by Prince Charles
Prince Charles has visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and his new grandson in hospital in west London.
The arrival of the Prince of Wales came 2 hours after Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, became the first visitors.
The prince said the baby was "marvellous" while Mrs Middleton said he was "absolutely beautiful".

The new family are to leave hospital this evening for Kensington Palace.
Speaking to reporters as she left the hospital, Mrs Middleton said mother and baby were "both doing really well - we are so thrilled".
She added her first cuddle with her new grandson had been "amazing" and said the new parents were doing "fabulously".
There has been no word yet on what the couple plan to name the prince

George Alexander Louis
William and Kate name their son George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis, Kensington Palace has said.
The third in line to the throne, who was born on Monday at 16:24 BST, will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

The Queen was told of Prince George's name when she met him for the first time on Wednesday.
The family are at the Middleton home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, after spending a night at Kensington Palace.
George was the bookmakers' favourite for the first name of the prince.
The duke and duchess had been expected to pick a traditional royal name for their son, who was born at St Mary's Hospital in London, weighing 8lbs 6oz.
Royal infants usually have historical names which are passed down through the generations.,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Meaning of name
- Earth worker, farmer
Alexander - Defender of man, warrior
Louis - Famous in war

Royal baby George a Jew!?  Exclamation  Question
July 25, 2013
 Britain new royal heir Prince George will not be Englands first Yiddish monarch, despite the claims of Sephardi rabbis.
No denials makes a difference, quite the opposite.
Kate Middleton is descended from Jews, therefore, the new royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis, will be England first Jewish monarch.
Kates family roots show that she is a Sephardic Jew from her mother’s side. Moreover the wedding was based on Jewish culture.

Kate’s mother’s parents were both Jewish.
Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, is the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison, both Jews.
The parents of Dorothy were Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Temple, both Jews.
Elizabeth was descended from the Myers, a distinguished 19th century Jewish family.
The Duchess of Cambridge is a Jew on her matriarchal side and therefore her baby will be a Jew, according to Jewish law and tradition.
It was suggested that a wise choice of name might be Solomon.
There used to be a very strong impetus on Jewish people in Britain and elsewhere to marry out and hide their Jewishness.


Prince William first interview since birth of son
August 19, 2013
Prince William has given his first official interview since his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to their first child, George Alexander Louis.
The future king of Britain sat down with CNN's Max Foster to talk about baby George, his wife Catherine, and what it's like to be a new father.

Prince George Godparents
23 October 2013
William van Cutsem, Julia Samuel, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton
Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Zara Tindall, Earl Grosvenor and Oliver Baker
Zara Tindall is Prince William's cousin.

The murder of Princess Diana

          Princes William and Harry

Prince Charles to become king
Jan 20, 2014
 The Queen and Prince Charles will merge offices in preparation for Charles becoming king.
Their press offices will merge to form one office providing communication for the royal family.
Royal watchers believe the move to one office is a sign of the gradual shift towards Charles ascending the throne.

Although the Queen is still active, both sides agreed that plans should be made for a smooth transition.
The Queen, who turns 88 in April and her husband Prince Phillip, 92, are passing on more royal duties to younger royals, including Prince Charles.
The younger generation - Prince Charles, his sons William and Harry and William's wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will take on a heavier royal workload.

Queen hands over the reigns to Prince Charles - historic step closer to a new king
Queen announces historic “job-share” arrangement with Prince Charles.
Call it passing the baton to the next generation.
In a royal first, 65-year-old Charles will be taking on more head of state-style responsibilities as
the Palace starts to make tentative plans for his eventual succession.

Princes William and Harry will also play their part in the new set-up, with both assuming far more responsibility since they relinquished their military roles.
Charles is feared to be too political.

Prince George appears at first engagement of royal tour
9 April 2014
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George on the first official public engagement of their 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.
The royal couple met fellow new mothers and fathers at Government House in Wellington along with not-for-profit childcare organisation Plunket.
The parents were selected to reflect the diversity of New Zealand society.

Eight-month-old Prince George appeared to remain calm even though there were tears from some of a similar age.
All the babies were born within a few weeks of George's birthday, 22 July 2013.
George went on a crawl-about with other children in the Blandor Room which had a large portrait of his great-grandmother, the Queen.
Prince William and Catherine chatted informally with the parents of 10 babies, including a pair of queers and a single mother.
The idea was to give the royal couple the chance to introduce the young prince to the world in a less formal way than usual.

Prince William hints at sibling for Prince George
The Duke of Cambridge hints that Prince George may soon have a brother or sister.

Australia - Thousands turned out to greet the royal couple at Sydney Opera House to mark the start of their 10-day visit.
In a speech, the duke also spoke of the Queen's affection for Australia and praised the nation's creativity.
William, Kate and Prince George arrived in Sydney having completed a tour of New Zealand.

Final Queen Speech
June 4, 2014
Queen will announce the government legislative programme for the year ahead.
Her speech before the general election will be pro-work and pro-business.
She will announce the laws the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition hopes to pass before the May 2015 poll when she opens Parliament.

With some royalty abducating, will Queen Elizabeth retire?
Depends who you ask.  I dont know why BBC called this the queens final speech.

Queen Beatrix and King Juan Carlos abdicated in the past 12 months.

HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier
July 4, 2014  
A new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is being officially named by the Queen at a ceremony in Fife's Rosyth dockyard.
It will be the largest warship built in the UK.
The Queen will smash a bottle of whisky on the hull of the 65,000-tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth -
the first of two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers being built.

Prince William and Kate expecting second child
8 September 2014
The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child.
The palace said that - as when she was pregnant with Prince George - the duchess was suffering from very acute morning sickness and was being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.
The baby will become fourth in line to the throne, moving Prince Harry further down the line of succession.



King Richard III killed by blows to skull
King Richard III was probably killed by two blows to the head during a "sustained attack", according to new scientific research.
The English king was killed at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August, 1485.
Wounds to the skull suggest he was not wearing a helmet.  How odd?

Forensic teams at the University of Leicester have now revealed he suffered at least 11 injuries, some possibly inflicted after death.
CT scans were used on his 500-year-old skeleton to help determine his injuries and the medieval weapons used.

His remains were found under a car park in Leicester in 2012.
The results of forensic analysis, published in The Lancet, show he had nine wounds to the skull and two to the postcranial skeleton.
Researchers said three of these "had the potential to cause death quickly".
the two fatal injuries to the skull were likely to have been caused by a sword, a staff weapon such as halberd or bill, or the tip of an edged weapon.
He said: "Richard's head injuries are consistent with some near-contemporary accounts of the battle, which suggest Richard abandoned his horse after it became stuck in a mire and was killed while fighting his enemies."

I put this here cuz he was once Brit king.
I remember when his remains were found.

Prince Charles will not be silenced when king
November 2014
He will break with Queen’s habit of discretion by continuing to speak out on issues that matter to him.
The world knows he is not a man of discretion.  I wish William would be king and Charles passed over.  
Charles is wicked - exactly who the NWO would want.

Prince Andrew sex case claim denied
January  3, 2015
-  Buckingham Palace has denied "any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors" by Prince Andrew, after he was named in US court papers.  The palace said it would not comment in detail on the legal proceedings.

A woman named him in documents she filed in a Florida court.
She claims that between 1999 and 2002 she was forced by Epstein to have sex with the prince when she was a minor.

Analysis by Peter Hunt, BBC
This is a long-running, complicated legal action which began in 2011 against an American businessman called Jeffrey Epstein who has served 18 months in prison for soliciting a minor for prostitution. Back in 2011 Prince Andrew had to apologise for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In these court documents, a woman alleges she was forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew 3 times when she was a minor, in 3 different locations.

It is interesting Buckingham Palace issued this statement in the first place because in the past the Palace would not have commented on such things.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Andrew Albert Christian Edward born 19 February 1960 is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  At the time of his birth, he was second in the line of succession to succeed his mother, he is currently fifth in line.
He holds the rank of commander and rear admiral in the Royal Navy, in which he served as an active duty helicopter pilot. He saw active service during the Falklands War.
In 1986 Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson, divorced in 1996.,_Duke_of_York

Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein links to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew
A list of people who have associated with Jeffrey Epstein over the years include celebrity, science, politics and royalty - Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell.

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl
Papers filed against his pervert pal Jeffrey Epstein say he recorded VIP orgies he threw at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls.  Prince Andrew was a frequent guest at the house.

Details buried in original court papers filed against pervert Jeffrey Epstein, 61, reveal that he recorded the sordid orgies he threw for VIPs at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls of guest bedrooms.  The woman known as Jane Doe 3 claims she was held as a sex slave and forced to sleep with the Duke of York in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands.
She says she was 17 at the time, under the age of consent in Florida.

One of the sexual encounters with the Prince is alleged to have taken place at an orgy ­involving other underage girls on Epstein’s private island.

Prince Andrew sex claims
January 22, 2015
-  The woman who has accused Prince Andrew of sexual misconduct has repeated the claims in Florida court documents.  A photograph appeared in the latest court documents.  She alleges she was forced by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the prince when she was a minor in the USA.  The woman known legally as Jane Doe #3 said she knew the prince was a member of the British royal family but that she just called him Andy.  Buckingham Palace has already strongly denied the allegations.

Prince Charles visits USA
March 18, 2015
-  Prince Charles visits the USA with his ugly ... wife.
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Washington DC and will meet Barack Hussein Obama - Barry the fairy - at the White House.
Prince Charles will give a speech to environmental wackos.

The murder of Princess Diana

Chucki, was it worth killing the beautiful Princess Diana for this?
In this photo 'she' looks like man.  Holy Moochele Batman!
Persistent rumors Prince Charles is queer, like Barry.

Queen may move out of Buckingham Palace
June 24, 2015
-  Buckingham Palace is cracked, the Queen may have to move out to allow maintenance.  It needs new plumbing and wiring.

July 2015  -  Princess Charlotte christening

Seated at the front (l-r): Prince William, Prince George, Catherine holding her daughter Charlotte, and Queen Elizabeth, grandmother of Charlotte on the end.

Standing behind William are Catherine's family (l-r): Her father Michael, sister Pippa, brother James and mother Carole.

Next to them (l-r):  Charles, The Prince of Wales and grandfather of Charlotte, the Duchess of Cornwall and husband of Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh

ISIS plans to assassinate Queen Elizabeth
August 10, 2015 -  ISIS
plans bombing at VJ Day.
ISIS jihadists in Syria plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth August 15.
Prince Charles is another possible target.  No loss there.
The attack plan orchestrated from Syria is to involve a bomb during the VJ Day events in Central London.
The day's events will start with Queen Elizabeth at Trafalgar Square.

High terror alert in UK
August 11, 2015 -  ISIS
planning to blow up the Queen.  The alert level in Britain against ISIS terrorist attacks raised to “severe.”   British ISIS at large with orders to conduct bombing or shooting attacks on VJ celebration. -


Evil or Very Mad    Prince Charles of Wales media control
Dec 2, 2015
-  Chucky boy killed the lovly Princess Diana!  Nuts to him!
Prince Charles is demanding North Korean-style pre-conditions in television interviews, advance knowledge of questions, the right to oversee editing and even to block a broadcast.
Egads, he's Hellary Clinton!  and Bark Obama!

The murder of Princess Diana


Message from the Queen
Dec 25, 2015
 -  Message from the Queen halfway thru video.
Jesus message is simply - love one another, said the 89 year old Queen.
Prince Wills and his family also shown.

Jesus and the Queen
Feb 23, 2016
 -  Queen Elizabeth calls Jesus Christ the King she serves.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reflects on Jesus' central role in her life in a new book ahead of her 90th birthday, calling Christ the King she serves in the title.

"I have been — and remain — very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love," the British monarch writes in the foreword to The Servant Queen and the King She Serves, which is to be released in April.

Obamas visit Windsor Castle
April  23, 2016
 -  US resident Barack Obama and his mate visited Britain's Windsor Castle to congratulate Queen Elizabeth on her 90th birthday. The Obamas queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, met them when their helicoper landed on the lawn next to the castle.
Tragicly, Obamas headed back to USA.

He flew to Arabia and stopped off in Britain.

Prince Charles visits Israel
Oct 3, 2016
 debka -  Prince Charles visits his grandmother’s grave on Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem in Israel.  Charles, Prince of Wales, after attending the funeral of Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, took advantage of his trip to the Holy Land to visit the tomb of his grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenburg, mother of *Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.   Princess Allice sheltered Jews in World War Two and was later honored as one of the “righteous among nations” by the Holocaust Memorial foundation. The Mount of Olives, site of the biblical Jewish graveyard, is also the resting-place of many non-Jews.

*Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeths husband.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh

Prince William, Kate and family at Christmas
Dec 26, 2016  
-  Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend their first Christmas church service with their parents.  The family arrived at the service at St Mark's Church in Englefield, Berkshire alongside the Duchess of Cambridge's parents, Carole and Michael.

Queen ill-izabeth
Dec 26, 2016  -  Queen Elizabeth placed under house arrest
Queen Elizabeth has been placed under house arrest by the Royal Family and has not been allowed to appear in public after attempting to expose a global network of the darkest forces during the recording of her 2016 Christmas Message.

Clearly troubled, the Queen listed names of establishment figures who are guilty of the most heinous crimes against our most vulnerable, our children.  The Queen asked for forgiveness for not exposing them sooner.  The Christmas Message take was canceled at this point.

Queen Elizabeth pre-recorded Christmas message
Band plays song, then queenie message

Queen Elizabeth at 90 images

In 2016 Elizabeth has been in generally good health and has maintained an active schedule.

A bad cold kept Queen Elizabeth from attending the traditional Christmas morning church service in Norfolk, England.  It's extremely rare for Elizabeth, now 90, to miss the service.

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 1952. She is also Head of the Commonwealth.  Elizabeth was born in London as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Was the queen exposing royal pedofiles?
Are they going to give her a dirt nap?

PizzaGate is pedofiles  
GLOBAL SATANISM, child sex trafficking
The Clintons, world govts, congress, USSC, MSM all involved
Prez Trump admin must prosecute MANY hundreds QUICKLY!


So I checked old news ...... and ............

England Pedophilia Coverups
-  Pedophilia in high places.  Scotland Yard triples the number of officers on high-profile child abuse cases.  Allegations that politicians with links to Margaret Thatcher government sexually abused vulnerable children in the 1980s.  Dozens of files alleging sexual misconduct had gone missing from its archives.

The allegations centre around politicians of all parties and other VIPs preyed on children at a guest house in London have been given greater credence because in the past two years a string of national figures have been exposed as predatory pedophiles.  Most notoriously Jimmy Savile abused 450 victims, mostly boys and girls as young as 8.

Queen and child abuse scandal
-  Britain Queen Elizabeth raised public outcry for stepping out of her constitutional limits and intervening in a high-profile extradition case.  The Queen privately lobbied to arrest British Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.  The Queen asked Labour ministers to deal with Abu Hamza. She was pretty upset that there was no way to arrest him. He was eventually convicted and sentenced for 7 years for soliciting murder.

The intervention raised outrage among the public and in the media as the Queen is considered by the British constitution to be no more than a representational figurehead.  The Queen has kept silent about the recent child abuse scandal around Jimmy Savile.

Is the Queen aware of the true scale of the scandal that is currently unknown to much of the public?  Yes she is aware.


Queen Elizabeth invites Prez Trump
Dec 27, 2016  
-  President Donald J. Trump has been offered an Official State Visit by Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen hasnt been fond of Obama.  England is excited with our new President, and is looking forward to restoring the friendship between us.  Trump is not even President yet and ALREADY the world is uniting under his banner.

Queen Elizabeth will invite U.S. President-elect Donald Trump for a state visit to Britain for June or July 2017 to try to cement close ties between the two countries.  Britain is keen to reinforce its relationship with the United States as the government of Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to leave the European Union.
Trump invited PM May to visit him as soon as possible.



PRAY for the queen
Jan 1, 2017  
-  The Queen will not attend New Years Day church service because of a lingering cold.  The Queen has not been seen in public since before Christmas, nearly 2 weeks.

Frankly I dont believe the Queen would miss services for a cold.  Something is going on!  PRAY FOR HER!  If she has been speaking out against global Pedophelia, her life is in grave DANGER.

Did the Queen abdicate?
My friend in Canada suspects the Queen gave the throne to Charles. I HOPE NOT.  I cant stand him!  If the Queen abdicated in private she is being forced.
There is a dark and evil reason the palace is lying to the publilc.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Wills and Kate are moving to London and their son Prince George is now registered for school in London.  Prince William considers giving up career as helicopter pilot.

Queen Elizabeth
Jan 3, 2017  
-  The Queen has not been seen since December 9th.  Something is amiss.  I dont believe she is ill.  Saw ONE article she is on house arrest by the royals for mentioning pedo.  That is taking on increasing reason to believe it.

The Queen appeared but looks sad
Jan 8, 2017

Prince Philip to end public engagements
May 4, 2017  
-  Queen’s husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is to stand down from public duties for good. The announcement is from Buckingham Palace.  Philip is 95.

The Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year.  He will attend previously scheduled engagements between now and August.

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