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Britain PM Cameron OUT, Theresa IN, power change

PM change
July 13, 2016 †
David Cameron OUT
Theresa May IN

Britain, London UK NEWS


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David Cameron family last moment at Downing late afternoon

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Camerons head to Buckingham Palace to resign as PM

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Camerons arrive at Buckingham Palace


†New British PM
So far Theresa is being very Thatcheresque!

July 14, 2016 †- †Theresa's Day 1
was only a few evening hours. †
Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a Brexit minister.
She chose former London mayor Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

David Davis is to serve as secretary of state for exiting the European Union, a new position for managing the process of Britain's withdrawal, with a new government office to be set up under him. †Liam Fox will have the new position of international trade secretary. †George Osborne was sacked. †

Just hours after her late afternoon appointment by the Queen as UK prime minister, Theresa May started rolling out her cabinet. †She declared that her government would seek a new world role outside the European Union, although she had favored staying in the EU.

PM Theresa May first cabinet
July 14, 2016
†her first full day as Prime Minister. †Theresa May will continue to form her new government as she begins her first full day in Downing Street. †Boris Johnson who favored BREXIT said he was humbled having been named new foreign secretary. †Hammond said there would be no emergency Budget. †He will work closely with the Bank of England and other economic experts and make carefully considered decisions over the summer. †

Mrs May told European leaders she was committed to the UK leaving the EU. †Wednesday evening Mrs May spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Hollande and Irish Enda Kenny.

Very Happy

      Boris Johnson foreign secretary

July 14, 2016
 -  Amazing how much Boris looks like Donald Trump!
Very Happy  Boris praised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for battling ISIS.  GOOD SHOW, Bo!

Boris backs Israel
July 14, 2016
-  Newly appointed UK FM Boris Johnson is an Israel backer.
Ex-London mayor Boris who led Brexit campaign supports stronger tech ties with Israel, has blasted BDS.  HALLELUJAH for Boris! Boris even managed to alienate Palestinians.  A good thing!  PM May is also regarded as a good friend of Israel and Britainís Jewish community.

Very Happy  So far Theresa is being very Thatcheresque! Forum Index -> World NEWS
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